#they're so fruity and for WHAT
camptriplepine · a month ago
1.) you have a character named EJ (the letters of which stand for no other than Elton John) (that’s gay)
2.) his narrative foil (just fyi having a same-sex narrative foil is automatically gay) is a bisexual curly haired twink with big brown eyes, cuffed jeans, and a blurred line sense on what is “bro talk” and what is just flirting (i.e. “pretty boy”, the pillow fight, the “lovers” comment, etc.)
3.) both of the characters are within the same love square, constantly shown to have short, flighty relationships with the same girls. despite this, they’ve built up and tried to keep a close friendship outside of unknown, hormonal-driven spikes of jealousy
4.) i have grabbed the mouse by the tail
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birgittesilverbae · 7 months ago
moiraine: this is my wife, siuan. she's 'handsome rather than beautiful'
egwene: this is elaida. she's also 'handsome rather than beautiful'
moiraine: egwene what the fuck
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theinactivefaniguess · 3 months ago
I'm finally getting to Impulse's episode, and. uh. The CCs really saw the lovey-dovey potential that Soulbound/Soulmate concept had and ran with it, huh. ... Is that a green light for us to run with it as well? Because if so... >:)
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coquette-malefique · a month ago
*seductively eats strawberries*
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lukabby · 11 months ago
Why are you asking for that football player's jersey??? So that you can see his chiseled abs and man boobs as he takes it off?
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lemememeringue · 2 months ago
"you just always have to make everything gay" ... I've literally never talked abt this kind of stuff w you before
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searidings · a year ago
You know, it's truly amazing how, despite the garbage writing, these SG writers have somehow managed to tell one of the most complex and beautiful relationships I've ever seen. Without even knowing it initially. And yes, Katie and Melissa's chemistry on screen is some next level voodoo magic and yes acting choices have helped to sell it. Absolutely.
I was late to the party, supercorp was not on my radar per se until the latter half of S4. But now that I'm here, I just think it's time to get to the lovers part of this friends to enemies to lovers trope they've been flexing for the past 5 years.
Otherwise, I'd really like to know what the point of it all was.
the way that despite their best effots the cwsg writer's room tripped and fell into one of the greatest star-crossed sapphic romances of our time is honestly so inspirational. failing upwards is possible kids never stop chasing your dreams <3
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queersturbate · a year ago
Tumblr media
the tenderness of the drama is something i will never get over
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daemoninfluff · 27 days ago
maybe I'll start hating jargyle cause of jargyle shippers
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qveenpoppy · a year ago
g5 as scents
sunny: orange, raspberry, watermelon 
izzy: blueberry, cranberry, plum
zipp: sage, sea salt, lime
pipp: cotton candy, vanilla, strawberry
hitch: coffee, cinnamon, apples
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camptriplepine · a month ago
portwell nation how are we feeling
Tumblr media
(thoughts on the ep in tags)
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cheesecake-bich · 24 days ago
I'm bored and hyperfixating so here's what pokemon I think the Vicious 6 would have/like, BUT for each, I'm throwing in one pokemon that resembles what they got transformed into by the zodiac, just to add a little spice.... also everyone gets an Eeveelution cause I love them.
Belle Bottoms: Belle would probably only want pokemon that are both beautiful AND powerful. She'd probably have a Gardevoir, a Milotic, and a Ninelates.
For the eeveelution, Im gonna day Sylveon, and for her zodiac animal pokemon, Im gonna say Rayquaza seems like a good fit.
Jean-Clawed: CRABS! He would definitely have a team of crabs!! Hes got a theme and hes gonna stick with it. He'd have a Krabby or Kingler (of course), a Crawdaunt, and a Clawitzer.
For eeveelution, Imma say Vaporeon, cause.... water pokemon, crabs live in water. And for zodiac pokemon, lets go with Zarude.
Stronghold: Dude would go for pokemon that would rival his own physical strength. He and his pokemon could probably benchpress a house. He would definitely have a Machamp, a Hariyama, and possibly a Buzzwole.
For the Eeveelution, I'll say Umbreon... mainly cause I don't think the others really fit him or I already have a set idea for them, but also cause Umbreon is described to have 'great bulk'... so yeah, he gets Umbreon. For zodiac pokemon, Tauros is the perfect fit!
