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Shuriri x reader; hbcu!reader
Summary: Reader takes her girlfriends to meet her family on Thanksgiving break, it doesn't go as planned.
Warnings: Language, lot of angst/drama, happy/fluffy ending. Reader's mom is controlling and kinda verbally abusive.
Translations: Usana-Baby, Sthandwa-My love, Uthando-Love
@vargskelegore creds for hbcu!reader
"Is that my hoodie?" Shuri's voice sounded from behind you. You were going over you're written list of everything you should've packed, checking Riri's bag as well while she used the bathroom.
"Mhm." You hummed, paying her no mind. The queen took the paper from your hands, making you whip around to look up at her, who had hidden the list behind her back. Shuri bit her bottom lip. Taking in the sight in front of her, she let one of her hands come to rest just above your hip.
"You know, I can't say I mind." She pulled you in by your- her hoodie which, looked too big on your frame, as it was already cut to be oversized. Tilting your chin up, she placed a small kiss on you lips, which led to another. Which led to another. Which led to her adding tongue and turning it into a make out session.
While she was distracted, you snatched the paper back from her hands, trying to push her away from you but she kept her firm hold on your waist.
"You.are.distracting.me." You said, giving her a peck in between each word before finally breaking out of her grip and turning back around.
Just as fast as her touch left it was back. She circled her arms around your waist, looking over your shoulder. You continued your task, one of your hands leaving the list to play with the kimoyo beads on her wrist.
Hearing the toilet flush, Shuri placed a small kiss on your neck before moving around you to close one of the suitcases. You went to complain, but she predicted it, cutting you off before you could even speak.
"Usana, you've checked the bags three times now. I'm sure everything is there. And if not wearing my clothes is clearly an option." She insisted, pointing to the hoodie to emphasize her statement. You rolled your eyes, starting towards another bag so you could check again but she gripped your wrist, dragging you to stand between her legs. "My love, you are done. When Riri comes out it'll be time to leave. Stop procrastinating, hm?" She didn't even give you a chance to respond before leaning in and placing another kiss to your lips.
This was clearly one of Shuri's affectionate days.
Riri walked out of the bathroom, drying her hands off with a paper towel when Shuri caught sight of her.
"Is that another one of my hoodies?"
You had stuffed majority of the bags in the trunk and were now standing in the school's parking lot on top of a big rock, dangling the car keys over Riri's head. She jumped for it while you were on your tippy toes, just barely keeping it out of her reach while you struggled to keep your balance.
There was an argument about who was going to drive. You and Riri were just about the same height, but she was stronger than you. If you were going to beat her, you need a higher ground. Luckily, you spotted the rock out of the corner of your eye and ran for it.
Shuri hit the corner and rolled her eyes at both of your antics. Swinging the last bag over her shoulder, she walked by, easily snatching the key from between the two of you and heading to the trunk. You and Riri pouted at each other before she helped you down from the rock, and you two walked over to Shuri to complain.
"I don't get why I shouldn't drive. We're going to my house. I know how to get there." You argued. Shuri shoved the last bag in your Jeep, slamming the back door down.
"Great, then you can sit in the front seat and give me and Riri directions while we take turns." Shuri declared. Riri pumped her fist in the air while you continued to sulk. It was funny considering this was your car in the first place. "Cheer up, we'll stop and get you a mcflurry on the way." Shuri said, which lightened your mood a little. Even though you knew it was really because she wanted one too, she just didn't want to admit she liked American food.
You all piled into your car, and you pulled up the GPS on your phone. You lied. You don't know to get from FAMU to your hometown. Not from muscle memory, at least. You pulled up the directions to the nearest Mcdonald's, luckily there was a gas station by there too. You guys stopped at both places before getting on the bridge.
"Bro, it's dumb cold in here." You said, turning up the heat. Shuri reached up to turn it back down. You turned it back up once again, and again, Shuri turned it back down. "Bruh chillll. There's no reason I should be shivering in my boots in my own car, dawg. Shit is blasphemy."
"My hoodie should be doing you just fine, did you not enjoy your shopping experience in Shuri's closet.com? How'd you even get that from Wakanda?" Shuri questioned, pulling in front of a car that was driving too slow to be in the fast lane. You shrugged, taking the blanket Riri offered you from the back seat. You always kept blankets under the passenger seat in your car.
"We just took whatever was in your bag when you visited." You answered, pulling your feet in the chair with you as you relaxed. You looked through the rear view mirror at Riri, seeing her scrolling on her phone, manspread. "You think you're mom would mind if we come a day earlier?"
