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my-reality-my-rules · 8 months ago
i know i’m supposed to think of it as getting closer to shifting, but every time i fail and wake up in my CR it just makes me feel sad and like it’s never gonna work. i get symptoms nearly every time i try an awake method and i feel like i’ve gotten pretty close before, but whenever i open my eyes i’m still in my CR. it’s just been especially upsetting lately bc i want to be with my DR friends so badly and i don’t know how to convince myself that shifting is real and not made up and something that i’m capable of :-(
[thanks for this ask!]
fr tho i am so fucking sorry this took so long
I've been meaning to answer your question for some time now—but didn't know the exact words to give you then. inspiration struck when i was cramming my entrep homework earlier.
so, we've been assigned to watch some videos on successful entrepreneurs, and this is one of the links given to us (you don't really have to watch it). in short, it's an account given by asian entrepreneur Sadira Yeong Min Yi—about her success story, and what it had been like for her. i won't bore you with details, but sometime near the end, she says: 'It is normal to have struggle, despite someone might look very successful on the surface. So I find it very fulfilling for me to show them that it is achievable if you think so, and if you start executing. Failures are bound to happen. It is okay to be afraid, it is okay to have fear.'
it reminded me of your ask. while it's not necessarily the same thing that you've mentioned—the concept still applies.
here's a screenshot of the powerpoint we were given:
Tumblr media
see the five aforementioned characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset—decisiveness, confidence, accountability, resilience, and humility—and note that they can also be applied to shifting in general.
you've done the first part: you've addressed what it was that you felt had been holding you back from shifting. you stated you don't know how to convince yourself it's real, that you can achieve it. the next part would be asking yourself why. is it because you failed to fully shift? the disappointment of waking up here? whatever the reason is, acknowledge it, make your peace with it, and then start with the next two traits.
move with confidence, but take into account everything you do. evaluate the choices that you make, and the things you surround yourself with. do they help, or do they somehow hinder you? cut off toxicities and change bad habits.
then, there comes resilience and humility. admittedly, even at a passing glance, this would be the harder part to do. i myself didn't shift until april of 2021. believe me, it took a lot of patience and much more nights of crying; there will be days where you'd want nothing more than to disappear from this place, only to wake up where you left off the previous day. it grated, but i had to learn how to deal with the dissatisfaction if i truly wished to achieve my goal of shifting.
resilience, but with acceptance. change your mindset, even if it comes slowly.
I'm going to pretend I'm still in your shoes—that i still haven't shifted, and that my mind simply can't accept that i can do it. if it was me, I'd think it's because I'm subconciously resisting the thought of it, thinking that shifting is simply a dream i could never reach.
i have to learn to recognise that thinking about with that perspective gets me nowhere. self-pity gets me nowhere. I'd vent, and I'd cope, but i wouldn't let it blind me. for the most part, if it feels as if the thoughts never abate, then i at least try to think positive about them. yes, they're hindrances, but every mistake is also a lesson—and every lesson is something learned.
go for a breather. a change in scenery, maybe. set aside some tasks. if it feels suffocating, stop, at least for the moment. spiralling won't do you any favours. don't think about your DR for a while. think about here, about the things you love, about the things you can do.
find a support, and lean on it until you become better. heal, if you need it. when it's calm, you can make a more calculated decision. move forward, again, even if things don't come at the pace you want them to. just keep in mind that they will. you're going to work for them and they are going to be yours one day.
be gentle with yourself, but no less honest.
weeks before i actually shifted, i wouldn't have called myself unburdened—but i do remember feeling lighter than i have in months, and that had been borne from an effort of balance.
- - -
here are the main affirmations i use, if they could be of help:
I do not chase. I attract. Everything that belongs to me will simply find me.
What I think, I create. What I feel, I attract. What I imagine, I become.
I build my world with my thoughts.
you can ask yourself, What if I fail?, but what if you don't?
there's no formula for success, because the only constant there is is the mindset that you work with. you need to learn. accept that shifting is not an easy thing to do. if you don't start, how would you know? if you don't take the first step, how would you begin?
