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Waking Up With The Slashers (and friends)
I'm not a morning person but I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and the writers block decided to finally lift so here you go.
Also I changed my order so all characters are listed last name alphabetically. Let me know if this is useful at all?
Jesse Cromeans:
Him being active in the morning is very much dependant on if he was working the day before. His "work" always happens at night so some days he'll be up pretty late and you shouldn't expect to see him concious before noon
If he had a normal day and actually went to bed at a decent hour however, you'll be the one having trouble getting out of bed early. He'll be awake. But he's not letting you go
Mornings are for cuddling. End of discussion. He's not hearing you out despite your arguments. He'll even have breakfast brought to you both if he's feeling particularly lazy that day
Threaten to pee the bed and he might reconsider
Erik Destler:
What's a morning? Seriously tho it's quite easy to lose sense of time while underground. Add to the mix his feverish bouts of musical writing and this man has no more circadian rhythm to speak of. Before you he'd only sleep when he felt tired. Sometimes that would be at the organ, a desk, the coffin...
You'll have to constantly remind him that sleep is important. So whenever you're tired, start dropping hints you want to go to bed. If he's not in the zone on his work, he'll join you. Happy to spend any time or activity that allows closeness and physical contact
So when you awake in the morning, it's a 50/50 chance you'll either see him still asleep, face buried into your neck. Or he'll already be awake, gently running his fingers through your hair and gazing at you with a warm smile on his face
Unless he's got some opera disturbances planned for the day, he's very easy to convince to stay in bed longer. But eventually you'll both get hungry and he'll happily go put the kettle on for some breakfast
Asa Emory: (operating on the assumption of you actually being in a relationship and not his pet here cuz... No nice mornings to be had there)
Similar to Jesse, it depends on the last night's activities. Some days if he's been particularly busy at the hotel, he may not even come home that night so you'll wake up to an empty bed
He's not the most cuddly sleeper so even if he does go to sleep with you that night, you'll often wake up at different times or at the very least, separate sides of the bed
He's not necessarily opposed to you cuddling up to him if he's in a good mood, but he rarely initiates. Even rarer will he stay in bed the next morning to savor your touch. If he's got work, he'll simply pick you arm (or leg) that's draped over him, set it back down, and go get ready for the day. He always wakes up before you
Exceptions to this are also rare BUT if it's a weekend or something, he may wake up and decide he wants to play with you. Sex with Asa is always rough to be sure, but he's a little softer if it's in the morning. You'll wake up with his fingers working you gently, his mouth leaving little bites on your neck and chest. Once you're fully awake, however, get ready for your morning workout
Brahms Heelshire:
Depends on how long you've been with him. If you're still new in the relationship/he's only recently revealed he exists he very much wants you to stick to the rules. Don't try and sleep in, he'll come wake you up pestering you for breakfast. Breakfast he could easily fix himself but you know how he is
If you've been together longer and he's more comfortable with each other, he'll be more lenient on the rules. Actually quite enjoys mornings with you. He'll want to stay in bed holding you for some time until you both get hungry then it's off to the kitchen. Toss up if he actually helps but it's not hard to bribe him with kisses
I feel like he desperately wants a domestic normal life so after you finish cooking he wants to take breakfast somewhere nice. Maybe if it's nice out you can eat in the garden? He eats that shit up
This horndog is also very likely to start getting handsy in the morning. Waking up next to you. Or maybe still inside. It's impossible for him to not start touching you. You'll wake up to him grinding against you and peppering you with kisses, trying to not so subtly wake you up so he can have his fun
Karl Heisenberg:
Another one who forgets what a morning is and has no sleep cycle. He often holes himself up in the belly of his factory, deep below ground. There's no ounce of sunlight that reaches that place. And the way he gets focused on his experiments? He'll be completely oblivious to how many hours he's been down there
Needs and I mean NEEDS you to be his clock. You're gonna have to MAKE him come to bed. If you drop little hints his either gonna say "ok, love" by instinct and have no idea you even said anything, or he'll tell you goodnight with every intention of not going to bed himself.
So if you are successful in dragging him to bed, it's probably the first time he's hit the bed in a 36 hour period and he's gonna fucking snooze. He'll plop himself on top of you and zonk out and that's where you both are gonna be for the next 12 hours
Will never say it outwardly but loves waking up to you. Seeing your face gazing down at him and holding him tightly. He's weak in the knees. He'll pretend to still be sleepy and burrow his face into you more just to hear you giggle and try to reason why you need to get up.