"Doesn't matter because we're not going to." She said, dropping her phone in her lap. You groaned, throwing your head back against your headrest. "Baby, you've been avoiding us meeting your family for the longest. What are you so worried about?"
Your eyes left her's to look out the window. It wasn't your whole family you were worried about. Just one person. And you knew that one person could flip your whole day around. In a bad way.
"Nothing, it's stupid. Never mind." You turned on the radio, not wanting to hear Riri's disagreements with what you said. Reluctantly, she left the subject alone. Knowing you, she wasn't gonna get anything out of you if you didn't want to talk in the first place.
She was right though. You had avoided them meeting your family every single break. You all had been dating for almost two years now, you knew they wouldn't let you put it off any longer. You had met Romanda before the three of you got together, which was just before she passed, unfortunately. You'd met Riri's mom last year. They couldn't see what the big deal about them meeting your family was.
After a three hour drive, you had pulled up in front of your childhood home. You looked down at your hands. You'd been picking at the skin around your cuticle thinking, "if we left right now, no one would know we're here". But Riri had already gotten out the car to get the door for you. Shuri's hand came into your view, taking your hand in her's.
You should've led them to the wrong house.
"Whatever happens here today, will not change the way we feel about you, ever." Shuri assured, pressing her lips to the back of your hand in a gentle kiss. You smiled, grateful for the statement but not fully believing it.
You felt the cold fall breeze on your face. Turning to look at Riri, you took the hand she offered to help you down from the high Jeep. Before you could squeeze by her she held you in place, also seeing the worrisome look you wore on your face.
"We love you, baby girl. I'm sure we'll love where you came from just as much." She said, kissing you for more reassurance. Or maybe just cause she wanted to. Whichever reason, you appreciated the comfort greatly, giving her a nervous smile before leading her and Shuri to the front door by hand.
Your house wasn't grand by any means. But it was your childhood home. It held so many memories, good and bad, which was what made it "grand" to you. You hoped to have some version of this with Shuri and Riri. Maybe even in Haiti.
With your hands occupied, Shuri was the one who knocked on the door. Her thumb rubbing on the back of your hand as you waited for someone to answer. As soon as the door had opened the tiniest bit, you smiled at how you could already here your loud family.
Your older cousin opened the door wide for you, letting you and your plus two in.
You could smell the food already. Your little cousins and nieces and nephews were already running around the house like crazy, making the mess of the HUGs somebody gave them. In the living room you could see as your uncles and the older men gathered, Fugees playing softly in the background. No doubt your cousins, brothers, and sisters were upstairs in someone room. You already knew the rest of your family were either in the basement playing games, in the kitchen, or in the backyard.
"Lil cuz, wassup wassup wassup." He said, giving you a side hug. "Who are they?" He asked, lifting an eyebrow at you as he glanced down at y'all connected hands.
"These are my girlfriends." You explained. A shocked look came across his face but then he hid it well, extending a hand to them.
"Ok I see you, girl." He complemented towards you before looking at the two that stood on either side of you. "Wassup, how you been, my names Roddy but errbody calls me Rodz. Y'all better be treating the princess nice, alright? Alright." And with that, he left, twisting his hat back on. You took a deep breath, then turned around to face Shuri and Riri.
"Ok so, before I start introducing you, I just want you to know that sometimes they'll say some things that aren't necessarily the greatest choice of words but that's how she- some, that's how some of the them are. If you can, please just ignore it." You asked, waiting for their response. They both looked at each other weirdly before looking back at you and ultimately agreeing (against their better judgement).
You smiled, giving them both a kiss on the cheek before grabbing their hands and leading them to the living room.
"Is that the princess herself?" One of your uncles asked, causing all heads to turn to you. Shuri opened her mouth to respond.
"Yes it is, hi Uncle Derryl." You greeted, cutting Shuri off. He'd been referring to you. Your uncle stood from the couch, opening his arms for a hug. Of course you accepted, stepping over a hoodie that had been discarded to get to him. Riri laughed at Shuri's reaction, covering her mouth to pretend she was coughing.
From there, you went around, hugging almost everyone in the room.
"It's been so long since we seen you, where you been hiding." Another Uncle asked, your Uncle Shawn.
"You know her ass been busy wit them two, that she very clearly forgot to introduce." Uncle Derryl answered for him. Once again, all heads turn towards you. You took the hint, going back to stand by your loves.
