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chrisykaos · 2 days ago
Marry me
Someone already beat you to it 😋💍😍🥰
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ellistheadmirer · 2 days ago
Might’ve been asked before but personally I think statistically Atleast 1 well known famous person has to have a gaining kink so who do you think it would be ?
Okay, so these are just my headcanons of who I think would have this sort of kink (none of it is fact or up for speculation)
•Alex Stokes:
So, starting off strong, Alex Stokes is definitely into the whole “fat and lazy” aspect of gaining. He’s the kind of guy who enjoys being a total slob in his private life — lazing around all day, gorging his feelings, and being a total fatass. He makes a lot of excuses to maintain his behavior — his chief explanation being that it’s for the content — but everyone around him knows that he’s full of shit… especially Kat.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
•Tyler Funke:
Tyler’s more of a feedee when it comes to gaining. He loves having someone stuff him up with good food — whether it’s their intentions are sexual or not. He enjoys not having to move too much… only being responsible for chewing and swallowing… and being coddled and worshiped as he gulps down each bite. He’s a real sucker for all the belly rubs, and the tender kisses… he’ll happily do anything you want him to once you give him a few pecks — poke out his bloated belly past it’s capacity, pretend to be pregnant, fart and burp on command… everything’s on the table. He’s like a big fat cat… purring as he chews, and greedy for the attention.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
•Darren Criss
Darren won’t openly admit to being into any aspect of gaining, but he sure knows how to use it to his advantage when the time is right. He’s into the exhibitionism of it all — showing off his little gut, and giving the people something to talk about. Let’s be real, just being talented isn’t enough to keep your name on people’s lips nowadays. If you want to stay relevant, you’ve got to stand out somehow, and Darren has his own unique way of doing so… by undermining Hollywood’s ridiculous, unrealistic body standards. Sure, he maintains a nice physique — stays in pretty good shape, and keeps himself pretty toned — but when it comes to his belly, he throws all caution to the wind. When he’s not working out, and training the rest of his body, he’s stuffing his gut… making sure it’s big and taut before he goes out in public. It gives him an odd look… like that of a pregnant woman, which is just what he wants… and the paparazzi eats it up every time. Why be perfect, when you could be almost perfect… and have everyone in town talking about you?
Tumblr media
•Cameron Dallas
Cameron enjoys living the high life, with the use of his new money. He wants only the best from life now — to take long vacations to exotic locations, eat only the best food, and receive the five-star treatment that he feels he deserves. He’s never home — rarely ever in the states — he’d much rather be on an island somewhere, being fed like a king. He loves having the help fill him up with good eats whenever he’s away… provide his with the best stuff available — delicacies, and amazing meals — until he’s too full to swallow anymore. He doesn’t care how fat his lifestyle makes him, or how far his belly stretches. Being bloated and fat is considered one of the greatest shows of wealth by many people… and right now, he’s loaded. For the time being, all he wants is to be big… and have those who work for him worship him like a king.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
•Harry Styles:
It’s no secret that Harry has a thing for full bellies — whether it’s his stomach that’s stuffed up, or someone else’s. He absolutely adores the look of a nice round gut… pretending that there’s something living deep down inside, and making love to it’s swollen dwelling for his own satisfaction. There’s nothing like carrying your lovers seed inside you — however they plant it… whatever it may be — swelling up with the proof of their affection. A full belly is a loved belly. Harry doesn’t care how much he has to feed his partner, or how much food he has to eat to get the same result… all that matters as that they get stuffed together, and plant the seeds of their love deep down inside one another — to be reborn later. Harry’s always round with his partners love… always stuffed up to the brim, carrying a precious foodbaby.
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zuppizup · 2 days ago
rayla content at what cost!?
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hey-imma-fangirl · a day ago
Can you draw the root pack if its not any trouble? I imagine their genderswapped names are Sal Spudder (its just short for Sally), Ally Bulb, and Callie Chantenay
Here you are!
