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naomiknight-17 · 9 days
I really want to be playing minecraft tbh but
Tumblr media
There is a Tim-slug on my lap
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pangur-and-grim · 1 year
buddy you gotta clean up your attitude if you want to be adopted
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herrdoktorworm · 4 months
The existence of body-positive TERFS still drives me insane, like... how are you even here? How are you going to claim people aren't defined by their bodies and then turn around and say trans women aren't women because of theirs? Can you hear yourself talk? Did your echo chamber go silent or did you just stop listening?
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oasisofgalaxies · 1 month
ok ok ok so. here me out. that final shot right? transitioned from the camera feed of chases cell to a first person POV. That POV crawled from the camera right? down and into a third person shot eventually to anti.
anyways what im saying is. IRIS was complaining about a hacker in the system right? placing us in the role of a hacker? and we could see thru the cameras? that anti crawled out of?
so. what if we. yknow. as he used to say. what if we just let him in.
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hadeantaiga · 4 months
incoming terf nonsense:
Tumblr media
Yeah, well, duh. Saying "gender is a construct" and acknowledging it's a cultural creation doesn't mean we want to abolish it, which is why there's no abolishing happening. Being trans is not being a gender abolitionist, and those things aren't synonyms. Why would OP assume that???
And also, just the inanity of "omg ur using the word gender to talk about gender" like... are you mad at Black people who talk about racism?? Do you get made at Black people who talk about "racial profiling" and whatnot??? Like, we have to use the word to talk about it.
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medusas-daughter · 1 month
Hotd, episode 9 "the green council"
So many thoughts
First of all I had chills the entire episode. As team black I went in fully expecting to hate it and boy was I wrong. This episode is a masterpiece.
- How many people exactly is Crispin allowed to kill before he suffers consequences?
- Lord Commander Harrold Westerling showing us what true honor is. And honestly, he might as well have removed his cloak, nobody respects his authority, they allowed his knight to draw a sword on him. They don't deserve him.
-I can't believe I'm about to say this, and it is the last time I ever will, but they should have given Aegon what he wanted. Man wanted to disappear, let him. "I'm not suited" if anything, he's self aware.
- Crispin's "women are the image of mother and should be spoken of with reverence" like he wasn't calling Rhaenyra a cunt like 3 weeks ago is peak comedy.
- I did not expect Aemond to explicitly admit he wanted to the crown, and I wonder what kind of king he would have been. Also, this is for me the big difference between team green and team black. Team black love each other unconditionally and fully support one another even behind closed doors. Team Green barely like each other.
- Did Princess Rhaenys just serve us the best line of this entire season "you wish not to be free but to build a window in your prison". Rhaenys just called Alicent a pick me, and I stan.
- I was wrong, the best line goes to Mysaria with "there is no power but what the people allow you to take".
- Ser Erryk said "nope, imma sit this one out, not worth my sweat" and I respect that.
-Alicent finally standing up to her father is slightly satisfying, but it's too little too late, barely registers.
- Aegon being given Blackfyre to carry when he can't even swing a sword is such a waste.
- Larys having a foot fetish is not even 1% surprising.
- "do you love me?" "you imbecile" is the funniest line of this episode.
- Helaena hiding her face in Aemond's shoulder after Aegon was crowned does things to me. Aemond seems to be the only she's comforted by. And the fear in her face when Aegon looked at her, she knows what kind of king he will be.
- speaking of, Alicent, if you wanted your son not to rule with cruelty, you should have taught him that years ago. Slapping him and telling him again and again that he is a challenge simply by breathing and existing. And then expecting him to let his challenger keep breathing? Of course he's not gonna let Rhaenyra live.
- Rhaenys escaping on Meleys wearing full armor was so powerful and satisfying, and Meleys is so beautiful and Rhaenys's armor fitting Meleys's colors, I just love them both so much. But besides the visuals and the bad bitch moment, I'm not actually sure how I feel about this scene, because Rhaenys could have stopped the entire dance with one fire breath. One Dracarys and team black would have been safe. There were no children there, only traitors. She could have taken out all of team green and ended the dance before it began.