"My bad, Uncle D. These are my girlfriends, Shuri and Riri. Shuri, Riri, these my Uncle Derryl, Uncle Shawn, Uncle Earl, Uncle G. Uncle Q. Manny, and Pop pop." You introduced, pointing to the people as you said their names. There was a collective "Hi" once you were finished and they invited the two to talk.
You spent your time elsewhere while they mingled with your uncles. Going upstairs to greet you cousins, some of them, of course were already in the clouds. You then played with the little ones for a bit, who were all in your old room, toys displayed across the whole wooden floor.
After giving yourself sometime to prepare, you came back downstairs, having to basically force your uncles to stop talking to Shuri and Riri so you could introduce them to your mom. They only stopped talking because you promised to bring them back.
"I don't know what you were talking about. Your Uncles were very friendly." Riri mentioned as you walked down the long hallway to the kitchen. Hearing Shuri agree, you chuckled, knowing your uncles weren't the ones you were warning them about.
"Why do they call you princess, princess?" Shuri questioned, her eyes drifting down your frame as she watched you walk in front of both her and Riri.
"First off, stop staring at my ass." You said, looking back to playfully glare at her. It didn't really matter because it didn't stop her, only drawing Riri's gaze to your lower half as well.
"Second, when I was younger, before my dad had Alzheimer's he used to spoil me with everything that he had. Of course, he treated my siblings the same but I was a daddy's girl. My brothers and sister starting calling me the princess and the name just stuck." You explained, stopping in the hallway before you got to the curtain that posed as a door to the kitchen.
This was a great space to stall, no?
"I had actually thought about going to see him, his nurse told me it was one of his good weeks. I didn't want him to spend Thanksgiving alone but I also don't think I could've handled it if he called me my Aunt Sharon again. But the trip was too close, since we have to head out again tomorrow." You stalled a bit longer. You weren't lying, of course. But they also didn't need to know that about your dad and you weren't planning to tell them that until you got in front of the curtain.
Your dad was the only one of your family members they'd met, besides your sister. She had just happened to be at the nursing home the same day you'd visited. That had been one of the only times he had remembered you since his sickness had started to deteriorate.
Not letting them respond you took three long strides before whipping open the curtain, smiling when you saw your mom and Aunts cooking together (though some of your aunts were just talking). Your grandma was sitting down at the small corner table y'all had in there, telling everyone what to do for certain meals. Your older sister was just..there.
"Heyyy!" You greeted, wandering over to your grandma to give her a hug and a kiss on her cheek. Your sister came over, giving you a hug as well as Shuri and Riri.
"Hey baby." Your grandma greeted, patting the arm you hugged her with. "Nuh uh, that right there ain't seasoned, lil girl." She told your aunt, taking her attention back to the cooking.
"The princess has arrived, I see." Chantel, your sister said, bowing to Shuri. "You think you can hook me up with one of your guards?"
Shuri and Riri giggled while you smacked your sisters arm and she shrugged, giving you an innocent look.
"Whattt? It was worth a shot, them Wakandan women are fineee." Chantel defended. You laughed with her, not being able to argue.
"I'll see what I can do." Shuri responded, settling down from her laughs. Chantel winked, leaving your side to go hover over your Aunts' shoulder. Your mom finally looked up at you from where she was at the counter, making stuffing.
"Honey, who these people you bringing all up in my house?" She questioned, pointing the utensil she was using at the two people beside you. You internally groaned at how many more times you might have to do this.
"Ma, these the people I've been telling you about. Shuri and Riri." You reminded her, hoping she'd choose her next words carefully. Your mom hasn't been the most considerate person since your father fell ill. She was still her, just...more unfiltered.
"Oh, the one you've been hoeing yourself out to, right." She muttered, but anyone who was paying attention would've heard her. You knew Shuri and Riri did because of the way their hands tightened on yours. You were never worried about what your mom might say towards them, but more what she'd say towards you in front of them.
"Mom!" Chantel scolded, taking over the cooking from your mom as the woman went to go wash her hands.
"What? I'm just saying, being with two people at once is usually unheard of." Your mom started, glancing at your older sister. "Unless, of course, your a hoe. But you know, I've accepted it. Maybe having more significant others will bring me more grand-babies, however that works." After drying her hands, she made her way over to you three. She leaned down, giving you a hug before doing the same to Shuri and Riri, who seemed reluctant to return the embrace. "Nice to meet you, I'm Angel. Now which one of you is the Queen?"
