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aphony-cree · 1 day
One day Dean wakes up in heaven and moseys over to the Roadhouse for a breakfast cheeseburger but finds it’s been turned into a frozen yogurt shop
“Damnit,” Dean says “Jack started watching The Good Place”
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shivroyslut · 1 day
cheleanor // good old-fashioned lover boy
for marion’s @toppinghughdancy creator event (day 5), congrats on 1k!!!
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redr1vers · 1 day
insane about the brba/the good place parallels actually. what does it take to be bad versus what does it take to be good. the concept that all humans have an immense underlying capacity to be evil versus the concept that we all can make the choice to be good. eleanor asking why her mom gets to be a good mom for her second kid because “i wanted that mom” vs jesse standing in his estranged parents’ house sadly looking at his brother’s trophies on the walls.
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iheartvelma · 1 day
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lesbiancapybara · 5 months
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sleepy-bebby · 7 months
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ukulelekatie · 30 days
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happy daylight savings to those who observe
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montygreen · 7 months
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shegos · 10 months
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forthegothicheroine · 4 months
The Good Place characters and how fast they’d pick up on Dracula
Eleanor: If Eleanor came to Transylvania on a business trip it was definitely a scam on her part to begin with, so her mental transition would be going from “I am scamming this rich old guy” to “Maybe this rich old guy is scamming me?” She’d figure it out, but the question is whether she’d do so before throwing herself headlong into seduction by the vampire brides.
Chidi: On the one hand, Chidi would be desperately trying not to judge Dracula for different cultural customs and be polite to the point of endangering himself. On the other hand, William Jackson Harper said Chidi would have survived Midsommar because he would have bolted the second things started to get weird, so by that logic he might have just frozen in place when the villagers warned him about the castle, panicked about whether it was worse to break his business promises or offend their cultural customs, and not gotten on the carriage.
Tahani: Tahani wants to make a good impression on aristocracy. Tahani is doomed.
Jason: I actually think Jason would figure out that Dracula was bad news pretty quickly, just not necessarily that he was a vampire. He’d start by going everywhere he wasn’t supposed to, learn this dude is some kind of serial killer kingpin, and then when Dracula says “You can go but there are wolves outside!” Jason would say “Sweet, bro!” and go out and get eaten by wolves.
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serialghost · 8 months
not to be dramatic, but life really is about choosing love despite
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winchesterwhorehouse · 6 months
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Chidi having an existential crisis on top of ten other already existing crisises my beloved
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i-the-ginger · 7 months
The Good Place season one: Haha, what if someone was sent to heaven by accident and had to pretend to be a good person!
The Good Place by the end: Morality cannot be measured in a vacuum. While people should be held accountable for their actions, people are a product of their environment and the results of our actions are often beyond our control. Bad people can improve when they loved and supported. Also, the reality of death is essential to the enjoyment of life.
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transgenderkris · 10 months
ok also michael’s plan to torture them for a thousand years wouldve worked if he’d just paired chidi and jason together and eleanor and tahani together as soul mates. eleanor and tahani.. hoo boy they’re self-explanatory but chidi and jason? chidi would have broken down day 1 from ‘wait my soulmate is a man? im attracted to men? wait is it homophobic of me to be surprised that my soulmate is a man? am i bisexual? am i gay? oh my god is that why none of my girlfriends worked out? did i lead women on bc i was too homophobic to realise my own sexuality? have i been in denial my whole life?’ and jason would have to contend with a beautiful jacked academic begging him for wisdom using words he’s never heard before in his life. and then they (chidi+jason and eleanor+tahani) kiss
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vmeliv · 7 months
May 8
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[Image Description: A meme from The Good Place about Dracula Daily. Jason says: "I know this sounds crazy, but I think Dracula might be a vampire." Michael, incredulous, asks: "Jonathan figured it out?! Jonathan?!" End Image Description]
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isombaird · 8 months
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the mailroom in the good place is stede's house in our flag means death omg the IMPLICATIONS
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