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Between Heaven + Hell | One-Shot (Wonwoo, Mingyu)
Tumblr media
Rating/genre: M (18+), friends to fucking; smut 💖 Pairings: Fem!Reader x Wonwoo x Mingyu Warnings: Explicit smut, unprotected vaginal penetration, creampie, oral sex (f + m receiving), dirty talk, reader gets called doll, slut, good girl and pretty girl, one of the boys gets called angel (guess which one lol), hair pulling, pussy slapping (lol what do you call this), switch!reader, dom!Mingyu, a bit of sub!Wonwoo, banter, stupid heaven/hell jokes, reader wears a skirt, a bra and panties, a bit of joking about religion/god, reader is shorter than both of them Word Count: 7.7k (how is something that was supposed to be just smut this fucking long??) Summary: Two of your hot friends get very into their halloween costumes. But when they said they were going to be an angel and a devil, this is not what you expected.
**I was super inspired by @kkulfm-2​‘s fic Devil on Your Shoulder and the whole time I was reading it, all I could think about was this premise and how badly I needed to do it! lol. I checked with Evie of course and she gave me the go ahead to post mine since it’s quite different anyway. But please go check out her angel/devil costume threesome as well!!
Tumblr media
“No.” You were already shaking your head, corners of your mouth pushing up into an amused smile. “No, no, no, no. Absolutely not,” you continued as you walked off, leaving the door wide open, the two cheeky men left to stare after you.
“You need to switch costumes. Because this–” you turned back to the angel and devil leant against either side of your door frame, pointing an accusing finger between them. “This is all wrong.”
“Oh, come on,” Mingyu said, a big goofy smile on his face as he wandered in, the first official guest to grace your apartment for the night. “I’m totally making it work.”
“I didn’t say you weren’t, I…” you began to reply before becoming distracted by Wonwoo as he made his way inside, smirking as he came closer, taking in your costume as you took in his loose linen trousers and matching button-up.
Ignoring Mingyu for a moment, your eyes widened further and further at Wonwoo’s get-up. “I hate this.”
He chuckled, moving to half-sit on one of your bar stools before he slid his own palms over the thin white fabric covering his thighs. “What? You don’t think I look good?” His voice was still monotone, even as he tried to make it sweet.
“It’s so unnerving.” You couldn’t decide whether you wanted to curl your whole body up in cringe or just start laughing your fucking ass off. He looked so… pure.
“Yeah, I thought so at first too,” Mingyu agreed, joining back in as he came over, a drink now in his hand, another being passed to his friend. “But you get used to it after a minute.”
“I’m going to get used to this?” you joked, eyes appraising Wonwoo’s outfit and cute little halo atop his head one more time before turning to take in Mingyu for real. In tight red leather pants with a matching skin-tight, mesh long-sleeved top, he did look devilishly sexy.
Ok, holy shit.
You’d been too distracted by the contradictory image of your friends-with-benefits that you hadn’t even noticed how fucking sinful your not-friends-with-benefits was looking tonight. Maybe it was finally time to change that label. God knows you’d thought about it enough times when a man had a chest like that. And now it was on full display. Just for your Halloween party. How lovely.
Before you could even form a proper reaction to devil Mingyu, there was a chorus of knocks at your door. It seemed everyone had calculated fashionably late the same way. And so you left the two at your kitchen island while you went to go let in a stream of other people, the apartment slowly becoming more full over the next half-hour.
Despite the colourful circus that had become of the space, it was hard to ignore the giant red presence in the room. Surely other people were noticing as well. Out of all the guys, you weren’t super close to Gyu but enough to know that he was an oblivious and innocent flirt so all the girls at the party, including your friends who’d asked many a time about his relationship status, were probably having the time of their lives.
Still, there was a deep-seated satisfaction at looking over at him and seeing him looking at you just the same. That smug smirk, however – almost as if he knew you were checking him out – well, that was new. Where had this Mingyu come from?
A question you were asking yourself again when he was plopping down on the couch and sliding you off the arm, where you’d been sitting, right onto his lap, effectively stealing you away from your conversation with Dino.  
You just chuckled, leaning back into him as you smiled up at the younger who quickly rolled his eyes.
“Yeah, I didn’t want to talk to you either.”
“Dino!” you called after him with a laugh as he walked off, playing up his offence, hand coming up dramatically to stop your plea.
“Now look what you’ve done.”
“What I’ve done?” he asked, amused, as he turned you easily in his lap so you were able to lean back against the armrest.
“You upset the baby,” you remarked as you adjusted your skirt on his lap to be somewhat decent. The plaid yellow kilt was sexy enough as it was without needing to show off your whole upper thigh.
“I didn’t do anything.” He gave you the biggest, sweetest smile, but there was still that glint in his eye as he rubbed at the top of your stocking with a fingertip.
“How sharp are these?” you teased, leaning unnecessarily close to him to be able to prick your fingertips on the point of each of his horns.
“You know, I thought I’d get a bigger reaction from you. But no, someone couldn’t take their eyes off of the angel.” You were used to Mingyu pouting but that wasn’t even what he was doing. It was more like he was… goading.
“And not in a good way, let’s remember,” you pointed out as you squeezed the head accessory, seeing how solid it was, letting yourself lean on him as your elbow rested atop his thick shoulder.
“And me?”
“And you what?” you played dumb, attempting to channel your own costume. Not that Cher Horowitz was dumb. But she could certainly be… well, clueless.
“Good or not good?”
You narrowed your eyes at him, stopping fiddling with his hair to now actually make eye contact. Bad idea. “What’s gotten into you tonight?”
He chuckled, letting his nose scrunch up slightly and for a split second, he was the cutie boy Mingyu you knew. But then it was gone when he shrugged and tilted his head cockily. “Just getting into the part, I guess.”
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. “And Wonwoo? He’s going to be all sweet all night?” you posed as if it was an entirely laughable idea, looking briefly over at the man clad in white who was chatting away to Joshua and someone else you couldn’t see. As much as you were all good friends, you knew Wonwoo most in a bedroom context at this point and there was certainly nothing sweet or angelic about him there. And you liked it that way. But that did occasionally make him a little shit when it came to the ‘friend’ part of your relationship.
“We figured we should do the costumes justice.”
You let out another hearty laugh, head leaning back heavily on his arm where it rested behind you.
“What? You got a problem with that?” he played, pinching at your thigh right by the hem of your skirt.
“Hey!” You swatted at him. You didn’t have a problem with it. You had the opposite of a problem with it. This Mingyu was giving you wicked thoughts. Damn, was he actually succeeding in his little game?
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“What question?”
“Is the devil thing working for me?”
You looked at him for a moment, appraising the entire package, before pushing off him. “The devil wouldn’t have to ask,” you snarked, dodging when he went to grab your arm to pull you back down, giggling gleefully as you scurried towards the kitchen, weaving through friends only to end up in front of Wonwoo himself. Speak of the… angel?
“What’s got you all giddy?”
“Oh, don’t you start now too.”
“Start what?” He gave you a tiny smile, looking like he genuinely wanted to know what you were on about. Oh god, he really was going to be all nice and cute?
“Stop!” you whined, moving closer to push lightly against his chest, causing his hands to come up in confusion.
“Stop what?” he asked so innocently in his deep voice, wide eyes blinking at you.
“It’s literally so weird,” you guffawed, your shoulders pulling up in discomfort as he took your hands gently in his.
“Me being nice to you is really that weird?”
“Nice like this, yeah!” You shook his hands in yours for emphasis. When had you and Wonwoo ever held hands? This whole thing was too funny.
“I can be nice,” he crooned, pulling you closer to him until you were stood between his legs where he’d sat back down on the bar stool. “Might be a pleasant change, getting to praise you all night instead of having to punish you.”
The words sent a shiver down your spine regardless of which one he was planning on doing. You’d pretty much reached the point where you’d let him do anything to you, the sex was always that good.
You smirked at him, analyzing the calm, soft expression on his face, trying to get used to it for a moment. It almost felt like even more of a trick than Mingyu because you knew what Wonwoo was really like. You knew what he liked in bed. How dominant he liked to be. But, hey, you weren’t against a change in dynamic.
“But what if I’m being a brat?” you baited, letting your voice get lower as you closed the space between you a little more. “You’re just going to let me?” There was no way.
“Maybe someone else could take care of keeping you in line.”
You pulled back to look at him and it was so fucking obvious how hard it was for him to be keeping a straight face. He loved throwing you off like that. And, well, that one certainly did throw you for a loop. Surely, he wasn’t talking about…
“Our little friend in red would probably do the trick.”
Little friend. Ha. At least he was still being humorous.
He saw your smirk before you could hide it. “What do you think? Does the school girl want to be caught between heaven and hell?”
You scoffed. “I’m Cher Horowitz! Not a school girl,” you rebuked as you stepped away from him, hands flying to your hips to look down at your outfit, your matching set and your cute little white thigh-highs. Ok, it did kind of look like a school girl outfit. “Clueless? Seriously no? Agh. So uncultured,” you muttered, turning to reach for a drink because you truly did need a minute to understand what was being offered to you.
He chuckled behind you.
“You’re not really suggesting that, are you?”
“Why not?” He sounded so damn casual about it. “Hot angel, hot devil, hot school girl–”
“Cher Horowitz!” you exclaimed, whipping back around to face him.
Now, he was just being a shit. He smirked. “I’m just being a good friend.”
“And how is that?”
“Offering up my best fuck buddy to my best friend? That sounds pretty selfless to me.”
“That’s insulting.” You knew that he knew you weren’t his to ‘offer up’ but, god, did he ever sound cocky.
He rolled his eyes before shaking his head to replace the reaction with his cute smile. “Maybe… I just think it would be hot.”
“I mean, it would be hot,” you said confidently, before taking a swig of your drink.
You always enjoyed having his eyes on you but right now, it felt like he could see right through you. Damn, it was so obvious that you wanted it, wasn’t it?
“But if you don’t want to… I would never make you do anything.”
You let out a huff of a laugh. Yes, your sexual relationship was built entirely on trust and consent. But he did like to push you a little.
“I’ll follow your lead.”
Blech, weird again coming from his mouth.
“And if I’m down?”
“I’m sure Mingyu would like to know that.”
Your gaze stayed on the handsome angel for a moment before sliding over to the younger, still man-spread on one side of the couch as he chatted away to a few people around him. But like clockwork, he caught your eyes after only a few seconds, lifting a hand to wiggle his fingers at you as he sent an impish smile.
“What did you do to him?” you grimaced, knowing full-well that Wonwoo was seeing what you were seeing. “You’ve broken him,” you added, finally turning your head back to the man across the counter. “Our cute little puppy.”
“Hey, the costume assignments were his idea.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“Look at me. Look at what I’m wearing. Do you really think I would’ve chosen this?” he asked, showing a bit of sass for the first time the whole night, making you laugh.
“Yeah, fair,” you agreed but, honestly, you still thought he looked hot as fuck despite the fact that he looked like some holier-than-thou cult leader.
The party continued for a while. A bit too long considering all you could think about was the idea of fucking your two hot friends – with each passing minute you were getting more and more excited by the idea. More and more turned on by it too.
It was still too early in the night for you to do any kicking out, though the crowd had thinned significantly. And for some reason, that made it feel less weird coming up behind Mingyu and letting your hands slide around his midsection, feeling the slippery mesh that sat over his abs.
He didn’t even falter, continuing to chat as his free hand found yours, resting overtop and giving it a squeeze. Then he was lifting his one arm, prompting you to come under to be by his side, wrapped up against him. Once he finished the point he was making, he smirked down at you, eyebrows raising questioningly, teasingly.
“Look at you, being all needy.”
Immediately, you wanted to pout. “Am not.”
“Just a little?”
“Maybe.” You could feel the others’ eyes on you, the rest of your friend group being part of the crowd that was still here. But did it really matter if Cheol or Jun saw you clinging to Mingyu? They would surely all find out about everything in no time. Things with Wonwoo weren’t kept secret for very long either back when they started. Not that any of them really cared.
“Come,” he said nice and low with a tilt of his head towards the hallway, away from the mass of people.
Immediately, you listened. It was too sexy not to.
Just as you reached the hallway, you heard Wonwoo’s deep voice from behind you. “Not yet.”
You both turned, immediately stepping in so the three of you were close enough to have a conversation somewhat privately.
“Why not?” Mingyu asked.
“There’s still loads of people here.”
“So? There’s music on. No one will hear.”
“That’s not true. At least one of them is going to be pressing their ear up against the door as soon as they notice we’re gone.”
‘No one’s even paying attention. It’s fine–”
“Let’s wait. It’ll be way better if we can take our time.”
Your head was flying back and forth between them, almost to a comical degree.
“Hyung. They could stay until fucking three in the morning for all we know.”
Wonwoo paused before turning his head to you. “What do you want to do?”
“You’re asking me?”
He simply gestured to his costume and the whole thing mixed with the unimpressed look on his face was too funny not to laugh.
After a few seconds, you finally responded: “Ok. We should wait–”
“But I don’t want to.”
You watched as Mingyu lips curled up into a smile, his eyes flicking from you to the other man.
Wonwoo just shook his head slightly before brushing by the two of you, grabbing your hand on the way.
“Lock the door.”
Wonwoo kissed you first, all gentle, but then again he usually was at the beginning. He wasn’t really one to rush sex, rush foreplay, rush teasing you until you were shaking. Lips connected, he easily slid off your blazer as he carefully walked you back towards the bed. It almost felt like any other night, him over at your place, taking the lead, leaving you breathless with his touches. Almost like Mingyu wasn’t even there at all.
But as Wonwoo went to drape your blazer over the back of your desk chair, much to your amusement, Mingyu was taking his place, capturing your attention. Gorgeous torso pressing up against yours. Big hands finding your hips. A softness in his look that made you wonder whether he was having second thoughts about anything.
“I didn’t actually tell you how sexy you look in this. You little tease.” One hand came down, index finger finding the flap of the plaid skirt, teasing it open with a flick.
Ok, you clearly had nothing to worry about.
Wonwoo was back behind you now, his focus remaining on undressing you as his fingers scrunched up your vest and t-shirt, pulling them out of their tuck and over your head. Right away, he brushed your hair to one side to plant warm kisses along the top of your shoulder.
You hummed at the feeling, flutters erupting in your stomach when Mingyu leaned down to brush his lips against your neck on the opposite side and you began to realize that this was actually happening.
“You like it so much, you’re going to leave it on?” you bugged when he still didn’t make any moves toward taking off the skirt.
They pulled back in tandem, sending a chill down your spine at how in sync they had been. Then your back side was left cold when Wonwoo stepped away again.
“If I want to.”
You raised your eyebrows slightly at Mingyu. Challenging.
“I’m the one who gets to decide that after all,” he added as stepped closer, finging the buttons on the panel at the front of your skirt and flicking them open until the kilt became one long piece of fabric falling from your body.
“Oh, really?” You glanced over at Wonwoo who was now facing the two of you, slowly unbuttoning his own shirt, before turning back. “I don’t know. You don’t seem all that scary to me, Gyu.”
“Hmm, that’s right. You like to be pushed around a bit anyway, huh?” On cue, he spun the both of you, knocking you easily back onto the bed. “Made to listen?”
Your gaze fell on Wonwoo again. “Aw, you talk about me?” Maybe you should’ve been offended. Or upset, like your privacy had been invaded. But really, it probably wouldn’t have been surprising to any of the guys that you were a bit of a submissive brat, regardless of whether he had said anything to them.
