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jaubaius · a day ago
How to quiet a crying baby
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tinyurbanwilderness · 2 days ago
Search “do foxes steal shoes” to see the hilarious photos.
It’s an epidemic. 😄
I won’t carelessly leave my drying hiking boots out overnight anymore.
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a-v-j · a day ago
'Nother question for Auto: if your a male skeleton then how are you the mother of Quota? How would you even explain that?
"im the one who carried him. *Shrug* In human standard, that's makes me the "mother ", where as in my species it's called being a carrier parent. We just say "mother" so you, humans, could a get grip on the concept "
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yoyomindloops · 2 days ago
Kinky domination gets destroyed when real life manipulation and abuse step in.
Whether it’s pressuring your dom to do things they don’t feel comfortable doing or a dom using their position of influence to sneak in things they want bypassing consent - scars still get made by the wounds.
Hypnosis can be lots of fun - it takes trust and communication to get the best results. Practice safe hypnosis with your subs and doms.
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k-wame · 9 months ago
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Caio & John
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lets-steal-an-archive · 11 months ago
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David Slack (@slack2thefuture) Tweeted:
Not sure what happened here, but if you work in the industry, a reminder:
Prop guns are guns. Blanks have real gunpowder in them. They can injure or kill — and they have. If you’re ever on a set where prop guns are treated without proper caution and safe handling, walk away.
p.s. They add the muzzle flashes in post now anyway, and they can even cycle the slide and add a shell ejection in VFX. Having live blanks on your set is not worth it. No show or shot is worth risking people's lives.
When I was in college, we were lucky enough to have a teacher who was REALLY good about prop gun safety. He did a demo where he hung a piece of paper from a c-stand and then fired a prop gun BESIDE it, not even pointed at the paper.
But because this prop gun had a plugged barrel, that means all the blast — 1/2 the gunpowder required to propel a bullet beyond the speed of sound — comes out the SIDE of the gun.
It blew a hole in the paper and lit it on fire.
Prop guns are guns. Full stop.
Because there are different types of prop guns, they are all dangerous in different ways. Plugged barrel guns expel the blast sideways. Unplugged guns fire a blast out off the barrel, half the force of a real round without the bullet. But that was enough to kill Jon-Erik Hexum.
And because these are, in many cases, real guns firing blank round with 1/2 or 1/4 load, they tend to jam and misfire. Which means you frequently wind up with an actor or prop master frantically trying to unjam the thing so you can keep shooting. Not a recipe for a safe set.
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update 10/22/2021
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onenicebugperday · 6 months ago
I am begging the media to stop making harmless bugs out to be terrifying monsters in their headlines. I’ve seen Joro spiders all over the news lately with these super scary-sounding headlines. Sometimes the truth is buried somewhere in the article, but how many people just read a headline and move on?
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So let’s get a few things straight...
1. Parachuting or ballooning is a common method of dispersal used by countless species of spiders, primarily when they are spiderlings and very VERY tiny. They’re not flying, they’re sending out a little parachute of silk that gets caught in the wind. This is, among other things, a way to avoid competing with their siblings for resources. Adults don’t do it, so there will not be giant spiders flying through the sky and landing on your head.
2. Joro spiders are non-native, but so far scientists have no proof of detrimental effects to our native ecosystems. Given the scope of their spread so far, it’s likely they’ll become naturalized and be a new fixture in the US.
3. They aren’t “invading.” They were brought here in 2013 from their native habitat in Asia by human activity, and now they’re thriving because our climate is perfect for them.
4. Joro spiders are not dangerous. Bites may be painful, but their venom is not medically significant, meaning even if you were bitten (unlikely), you would most likely not need medical attention unless you developed an infection. 
5. They can get rather big, but we have several native species of spider that are just as large.
6. Joro spiders are orbweavers and prefer weaving their large webs between trees or other vegetation to catch flying prey. They have no reason to come into your house, although they may make webs on or near your home.
Anyway Joro spiders are beautiful let’s admire one
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Photo by supertiger
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internet-schvitzinq · a year ago
Please don’t be surprised when a homeless person doesn’t want to leave their encampment or spot for a cooling center; this is the type of opportunity cops will take to clear out encampments while the owners of the stuff they’re throwing away are in centers trying to survive.
If you really want to give them some peace of mind, offer to rent them a storage locker for a few days so they can rest easy in cooler, less oppressive temps without losing everything they have left.
Source: I was homeless many times.
