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curiositymagic · 5 months ago
There’s some good information here and solid science journalism. Kinda bloated and redundant, though, but I say that about most non-fiction. =P
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gendernewtral · a year ago
god chronic illnesses are really just buy one get nine free huh
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gobbluthbutagirl · 12 months ago
growing up is realizing that certain thoughts and ideas that have been rotting & festering in your mind for 18 months are in fact not based in reality or truth at all and are instead mere propaganda created by Big Keto to sell more keto dieters
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homosociallyyours · a year ago
Do you ever just read through the notes of a post and randomly block people whose opinions annoy you? I really recommend it, extremely satisfying
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ladyartemesia · a year ago
Hello, miss Vi! Haven’t talked to you in a while. How have you been? Are you feeling better?
Hello lovely! I am doing well. Just got a bunch of new tests from the doctor telling me that I have to undergo major dietary changes for my health so now I get to be (basically) keto... but not really by choice. 🤷🏻‍♀️ For a woman who is pretty much legally wed to French Fries this is a bit of a nightmare. On the other hand if any one has any good keto recipes please send them my way. Turns out your girl is insulin intolerant. (Sugar tastes so yummy but it wants to hurt me 🥺)
Overall I honestly cannot complain. Keto is kinda EXPENSIVE (and I’m like a teacher so 😵) but there are still many things in my life to be thankful for.
As far as the Covid goes... all of my symptoms are gone except the fatigue but that gets a (very) little bit better every day. I definitely feel like I aged 10 years 😂 I’ll do the laundry and then be like “phew - gotta sit down - catch my breath”
But like I said... it’s better everyday.
How are you 🥰🤗
Tumblr media
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likeabxrdinflight · a year ago
I cannot believe I have to become that pretentious person that’s like “actually I ordered the vegan chocolate chip cookies, and not the keto, can you send the right ones?” but you know here we are and here I am. 
I’m new to this dairy allergy thing
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bigstreamseries · a year ago
Watch "Rich food to improve your health and intellectual power|How to avoid new virus|sadhguru speeches-11" on YouTube
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bioethicists · a year ago
i've stopped believing that, in today's environment, the distinction between eating disorder, disordered eating, and dieting is meaningful. in many cases, the only distinction is that the "eating disorder" carries diet culture to its inevitable conclusion and is considered clinical only because of the intensity with which one acts on these inevitable conclusions.
under diet culture, MANY (perhaps most) people believe that being fat is bad, that it determines your worth as a person, that foods are bad or good depending on arbitrary characteristics, that the body is something to be subjugated to the mind's will, that forced movement and restricted eating are necessary for a "healthy" life. the only thing that distinguishes my "clinical" ed from this is the intensity with which my self-hatred clings to these beliefs and the manner in which i go about it- to be quite honest, i doubt i would even be diagnosed as having an ED if i didn't purge + have a history of "clinical anorexia", because restriction in non-underweight bodies is just seen as normal. there are many online spaces (not "proana" spaces but diet spaces, "self-improvement" spaces) where i could openly discuss the behaviors that once caused me to be forcibly institutionalized and be met with support, agreement, and the notion that i'm not dieting hard enough.
i think to say "these are all just undiagnosed eating disorders" is missing the point entirely here- part of the reason why recovering from an eating disorder is so difficult in our society is because the beliefs that underly it are unquestioned everywhere but the most radical spaces. mainstream treatment for an ed often asks you to eat in a way none of your peers eat, all while trying to convince you that this is "normal" and they are just trying to "normalize" your relationship with food, then you go home to your mother who won't eat xyz food group and your father who counts every carb and your friend who is trying keto for the ninth time. to say that the people who absorb these (almost) universal american ideals and then weaponize them against themselves in an attempt to cope w/ smth are diseased but that individuals who do so in a less "focused" manner are not is just ridiculous.
