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blue-baby-icicle-odinson · a year ago
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gaygh0stt · a year ago
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bifrostedgalaxy · 7 months ago
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Loki finally getting the full gay comic cover treatment
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alexjcrowley · a year ago
I don't know who cares about this, but I really want to point something out of this second episode.
The Pompeii scene, more precisely, Loki speaking Latin.
The serie is fully of perfectly crafted details and, being a latin student, I wanted to talk about this.
The latin you hear Loki speaking is historically correct, and I am not talking about the grammar, but the pronunciation.
There are two pronunciations of the latin language: the classic, also known "restituta", and the ecclesiastic.
The ecclesiastic pronunciation is so called because it bloomed from the spreading of Christianity, it's considered the traditional pronunciation and it's usually the one they teach you in school, so the most common, but it's not the one used by Romans.
Romans talked with the classic or "restituta" pronunciation, which presents differences reguarding some specific consonants or group of letters.
The most common example is that the name "Cicero", which you would read in the ecclesiastic pronunciation with a "c" that sounds like an "s", was pronounced by Romans as "Kikero".
Or, for example, the letter "v" was always pronounced as "u".
And I am telling you this because Loki, in the serie, speaks with a "restituta" or classic pronunciation, that is historically correct.
You might overlook this, saying he should speak every language in the world due go the Allspeak or All-Tongue, but we are shown in the scene of the Gobi desert it's not like that.
So, the fact that Loki actually knows Latin and the correct Latin pronunciation from the era he was in, as a latin student, really makes me happy.
I would like to thank whoever cured this detail, because they did a marvelous job.
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worstloki · 4 months ago
people fr are like "do you expect Loki to always be in armour? 🤨" and I'm here to answer that Yes! Yes I do! In fight situations, at the very least! Take a look at Thor! Take a look at Loki in Thor 1! Or either of them in Avengers 1! Or even - dare I say - Thor 2! Loki's got LOTS of outfits, switching pieces between them and across scenes, even. He goes through the most outfit changes, and they were all cool and detailed and suited to the situations! Even when not armour! So Yes! I either expect him to reflect such bombardment of clothing in the series as well (within bounds of what is reasonable) or armour when he's fighting. Or at the very least for him to be wearing some green.
#'why is it BROWN' 'omg you can't just ask why it's brown...' 'ok. why is he working with the timeline brainwashing genocide fascists?' 'um'#the Loki show#is the mcu for real like we're not going to put loki in his signature colours in a show with his name on it#what kind of clownery#my dude he was in green when he was in a cell on asgard#he got away from thanos in green - albeit hastily modified and a bit worn down - armour#bestie he didn't don a single horned helm in the entire season#my guy that is not loki if he cannot summon a new outfit even when the exact topic is broached in a conversation#my friends please consider that he has inexplicably not been able to get a single dagger of his own to himself in the show#his magic looks like goop and is used twice maybe three times in the series#he calls enchanting an amateur thing and then 3 episodes later needs to be taught by Sylvie and struggles#WHAT IS GOING ON#Thor 1 is shaking in Loki's custom made baby seal leather boots rn#L-Loki can't even do mag-- I can't say it 🤢#THOR has recently done more actual proper magic than Loki#my goodness the lad can't even fight well#what happened to his ridiculously accurate dagger aim and the whole mastery of magic and whatnot#AND THEN THEY ALSO WON'T LET HIM HAVE DECENT CLOTHES?#im losing it#are we sure this is Loki? as in LOKI Loki?#''do you expect Loki to always be in armour'' NO BUT IT WOULD BE NICE FOR HIM TO RESEMBLE THE CHARACTER#don't tell me it's Loki being out of his element he did that in Thor 1 Avengers 1 Thor 2 Thor 3 and Infinity War already#don't tell me they needed to strip him down to build him back up. Thor went through that in Thor 1 and it was respectful#it's not even that it's office wear that bothers me it's that it's BORING office it's unsuited to the character#his whole thing is breaking boxes what do you mean he's worn grey and brown the entire show#Wanda got a glow up and Sam got a glowup and Kate and Clint got new fits#man... Loki got a glow down#and that's saying a LOT since he started the series at the end of Avengers 1 after Thanos and getting beat by the Hulk/Avengers#if Loki being a good guy means everyone keeps calling him evil and he's gotta dress down and get beat up constantly... let him be a bad guy#he's literally got nothing to lose here but a shirt that will expose every blood vessel in his abdomen if attacked with 1 glass of water
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phoenixwwitch · 7 months ago
today i am once again reminded that taika should have directed the loki show because loki would have been confirmed bisexual and genderfluid within the first 8 seconds of episode 1
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ikol-cosplay · a year ago
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How I imagine Loki reacted to the flamey sword 😂
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eithniel · 4 months ago
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「Hair / Yearning」- for the sylki kisses collab  happy sylki kiss anniversary!!
