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sithzuko · a year ago
obi-wan: i don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate or malewife our way out of it this time
anakin: [cracking his knuckles]
anakin: manslaughter it is
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thebaddestofbatches · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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moisesmyles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Wrecker used Lula.
It’s super effective!
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myopicmeerkat · 7 months ago
Ahsoka: So... we have good news and bad news.
Obi-Wan: Bad news first.
Ahsoka: The fire we started in the kitchen is out of control.
Obi-Wan: The WHAT-
Anakin, holding up a perfectly toasted Pop Tart: Wow, you don't even want to hear the good news?
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yourlocalminstrel · a month ago
Dooku: Miss Tano is an entire head shorter than you. What could she possibly do to you?
Ventress: Bite my knees
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nothinglikethesimulations · 11 months ago
Armor Designer: How many antennae do you need?
Tech: Yes.
Tumblr media
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drama-is-my-second-name · 2 months ago
The struggle of being a clone
-Cody, Rex, Echo and Fives about to go to 79's-
*Cody, Echo and Fives arrive at Rex, who is just coming out of his room, all looking at eachother*
Rex: Kriff
Cody: Kriff
Fives: Kriff
Echo: Kriff
*everyone is wearing the same outfit because they didn't talked about what they would wear*
Tumblr media
Just watched this Tiktok and had to think about our beloved clones x'D Masterlist
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thememerman · 2 months ago
Howzer: make every day a Baja Blast cuz it could be your Baja Last amiright
Omega: :D
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suck-a-egg · 9 months ago
Crosshair: Why do you think I don’t like you? I do. I would kill for you. Crosshair: Ask me to kill for you. Echo: ...First of all, calm down-
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trashy-space-princess · 9 months ago
Mace Windu: Look, let me just walk you through a hypothetical. Can I walk you through a hypothetical?
Anakin: What did you do?
Mace Windu: I didn't do anything-
Obi-Wan as Rako Hardeen, freshly broken out of prison: Hello!
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laughingphoenixleader · 11 months ago
Star Wars Characters as Quotes I Collected From A Semester of College
Qui-Gon Jinn: “Why are you not following my completely ridiculous proverbial train of thought?
Yoda: “To younglings, I like to lie. When taking a test, younglings are, say “five minutes left,” I do. Panic they do, and “WIN,” I say.”
Padmé Amidala: “Anakin, did you just say you’re FASCIST?”
Mace Windu: “Have I always been bald? No. It started when I started teaching younglings.”
Anakin Skywalker: “If I don’t make fun of you, I don’t like you.”
Obi-Wan “Done-With-Anakin’s-Nonsense” Kenobi: “I need to find someone who cares less than me…I won’t be able to do that.”
Anakin Skywalker to Ahsoka Tano: “Snips, are you ok?”
Ahsoka Tano: “No, I just SCREAMED”
Kanan Jarrus on being an alcoholic: “Addiction is fun…sometimes.”
Hera: “You’re a good guy!”
Kanan: “Don’t tell anyone! I have a reputation to uphold!”
Hera: “NO”
Ezra Bridger: “I’m not afraid to be a man and say it. I cry. And I cry often.”
Sabine Wren: “You can do lots of things with a permit. Like set fire to things.”
Ezra Bridger: “Can I get a space sword and then lose a space sword just so I can say, “mY spAce swOrd!!!”
Kanan and the Loth Wolves and also Ezra just for fun: “We could start howling at the moon, you know.” *howling*
Grand Admiral Thrawn to Alexsandr Kallus: “Snitches…die.”
Sabine Wren: “ARSON!”
Ezra Bridger: “If I were a fruit, I’d be a blueberry. Blueberries have antioxidants, so I’d never get cancer. Also, I’d never get cancer because I was a fruit.”
Hera after being accused of being a simp because she’s blushing over Kanan: “I’m not a simp, but I am happily married.”
Rebellion leaders asking about Han and Leia: “Where are they?”
That one Rebel who walked past them: Still arguing out in the FREEZING COLD.”
Ezra Bridger: “If I was a drug, I would be a Flintstone vitamin gummy. Drugs are very bad.”
Chopper @ everyone but Hera: “Hey, look, it’s Loser”
Sabine Wren @ Imperials: “Art is going to kill you.”
Kanan @ Chopper: “Are you conversation intolerant?”
Garazeb Orrelios: “Bullying people is my love language.”
Hera: “What’s not stolen?”
Kanan: “MY HEART”
Ezra Bridger: *walks into Imperial facility and an alarm goes off* “I know, I’m a problem.”
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sithzuko · 4 months ago
anakin, waking up: ah, damn, what time is it?
ahsoka: it’s about 3 am, you hungry?
anakin: hell yeah let’s go eat
rex, on the cusp of breaking down: general you just woke up from a coma, why do you two aLWAYS DO THIS-
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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thebaddestofbatches · 2 months ago
Hunter: This place is strange
Crosshair: Thank you Captain Obvious.
Tech: He's only a sergeant. Don't get his hopes up.
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moisesmyles · 7 months ago
Echo: I’m a very mature person, I apologise when I’m wrong.
Fives: I've never heard you apologize
Echo: I am never wrong
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myopicmeerkat · 9 months ago
Anakin: Master, I can explain.
Obi-Wan: Can you?
Anakin: Yes, Master. Provided I am given thirty seconds to think of a lie.
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yourlocalminstrel · a month ago
Anakin: Grass is kinda weird; it's like outdoor carpet.
Ahsoka: Or maybe carpet is just indoor grass.
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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