“Only good things,” the older man assured as he climbed on next to you, his ridiculously ripped abdomen on full display. It always was a wonder no matter how many times you’d seen it.
“I’m impressed,” you complimented, only half-taunting, as you watched out of the corner of your eyes Mingyu pulling his top over his wide shoulders and letting it drop to the floor. “You haven’t said a mean thing to me all night.”
“You should know by now how good my self-control is.” That sounded a bit more like him: you should this, you’re going to that. And his self-control; you were certainly, painstakingly familiar with that.
“Yeah, yeah, hyung’s infamous self-control,” Mingyu droned and immediately you were chuckling as you leant back on your hands, feeling content to just take in the two stunning men in front of you. “We’re leaving these on though,” he stated, leaning close and tugging the top of your thigh high before letting it flick back against your skin with a snap.
“Yes, master,” you mocked with a gleeful smile, making him smirk and roll his eyes.
“You’re asking for it, huh?” He grabbed your chin tightly in his hand before looking over at Wonwoo. “She’s really asking for it.”
“She gets way brattier than this,” he explained casually. “Go on, doll. Show him. He’s the one that has to deal with you tonight.” He looked too pleased with himself as he laid on his side, propping one hand up under his head to watch.
You just popped your eyebrows up at the devil, smirking dancing on your lips.
A second later and your mouths were connecting with an aggression that you hadn’t been expecting. Of all the times you’d considered what a first kiss with Mingyu might look like… damn, how wrong you were. There was nothing sweet about the way he wrapped a hand around the back of your neck, pulling you forcefully to him, his tongue fighting with yours as he crawled over you, making you bend to his physicality until you were flat on your back.
You could barely move, solid thighs pinning your legs, strong arms finding your wrists and locking them above your head. Yeah, you didn’t stand a chance – he was huge.
Still, you thrusted your hips up, attempting to move him even the slightest bit, cause him to waver or have to catch himself with an arm. But no, he was solid stone over top of you, determined to keep you exactly where he wanted as his mouth ravished yours.
When he pulled back, you squirmed, only making his face light up in delight.
“Aw, are you stuck?” he prodded. “That’s too bad. I’ll guess you’ll just have to take whatever we choose to give you.”
That got your attention, sending a shock of arousal through your body as you sucked your bottom lip between your teeth. You didn’t even know he was capable of saying something like that.
“Oh, you do like it? Fuck.” He looked at Wonwoo, the two men sharing a look of amusement before his eyes were back on you, trailing down your body, until they reached your cute little panties. Readjusting his hands so he could easily hold both wrists in one, he reached down, pulling teasingly at the waistband.
“How wet do you think she is, hyung?”
“So fucking wet. My good girl is always so wet for me, isn’t that right?” he cooed as he slid closer to you so he could reach out and caress your cheek softly, guiding you to look over at him. He’d barely ever called you a ‘good girl’ never mind his good girl. But, shit. You really liked it.
Mingyu’s hand dipped lower, a single digit pressing against your entrance and you could practically feel the squelch of your arousal being squished between your folds and the fabric.
You sucked in a breath, eyes staying stuck on the angel until he was leaning in and kissing you.
“So wet, oh my goood. You want this so bad, don’t you?”
You couldn’t respond, preoccupied by Wonwoo’s tongue gliding over yours, but all three of you knew the answer.
“I think Y/N’s a little slut, isn’t she? Just a sexy,” he smacked lightly over your panties, “little,” – another slap – “slut,” – a third – “for us.”
Your hips lifted of their own accord, your cunt clenching around nothing at each tap on your core.
He quickly pushed them back down with his free hand, holding his weight entirely on your wrists and hip as he leant down, hot wet kisses being dotted along the top of your breast.
You whined as you pulled away from Wonwoo’s lips. “Are you going to fuck me or are we just going to hang out all night?” you asked breathlessly. As much as you enjoyed a build-up, you were already more than ready to take one of them. And, well, anything you could do to rile them up, you were in favour of.
It took a second but then Mingyu was pulling your panties down in one rough motion, following it up with another slap to your cunt, this time hard, earning a surprised moan from you. Before you could even process it, he was getting off you abruptly, standing beside the bed to shuck off the rest of his clothes.
“You know, it’s really hard for me to be on your side if you’re going to be a little shit,” Wonwoo explained in what was clearly the nicest tone he could muster as he too sat up, directing you to do the same.
“Oh, I know.” You smirked at him, coming to rest on your knees as he reached around you, flicking the clasp of your bra off effortlessly and tossing it to the side.
“You’re going to be good for us though, right? Listen to everything we say?” Everything was a trick with him though. You knew you couldn’t trust a thing that came out of his mouth.
“Depends how nice you are to me.”
“Oh, we’ll be nice,” he replied before sliding himself to the foot of the bed, reaching for the zipper on his trousers. He nodded past you. “Gyu, sit there. You – face the headboard.”
“‘You’? What happened to ‘good girl’? ‘Doll’?” you teased, though your body listened immediately, turning your body to Mingyu as he sat and got comfortable propped up by the pillows.
“Oh no, I’m so sorry, my perfect sweetheart. How rude of me. Let me make it up to you,” he taunted in a sickeningly sweet voice as he tossed the halo off his head and lowered himself to lie on the bottom half of the bed, his hand coming to tap lightly on your thigh, ushering you to move to straddle his face.
Mmm, gladly.
His hands weaved around your thighs as he adjusted his place under you, tugging you down slightly until he could lick up at your dripping folds, sending a shudder through you at the feeling of his warm tongue lapping over your clit.
“Ahh, fuck,” you breathed out, voice already shaky at finally having some real contact as you looked down at the gorgeous black-haired man between your legs, his eyes closed as he relished your taste and let out a low hum in approval.
“Come on, you don’t get to have all the fun,” came the voice in front of you as he reached for your jaw again, directing you to look at him, take him in in all his naked glory. And fuck – you, of course, understood the general idea of big man-big dick. But Mingyu was a big man. And this was a big dick.
Fascinated, you reached for it immediately, already so hard, the underside of his tip leaking a few beads of pre-cum. Between your shivers and hums of pleasure, you were able to brace yourself on a thick tan thigh while your other hand directed him to your mouth, flat tongue pressing against his shaft as you tried to quickly calculate whether he was even going to fit in your throat.
“Seriously?” you muttered between open-mouthed kisses moving down his shaft.
He chuckled, a hand finding your hair though he wasn’t rough at all, simply brushing it back off your face.
You moaned out a curse word as Wonwoo changed his technique, pulling you lower on him so his tongue could reach further as it fucked up into you.
“Want your mouth,” Mingyu demanded softly, pulling your head gently back to his cock.
“It’s so nice,” you finally said, unable to help yourself.
If he was going to respond to the compliment, it was covered by the moan he let out when you finally took him in, suctioning around him as you sunk down a few inches, submerging his length in the wet warmth of your mouth. You began to slowly stroke him like that, your hand slick with spit and pre-cum taking care of the base of his shaft.
The cocky dirty talk seemed to come to a halt pretty easily, being replaced with whiny groans once you’d distracted him, swirling your tongue around his tip each time you lifted up before plunging back down, letting him hit the back of your throat.
You were trying desperately not to become distracted yourself but that was not an easy feat when the man between your legs had become all but an expert at making you come this way. Sometimes he could even do it without penetration at all. But tonight was not a night for testing your patience and he seemed to know that as he pushed a long finger inside of you, curling it just so each time.
Another finger and finally you were getting somewhere, clenching tightly around him as he hit a perfect spot in front of you, his soft lips caressing your bud over and over. Something about the angle of this position always made everything more intense, his fingers hitting harder against your front wall as he picked up speed, able to read the signals of your body far too easily.
Practically whimpering around Mingyu’s dick now, you tried your best to look up at him only to find him already watching you, enjoying your pleasure just as much as his own.
“You gonna come for him? Come all in his mouth?” His voice was even lower now, still an edge to it, but less playful than before, as if he was truly settling into his role for the night. He pulled you off him, your mouth releasing with a pop, then immediately you were dropping, forehead coming to rest against his hip bone. “I wanna hear you.”
You nodded, trying to tell him that you got the message, sir, yes, sir! But it’s not like you would’ve been able to hold in your sounds anyways, your moans getting louder and more desperate as Wonwoo worked you harder, his tongue and lips working perfectly in sync over your clit as he thrust into you with long fingers.
“Shit… shit!” came out as you began to tense, the coil inside you tightening. The hand in your hair gripped hard, pulling you up so Mingyu could see you fully, the slight pain of it all only adding to the feeling as you hit your peak.
Jaw dropped open, eyes squeezed shut, you came hard, body tensed tightly as the wave crashed and sent you into delirium. You were a shaking, shuddery mess, the orgasm somehow even better this time due to the small audience you had in the form of one of your good friends.
He held your head up as you rocked through it, your hips rolling slightly against Wonwoo’s mouth though you tried to control them at least a little bit so as not to suffocate the guy.
When you finally had the strength – and the man between your legs had reluctantly released you – you shuffled down his body, carefully lifting your legs over his arms, ending up collapsed over him, head tucked by his neck.
“Good fucking girl,” Wonwoo praised, hands coming to brush pleasantly over your bare back, and you let out a delayed giggle.
“So hot when you come, baby. Jesus Christ,” you heard from above you.
“Hey, don’t use the Lord’s name in vain,” Wonwoo threw out so casually, making all three of you start to laugh.
“I’ll do whatever I damn well please,” Mingyu retorted after a few seconds.
You propped yourself up to look at him, the stupid bright-red horns still on his head. “So will I.” You shot him a mischievous smirk as you sat up more fully, shifting until you were sat above the older man’s pelvis, his hard length practically begging for you to ride it.
He watched calmly as you lowered down and began to slide back and forth over him, your abundant wetness enough to make the feeling incredible, especially with your body still dialled up from your orgasm. Despite his hands placed lightly on your hips, he let you run the show, simply watching, enjoying, following your gaze when your eyes dropped down to watch his cock disappear between your pussy lips each time you rolled your hips forward.
“Feel good, baby?”
“So good,” he breathed out.
“Being so polite,” you noted, trying not to make it sound too much like ridicule. You were actually surprised at the way his soft tone was making you feel so hot. You really couldn’t remember a time when he’d looked like this, sounded like this, underneath you.
“Yes, baby,” he said with a little nod.
“Such a good angel.” You weren’t really sure where the praise was even coming from – it just felt right. “Want to be inside?”
“Yes, please,” he said without hesitation and it almost made you giggle. Damn, Wonwoo was capable of this, even if it was taking all of his willpower? And you actually liked it?
You glanced up briefly to send Mingyu a smug look as you sat up, maneuvering Wonwoo’s pretty dick so you were able to slide down on it, letting out a relieved hum at the feeling of the familiar stretch. You’d told pretty much all your girl friends at this point about how Wonwoo had the perfect cock – one of the many reasons you kept him around, you’d joke – just long enough and big enough to make you feel deliciously full. And every time he sunk into you, the statement was reaffirmed. The sentiment seemed to be shared between the both of you as he let out a sumptuous groan at the feeling.
The man in front of you didn’t look too bothered, still sat against the headboard, languidly jerking himself as he watched his best friend split you open. But as much as you wanted to continue keeping your gaze on him, seeing him pleasure himself with his hand as he sat there looking like a god, you felt compelled to look at Wonwoo, head thrust back into the bed, thick neck on display, eyes closed as he enjoyed the feeling of you slowing bouncing on him, taking in every inch of him before lifting up again.
Each time, you tried to sink down a little harder, gripping around him as tightly as you could. You wanted him to tremble. To moan. Was this what being drunk on power felt like? you mused in your mind. With each little groan or sigh that fell from his lips, it only spurred you on more.
“Fucking perfect dick,” you praised as you slammed down on him. “Feels amazing.”
“You feel amazing,” he panted without opening his eyes though you could feel the good squeeze of his hands on your hips.
“How amazing?”
“So amazing.”
“Good enough to come for me? Give me your cum?” you asked sweetly, bending at the waist so you could kiss along his neck while still plunging down onto him at a decent pace.
“Want to.” He almost sounded defeated. But damn it, there was something hot about that too.
“Being so good,” you whispered in his ear, before attaching your mouth to the skin right below it.
The whiny exhale that came out of him was music to your ears. “Ah, fuck,” he muttered, and you could feel him starting to use a bit of his own strength to guide your hips, helping you find exactly the rhythm he needed.
You moaned too, clenching around him and feeling the drag of his cock against your walls as your speed picked up. “Fuck, baby,” you breathed against him, lips brushing against his hot skin as he hit so good inside of you, beginning to stir up another orgasm.
“Shit, so tight,” he winced, finally starting to lift his hips to meet your motions. “Fuck, yeah, I’m gonna come.” The words tumbled out of him in a rush as he fucked up into you.
“Yes, fuck, please. Come for me, baby. Fill me up.” It didn’t even occur to you that what you were saying may have been surprising to Mingyu. It was entirely normal for the two of you now. You knew how much he fucking loved pumping you full of his cum.
And so he did – with a low strangled sound as you both slammed together a few more times, stopping when he held you tightly down against him, shooting his load deep into you. He always sounded hot when he came but the desperate lilt to his voice throughout it all just made it ten times hotter.
“Fuck,” he swore again after a minute, body beginning to relax, his grip on you loosening to the point where you could actually sit up and observe the fucked out way he melted into the duvet. Head tilted back, his eyes fluttered open, tongue flicking out to lick at his dry lips. “Shit.” He sniffed, blinking as he came back to reality.
“Your turn,” you said as your head shot up to look at Mingyu.
“Hey, that’s my line,” he whined.
“Well, I said it first,” you taunted, raising your nose like a bratty child.
He clicked his tongue against his teeth. The bed shifted as he slid off it, quickly making his way behind you, hand finding its place in your hair and wrenching your head back.
“Look at you, finally using all that muscle for something.”
He scoffed, pulling your head back farther until you were balancing precariously over Wonwoo without being able to get a grip on anything.
You actually weren’t usually this mouthy with Wonwoo. But Mingyu was responding too well to it for you to stop.
“Up,” he commanded simply but forcefully, prompting you to lift as best you could by shuffling your knees together slightly, allowing Wonwoo’s dick to fall out of you back down against his stomach. “Now bend.” This direction was accompanied by a lovely push so your chest was flat against the older man’s, the layer of sweat on both of you making the contact a bit slippery.
A hand slid up your back before gripping around your waist, the other guiding the head of his dick to your entrance, swiping over it teasingly. “I’m going to fuck you now and you’re going to take it like a good little slut, got it?” he told you, voice low and even as he teased the first inch into your hole.
When you squeaked out a moan as how thick he already felt, head dropping back to the crook of Wonwoo���s neck, he paused.
“But, seriously though, if it’s too much, just tell me, ok?”
You let out a huff of breathless laughter, not having expected the sudden sweetness. It was dang cute. “Yeah, sure,” you agreed quickly before pushing your hips up a bit to emphasize just how ready you were. If he waited any longer, you were about to start begging.
He slid in slowly, letting out a few gruff curses as you enveloped him.
You barely noticed how Wonwoo was gathering your sweaty hair up off your neck, pulling it to one side so sweetly. No, you were far too distracted by the toe-curling stretch. Fucking hell.
Yes, that was the joke – you were literally fucking hell. And, shit, it was so so good.