- Ewan Mitchell is getting a lot of (well deserved) praise for his portrayal of Aemond. But I would like to take a moment to praise Tom Glynn-Carney as Aegon. He managed to bring a depth and dimension to such a disgusting and icky character and the shift in his eyes when people started cheering for him. The despair when he was begging Aemond to let him disappear. The insecurity when he asked Alicent if she loved him. He played him marvelously.
- Olivia Cooke proved once again how good of an actress she is. Zero notes, 10/10. The resignated disgust during the scene with Larys. The conflict when they discussed murdering Rhaenyra. The fear when Meleys threatened her children. Impeccable.
- Finally, give Ramin Djawadi all of the awards, all of them. My expectations for the soundtrack were already so high after game of thrones, and he still exceeded them.
I will be back with more thoughts when I'm done processing
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justsasuke · 1 month
this is a nonsensical brainfart post but how crazy is it that Konoha got really disturbed over the fact that Sasuke killed Orochimaru, The Very Wanted Criminal. Isn't it weird that they thought Sasuke was going off the deep end because he one off'd someone who was definitely on the ANBU hit list, had been evading them for years, and also invaded the village 3 years prior? And then they decided that this incident was a good enough reason to send a huge retrieval squad after him. And sure, I am fully aware they were worried about what he was going to do next and that he may be planning to do something criminal. Except if you think about it all he was doing was going after another wanted criminal so I really don't see the problem there...except said criminal was Itachi who Knew Things but it's not like Tsunade knew he knew so But anyway, they send an entire squad after him for what, hmm? To bring him to justice for taking someone who was on their hit list out first? Were they trying to catch Sasuke to give him the reward money?? Honestly instead of being upset they should've been proud of Sasuke for playing the long game, for being smarter than all of them put together when he was 12 (because remember, he's been planning to take down Orochimaru from the beginning), managing to get rid of one of the LEGENDARY SANIN and tbh they should've made him an ANBU or something idc. But no, when Sasuke goes after wanted criminals he's "on the bad path" and "losing his way" but when Naruto or Shikamaru do it it's chill? I mean I get Konoha operates on double standard but 👀 👀
So then it starts to feel like Sasuke getting rid of Orochimaru was actually a bad thing for them....like maybe if we delve a little deeper we'll discover another of Konoha's Dark SecretsTM where Orochimaru's existence is a thorn Konoha's side, yes, abut also somehow beneficial? Like a weird symbiotic relationship. Maybe his existence and experimenting and capturing potential nuisances is actually helping the system? etc. etc. who even knows. anyway yeah. this isn't super sensical because it's a half-baked thought and it's honestly kind of a joke because there's just a lot to unpack surrounding Konoha and the way they treated Sasuke and the political stuff surrounding him leaving to go live with a criminal etc. etc., and I know I'm over simplifying a lot of the facts but I had this thought at 3 a.m. and it needed to be said 🤷
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proship-hibiki · 2 months
11) is there a fandom that ever made you think “how are there antis in this fandom, why are they even into this”?
oh man. let’s see
- Homestuck (canon incest, minors talking about sex, etc.)
- UT/DR (toby fox is very obviously a proshipper)
- Worm (now i’m not really into the top problematic ship for this fandom, but this canon DOES a have canon incestuous abusive/non-con relationship)
- Danganronpa (need i say more than 3 seperate incest couples with canonical or semi-canonical status, also minor death often)
- there are more... my brain just fell off after thinking of them
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every-dayiwakeup · 4 months
No because you're so right and you should say it. Billy was not a bully, and if that's what he was trying to be then he was doing a shit job at it because Billy's bullying tactics in season 2 are lame as fuck. Calling a guy pretty boy? Patting him on the back and telling him to plan his feet? What the fuck, how is that bullying?
Billy gets called a slur, and has flirted with Steve... how is that homophobic?
I'm convinced viewers have brains the size of fucking salt. Everything he does has a reason behind it. He genuinely doesn't seem to care much about really being "the king". Imo he's a TEENAGE BOY. He's acting out for attention, and he can get away with shit that Neil would never let slide.
Public high schools are filled with Billy Hargroves. Middle schools, too.
The way the Duffers wrote him, made the whole racist narrative up for interpretation. Like... wtf? THESE ARE YOUR CHARACTERS.