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supercorpzine · 4 months ago
Hi, this ask isn't really supercorp-based, but i was wondering, if someone knows, if there's a site/blog etc. that informs you about upcoming (fanmade) zines?
Bc I always see so many amazing fanmade zines for different fandoms (Supercorp, SheRa etc), but I'm mostly/always too late to buy them (or even participate), bc I don't hear/know about them soon enough. (And having to literally every fandom is a bit overwhelming)
So I hoped maybe someone could help?
I already found @/fandomzines , but the last post was maybe 2 years ago.
Thanks for all the hard work and have a great day/night <3
Hi there! This is Mod Grace, sorry for the delay! I know I had answered something similar to your question before and was able to find this ask. I haven't been able to keep up recently with new accounts like these so I'm not positive they're up to date (and I know some might have closed or been abandoned, which happens), but I routinely see a boosting twitter in our zine's notifications... I just can't find it. If I can find it I'll link it! You could also use those linked profiles as a starting point, perhaps there are other boosting profiles in the notes.
Also if I can get some time soon I can try to do some more research for you and see what I can find! A quick search of "zine" on twitter kicked up a lot of different projects but no hub profile for boosting, which only illustrates your point on missing projects. I'm not sure about blogs, but surely there's something out there.
If any of our followers have a lead on anything that could help anon out please feel free to reblog or reply to this ask with that information!
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aeon-of-neon · a month ago
Hii i recently found this fandom -although I used to read harringrove fics religiously whilst watching the 2 and 3 season!!, I just didn't touch the twitter fandom and... maybe I shouldn't have bc people are real mad that we ship billy and talk about him lmao- and I started writing a fic -steve x billy x eddie-. I'm really insecure about sharing my writing with a big fandom, do you have any tips to get over the fear of publishing a fic? im not even sure why im scared bc i don't think much people will read it but still hshssh also love love your account, I still have to catch up with many fics and I'm excited to read yours!! <33
Hi nonnie! Sorry for the late reply I only saw this in my inbox just now! 🙏😅💦
Okay first of all, it's amazing that you're writing fic for the boys and I absolutely, definitely encourage you to post it! ❤️
Getting anxious or nervous about posting is totally normal, I honestly go through this every time I publish something. There's a lot of time and effort going into your writing and sharing it with the public always means you're sharing a little piece of yourself! 
Putting oneself out there like that can definitely make you feel a little vulnerable but the thing that helps me with getting over the fear of posting is to think of fandom as a collaborative effort. Every piece of fic helps to build and shape a ship and especially with a pairing like Steve/Billy/Eddie that's a little more niche!
About Twitter, yeah… let me just say my fandom experience has improved SO much since I left and deleted my account there. It also cleared up mental space that is used better on making and doing things I enjoy. 
To add a little perspective, yes twitter is used by fandom. But it's not a platform that was made with creators in mind. It was made so that everyone and their dog can shout their unsolicited opinions into the ether. And really, you probably wouldn't listen to a random stranger on the street ranting about something either, you'd just walk away and mind your own business and I strongly suggest you do the same with antis on twitter. They're really not worth your time. 
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tobe-sogolden · 3 months ago
Hello! I’ve looked through your blog a couple times, as I’m trying to find other harries of color to interact with about Harry, and I have a question but I hope it doesn’t come across the wrong way as I am genuine. Why do you keep up with what larries, deuxmoi, and what you call “pr harries” are saying about Olivia and Harry? If I’m understanding your replies to the asks that you get on the topic, these things make you very upset, which is understandable. But is constantly complaining (sorry if that’s harsh I can’t think of a better word for what I’m observing) in response to the latest rumor or hissy fit about them being spotted together any healthier for you and your anons/followers? Doesn’t that just distract from talking about what you actually enjoy? I used to often check accounts from known big larries or Harry haters as yeah, it was funny observing the immense cognitive dissonance, but eventually it became less fun and more mentally exhausting to do so much doom scrolling when I could just…block and ignore them, y’know? I’ve also deleted twitter, cause that’s just another head ache, and with some curating of my dash I’m mostly blissfully unaware of what’s going on Harry’s personal life. But if I chance upon your blog, suddenly I’m aware of the terrible things being said about Olivia everyday by people who are dug into their own narratives about Harry and likely aren’t going to change without real help. I’m just curious if this is fun or cathartic for you and your anons to be stuck in this seemingly self imposed cycle of always seeing negativity about Olivia and focusing on that, rather than talking about the fun things?