"Uh, that'd be me, Miss Angel." Shuri said, stepping forward a bit more. In doing so she kind of blocked your mother from you in a discreet way. Whether that was on purpose or not, you don't know.
"Oh you can stop with the Miss. Makes me feel old." Your mother waved off, directing her attention to your other girlfriend. "And you must be the one in MIT, hm?"
"Um yes, studying chemical-engineering." Riri answered, still thrown off by her previous comments.
"Smart smart girls, surprised you ended up with this one." Your mom said walking back behind the counter. Once again, her and your sister traded places. "She could've gone to MIT, but she chose a HBCU instead, as if that could offer her anymore than MIT could. It wouldn't matter though, because instead of being something successful she chose to pursue fashion. That one, she's lucky I still fund her silly shit."
Both of the people on your sides turned to look at you, but you ignored their gaze. You could tell they were biting their tongue heavily, which was greatly appreciated. You'd be sure to thank them later.
"y/n, what are you doing?" Your mother asked from behind the counter. You stared at her, wondering what possibly could you have done wrong by standing in place. "Do you forget you aren't a actual princess, eh? Grab a apron, come on I need your help."
With much resistance, you let go of your lovers' hands, turning to give each of them a kiss on the cheek before you did as told. They both went to help too, but your mother stopped them, telling them to go hang with the rest of the family.
It had been some time since the whole introductions thing. Your family got on pretty well with your girlfriends, which of course made you happy. They already treated Shuri and Riri like in-laws, and you could tell the littles liked them too. The two had really bonded with the family in the short time you were there.
Shuri had almost won your annual family hand wrestling competition. With her black panther strength, there was no doubt she could win. But your pop pop was the reining champ for several years now, and wanting to get in good, she let him win.
Riri had spent her time playing spades. Unlike Shuri, she didn't hold back, whooping everyone's ass in the card game. She was proud too, gloating and everything. Even with her boasting, somehow, getting their asses handed to them made them love Riri even more.
You had finally finished up the cooking, the men of the household were watching the football game. Their wives were already up making plates for the younger ones. You thought Riri and Shuri would be watching the football game, or continuing spades, or talking with your older cousins. Like they had been the entire night. But they weren't found in any of those places. You cousins told you to check your room and when you did, you were greeted with one of the greatest sights, in your opinion.
Shuri and Riri, we're tending to and playing with your younger cousins. It was something so simple but it brought light to your entire 'not so good' day.
Usually, you'd spend time with the littles, always being the one to entertain them during family events. Not because someone told you to, just because you genuinely enjoyed it. Seeing your girlfriends doing the same gave you those stereotypical butterflies all over again, thinking about what it would be like if those kids were your own.
Not anyyyy time soon though. Long ways ahead. Very long.
You leaned against the frame, watching the scene in front of you play out before Shuri's gaze finally caught yours.
"Hey, the food's done, I was just coming to see if y'all wanted me to make y'all a plate right now or if y'all wanted to wait till we on the way out?" You asked, picking up one of the toddlers that had made their way over to you. You signaled to some other ones to get down from your bed, since they were jumping on it. Most times you'd let them, but the fan was on and you didn't want any injuries.
"Thank you, baby. We'll be down in a minute. You ain't gotta make our plates." Riri declined, standing up from the play doh she was messing with and wiping her hands. You nodded and went to turn around, almost walking right into your mom.
"That's alright, sweetie, she insists." Your mom speaks for you, taking your nephew out of your hands and setting him on the ground. Man-man looked at you with wanting eyes, waiting for you to pick him up again before your mom told him to carry on playing.
Riri and Shuri glanced at each other, sending one another a look you knew all too well. For once, you wished your mother would just shut up.
"Does she really? Because I ain't hear nothing from her." Riri questioned, giving your mom a tight-lipped smile, as if she was still trying to keep up with the pleasantries. In all honesty, she probably was, for your sake. Angel swung her arm over your shoulder, giving you a tight side hug.
"Yes well, I'm still trying to teach her some manners for when she finally becomes a housewife. I mean, if she keeps this up, there's no telling when she'll a wife. If she becomes a wife." Angel said, giving your shoulder a squeeze. This time Shuri responded.
"Well they'll be no need for that when I make her Queen. We'll have people who cook and clean, so unless she has the desire for it, she'll be fine relaxing in a palace."
Your mother scoffed at Shuri's words, taking in the younger woman's defensive stance and crossed arms.
