thestarstabletimes · a year ago
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Moonstone is such a cute and silly pony! 🥰🏖
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sso-nightstars · a year ago
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SSO OC Mood board ⎰ Lelia  . .
〉 full name: Lelia (estee) Kingston → nick name/ alias: Lele lu (sister), Ma petite myrtille des bois (mother), Ma petite rose des champs (mother),  wild flower (father), Lily
〉 gender: Female
〉 sexuality: Heterosexual 
〉 pronouns: she/her
Nadine Séverin (mother) Mikhail Kingston (father) Olivia Kingston (sister) 
〉 birthplace: Vale-dale Village (June 23) → boarding on South Hoof Peninsula 
〉 job: Veterinarian In training.
〉 phobias: Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) +
〉 guilty pleasures:  enjoying a bottle of lavender-vanilla (tea/soda) + good book.
〉hobbies: collecting chicken plushies, water painting, decorative leather + sewing work.
〉 alignment: Neutral good
〉 zodiac: Cancer ♋️  → Chinese zodiac:  Gold Snake.
〉 virtues: charity / chastity / diligence / humility / justice / kindness / patience
〉Introvert / extrovert / in between Very alined with her shy and soft spoken nature. She prefers sticking to tasks that don’t require Interacting with unfamiliar Individuals. Dose that stop sister Olivia from dragging her off Into her mischief? No, nope.
〉organized / disorganized Everything has Its place In her room and anywhere else. Will happily help those struggling with figuring out an organization system.
〉 close-minded / open-minded
〉 calm / anxious / restless
〉 disagreeable / agreeable  However just like with following, draws boundaries.
〉 cautious / reckless
〉 patient / impatient Working with both animals and humans requires If not demand this quality In ones personality. has honed this masterfully with unintended assistance from sister Olivia.
〉 outspoken / reserved / in between
〉leader / follower / flexible Due to witnesses abuse towards her two older cousins, refuses to follow along with just anyone.
〉 empathetic / un-empathetic
〉optimist / pessimist / realist As much as she wants dearly for all patiences to fully recover and go on without their life impacted negatively. It’s not always realistically possible, which Lelia has come to terms with.
〉 traditional / modern / In between Treasures the traditions and customs of old Jorvik while taking joy In moderner Improvements and changes.
〉 hard-working / In between / lazy Putting In diligent work Is taught from early ages of Kingston clan, however  knowing when to take a brake and step back. to avoid over working Is key.
〉 friends: 
Hugh (mentor), Gwendolyn (riding pal), Carmela (baking buddies), Maddison Hightower (little sister figure), Farah (bonded over plants and crafting)
〉 relatives: Gwendolyn Winter (cousin) Allison o’ Knight (cousin) Charlotte Winterburg (aunt) Hudson “Finn” Winterburg (uncle) Theron o’ Knight (uncle) Heather o’ Knight (aunt) Leon Kingston (grandfather) Delilah Kingston (grandmother) 
〉pets:  2 horses: Cressida (Jorvik Warmblood mare) and Juniper (APH stallion) 2 parakeets: Belle and Chelo. 1 highland cow: Tessie. 1 dog: Nura (Belgian shepherd, female)
〉 otp: her parents (lol), Gwendolyn + Alastare, Mayah + Alex.
〉 notp:  Gwendolyn x Darko. ❀ QUICK FACTS
〉Is at odds with the druids, due to family related past events. → Tries her sincere best  to support her younger sisters dreams. 〉There’s a total of 5 horses at parents, 5 dogs and too many chickens to names (doesn’t stop Lelia from trying to do so) → Favourite and most beloved pet chicken Is named Mable. (plus rooster Mr. Speckle) 〉Leant her leatherwork skills from eldest cousin Allison. 〉Will spend hours foraging for plants.  → can’t find her? that’s what she’s probably doing or tending to unwell house plants. 〉Loves Candle work, collects beautiful and various scented beeswax to make her own homemade candles.
. . tagging: @thestarstabletimes​ +anyone else wants to!
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taruyison · a year ago
30 Questions Tag Game
Answer 30 questions and tag some people you’d like to get to know better!
Tagged by @stark-strange-love2
So I’m a nerd and a gremlin so don’t judge me for any of these responses okay? Okay, let’s get on with it
Name: I respond better to my online alias than to my real name, so just call me Taru, yeah?