this isn't to say that eating disorders don't create real, tangible suffering (they rlly rlly rlly do), just that the attempt to draw these bold lines between an "eating disorder" and a "dieter" is an attempt to legitimize harmful beliefs about food and bodies but say "oh, but don't believe any of this TOO much because if you do we will knock you back into line into the acceptable ways of hating your body and starving your soul". chronic dieters have experienced the majority of the suffering i have experienced irt food + my body- they just haven't experienced the medicalization of this suffering (and, perhaps, they have been less self-abusive, but this is NOT always the case- i have met dieters who are far more self-abusive than i have ever been).
we don't need nitpicked clinical distinctions; we need a radical restructuring of our beliefs about food + the body
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mjalti · 13 days ago
Never thought I'd be asking about this but life works in ugly ways. My partner had a stroke and right now it's like he went back to being a baby. I'm taking care of him on my own (sometimes with the help of my sister) because he's got no real family. I remember you explained your dad's situation once and talked about not encouraging helplessness and instead giving him tasks to complete and stuff and I was wondering if you had any advice as to how to do that? And how to know he's ready?
hi; I'm so sorry to hear that.
I can share with you what my experience with my father was but obviously adjust it for your situation.
The first thing I did was research the best foods to give him ,which eventually led me to the ketogenic diet. I honestly think this was crucial in my father's recovery. A high sugar diet will encourage him to sleep [think of yourself after thanksgiving or a big meal; are you ready to do math work or take a nap?] I used this bc his brain is going to be inclined towards sleep already [recovery mode]; and you'll want him to be as energetic as possible when he is awake.
STICK TO A ROUTINE: for people after a stroke, previous tasks will be very confusing. stick to an easy schedule. morning everyday is breakfast at [your time], lunch at [specific time], dinner at [specific time].
There is this phenomena called learned helplessness in which a person who is capable of a task will not do it bc the people around them do it; in turn the muscles "atrophy". So if you want him to recover, you have to think about things oriented to his independence. See how capable he is of eating his own meals, putting on his own shoes, etc. When my father was returned to us, he was in what is known as a "vegetable" state. So 100% dependent. By the end of year 2 he was almost ~90% independent. The first things we did were writing/reading tasks. You always want him to know his address/your info, in case he leaves the house and has no way of getting home. So keep a card in his wallet explaining the situation "MY NAME IS [X], I HAD A STROKE [DATE], IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE CONTACT MY CARETAKER [your name] AT [phone number]. IF YOU ARE THE POLICE, MY ADDRESS IS [address]. He needs to be able to perform on the MMSE; he needs to be able to independently offer his name, location, time, among other things. Practice with a clock.
Exercise was crucial to my father's recovery. I cannot speak highly enough of yoga and walking. Yoga ended up giving almost his FULL range of motion back, and walking strengthened his feet.
My father was a [lets say carpenter] by trade so we got him toys like these at Walmart, because muscle memory is extremely powerful and will prompt him back to "life". One thing my father loved was a specific type of song. He lost his ability to speak [multiple intubations etc], but for a person to speak again [or try!] they have to WANT it; so we played his favorite songs on loop quietly throughout the house or on headphones with him specifically and eventually he started trying to sing along [very very hoarsely at first!].
You need to be able to give him tasks and see how much he can accomplish. He seems like a baby now; he is, his brain is "learning". But he will JUMP to age 4, age 8, age 15, age 20 etc. within the range of the year.