To be honest, I try to not keep up with it. I don't ever seek out the information on my own and I prefer to stay ignorant if possible. But it inevitably ends up in my orbit (I probably need to delete twitter too 🥴) and (1) I'm very triggered by people spreading misinformation and physically cannot shut my mouth if I see it lol and (2) I really hate for the naysayers to be the only voices. I feel like just ignoring it and not calling it out or providing a rational alternative to their insane bs is what's allowed this behavior to become so commonplace and accepted in this fandom and I hate that. I would say like 85% of the time it's more funny than truly annoying to me and like 15% of the time I get genuinely angry over it and then I just take a little break and remind myself it's not that serious 😆 and no I don't find that it distracts me from talking about fun things! I know that might seem like that's all I'm doing lately but that's only bc tumblr is so dead these days so I literally just log on, answer messages, and then log back off bc there's usually like 5 new posts on my dash from the last like 12 hours so not much else to do 💀 but rest assured I'm still listening to the album on repeat and enjoying myself 😌
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okeylokiyuh · 20 days ago
no😭 its must be so hard for you ): ugh the same feeling when the google docs accidentally deleted ur assignment. its the worst feeling ever >:(( but you know what they said every cloud has a silver lining!! don't be too discourage loki, i hope you get back in ur track asap!!
the thing about my password was when i want to log in to my tumblr account my mind went blank like the password isnt there at all😭 and i panicked so i try all the password that the old me might have use but there's no use😹 so i just let it be and totally forget abt it (until recently i recover my password and yeah here we are)
i am doing well! i just finished my second sem of my pre u!! ahh one last sem before i graduated and i have a thought to work before i continue my degree. but my sleeping schedule messed up a little bit since i need to study for my finals and i hang out with my friends until 4am💀
ah, blonde jaehyuk rlly suits him🤩🤩 the pic you sent jdjskdjdj sir i am respectfully looking👁 ah also!! treasure second mini album on oct22!!!!! kdjdjdj my boys are ready to slay😆 cant wait for their new songs tbh
hehe for me jay is my bias rn! boy really made me simping so hard🤥 and recently i just started to watch daredevil on netflix bcs u knoww matt murdock will return in she-hulk and having his sequel on mcu! ahhh im so excited and as a marvel fans i rlly cant wait for phase 5 of mcu!
oof, sorry for the late reply, uni has been hectic lately! hehe, rather than being discouraged i'm just not as motivated, and ig it's bc of the workload i've been getting. plus, the distance between my home and the uni is terrible and public transport is my worst enemy. so those added factors just make it difficult for me to carry out my work as usual.
i totally feel you! i lost my password for an acc recently and tried everything i could, but somehow thanks to the 'forgot password' option, i was able to recover it. i hope you don't forget it again, jaecha hehe
aah! that's wonderful, jaecha! wishing you all the best for your last semester as well! you are gonna do well, i'm sure! oof, i totally relate to the messed up sleep schedule, but for different reasons sksks. i'm glad you are having fun, though! college is supposed be a place to figure yourself out and have fun doing it and i hope you are having such an experience!
yess!!! another treasure comeback! i'm having exams then, so i might have to postpone watching the comeback and the streaming, but i can't wait for our boys to make their comeback with great music as always :D
ooh, is daredevil good? i haven't come around to watching any mcu tv shows other than hawkeye, loki and runaways i think. yesss, phase 5 looks too good, i can't wait to see how it goes! i'm most excited to see the marvels!
but rn, i'm kinda teetering off kpop and into the world of top gun maverick. i watched the movie at home recently and i'm totally hooked on it! i really wanna watch it on the big screen too, but the screenings are at 6pm and 10pm and i'll be damned if my parents ever let me leave the house after evening hours.