“Ah, Gyu,” you moaned as he got deeper inside.
“Still ok?” he checked in.
You squeaked out a ‘yes’ followed by a barely understandable ‘please’.
“Please what, baby?”
“Tell him what you want,” came the throaty voice from below you, the sound rumbling through you.
“Fuck me,” you whimpered, already knowing you were going to have no problem getting to a second climax, especially after Wonwoo had already gotten you started. “Please, fuck,” you tried again, finding your voice as you lifted up onto your hands, head dangling down in between your shoulders.
“As you wish,” he said breezily, beginning to pull out before he corrected himself, “No, as I wish. Fuck!”
You let out a choked laugh at his failed attempt to stay in character. It only made him cuter and hotter in just about every way.
“Shit, you can’t laugh. Oh my god.”
“Feels good?” you said through a smirk but your eyebrows were still furrowed together in pleasure.
“So fucking good.”
You laughed again, this time more as an experiment and felt his hands grip your waist tighter in response as he thrust harder into you, sheathing himself entirely.
Ironically, it felt like heaven.
“Y/N… what did I just say?” he sounded so breathless, so lost in the feeling.
Now Wonwoo was chuckling too, spurring you on further, as his hands traced designs over any skin he could reach.
“Why don’t you stop complaining and start fucking me?” you snarked, bracing your hands on Wonwoo’s chest to glance over your shoulder at the younger man. “And take off the stupid fucking horns!” you exclaimed with a hearty laugh upon seeing them still on his head.
He simply drove hard into you, pulling a loud gasp as you fell back forward, palms pressed onto Wonwoo’s firm pecs. “The horns stay on.”
You laughed again.
He groaned again.
You and Wonwoo laughed together.
Then the devil was fucking you harder, faster.
“Aw, fuck!” you cursed, finally forgetting about all the fun as his cock massaged your walls, spreading you apart, hitting you so deep. Letting out a bit of a whimper, you fell forward, catching yourself on your elbows on either side of Wonwoo’s head.
“Is he fucking you good, baby?”
You nodded emphatically, finding words too hard.
“Doing so good. Taking it so well.”
His deep, sexy words were seeping into you, making you tighten around Mingyu.
“Gonna come–” you choked out with a moan, lifting your head slightly as Wonwoo began to kiss at your neck, your jaw, both his arms wrapped around you protectively.
“Not yet,” came from behind you, immediately making you whine.
Your cunt clenched down on him again, searching for the friction, searching for release. Mingyu could say no all he wanted – it didn’t mean your body was going to listen.
“Aw, come on, Gyu,” Wonwoo went to bat for you, stopping his presses of his lips momentarily.
“I said, ‘not yet’.”
“Sweet girl deserves to come.”
“She comes when I say she can come,” Mingyu said, the strain clear in his voice along with his heavy breathing.
What the fuck. For the first time that night, you were thoroughly appreciating Wonwoo’s dedication to his part.
“Please. Please, please, please,” you began repeating, unable to think of what else to say. It was right there. Right there. But there was still that part of you that wanted to listen. Always tried to listen, just like when Wonwoo was in the mood to withhold your orgasms.
“She’s been good.”
Yes! Yes, so good!
Mingyu let out a derisive laugh, still pumping into you fast and hard.
“You can come, baby,” Wonwoo said, suddenly focused completely on you, a sure look on his face when you opened your eyes to meet his.
“Can I?” you asked, your voice so needy and desperate.
From over your shoulder: “No.”
“You can. You’re allowed to come. I’m letting you come,” Wonwoo permitted. Then he kissed you, lips catching, wet tongues meeting, and you just couldn’t fucking hold it anymore. The dam broke, the spark of pleasure igniting through your body, electricity rippling out to all your limbs as you cried out into the kiss, the sound muffled by his mouth.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. Had anything ever felt so good?
You were squeezing him so hard, the pressure was euphoric. Coming like that, barely earth-side, seeing stars, you couldn’t even hear Mingyu as he spoke.
“Shit, baby. You gonna beg for my cum too, huh?”
You just kissed Wonwoo harder, hands tangling in his hair all on their own. Everything was just… so much.
“Want me to fill you up too?”
You pulled away to breathe, holding him instead, forehead meeting the duvet as Mingyu used your body to chase his own climax. “Yes. Yes, please,” you croaked out as your high started to finally slowly fade away.
“Fuck, baby,” he cursed, and you could tell he was about to finish, his hips starting to stutter.
“Give me your cum, baby. Come on, Gyu.” You pushed your hips back to him, using all the energy you had left. “Give it to me.”
“Fuuuuck,” he groaned, the word drawn out and shaky as he stilled to a slow pulse deep inside of you, spilling his release.
You could practically feel him throbbing, or perhaps that was your own heartbeat. Either way, it felt incredible.
Sinking back into Wonwoo’s embrace, panting and sweaty, you let Mingyu come down from his peak, his grip eventually loosening on you as he bent to kiss at your back.
Now that there was no other physical stimulation to distract you, it became urgently clear how much you needed to switch positions, your knees and thighs becoming achy from kneeling for so long, so after a few more moments, you sat up, reaching back with one hand to hold onto his arm as you twisted off the man below you and rolled to the side onto your back.
You let out a hissed ‘ahh’ as you stretched your legs, shaking them out a bit as you watched Mingyu bring his hands up, removing the headband accessory and tossing it aside to run his hands through his slightly damp hair.
“Holy shit,” he breathed out, a wide smile on his face, coming forward and nudging you to scoot closer to the other so he’d have space on the bed as well before flopping down.
Wonwoo was already rolled on his side, propped up onto his hand, watching the two of you settle, and you found yourself wanting to kiss him again. Kiss both of them again actually.
You looked between them, angel on one side, devil on the other. How was it that they looked even more gorgeous than when the night began?
“So… we’re definitely doing that again,” Mingyu spoke up when it was finally time to break the comfortable silence.
You smiled, rolling into him to nuzzle against his big, round shoulder.
“Sure, but it’ll be on my terms next time,” came Wonwoo’s ruling.
“I don’t know. I’ve had a taste of the dark side, not sure I can go back,” Mingyu played before letting out a little giggle when you nipped him lightly with your teeth. “Ok, fine. You got me,” he acquiesced in mock exasperation.
“What do you think?” Wonwoo asked and you could feel his warm hand trail comfortingly over your hip, down to where your stocking ended, finger dipping under the material to pull it away and let it smack back against your thigh.
“I could be persuaded,” you mused, reaching for his hand to pull it to your waist. When he shuffled closer to be right up against you, sandwiching you between them, you wiggled gleefully.
They both let out a fond chuckle at your cuteness, Mingyu rolling over too to wrap an arm around you.  
You let out a soft sigh. “Yeah, ok, I’m down.”
Tumblr media
A/N: oh my god this took so much brain power but also so worth it???? right? please y’all you have to share this one and leave me comments. i’m begging you. i know this is later than i usually post but i just had to get this out tonight. and now i can finally stop thinking about it ahah. thank you so so much for reading <3 y’all are the best ever
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os8mu-archived · 11 months
when you wear their clothes
Tumblr media
⤷ ft. dazai, chuuya, ranpo, fyodor, atsushi, akutagawa
Tumblr media
dazai ー you hold out your arms, watching as the sleeves of his trench coat hang off your hands, unbeknownst to dazai watching you from afar. his belladonna in his coat; it made his heart beat harder than it ever had before. you hadn’t even noticed him until he snuck up on you, spinning you around. you're not sure what's more embarrassing: the yelp of surprise that slips out of your mouth or the fact you were caught by dazai. he pulls the belt of his coat until you’re chest to chest, looking down at you with eyes so bright, they warmed your entire body more than his jacket alone ever could. “my pretty girl,” he gently grasps your jaw, pressing a long kiss to your lips. “you’re so cute, i think you’ll kill me,” he sighs against your mouth.
chuuya ー it was the middle of the night when chuuya arrived home from a mission overseas. a selfish part of him was hoping you were still awake — you weren’t. you were, however, snuggled up on his side of the bed, adorned in one of his button-downs as your hair fanned across his pillow. although he’d have to wait until morning to catch up with you, this wasn’t so bad either. he can’t fight his smile at the thought of you missing him in his absence, putting on his shirt as a way to feel closer to him. he tucks your hair behind your ear, making a mental note to leave his shirts around more often as he presses his lips against the side of your head. “i’m home,” he whispers against your temple.
ranpo ー you wrap yourself up in his cloak, sighing in delight at the warm feeling that spreads through your body as you're surrounded by the sugary smell that always lingered on ranpo’s skin. you eye the hat that was left next to it. it only made sense to match, right? you fit it on your head, nodding to yourself in approval only to turn around and see ranpo. he stood in front of you, his eyes wide open, green irises complimented by his reddening cheeks. even if you could come up with some kind of excuse, you knew he'd see through it before it even left your mouth. you're pulled out of your head when you feel him squish your cheeks in his hands, an uncharacteristically serious expression on his face. “never take this off.”
fyodor ー there was nothing he didn’t do on purpose; of course he’d left his hat on his desk hoping you’d slip it on when he left the room, and you looked even prettier than he imagined you would. “oh? what’s this?” you feel surprise jolt through your body at the sound of his smooth voice, pulling off the ushanka like you weren't just seen. there was a glint in his eyes as he walked towards you. “did you miss me, dear?” he smiles at the flustered expression on your face. “well…” he takes the hat from you, pulling it back over your head. his hands delicately hold your face, cold thumbs cooling your skin as they stroke your heated cheeks. “now you have the real thing.”
atsushi ー one of the perks of atsushi’s small dorm was that there was little space to hide, so when he woke up without your warm body next to his, it wasn’t hard to find you in the kitchen. “good morning! did you sleep we…” you turn around, waiting for atsushi to continue only to see him frozen as he took in the sight of you in his white button down, finishing up fluffing the rice. “is that…my shirt?” “yeah,” you say, unable to gauge his reaction. “i can take it off if you want.” you mumble, placing down the paddle to fidget with one of the buttons. “no!” falling asleep together only to wake up to you wearing his shirt as you made breakfast, it was like you two were a family, and god, it’s everything he’s ever wanted. he chooses to ignore the twinge of possessiveness he feels as he clears his throat. “i-i mean, no. please keep it on. you look nice.”
akutagawa ー there were only a few times you had seen akutagawa without his coat, let alone seen him leave it out in the open. you had only wanted to try it on for a moment, but of course you chose the moment he came back in the room. you freeze as you see him in the doorway, his eyes unwavering from your form, expression unreadable. “i was only trying it on. please don’t be mad at me." it wasn’t easy to get to the place you were with akutagawa and you were afraid that you might’ve just ruined everything. after a few seconds of embarrassed silence, you shift to shrug the coat off. “don’t,” he grunts. you look up in surprise only to see his blushing face turned away from you, hand covering his mouth, stifling a cough. “...you look really pretty.”
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okhotel · 2 months
alexa play “cartier by bazzi” pt. 3 🪐
*afab black reader smut*
plug!geto who uses his spare key to your apartment, to break in while you were at work to decorate the place for your twenty-third birthday. He knew you were coming home early to leave out later for a party with your girls, but he wanted your whole day to feel special, and wanted to spend a little alone time with you first. Your bedroom was filled with pink and white balloons that littered the floor, pink and gold banners that screamed “happy birthday”, roses that covered every corner on your bed, gifts upon gifts that were lined up against your wall, honey citrus candles that created a serene glow to the scene, and of course him, who moved to sit in the kitchen to wait for his  princesses arrival.
plug!geto that feels his heart beat through his chest when watching your face light up at the surprise. He watched from your door as you ran into your room to see all that he had done. A big bright smile stayed on his face the entire time as he studied you squealing over the hundreds of roses and dozens of bags taking up space. Watching you tear up and shake with excitement over his little idea of gratitude, truly made him realize how much he loved you. It’s only been a year and some change since you’ve stumbled into his life, but he wholeheartedly believes you’re the only one for him. His feelings for you have been growing stronger as every day passed— he can’t recall a moment where he’s not thinking about you, in a sense you’ve become a drug dealer's drug. Every second that he’s not around you, gives him more time to think over these emotions that he couldn’t suppress. Small moments replay in his mind and remind him that he’s only truly happy when you’re happy too, only knew true love when he met you…and this all finally pushed him to ask you to be his girlfriend before the day was over.
plug!geto that lets you grip his face in both of your hands, as you kiss all over his cheeks and chin, while slipping in a few “thank you’s” here and there. He silently chuckles at seeing you have to stand on your tippy toes to just to kiss his forehead. Through kisses and giggles he quietly suggests for you to open your gifts— he bought you this gold and diamond anklet that had letter pendants that spelt out his name. He really wanted you to open that first, so that you could see it matches the chain with your initials you bought him a few months prior. Yes it may be a little corny, but it was cute to him, it was more than just jewelry to him. And you must’ve felt the same way he felt because as soon as you opened the silver box your face dropped into the cutest pout he’s ever seen, while your eyes grew glossy and little droplets of tears stained the cotton surrounding the gift. He watched in slight shock as you dropped the box onto the bed, to turn and throw yourself onto him. He’ll never forget the feeling of your lips on his in that moment— this kiss was much different from others, was way softer and held more passion as your lips moved in tandem. 
plug!geto that swiftly pushes all of the roses off the bed as he guides your body down into the sheets, while his lips place heated kisses along your shoulder and neck. One calloused hand grips both of your wrists to pull them up above your head leaving your squirming body to his eager eyes. He watches as you try to push your hips up against his leg to get any type of pressure on your pussy, and though he would love to watch you struggle, love to watch you beg until your crying for any help from him; He also wants to see you cry from how good he’s fucking you, wants to see your legs spread open with that pretty pussy on display as his dick slips and slides out of you. So, he does just that, and in seconds he has you bare underneath him, but first he needs a treat. 
plug!geto who’s tongue slithers out of his mouth to lap against your clit. He takes his time with her to savor the feeling of your essence melting onto his tongue. He uses the tip of his tongue to trace your stiffened nub, while his unoccupied hand traces the outline of your lips. His eyes rest on yours and hold you in a trance to keep you looking at him as he plays with his pussy. He wants to see your pretty eyes puff up with tears as he guides his tongue into your pussy. He wants you to see the way his eyes roll back at the feeling of you clamping down around his muscle all the while you push more cream into his mouth. He drags his lips back up to kiss at your clit— a mixture of his spit and your cum leaves your pussy glistening in the candle light, and geto craving for more. What can he say, he likes it sloppy. As he makes out with your nub his fingers trail their way to your hole, he pushes past the ring like barrier with a nasty squelch as he settles deep in your pussy. “You got such a pretty pussy baby, I could really die right here” is mumbled into your thigh as his digits scissor in and out of you, rubbing against your walls to leave you feeling like a tingly mess. He watched as your face began to twist up while your hands tried to slap at his, you couldn’t even speak, you just kept letting out little whimpers and cries. He was so far gone and lost in his meal that he didn’t even notice you trying to grab his attention to try and warn him of the sudden orgasm that was rapidly approaching. And it wasn’t until he felt a clear liquid shooting across his face and the sound of you screaming out a moan, that you finally got his attention. 
plug!geto that almost creamed his pants at the sight of you soaked in your cum and his spit while your legs trembled and shook around his head. 
plug!geto who scrambles to get his pants off because he can’t stand another minute without being inside of you. It was sad to say but he knew he wasn’t going to last long if you kept staring at him with those big glossy eyes as you clawed at his clothes begging him to hurry up and fuck you. He wanted this moment to be sweet, something soft that you’d both remember for lifetimes, but fuck, he needs you now. 
plug!geto that sinks deep into you with a groan, he knew you would feel good but this was something that he would’ve never expected. It felt like your pussy was made for him— like the ending piece to a puzzle, you just fit him perfectly. He starts his pace out slow, wanting you to get comfortable before he fucked you through your bed. He gave sensual, languid strokes, letting his length feel every ridge that shaped your pussy to make you feel every single inch of him. 