Gender: Trans Male, but the amount of maleness I feel varies throughout the week. I blame dysphoria
Star Sign: Pisces
Height: 5’5.7, if I remember correctly. It’s been a while since I measured. I’m 5’6 on good days
Time: 1:12am CET (UTC+1)
Birthday: February 22nd, don’t wish me a happy birthday cause I have a fear of aging. Yes, it’s a thing, it’s called Gerascophobia. No, it’s not diagnosed, but I know myself enough by now
Favorite Bands: LINKIN PARK!! The Ark, Dead by April, Green Day, Hollywood Undead, Maroon 5, Nickelback
Favorite Solo Artists: PINK!! Anton Ewald, Avicii, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Yohio
Song Stuck In My Head: no thoughts, head empty
Last Movie: Iron Man 3 or something else that I can't remember on Disney+
Last Show: WandaVision or Agents of Shield
When Did I Create This Blog: My first post is from June 9th, 2018
What Do I Post: Fuck if I know
Last Thing I Googled: “sims 4 eco lifestyle world”
Other Blogs: What, I’m supposed to list them? @taruyisonjorvik, @complex-system-shit, @promptsbytaru (inactive), @anewmanhattan (inactive). Also a secret one that I’m not ready to expose yet but it’s semi-active
Do I Get Asks: No and it makes me sad :( Might use them for something specific in the future, but that’s a secret for now
Why I Chose This URL: It’s my alias, lol
Following: 57, ain’t gonna list them but gurkenpflaster, b-editions, aimf0324, ao3tagoftheday and assignedmale are some blogs you should totally check out
Followers: 47 (22 on jorvik and 20 on prompts)
Average Hours Of Sleep: Between 6-13 depending on how long I’ve been awake before sleeping
Lucky Number: Idfk, but I’ve seen 13 mentioned somewhere
Instruments: Basic knowledge of guitar and keyboard
What I’m Wearing: A grey fuzzy onesie. Yeah, that’s it
Dream Job: Author or veterinarian
Dream Trip: New York City
Favorite Food: I eat pan-fried chicken with vigour
Nationality: European
Favorite Song: No idea
Last Book I Read: Probably a fanfic, but if we’re talking actual books, it was probably The Secret Crusade by Oliver Bowden
Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like To Live In: It’s not so much about wanting to live in a fictional universe as wanting the fictional characters to live in our universe. But if I had to pick something, I guess I’d pick Star Wars or something else with out-of-this-world creatures
@hickapostsart you get a special and very aggressive tag because you’re an idiot and you should do this because who the fuck are you anyway? I barely even know you anymore since you moved out 😤
Tagging: @ironstrangeislove @stxphxn-strange @evangeline-kingborn @kitkatfat15 @lokis-leah @lilbrownbutton @katninjagirl97 @robertdowneyhiddlesbatch @supervengerslock @aelaer @thestarstabletimes
(If you don't want to be tagged in these things, feel free to yell at me. If you've already been tagged before, feel free to ignore this, but throw me a link will ya)
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annalisa-silverhaven-sso · a year ago
 Hey all! As discussed, here is a soft opening of the RRP discord server. There’s no time requirement, feel free to participate and come/go as you please. I really wanted a space to meet and interact with Star Stable players who enjoy realistic role play and I feel like Discord is a super great way to do that and form a community. 
I’m looking for a moderator or two to help with general maintenance and to get the thing up and running so dm me here or on the server if you’re interested. This also has the potential of bumping to admin very quickly. The link never expires so if you’re reading this, the server is up and running! A reblog would be appreciated hehe
I will be tagging people below who have interacted with/shown an interest in some of my RRP posts but I apologize if you’re not interested! I just want to make the idea available but totally feel free to ignore me lol. 
 @corinne-eaglebridge-sso @rycepatty @here-be-me @ohlookitsthearkhamknight @evergreens97 @mudpuddlenl @ros-crestie @lifeinvaledale @listless-invitations @eyelash-curler @ametystfox @jazajas @porcelain-doll-sso @pixelhorses @twracehorse @crouchless @garnoks @sso-storybook @hordekat @thestarstabletimes @hummingbirdfish @luna-swiftlord @natwinterhaven @sso-starry @genevievesunvalley @paint-unicorn
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that-sso-raven · 3 years ago
Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day. ☺️🎉
thanks so much! you too!! :’)
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mypandabear101 · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
I finished something for once! Lol
I spent all day working on it for practice. I will have to say I have improved since first working with a drawing tablet and Photoshop.
( @thestarstabletimes‘s in-game character )
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sso-noodlelord · 3 years ago
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”One to three weeks ago my lovely cousin,Gwendolyn, texted me. Saying to get my ‘booty’ down to Fort Pintas beach...lemmie tell ya’ choas ensured. Within minutes later of my arrivel. I’m far from surprised, after all, the property is owned by an gangsta wanna’be.”
