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JUYEON for Prada Fine Jewelry
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★ . 🪡﹒ᰱ ◌ can we stay like this forever? 𐧶 ❈
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won't let anyone forget about this look
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꒰ ˀˀ ↷ the boyz: random”♡ᵎ ꒱
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official_theboyz: 📸🫶🏻 have a wonderful day-! :)
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you’re my lover
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1. go on a blind date.
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A/N : its startinggg!!
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WE_THE_BOYZ: 📸🎞🫶🏻 좋은 하루 보내세요!
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𓂀 ‧₊˚ 。 Eu a deixei escapar...
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Soltei suas suaves mãos.
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⋆⁺₊⋆ ♡̷̷̷ ⋆⁺₊⋆
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happy sangyeon day!! <3 96.11.04 to celebrate, gifs of the only piece of content i haven’t giffed before due to... health concerns
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a little TMI between friends
summary: sunwoo breaks reader’s brain with a little unexpected overshare, but then he takes the initiative to fix it – so really, everyone is a winner here
pairing: sunwoo x f!reader 
word count: ~3.9k
genre: smut, friends to lovers
contains: adult content (this is 18+ folks), humor, teasing, petnames, dirty talk, unprotected!sex, creampie, fingering
prompt: “Not to make things weird, but I thought about you when I came last night.”
this one's for @biaswreckingfics because she humors me and I just love her, okay?
Tumblr media
It probably wouldn’t have taken you quite as by surprise if you and Sunwoo hadn’t been just sitting there on the riverfront, eating ice cream cones, of all things. But you were enjoying what you thought was a perfectly innocent afternoon sweets break with your friend. Your obviously very attractive friend, but a friend nonetheless – and not the kind with benefits. 
So when you caught him staring at your mouth, mid-lick at your ice cream, you didn’t think that much of it. You laughed. “What?” When he didn’t look away, you brought the hand not holding your cone up to your lips, wiping at them. “Do I have ice cream on my face or something?”
Which was when Sunwoo turned your world upside down, finally lifting his gaze from your ice cream to your eyes.
“Not to make things weird, but I thought about you when I came last night.”
He just. Blurted that out.
And thank God it was ice cream you were eating and you’d already swallowed because otherwise, you definitely would have choked. “I’m – I’m sorry, what?” 
Smirking, he reached up to brush your hand aside and replace it with his own, his thumb wiping the melted white liquid that yes, was there from the corner of your mouth and bringing it to his own. You stared, dumbstruck, and suddenly feeling a little warm, when he sucked the digit into his mouth. 
His eyes flashed with mischief, having caught the way your breath hitched and your pupils dilated. “I thought about you when I came last night,” he repeated. Lifting an arm to rest against the back of the bench behind you, he turned his attention to the river and resumed licking his ice cream. 
Okay, so the good news was you hadn’t hallucinated what he’d said. 
The less good news was that you were rendered speechless because your brain happily volunteered to fill in the blanks. It was playing a mental image of Sunwoo lying in bed, his hand wrapped around his cock, stroking, thumb gathering pre-come from the head and coating himself with – your gaze zeroed in on his hands and you squirmed. Sunwoo with his head thrown back, eyes squeezed shut and his breath coming in sharp pants, while he moaned your name – now you turned your attention to his mouth, riveted by the sight of his tongue taking long licks of his ice cream. Your mental imaginings then shifted to what that tongue would feel like licking you and those hands holding your thighs open for him. 
What. The. Actual. Fuck. 
Forcing your unruly eyes shut (because that was the only way you could stop staring at him and being jealous of ice cream, for God’s sake), you swallowed back the nervous laugh threatening to bubble up. “I’m, um, not sure what you want me to do with that information? You’re welcome?” 
Sunwoo chuckled, sending you a wicked grin. “What do you want to do with that information?”
“I – I want to bleach my brain. Sunwoo, honey, what you do in the privacy of your room is – I mean, it’s totally up to you and it’s okay, it’s great! But, uh, I don’t think –” you rambled and rambled. Clearly flustered, you shifted restlessly on the bench, trying to ignore the warmth in your cheeks, rapidly spreading down and across your chest. 