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animatedtext · 4 months ago
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iloveprettyboysblog · 7 days ago
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Fun Fact: The Kind of Glasses that Bob's Wearing are Called Birth Control Goggles. As in he Looks so Handsome I Just Had to Throw my Birth Control Away 😏🥵🔥
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a-v-j · a day ago
Uhm, Auto, I was playing a game with a friend of mine yesterday and we got curious. how does a male skeleton become known as "mom" to a young skeleton, for example, Quota?
"simple, through SOUL connection. baby skeletons, or at least the avjverse concept of my species, feel a special connection to the birth parent. they can feel who the "mother" is regardless of gender or sex. now if you were talking about what the baby skeletons address their birth parent, well, that depends what the parent teaches them"
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*shrug* "it's already a matter of personal preference"
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livelovecaliforniadreams · 6 days ago
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Tyler On How He Stares Into The Camera On Abbott
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daily-grian · a month ago
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Dying? In hardcore? Noooo, couldn’t be him. You must be thinking of a different bird-themed British Minecraft youtuber-
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gardeningintrests · 3 months ago
Humans are weird : illusion of sound.
I'm pretty sure everyone here has at least experienced hearing sounds that aren't there. like someone calling your name or a distinct sound of your door opening.
now, I'm not sure if animals has this as well but i would assume no because of their prey and predator instinct. they cannot afford to have illusions of sounds because that is where they hear where their predator/prey is.
so lets assume only humans have this. We hear people call our names when they really didn't is like a body reaction when your parents call you and then waits for you to come down only speak.
ngl i hate it very much
so how would aliens react to this?
just a random day where the group of maaktraks got a new human crew member! they were very excited and made loads of preparations for the human!
the human officially joined the crew about a few days ago, but something is off about this human. We have made sure that they have no mentality problems we have to take note of, but it seems like the human will randomly scream a word that apparently according to the human guide book a sign of aggression especially with the tone he uses.
now we don't understand said problem, so we reach out to the captain to address this worrying condition.
"oh? the human seems fine to me, pretty hard working too."
"yes, captain. but it just sometimes the human will make noise of anger ad frustration after yelling the word "what" and its getting very worrying. do you think we need to ask the humans what's wrong?"
"the guide book does say that if we were to speak to the human and address problems is better than being on the sidelines, so i guess i will leave this matter to you."
"yes captain"
during lunch time, the crew voted that i, xinederlk will be the one asking. what a great day.
im terrified, it had only been a few days since the human arrived, we do not know if this human is calm or the aggression type. looking at the frustrated yells, i would assume the aggression type, but the human guidebook said that each and every human is unique and that we do not judge the human by its first appearance.
i approached the human
"hello human Adam?"
"? oh hello there team leader! what brings you here to the human cafeteria?"
"well, me and me crew has something to ask actually."
"oh? is it about the rear engine? don't worry about it, staklorn has fixed it a while ago."
"no no none of that dear human Adam"
"then what's the issue?"
Human Adam seems to be in a much more serious tone now, maybe that proves his professionality in task taking fields. humans are known to multitask after all.
" well, Human Adam sometimes yell the word "what" even when nothing is going on. and the crew and i are worried that there may be something upsetting you or making you say those words with frustration?"
"eh? frustration? you guys can know my feelings upon hearing my tone of voice?"
"that seems to be in our ability"
"man... well to say eh problem isn't actually any of the crew or ships fault."
"then what is causing this frustration?"
"its just that..i grew up in a strict home alright? My parents would call me and then never answer me until i am in front of them. that gets me very frustrated because something that could've been communicated through voice easily now needs to walk down stairs and look my parents in the face before telling me to clean my room."
"so now that I've grown up, my body is toggled to hear said sounds with no response because of the habit of my parents putting it on me since young. so I'm very sorry for the inconvenience"
"too much?"
that day xinederlk learned a lot about strict parenting
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onenicebugperday · a month ago
There are social spiders???? I knew about spiders having symbiotic relationships with other creatures but thought they were pretty antagonistic to each other exclusively
There aren't many! But yes, there are a few that do live in communities. Here are some African social spiders working together to take down a very large wasp:
Tumblr media
RIP to the wasp :( Photo by wynand_uys
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im-a-mint · 9 months ago
my favorite thing about the transformers canon (at least the tfp canon) is that ratchet is good looking. he's pretty. he's attractive. bots have mentioned it before. in S1 ep22 bulkhead says "and more attractive" in response to ratchets behavior under synth-en. in S2 ep18 smokescreen (while looking for what car to scan and pick for his disguise) says, referring to a fairly old model of a human vehicle, "nah, it's more like ratchet. old but pretty" like everyone just agrees this grumpy old medic is hot and i honestly live for that
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