"Queen? As in you marrying her? You really believe I'd let that happen?" Angel left your side, walking closer to Shuri and Riri so that they were practically chest to chest. "No offense to you two as you are very well raised women but my daughter is not gay. I already have one of those."
"Mom!" You scolded, cutting in between her and your loves'. You noticeably backed your mom up, putting space between the three of them.
"What? I will not allow this to happen in my own house-"
"Drop it, mom." You glared at her, turning to look at the other two in the room with a less harsh look. "You two, drop it."
You just wanted to get your food and get out. Then you'd be able to explain everything in the car.
"Who do you think you're talking to young lady?" Your mom stalked forward again, causing your once confidence gaze to shift back down to the floor.
"She talking to the same woman that been disrespecting her since she came in this house!" Riri stepped up, her voice raising. The two began to bicker, Shuri coming to both you and Riri's defense in the mix of it. After multiple tries to deescalate the situation, you left the room. The children had done so a while ago, so that only left the three to settle their differences.
Seeing your sister walking the upstairs hall with a concerned look, you dived into the family bathroom, locking the door and effectively dodging her.
"Fuck." You mumbled to yourself, stressing about the situation. Your hands ran through your hair, already thinking of all the ways you'd apologize to your mom. All the ways to explain to Shuri and Riri why she was like that. All the ways this could've been avoided.
A soft knock on the door, stopped your train of thought. Good thing it did because it was about to go off the rails.
"Sthandwa, open the door." Shuri's soft voice had broken your trance. You prepared yourself, taking some deep breaths before you unlocked the door and opened it. Not meeting her eyes, you attempted to push pash her and into the hallway when Riri blocked your path. The two backed you into the bathroom again, locking the door behind them. Internally, you pouted, feeling double teamed.
"This is why I didn't want you guys to meet my family, or at least, why I didn't want you guys to meet my mom." You mumbled, discreetly wiping small tears from your eyes. "This shit is fucking embarrassing."
"Baby, it's okay-" Riri went to comfort you, trying to take your hands in hers but you declined, backing up to sit on the edge of the tub.
"No it's not actually because you guys don't understand what you just did." You denied, messing with the charm bracelet they had gifted to you very early on in your relationship. You brought your hands up to rub your eyes, trying to erase the tears that were clouding up your vision.
"Then help us to understand, Usana." Shuri insisted. This time, her and Riri each took one of your hands in their own, rubbing their thumbs over your knuckles comfortingly. If you weren't in your feelings at the moment, you'd take the time to appreciate how patient they were being. But you'll reflect and realize soon enough.
"My mom," You sniffed, finally looking up to meet their eyes. "She funds my whole life right now. I mean, I'm dumb poor like, I have a job and everything but she makes me use it to pay for my dad's care. Really she should be paying for it. But she like, holds it over me. She pays for my tuition, my books, whatever I get for lunch, student housing. And when school breaks come, I stay here. It's just like- like she's controlling my life. Because whenever I do something wrong she threatens to take something away, most times they aren't empty threats either. I know you didn't mean to and like, I don't blame you. But you probably just signed away all of that shit. And I don't know what I'm going to do without her money- I just-"
At the end of your rant, the stress of things truly hit you. Like smacked you across the face. Hard. And you broke down. Feeling bad, Shuri used her black panther strength to hoist you up, moving you from the tub ledge to the sit on the sink, which was higher. Riri then took her place, standing in front of you and wrapping her arms around you, letting you cry on her shoulder whilst Shuri looked for something softer than toilet paper for when you got done crying.
"And that's why I suck it up and listen to her because I literally can't do anything else but take it-" You tried to continue but Riri only shushed you, cradling your head like she was shielding you from something.
After a while, the shakes of your shoulders became less frequent and your cries quieted. You were almost positive no one heard because of the loud J.Cole bumping downstairs.
There were only light sniffs here and there as your head rested on Riri's shoulder. Your legs kicked beside her lightly as you picked small things out of the braids in her hair. Seeing you more calm, Shuri passed you some tissues that she had found and you thanked her.
"I don't want you guys to feel guilty. I should've known better, given you guys a head up or something, I'm sorry." You apologized, your words coming out a bit weird since you cheek was smushed on Riri's shoulder. Speaking of, you could feel the girl shake her head as she moved backwards, making you lift your head.