Get reusable bed pads [he will probably wet the bed] and mattress protectors, and reusable diapers. Keep a diaper bag on you of essentials [I kept first aid kits, water bottles, keto snacks, medicines, printed list of medications and doctors [in case there were emergencies and we had to end up in the ER bc my father's case was very very precarious], and extra changes of clothes, diapers, wipes,]
Give him small tasks at a time. The first things my father could accomplish was raising his hands and feet on command [im sure you saw the doctors and nurses in the near ICU doing that with him too]. Practice that every day, several times a day. raising the arms, knees, bending the legs, being able to catch a small beach ball, etc. Little, little things, enough to keep him moving and increase his range of mobility. Once he did that, we would help him out of bed [for my dad, getting out of bed independently came MUCH later], and see how many steps he could walk. We would use a belt-like harness to help him walk. At first, it was a few steps. Then a lap around the room. Then a lap around the house. Then a few laps around the house; then once around the block. over the course of ~1.5 months with daily practice. Once he is able to do that, you can focus on giving him self-care tasks. Using a washrag to give himself a "bath" [wet the towel with some soap and he is able to clean his body while sitting on the couch], combing his own hair, brushing his own teeth, eventually being able to toilet himself.
Look into adult daycares or rehabilitation centers around you. They will help set a schedule for you.
On top of all of this. You will NEED to come up with a plan for YOURSELF. caregiver burnout is very real, and you will feel so many more emotions in the coming year. If you are in a position to, PLEASE get a therapist in the moment and set up your therapy days. I promise you, in hindsight, it will be the best gift you give yourself.
it took my father about 2 years to be able to be alert and oriented, truly, and independent almost fully. My father was also like 58 years old. Age is a factor to consider when recovery is in question.
Talk to his doctors and nurses about additional resources for you and him. I don't know when he was caught having the stroke, or how much time passed after he was found, because "time is brain" and thus each person in recovery is in a different, nuanced position but your nurses and doctors will know his case best.
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stupendouschaosbasement · a year ago
Advantage Keto Burn Reviews
Potential Side Effects & Risks of Keto Burn Advantage
 The science behind ketosis is well documented and is taken into account overwhelmingly safe for many individuals with a couple of exceptions. this is often why Keto Burn Advantage is one among the safest weight loss supplements currently on the market.
 In fact, there are few reports of any side effects, even normal side effects like nausea, indigestion, and headache. There are only a couple of reported cases of those side effects and that they are typically very minor and only temporary.
 In general, Keto Advantage Keto Burn is tolerated alright with none risk of minor side effects or major adverse reactions. confine mind that this product is merely meant for adults over the age of 18. it's not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers also since the potential side effects are unknown.
 While Keto Advantage is overwhelmingly safe, there's the slight risk for developing a symbol of ketosis referred to as the keto flu. this is often not exclusive to Keto Burn Advantage and is standard amongst any keto product or if you merely follow the keto diet.
 The keto flu may be a group of symptoms like tiredness, nausea, muscle weakness, irritability, and similar symptoms as once you have the flu. This typically develops between 24 and 72 hours after you enter ketosis.
 It is often very temporary and typically only lasts each day approximately . It can develop just because the body hasn’t adequately began to produce enough ketone bodies to fuel your body after running out of glucose. It also can occur due to the depletion of important electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, or potassium. this is often why Keto Advantage Burn contains both calcium and magnesium to lower the danger of developing the keto flu.
 Overall, you'll feel very safe while taking Keto Advantage Keto Burn and about going keto. If for any reason you are doing not desire it's safe for you to undertake this product, or are unsure if it's going to interfere with a medicine you would possibly be taking, then you ought to consult a medical doctor before buying the merchandise . He or she should be ready to assist you and tell you if the supplement is safe for you to undertake .
 Is Keto Burn Advantage Right for You?
Keto Burn Advantage can help virtually anybody reduce , but it's proven to assist adults that fit specific categories even more. If you fit one among these categories, then you’ll find the supplement especially useful:
 You got to lose an outsized amount of weight: Entering ketosis isn’t really recommended or necessary for adults who only need to lose five or ten pounds. Instead, ketosis is supposed for those that got to lose twenty, thirty, or maybe forty or more pounds. If you would like to lose an outsized amount of weight, you’ll find Keto Advantage especially useful.
 You’ve hit a weight loss plateau: Since Keto Burn Advantage forces your body to start out burning fat for fuel, it can assist you break through a weight loss plateau you’ve recently hit or are within the midst of hitting.
