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chrasilla · 3 days
Alec: are you crying right now? Magnus: *sobbing* this book is too fucking sad Alec: Alec: it's an interior design magazine Magnus: *still sobbing* yeah, the designs fucking suck
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vierss-herondale · 15 hours
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Jace Herondale:
City of Glass
Tumblr media
“(…) —but, Clary, since the first time I saw you, I have belonged to you completely. I still do. If you want me.”
Jace’s letter to Clary in City of Glass
Tumblr media
I belong to you. You could do anything you wanted with me and I would let you.
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peupeugunn · 2 days
okay but imagine if shadowhunters had had filler episodes. just them doing dumb nonsense that didn't have any effect on the plot. bonding.
clary learns about the nephilim education system and she doesn't know whether to be horrified or amazed cause on the one hand they're giving knives to four year olds, on the other hand, izzy is a fully certified forensic pathologist at 19.
simon spends an entire episode dragging raphael around new york tryna find him a replacement jacket because even though the kidnapping situation was very fucked up he feels really bad!!! the episode ends with them picking out a really amazing jacket and then raphael having to pay for it because with all the supernatural crap happening, simon honestly forgot that he's a broke college student.
jace and alec episode with them on their day off just chilling (izzy and clary following them because clary Does Not Understand Parabatai and izzy thinks this will help. somehow.) they go to the library and spend some time curled up together reading. they get coffee and go to the park. jace screams at some ducks while alec provides moral support. they go for a movie. they walk around the city holding hands. they go back to the institute to spar a little and then head off to bed. clary through the episode keeps asking "are they dating? are they not? seems like they are?" but izzy keeps denying the dating allegations. clary then finds someone in the institute that can actually explain parabatai with actual words and she barges into izzy's room in the middle of the night screaming "YOU COULD HAVE JUST TOLD ME THEY'RE SOULMATES ISABELLE!"
there's an episode that is literally just. magnus' cats. nothing else. magnus provides narration like this is a nature documentary.
malec's second date, where they just sit on the couch and watch tv and trashtalk the characters. the entire episode is edited to look exactly like a youtuber-reviewing-a-tv-show thing. the first time time an action scene comes up, alec gets so mad at how unrealistic it is and magnus gives him a detailed explanation of how and why movie fighting is so different from real life fighting and why they're choreographed that way. the episode is an hour and a half because magnus and alec keep getting sidetracked and start talking about random stuff. it ends with them falling asleep together on the couch.
a magnus & catarina & ragnor episode with them just hanging out. cat and ragnor keep making fun of magnus for being so in love but he keeps agreeing with them with a lovestruck expression and that takes the fun out of it. the episode is a clipshow style thing except it's not clips of stuff we've already seen, it's their adventures (including, obviously, peru.)
a jimon episode where simon sits jace down and explains in detail the entire plot of star wars. all the star wars. jace asks so many questions and they get so sidetracked at times but simon powers through. at the end, jace reveals that he actually has watched star wars and he knew everything simon was saying but let him go on and on for hours because he wanted to see whether simon would figure it out and also cause jace likes spending time with him.
a clizzy episode where izzy jokingly asks clary to paint her and clary gets so excited!!!! so izzy goes along with it. clary keeps talking like she's doing a tutorial on painting except izzy can't see what she's doing. through the episode, izzy keeps doing more and more ridiculous poses and clary paints and sketches them and somehow they turn out actually good?
i have more ideas but like. idk about you guys but i'd have watched the hell out of this stuff.
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lupeintheclouds · 2 days
Idc if you disagree with me on this but I think one of the main reasons why we love Alastair so much is because he reminds us of Alec in the first tmi trilogy.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“We’re all of us alone in the end”
Alastair Esfandiyār Carstairs
Click on the picture for better quality
(I’m starting a tag list so lmk if you want me to add you!)
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daily-clace · 2 days
Jace was probably one of the best Shadowhunters who had ever lived, purely in terms of fighting prowess. Clary had been born with a different talent: She could create runes. It was something no other Shadowhunter had ever been able to do.
Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight
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wingedshoes · 1 year
my toxic trait is becoming more obsessed with something than the person who recommended it to me
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cassandrajean · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Mortal Instruments covers volumes 1 to 6!
The covers are based on tarot
1- Swords and Cups
2- Pentacles and Wands
3- Chariot
4- Hanged Man
5- High Priestess
6- Strength
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gayforcarstairsgirls · 4 months
It's really funny to watch people discover Jamie Campbell Bower from Stranger Things because to me he will always be the guy who used a portal to stroke a girl's face with basically his disembodied hand
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graceloveswolves · 6 months
My biggest flex is knowing Jamie from The Mortal Instruments. But nonetheless you do not know how excited 13 year old me (and current me) is that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves.