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jinhyun · 5 months ago
hellooo gdyl anon here! sorry i'm alittle late on my reply, hope you're doing okay and staying safe!
what do you mean i have a minho aura, that boy is lame 🙄 (i like him v much don't get me wrong LMAO i just have a habit of denying any form of simpy-ness towards my biases)
a tragic hyunjin stan indeed.. that boy knows his crowd and is always doing those stares and selfies, we see you dumbass you're not slick
also! i went through your masterlist again before sending this ask and pls i appreciate your account so much makes me feel so warm and then sad bc where can i buy myself a skz boy 🤧
omg no don't worry, i'm doing okay and staying safe, thanks! i hope you are too 💕
lmao sorry not sorry, the lino aura is there.
for reallllll, he knows exactly how to murder us and will do it with no hesitation. jail for hwang hyunjin.
please tysm for rereading my works 😭 it makes me so happy to know you enjoy them and they make you feel something :(
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cockroachmotherfucker10 · 2 years ago
hi, idk if this is okay but here goes... this blog's really helped me a lot in recovery from AN. i've been doing well lately. since diagnosis, i've been on my own with this bc the mental health system in my country is broken. i guess my question is, do you have any tips for continuing recovery during grief? a really close friend has just passed and i can't get myself to stomach even a bite. i just don't know what to do, i'm lost. thanks in advance, it's okay if you don't reply to this, really.
Hey! I am so glad this blog could help you, it’s truly an honor! Also I live in America, my healthcare system also sucks ass. Recently had symptoms of kidney infection- couldn’t go to an in person doctor because the only place that took my insurance was closed in my city and they wouldn’t set me an appointment in person, though I tried to get one. Basically just had to tough it out- it sucked. Basically trying to validate you- having shitty healthcare is basically the worst.
As for grief, I am really sorry to hear that your friend passed away. It’s an absolutely horrible thing to go through, for every good memory you had with them you have to remember time and time again that they aren’t here anymore, and that’s a feeling that takes a really long time to become more okay with. Not that it’s the same thing, as everyone’s relationship with grief is different, but I lost a close grandmother on January 30th, 2020. I mourn her everyday, and it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through in my entire life. Still is. I miss her every day, and think about her all the time.
So some words on grief.
1. Cheesy, but it does get better with time.
I read an allegory for grief, and I have found it to be true. Grief is like a big ball inside of a tiny box (which represents you). Every time the ball touches the side of the box- it hurts really bad. You cry, you stare at the wall for hours, you lose your appetite, a lot of things. At first- your ball of grief is huge- and it’s constantly and randomly hitting the sides of the box. For me- the time around my grandmother’s death and funeral, I was completely out of commission. I couldn’t stop crying, and when I did I couldn’t focus on anything. I was completely incompacitated for weeks. But then- over time, the ball of grief gets smaller and smaller, and touches the side of the box less and less. Now, I can think about her without bursting into tears, I look back on my time with her with a sense of nostalgia rather than sharp pain most of the time. Now while my ball of grief is smaller- sometimes it still randomly touches the sides of my box, and I break down crying (hell- I am tearing up now lol). That’s okay. It’s all apart of the process. The grief never fully goes away- but it becomes less and less consuming. This does not mean you love your loved one any less, it just means your body gets better at metabolizing their absence so it hurts less. Also not you can’t force the ball to get smaller before it’s ready to (believe me- I tried). Just let it happen.