 People Also Read: Top Keto Weight Loss Diet Pills
 You don’t have time to spend hours during a gym: While exercise is extremely important for both your weight loss and overall health, you'll not have time to spend hours during a gym. Keto Burn Advantage can take a touch pressure off of you and help carry the load so you'll still reduce without overworking yourself at the gym.
 Even if you don’t fit these categories, Keto Advantage Keto Burn should be right for you. It’s helped tens of thousands of individuals of all backgrounds get healthier and slimmer, and if you order it today, it’ll assist you too.
 Keep in mind, so as to ascertain future results, you’ll still got to follow a coffee carb diet so as to remain in ketosis. If you begin consuming large amounts of carbohydrates, your body will revert to using glucose rather than fat for energy, regardless if you employ it or the other keto supplement. Once you reach your weight loss goal, you'll reintroduce carbohydrates to your diet once more .
 Advantages of Keto Advantage Keto Burn
 While there are many weight loss supplements on the market, Keto Burn is arguably amongst the simplest currently available. If you’re still undecided why Keto Burn Advantage could be the proper supplement for you to assist you reduce , then consider the following:
 It uses a science-backed approach to weight loss: Ketosis may be a proven science that has helped many people reduce and obtain healthier. It uses the science of ketosis to reinforce your weight loss results and to assist you reach your weight loss goals faster.
 Its’ ingredients are overwhelmingly safe: Too many weight loss supplements believe stimulants like caffeine so as to assist you achieve your weight loss goals. The supplement only contains three ketone salts proven to be safe so as to assist you see long-term weight loss success. That’s why there are not any additives, fillers, artificial ingredients, stimulants, or anything added – only proven, safe ingredients.
 Thousands of satisfied customers: There are already thousands of satisfied customers that have already seen real results and shared them with the planet . If you would like real, noticeable weight loss results, then the supplement is that the right product for you.
 Every order comes with a 60-day a refund guarantee: Most weight loss products only offer you a couple of weeks or a month before their a refund guarantee runs out. Keto Burn Advantage offers a 60-day a refund guarantee on all order to offer you many time to undertake the merchandise .
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ladyartemesia · a year ago
If you use Instagram check out sixvegansisters and plantbasedonabudget. A lot of their recipes are Keto friendly (or can easily be substituted) and I don’t find them as intimidating lol
THANK YOU SO MUCH ANON OH MY GOSH. I am crying into my memories of bread and fries. This is really so helpful! 🥰
Tumblr media
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timemachineyeah · a month ago
What are your thoughts/what studies have you read on bariatric surgery? My pcp proposed bariatric or even weight loss pills on me which was very surprising as every pcp I've had before never had a problem with my weight, one even dissuaded me from doing keto. It was very surprising, and annoying, especially because I have MS which bariatric can exacerbate or even *cause* MS in people.
I haven't been actively following the clinical research for this topic for ages, and I've got other stuff going on so I'm not gonna go down a research hole right now. So take all of this with a massive grain of salt, especially because I won't be providing sources, and because there may have more research recently.
But I will say that my impressions from when I did research this stuff all the time were that bariatric surgery has an alarmingly high failure and complication rate, and while there's some evidence that it can produce long-term weight loss for some people, there's basically none that it produces long term health benefits. And plenty of indicators that even for the people who are happy with the surgery and lose weight and don't suffer too much from complications, that their health outcomes over time will at best be the same and at worst be, well, worse.
For people who conflate weight loss with health, the surgery seems well worth the risks. Despite, y'know, the number of people who have died or suffered permanent chronic complications. Which is, I will say again, a lot of people. And despite the number of people who even after surgery still gain the weight back or don't lose it in the first place. Like, even weight loss surgery is often unsuccessful at producing meaningful weight loss a lot of the time.
But, it does statistically generate more long-lasting weight loss than dieting. That's it. Not better health outcomes, not guaranteed weight loss, but slightly more weight loss than dieting.