“you feel me fuckin you, feel me all in your stomach?”
                                           “—mmm, you too big, baby, shit!”
“but you can take me can’t you? this your dick take it like a big girl”
plug!geto that truly doesn’t think he can last in that “little ass pussy” for much longer. He can already feel his chest getting warmer and his balls tightening up, his head is getting fuzzy and his groans are getting louder. It doesn’t help that you’re kissing along his neck while sucking hickies into his skin. 
                                             “c’mon g wanna feel you cumm, need you to gimmie that nut baby”
“yea? bet you want that shit so bad don’t y-you, shit— fuckin nasty slut”
“mhmm— pleaseee baby, i- i don’t think i can last fa longer”
“shit pretty with the way you creamin this dick i’m not gonna last either”
plug!geto that with a few more rocking thrusts is cumming deep in your pussy as he doubles over onto your shoulder while squeezing your hips, as he releases a sinful moan in your ear. The force of his orgasm knocked you into your own and had you leaving stripes down his back. 
plug!geto that can’t help but snap a pic of your fucked out state— your tongue hung out your mouth, your legs were spread out letting all of his cum leak out of you, you had dark red splotches blooming around your neck, and your pretty titties were out and on display, definitely took everything in him not to throw his phone and take one of ‘em in his mouth…but that’s something for another day. He continues with wiping you down and helping you get settled into the bath he drew for you. He held you close in his arms, letting you rest your head against his shoulder while he placed gentle kisses across your face. 
“princess, can I ask you something?”
                                                                       “what’s up g?”
“you know, we’ve been talking for so long, and lately I've been noticing that…I can't get you off my mind. shits weird, i’ve never felt like this for nobody but you just do something to me baby. i think— i think i really love you y/n, and i would love it if you would be my girl.”
plug!geto that gets scared at your lack of an answer. His face instantly drops and that hard front he usually portrays comes back up. Fear and regret fills his head and he begins to second guess ever coming over in the first place. But before he can make up an excuse to leave, your pulling him into a bone crushing hug and a bruising kissing
“baby i thought you’d never ask”.
a/n. uhhh tried something new here, anddd this piece was sittin in my drafts for thee longest bro, i was so tempted to scrap the shit but I changed my mind and said "it is what it is", so here yall go! I do hope yall enjoyed it anddd uhhh thanks love yall lots<3
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pinkchubbiebunnie · 2 months
truth or dare at a sleepover w robin and nancy turns three girls experimenting?
I really, really love this concept. Like someday, I wanna turn this into a full 10k fleshed out fic, where we get to see Nancy’s feelings about exploring her sexuality this way and we get to see Robin’s feelings about likely having her first f/f sexual interactions, but for now, I just wanted to write something quick with this prompt because I love it so fucking much. so here’s this <3
Girls Night - Robin Buckley x Fem!Reader x Nancy Wheeler (Smut Blurb)
Word Count: 1,100 
Warnings: not proofread lmao, kind of interrupted (Karen bangs on the door but doesn’t open it), fingering, oral sex/pussy eating, all action is reader receiving (pillow princess), some Nancy and Robin bickering but it’s playful, mentions of titty worship, mentions of past Eddie x reader, idk hopefully that’s everything 
“Oh fuck.” You sighed into the air, reaching a hand down to grip Robin’s hair tighter, pushing her further into your pussy as you unconsciously humped your hips off the bed toward her wanting mouth. She moaned against you, loving the touch, her determined tongue slipping from your clit to your throbbing hole as you let out pretty moans for her. “Fuck, Robin.” 
“I want another turn.” Nancy said, voice edging on annoyed as she reached over and threaded her own hand into Robin’s hair and began to yank her off your aching cunt, much to your dismay. 
“Another turn?” Robin sat up fully on her knees, looking at Nancy with disgraced shock. She truly couldn’t believe that one person could be so greedy and demanding - you were distracted by the way your slick looked glistening on Robin’s chin, the way her nipples pebbled out through the thin, comfortable old Halloween tee shirt that she wore as pajamas. “You were hogging her tits for like twenty minutes. The poor girl’s nipples are probably sore. You have to share, Nance.” 
Nancy was completely topless, wearing only the little pair of pink silken pj shorts that once had a matching button up top that was now abandoned on the floor somewhere, among the mess of magazines and junk-food wrappers that were tangled in with the nest of blankets you and Robin had on the floor. Nancy’s tits were so perfect, another distracting sight that had you just as hot as the fact that they were arguing over you. 
How had you gotten here? 
You remembered something about a game of Truth or Dare, maybe.
Nancy suggested it as she painted her own toenails - and somehow, it devolved into this. Truths about who had done what sexually, a prank call to someone’s ex asking about their sexual performance in bed while the others were allowed to listen in on the phone line. A dare for you to kiss Robin. Nancy telling you that the kiss was weak, so you went in with tongue. You daring Nancy to take her top off when she seemed shy about her breast size compared to Robin’s. 
And of course, it escalated from there. 
So now, you were spread out on Nancy’s pretty, girly bed, completely naked except for the cute little patterned socks that you wore, while she and Robin took turns with you - they both seemed delighted by how sensitive you were, but how much you reacted to their touches. (Something that had intrigued them when Eddie had mentioned it on that phone call.) 
“You have to share, Robin.” Nancy sneered the words in the other girl’s face, and she reached forward and shoved two fingers inside your pussy. You were slicked up and wanting, and took her thin fingers easily, but the intuition was a surprise. One that made you gasp out sharply and curve your back up, unintentionally displaying your tits for them as you enjoyed the feeling of Nancy’s touch filling you. 
Nancy quickly got the hint and began to move her fingers, rocking them quickly inside of you, curving her fingers and looking for that special spot. 
Robin squawked out some mockery toward Nancy, quite playful - even though they were ‘fighting’ over you, it was clear that they were glad to be doing this with you. 
Robin leaned down and used a hand on your thigh to part your legs further, making more room for herself with Nancy’s forearm pistoning between your legs so she could tuck her head back there once again. She began tonguing your clit one more, enjoying your taste and the feeling of the hot little bud under her tongue as you humped wildly into the touch, into the feeling of both of them driving you wild. Your body was on fire, quickly hurling toward orgasm - not surprising as Nancy found that special spongy spot inside of you and grinned to herself as she did, and Robin made out with your mound almost lovingly, clearly enjoying eating you out as much as you were enjoying the feeling of it. 
“Oh fuck,” You whined out, tilting your head back into the pillow and letting your eyes fall closed. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” 
“I wanna see.” Nancy said, voice full of a wild determination. “I bet you’re so pretty when you cum.” 
Robin moaned at these words, and the vibrations of her voice - combined with Nancy hitting that spot inside of you so perfectly, your wetness pooling in the palm of her hand and dripping down her wrist - had you hurling into the perfect orgasm. You huffed out hot breaths and arched up off the bed, pushing your head further into the softness of the pillow as your legs quaked, held open by one each of Nancy and Robin’s hands, a deadly perfect combination coming at you from both sides. They were consuming you whole, turning your whole world upside down, and you fucking loved it. 
You had barely caught your breath, Robin pulling off to give your clit a little kiss, Nancy’s fingers still inside of you, when there was a knock at Nancy’s bedroom door. 
“Girls!” It was her mother. You began to scramble apart, Nancy pulling her hand away from you in a harsh way that made you wince. You were so orgasm-sagged that you could barely move, but you pulled yourself up and began to look for your clothes. Robin shot up, and Nancy jumped off the bed to get her shirt and put it on as the doorknob jiggled - luckily Nancy had the forethought to lock it when the three of you had started exchanging kisses. “Why is this door locked?” 
Robin wiped her face down with tissues and you rushed to throw your shirt back on as Robin looked for her pajama pants - even though she was still wearing underwear, she knew it would look weird if she wasn’t wearing all her clothes. 
“We were trying on clothes!” Nancy quickly made up an excuse, struggling to button her shirt with her lust shaky fingers. “You know, a fashion show.” 
You held back a snort of laughter. None of Nancy’s clothes would ever fit you, but hopefully her mother was too distracted to observe that fact. 
“Well, your pizza is here.” Karen told you. “It’s down on the counter.” 
Her footsteps retreated, and the three of you let out a collective sigh of relief. 
“I know I just ate… but uh, I could totally go for pizza right now.” Robin said, making the obvious joke. 
You and Nancy couldn’t help but laugh at it.
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upsidedownwithsteve · 2 months
Promptober: Day Eight
Tumblr media
Steve Harrington x fem!reader
820 words.
“I’m cold,” the boy moaned, crossing his bare arms and looking entirely unhappy. “Like, really fuckin’ cold.”
You stared at Steve knowingly, brows raised, gaze pointed and you scoffed. 
“I told you to bring a jacket, didn’t I?” You wrapped your own tighter around yourself, the woolly lining helping keep the new fall breeze at bay. Hawkins was a watercolour of gloomy skies and orange and brown leaves in puddles. “It’s not summer anymore, babe, you’re gonna catch the flu.”
“I didn’t know we were gonna be outside for this long, did I?” Steve frowned, stepping from side to side in the wet grass, trying to warm himself up. A whistle blew from the pitch and people yelled. “It’s been ages.”
You rolled your eyes, still affectionate, waving at Max who was running across the muddy field, ready to chase the soccer ball. “It’s only been half an hour, Steve.”
The boy huffed and shifted closer to you, shoulders and arms brushing against yours and you smiled, knowing what he wanted. 
“Yeah but I was sure Max would’ve managed a red card by now, that little Jessica Lowell from Indiana State has been at her ankles all morning.”
You huffed out a laugh, watching how the redhead was indeed chasing the other girl, Jessica’s eyes wide as she looked over her shoulder to see Max advancing, eyes narrowed, pigtails flying. 
“I told her she had to behave this time,” you grinned, “I’ve had enough of cleaning up injuries.”
Steve made his move then, humming happily, voice all low and sweet as he pressed himself to the front of you, his bare arms slipping inside of your jacket to wrap around your waist.
“But you’re so good at it,” he cooed, pressing cold lips to your cheek, an even colder, pink nose to your temple. 
“You’re trying to sweet talk me so I’ll keep you warm?” You laughed, not doing much in protest. In fact, you gripped at the front of his t-shirt and pulled the boy closer. He smelled like his coffee from the bakery, mint and something woodsy, expensive cologne and Steve. “You’re despicable, Harrington.”
Steve just hummed, most likely in agreement, because he was pressing his face into your neck, warmed by the collar of your jacket and you shook your head and grinned wider. 
He was pushing his luck when his hands crept up the inside of your sweater, pressing against warm skin, his fingers freezing. You yelped, jerked against him and huffed at his laugh. Steve refused to let go, kissed away your mumbles of protest when he smoothed his palms along the slope of your waist. 
You were lucky that you’d both chosen to stand a little away from the crowd of parents and other onlookers, because Steve’s hands wandered higher and higher until they were cupping lace, his kisses growing in urgency. 
“Steve,” you tried to scold, almost appalled at his daring display of affection, but there was no heat in your voice. In fact, you sounded far too breathy for your own liking. “Behave.”
He just smiled, let his hands settle back over the dip in your waist and pulled you close. “M’just tryin’ to get warm,” he whispered. “I gotta say, it’s working.”
You twisted your lips to try and hide your smile, shaking your head at him. But you let him cling to you and the rest of the match went by without anymore groping. You rested your cheek on the boy’s chest, his cologne and the feel of his steady heartbeat making the Sunday morning seem slow and easy. Steve tucked his chin on your head in kind, calling out appreciation and support for Max every time she scored. 
Every time she got the ball, really. Steve was the one who’d encouraged her to try out for the soccer team, hoping that kicking something on a daily basis would help her smile more. He’d been right. 
Still, she blushed and batted at his hand when the match was over and she’d scored the last goal, pretending that the older boy’s praise didn’t affect her. 
“You two won’t be invited to the next game if you keep trying to eat each other on the sidelines,” she snarked, waiting at the back door of the BMW, mud on her cheeks and knees. “It’s disgusting.”
“You’re disgusting,” Steve shot back easily, tugging at an almost unravelled plait. “And besides, if you do that, who’s gonna give you a ride?”
You rolled your eyes at their bickering, well used to it by now. But you climbed into the car as you mouthed a ‘sorry’ to Max and her answering grin told you that she didn’t really mind all that much. 
It only took Steve two seconds after starting the engine to blast the heat, all vents on high as he pressed his face into them, sighing. 
“Christ, it’s fucking cold,” he complained one more time. 
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headfullofpresley · 2 months
You and me, kid
You and me, kid ─ always and forever.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Elvis Presley x reader (can be Austin!Elvis as well)
Word count: 4324 (woops)
Warning/notes: SMUT SMUT SMUT, y/n is a bold ass bitch, mentions of cigarettes/cigars, blood, biting, crying(?), English is not my first language so bare with me cuties. I wrote this with late 60s!Elvis/early 70s!Elvis in mind, but other than mentions of the International/Vegas there’s nothing that indicates so, so you can read it with any era in mind.
Most of the vampire stuff is inspired by TVD and TO.
Part 2 is here!
‘‘I pick my poison and it’s you, nothing can kill me like you do. You’re going straight to my head and I’m headed straight for the edge.’’
You knew the wisest thing to do was to stay far far away from Elvis Presley. With that killer smile that showed off his perfect pearly whites and voice as smooth as butter, he had girls all over the world in hysterics. You had never met one girl who did not swoon over Elvis Presley and even though you’d never admit it out loud, you weren’t any better. You shouldn’t find it hot when his lips were covered in your blood when he’d pull back from your neck, you shouldn’t be moaning when he lapped up the stripe of crimson fluid that spilled down the length of your neck and down your collar bone. But here you freaking were, shivering in both pleasure and pain as you straddled the raven haired vampire that could end your life in just a mere second.
But Elvis wasn’t planning on ending your life, not in this moment and if it were up to him, not ever. Ever since laying eyes on you and being close enough to you to smell your natural scent through that sweet perfume of yours, he couldn’t bare to stay away from you. Before he could even taste you, he had already become addicted. You were hired as a cigarette girl at The International a few weeks before Elvis’ first show there and although it wasn’t exactly your dream job, you did like it. It paid well, you got to meet a lot of interesting people and the boss had offered you to stay in one of the rooms for free until you had enough saved up to rent the small apartment you had your sights set on located in the neon capital of the world. Las Vegas was equally scary as exciting, but for now, there was no other place in the world where you’d rather be.  You had worked the floor for most of Elvis’ shows at the hotel and while you were enjoying a free concert during work hours, he had different ideas when he noticed you prancing around with the small tray of smokes and snacks around your neck. Neither did he miss the way your legs seemed to go on for days in your work outfit which consisted of a short tight fitted white dress, not leaving much up to the imagination of who ever laid their eyes on you. And he hated the thought of that.
