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alignment chart with chaotic entitled
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you asked, i delivered: welcome to the new dimension 20 alignment system
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corvidcleric · 3 days
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[start i.d.: a drawing of sam nightingale from dimension 20 in penelope’s room. she lays on a pink canopy bed, surrounded by red and pink roses. sam’s blue color palette sticks out from the pink monotony of the rest of the room. end i.d.]
a room a little bit more extra than sam's, maybe even pointedly always a little more extra than sam's, that is now very empty
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reviilo · 2 days
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i was looking for pjo wallpapers for my notebook and–
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brightbrightpink · 2 months
Over and over, Dimension 20 says "Magic is when you reach for others and they reach back. Magic is when you care and connect." And over and over I'm like
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Ok listen I think The Seven are actually pretty good friends in canon but we don't see them being good friends because there's too much plot going on. Like, I'm rereading The Mark of Athena right now, and did you know that Frank borrowed Jason's clothes after they went back to Argo II from those underwater centaur dudes? And do you know what it means? It means that there was a whole conversation where Frank said he had nothing dry to wear and all of the guys started trying to find who's clothes were the most fitting for him. They might have had a whole ass fashion show, dressing up as each other. We wouldn't know.
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queen-caramilflinda · 4 months
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Cinematic paralells
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vethbrenatto · 3 months
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Say hi, _____!
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Should Be Mine | Black Noir/Homelander
Tumblr media
Summary: The team meets Black Noir's girlfriend and Homelander is...Homelander.
Warning: Stalking. Homelander
Requested: No
Homelander walked into 'The Seven' meeting room and was a bit confused to everyone lounging around eating cupcake with an unfamiliar face. 
"Well," Homelander said announcing his presence in the room. "What do we have here?" He asked with his trademarked perfect smile. 
"Oh Homelander, Sir." Ashley greeted quickly setting her cupcake down on the table before approaching the blonde supe. "Noir was just introducing Y/N to the team." 
"Y/N?" Homelander asked tilting his head. 
"His girlfriend." A-Train explained in between bites. "Crazy right?"
Walking farther into the room Homelander looks the female up and down, dressed in a simple black high wasted jeans with a black bralett covered by a white button down shirt tucked into the jeans yet not buttoned at all, Simple but sexy. He approved.
"Its so nice to meet you Mr. Homelander," Y/N greeted taking a small step forward holding out her hand for him to shake. Soft hands
"Just Homelander please, Y/N was it?" He asked though he knew. "So what's all this?" He asked gesturing to the assortment of cupcakes that sat on the table. 
"Oh this well I own a bakery and I figured that I should bring a little something for the team." Y/N explained looking over to her deserts. "Here have a Homelander one." She said holding out a blue frosted cupcake.
"A Homelander cupcake." He notes his smile growing bigger. 
"Yeah it's apart of 'A Super Sweet Week With The Seven' I do one week out of the month." Y/N explained. "Marvelous Maeve Monday, Translucent Tuesday, Humpback Hump day with The Deep, A-Train Thursday, Black(Noir) Friday, Starlight Saturday and Holy Homelander Sunday."
"How cute and Creative." Homelander complements smiling down at the female. 
"Thank you so much - Oh, excuse me." She said pulling out her phone and stepping to the side. 
Answering the phone in the middle of a conversation...it can be fixed, otherwise polite and a baker.
Rushing back over with a slightly frantic look in her eyes she began gathering her things up. "Sorry I have to go, one of my new bakers started a fire in the kitchen." She informed Noir with a pout. "Nothing serious but the cops were called and I have to get down there, sorry to cut this short." She apologized placing a kiss on his cheek.
'It wasn't even her fault and she was apologizing' Homelander laughed internally. "I could fly you there if you'd like, lot faster than a taxi." He offered taking a few steps in her direction as she headed for the door. 
"Oh no no," Y/N declined. "I can get there, besides I know you guys are like busy saving the world and stuff, enjoy the cupcakes." She finished exiting the room and rushing towards the elevator. Homelander listened to her as she went down in the elevator and walked out of the building. 
She was perfect.
Homelander watched them. He watched as Noir brought Y/N onto a red carpet for another movie about 'The Seven' announcing their engagement.
'When the fuck did they get engaged?'
He watched as the public showered them with love, admiration and compliments. He watched when Y/N would visit the tower bringing different deserts each time. He watched her was she went to the bank, to the bakery, the grocery store and home most of the time to cook a meal and wait for Noir to join.
 Hell, he even watched them fuck.
And as much as he loved Noir he just couldn't bring himself to be happy while watching him enjoy something that, in his opinion, should be his.
Doesn't he deserve a wife like that? someone he could show off to those bootlickers, someone to cook and bake for him, someone to suck him off after a long patrol while they watched re runs of 'Psych'. Doesn't he deserve her? Yes.