I'm not one to say never about anything, because I don't deal in absolutes and my shitty contrarian brain always scrambles to invent an extreme case or exception.
But I think bariatric and similar surgeries - ones where they go "look at this healthy stomach, let's fuck it up to permanently change this person's ability to eat" - are basically never appropriate healthcare. I feel like that should be obvious, actually, and in a medical community with any sense, the barriers to justify such an invasive and potentially dangerous surgery would be set much higher than going, "well, but the patient is fat". I think that they exist and are so widely available with so little screening is one of the biggest indicators of how truly unhinged and harmful our current medical view of fat is.
Especially when you consider the number of people who are denied other really medically necessary life-saving or at mobility-saving surgeries on the basis of it being "too dangerous" to operate on their fat bodies, when they could get approval in ten seconds to get a much more invasive surgery to amputate their healthy and working digestive system. I have even heard stories of people directly being denied one surgery by their doctor on the basis of "risk", only to immediately be recommended bariatric surgery as a potential solution. With no awareness of the hypocrisy.
As for your case, I'm horrified by your doctor's recommendation. It feels incredibly irresponsible. My aunt died from MS, and it's likely my chronic illness has the same root cause as MS (MS is now confirmed to be a post-viral illness from Epstein-Barr virus, and increasing evidence is indication that CFS/ME might also be caused by Epstein-Barr). I know there are different forms of MS, but I know with my aunt it would flare and progress and then go into a kind of remission, but now with a slightly worse baseline than before the flare. Doing ANY surgery seems like an incredibly good way to trigger a flare and I can't imagine being willing to do that for anything less than incredibly urgent need.
Again. Not a doctor. Haven't actively researched this in ages. You'll notice I didn't link any sources. But just from my own brain, I think your doctor sucks.
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mostlysignssomeportents · a year ago
Green investing is a fraud
Tumblr media
The pandemic showed us just how slow the global ruling class to move through the stages of grief, often getting stuck in denial ("this isn't happening") and bargaining ("can't I just reopen one teensy little giant Tesla factory, pretty please?").
The climate emergency is a sterling example of how "market forces" are incompatible with the continued existence of a human-habitable Earth.
Cons like "carbon offsets" are trivially corruptible and instantly become "markets for lemons," where the least effective climate measures produce the most profitable (and therefore most common) carbon credits, driving out all the good ones.
Market-based climate measures are where Gresham's Law ("bad money drives out good") meets greenwashing. Every promising financial vehicle designed to harness markets to save our species becomes a scam.
Take "Environmental, Social, and Governance" (ESG) funds, pitched as a way to save for retirement without annihilating the planet you're planning to retire on.
These were once so promising that they panicked the finance sector, so much so that the world's carbon barons convinced Trump to propose a law making it illegal to direct your investment dollars into an ESG.
It didn't happen, because Trump is administratively incompetent and easily distracted. But carbon criminals are very competent and good at staying on-task. Rather than banning ESGs, they simply corrupted them, turning them into another form of greenwashing.
Writing in USA Today, Tariq Fancy calls ESGs "marketing hype, PR spin and disingenuous promises from the investment community" - and he should know, he founded and ran the ESG program at Blackrock, the worlds largest asset manager.
The ESGs you're sold are stuffed full of the world's worst polluters, from fast fashion companies to (not making this up) giant oil companies. *Oil companies*!
ESGs are blowing up, with sales nearly doubling over the past year.
The SEC's new Climate and ESG Task Force" will "proactively identify ESG-related misconduct." If history is any guide, it will fail. The most profitable green investment strategy will always be investing in polluters while pretending otherwise.
As Fancy writes, the solution to the climate emergency isn't asking the public or business to do capitalism differently. As with the pandemic, the answer is regulatory, coming from democratically accountable states, not the autocratic satrapies of the corporate world.