“Liar,” he tutted and leaned into you like he was going to tell the most illicit secret. “Like you’ve never thought about me in the moment – you have my permission, by the way. Feel free to get as creative as you’d like.” 
Could a person choke on their own words? Like literally? Or maybe their tongue? Because you didn’t have anything else in your mouth at that moment, but the noise you made was some kind of a choked something. It took you several tries for your lips to start working again and a whole lot of effort to pretend his whispered words didn’t go straight to your core and that your oh-so-helpful brain wasn’t acting up again. 
“How generous! I’ll make sure there are lots of bindings, then.” You narrowed your eyes and pursed your lips, gaze dropping to his mouth. “Maybe a gag, actually.” 
Sunwoo winked at you and stood, then held his hand out to you. “That’s my girl! Come on; I’ll drop you off back at home on my way to the studio.” 
You took his hand and let him pull you up, shaking your head at his antics, still baffled by the turn of events but also happy to let it go. 
Certain you could and would let it go. 
If only that were true. 
You were going to kill him. 
You just were. It had been a week – a whole week – and every day and night during that week you’d had visions of naked Sunwoo in your head. It didn’t even matter where you were at the time. 
Have a moment of downtime at work? Check! Your imagination decided that was the perfect time to picture him bending you over your desk and pounding into you from behind. 
Lunch with a friend? Absolutely. Could I interest you in a daydream about Sunwoo drizzling the chocolate sauce you’d had with dessert over your body and licking it off? 
Date? That was just too easy. Why not think about Sunwoo dragging you to the restroom, pushing you against the door, and fucking you into oblivion? That particular fantasy was extra fun because your brain decided to add on the cocky, knowing smile he got sometimes as imaginary Sunwoo sent you back out to your date with his come dripping down your legs. 
Trying to sleep? Hah! It wasn’t visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, but visions of him lying in his own bed and getting himself off to the thought of you. Honestly, you had all but given up getting actual rest this week. 
By the time Friday night rolled around, you were pretty sure you would spontaneously orgasm if someone looked at you the wrong way. Because like hell would you give in and actually masturbate to these stupid fantasies. You just knew he would see it written all over your damned face. Suffice it to say, you had never been more sexually frustrated and you were starting to snap at people.
So yeah. You were going to kill him. 
Which was exactly what you told him at 12:02 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning when you texted him after flopping around uncomfortably in bed for the last several hours, sliding under the covers then flinging them off of you, and repeat. Ad nauseum.
You: I’m going to kill you, just so you know.
Sunny-Boy: What? Why? What did I do?
You: Don’t play innocent with me, mister. You know exactly what you did.
Those three dots appeared. Disappeared. Appeared again. 
Sunny-Boy: Do I? I’ve done lots of things, so you may need to elaborate.
You: Ha. Ha.
You: You broke my brain! There’s not enough bleach in the world to fix it and I think I’m starting to go loopy from lack of sleep. :( 
Needing to do something – anything – other than lie there in a state of perpetual horniness, you dropped your phone onto the other pillow and went to splash water on your face. This was ridiculous. You were a grown-ass woman. A woman with a healthy sense of her sexuality and a robust – well, all right, so you hadn’t had sex with someone else in like a year, but you certainly weren’t hurting for orgasms. And yet, here you were. Pandora’s Box had been opened and the damned thing wouldn’t let you shut it again, no matter how hard you tried. 
The sound of your doorbell ringing reached you and your brows furrowed in confusion. Flipping the lights off, you exited the bathroom and glanced over at the clock on your nightstand. 12:20 AM. You turned your gaze toward the front door, silently debating on whether to answer, or whether it was someone who’d had a little too much to drink ringing the wrong doorbell. 
Curiosity won out, though, when the doorbell rang again. 
Your eyes widened when you opened the door to find Sunwoo standing there – or more accurately, lounging there – bracing himself against the door frame with a hand on either side, and giving you a look laced with knowing, with capital ‘T’ Trouble. “Sunwoo, what…” you started, words trailing off as you really let yourself look at him, from his grey sweats to his black hoodie (that you were like 80% sure he wasn’t wearing anything underneath, based on the skin you saw peeking out where it wasn’t fully zipped), to the smirk he wore. 
