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lam-z · 2 days
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21 Swatches
New Mesh
HQ Compatible
Hat Compatible
Don’t Re-upload
32 Swatches
New Mesh
HQ Compatible
Hat Compatible
Don’t Re-upload
Download : Patreon (Early Access)
If you use my cc to take photos please tag lam-z.
Do not re-upload, modify, or sell.
Thanks all cc creators.
❤ 感谢所有CC作者❤
This month's hair material may be a bit rough and I don't know if you like it. You can tell me how you feel about it and I will decide the material for next month.
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simmireen · 2 days
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♥ DAY SEVEN ♥ simmireen goes santareen ♥ it’s not about how much we give, but how much love we put into giving
on DAY SEVEN I give you ...
'the dutch way’ 5 couple poses on this bike, because I’m Dutch and this is how you bring home your lover  ♥
DOWNLOAD (SFS) DOWNLOAD (Patreon) (always free!)
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The poses work with Teleport any Sim and Andrew’s Pose Player The posepack is as usual provided with previews. These poses are somewhat gender-neutral, but there can be minor clipping or floating because every sim-body is different. I really would like to see if you use my poses! So tag me at tumblr, instagram or twitter (@simmireen) You can find an overview of all my posepacks at Pinterest You can support me on my Ko-Fi page > but never feel obliged to tip! Terms of use Don’t claim as yours or put behind a paywall Don’t re-edit (adjusting hands is always allowed, just don’t change up my pose) Don’t reupload Oh, and let me know if something doesn’t work! @ts4-poses​​​ @emilyccfinds​​​ @sssvitlanz​​​ thank you for reblogging <3
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pinkpusay · 2 days
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..//✰PARIS SET✰//
100% New Mesh
1 Swatch
Custom thumbnail
Medium poly
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WIP ceiling
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modsedit · 2 days
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Upgrade Your Sims Bathroom with the Best Sims 4 Bathroom CC
Upgrade Your Sims Bathroom with the Best Sims 4 Bathroom CC
Thanks To The Amazing CC Creators: @simvaultthings #myshunosun @maxsus @charlypancakes @aroundthesims @lumenniveus #TheSimsSpace @imfromsixam @hanraja @peacemaker-ic @pihe89 @seraphinabelle @ravasheencc @hezzasims @harrie-cc # Wallpaper
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carolldesign · 3 days
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👨🏿‍💼 Male genetics set 👨🏿‍💼
This set contains:
👨🏿‍💼 A 9-swatch bushy eyebrows in in different tones of black, brown, auburn, grey and blonde. 
👨🏿‍💼 A 9-swatch soft, realistic set of eyes in different shades of blue, green and brown.
👨🏿‍💼 A large nose preset.
👨🏿‍💼 A pronounced jaw preset with wide chin.
Tumblr media
All files are available for download exclusively on The Sims Resource.
➡️ Download brows
➡️ Download eyes
➡️ Download nose preset
➡️ Download jaw preset
Tumblr media
I use an array of CC from different sources. For my list of creators I use - refer to my WCIF page:
✨ click here✨
Tumblr media
♥ Instagram
♥ Facebook
♥ Twitter ♥ Pinterest
♥ Patreon (currently unpublished)
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maaarryy · 1 day
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Их было двое. Друг за друга. Брат за брата.
Tumblr media
Марлин Лоуренс – младший ребёнок в семье, которого так ждали. Марлина с самого детства интересовала техника – он разбирал дома всю технику на запчасти, чтобы создать нечто новое и современное, но всё было безуспешно. На 10-летие родители подарили мальчику первый его компьютер, который стал для него смыслом существования. Мальчик усовершенствовал своего друга до идеала. Годы шли и Марлин начал изучать программирование, после 16 лет парень впервые решил за финансовое вознаграждение взламывать компании, которые предлагали ему клиенты. Марлин всю жизнь был одиночкой – у него не было друзей, девушки, он считал, что это пустая трата времени и своих ресурсов.
Tumblr media
Винсент Лоуренс – страший ребенок в семье Лоуренс. Винсент попал в семью Лоуренс, когда ему было 13 лет. Они стали его семьёй на время, но стали. Винни прожил в детском дома 13 лет – мать была выпивающей женщиной, которая развлекала мужчин своим телом. Винни любил свою новую семью и был благодарен им, что они позволили ему стать семьёй. Мальчик всегда был вспыльчивым и задиристым, когда мальчишки со двора издевались над его особенным и не похожим на остальных мальчиков братом. Он стал для него щитом, который всегда закрывал собой брата в трудную минуту. Они остались одни, когда Винни было 17 лет он взял на себя обязанности погибшего отца и стал воспитывать Марлина. Он не мог оставить брата одного, он знал, что общество не сможет принять его чудковатого брата. Винни устроился на работу к семейству Эллингтон, которое было самым опасным из всех семейных компаний, но ему нужны было деньги и неважно каким путем.
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Хахаха, вот что вышло из этого всего. Теперь вы знаете кто это такие, а то я сделала вброс и ушла довольная болеть. Мой совет: их стоит любить.
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aiakemi10 · 1 day
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💕 Ref • anime “ sakura “ version sims (Exclusive)
🙇🏻‍♀️ anyway. I would like to thank all the creators of CC . Your work is great !
@soloriya @mmsims @obscurus-sims @goppolsme @333cutie @eunosims @kotehoksims @simsonico @rimings
🌈✨ if you like my sims Please Supporthing my sims on Patreon thank you 💕
🧸 • SimsTray - CC list
🙇🏻‍♀️ Thank you very much for the support my work
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▶️ Sample Sims in Cas Mode
‼️ Click Here for youtube
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moddestsimmer · 3 days
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taurusdesign · 5 months
Eliza Walk In Closet
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hello everyone!