2. Express your emotions healthily
Want to know what not to do? Keep your emotions locked into your chest. Especially if you have an ED, it’s important to let yourself cry as hard and as often as you need to. What you don’t get out now will bite you in the ass later. It’s so, so painful. I have never cried so hard in my entire life than I did at my grandmother’s funeral, I couldn’t even get a word of apology out. It felt awful, and vulnerable, and it wasn’t pleasant at all. Crying is not fun, but it was necessary. Afterwards, I felt soooo much better. This is because crying chemically is like letting the extra air out of a balloon about to pop. There is no shame in it. Do it, and do it often. As often as you need, don’t hold it in. Let the pain come, and then when it is ready it will pass. Remember what you don’t process now you most certainly will be forced to process later in the form of chronic pain, worse depression, worse ED symptoms, and worse health. Let it out.
3. There is no wrong way to grieve
So I just spent all that time talking about crying- but it’s also possible that your grief will express itself in other ways, such as feeling numb, or even feeling fine. The key thing is to not judge how your body metabolizes this. Let it do what it needs to do, and do not judge it. To it body will do what it needs to do, fighting it is a pointless uphill battle. Accept it with self compassion, console yourself like a friend would. Tell yourself it’s okay to feel numb, or to cry, or to be okay, etc. let it happen.
4. Reach out for support
Be it from a friend, a family member, or a therapist (or best- all three!) if you feel like it would help you, reach out and talk about how you are feeling, or do something distracting. Mod Lia and I called the night I saw my grandmother for the last time, and we didn’t talk about it much at all. We watched She-ra. That helped a lot. Later I called another friend and talked about how I was feeling. Later I talked about it with Mod Lia, too. And of course my therapist- who helped me process it in a healthy way. On that note, especially with an Ed, if you can, get a therapist. Do it. Better than anybody they will be able to help you find the healthiest way to grieve, and help provide tips and accountability for preventing the worsening of an ED.
5. Tips on not drop kicking your ED behaviors further into hell
Having a schedule for eating (and other necessary activities) really helped me. At certain times, regardless of wether or not I was hungry, I forced myself to eat just because it was food time. Doing this prevents you from slipping into ED behaviors, especially when it is easy to do. Having a therapist or a willing friend to hold you accountable can also help. Express your emotions healthily. Talk to your loved one still, on walks or however. Talk about them in conversation. Do things that remind you of them. Make a memorial for them- whatever that means to you. Allow them to still occupy space in your life, if that feels right. If not, that’s fine. Taking care of yourself is hard, but if you don’t you are going to make it worse for yourself. It’s like puting an ankleweight in when you are already drowning. Take intentional steps (such as setting reminders and alarms) to ensure you take care of yourself, and even see if there are people who would do it with you. Like if you are having a hard time eating, see if a friend will have lunch with you every day at a certain time, or a couple different people (over the phone if need be). Plans, for me, really help me keep it together.
To sum it up, the biggest thing is to not fight the grieving process, set specific schedules for different aspects of self care (with alarms), reach out when you need help, and be patient because it takes time.
There is nothing I can say to make your loss feel better, but it is so hard to lose someone, and I’m sorry you have to go through that. Be patient, don’t expect a ton of productivity out of yourself, and just wait out these unpleasant storms. Thing are never going to feel the same ever again, but eventually you will get used to a new normal, and that doesn’t mean you are doing them an injustice. Keep remembering them, and be patient with yourself.