"Oh hell no. If it's not our fault, it's most definitely, not yours. Apology not accepted." She jokes lightly, making you chuckle for a moment as you stared at you're suddenly interesting hands. Riri tilted her head down to catch your gaze again, taking your chin in her hand so you wouldn't lose eye contact again. She could read you like a book. "No one, is mad at you, baby girl. We understand why you wouldn't tell us."
"She's right," Shuri agreed, pushing herself off from the wall she had been leaning on. "And I'm sorry about how silent I've been, I was just thinking about how I'm not taking no for an answer on helping you." Ok, so they both could read you like a book.
"I appreciate the offer but this is my mess and-"
Shuri immediately cut you off, "What do you not understand about not taking no for an answer. You are our girlfriend. Our mess is your mess, your mess is our mess. So as many times as we didn't want your help when you offered, we took it, and you will do the same, Uthando." Shuri said, leaving no room for disagreement. As if you were any place to do so anyway.
You released a sigh, staring at the two very intelligent and hardheaded people in front of you. Yeah, there's no way you're winning this one. To your dismay and their delight, you nodded, agreeing.
"Great, it is very simple. I will pay for your college expenses, because I can and if it'll make you feel better you can continue to pay for your dad's care, or I can pay for that too. You don't have to tell me right now, just know the option is there. We will get everything you need from this place then we'll walk out together, unless you have something you want to say to your mom." Shuri said, rubbing your thighs soothingly as she explained.
"And on the breaks, you can stay with me back in Chicago. I know my mom won't mind, but we can ask her about it when we get there tomorrow." Riri suggested, making Shuri think of another idea to bounce off of Riri's, which Riri then bounced of her's and the cycled continued. You cut their conversation short, standing from the sink to pull them both into a hug.
"I am so thankful for you guys. I don't know how I'll pay you back." You cried into their shoulder again, but this time it was tears of joy.
"By passing all your classes, you know we'll be checking too." Shuri answered, making you laugh into the hug.
"I love you." You smiled in the embrace, sinking into their warmth even more when the moment was cut short by loud banging on the door.
"You know they love your ass too, now could you please get out! A nigga gotta pee!"
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I'm baking Snickerdoodle cookies on stream right now! Come hang & watch me bake delicious gooey cookies to some chill vibey tunes! Info in l1inktree or twitch.tv/ivydoomkitty #baking #cooking #blackfriday #thanksgiving #cookingathome #cheesecake #latina #fyp #diy #twitchstreamer #foodie #smallbusiness #cookiesofinstagram #cookies #Christmascookies #chocolatechip #tutorial #madefromscratch https://www.instagram.com/p/ClucDntPAtS/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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Thanksgiving pie!
This year we had pecan, two pumpkin, apple, blueberry, and a gluten free berry crisp :)
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1 Chronicles 16:34-35 NIV 34 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;    his love endures forever. 35 Cry out, “Save us, God our Savior;    gather us and deliver us from the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name,    and glory in your praise.”
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Vegan Green Beans in a Blanket
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The Goyim are fucking wild, the way I would have dumped that casserole over that woman's head, also divorce that wife.
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For people who live in the U.S., November can bring to mind a lot of things, and one of them is Thanksgiving. This can be a complicated holiday because while most people just see it as an excuse to get together with friends and family and pig out, we all know that the story of the "First Thanksgiving" is bullshit.
This November, and for as long as it takes, I'm asking you to keep Native American and Alaska Native rights in mind and to fight for them. ICWA, the Indian Child Welfare Act, is at risk.
This act was created to stop cultural genocide. Until the late 1900s, Native American and Alaska Native children were routinely kidnapped and placed in residential schools and white families, where they faced abuse, forced assimilation, and sometimes murder. ICWA was passed in 1978 to stop this by allowing tribes to control the foster and adoption placement of Native American and Alaska Native children.
However, today, the SCOTUS started hearing arguments in a case that could overturn ICWA. This would not only endanger children and allow cultural genocide, but it would endanger tribal sovereignty since it would deny sovereign tribes the rights over the placement of their own children.
This November, this Thanksgiving, and until ICWA has been upheld, I ask you to stand up for the rights of Native Americans and Alaska Natives.
Spread the word about what is happening. Don't let this get swept under the rug. Post about it. Tell your friends and family.
Sign petitions.
Write to representatives.
Reach out to local tribes to see what you can do to help.
And if you can afford to do so, donate to Native American and Alaska Native organizations.
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Chocolate Dipped Pumpkin Spice Truffles
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1993 | dir. Henry Selick
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Addams Family Values
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