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guilty-feminist · 27 days ago
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zawe-daily · 3 months ago
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Deborah Frances-White insta story - 8/22
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105nt · a year ago
No spoilers today ...
I have de-picoulted my bookshelves and feel better for it. I picked up a couple of tomes by people I am used to consider deeply wrong-headed. Will read to see if they can convert me to the fourth wave/gender identity/silver ring thing.
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Good pickings from a sleepy book-share box, I thought.
I am expecting to enjoy the Shalit a lot more than the Frances-White (but will see). The concept of modesty interests me, although I am not expecting to agree with everything the author says. (I was in two minds whether to take it but then I read this para which I found interesting, and made me want to read a bit more:
... although our ideology can expunge words from our vocabulary, the feelings remain and still cry out for someone to make sense of them ...)
Read a piece in the New York Times about loneliness and isolation, which is a big interest in my workplace as I work with older people who are thought to be disproportionately affected by both.
Can't link as it is behind a paywall, but this is from a description of a survey methodology and I thought it was a good list of questions:
They asked respondents how many people they had in their social circle whom they could depend on to care for them if they fell ill; to lend them money; to talk to them if they had a problem or felt depressed; or to help them find a job.
(Studies Show: We Need to Understand the Difference Between Isolation and Loneliness by Kim Tingley)
That's all ...
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mymomisgonnakillme · 8 days ago
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kookmins-ringfinger · 6 months ago
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I’m so glad the jury saw what we saw and knew JohnnyDepp was innocent. No matter if you are a man or women, always STATE. YOUR. TRUTH!
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kraniumet · 6 months ago
it is kinda bizarre seeing people spout the most basic sounding anti feminist dog whistles on the regular on the open internet again
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gnosishelpinitiative · 6 months ago
We are a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) helping victims of domestic violence and abusive relationship/marriages.
We help victims to be Survivors with our skill and support. We create Awareness on Domestic Violence and Abuse in our community.
Presently we are on a journey across Secondary schools in Lagos state, Nigeria, creating huge awareness on domestic violence and abuse to the youths. Focusing on the Senior students will be a huge target to eradicate #domesticviolence in the nearest future as they are on the verge to enter the world. We have already engaged a few schools and the result is a huge success, believing to spread this gospel across Nigeria.
We want you to help spread the word Domestic Violence and Abuse is wrong, by reporting any form of Abuse to the Authorities.
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skeleton-squid-boy · 3 months ago
I enjoy working and even though many have this idealistic belief that the entertainment industry and studios like Walt Disney are gay friendly. For the most part they are, but that doesn't mean for them that business does not come first. It's a matter of economics. Most of my more notable work in the last two decades has been as a voice actor. Certainly, I've done television appearances, be they recurring or guest roles, and numerous motion picture and documentary stints, but a lot of my income has been derived from voicing Disney and family programming. What they might allow in a more known actor, they prefer not having to deal with in minor players.
- David Ogden Stiers
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feministtalks · a year ago
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guilty-feminist · 4 months ago
UK Politics
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genderabolitionist · a year ago
i feel like a lot of choice feminists hate reading feminist theory because many of them are gen z and cannot stand reading something that does not agree with their own personal philosophy every step of the way, on every page
i remember asking a choicefem as she was about to block me what exactly about mary daly did she have a problem with?
was she not ready for such HEAVY separatist themes? did she agree with alice echols that so named “cultural feminism” wasn’t really the way to go so it just wasn’t her vibe?
she admitted she never made it past the first chapter. she simply went to class the next day and her and her friends joined in and called her professor a TERF for assigning second wave theory (completely missing the part where mary daly herself was a controversial figure in the movement and that even radical feminists criticize some of her body of work, while accepting other facets that are pretty solid…)
she truly believes we’re a monolith. that no second wave writer had anything different to say from the next, and that every single one is transphobic.
i never found out what happened to her professor but i wouldn’t be surprised if she was forced to remove the book and/or got suspended because of her students perpetual and purposeful dedication to ignorance and selfishness
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lesbianladyeboshi · 10 months ago
I'd love any and all recommendations for witchcraft/folk magic and Mythology/lore books authored by women of colour?
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mebbrrr · 6 months ago
was the purpose to show how ppl assume there’s such a thing as feminist lifestyles when there isnt?
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mymomisgonnakillme · 11 days ago
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radiosandrecordings · a year ago
I’m realising that now we might have a bit of a reverse mechanisms scenario on our hands. Where a lot of people will be picking up thirteen storeys as just a normal book with no idea of the author’s other work, and go “oh he has a podcast, I’ll give that a listen” and because the two names on the front are the same they won’t quite... realise. And oh boy what a ride they are about to be in for
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oncillaphoenix · a year ago
some people on here rlly treat having privilege like it’s a moral failing and not a circumstance you’re born into by luck
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