"In response to the pandemic, we’ve learned that only top-down government action, such as forcing the closure of high-risk venues and mandating masks indoors, makes a real difference. A 'free market' will not correct itself or fix the problem by its own accord."
The consumer movement was born at a time when competition made companies sensitive to things like boycotts. Consumerists realized that they could skip the tedious, unreliable legislative process (where corporations could always outspend them) and hit companies where it hurt.
That's not the case any more and it hasn't been for decades. While consumerists were focused on market pressure, corporations successfully lobbied for new antitrust standards that allowed them to eliminate competition through monopolistic mergers.
Once companies eliminated competition, boycotts stopped working. Every time I post about Amazon's abuses, someone tweets that we should just spend our money better, voting with our dollars. Which sounds great, until you realize that every tweet generates revenue for Amazon.
By definition, you can't shop your way out of a monopoly. If you don't believe me, hit your local grocery aisle, where two companies - Unilever and Procter and Gamble - are responsible for nearly every product on sale.
The "cruelty free" brand is made by the same company as the "maximum cruelty" brand. The "organic" brand is made by the same company as the "Oops! All Additives" brand. The "low packaging" brand is made by the same company as the "padded with spotted owl feathers" brand.
When Procter and Gamble buys up some beloved local organic babyfood brand or a scrappy keto meal startup, they trumpet the acquisition as "giving consumers more choice."
If Procter and Gamble does something you hate - marketing caged-veal smoothies or whatever - and you protest by buying the "plant-based" I-can't-believe-it's-not-veal smoothie, chances are, you're still buying a P&G product (and if not, it's probably Unilever's).
Corporate America was once very afraid of consumer movements, but it's been decades since boycotts or other spending choices were capable of effecting real change. It's time to stop thinking of ourselves as ambulatory wallets whose only way of acting is spending.
Structural change comes not from how market actors behave, but how markets are structured. The rules for markets matter more than the decisions we make under those rules. Our consumer power is irrelevant, but our citizen power is essential.
The path to a better future lays through state action, through leaning on your lawmaker (and agitating for electoral and campaign reforms), not through endless agonizing over your joke of a 401k or the things you put in your shopping basket.
Image: Cristian Ibarra Santillan (modified) https://www.flickr.com/photos/cristian_ibarra_santillan/49595214931/
CC BY: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
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the-fandom-abyss · 11 months ago
Madre Linda
Love Quinn x Reader
Genre: Fluff ♡
Word Count: 694 words
A/N: Season 3 inspired me to write for Love Quinn, it left me feeling sorry for her but enraged by her at the same time. To me that’s a sign of great writing.
Tumblr media
The town irked you, the sound of eggshells cracking followed your footsteps. Something was unbalanced in Madre Linda and it seemed it was only you who noticed. That, or they all blissfully ignored it as they worked through their daily routines. The unsettling feeling it gave you began to bubble over, one keto meal away from exploding. All it took was for Sherry to plant a perfectly timed insult for you to come undone.
The front door slammed as you entered your suburban home. The bang caught Love by surprise, dropping her kitchen utensils. She was quick to take off her apron and walk towards the noise that disturbed her. She expected the wind to have blown it shut or for a bird to have flown to close to the porch. What she didn’t expect was to see you, pacing the floor of the living room. The way your body moved and the look on your face, she could read you like an open book. She waited for your impending outburst, prepared to piece the puzzle together. Sensing her presence, it wasn’t long before you began to speak.
"What are we fucking doing in Madre Linda?" The question was spoken with such venom, it caught Love off guard. She wasn’t used to this behaviour nor this amount of rage.
It startled her enough that all she could think to say was, “we live here". Even for her, she knew that was not the right way to respond. The glare she received was confirmation.
"And I am yet to understand why" Love interpreted your words as an accusation, she felt hurt at the thought there could be ulterior motives.