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And those are great genderswapped names!
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moderncups · a day ago
To the Devil, the lady and Satan: are you ok? Did you meet her before?
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whump-or-whatever · a day ago
Maybe some ankle whump prompts?✌🏽
I may or may not have gotten a bit carried away with this…
Ankles bound by duct tape, rope, metal cuffs, etc.
Whumpee hung from the ceiling by their ankles
Whumper cuts whumpee’s Achilles’ tendon so they can’t escape
Whumpee in the forest steps in a bear trap, which snaps shut on their ankle
Whumpee running to escape whumper and whumper shoots whumpee in the ankle with a gun or a bow & arrow
Whumper taking a bat or hammer to whumpee’s ankles so they can’t run
Whumpee rolling their ankle and going down hard
Whumpee with sprained ankle limping
Whumpee with a broken ankle on crutches
Whumpee with two broken ankles in a wheelchair
Two whumpees bound ankle to ankle and forced to fight
Two whumpees bound ankle to ankle trying to escape like a 3 legged race
Whumpee with a cuff on one ankle keeping them in a certain area
Whumper yanking on the chain, sending whumpee sprawling on the floor
Whumper taking a blowtorch to the metal cuffs on whumpee’s ankles, heating the metal and burning the skin beneath
Ankle brands/forced tattoos on the ankle
Whumpee being dragged by the ankles
Whumper putting a tracking bracelet on whumpee’s ankle
Whumper holding down whumpee’s ankles to keep them from kicking
Whumpee running through the forest and getting poison ivy or some other allergic reaction on their ankles from the plants they were running through
Ball and chain attached to ankle
Multiple whumpees attached together by ankle cuffs and chains (like prisoners)
Whumpee bound by the ankles and tied to the back of a vehicle, then dragged behind it
Train rails switching and trapping whumpee’s ankle between them, bonus points if there’s a train coming
Recovering whumpee learning to walk again after severe ankle injuries
Recovering whumpee having anxiety or pain surrounding what touches their ankles, ie. uncomfortable wearing socks/tall shoes, don’t want tight pant cuffs, don’t like things brushing against their ankles like cats or what have you
Alternatively, recovering whumpee being self-conscious of their ankles, always wearing tall socks/boots/long pants to cover them
Caretaker massaging moisturizer or oil into whumpee’s ankles to help with dryness/scarring/soreness
Caretaker holding whumpee’s ankles to help ground them when they are anxious
Feel free to add others y’all can think of!
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aloofwindbag · 2 days ago
red x is YOU
Tumblr media Tumblr media
AWH it was... ME?!
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the-adventures-of-dave · 2 days ago
Wait, isnt purina one of the brands vets recommend? As well as royal canin and Hills.
Not that i like Purina, i avoid it purely because it’s owned by Nestle. But it’s definitely more trustworthy than most of the stuff I’ve seen people try to push on owners.
(Ofc your specific cats are uh, difficult. So they definitely need whatever the vet says. I remember how both can get gi issues. Plus in general anything the vet says is more trustworthy for those specific animals than just trusting specific brands)
Disclaimer: I am just a cat owner. This is my opinion, don’t take anything in this post as advice. Do your own research and talk to your vet.
I am personally of the camp that whatever your cat is happy and healthy on is good food for them. If that’s purina fancy feast, thats great! If it’s arcana or blue buffalo or raw or anything else then all the power to you.
The foods most commonly brought up by petblr & some vets/techs/etc on this site (purina, royal canin, hills, science diet, iams) are great foods for some cats, I just don’t know if it’s necessarily right to say they’re best for all cats, which is the vibe I get from some pet food threads.