If you manage to slip away he's not against using his powers to wrap a bit of metal around you and drag you back to bed. Often leads to some sweet morning love making
Thomas Hewitt:
Poor baby never gets any rest. Hour works him sun-up to sun-dowm every day. He'd love nothing more than to hurry up and go to bed with you and be able to wake up and enjoy the morning with you. But he hardly ever gets the opportunity
On the very rare occasion he gets a day off, he's so damn happy to do nothing but hold you in his arms in bed. It's all he ever wants to do. Luda Mae probably had something to do with giving you two some time together
He still wakes up early just because his internal clock says so. But he's a-ok with just laying there with you curled into his chest. He'll pet your hair and rub your back as softly as he can, trying not to wake you but unable to stop himself from touching you
When you do wake up and a soft smile blossoms on your face when you blink up at him, he feels his heart skyrocket with love for you and he cuddles you a little tighter. Sighing contentedly while he listens to the birds singing outside
Pyramid Head:
Does he even sleep? It's hard to know considering he has no face. Even if he did, he's such a light sleeper, always on guard to the slightest noise
But he understands you have to rest and will happily relax with you in his lap or curled up beside him. He might not admit it but he doesn't mind an excuse to take a break now and again. He never really let himself do it before you
Silent Hill is an anomaly plain and simple. You aren't even sure if it follows the rules of earth and has day/night cycles. You don't think you've ever seen the sun since you found yourself there. So morning is whenever you wake up
When he feels you begin to stir he'll softly groan his good morning to you. The arm wrapped around your
Michael Myers:
If you thought Asa was bad pftttt...
Man will sleep only on his terms and that's probably less than a human should get for a healthy lifestyle but it's the Shape of Haddonfield so here we are
75% of the time you have the bed to yourself. Both morning and night. He may slip under the covers after you're out and leave before you wake up and you'd be none the wiser
Some days though, he'll want a lazy morning. Like if it's storming outside and he got his thirst for blood sufficiently quenched the night before. Then you just might wake up to him beside you. Will not cuddle you though. May let you cuddle him depending on his mood
Sometimes he'll wake up and see you clutching him in your sleep and a little wave of affection will wash over him. He lays there's staring at your sleeping form until you wake up. Then he'll pretend that wasn't what he was doing and he'll nonverbally bother you for breakfast. Make him pour his own cereal, he doesn't deserve pancakes and bacon
Bo Sinclair:
Tough Bo is surprisingly soft in the mornings. He often goes to bed late and slightly drunk. So waking up is never a high energy process for him. He absolutely can roll out of bed and get to work if he has to, but it's not in his nature by default
He's a handsy man all hours of the day. But the early morning is when you'll get some of the most tender and wholesome contact. While he's still very likely to grab your ass, the way his hand will smooth over the curve of it and up your hip to rub small circles with his thumb is very nice
Loves holding you when he falls asleep. It helps him feel more comfortable about the process. He'd never admit it but he sometimes fights off sleep because he's worried about the nightmares. Holding you is grounding and helps him not be as afraid. So even if you don't hold him back, you'll always wake up snugly against his chest
Is over the moon if you snuggle into him though. He loves seeing you sleeping on his chest, the sun softly shining in the window. He's never shy about staring you down but something about watching over you while you sleep warms his heart. Loves to just lay in the quiet like that for a bit after you wake up too. Then he's ready to go work on making coffee and breakfast with you and start the day. He never thought he'd have such a domestic life but he's not complaining
Morning sex is pretty common though. Either you giving him head, or vise versa. He's down for using that as an alarm. You may wake up with him already lazily thrusting into you. Hard to resist when he shushes you and tells you to go back to sleep like that
Lester Sinclair:
Bless his heart he's so sweet but he's got too much energy. He doesn't wake up too early but he's bright eyed and bushy tailed as soon as he wakes up
He nods off pretty easily in the evening so he's not much of a night owl. It's a good thing he's a heavy sleeper too. Not a requirement to be holding you but has to be touching you in some way. Holding hands, a leg or an arm draped over you. He just needs the contact
Will happily get up and prepare coffee and breakfast to be ready when you wake. If he's feeling particularly soft he'll bring it to you in bed. Loves to talk about any funny dreams you both had and discuss plans for the day
If you aren't an early bird he will really try his best to tome it down for you. But sometimes he just can't help but be a little too loud and talkative before you're ready
He'll happily stay in bed with you for a little bit but it won't be long before he's antsy to get ready and go do something. Special occasions however, he will stay in bed longer and be lazy for you
Vincent Sinclair:
You thought his twin was bad at sleeping, this one's worse. More often a case of losing track of time than actually intending to stay up super late. He gets so involved in his work and it's so dark down there anyway, it's inevitable that he's pulled way more all nighters than he meant to
You have to be his bedtime alarm. Every time. Will never recognize it's time for bed on his own. He might whine if he's involved but unless he's super adamant, fight him on it. He'll be thankful in the end
Loves loves loves being in bed with you. Physical contact isn't something he ever thought he'd crave but since you started being a couple, it's all he wants. And the privacy of a shared room allows for skin to skin contact as well. Both in a sexual and romantic sense, he loves the intimacy of it
Not a morning person at all. Doesn't matter if he slept 12 hours, he's groaning when someone or an alarm tries to wake him. He hits the snooze button a dozen times. Has probably patted your face by instinct when you woke him, turning to look at you in confusion when he can't find the snooze
Once he's actually awake, wastes no time in gracing you with a good morning. Almost always begins worshipping any skin he can. Can and often does lead to sensual morning love making but doesn't have to. He's content to simply kiss over your body and move on to making breakfast with you. Loves cooking breakfast with you too. He thinks it's very romantic