I'm here again with a delayed set. I am sorry for this. Actually, I started making a building set this month. You know, doors and windows. But later, when the rumors about the curved walls came out, I suspended it. Later, when it was confirmed, I decided to make the next month. I'm excited about this update by the way. Anyway. I thought I could bring a filler set that I had in mind to the scheduled date. But this also took longer.
When I started this set, I thought it would be a small set, but I got 100 items. Literally 100 items.
I've always loved dressing rooms. Let's see what have we got.
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issygoing · 5 months
Tumblr media
All credits to ha2d
Base Game Compatible
3 versions (for different hairstyles)
Custom Thumbnail
Earrings category
7 swatches
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kirikasims · 2 months
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Hi! Glad to be back! Today I bring this set to you! I hope you enjoy playing with this cc as much as I enjoyed making it!
DOWNLOAD: Patreon - Early Access Free!
Polycount, functionality and some more info under the cut.
Tumblr media
All items are base-game compatible except the pet bed and the litter box which require Cats and Dogs! Type [KS] to find my cc in game.
Check my T.O.U. please and tag me if you use my cc in your builds. I would love to see what you create!
I advice to turn off dynamic shadows and to use bb.moveobjects and alt key for better placement.
KS_Sanrio_BathroomCurtain: 6.2k - Deco - 8 swatches
KS_ Sanrio_ChairWithCinnamonrollPillow: 17.7k - Functional Chair -3 swatches
KS_Sanrio_ChococatPlateWithCookies: 7.3k - Deco - 2 swatches
KS_Sanrio_CinnamonrollChairPillow: 11.9k - Deco - 1 swatches
KS_Sanrio_CinnamonrollNeon: 9.2k - Wall Light - 1 swatches
KS_Sanrio_DeskClutter: 6.7k - Deco - 10 swatches
KS_Sanrio_Duvet: 5.7k - Deco - 9 swatches
KS_Sanrio_FlatIron: 5k - Deco - 6 swatches
KS_Sanrio_GudetamaHangingApron: 8.4k - Wall Deco - 1 swatches
KS_Sanrio_HairDryer: 6k - Deco - 6 swatches
KS_Sanrio_HelloKittyHumidifier: 6.4k - Animated Deco - 4 swatches
KS_Sanrio_HelloKittyLitterBox: 7.9k - Functional Litter Box - 2 swatches (Requires Cats and Dogs)
KS_Sanrio_HelloKittyPetBedFunctional: 8.6k - Functional Small Pet Bed - 4 swatches (Requires Cats and Dogs)
KS_Sanrio_KeroppiPillow: 4.8k - Deco - 2 swatches
KS_Cable1: 830 - Deco - 4 swatches
KS_Cable2: 2.4k - Deco - 4 swatches
KS_Cable3: 3.3k - Deco - 4 swatches
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notpikaman · 17 hours
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twisted-cat · 2 months
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Prism Makeup Set
A new fall-inspired makeup set, hope you like it! 🍂
Prism Eyeshadow - 13 swatches
Prism Lipstick - 24 swatches
Custom catalog thumbnails
C-E, Unisex
Lucy hair by @serenity-cc ✨
T.o.u | Twitter | Instagram
Early access, public release November 5th
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pierisim · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hello hello !
 The second part of Domaine du Clos is here and it comes with 34 new items ! 
I wanted to focus on the main entrance of the Domaine, where you go to register or take your bedroom's key. It is more living room looking, as it is a kind of cozy waiting room. :) 
You will find a ceiling piece, that you can use to create depth to your builds, but as long as the game lighting is capricious, it doesnt look even in rooms.
 I'm trying to catch up the late release of part 1, but I'm still a little bit late! Those items are little bit different from the previous ones as I keep on learning how to add more details and definition to them, and they are more detailed than the previous one I have made, due to their different style, so it take longer but it's really satisfying at the same time !
 I hope you will all love this set and have good time building with them ! 
 Thank you for your support, I wish you a very good day 💚
You can find the items by searching for Domaine du Clos or Pierisim in game.
Some items share the same textures so make sure to have the packages finishing by "texture" in your mod folder :)
All base game compatible, except the candles that will require the free kit Holiday Celebration.
unmerged and merged version available.
Public release 05/11/2022 !
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thepeachyfaerie · 28 days
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INK'D ♡ an eyeliner collection by peachyfaerie
♡ why hellooo there! i've been sick for about a week and it's not seeming to get better so this was delayed by a few days, but i finally have another graphic eyeliner collection for y'all <3 these are always the releases i end up wanting to do irl, then attempt to do, and fail miserably. regardless, i'm pretty happy with these five eyeliners and i hope you all like them!
♡ 5 eyeliners, each in my 20 swatch palette
♡ teen - elder
♡ all genders
♡ hq compatible
♡ custom thumbnail
♡ disallowed for random
if there are any issues, please let me know!
@maxismatchccworld @plumbieccfinds @elainaasccfinds @mmfinds @mmoutfitters
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fukkiemon · 3 months
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Star collection (9 items)
Hi everyone, I decided to make this collection as a thank you for the support a lot of people have given me so far. As you can already tell, I'm currently obsessed with star themed items which was the inspiration for this collection, it was also heavily inspired by some pinterest designs. I hope you like this gift!
✿ base game compatible
✿ mesh by me
✿ all lods
✿ custom thumbnail
✿  hip piercing can be found in (lip ring section in face accessories)
DOWNLOAD (patreon free)
Alt download (simfileshare)
@sssvitlanz @emilyccfinds @mmfinds
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