After his first show, he immediately made a request to have cigars delivered up to his suite, asking for you specifically. Mistaking your co-workers’ looks of worry for jealousy, you happily accepted the offer. You still remembered the first time he sank his sharp fangs into the soft flesh of your neck and how you cried in pain, trying to fight him off in a panic. Looking back on it now, it just made you laugh. After that night, you went up to the suite every night with your little tray, becoming just as addicted to him as he was to you.
‘‘More.. I want more,’’ you whined softly as your fingers were tangled in his dark locks, trying to push him back to your neck. The strength he possessed was no match for your weak arms, his fingers wrapping around your small wrists to pull your hands out of his hair as he pulled his head back. A deep laugh rolled off of his tongue, the wet muscle sticking out to swipe away some of your blood that stained his lips. You were watching his every move with dazed eyes, every single one of your muscles and senses on high alert, as they were always were in his presence. He was so intoxicating, so enchanting. Every time you’d enter his space, the world around you disappeared, as if it never even existed. Everything you once believed in made no sense at all anymore and worries that would cloud your mind during the day vanished like snow melting underneath the heat of a winter sun.
‘‘Easy, girl,’’ he grinned as he reached his hand out to your face, gently grabbing your chin with his thumb and index finger, pulling your face closer to his. You could feel his warm breath on your skin and it made your eyes flutter shut, a small gasp leaving your mouth without you even noticing it. ‘‘We have all the time in the world,’’ he whispered and you didn’t answer, instead eagerly waiting for his plumb lips to touch yours, but it never came. The small kiss he planted on the corner of  your mouth wasn’t enough and you opened your eyes, pouting as you slapped his chest. The action only made him laugh and his hand moved from your jaw to your hair, caressing some fly away strands behind your ear. You followed his clear blue eyes as they wandered over every detail of your face, grabbing his other hand to boldly place it on your left breasts which was still hidden behind the fabric of the piece of black lacy lingerie you were wearing. With a grin tugging at your lips, you placed your hand on top of his, making him squeeze the flesh in his palm. His eyes shot up to yours as he smirked, shaking his head a little before he laughed softly.
‘‘You’re so impatient,’’ he hummed softly, though you didn’t miss the warning tone that hinted at his voice. You didn’t care, and he knew that. Which was one of the reasons why he took a liking to you so much. Sure, you screamed his ears off the first time he had you the way he wanted to, but with a little bit of compulsion he had you right where he wanted you. You were here completely on your own accord. He told you the truth, only compelling you to be quiet when he’d feed from you and not to tell anyone what he was, but other than that you wanted to be here. You wanted to be with him, no matter how dangerous it might be. You removed your hand from his, running it through his hair instead as you sighed theatrically. ‘‘Well, you stopped feeding on me, so I need to be satisfied somehow,’’ you said, a mischievous glint in your eyes as you pulled your hand back and abruptly lifted your hips off of his lap, though before you could even make it off the bed, he had you pinned down on the mattrass, trapping your hands above your head. That damned grin appeared back on your face, making Elvis’ eyes darken a little as he moved his knee in between your legs. ‘‘So mouthy too. You never learn, do ya, sweetness?’’
You opened your mouth to give him another sassy remark that was already burning hot on your tongue, but he shut you right up when his large hand slipped in your panties, two of his fingers easily finding your clit. Your mouth formed into a small ‘O’ shape, before you sank your teeth into your lower lip as he skillfully started circling his fingers against your most sensitive spot. Your legs automatically spread further, tightening the fabric of your panties around his hand. You should feel exposed underneath him when he was looking at you with those hungry eyes, maybe a little shy, but instead it made you feel a certain sense of power. While Elvis knew he had you right where he wanted every time, you had him in the same way. You had the power to turn this man into a moaning mess if you wanted to and while that happened many nights before, tonight you felt like being a bit of a pillow princess. Being a cigarette girl was hard work, after all. Elvis’ grip on your wrists tightened as you moaned pornographically when his two fingers were removed from your clit and dipped inside of your velvety walls instead, making him groan at the feeling and the sound that left your mouth. He was getting you ready for him as he softly fingered you, thumb circling your clit as he leaned down to plant soft open mouthed kissed along your jawline and in your neck, licking up some of the dried blood that still tainted your skin. You were always ready for him, but you grabbed onto his hair to keep him close and allowed him to spoil you with his long fingers. As he curled up his fingers when he was knuckle deep inside of you, your eyes rolled into the back of your head and your hands tugged at his locks, toes curling against the sheets. He immediately knew he found your special spot and lifted his head a little to look down at you, his own lips parted as he was concetrated on making you feel good. You grabbed his face in between your hands, torso rising from the bed as you pressed your forehead against his.
‘‘Fuck,’’ you cursed, tip of your nose touching his. ‘‘I love you,’’ you moaned absentmindedly as you captured his lips in a sloppy kiss, but he was quick to pull back. His fingers came to a stop and as you opened your eyes to look up at him, you felt your blood run cold. Shit. You had completely ruined the night. This was surely the last time you’d ever see Elvis Presley, let alone be this close to him. He pulled his fingers out of you and you had to bite your tongue to hold back a whine. You braced yourself to be sent away and to never come back, you were sure he would spare you the ‘’humans and vampires could never be together’’ speech. You sat up as he now on his knees in front of you, ready to leave, but instead you were roughly pushed back in the place  you had been writhing underneath him a few seconds ago. ‘‘I didn’t say you could leave, doll,’’ he grinned with a teasing head tilt, fingers hooking under your panties. You didn’t even have time to react as he slid the fabric down your legs, throwing it over his shoulder. You were never seeing those back. Leaving the suite without your panties underneath your work uniform had been normal after meeting Elvis. The underwear he wore disappeared as quick as yours did and when he grabbed your ankles and put your legs flat against his chest, all your earlier worries flew right out of the window. You didn’t care that he didn’t say it back, knowing what was about to come now. You were okay with the fact that those three little words would probably never leave Elvis Presley’s mouth, as long as he’d fuck you and make you forget about the world and everyone else in it.
Your entire body felt as if it was being lit on fire when he slipped the tip of his cock through your folds, mixing your juices with his own arousal. With his arm wrapped around  your thighs, you were completely trapped in his grip and the only thing you could do was moan and grab onto your own hair. You didn’t want him, no, you needed him. Needed him so bad to the point where you were nearly to tears and he knew it. He knew it so damn well. But he loved teasing you more than anything. He loved shutting you up and leaving you speechless, he loved making you groan out desperately when he rubbed the tip of his cock against your clit. Though every single time before you even had the chance to protest and tell him to just fuck you already, he pushed himself inside of you. No matter how needy you were and how ready you were for him, he was always gentle the first few seconds, making sure you were doing okay. He always waited for your approval, whether it was a small nod or you just straight up telling him. This time you went for the nod, not being able to form a coherent sentence when he was balls deep inside of you. A smug smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth as he started thrusting, picking up speed every few seconds and your toes were curling with every thrust. The room was filled with the smell of sex and cigars he had smoked beforehand, moans and grunts that were coming from both of you bouncing off the walls. You were sure that anyone who would walk by the door outside of the suit could hear what was happening on the other side of the door but neither of you seemed to give a damn. He was intoxicated with you and the feeling of being burried inside of you, his plumb lips kissing the side of your feet as his hands were wrapped around your ankles. Your hands were flying to the sheets and you could feel your nails digging into the palms of your hands through the silky fabric you were squeezing. You’ve been with other men before Elvis and though you had always been adventurous in the bedroom, nothing could ever compare to this. No one could ever compare to this man. As you opened your eyes to look at him, you felt your heart flutter inside your chest, tears burning in your ears. God, you loved him so much, but you could never be with him. And that damn near killed you.
Elvis’ movements slowed down as he noticed a tear rolling down your cheeks, slowly bringing your legs down as he let go of your ankles. He leaned down and captured your lips in a slow kiss. One that was filled with passion, lust and love. You wanted him to love you back as much as you did. You wanted him, all of him, for the rest of your pathetic human life. Instead of your tears scaring him off, he stilled his movements and caressed your cheek with his thumb, wiping away the tear that rolled down. He slowly pulled out of you and took your hands in his, letting himself sit back against the head board of the bed. ‘‘C’mere, princess,’’ he whispered and you did as told, letting him pull you along and on top of him. You planted your knees on the bed on either side of his waist, grabbing onto his shaft to guide him back to your entrance. You slowly sank back onto him and leaned into his touch when he cupped your face, kissing the palm of his hand. ‘‘My pretty doll. Even when she cries,’’ he grinned teasingly, tracing his thumb over your bottom lip. You couldn’t help but laugh at his comment, rolling your eyes as you quickly wiped away a tear, placing your hands on his shoulders. ‘‘Shut up and let me fuck you in peace,’’ you said with a wiggle of your eyebrows, moving your hips as your fingertips played with the hair in the nape of his neck. He let you use him for your personal enjoyment, hands resting on your hips as he gently guided your thrusts. But you didn’t miss his eyes lingering at your neck most of the time, tongue hungrily licking his lips. Since he had met you, he gave up on useless blood bags and nameless girls in his bed. The only person he fed from was you and while he just had a taste earlier, you knew he was still hungry. Your hands moved from his neck to your hair, creating a makeshift ponytail with your hands as you slightly tilted your head, exposing your skin to him even more. You grinned as his fingers dug into your hips and looked at him with soft eyes, smiling sweetly. ‘‘I know you’re hungry for more,’’ you whispered, giving him the approval he wanted and needed. While he had fed from you a few times before to the point of you nearly fainting, he didn’t want that to happen again. He never fed you his blood to heal up either because he was scared that something would happen in the time his blood was in your system and you would be cursed with immortality just like he was. You, on the other hand, would not mind that at all and has been scheming and cooking up ideas to get his blood in your body. You didn’t wanted to sit there on his bed after sex, sipping your orange juice and munching on the snacks you carried on your work tray. You wanted to be like him, strong and powerful, and you wanted to be with him for the rest of forever. ‘‘Take as much as you want. I’m a strong girl, ya know,’’ you grinned his way and he eyed you suspiciously, laughing softly as he replaced your hand in your hair with his, his other hand in between your shoulder blades as his lips were on your neck without him even questioning anything you had in mind. Your eyes fluttered shut as you slowed down your thrusts a bit so it’d be easier for him to do what you wanted him so badly to do. As his lips parted and you felt his pointy fangs pressing against your flesh, your hands flew to his shoulders. You clung onto him for dear life, moaning as pain rushed from your neck to your brain, clenching your jaw. Elvis felt your muscles tensing and softly caressed your back, drawing small circles on your skin with his fingertips. It relaxed you as it always did and soon the pain turned into pleasure, your head hanging in your neck as you were still moving your hips slow and gentle. You wrapped one arm around his shoulders, fingers disappearing into his dark locks once more as you pressed your chest against his, wanting to be even closer to him than you already were. His hand that was on your back moved to your ass, his palm squeezing the flesh softly as he sucked on your neck harder and it didn’t take you long to see white. He could hear the sound of your heartbeat slowing down and your muscles weakening, but when he was about to pull back, you pushed your hand against the back of his head with the strength you had left inside of you, not allowing him to move away. He could easily pull back seeing as he was much stronger than you were, but he figured you knew what you were doing. He also knew how stubborn you were, always reassuring him whenever he felt like he took too much from you, and that you liked it when it happened. And that was the truth. You loved being pampered by him when he had gotten you dizzy and he loved pampering you, but your slowing heartbeat was worrying him now. You wanted to keep him right where he was, but your muscles couldn’t keep your arm up anymore and you let it fall down his back, slumping alongside your own body. He pulled back and looked at you and the state you were in – even when he nearly drained the life out of you, you were still grinning at him. And you were still gorgeous doing so.
He had you lifted off of his lap and laid down on the bed in a second and you closed your eyes, smiling to yourself like a fool. He wasn’t going to be happy with you, because you were giving him an ultimatum tonight. You knew it was selfish and you shouldn’t let him choose, but you wanted this with every fibre of your being. You figured he’d forgive you for it later. You could faintly hear him walking around the room and the sound of glasses clinking along with the noise of the mini fridge door opening and closing. As you felt the bed dip, you slowly opened your eyes and looked at the man in front of you, holding out a glass of juice. ‘‘Y/N, drink, c’mon,’’ he urged you, sitting down behind you, your back pressed against his chest. He put the glass to your lips and you immediately turned your head, shaking your head. ‘‘I’m not drinking that,’’ you said weakly, though there was a hint of determination in your voice. The only juice you wanted was his blood. You heard him sigh deeply and even though you couldn’t see, you just knew he was rolling his eyes. ‘‘It’ll make you feel better, baby. Drink up,’’ he tried again, letting the glass follow your mouth with you avoiding it each time. He didn’t want to but laughed softly, making you weakly laugh along. You sat up as far as you could, slowly turning around in his arms to face him with a soft smile on your face, eyes droopy and dazed.
‘‘I think there’s something else that will make me feel better,’’ you said, grabbing his hand and bringing it to your lips, kissing the palm of his free hand. He immediately knew what you meant and what you were up to and put the orange juice on the night stand, returning his attention back to you. His jaw clenched as he gave you a warning glare, though he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about it. Turning you, spending the rest of his life with you without any worries clouding their minds. But you were young and full of life and he was scared that one day you’d get bored of him, blame him for what he had done to you. He didn’t miss the determination in your eyes and he knew you wanted this. You had dropped hints here and there but he always declined. He couldn’t bare the thought of you hating him. ‘‘Elvis, please. I want to be with you,’’ you said with a soft sigh, placing his palm against your cheek. ‘‘Forever and always,’’ you added, hoping to persuade him with your sweet words and pouty lips. He sighed deeply, staying silent for a long time. Too long for you. You huffed and threw his hand down on the bed, crawling over to the night stand to reach for the orange juice, giving up hope. Before you could even lift the glass, he pulled you back in between his legs and grabbed your face, forcing you to look at him.
‘‘I need to know you’re sure about this, doll,’’ he said sternly, his eyes boring into yours. Excitement made your heart flutter and you tried to grab onto his wrists with as much strength as you could, nodding your head immediately. ‘‘Transitioning is not easy. Being a vampire is not easy, Y/N. I need you to know that the first few weeks, maybe even months, will be hard. Certain things will be impossible for you, like having ch-’’ You stopped his rambling by pushing your finger against his lips, not even wanting him to end that sentence. You never thought about having children and there was always adoption, right? Right now, all you could think about was being with him.
‘‘I know, Elvis,’’ you said, smiling softly at him as you removed your finger. ‘‘I want this. There is nothing in the whole wide world I want more than this. You and me, always,’’ you leaned in to kiss his lips and he kissed you back, letting go of your face he was still holding. As you pulled back and looked at him expectantly, he sighed and ran his hands through his hair before moving his palm to his lips. Your weak heart skipped a beat as he sunk his teeth into his own palm, drawing blood. He looked at it for a second before he reached it out to you and you stared at the crimson fluid running down his palm and forearm. ‘‘Hurry, baby. It’s going, going aaand-’’ he laughed as you wrapped your lips around the small wound he created, eager because it could heal up any second. You sucked the blood off of his palm, ignoring the metallic taste on your tongue as you made sure to lick his hand clean. The two small punctured wounds had healed up and there was barely any blood left, apart from some on his arm. You could immediately feel your energy returning to your body and your cheeks regained its lively color again, wide eyes finding his.