The smirk he wore. Goddamn it. You tore your gaze from his lips, still curved in that self-satisfied way, and brought it up to meet his. 
“I broke your brain, huh?” 
Your brain chose that moment to really focus on what you might find if you were to – very helpfully, of course – just unzip his hoodie the rest of the way. What? Fuck. No. You were going to kill him, not sleep with him. 
You nodded, stepping back and pulling the door all the way open, gesturing for him to enter. “Yes? But did you seriously come all the way over here to ask me that, you weirdo?”
“Nah. That was just me confirming something,” he said as he walked in and closed the door behind him. He leaned back against it and let his eyes sweep over you, something about which you could almost feel, especially when his gaze lingered on your breasts, nipples pebbling from the cold (definitely the cold), and the short hem of the t-shirt you wore to bed that night. 
Yeah, if you didn’t end up sleeping with him, you were going to get yourself a medal. Something big and gaudy and – 
“I actually figured that if I broke you, I should be the one to fix you.” His voice was a purr, the vibrations of which you absolutely felt in your cunt, which chose that moment to clench. 
Oh, fuck it. “You really should.”
Sunwoo pushed off the wall, then, walking toward you until he entered your space, reaching up and tucking your hair behind your ear. “You gonna let me, beautiful? Say the word and I will.”
“Sunwoo, if your annoyingly pretty lips aren’t on mine in the next thr– mmph.” It took him less than two seconds for his hand to slide around your head to catch the hair at your nape and his mouth to cover yours, lips brushing against yours, tongue sweeping out to taste the seam of your lips and silently urging you to part them.
A request you were more than happy to oblige because his lips felt as soft as they looked and you’d been wanting this for…far longer than you would admit. You looped your arms around his shoulders and leaned your weight into him, breath catching in the back of your throat at the heat and solidity of him. Yes, okay. You knew he worked out and had seen the man at the pool but feeling him pressed against you, from sternum to thigh, was something else entirely. 
The hand not in your hair came to rest at your waist, drawing your hips together, and the moan he let out into your mouth sent a bolt of pure, unadulterated lust straight to your center. He drew back enough to meet your gaze and the fire burning in his left you weak in the knees. 
The hunger in your own eyes pulled a curse from him and he was bending down to grab you by the back of your thighs, voice having dropped an octave as he instructed you, “Up,” lifting while you jumped and helping to guide your legs around his hips. 
You both cursed then, at the press of his cock, already hard and straining against his sweats, into the wet heat between your thighs. 
“B-Bed,” you gasped, squirming against him. “Now – now.” You loosened your hold on his shoulders just enough to let yourself drop a bit, his grip tightening and lifting you back up giving you the perfect kind of friction right where you needed it. 
“Fuck,” he groaned. “Yeah, okay.” His hands moved to squeeze your ass, holding you in place and grinding himself into you long enough to pull a whimper from you, before he was carrying you to your room and dropping you onto your bed. 
Sunwoo stared down at you while he unzipped his hoodie and slipped his arms out of it, tossing it to the side. You watched, eagerly taking in the sight of every inch of skin he bared for you, pressing your thighs together and fisting the duvet in your hands. He was unfairly beautiful, standing over you, chest rising and falling rapidly and palming himself through his sweats, lower lip caught between his teeth and tongue darting out to wet it. 
“Been thinking about me that much this week?” 
His next out breath was a laugh and then his hands were on your knees, pushing your legs apart so he could kneel between them on the bed. “I guess I really did break you, didn’t I, baby?” He brought a hand to rest by your shoulder, the other sliding up your leg and bringing your sleep shirt up with it, focus shifting between your eyes and the skin he was uncovering. His gaze was molten once your panties came into view.
Swallowing hard, you let out a shaky breath and nodded, parting your thighs farther, giving him the space to press closer. “Yeah. Kept thinking about –” You gasped again when his fingers drifted to trace a line up your slit, panties sliding easily against your folds with how wet you were. “Thinking about this, thinking about you, God, Sunwoo, please.”