Jason Voorhees:
Zombies don't sleep unfortunately, but that doesn't stop him from cuddling you through the night. He loves you and knows you want to cuddle with him, and he's more than happy to indulge because let's be honest, he wants to touch you all the time anyway
Loves it when you begin to stir in his arms and blink up at him first thing in the morning. Makes his heart melt every time. Add in your cute little yawns and sleepy smiles and that's it. If was wasn't already dead your cuteness would have killed him
Will hold you for as long as you want. Unless some early rising trespasser comes by, nothing is more important than enjoying mornings with you, in his eyes
Also because of the whole zombie thing, he doesn't eat. But again, he loves you, so he'll happily help you with breakfast. If you ask him to he'd even make it all for you, if you'd like
Harry Warden:
Poor man doesn't get the luxury of day/night cycles much anymore. And if you're stuck in the mines with him, neither do you. So morning is whenever you both wake up. He will force you to be on his schedule however. He does his thing until his body tells him to go to bed. And by golly you're going to bed with him too
At first wasnt really keen on sharing the bed with you. Not because he didn't love you or anything, but being in the dark, pressed up against another human body, was a little triggering for him. So sharing the bed involved some baby steps but now, he'll happily hold you as you both slip into unconsciousness
Has night terrors fairly frequently so mornings can be a bit earlier than you'd like. Life with Harry probably involves lots of naps to make up for interrupted nights. Once he's had a night terror he's up. Typically doesn't want to talk about it but sometimes he will want to be held for a bit
A normal morning will involve you slowly waking up to find Harry gone, but the smell of coffee brewing and food cooking tells you he isn't far. He'll wait for you to join him in the kitchen for a bit but if you don't he'll come get you
Actually rather sweet about it. He'll press kisses all over your face, softly repeating your name until you finally stir. Letting you wake up for a moment before telling you breakfast is ready. Not hard to convince him to lay in bed for a little bit however. He won't let you stay there long since he is kind of hungry but he'll indulge you for 15 minutes or so
Don't start any hanky panky unless you're ok with cold coffee and burnt toast. Cuz once Harry starts, he's not stopping until you're both satisfied
If you're on a planet with him, it's a lot less regular sleep cycles. Hunters don't get the luxury of 8 hours of sleep every night. Being on his ship is actually better in that regard because despite no sun to clue you in, he will follow a proper regimen for sleep based on the clock
Regardless of where you are, when it's time for sleep, he'll scoop you up and set you in his lap or he'll pull you to his chest and curl around you like a big cat. He's huge so you'll get lost in his embrace either way
Unless you're on a hunt and need to get going as soon as you wake up, he's surprisingly content with a lazy morning. Some days he might want to do some early morning training or something, but he always makes it up to you by spending time when he gets back
Otherwise he wakes to see your face and he can't control his purring. If you're already awake or not, he can't help but run his claws over your soft skin. Always fascinated be the differences between your species
You're welcome to instigate some morning fun but I warn against it. Unless he's in his mating rut, quickies are off the table. You won't be getting breakfast for at least an hour or more when you're finally finished. He's a blooded hunter. He's the master of patience
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ghost-in-a-flowercrown · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
the severe lack of them in s3 promotional material scares me
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axowut02 · a day ago
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hex-frostbittenfae · a day ago
It's still technically Saturday here so happy Saturday slasher fandom
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What I think slashers smell like Part 1
Michael Myers (OG)
This boy smells like BOD body spray it’s like Axe but on steroids! Like if you’ve smelled axe imagine that but ten times worse. He uses it as a shower in a bottle if he can’t find anywhere to shower or bathe
Tumblr media
RZ and Peepaw Myers
These men both wear old spice religiously! They use all the old spice products! RZ Micheal definitely uses the lilac products and peepaw uses the original
Tumblr media
Billy Lenz
This man smells like piss I’m sorry but you can’t tell me otherwise. It’s either mildew or urine.
Tumblr media
Brahms Heelshire
This wall boy smells like mildew or mold, but not in a bad way like in that old book smell.
Tumblr media
Jason Voorhees
He smells like campfire and it’s so good!!! He also only uses clean products!
Tumblr media
Asa/The collector
I couldn’t find the perfect cologne but I found a lotion. I own the candle that smells like this lotion and i definitely fee like he smells like it
Tumblr media
Part 2 will come soon
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I am mentally throwing chicken nuggies at you in a ball pit (affectionate)
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Hii! Could you make a moodboard for Emporer Belos/The Collector? With things that center around manipulation, distrust and being villians?
for anon !
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what creative mode does to a mf
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the ultimate he/they gamer
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forgot to upload this as well
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may i say. the character design ever
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Season 2
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Collector: Yep I'm mad, but thank you *splats belos against the wall*
Based off this video
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sergeantsporks · 4 months ago
I just think it would be very funny if the collector DOES know how to play tag regularly, CAN play tag regularly, and WAS GOING TO play tag regularly with the other kids but chose to completely obliterate Belos first because that’s what you get for breaking a pinkie swear
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me after king's tide:
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LOVE this character. The Creechur.
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