‘‘Okay, now kill me. Break my neck,’’ you said impatiently as you sat there on the middle of the bed on your knees, eyes squeezed shut nervously. Elvis opened and closed his mouth in disbelief, not even knowing what to say as he just watched you sit there for a few seconds, laughing. Honestly, breaking your neck would be their fastest option and he knew how impatient you could get. ‘‘Stop laughing! Hurry and do it. I wanna quit my job by the end of the night,’’ you urged him on, only opening your eyes when you felt his lips against yours. He pulled back, hands moving to your jaw. He gently pressed his forehead against yours, smiling as his eyes found yours. He didn’t even ask if you were sure anymore. He could see it in your eyes, feel it in the way you were urging him to snap your neck right here and now.
‘‘You and me, kid,’’ he whispered, nuzzling the tip of his nose against yours. ‘‘Always and forever,’’
‘‘Always and forever,’’ you breathed out, repeating his words. One more kiss was planted on your lips, before the world went black and your body prepared itself to return with a whole new hunger for life.
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satmitsuplanet · 25 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Baji + Chifuyu+ Inui + Takemichi
Genre: Fluff
Warning⚠ Swearing because is Baji 😂
A/N: First-division hotties!!!  Obviously, Baji is aged up here!  I had this idea running in my head so I wanted to write it immediately, take care and thanks for reading✨
Reblogs and feedback is extremely appreciated and encouraged ✨
Another weekend, another game your boyfriend takes you to see his favorite soccer team. You even have your official jersey with your name on it, so it's no surprise when the first half of the match ends you are at the end of your patience. Thanks to Keisuke's snide remarks, that make the fans of the other team start booing him and jeer him as he licks his middle fingers and show them how much their attention cares.
"Bunch of pussies! Come here! so I can kick your stupid asses, we will win this championship!!!" he screams profanities as you roll your eyes and with your new manicured fingernail keep scrolling on Twitter. Thank god it’s halftime!
Baji smiles when he earns a bunch of screams when he throws the opposite team fans peanuts, when the kiss cam music starts, you leave your phone aside, to see the show, loving how the couples even in a country so conservative in PDA make a show of their love.
Baji kisses your temple and drinks his beer happy because it is another marvelous day terrorizing people and being with you, his beautiful partner in crime. He laughs cheekely as a particular couple acts all shy and cute. He keeps stuffing his mouth with a hot dog, when he sees the contrary team fans chanting, he takes a fist of your peanuts to throw them again, so they can shut up when the camera zooms in his face catching him on the act the pink and white heart is too cheesy and the saxophone intro of "Careless whisper" begins. 
He smiles like he won the jackpot, not caring if he has a little ketchup in his cheek, takes your face in his crumble-filled hands and goes for a kiss so messy and passionate that the whole stadium wolf whistles your way and girls get blushes because damn if that is not a good kiss.
When you separate to get air, he smiles to the camera.
"That's how you do it!!! Go Gamba Osaka!!" he screams, showing his tongue, the booing didn't stop even when he smiled and hugged you. You really love this lame man.
You are in the friend zone with Chifuyu. Neither of you has the guts to ask for something more, so both of you are dancing around the other. It is a surprise when Chifuyu, sporting a big blushing face, asks you if you want to go with him to the baseball game.
Something not everyone knows is that the blonde man is a big fan of baseball so here you are, eating fries completely happy hearing him talk about the rules, and every fact you should know about the sport. He looks so boyish with his jersey on, the white complementing his blue eyes, his now black hair plastered to his forehead and hidden thanks to the baseball cap.
He asks again if you are comfortable, he brings cushions for the seats “Believe me these games can go for more than three hours, so your bum will thank you for this” he gives you a soda.
There are highlights like a boy under your zone catching a ball, like the chants and cheers and how Chifuyu laughs explaining them to you so next time you can cheer with him.
He says next time, of course your heart is beating hard in your chest.
There's the latest popularTikTok song playing in the speakers until the tune change, the announcers call for the Kiss Cam making you nervous, Chifuyu catch up to the fact and smiles giving you more popcorn
“Don’t worry we are not going to …” in the screens are both of your faces and the tacky stock photo of the kiss cam, he makes signs that you are not going to kiss, until you grab his hand and plant a chaste, quick and cute peck on his mouth, his smile was enough to illuminate the whole stadium.
All the boys are screaming and enjoying the game, Koko bought tickets for everyone so of course your section is one of the more livelier in the game, you never knew that a bunch of gang members would be so enthusiastic about basketball. Inui was the most intriguing. Your usually silent and calm boyfriend is throwing comments and all red because his team is losing.
“Sorry!” he says when he finally sits “Koko and I come here often, my family loved this time is a nice way of bonding with other” he brushes his hair, so it doesn't get on his face, yet he looks so fucking handsome, like a painting, he smiles a little when he notices your loving gaze, and he gives you a sip of his cold coke.
When the game has a resting time, the cheering squad comes, there are some wolf whistles and shouts from the fans. The team mascot comes to make a little show that consists of taking a camera and zooming in on couples, so they can kiss and win an official shirt.
You laugh when they zoom in on an apparent couple, but they were brother and sister, your laughs were guffaws when the Mascot hits his forehead until in the screen is your face and Koko’s there are gasps until you feel the cold fingers of your boyfriend in your neck.
He kisses your upper lip and playfully pulls a little, you want to moan, however he finishes the kiss with a quick peck, that was enough for the Mascot to throw to your head the jersey.
“That's mine” says Inui, taking it and winking to you “I'm going to reward you with another thing” the gag of Koko was enough to make you laugh.
Before the show, it was tradition for your artist to put cameras around, so everyone could have fun around. There are girls disguised as bananas, carrots, amazing outfits inspired by the album and the kiss cam was always a good laugh seeing friends kiss each other in the cheek or cou
Imagine your face when on the screen was a kiss cam but a custom-made stock photo of your name and Takemichi saying “KISS LOVEBIRDS” the fans were curious, and you are seeing red because two zones over Chifuyu, Hakkai, an embarrassed Inui are cheering for you guys, yet the cherry on top was Mikey smiling with a camera taking a video of everything like he was Kris Jenner itself. 
The fans were chorusing you guys names as Takemichi is more red in the face than a tomato, he is babbling nonsense because he knows you are out of your comfort zone.
“I swear I didn’t know anything about this, Chifuyu said he had a plan, I never thought it was something like this” you roll your eyes, a soft tune plays, and he goes for a kiss that it was so awkward he hit your forehead with his head and your nose get all red, everyone is laughing, he’s stammering, taking the initiative you pinch his face making his lips pucker, kissing him hard saying a “Mwuah” after, he laughs, his eyes crinkle, hair gets messy, and he looks so cute that you give him another and another and another all over his face. 
The kiss cam is in another couple, yet you keep kissing him. 
“You. Are. Lucky. Of.being. So.Fucking.Cute” you pause at every kiss, he giggles and bops your nose 
“Believe me, I'm the lucky one having you as my girlfriend” he hugs you, there are some scoffs
“Ok lovebirds make some space for us because we want to see the show” says Mikey sitting beside Takemichi
A contest stare down was happening between him and you “OK! I was kidding, we are leaving, happy?” He says to you as you nod,“just remember that tomorrow is my day with him.” 
Takemichi didn't understand what was happening, even so he was happy to know that you can get along with his friends. 
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becca-e-barnes · 2 months
ok i know subby!men are just something else but i will literally be riding the subby!sugar baby!nat train until i die that drabble you wrote about her trying on different lingeries
sure i love men but im a whore for a woman
Look, I'm a simple woman, there's not much I love more than a whimpering sub. So imagine sub!Nat with a wand tied between her legs while she's kneeling on the floor, eating you out 😈
You've tied the vibe to the inside of her leg and there's no way for her to squirm away from it. Each little attempt only serves to rub her throbbing clit against the buzzing head of the toy, adding to the stimulation that's already threatening to overwhelm her.
She can't stop getting herself off. She tried to hide her orgasms at first, knowing that she hadn't asked for permission but she doesn't need your permission today. You just want to see her pretty thighs trembling and you can tell they’re close to being at that stage.
"Good girl, Tasha." You hum contentedly, running your fingers soothingly through her hair, keeping her mouth pressed to your own dripping sex. She whines at the praise, just as she always does.
"Such a sweet girl for me. You have the most perfect mouth, you know that?" Her tongue flicks relentlessly over your clit while two of her fingers curl inside you but what really gets you is the look in her eyes. There's a real desperation swirling in them. A desperation to make sure your orgasms match hers. A desperate need to please you. A desperate need to lose herself on the toy humming between her legs until she's mindlessly humping it without a single care about how pathetic she must look.
"You're such a pretty girl. I bet that toy feels nice. Is it too much for you yet, baby?" Your voice is so soft, it makes her melt just a little more, shaking her head no.
"I hoped it wouldn't be. I know you can take more for me. But sweetheart, you've made such a mess. You're dripping all over yourself. I bet you're going to make a slutty little mess on the floor next." Now that you've pointed it out, she tries her best to clench her thighs tighter around the toy but that doesn't provide any relief. Quite the opposite, actually.
"You're so slutty that your little cunt is just drooling for me, isn't it? Maybe it needs to be filled up? How does that sound? Should I get you something to stuff in your pretty pussy?" Her cheeks are beautifully flushed and she's getting to the stage that she doesn't know what she needs so it makes perfect sense to you that she should at least have the option.
You hear her whimper when you pull away, letting her fingers slip from you as you head to the closet to retrieve a dildo with a section cup on the base. You line it up with her body, right where you know she needs it and take your place back on the edge of the bed. Before you've even positioned yourself, she's slid down on the toy with a broken sob, letting her hips rise and fall, fucking herself totally senseless.
"Th-thank you." She whines, bouncing so beautifully, you can't help but let your own fingers drift between your legs as you watch her.
"You're very welcome, darling." You can't help but laugh quietly at the way she's losing control so quickly, almost ready to cum again. "Go on, let me see just how quickly you can fuck yourself silly for me. You're going to cum for me but then you're not going to stop, do you understand?" Your hand on her chin keeps her eyes on yours and of course, she's more than happy to do anything you tell her. Your Tasha is such a good girl, after all.
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writerpeach · 7 months
Laundry Day
Oh My Girl Arin x Male Reader
categories: smut, anal, daddy kink, quickie
1187 words
unedited quickie cause Arin in jeans make brain mush
Tumblr media
A dryer cycle could last a long time. Even on the highest setting, an hour always wasn’t enough, especially when a large load of clothes required additional time. And what better way to pass the time than to be balls deep inside Arin’s plump, round ass.
It was convenience at its best—Arin no longer had any clean clothes left, so while she shoved her washed clothes in the dryer, you shoved your throbbing cock up her tiny little asshole. 
The laundry room was now a waiting room, and the warm, comforting heat of the dryer against Arin’s naked, bent over body was equal to the heat from her asshole being pounded. 
“Fuck, daddy! That cock drives me crazy. It’s so, so fucking good, I think i might cum again!” 
Wet clothes in the dryer were the only clean thing in the entire room. Now, the once spotless floor was stained with Arin’s juices that had gushed onto the marble tiles after multiple rounds of squirting. 
Twenty minutes was a long time to wait, but time felt endless while you savored every thrust inside Arin’s heavenly ass, and kept your hands on her wide hips, watching the sweat drip down her perfectly arched back. The thud of the dryer smacking against the wall couldn’t compare to the smack of Arin’s soft cheeks being railed. 
“You know if you had less clothes, we could do this more often,” you said, and gave a series of spanks against her squishy buttcheeks, earning loud gasps for your efforts. 
“Th-that’s a good point, daddy—ahh, fuck! If I just got rid of all my clothes, then you could ram my ass like this every single day!” 
“Let’s not get carried away, babygirl. You still need clothes to go out in public.” 
“Okay fine, good point. But as soon as I get home, I’m all yours. You can eat my ass every night, daddy. Good girls deserve that, don’t they?” 
“Of course, baby.” 
It wasn’t like you didn’t already eat Arin’s cute little butt at every moment, the tastiest meal to be devoured. Even before you were sliding in between her cheeks, you buried your tongue in her asshole, and spread her cheeks wide as possible while the dryer started up. And even before that, her delicious creamy thighs wrapped around your face while you waited for her clothes to be washed, spending the entire wash cycle making her cum on your face repeatedly. 
It wasn’t Arin’s fault she was insatiable, completely starved, and addicted to your cock. If you had the option, you’d forgo all responsibilities in life and just spend the entire day emptying your balls inside her holes, and just covering her body from head to toe in your thick loads. 
“Ten minutes left, daddy. I don’t think you’re fucking me hard enough. I want you to be so rough you’ll have to carry me out of here. Pound me until I can’t feel my legs anymore, daddy.” 
Arin’s request wouldn’t fall on deaf ears. It was an obligation that wouldn’t go unfilled, and you pulled back on her tight body until she could only grab the edge of the warm dryer. You matched the rhythm of its creaks, and slammed into Arin’s tight backside, groaning at the impossible tightness of it and picked up the pace. Her cheeks rippled beautifully, squeezing your cock harshly, like she was already trying to milk out another load. 
“Gonna ruin you, baby. I’ll make sure you can’t walk for the next week.” In response, Arin’s snug asshole tightened around you, as you kissed behind her ear, and licked sweat from her neck. 
“That’s what I like to hear, daddy. Destroy my asshole.” 
You’d do exactly that. Not even giving Arin the freedom to grab anything, you pulled her away from the dryer, and hooked her arms behind her, handcuffing them out of access. While one hand secured her dainty wrists away from her, your other reached around, squeezed one of her perky breasts, then wrapped around her warm neck, clamping down. Arin almost came again. 
“Oh f-fuck! Choke me, daddy! Wrap your strong hands around my neck and don’t let go, please, daddy!” 
Arin’s words were just lifeless syllables at this point. You didn’t care what words left her lips, and just focused on giving her ass the roughest thrusts your hips could maintain. 
“What are you, babygirl?” you growled and tightened your grip around her sensitive neck. Arin continued squeezing your cock, the constant twitches she provoked sent you into a frenzy, like a wild beast that couldn’t be tamed. 
“I’m daddy’s little cumdump.” 
“Yes, you are. Good girl.” 
Five minutes left, but you wouldn’t make it that long. Arin was just an idle participant now, her body given up for you to use, and the vigorous pumps in between her cheeks smacked harder than any sound in the room. The lustful moans from her lips kept you going, and kept you pounding her ass without any concern but your own greedy pleasure, as you pounded Arin’s ass like you never had before. 
“I love it—I love when your huge thick cock stretches my gaping little hole. I can feel you throbbing so much. Please, daddy, please fill me. I need your cum dripping out of me!” 
Arin wouldn’t have to beg much longer. Not when you were absolutely drilling her ass, hypnotized by the rippling cheeks that were sore and reddened from your harsh spanks. It wouldn’t exactly be a neck and neck race as the dryer began its cooldown cycle, but you did the opposite, and went as fast as your body would allow. 
If you didn’t keep Arin upright, she wouldn’t be able to keep still, or control her trembling thighs after each concurrent orgasm. You’d need more than just a mop to clean up the floor after this. 
The noisy dryer winded down, which only made it more satisfying to listen to the moans that escaped Arin’s lips alongside the smack of flesh that drowned out the loud spins and tumbles of clean clothes. There was no point in prolonging the inevitable. 