That is what led Homelander to where he was now, smiling as Y/N opened the door a surprised look washing across her face at the sight of him. 
"Homelander, What are you doing here?" 
"I was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop by." He lied though his teeth. "May I come in?" He asked walking into the home before she could answer. 
Walking in he took a long look around at the decor of the home, mostly black and while with some greys thrown around in the shape of a blanket or a couch pillow. 
Could always buy new furniture.
"Wow, something smells good." Homelander states turning to face Y/N as she watched him in confusion.
"Uh Yeah I'm making chicken carbonara, I was just waiting for Noir to get home." She explained. "He's not here...Noir." She states.
"Well I don't mind waiting." He smiled politely. "Maybe we could share some of that yummy smelling carbonara while we wait." He says walking over to the table and having a seat letting her know that it was less of a suggestion and more of a fact. 
"Y-yeah sure, why not?" Y/N forced a smile before walking into the kitchen and making two plates of food. 
Sitting down Y/N took the it upon herself to pour herself and Homelander and glass of wine.
The two ate in an awkward silence before Y/N decided to initiate conversation.
"So, how was your day?" She asked with a small smile. 
"How lovely of you to ask, my day was a bit stressful but nothing too over the top." Homelander answered. "And yours? I trust everything is going great at the bakery." 
"Yes, business is always great this time of year." She responds returning to her meal.
"I bet. You know I'll have to stop by one of these days." He says taking another bite, leaving a few seconds of silence. "This is nice." He states letting out a sigh of content.
They both hear the door open and shut letting them know that someone had just entered the home, they both assumed it was Noir which was confimed when he stepped into the dining area. 
Y/N stands up from the table and faces her fiancé. "Noir-"
"Noir." Homelander interrupts. "Glad you’re here why don't you pull up a chair and have some of this delicious chicken carbonara Y/N whipped up." Homelander invites Noir to eat as if he were a guest on his own home.
Taking a look at Y/N Noir could tell she was obviously uncomfortable with the presence of the blonde supe in their home though not physically hurt.
Nodding Noir moved over to take a seat at the table with Homelander after Y/N assured she would bring him a plate.
Sitting down across from his teammate Noir waits for Homelander to say what it is that he was going to say. 
"I just stopped by to check in with you about some work." Homelander explains, both of them knowing it was a lie. 
Of course Noir had seen the way Homelander watched them, felt his presence outside their home but said nothing to Y/N out of fear she would feel unsafe in their home, even though she was exactly that.
Noir gave a nod to the explanation as Homelander continues to speak. "This is a lovely home you have here, how nice it must be to come home to all of this." He said through the gritted teeth of his plastered on smile. 
"Here you are honey." Y/N states setting the plate in front of the black clad sup. Homelander places his hands on the table standing from his seat. 
"This was absolutely lovely Y/N but I'm afraid I have to be on my way." Homelander says walking away from the table. 
"Oh, I'm glad you liked it." She replied as Homelander looked between the couple with a closed lipped smile. 
"I'm just show myself out." He says fist clenched at his side as he makes his way back to the front door. "hope we can do this again sometime."
"Of course." 
Once he had exited the home, Homelander took flight but didn't leave he stayed hovering over the home listening as Y/N sat down to finish her meal with her fiance.
"How was you day?" She asked pausing for a few moments. "That sucks baby, but I'm sure I can help you relax." 
His jaw clenched as he thought of all the things she could be thinking of doing to him, all the things she should be doing for him. 
'She should be mine.' He thought to himself. 'She will be mine.'
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kraehenkunst · 7 days
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Arya and the Stranger
Good news, I figured out a way to pack even more unnecessary, extremely tedious to color details into my art :)
No i've just been obsessed with these old russian fairytale illustrations for ages and really wanted to try and emulate that style and how it shows so much additional art in the borders of the work. It was really fun to figure out a way to portray the stranger, I wanted to play around a bit with the descriptions we are given without turning them into a standard grim reaper.
Oh, also if you want; you can get a print of this here!
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honeyandhellart · 6 months
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happy pride month but especially to sam nightingale 🌊
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elikalay · 2 months
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a bunch of assorted dimension 20 doodles from my sketchbook (with some never after thrown in there)
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pasteldm · 22 days
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i think this really captures the energy of dimension 20
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unhauntng · 1 month
the seven is so funny because it’s just a bunch of women hanging out plus one of their boyfriends who they’ve adopted like it’s the gender version of we’re rocking with mark because mark is rocking with us
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canarhys · 3 months
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emiko-matsui · 2 months
"the seven are perfect" this "the seven can do no wrong" that NO the seven are insufferable and it is their god given right as a teenage girl group
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