“Good,” he said, dropping down to brace his weight on his forearm, and suddenly you could feel his breath on your face. Feel the way it hitched and hear the rasp in his voice when he slipped the cotton off of you and his fingers returned to stroke your cunt, teasing at your entrance then moving to rub against your clit. “Fuck, you’re wet. Been wanting to feel you like this since we met,” he admitted your hips jerked up into his touch. “Soaked for me, so damn hot.”
Stupid. He was stupid. You were stupid. Whatever. You were both idiots. Just –
“Y-You're touching me now, just – just don’t stop,” you demanded, fisting a hand in his hair and tugging his face down so you could kiss him. Lips and tongues slipping against each other, sharing breath, while his fingers slid around and around your clit, each rotation ratcheting the tension within you tighter. 
You whined when he moved his fingers, lips already open to complain, but then he replaced them with his thumb while he slid those fingers into your pussy, curled them, and started a steady thrusting, tearing a cry from you when they found your front wall. “Oh, f-f-fuck, please, Sunwoo, please,” you whimpered, you mewled, you gasped. 
“I’ve got you, beautiful,” he crooned. “Just like that. So pretty, taking my fingers. Can’t wait for you to take my cock.”
A whole body shiver went through you then and your gaze locked to his, a breath away from shattering. “God, I want – I want.”
“Come around my fingers and I’ll give you what you want, baby.” He groaned, nipping at your lower lip, then tracing a line along your jaw to nip at your earlobe and whisper against your ear. “What we both want. I’ll fuck you like we’ve both been desperate for since I told you I got myself off thinking about you.”
Your orgasm crashed into you then, visions of your fantasies over the past seven days, of him with his hand wrapped around the cock you still hadn’t seen, hadn’t touched, but so fucking would, the sight of him now, so close, his own need written plainly on his face, his fingers – his fingers – him. Your pussy pulsed around those fingers while your body trembled beneath him.
Shit, you were gorgeous, coming apart for him. Sunwoo clenched his jaw, willing himself to wait until you came down from your orgasm. To not just shove his sweats down and fuck himself into you right then and there. Instead, he ground his hips down into the bed beneath him, trying to take in every minute change in your expression. 
Once your shaking stopped and your eyes fluttered back open, you caught and kept his gaze while your palms came to rest against his chest. Your fingertips teased at his nipples and then slid down his torso to slip beneath the waistband of his pants, and you bit at your bottom lip when you realized he wasn’t wearing anything under them. You paused there, toying with the fabric and letting the back of your fingers brush against his lower abdomen. 
He groaned, hand coming up to the other side of you, forearm mirroring the other, holding himself over you while he dropped his hips and pressed his dick into your cunt, letting the heat from you sink into him and teasing you in turn with a slow thrust.
Screw it. You could play games next time.
You stopped teasing, instead taking hold of his sweats and carefully pushing them down his hips, shoving at them with your feet once your arms couldn’t reach any further, too impatient to draw this out any longer. 
It seemed like Sunwoo had the same idea because he was kicking them the rest of the way off and in the next moment, his cock was slipping through your folds, coating himself in your arousal and groaning your name against your lips. 
But he wasn’t inside you yet and that wasn’t okay. 
Your hand came down to wrap around him, stroking along the length of his dick, rubbing the head against your clit, and sliding it down to press against your entrance. His hips jerked instinctively, his tip dipping inside you, and you nearly saw stars at the stretch of your opening around him. 
You whimpered, tilting your pelvis up, an invitation – a plea – for more, for deeper. “Thought – thought you said – said you’d fuck me –” You sucked in a sharp breath. “You gonna t-tease me all night or what?” 
“Keep mouthing off –” he said in a breathy laugh, pressing the rest of the way inside you before drawing his hips back and snapping them forward again. “I just might.” 
Except he didn’t and you couldn’t. 
His lips covered yours again, tongue slipping inside to tangle with yours, while he started a slow rhythm with his hips. Feeling and letting you feel every inch of him as he pressed forward, every catch of his cock at the entrance to your pussy on each pull back. 