"I don't know what you mean"
"This place is fucked” you yelled, blissfully ignoring the nosy neighbours in your street. “Nothing is sacred, everyone knows something about someone, they eat rabbit food and to top it off, we live next door to a bloody tech guru. Who I'm sure peaks into everyone's security footage as a hobby" You made it a point to emphasise the household in question, just in case there were hidden cameras. After your outburst, you let out a deflated sigh. Love didn’t deserve your wrath, she has been your light at the end of the tunnel, channeling your anger, you took a deep breath and changed your volume.
“Madre Linda is the definition of suburban filth. Fake personalities, void of life, so much so that it sucks you dry” Love could see how tired you were, how stagnant your lives had become. She was self aware and yet she couldn’t stop herself from slipping into her old ways. She heard your desperate plea and her mind twisted it to you wanting to leave her.
“So what you’re saying is you want to leave our family?” She couldn’t deny the hurt in her voice, people were known to leave her without a second thought. She just never pegged you to be that type. Her questions made you stop in your tracks, you never considered how your words would effect her. You slowly approached her, gently placing your hands on her hips. A reassuring smile on your lips and love in your eyes.
“Hell no, I want us to pack our shit and leave before this town swallows us whole” The definition of a normal life wasn’t worth it to Love, unless you were both happy. She didn’t work this hard for a family for some blood sucking town to take it all away. “We are not like them Love, we never will be. I don’t think I ever want to be. Please, we need to leave.” That’s all it took for Love to make up her mind. She was going to safely move her family far away from this place and never look back.
“We can do this together” she agreed with a smile to match your own. In this moment, it was the happiest you have been since you parked your car in the driveway. Hopefully this could be a second fresh start for your family. It’s all you both ever wanted and you were both known for getting what you wanted.
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bakutenmayhem · 5 months ago
The Neoborgs and their diet
Sergei: Healthiest of the gang. Daily multivitamin and morning green smoothie. Can cook pretty much anything if he has a recipe. Gets his vegetables from a local market. Doesn't eat pork due to a bad case of food poisoning years ago. Says bread is his favourite food because "it's so versatile."
Yuriy: Not much of a foodie, but loves hearty, homemade dishes like soups or stews. Has learned to cook very young, doesn't remember when. Doesn’t like milk and dairy products in general. Tea drinker. Skips meals if he's stressed.
Ivan: Eats the same meals almost every day, as he finds it comforting. Starts his day with two cups of extra-strong black coffee. Dislikes many food items based on texture only, like berries or oatmeal, don't ask him why. Soft drinks and chips are his guilty pleasures.
Bryan: Has a sweet tooth, loves cakes and cookies. Has tried keto and most fad diets just out of curiosity. Drinks alcohol often (duh), alone or socially, even if by socially you mean with just Ivan. Loves anything pickled and can eat an entire jar of pickled veggies all by himself.
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zebra-vixen · a month ago
Today went okay. I had 1 and a half focalin again and spent most of my energy giving myself an undercut again, showering, cleaning the hair up in the bathroom, and eventually making dinner. I made a stir fry with salmon and some gluten free general Tao stir fry sauce that I had in the fridge and radishes and snow peas my bf had left over from a different recipe along with the pad tai noodles we had gotten for me specifically for that other recipe because were had some left over and they are a kind of fresh item that could theoretically go bad. We didn’t ends up going to the Asian food market like we planned, he wants to save money for now because he has car maintenance that needs to be done soon and he plans on telling them to only do the scheduled stuff but it will still be like 200$. I need a similar amount for my credit card to maybe raise my credit limit but he won’t have that, I’m debating asking my parents for it I can also use the credit for food then, they are still COVID quarantine and we are starting to run low on the easy stuff at least, but I feel bad about asking.