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sleepyxsuccubus · 7 hours ago
🖤 🧛for being a badass with a good heart, have a pair of fangs to bite your favorite mutuals! pass it on to 10 people 🧛🖤
Just what I wanted tysm I love them🥺
I'm biting y'all wif my new fangs🧛‍♀️
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ladyddanger · a day ago
hi! i used to be into dsmp like back in late 2020 and i'm interested in getting back into it and starting to rewatch all the existing lore from the beginning, but idk the best way i should go about this...how do u usually watch dsmp stuff? i know that there's a few channels/playlists on youtube dedicated to presenting all the lore in order, but do u have any recommendations? which one do you think is the best?
Hey! I’ve been meaning to make a vods guide for a while. These are a few of my favorite playlists.
i had more but tumbler wouldn’t let me post more Links then this :(
As for channels blueberry TV is a really good recap one.
Hope this helped anon!!
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Could you tell us more about Gawain? About the torture and things? 👀
Sorry I didn’t see this ask before
Gawain Morgan, supernatural investigator, resides in the small town of Astrakane where he protects the town - and himself- from all the things that hop from one world into his.
He was raised by an Arthurian cult that prepared him to be a human sacrifice to become a vessel for Mordred, son of Morgan LeFay. To do this, they imbued him with powers from various magical objects to approximate Mordred’s original power. The way this manifested, of course, was by exposing him to those energies in rituals that nearly killed him. His body is horrendously scarred, and he covers himself neck to toe so people don’t see them. He has sworn off using those powers, partly because of his trauma and partly because they might expose his location to the cult.
So yeah. He has issues.
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chrisykaos · 2 days ago
Are you the same Chris that used to coach ice hockey at the arena? I seen your transition timeline picture I'm pretty sure it's you. Wow !! congratulations what a transformation! is that why you stopped coaching there. To transition? I would have never guessed you were like this. We had no idea. We found out through the grape vine. I'm glad your happy because that's what matters. Any chance you'd come back and coach? All the kids love you btw and the parents loved how you coached. It's different from everyone else. I hope one day you'll come back the kids here really miss you.
So I was debating on answering this ask. But I figured I kinda have to.
Yes it's me. How you found my Tumblr I have no idea. Also slightly embarrassing 😳 😅. The short but long answer is yes and no. I did step away to transition. I figured even tho most of the parents liked me i didnt know how'd they feel with me transitioning in front of their kids. So it was safer for me to step away. The timing was really because Nellie was a terrible rink owner. I loved coaching. It's was one of the best times of my life. The players and kids were awesome! To show them a different way or a way they could make it work was so rewarding for me. But when you put in 40hrs a week on the ice and have your boss forget your paychecks for weeks on end that's not cool. I was already going to transition so I decided to leave and focus on that. It's now been 2 years since than. The fact that they still remember me is wild 🤯. I still play. Tho not so much anymore 😕 and you never know once my transition is over I might look into coaching again. 🧊🏒⛸️❄️
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demo-batslayer · 2 days ago
What do you think are Chrissy and Eddie's favorite foods/drinks? I like the HC that Chrissy drinks her coffee black and Eddie would actually like pumpkin spice & salted caramel flavored coffees. I have no evidence/reasons for thinking this. I just think it's cute.
I headcanon Chrissy as definitely a little drink kinda gal, anywhere she goes if there is a restaurant or liquor store or little market, shes gotta get herself a little drink. Shes partial to strawberry milkshakes, i don't think she would like soda since the gases give her tummy pains (but shes really brave about it) but for a more casual drink I think shed like blue Gatorade because she likes the shade of blue it is and i feel like shed think shes cool enough to get away with it. In terms of food, I personally like to imagine shes a big diner food type gal, like burgers milkshakes and fries type, it was something her mother never allowed her so now it is no longer a secret guilty pleasure but one she enjoys openly and would love the aesthetic of the 50-60s diners.
Eddie drink wise I see as a big Coke/Dr pepper type cause its relatively cheap to get the bottles, i can even imagine him collecting the glass bottles and making bongs out of them or art or something, but he ONLY drinks soda so he dehydrates very easy and Chris has to remind him to drink water. Food wise he strikes me as a Totinos pizza role type guy for when hes too lazy too cook, but when he can, he makes bomb ass tomato soup that he slurps up like a heathen because he loves that warm burning feeling it leaves in his throat and chest.