The constant screams of pleasure and daddy rolling off Arin’s tongue were just what you needed as you held her close, with one more round of harsh thrusts until you reached your limits and exploded inside her. Thick cum flooded her insides, her asshole flooded with warm semen to the very brim, milking each spurt from you, and yet desperate for more. The tight squeeze of her ruined hole never ended, not until you departed your cock from her body, as you watched your load slowly drip out of her gaping asshole.
“Thank you, daddy,” Arin said, with ragged breaths. She spun around, then lowered herself to clean off your cock, licking it clean and savoring the delicious taste of her ass. “We should do laundry more often…” 
Right after she spoke, the dryer buzzed, signaling its completion. But Arin didn’t bother checking them. “Oh, no! Looks like they’re still wet. How about it? One more time? I can still feel my legs, daddy."
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myfandomprompts · 19 days
Aemond x Reader - You Were Always With Me - Chapter 11
Tumblr media
Warnings: possessive behaviour, talk of violence, angst
Summary: The Red Keep is facing a crisis, the royal family is busy taking care of things while Aemond creates havoc again.
A/N: It has been a little slow lately but I promise the tea is coming.
(Part 1 - Part 8/ Part 9/ Part 10 - Part 12)
It was bad, you heard. Over the night half of the Green fleet had been sunk by the Blacks on the Black Water Bay. Now the remaining navy was returning to King's Landing and a strategic meeting were to take place this afternoon.
You father attended while you were tasked to accompany Helaena and the children to the Great Hall where an announcement of the King were to be held afterwards, a gesture meant to reassure the court's minds.
Aegon seemed to have fully recovered from his previous wounds as his speech were brief and firm, speaking of retaliation over the Blacks' attempts at pushing into the Bay. He next resumed to ignore his wife and kids as was his habit, asking for a cup to the nearest servant he could find while the other lords were spreading all over the great hall and the annex to converse about the recent events.
You managed to make your way across the crowd, following Helaena who were stopping each time a lord showed interest in the new heir, greeting him and his mother with respect, while you held Jaehaera in your arms slightly behind, followed closely by the midwives who were keeping a close eye on the twins.
"You are really good with children."
Addam was smiling at you, looking at the girl who was now playing with your necklace in your arms.
"Quite the opposite, this is the twins that are really good with me." you smiled in return, taking Jaehaera's hand to shake it in a tender manner. "They are a delight when they want."
"And the other times?" he asked, playfully.
"The other times apparently occurs when I am absent. Maybe there is something to conclude in this as I always find them happy in my presence." you bragged.
You have not seen him since the day before, when he had left you in the gardens after your talk, moreover your father had not spoken a word to you of the entire day. Therefore you were still in the dark regarding what were said between them. You were about to ask but Jaehaera cooed and draw both your attention back to her, letting the question pending.
"We are to depart soon". Addam stated firmly. "My House was assigned to hold Duskendale's harbour as long as possible and protect the population there. I am to lead half of my father's forces once we make land."
"Oh I see... Do you know when you will be returning?" you asked, a little disappointed at the news.
Addam sighed knowingly. "Unfortunately I fear that we might hold our position there for a while. The ships we lost tonight are restraining our movements and it now takes longer to move our troops."
Helaena called your name at that moment, so you were forced to excuse yourself to Addam.
"It is quite alright. In fact, I should go to the aid of my father who is now discussing with yours about the proposal I made him yesterday, after our talk." he smiled, a happy glow in his eyes. "I believe he intends to further convince Lord Lydden of the fine match you and I would make."
You couldn't help but smile in surprise as you precisely noticed your father standing in a circle with both Denys Vance and little Hugo, the Lord speaking with your father in a passionate manner. You wished you could go to them but your duties to Helaena didn't leave you time to linger as you bowed to Addam in haste and made your way to her, hoping that your father would make the right decision for you.
Over the night you had realised that Addam's proposition would not please your Lord father, considering that House Vance of Atranta was not fighting for a the side he secretly supported. However, his desire to avoid drawing attention to him might force him to make drastic choices about your betrothal, even marrying you to a Green. You will see soon enough.
Wine were served to the assembly as ladies and lords were conversing here and there, sometimes about the close victory over the cursed Queen and sometimes of the glory of King Aegon. You and Helaena made your way across the hall, often stopping to greet some ladies you more or less appreciated, and finally heading towards the open courtyard where most of the crowd had spread in order to enjoy the cool air, the twins following close by with the help of the midwives.
As you were taking in the outside atmosphere of the afternoon, you suddenly sensed Helaena stop in her tracks and harden her grip on your intertwined arm, her face becoming anxious. You knew that look, it was the one she harboured when she was... sensing things you couldn't, things nobody around her understood.
She didn't let go as you inquired about her well-being, answering you only with silence, eyes looking straight ahead of her. When you decides to follow her gaze your heart skipped a beat.
In one of the corner of the courtyard were standing Addam, back turned toward you as he talked to no other than Aemond. The Prince was standing not far from Otto Hightower, and was visibly more interested in staring daggers at Addam than taking part or even listening to the conversation his grandfather and Denys Vance were holding.
You couldn't hear any words exchanged between them due to your far position, and Helaena's stiff body were preventing you from moving. You heard her whisper something in an agitated manner but you didn't have the chance to ask her to repeat as you couldn't detach your gaze from the two men, feeling definitely uneasy.
Aemond was now harbouring his cruel smile you knew so well, and you feared for the worst. You saw Addam rest his hand anxiously on the hilt of his sword hanging at his belt as Aemond smiled wickedly, obviously enjoying Addam's reaction to words you could not hear. You swallowed as you took a step forward, ignoring your friend's panicked look as you focused and managed to hear Aemond's words from afar.
"... I am only sharing my concern for you well-being my Lord as you have taken part in only one battle before. It would be unfortunate if you were to fall, many ladies I'm sure, would be very upset."
Aemond's voice was calm as he watched Addam's anger beginning to surface, unphased by whatever was happening around them.
"It is kind of you my Prince but do not worry, I trust my men and they trust me. What little experience I might have, it will not prevent me to lead our armies to victory, as my father finds me fully capable."
"Oh I do not doubt your father finds you capable of ordering your men to go to their death while you are hidden comfortably behind two rows of archers. It does not require much swordsman ship after all, as I am sure you lack of it."
Addam's ears were becoming alarmingly red, you saw his grip tighten around his sword at the clear insult.
"At least I am with my men, not miles above them, arriving and departing as I please like one would come to a party. Maybe my Prince should sell his armour, as he has so little need of it."
Aemond nostrils flared and his smile disappeared at once, replaced by a dangerous glare in his eye. His hand shot to his dagger to draw it expertly, startling both you and Helaena, apparently the sole witnesses of the scene.
"If my Lord doubts of my courage and ability, I would be glad to demonstrate my skills, right here and now, if you only dared to take on the challenge." He had talked louder, in threatening defiance.
You sensed Helaena pull your sleeve slightly as you took a step closer to them. Addam had straighten and you feared he would take the bait, knowing full well that Aemond did not lie about his ability, and you had not the slightest idea of how Addam would fare in a one on one combat.
"That is enough!" Otto Hightower said as he was finally made aware of the conversation going on between the two young men, half of the eyes of the courtyard were now on them. "I will not have rivalry between allies at times such as this! Stand down Aemond."
But the Prince continued to stare at Addam while the latter slowly let go of his sword, his own father urging him to calm down.
He finally excused himself to his father and the Hand before turning around and taking his leave, visibly still upset but willing to put distance between Aemond and himself.
He passed near you in his way out, stopped in his steps to promise you to visit before his depart to Duskendale, kissed the back of your hand and left. It was there that Aemond noticed you for the first time, realising that you had witness the whole scene and that the boy he just confronted had dared to talk to you, even touch you.
His look became much more murderous than before, now hesitating between chasing Addam and kill him right now or make him beg for mercy in front of everyone, not having a care in the world for the consequences.
However you only served him a indignant look before taking Helaena by the elbow and leading her back inside, wanting to escape the multiple stares the crowd were now giving you.
Shortly after, Helaena has been asked away by Alicent, and so you were left alone, wandering the hall in search of faces you knew. You found your father, who were much more agitated than usual to your taste, and you wondered if it was the coming of the Blacks that made him this tensed. You didn't have the chance to ask him anything as he quickly order you to attend to your afternoon studies in the library, making you leave the great hall. You refused for a while, asking about House Vance's proposal, not wanting to leave until you knew more about the life decision your father was making in your stead.
Not wishing to make a scene, he led you to quiet corner of the room, and announced you that he had no intention of marrying you to Addam, as he had already made commitments to House Qorgyle, the Scorpions' House remaining the most secure choice of betrothal, and for you.
You weren't able to say anything else as it dawned on you that you might be doomed to suffer the harsh weather of the desert for the rest of your life. At least with Addam, you would've had the chance to stay here, in King's Landing, near your father as long as the war kept on, but your father's desire to put you away from harm was undeniably greater than his own discretion. You could not fight it, not in your current situation.
Your mind were blank as your entered the library to pick a book or two, settling on a table to pretend to study as your breathing was becoming more and more unstable. You were glad no one had chosen to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the library, leaving you alone in your thoughts and distress, the others certainly too busy worrying about the ongoing conflict beyond the castle walls.
You felt stupid, how could you have believed that marrying Addam would be a possibility? Your father was a man of his word, and if he had decided to marrying you to House Qorgyle behind your back, it was for a reason. Because you would have refused. The only way you could escape this now would constitute of drastic idea, either running away or to loose your honour in some other way, both ideas being the last thing you wanted.
But what had happened to you? Barely a month ago, you were a girl who wished to return to her House, to the Westlands, your true home, taking your family with you in order to distance yourself from the war and the inevitable bloodshed. But all you had managed to do was to be brought back by Aemond of all people and put right in the middle of the most wanted place in all of the Seven Kingdom, the ultimate prize, the Iron Throne.
And now, you didn't want to leave. What changed so much that you desired to stay in that place and wish that your father were not so loyal?
You sighed and took your head in your hands. You knew why and you didn't want to admit it, now that the prospect of staying close to him diminished more the time passed. Aemond was the reason. He was the object of your daily and nightly thoughts, the reason you hated this place and the reason you loved it, he was why you wanted to run away, even if it was to someone you didn't know, and why you wished your father were Green and immoral, like most of the Lannisters' bannermen.
You heard the door open and close, and when you turned to see who entered the quiet place you stood to your feet at once, Aemond advancing toward you.
"How did you find me?" you asked unable to hide your surprise.
"This was once one of your favourite places growing up." he simply said, his lips curving at the memory. "Mine too. It was the only place I could watch you without being scolded."
You stared at him, too anxious to talk, and to stare away from him.
"Aegon and I are departing in an hour with the rest, we are to prevent any ships to advance too far into the bay." he said following your silence but not leaving his eye from your form. He was stalling.
"I see. Take care not to take allies for ennemies then, you seem to have difficulty telling them apart these days."
You really shouldn't taunt him, but you could not help yourself, your restless state of these last few days taking a toll on you.
But his face remained unreadable. "I am sorry you saw this, it was certainly not for your eyes to witness." You snorted.
"And to whose eyes then? The whole court? If your aim was to humiliate innocent men under your roof you are quite succeeding, me being a witness or not."
You didn't know why you were so angry with him, but you didn't like his behaviour of before, and you were tired.
"This boy is nothing but a low Lord who sees himself as the next hero of war, who pretends to have seen battle while he did nothing but send his men to their deaths." he said loudly, and you realised that he was making great efforts not to snap. "He is a boy who takes pride in reaping the accomplishments of others."
"How so? Did he steal something from you? Vhagar perhaps?" your voice was humourless. "Now that I think about it, I can see her bowing to a boy like him as she did with you." you humourlessly said. Aemond narrowed his eye.
"Do not, mock me." he said warningly before keeping on. "He thinks he has the right to claim what's not his. However it seems that you have the final choice. So what will it be? Qorgyle? Or Vance of fucking Atranta? " he said, letting his furious tone out.
"How do you-?"
"It does not matter how I know. You do not get to defend him whilst he tries to steals what is already taken."
"So this is what I am? A fruit to be reaped by the first who lays hand on me?" you said, not expecting this turn of conversation and attempting to remain unemotional.
"You are mine. I told you as such. No lords of other Houses have a claim on you and you should understand that, as your father did."
"What does that mean?"
"It means that I am the only reason your family was not hanged the day my father died, you and him might do well to remember that!"
You gasped silently at his words, feeling tears forming into your eyes.
"Do you hear yourself? What makes you the right to say such things? My father only wishes for me to be safe and sound when you only act as if you had the right to do as you please! I cannot do this any longer!"
"Because your solution is to run to the arms of this boy for protection? Or another nameless lord who doesn't deserve you?" He had closed the gap separating you and you were stuck between him and the table.
He inhaled sharply as you said nothing, too taken aback by his words. "On second thought, you did good in securing two choices of marriage, as for when I murder the first one, you will already have a second to comfort you before I take him from you as well!"
You were shocked. You knew deep down that he didn't mean it but it frightened you nonetheless. Or were you afraid because you believe him capable of such actions after all?
"You are mad Aemond! Why do you say such things to me? You of all people should understand my situation! I am to be married, as you are too, we cannot stop this, this is not up to us, not any more."
"It could be! It could be if you married me." he finished in a whisper.
You looked at him, dazed. It sounded so sweet to your ears, but at the same time it made your heart ache.
"Aemond this is too late, you know it is." You let your words sink in as he looked at your neck, barely containing his previous fury. "You broke my heart."
You had talked only in a breath, voice breaking. You weren't even sure that Aemond had heard you until you saw him stare at you with a look on his face that you did not recognised, a mix of stupor and guilt. You didn't want to witness this.
"I think you should go." you said.
Your voice was weak, and you lacked the force to even cry, although you wanted to. He raised his hand to you, touching your cheek as to prevent tears from falling, but you refused to lean into his touch. Outside loud voices were heard, people were preparing to leave to war, it was time. You didn't want to. You regretted what you said already.
Aemond blinked, as if exiting a trance state. He tilted his head to the side, as made aware of the voices outside at last. You saw his pained expression being replaced by determination as he looked back at you.
"We'll see."
And with that he turned away and left, his warmth leaving your cheek, and when the door closed tears finally fell.
-0- Part 12
A/N (Addendum): You are in luck, I was in a writing mood and let me say that you are not ready. Jealous Aemond stans: hold on to your seats. Fluff stans: I do not forget you.
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https://www.instagram.com/reel/CWn380uDp8X/?utm_medium=copy_link This gives me construction worker Bucky vibes. Like Steve is trying to tell him that he and his girl are expecting, and Bucky’s just like “FUCK YEAH ALPINE’S GONNA LOVE THIS” (I know it’s mafia Monday, but this just made me think of him)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Construction Worker Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Fluff
A/N: I changed it up a little bit but I thought that was so cute.
You and Steve watch dumbfounded as Bucky chases Alpine across the kitchen, holding the small t-shirt in his hand.
"This is amazing doll, thank you so much. Oh, this is going to fit her perfectly. Come here Alpine, you wanna look like daddy." His joyous tone reverberates across the stunned silence thickening the air.
Steve leans across the island and stares pointedly at you. Avoiding his gaze, you watch the love of your life wrestle the shirt on his wiggling fluff ball of a cat.
"Told you to go with the bun in the oven idea," Steve whispers as Bucky cradles Alpine in one hand and gets his phone out of his back pocket.