Pains around a 6.5, fatigue is around a 6.5 I’d say. I did the hair cut, shower, brushed my teeth/hair and made dinner but otherwise rested in bed mainly and that’s probably the reason I was able to do even that much. I guess I fed the cats too. Otherwise I was watching season 3 of evil in bed and occasionally vaping trying to ignore the burning on my left side. I cut my nails, browsed Facebook, played my solitaire game. The bf was kind of depressed so I was briefly outside in the car dressed to run errands, which was okay because I had already biofreezed before he got home in case he wanted to go to the Asian food mart but he was too sad to, so instead we went to cvs and stopped to get cat food at the convenience store near by and I didn’t even need to leave the car, which meant I had the energy to spare to make dinner. I also made myself a keto mug cake for dessert but it came out more of a soupy mess than an actual confectionery, I think I like the coconut flour recipe I had been using better than the almond flour. I thought about making something that would sustain me multiple nights of snacking but quickly realized my spoons were too low for such a task and even making the mug cake was a bit much but i soldiered on so I could satiate my sweet tooth for the night at least. I attempted to make some radish chips in the air fryer while I finished dinner to see if it would work okay because we have a decent amount of radishes currently, airfryer didn’t work but tomorrow I may try deep frying to see if I have better luck. I mate wasting produce but with limited energy we often end up wasting at least some on it. That’s why I often opt for frozen veggies instead of fresh unless we are eating them raw.
Oh me and the bf had sex again this morning so that’s pretty cool. Our sexlife hasn’t been too active in awhile so that’s been nice, it wasn’t something either of us were happy to not be doing frequently. I also marinated after because I think the lyrica makes having full on orgasms harder for me without clitoral stimulation and sex was fun but it didn’t get me there, so I came like 3 times at least later, probably took me at least 15 minutes though when it normally takes like 5. That was actually what I did to try and wake me up and get showering end doing stuff, think it was around 10ish. Sex was probably around 6ish in the morning. I can’t remember if I made him a sandwich for breakfast today or yesterday, probably yesterday because I remember he invited me to shower with him if I wanted after sex but I chose to have my coffee and go back to bed instead. I didn’t eat anything today Until dinner I don’t think so I dinner, then the mug cake, and some pickles, and I think that’s it honestly. No nachos today, in-fact I avoided dairy even and most sugar, though the chocolate chips in the mug cake and the stir fry sauce probably had some sugar hopefully a low enough amount that I won’t experience too many negative symptoms though I have a pain low in my belly currently but I’m not sure what that is, google news is I have new pills I can take for stomach cramping and diarrhea if need be. An ibs drug that is the gothest pill I’ve ever seen in a little black and blue capsule. Probably don’t need it tonight though being I have a full body muscle relaxer I can take once I finish journaling. The new med is apparently basically a muscle relaxer for just the gi tract, which I guess is cool for when I have diarrhea but still need the other for constipation I guess, I’m going to say my ibs is mixed honestly so makes sense. I could try that other drug for ibs with constipation if I don’t plan on going out for a few days at least to give it a real try, last time the only thing that happened was tons of foul smelling gas and that was it, I’m curious if the gas would a bait at some point and maybe that would be a useful thing after all, might give it a decent try.
I’m still waiting for insurance to approve either my Pepcid or a protein pump inhibitor medication that he prescribed so hopefully they would cover one of them, I’m still partial to Pepcid because I like that it’s an h2 blocker and I have enough allergies I think they are part of the problem, the other one may be useful but idk if it will be as useful but for some reason insurance won’t just cover the Pepcid, i can still get it over the coil yet but I mean I’m poor and insurance is supposed to cover over the counter drugs that I’m prescribed, that’s his they get away with not having a card for over the counter expenses you may b have. Allergies were about the same. Hs is still flared, most of the ones I mentioned are already calming down but it seems like each time one does another one or two pop up new and angry. I keep thinking I should take photos incase insurance tries to deny the humira but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
Okay that’s all I can think of to mention and I’m getting quite tired so m it’s time for valium and bed I believe, though I’m so tired I’m tempted to skip the valium just to make sure I’m giving it the current l correct amount of credit for lowering my pain levels but honestly I know it will be crappy and I don’t want to deal with that currently.
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