Sunwoo moaned, thrusting forward, deep, and pelvis grinding into your clit, shaking with the force of holding himself back. “Fuck, baby, you feel – so fucking tight,” he hissed into the kiss, teeth gently biting at your lower lip, and fingers finding purchase in your hair. 
He pressed his forehead to yours, gasping down at you, staring up at him with those intoxicating eyes. Let himself revel in the fact that he was inside you and it was his name you were panting, it was him you were clinging to and begging. So damn pretty. So fucking gorgeous in your need.
“God, you just – harder, please,” you whined, nails scratching at his back hard enough you both knew he’d be wearing your marks tomorrow. “Faster. I just need you to – S-Sunwoo…” 
“You need me to – fuck – take you hard, huh?” Sunwoo released your hair to squeeze your waist, willing himself not to come right then and there, high on how much you wanted him after a goddamn year of wanting you and having to watch you be oblivious. 
“Mmm.” He pulled out and you whimpered, but then he was guiding you onto your hands and knees, bent over you with his hands covering yours, lacing your fingers together. He gently nipped at the crook of your neck, sucking a mark into the delicate skin beneath your ear. “I’ll give you what you need, baby. Gonna take you like you’re mine, yeah?” With that, he was thrusting back into your cunt, burying his cock into you to the base, and your vision went black at the sound of his skin slapping against yours. 
What were words? 
You needed to reply to that. 
Needed to tell him that yes, exactly that, wanna be yours and maybe you did. Probably did because Sunwoo let out what sounded like a growl in the back of his throat and his front was no longer pressed to your back because he was upright, his hands gripping your hips hard enough to bruise, while he fucked his dick into you, thrusts harsh and fast, leaving your head spinning and your body on high alert, pushing back into him with each thrust.
Your arms felt like liquid, wobbly and useless, but you didn’t fall on your face – he was too quick for that, drawing you up against him, your back flush to his chest, and – “Oh, fuck, there, Sunwoo,” you said on a gasp, the angle allowing him to hit in just the right spot, and you were putty in his arms. Dropping your head to rest on his shoulder, your fingers finding and lacing through his at your waist. 
His free hand came up to cradle the back of your head, fisting in your hair and turning your face for his kiss, voice a low rumble against your lips. “C’mon, beautiful. Looked so pretty when you came around my fingers earlier… let me feel that needy pussy come on my cock.”  
You did. 
With one last snap of his hips, you came apart, your whole body quivering, pulsing around him, his name falling breathlessly from your lips again and again. Sunwoo cursed, the hand on your waist squeezing while he pumped himself into you half a dozen more times and then he was holding you tightly to him, his other arm wrapped around your torso while he spilled himself inside you, filling your cunt with his come. 
Sunwoo gasped your name, pressing kisses to your nape, your jaw, your shoulder, any place he could reach, while he held you through the aftermath and aftershocks from your orgasms. He gently guided you onto your back and beneath the covers once you both regained your breath, and slid an arm around you when you curled up against his side. 
“I think you may have broken me in a different way this time,” you said into his chest, lips forming a pout. 
“What? How?” He genuinely sounded worried as he turned to look at you, concern marring his brow. “Did I hurt you?”
Leaning up, you pressed a kiss to his lips, then smiled against them. “No, you goober. I’m just definitely not gonna be able to think of you as just a friend after this. You’ve ruined m–” your words broke off on a gasp as Sunwoo rolled you onto your back and leaned over you, grinning down at you. 
“So what you’re saying is my evil plan worked?” he teased, eyes lit with warmth, tender and affectionate. 
You arched an eyebrow, but brought a hand up to softly stroke against the skin of his cheek, mirth in your gaze. “You planned this?”
He scoffed, expression playful. “You think I accidentally told you I got off thinking about you?”
“I – Did you actually masturbate to thoughts of me?”
“More times than I can count, beautiful.”
Your response was to roll on top of him and crash your lips into his.
Round Two, anyone?
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your lips, my lips, apocalypse. . .
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