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chawarin-panich 3 months ago
i saw that image of nunew carrying zee my life will never be the same 馃敟馃槶
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he's not heavy at all
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oholivie 7 months ago
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short break from the skts content to present to you the onigiri boy
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bramst 5 months ago
the only correct way to eat a mango is by hunching over a sink and sucking its flesh off the pit like some sort of animal with juice dripping down your forearms
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hannrenn 2 months ago
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local guy has extremely worrying homemade spells
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merculuros a month ago
From what i have seen in tom sturridge鈥檚 sandman interviews, he is really passionate about the series and has a little crush on the corinthian/boyd holbrook. And I live for it.
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marshmallowace 4 months ago
After everything goes back to normal and Eddie is cleared of the murder charges, (idk how but I'm manifesting that shit ok?) he starts writing down ideas for a homebrew campaign based on what happened. His friends are stunned by how creative the concept is, and they're all very impressed with the character he came up with. A banished noble, known throughout the land for being a pompous womanizer, who actually turn out to be a total badass. Eddie shares a nervous glance towards Nancy and Robin when one of his friends mentions his detailed description of the noble biting the head off of an enemy during lunch. (Robin tells Steve about it later, he finds it very endearing)
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chocomars 2 months ago
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Inspired by @hikime鈥檚 piece of Cody holding his own sunbursts!
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keepbreathingky 3 months ago
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seance 4 months ago
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THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY + runs in the family (x)(x)
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mighty-ant a month ago
I鈥檝e never written turtles fanfic鈥hat might be about to change
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thus-spoke-gee 3 months ago
I鈥檓 so pleased that I live in a time where The Quarry has both introduced a new generation of people to Ted Raimi, and also reignited decades-old crushes that aging millennials and Gen-xers have had on Ted Raimi since the time of Xena and Evil Dead. Supermassive Games is just out here bridging generational gaps with the casting for Travis Hackett.
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ewan-mcgregor 11 months ago
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DANNY PUDI as Brad Bakshi in Mythic Quest #1.11聽鈥楨verlight鈥
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wonderhouse 8 months ago
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um um um Avdoodles
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qualifiedcutie a month ago
Oh you're a little bit into hypnokink? How disgusting. Let me make it worse <3
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i-got-the-feels 2 months ago
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Porsche and Kinn as Bartenders
Episode 1/Episode 14, KinnPorsche, 2022
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ariesbilly 5 days ago
Billy being new in town and Karen happens to go missing around the same time
And billy and Steve end up dating and falling for each other while this huge search for Karen goes on, and one night Steve鈥檚 waiting in the Camaro while billys paying for gas or something and he finds something of Karen鈥檚 in the glovebox. And he starts freaking out but because he likes billy so much he鈥檚 trying not to jump to conclusions. But when billy gets back in the car steve can鈥檛 help but ask. And billy looks kind of peeved and without answering steve he just starts driving, eventually going off to the quarry or somewhere else secluded. And Steve鈥檚 like oh shit he鈥檚 gonna kill me
But once they鈥檙e parked billy explains how one night when he was looking for max and ran into Karen she got all flirty with him and weird and she got too handsy and in an effort to get her off of him billy may have accidentally killed her鈥
And Steve just鈥 believes him. Because the way billys telling the story it鈥檚 obvious Karen was pushing some boundaries and he can鈥檛 really say he feels bad for her after learning all this鈥
So steve agrees to help billy keep his secret and that鈥檚 that
But of course Nancy has to go digging to find out what happened to her mom and it all leads to her finding out billy was the last person to see her and she鈥檚 convinced he killed her (Karen鈥檚 body is eventually found) and when she goes to confront him bout this steve is there and Nancy鈥檚 like 鈥測our boyfriend killed my mother!鈥
And Steve鈥檚 like 鈥測eah鈥 know. And honestly she had it coming to her nance your moms a creep. Or鈥 was.鈥
And Nancy has no actual proof to tie billy to the crime even if she goes to hopper and hoppers forced to at least bring billy in for questioning but still鈥othing to tie him to it so he鈥檚 let go
And that鈥檚 the end of that everyone goes on with their lives
Until neil suddenly ends up going missing too 馃槒
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meloncalic a month ago
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Oh you never seem to notice That my heart beats for you So I'll open you up And make yours beat for me too
hello hello!!
(the expression at least) based on the iconic bloody nose picture of Mark >:))
this took a HOT second but aaaaaa聽 im kinda in love with it
feel free to make up ur own scenario w this :))
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