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I would’ve killed to have had them make more movies. I loved the books <3
Movie Jace over series Jace any day I said what I said…
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vierss-herondale · 3 months
Jace Herondale
Tumblr media
Alec Lightwood
Tumblr media
Simon Lewis
Tumblr media
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peupeugunn · 19 hours
alec: [pouring himself coffee blacker than the void] when the fuck did we let the morning people set the world's operating schedule?
magnus: darling, we did it while you were sleeping
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Literally all of The Shadowhunter Chronicle romances are completely unhinged it’s not even funny (I lied, it’s very funny). Here’s just some examples:
William “Will” Herondale/James “Jem” Carstairs + Theresa “Tessa” Gray: It totally would have been a vee type polyamorous situation if it wasn’t for all the death and 1800s London society going on.
Henry Branwell + Charlotte Fairchild: How dare this misogynistic society put us together, I mean, we wanted to get together anyway, but not for those reasons. Welp, time to be as unconventional as possible.
Gabriel Lightwood + Cecily Herondale: Look, you made fun of my sister, it’s only fair that I marry your sister; that’s the rules.
Gideon Lightwood + Sophia “Sophie” Collins: Dad, I have a perfectly valid reason to betray you and go to the other side. What your doing is wrong and – nO tHiS haS nOThiNG to do wiTh tHeIR mAid wHy wOUlD yoU eVEn sAy tHat?
Jesse Blackthorn + Lucie Herondale: Your request to not be brought back to life has been denied, deal with it.
James “Jamie” Herondale + Cordelia Carstairs: He didn’t commit arson we were just having sex – why are you all looking at me like that’s worse?
Anna Lightwood + Ariadne Bridgestock: Listen, there’s a lot of society going on right now, so we’re going to have to get together in secret. Oh, you don’t want to? Okay, never mind, fuck society, let me win you back real quick.
Christopher Lightwood + Grace Cartwright: Oh good, you broke into my house, now we can talk about science.
Thomas Lightwood + Alastair Carstairs: I’d really like to hate you, but I think the biggest problem with that is that I love you. Once I get over that hurdle, I think we’ll be in the clear.
Lucian “Luke” Graymark + Jocelyn Fairchild: Good job on us for breaking away from the genocidal cult run by our best friend/husband; we should hook up, you know, as a reward.
Jonathan “Jace” Herondale + Clarissa “Clary” Fairchild: Ayo the same guy conducted experiments on our blood, that’s crazy; btw so glad we’re not actually siblings.
Alexander “Alec” Lightwood + Magnus Bane: Marrying each other is against the law? Okay, fine, I’m a law biding citizen. Oh oops, I made it legal. I am the law now, and I want a wedding on the beach.
Simon Lovelace + Isabelle Lightwood: It makes sense to have our engagement party on the day of my brother’s death, that’s when we really started bonding.
Helen “Alessa” Blackthorn + Aline Penhallow: Well, I guess we’re going to go in exile together. Yes, I said together; your exile is my exile, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine, that’s how relationships work.
Julian Blackthorn + Emma Carstairs: Yes, it’s a technical war crime to love each other, but the law itself is not really our main concern about it.
Kieran Hunter + Mark “Miach” Blackthorn + Cristina Rosales: We’re really living that cottage core aesthetic, and all we had to do to get here was do a small war and some amnesia. Worth it.
Gwyn ap Nudd + Diana Wrayburn: I’m going to stand by just in case something happens, but it probably won’t, she knows what she’s doing – WHY IS SHE JUMPING OUT THE TENTH STORY WINDOW OH MY GOD WAIT
Tiberius “Ty” Blackthorn + Christopher “Kit” Herondale: We take cosplaying Sherlock and Watson VERY seriously, so of course we needed to go to all the most illegal places, it’s only natural.
Ash Morgenstern + Drusilla “Dru” Blackthorn: So anyway I saw them in a sort of fever dream like state this one time and they’ve still been on my mind for years.
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Thomas freckles;(((( he’s so cute stop
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daily-clace · 2 days
Everyone knew Jace and Clary. That was how it went when you saved the world. They were heroes to most—to Emma they were people who had held her hands during the darkest part of her life.
Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight
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kasirose212 · 3 months
Tumblr media
I used Malec as hand practice again lol
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