Undisputable proof of how un-borning it is to meet up with @thestarstabletimes.
 Bring on the miscehif and choatic misadventures! **click on images for captions.**
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ilovesaramoonkids · 3 years ago
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My little Gamer (daughter)  L O V E S ...STAR STABLE...
*She is wearing  new MidSummer  Clothing & Tack purchased in just unlocked GoldenHills Valley.
She is almost on level 16 and loves this game sooooo much.  Please leave A LIKE OR (nice) COMMENT, she’ll be thrilled.
FYI to Mommies & Potential New Riders:  This game is pricey,  we purchase STAR Coins on Double Star Coin Weekends and I purchased her  a  LifeTime Membership so there are no monthly fees.  It makes her happy and we shop together so her Star Coins last longer.   She is allowed  to spend  the Jorvik Coins she  earns anyway she likes.  
@natwinterhaven    @thestarstabletimes
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a-lonely-star-gazer · 3 years ago
Blog Boost!
Hey ya'll, @thestarstabletimes just made themselves a new sideblog that you should all check out!! -> @thechaoticwitersden ♥︎
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thestarstabletimes · a year ago
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🍂 A cozy trail ride after a fun schooling lesson! 🧡
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one-1-straightcanadian · 3 years ago
Thanks for the tag @thestarstabletimes ! I didn’t know you were in Canada! (or maybe I did and completely forgot as I tend to do while in midterm mood) Whereabouts in the Great North are you?
[name:] Sarah
[sign:] I’m a Virgo baby
[height:] 5′2 (or 5′3, haven’t checked in a while); this is what happens when your parents are the shortest in their families; yet somehow, my younger brother is close to 6ft.
[put ur songs on shuffle & list the first 4 songs]
1. Lie - Martin Baltser
2. Shenandoah - Celtic Woman
3. To Be Human - Sia, Labrinth
4. Let It Go - Demi Lovato
[grab the nearest book, go to pg. 23, what’s the 17th line?]
“seems appropriate, then, that this present treatment of winter ecology” (I’m studying for a midterm tomorrow so the closest book is my textbook lol)
[had a song or poem written about u?]
I think one of my siblings wrote either one when we were younger but I can’t exactly remember
[when was the last time u played air guitar?]
Probably like... 3 seconds ago while listening to let it go
[do u believe in ghosts?]
Hell YES! Never seen one myself but I am 100% certain that not everyone who dies moves on.
[do you believe aliens?]
Also yes, but not the sci-fi kind. More like extra-terrestrial bacteria & micro-organisms. I mean, the university is HUGE! There is no way we are the only living things out here.
[do u drive? & if u do, have u ever crashed]
I do drive, thank god; otherwise I wouldn’t get anywhere. And unfortunately I did have a small crash into the front lawn area of the grocery where I work... as I was going to work. Yeah, not my best day ever.
[last book u read? actual book?]
Besides my textbook, which doesn’t count, the last book I read was Tortall & Other Lands: A Collection of Tales by Tamora Pierce. I am huge fan of her work and highly recommend her to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy book, especially one with well-developed characters and kickass female leads!
[do u like the smell of gasoline?]
Sort of? It reminds me of my grandpa’s workshop so there are good memories attached to the smell.
[what was the last movie u saw?]
I’m pretty sure the last movie I saw was Mary Poppins Returns. My younger siblings and I went to see on the last day of winter break. Really fun movie!
[do u have any obsessions right now?]
Bella Sara cards. My friends can easily attest to that! Also true crime shows; been binge watching those a lot lately when I can.
[do u tend to hold grudges?]
It depends, I guess, on what people have done. I tend to hold them more against my siblings since we’ve been together 17+ years, so we know which buttons to push the most.
[are u in a relationship right now?]
Yeah no, never have been either. On one hand, it would be nice to have that special someone to spend time with. But I’m got my own problems to work through right now, don’t need to add more to that mess. Plus I got my toads, they’re the love of my life right now lol.
Alright, I’m gonna tag @twracehorse, @zdusk, and @centeris2 (and anyone who wants to do this also)
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mypandabear101 · 5 years ago
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Went and did a bunch more story quests!
Also trained with @thestarstabletimes and her friends!
Sorry for being so behind! I kept getting sidetracked!
(Feel free to tag your friends. I don’t believe I am following them)
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sso-noodlelord · 3 years ago
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<< Fancy Cowgirls here to kick ass while looking good. >>
ft| @thestarstabletimes and holly flowerfield.
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sso-eden-dawnvalley · 4 years ago
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Words cannot describe how much I missed being able to hang out with my friend and senpai <3 @thestarstabletimes
still rocking those belt reins
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