Best of wishes,
Mod Cass
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yaz-the-spaz · 2 years ago
What's your take on the cb drama w/ liam? It seems like theres people crucifying liam bc OmG hEs SUpPoRtS aBuSe!!! and doing the most. I don't think that's right. But I don't like the fans that just write off every single problematic thing the boys do bc "Mgmt is in control!!!" Yes I think mgmt is responsible for a lot of the negative/false narratives, but we still need to hold the boys accountable when necessary. They can be as ignorant as anyone else. 1/2
2/2 I wish we could have open discussions when things like this happen instead of everything being a dramatic stan war. But then again solo stans literally pounce at the opportunity to cancel each other out so I don't think that'll ever change
oooohhh sorry nonnie i would love to give more of an opinion on this but i’m sad to say i have no idea what you mean by cb drama? (unless that’s supposed to stand for cher*l and bear, and if so did i miss some huge story about some sort of abuse from liam against them??? what is happeninggggg lol)
anyway, despite not being able to comment about the specific situation you’re referring to nonnie, i will say that in general i do tend to adopt pretty similar thinking as you when it comes to this fandom overreacting things (seriously if there was an award for which fandom does the fucking Most™ over the littlest things/overreacts the most to everything i’m pretty sure this fandom would take the cake every single goddamn time 🙄). mgmt may have their hands in a lot but they don’t control everything these boys do ofc and at the end of the day a lot of people in this fandom need to remember that these boys are all still just people just like us who are sometimes gonna say and do the wrong thing but who will also learn and grow and become better people as we’ve watched them do and as i’m sure they’ll continue to do. like you, i would love love love if more people in this fandom were willing to have more open discussions instead of just outright attacking each other all the time or immediately jumping to conclusions but unfortunately, also like you, i think that’s one of those things that probably won’t ever change (or maybe it will as ppl in the fandom get even older and more mature? but that might still be wayyy later down the line lol). anyway if you’re still hanging around my blog nonnie and wanna discuss more stuff like this i’d love to keep the convo going! and again sorry my reply is so late but i hope you’ve been well!
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cinnaminsvga · 3 years ago
hi zee, i have a question that i've wanted to ask for a while now but you really don't have to answer if you don't want to, so i know that you're studying in canada right now on a scholarship and i was wondering how you got the scholarship? i don't really have anyone that i could ask and i've been having trouble finding them on my own, do you have tips tricks or advice maybe for people that wants to study abroad on a scholarship? it's totally fine if you don't want to answer it tho! ty c:
this is so late, and i’m sorry for forgetting to reply!! hopefully it isn’t too late ;w; (under the cut bc it’s so long!)
so firstly, you’re incredibly brave to want to study abroad!! not many people are willing to leave home and live alone in a foreign country, so props to you for even considering. yes, international tuition is much higher majority of the time, and there’s the stereotype that all international students are “rich” because of this, but really, many of us are only able to study abroad due to scholarships (like me!! i’m not necessarily dirt poor, but i definitely wouldn’t be able to pay the full tuition if i didn’t have a scholarship… at my uni, the tuition for international students is almost 3x the price of local students!! wack!!)
there are many ways you can get a scholarship, and one of the easiest and most direct places you can get one is from the university itself. in my uni, i get about $3000 worth of aid as long as i keep a solid A+ average (around 3.7 gpa) and an additional $1000 by winning a leadership prize that my uni sponsors annually. these prizes/aids are usually applied for, but some universities offer entrance awards for first year students based on your application. your prospective uni will usually outline the different scholarships and financial aid options for international students on their official website, so be sure to read carefully and see which ones you’re eligible for!!
then, there are many websites online that offer financial aid by applying for them (sort of like a contest of sorts). many of them require you to submit things like essays or graphic design entries in order to be considered for their scholarship. this is where i get majority of my tuition money from, and it’s really all about entering as many contests as you possibly can!! it’s incredibly advantageous if you have skills like writing, drawing, painting, designing, etc because these are usually what these companies/websites are looking for. just google for them and a bunch are sure to pop up.
also, idk if this applies to where you live, but in my home country, many rich old people often sponsor bright prospective students and help them get their education abroad. i have one friend who got a sponsorship from this millionaire back home, and all she has to do is keep up a consistent grade and her sponsor will keep paying for her schooling. again, idk if you’ll be lucky enough to find one of these “sponsors” but it never hurts to look around, you know? (this is NOT a sugar daddy btw hsajdhajs just wanted to make myself clear)
and… at the end of the day, there’s also work you can consider. even though i have a bunch of scholarships, it’s still not enough to pay for my entire tuition, not to mention i have to think about rent and food and other stuff as well. it’s why i have to work two jobs at a time sometimes to make things work, or sometimes i’ll have to ask my parents for help (which i hate doing because. well. i’m just not about that life.) so you can take that into account as well. 