What people choose not to understand (you know what they're just stupid) is that Billy gets punished for whatever Max does. Imo Billy is justified in being angry. The abuse escalates because Max causes trouble for him. With Neil around they could never be real siblings.
The moment the duffers brought in serious social issues like racism and abuse, they were never going to expand on it. For them it is only an aesthetic. This is a Sci fic show that is just a bunch of 80s references sewn together- and shittily I might add.
Billy was never as bad as they wanted him to be- and that was because of Dacre, for sure.
I love how people are realizing the duffers are shitty writers NOW. But when it's to do with Billy, it's "the characters fault", not the writers?
But characters like Steve are treated like fucking angels? Even if Billy was racist, he was still a kid. People change. Apply the whole "Steve became less of a homophobic dick" to Billy. Or just... do one better... and shut the fuck up 😊I
Tumblr media
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immabitqueer · 1 year
I don't know what cis woman needs to hear this, but your just as bad as any misogynist if you exclude trans women from women's spaces or call trans men your "lost sisters". Trying to exclude trans women based on there birth sex? Sound like you're reducing being a woman to ones genitals, isn't that what we've spent for decades trying to stop cis men from doing? And trans men are not women who have betrayed their femininity they are men who were born in the wrong body. Us transmen being men does not make us evil nor does it make us inherently misogynistic.
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naomiknight-17 · 2 months
Spent my morning chasing and wrangling cats because we're having duct cleaning done today and the workers have to be in almost every room of the house, and we don't want anyone getting stepped on or escaping
Leon was the first, and a good sweet little boy who let me just pick him up and give him kisses and gently nudge him into his carrier
Tiny Tim, however, knew what was up after I contained his brother. I spoke softly to him and picked him up gently and he immediately tried to bite me. I switched to a modified football carry so he couldn't nip my hands, and brought him to the carrier. Shockingly, once I put his front half in, he walked in the rest of the way.
I was worried about containing Billi the Belligerent, for she is a 19lb behemoth made of fur and spite. She was lounging in a sunbeam on the top floor. Incredibly, she was so melted and relaxed by the sunshine that I was able to push and prod her into the carrier with only a minimum of hissing and grumbling!
She was super pissed of course
Tumblr media
Lastly, Pekoe.
If you follow my blogs closely, you may have seen me refer to her as Cryptid Cat, because she is so shy and fearful (ESPECIALLY of me, for some reason) that I hardly ever see her, and when I do, it's usually just an orange blur
Tumblr media
She was hiding under Mom's couch, pushed against the back wall where I had no chance of reaching her. I pulled out the couch. She started to flee along the wall - but this is what I wanted. I knew she would run upstairs, where the only open rooms were the media/gaming room and the bathroom, each with minimal hiding places
Not only did she run up there as predicted, she made herself easy to find by SCREAMING HER LUNGS OUT in the nice echo-y bathroom. She acts like I'm the Predator or something.
I went up there and put the carrier in front of her. She considered jumping in the bathtub, but reconsidered and looked at the carrier, then looked at me, blocking the doorway
She chose the carrier. All I had to do was tuck in her tail and close the door. Her terror of me is sometimes useful.
So now Tim and Leon are in their carriers on my bed downstairs, and Billi and Pekoe are upstairs with Mom in her office while she's working, and I'm on the main floor awaiting the duct cleaners.
I'm already exhausted
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pangur-and-grim · 1 year
the Anti-Worm is getting more friendly each day!
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amorcitoeddie · 5 months
I will never be able to wrap my head around Shannon leaving her son and just never facetiming???? Never calling????? Not even a single text message????? Even an email????? NOTHING??????
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constantvariations · 6 months
Ngl I'm legit terrified of what Waititi might have done to Jane Foster. If his idea of a strong female character is exclusively "violent, beautiful women" (Valkryie, Topaz, and Hela) I genuinely fear for the wildly intelligent and delightfully selfish spitfire that is Jane
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supermaks · 7 months
Tumblr media
Screaming. look at the pic
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hadeantaiga · 5 months
CW: incoming radfem nonsense:
Tumblr media
This just in, consensual sex is... dehumanizing?
Also, if you don't know how sex works, just say that.
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