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biximagyins · a year ago
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We’re getting more fanfiction, right?
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heckinzeem · a year ago
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i'm agent mobius, by the way
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latent-thoughts · 4 months ago
Do you think the character of Loki has become more of a caricature/parody with every subsequent movie/series?
Also, that Tom Hiddleston looks very unconvincing as Loki in the series?
*Waves* Hi there!
To answer your questions, yes and yes.
Loki's character got major damage shift from Ragnarok onwards. Which is why I consider the 2011-2013 era Loki to be the original Loki. Ragnarok onwards he has indeed been twisted into something clownish and unrecognisable. In fact, the major changes that Ragnarok made to the franchise' characters paved the way for their subsequent annihilation -- Loki in the series and Thor in L&T.
The Loki of the series is nothing like the og Loki. I admit that there were glimpses sometimes, and they had given me hope up till episode 2 - half of 3. But none after that. After that the series just gave psychic damage after psychic damage, until I spiralled into a depressive episode. (Watching the complete destruction of your favourite character can do that to you. 😔)
Tom Hiddleston, who I used to love and respect a lot, seems to have completely given up on playing Loki. He neither acts like him nor does his body language show any Loki'ness of the 2011-13 era. It saddens me greatly, but that's how it is now. He's making questionable acting choices, over-emoting, not to mention, playing Loki like a lovesick, attention craving bouncy puppy (or as my sister stated very eloquently after that pathetic finale--"He's playing Loki like a fuckboi simp." ).
Idk what happened, but yeah, Tom isn't at all convincing as Loki now. This Loki is a joke compared to 2011-13 era Loki.
Honestly, it hurts to see it happening 😭. I miss the Tom who used to care, the Tom who made a scrapbook for this role, the Tom of subtle, nuanced acting, the Tom who made acting choices that added depth to the character. I don't know what went wrong, but something definitely went wrong there. Not that we'll get to know. I can only hope that he does something good with that day paycheck. 🤷‍♀️
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gaygh0stt · a year ago
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if i had a nickel for every time i shipped a dark-haired chaotic goth genderfluid snake with a sort of uptight light-haired guy who wears a lot of brown tones, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice
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bifrostedgalaxy · a month ago
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Been a while since I’ve drawn Loki ( aka Frosty )
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okoyes · a year ago
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THE LOKI SHOW | Glorious Purpose
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worstloki · a year ago
people keep saying loki helped with the multiverse 😭 like bro he was just sitting on the bench 😭 that was sylvie 😭 stop grouping loki with stephen and wanda he didn't mess with reality 😭 he and wong are the ones who went "no, you shouldn't do that, it's dangerous" 😭 please 😭
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dank-art · a year ago
i want to point out as an Icelander that the language loki’s singing in is possibly Norwegian
because i only understood a few words and heard “og syng nå kom du hjem“ witch means from what i can tell “and sing now as u come home”
i find it so flattering that they let Loki sing in a nordic language cause that’s EXACTLY what i’ve been waiting for
even though i would have loved it more if it was Icelandic because that is the oldest nordic language and would make more sense to be the Asgardians 2nd language , i release it would be a way to hard for actors to learn or pronounce it so i’m still glad that it is still Norwegian
from @looknorth a proper translation of the song has been given
“In storm-blackened mountains, I wander alone
Over glaciers I make my way
In the apple orchard stands the maiden fair and sings, "when will you come home?"
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