Svengence: This man needs pokemon that can keep up with his speed. Something that can easily jump, dip, and weave along side him. But I think he'd also go for ones that he considers cute. Imm gonna say he'd have a Talonflame, Rapidash, and a Dragapult.
For the eeveelution, definetly a Jolteon, and for zodiac pokemon, I think Incineroar is the closest we have to a tiger pokemon.
Wild Knuckles: Knuckles would probably mainly go for fighting and fire types, but not necessarily the strongest ones. I think he'd really follow the whole "Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites." Thing. I'm thinking Arcanine, Blaziken, and maybe Pangoro.
For his eeveelution, he'd defiently have a Flareon. I know we didn't get to see his zodiac animals, but I kinda think he would have gotten pig, mainly cause whenever I think about it, I imagine the name Wild Hog. Plus, wild pigs can be seriously dangerous if you get them in a bad spot. I was kinda conflicted, but I think I'm gonna say Emboar, specifically cause it's pokedex entry says "It cares deeply about its friends."
Nunchuk: You just know this woman goes for psychic, ghost, and dark types exclusively. There's no way she can do that levitating thing without SOME KIND of psychic ability. I'm thinking Alakazam, Hoopa, and she'd probably somehow get ahold of a Necrozma and everyone is terrified of her because of it.
For the eeveelution, I think Espeon. And the zodiac pokemon, Im personally going with Seviper, though Arbok would also be a good fit.
I have no idea what pokemon is but cool 🤠🤠👍🏽
posting so if anyone who also likes/knows pokemon can see this lmao
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liumilai · a year ago
Tumblr media
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mychem1calbr0mance · 2 months ago
thinking about how the diner scene was in both the unaired pilot and the official pilot. like they wanted that scene in there for some reason. hm.
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phe-purple-parade · 4 months ago
Just remembered when my hs lit studies class read Hamlet (that class was so fun, always had a laugh with those guys) and we chose roles 'cause we wanted to like act it out during readings (resulting in some hilarious moments, like when I had to drag my classmate 'off stage' after mime-stabbing him through a blanket another classmate held up)
Anyway I read for Hamlet because that's so gender (and no one else really wanted to lol) and I lowkey liked the girl who happened to be reading for Horatio (it wasn't a crush but I uhhh yk thought she looked good n was cool like she read Jane Austen and did her research project on how Audrey Hepburn influenced fashion n stuff and just,, I think if she had ever asked me out I wouldn't've declined but ultimately it was aesthetic attraction more than anything else. And she was v likely straight)
And so I couldn't really suggest that like,, Hamlet and Horatio are perhaps gay for eo or anything 'cause I wouldn't've wanted to make her uncomfortable or anything
Earlier that year almost our entire class agreed that Dorian and Basil from The Picture of Dorian Gray were gay and she was legit like 'oh, I didn't think of that' like this girl was surprised?? We're all here either outright saying 'they're gay harold' or generally agreeing but she just,, did not consider the gay subtext afjahdkfkl (our teacher was trying to palm it off with an alternative interpretation and like yeah screw amatonormativity and all but,, the context, man. Oscar 'The Homosexual' Wilde was definitely queercoding his characters during the repressed as hell Victorian era ok?? But this was a Christian school so.. but like. Legit one of the classmates I sat with wrote a Dorian x Basil fixitfic I can't). And I basically ended up saying to her 'your interpretation is totally valid.. but you're wrong' nOT THAT I MEANT TO SAY IT LIKE THAT BUT IT KINDA CAME OUT THAT WAY AND EVERYONE REACTED LIKE I'D SPAT A SICK BURN OOF NO GUYS I'M JUST NEURODIVERGENT
So yeah while I wished I was cool n confident enough, there was no way I could've made a flirty joke about Hamlet and Horatio with this girl (even tho I generally wanted to point it out)
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catnipdyke · a year ago
NOT them making fuuka out to be a big sister to kukuru.... NO. istg if that’s how it’s gonna be 
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fridayiminlove-mp3 · a year ago
just watched potc for the second time in 24 hours, love that for me
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