if you’re really worried about money and not sure if you’ll be able to support yourself financially while abroad, i suggest making a plan of sorts on how much money you think you can acquire through scholarships FIRST, and then seeing if you can sustain yourself with that money CONSISTENTLY or not. bc it’s easy to think “oh, as long as i get my entrance award, then that’s good enough” when really, you have to think longterm as well. think about WHERE the funds will come from (parents, relatives, scholarships, work) and whether this will be enough to keep you afloat when you get out there into the world.
good luck!! idk how helpful this is, but to anyone out there wondering if it’s worth going abroad to study… i can’t say that for certain, but i CAN say that it’s possible. remember: studying abroad in top schools will only bring you so far; your own ability and effort is what will matter in the long run. 
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hidden-otaku-stuff · 2 years ago
(1/?)Hey! I'm really sorry for the late reply :( I don't like sending long messages on my phone because I'm lazy lol. Anyway, I am not but I'll try harder 🤡 my biggest fear in love is meeting the right person at the wrong time, but I hope I find someone who loves me the way Kuroo loves (Name). Can I just have an irl Kuroo please. And I feel that! Kuroo is my ult fave but now I have a fave from each team. I'm actually lowkey becoming an Iwa simp again lol.
omg please don’t feel bad! we all have our own lives and you definitely don’t owe me anything. i’m the very same way. i actually only use this account when i’m on my desktop so dwai lol. i’m the biggest iwa simp istg. i started this account to simp about him but kuroo is out here stealing all the love/attention 🙃
i promise, you will find someone someday to treat you right. the right person will find you when you need them, but not necessarily right when you want them if that makes sense.  
(2/?) and it's okay! It was painful but the writing was great and it made me emotional :') I also take comfort in the idea that none of the haikyuu!! boys would actually do that. yeah! I don't know much about terushima and astumu but I know that I always see them depicted that way. Oikawa is such a complicated character and it sucks seeing people reduce him to an annoying play boy. They're all hard workers who care about their friends and have admirable goals
atsumu and oikawa radiate the same energy to me. they’re both ridiculously dedicated to volleyball, have fan-girls, and probably couldn’t maintain relationships in HS because of their volleyball dedication. not to mention they’re both a tad immature sometimes and rely on their friends/team-mates to reel them in.  
terushima is literally such a major nerd too like, this mans is in the highest class level. he’s smart and the way he plays volleyball? just a huge goofball. i may be slightly biased though bc i definitely thirst for terushima LMAO. he just matches kuroo’s energy to me and i live for that aesthetic  
(3/?) Honestly I haven't had a bad experience in a relationship (probs because I haven't been in one lol) but I've had bad experiences with guys in general so 🤷 I think mine come from the unhealthy relationships around me and a lot of self doubt/insecurity. We'll get there someday though. I'm glad you enjoy those scenes! I'm a sucker for angst but the gentle and genuine love between Kuroo and (name) is what really gets me :') It's hard to decide which scenes are my favorite tbh.
i am a jaded old lady when it comes to relationships imma be real 🙃 i’m bi and have dated one girl and multiple guys, and i’ve just been disappointed an endless amount of times. i'm more than happy to spend the rest of my life sharing a house with my home-girl and my dogs at this point. 
i’m really sorry to hear that you’re surrounded by unhealthy relationships and that you have insecurities. it’s not easy to overcome, but i know that you’ll be able to overcome anything that you put your mind to. 
shameless plug but my Complementary fic is also Kuroo angst ;)  in all seriousness, i’m glad that what i’ve written makes it difficult for you to have a favorite  😂
(4) The entire first chapter really got me because it was a mix between the pain that Bokuto went through and the relationship between Kuroo/name and Hikori (HIM HAVING KUROO'S LAST NAME??? I'm uwu but poor Bo). The soft and domestic scenes in chapter 5?? my heart ;-; also the "look at that, baby." you're killing me, Skye (are you okay with me using your name?)