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moderncups · 18 hours ago
NO MISS! DON'T! Calm down, take a breath but no violence! Try to stop her
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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eyesofcrows · 28 days ago
Concept: an ordinary student from Amity Park graduates, and goes to Gotham University. It goes pretty well. She wears an anti-possession bracelet from Fentonworks, and carries a gas-mask made by Wayne Industries. She keeps a small shrine to Phantom in her dorm, and leaves regular offerings of candy on the Batman-shrine found on the roof of the Science building, and she respects the rules about going out after dark, and not straying into certain haunts territories. And then Jazz Fenton becomes a freshman at Gotham U, and her friends realize that something is going on.
Hmmm, vague enough that I don’t know the direction your heading but interesting that I would want to think of how this would go.
There’s definitely ghosts in GU. Low level but this ordinary student (let’s call her Apple for Amity Park Local) know they’re there. Just small imprints. Apple’s respectful, by all means, and avoids them. She also thinks Batman is their protector, just as Phantom was, and there are traditions to uphold.
Of course she doesn’t want to cast away Phantom, so she keeps a shrine to remember him. It’s only a metal box, constantly open, with an emblem engraved into the lid and a newspaper cutout of Phantom. There’s some trinkets too, with string lights and candles and dried flowers. Her roommates think of it as strange but as long as she doesn’t go supervillain in Gotham, they don’t mind what she does.
There isn’t a single rebellious bone in Apple’s body. There’s regulations to follow if she wants to stay alive. Never go at dark. Always carry on gas mask. Pay attention to when the temperature shifts. Never say wish. Always follow evacuations.
Again, her friends find it weird, even for Gotham. They’re used to having their lives thrown about. They sneak out to go the clubs and drag their feet at evacuations.
“The Riddler? Again? Do we really need to cancel Movie Night for this?”
(But they only had encounters once a week or so. Apple had to do this everyday for years. Apple had to survived things that she shouldn’t have survived in.)
When Jazz comes around, Apple’s friends notice the same patterns. The same bracelet. The same weird walking.
And when Apple sees Jazz she looks happier than ever. She actually looks close to crying. She throws herself for a hug and says the things she only ever whispered beneath her breath aloud.
“There’s ghosts here too, Jazz. And they’re so sad. Can you help them?”
Jazz pats her back consolidating. “Of course. I’ll clean up the entire school. I’m going to study here, after all.” And they almost thought that she was playing into Apple’s delusions if there wasn’t such a serious and honest face on Jazz.
Within a week the University feels lighter. Like something finally released their grip around the air itself. Apple no longer swerves around weird spots in the hallway or goes the long way to class to avoid specific buildings. They have no reason to think it was because of Apple’s talk but they can’t help but connect to it.
They follow her and Jazz’s actions more closely. Apple never lit the candle in the box, even during a blackout. They don’t know if Jazz has the same box too. But there’s the same alertness of preparation and rulekeeping. And they both leave things at the Batman shrine (the one put up as a joke but kept because it felt awful to tear down) and kept it maintained.
They don’t know why. They don’t ask why. You don’t ask why in Gotham. They’d all be insane if they did.
But they keep it in the back of their mind. Sometimes they replace the flowers in Apple’s shrine. Sometimes they leave things at the Batman shrine too. Sometimes they curve around empty space without knowing why.
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aloofwindbag · 2 days ago
Jason is Red X because stealing the Red X suit would bother Robin Specifically, and if there's anything about Jason it's that he likes to drive his family mad wearing a familiar face to hide his familiar face while they anguish over who would do this to them.
"friends we made along the way" what kinda b-
i hear if you act too coherent red x himself will appear to tell you that red x was the friends we made along the way
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dirt-and-scrivles · 5 months ago
Eret with H5 and Caramelldansen!
Tumblr media
Eret for you,, she is <3
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