(5) Reading about the past and knowing how it ends up when Bo comes back makes me so eager to see how it all gets there. I'm so excited read Chapter 6, esp since it's your favorite!! I have to brace myself for it haha. Also you are LOL. but really it's worth it and we're v luck you're sharing it :') (I hope this doesn't seem creepy akdfhkdj) same tho. I try not to hurt myself but here I am reading angst all the time and putting myself through my faves/reader suffering 😔 
you can most definitely use my name Skye! Please lmk what you’d like me to refer to you as 😍 I know not everyone is comfortable with terms of endearment
i’m ngl, the first chapter was actually supposed to be like the 9th chapter or something. but i (sadistically) thought that it might hurt more if that’s how the story starts off  🥴 
your compliments are 100% not creepy. they make me feel so warm and floofy hehe  🥰 i lowkey have desensitized myself to angst now, but i still won’t read “In Another Life” because I’ve seen spoilers for it and that made me cry. idk if that’s your type of thing though  🙃
(6/7) That's such a sweet reason to have that. I'm glad you have that kind of reminder. It's so important and I'm really happy for you ❤️ Ahh I wish, but I'm broke :') I know I want the aries constellation behind one ear and cat eyes behind the other (I love cats already but lowkey bc I love nekoma/Kuroo to akdfjh). My sister and I are going to get matching winnie the pooh and piglet ones too
(7/7) Then I want an islander inspired one because ya girl is Chamorro. and then one spanning my back diagonally but I'm not 100% what I want yet. I did end up doing it, just last minute haha. I hope yours went well for you btw! School is hard lol
that’s so cute that you and your sister are getting matching tattoos! that’s literally the dream 😍  is there a story behind the winnie the pooh and piglet? 
and i love your idea for the constellation tat! I was planning on getting a quarter-sleeve bicep tat centered around a Sag constellation. ugh i just love tattoos so much, i can literally talk about them for hours 🙃 i’m multi-racial, and i was gonna get an Asian dragon quarter-sleeve on my other bicep, a phoenix on my shoulder blade, and maybe even a tiger on my rib-cage but IDK it’s so expensive and just so much pain. the left side has all my Western tattoos atm  🤣
school can be so rough!! i promise though, it’s worth it in the end. what are you studying? 
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bangtanwhispers · 4 years ago
i've missed talking to you guys :( is it okay for me to still be messaging you guys? i've been questioning myself for a lot of things lately.. i haven't been having the best days.. people at school are giving me a hard time & my family is falling apart. leaving asks for you guys was kinda my escape? reading your guy's replies made my day every time ;; and that you actually replied to my asks :) i don't do this w anyone else, even if you don't answer this, i just want to say thank you.. ~sandwich
omfg we're so sorry we didn't reply to your last ask ejdkekd idk how to work with two asks from the same person bc i'm very bad with technology and i wanted to reply to you all in one post! but questioning yourself? that's normal bc i think everyone is at this day and age. i question my self worth and i question if i'm as funny as i make myself out to be, so it's all natural, love. we are always here for you (seriously, we don't really leave this site) and i thank you, also on milo's behalf, for what you've done for us since this account has been running. you really don't have to thank us, my love bc it's all for you -tofu
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xenoliith · 4 years ago
sorry for the late reply but i don't know if yesterday's ask got sent or not? bc when i tried to send it my phone and laptop kept glitching, if i havent - my inst is papparifin. also, is it okay to continue doing the challenge even after the anime has aired? bc i want to fill out some missing days that i havent done (;u;)
ah yeah! I thought I replied but maybe the ask system is messing up lol (what else is new on this hellsite fjdgfh) I'll try posting this publicly just in case. also I tried looking for papparifin on ig and I couldn't find an account by that name? unless I'm searching wrong? I don't use insta much..! and of course you can continue the days! i'm gonna be posting mine late as well because I got super busy this week OTL
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