"Why? So he would think I made him buns and then I have to explain what I meant while he's searching the oven?" you retort, dropping your chin on your palm. "Plus you know how much he loves bread, he'll be too distracted trying to find some."
"True." Steve holds his hand over his mouth, his shoulders shaking. "Or he would have eaten it like he did the cookie," he wheezes out, trying to muffle his laughter.
You drop your head on the counter with a soft thud, remembering the first attempt to tell Bucky he was going to be a dad.
You bought a custom-made cookie with Baby 2022 written on it.
It was beautifully directed by the baker down the street and you waited all day to give it to him after dinner. It was perfect. Only Bucky ate it without actually looking at it.
20 bucks down the drain.
Bucky's taking a selfie of him and Alpine in the matching shirts, glancing over his shoulder he flashes you a bright pearly white smile, his eyes crinkling adorably. His blue eyes bounce between you and Steve. "What's wrong?"
You lift your head, looking at your beefy tall man holding his tiny cat, both of them wearing matching green shirts. "Bucky. This shirt isn't for Alpine."
Bucky looks down at her. "It's not?"
"No Bucky. The baby-sized t-shirt is not for our cat."
His brows furrow, confusion etched across his face. "Then who needs a baby-sized..."
His voice trails off and you see the moment of clarity wash over him because his expression falters and his eyes widen.
Bucky inhales sharply, followed by another deep breath in and out, gently placing Alpine on the floor. "Are you pregnant?"
You nod, tears brimming your eyes. Bucky lets out a wild yell, startling everyone. Rushing to you, he grabs you by the waist, lifts you off your chair and spins you around the room. You're crushed against his muscular body, his arms wrapped tight around you.
His happiness is contagious and his reaction is better than anything you could have hoped for. All you can do is hold on, and giggle helplessly into his warm, broad chest, his faint cologne filling your nose. Peppering your face with kisses, he only stops when Steve shouts that he's squishing the baby.
Bucky goes still, carefully placing you on your feet, he immediately drops to his knees and places a large hand on your belly. "Sorry baby, I can't believe I'm going to be a daddy." He lays his forehead on you, his voice thickening. "I promise to take care of you and your mama for the rest of my life. I can't wait to meet you and I hope you're exactly like her but with my taste in movies and books."
"Hey," you say, playfully tugging his head back. "I have great taste Barnes. I picked you didn't I?"
Bucky grins endearingly in response, you're leaning down to kiss him when Steve nudges you out of the way with his hip and grabs your man, pulling him in for a bear hug.
"We're going to have a baby," Steve shouts.
"Hell yes!"
You slump against the wall, watching Bucky and Steve bounce around the room. Glancing down at your belly, you laugh. "Yep, that's your daddy and your godfather. I know. I know. I did pick him. No one is going to love you more than him plus we're stuck with them for life so buckle up."
Later that night, you wake up to find him whispering Lord of the Rings trivia to your belly. It'll be three weeks before you discover the matching cosplay costumes he ordered for the three of you while you were sleeping.
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chirpsythismorning · 2 months
Just now fully realized that Mike stopped looking for El after the crazy together scene, and the implications this has…
I know a lot of milkvans say this scene was actually romantic for Mike and El, because when Mike mentions her name, Will looks sort of disappointed. Honestly, I interpreted it as foreshadowing the love triangle that is still yet to come. But most of all, I think what follows shortly after and what it means for not only Mike and El, but also Mike and Will, is going to be important in order for the GA to understand the revelations that are still yet to come in the final season.
Mike and Will were saying they would support each other at a time when they felt like no one else would (or at least not in the way they wanted). And Mike mentioned this exact insecurity specifically, which was that he felt like El was still alive and that he was 'going crazy' for believing. And then Will tells him about how he thinks he's going crazy too. They confide in each other and make a little inside joke about how they'll go crazy together.
So really, there was no reason Mike couldn’t have just kept up with his daily walkie calls to El, seeing as Will was right there saying he'd be by his side no matter what. No reason at all. Unless...
After beaming at each other fondly, Mike and Will look away and go into this moment of dazed silence. It gives this feeling of uncertainty and confusion the way it's drawn out, leaving viewers thinking (at least subconsciously), “Huh. That was weird. Well, anyways--” Like, it almost makes you wonder if one of them was a girl, would the audience have been expecting a kiss?
Tumblr media
And I can prove this because Mike also has this expectation of himself.
The crazy together scene from 2x02 reminded me so much of a scene from 1x07, when Mike and El reunite and she asks him if she’s still pretty without her hair. Mike insists she's pretty, REALLY pretty. But then when El looks back to the mirror relieved, that’s when we get a shot of Mike making this face…
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don’t know what reasons milkvans could possibly come up with for why Mike made this expression here, beyond the possibility that Mike could be feeling an obligation to kiss El in this moment. In the episodes previous and following this one, Lucas, Dustin, Nancy, everyone basically, is making him feel as if he should like El.
She's a girl and yeah, he has started to have strong feelings for her. If this was a movie or a comic book and Mike was the main character, El would be his love interest, and having just returned safe, he would kiss her. That’s just how stories go. Or so he (we) thought.
Never in Mike’s mind has this been an option for him and Will. And that's why I think the crazy together scene sort of parallels the still pretty scene, in that Mike's expression looks like some variation of hesitance.
While I think the look of hesitance in the crazy together scene more so resembles him maybe holding back what he truly wants, because it doesn't match societies expectations of him, I think the still pretty scene resembles the exact opposite, a hesitancy over the discomfort he feels, before attempting to do what he think's is 'normal', even though it's not what he truly wants.
Let's say, instead that scene between El and Mike was between Mike and some boy he found in the woods (and only knew for a week), the audience would’ve been like EW THIS IS DISGUSTING AND PERVERTED. But because El is a girl, they love it!
And vice versa (in contrast), if it was Mike and El on the couch instead of Mike and Will (his best friend since kindergarten), a kiss would've been seen as perfectly timed and satisfying in that moment. The audience would've eaten it up!
Heteronormativity and homophobia. The hypocrisy of it all.
And yet we can't really blame most of the audience for viewing the show this way. After all, they have the exact same mindset as Mike. We've all been led to believe that THIS is how stories go, even when it's maybe not what's best for the characters, or even the overall story.
And Mike knows of these expectations of himself. Will too. That’s why they both look sort of awkward at the end of this scene. Not even because they wanted to kiss necessarily, but because they probably both had the same realization, which is that they might not have much further to go from here.
Then, after Will leaves, we see Mike trying to reach El one last time, only to 'give up the fight', dramatically walking away.
What follows the rest of the season is Mike focusing on Will as he's possessed with the mindflayer. They have moments that are arguably romantic coded, ie. the hand hold and the shed scene.
And Mike’s reaction to El’s return confirms this for me.
Right after the shed scene, a moment where Mike had just poured his heart out to Will, El returns miraculously alive, and it’s very emotional, as their reunion was highly anticipated.
I guess it turns out Mike wasn't crazy after all.. right?
As Mike and El are reuniting, he says, ‘I never gave up on you!!!’ to which El believes him, because the last time they made contact, she left Hoppers cabin shortly after and didn't return. Just before El left, she was literally upset in bed, as she felt Mike had given up that night. Tragically, if she'd stayed home, she would've found out that he did.
What follows after their reunion is Mike going into Will's room with Hopper, crying and screaming LIAR! DISGUSTING! PIECE OF SHIT!..
Like, I’m sorry, but let’s be real here. That outburst was way too emotional and overwhelming for it to be solely directed at Hopper. And this all happening in Will’s room (just like the milkvan kiss at the end of s3)? Why Will’s room? They literally had to put an unconscious Will in a different room in order for the events to unfold this way.
The reason Mike reacted how he did and said what he said, was because he was projecting. He does that sometimes. He’s not just angry at Hopper for lying and essentially replacing his role in El's life as her protector. He's also angry at himself. That's also why he crumbles pretty easily and accepts Hoppers comfort, because his emotions here are much more complex than it seems on the surface. He’s angry and ashamed and terrified because two people he cares about might be on their way to their death (AGAIN!). And not only that, but he's confused about his feelings for the both of them.
Despite Mike and Hopper's confrontation, when they join back with the others, Mike stays close by his side, instead of gravitating towards El, which is just such an odd narrative choice...
Then we see a shot of Hopper carrying Will out to the car so they can bring him to his cabin where the mindflayer wont find him.
Soon after, we get Mike and El talking in front of the Byers' before she leaves too, with Mike getting emotional over how he can’t lose her again. Then, she leans in for a kiss and Mike kind of just stands there...
This entire scene in front of Will's house is such an uncanny parallel to the end of s3, like, it's insane.
I genuinely believe that if they weren’t interrupted by Hopper, El would’ve kissed Mike just like she did in 3x08, with Mike standing there with his eyes wide open.
But alas, the moment is interrupted and she leaves with Hopper.
Then we get another IDENTICAL parallel to the end of s3, with both Will and El leaving in separate vehicles, as Mike watches them drive away, looking emotionally distraught.
It isn't until the end of the season that we see Mike reunited with either Will or El. First we see Mike and Will with Lucas, Dustin and Max all joking around at the Snowball. But suddenly people are coupling up, and a girl is asking Will to dance. And so Mike does what any good guy friend should do, he enthusiastically encourages Will to dance, only to look devastated watching it all unfold in the moments after (we get like 4+ different shots of this).
But then El is walking in and it's like everything is going to be okay.
Now, Mike and El have each other (bc like come on. she IS incredible and he DOES love her). So he ignores his repressed feelings and does what he thinks he has to do, what he just pushed Will to do.
He kisses El. He initiates it and doesn't hold back, unlike what he did at the start of that episode and unlike what he does at the end of s3.
Considering Will was passed out unconscious in the car, I can see why Mike didn't feel comfortable with kissing El like 10 ft away from him. This was just literal moments after he poured his heart out to Will to save him. And not only that but all of season 2 is basically romantic coded moments, with Mike always being by Will's side.
I also find it interesting that Mike's reaction to El in front of Will's closet at the end of 3x08, parallels his reaction to her in front of Will's house at the start of 2x09, which is that both times he had just had a meaningful moment with Will only a few moments before.
It's as if Mike's feelings for Will is what's been holding him back this whole time...
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kazu-sun · 5 months
— nothing comes as easy as you —
Tumblr media
it seems your group of friends are preparing a get together as graduation approaches and your days at college are coming to a close. but will you have enough time to let your best friend kazuha know your feelings for him?
this was suggested by the ever lovely @sakuraoora <3 i hope i can do justice to your idea hun! and sorry for writing it so late!
gn! reader
genre: fluff, modern / college au, best friends to lovers, love confession.
warnings: none, my first time trying to write a suggestion by someone else, so bear with me, please. inspired by fall out boy’s nobody puts baby in the corner and enchanted by taylor swift. enjoy <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
match in your hand, the orange flame nearing the fuse in the firework kazuha is holding in his hand. both of your faces feel hot, not only because of the little fire dancing in front of you in the summer night, but because the closeness with each other makes both your hearts skip some beats, as if asking to melt into the other, to paint the skies of your new beginning the same colors the firework your friend yoimiya provided, your firework, the one ignited to celebrate a finale that tied into the start of something passionate and sweet.
Tumblr media
a few days prior…
walking around campus after your classes ended, two of your friends, ayato and thoma, have been pestering you to join them to the big party some students are organizing to celebrate the end of your college experience. “c’mon [name] you have to come! i’ll be so bored without you! and besides, i’ll be helping prepare the snacks, you have to try them!” thoma pleads, eyes wide, his hands holding onto yours. looking at him like this, you almost feel bad rejecting his offer; he looks akin to a cute puppy ready to play and his expression almost makes you say yes, but you shake your head with a chuckle, remembering how much you hate this kind of big events, with loud music and too many people around to make for an enjoyable night. “i’m sorry thoma, but you know how these kind of big celebrations overwhelm me. but i’ll take you up on that offer of trying your snacks!” “it’s fine…” he replies, a bit crestfallen, “i’ll promise to make you the tastiest snacks you’ve ever tried!”
“hey hey! guys over here!” it’s yoimiya’s perky voice, calling you from the picnic tables under the campus cherry blossom trees. when you look in her direction, you realize she’s chatting with the rest of your group of friends, ayaka (ayato’s younger sister) and kazuha, your best friend and long time crush. the two girls seem to have been teasing him in some way because his expression seems to be asking get me out of here and a faint blush is tinting his cheeks.
“hey, what’s up!” thoma greets, bumping fists with yoimiya. “nothing much, just trying to convince our poet here to come to the graduation party but he refuses!” yoimiya offers, exhasperated. “mhm, well apparently [name] is not the only one not fond of these kind of events.” ayato adds. yoimiya’s warm eyes focus on you “you mean you’re not coming either?”
“i’ll have to pass, indeed. too many people and noise for my liking.” you say, sitting next to kazuha and plucking a fried fish stick from the pile on his lunch tray.
“but without you too we won’t even have half the fun, come on! pretty please? i’m in charge of the fireworks this year so they are going to be amazing hehe”
“i appreciate it, but no thank you, right kazu?” kazuha lifts his head from the notebook he just took out and started writing on, probably working on some writing for his classes. he definitely has a way with words, and you always love when he shows his poems to you, they always make you feel like you are traveling to foreign and faraway lands, to uncharted regions unknown to anyone except for the wandering winds. “i agree with [name]. such bustling atmospheres are not exactly my cup of tea.”
seeing how thoma and yoimiya look dejected, thoughtful ayaka proposes an idea “what about celebrating a small dinner with just us? i’m in the student council so i can arrange a reservation of the picnic area for a night. that way we could all have fun together, but the atmosphere and ambience would be so much calmer.”
“you are a genius ayaka!” thoma exclaims excited, a smile on his bright features.
“yes! that sounds so good!” yoimiya pitches in, with stars in her eyes.
as all of you make your way to your respective afternoon clases, thoma and yoimiya discussing how they are going to prepare the best food and the most stunning fireworks for your little gathering, you and kazuha lag a little behind. he keeps stealing glances your way and he’s uncharacteristically quiet today too, as if the literary river that flows trough his mind was being blocked by a dam. when you are about to part ways for the afternoon, kazuha seems to want to say something more, but settles for his usual gentle smile and a wave of his hand.
Tumblr media
the night of your hangout finally comes, and you find yourself checking your phone over and over to make sure you didn’t get the meeting spot wrong. you’re currently waiting under the maple trees, on the border of campus, the area illuminated with fairy lights hanging from the branches, a sign on top of the picnic table that reads “reserved”, clearly indicating this is where you and your friends were supposed to convene tonight; but there’s no one in sight and it’s already been fifteen minutes past the meeting time, with no trace of your friends. it’s not unusual for yoimiya to run late, same as thoma, since they are usually busy, their schedules packed with club activities; kazuha’s laid back nature isn’t his forte either when it comes to punctuality; but is’s definitely strange for ayaka and ayato to show up late, they always arrive al least five minutes before the arranged time.
just when you were starting to get worried, you spy a head of silver hair you recognize too well emerging from behind the crimson leaved trees, and you swear that, in that moment, you forget how to breathe, your crush on kazuha taking command of the beating of your fluttering heart, that seems to answer excitedly with every step he takes toward you. you didn’t even think to dress up for tonight’s casual dinner, but it seems your best friend had other intentions in mind: kazuha’s usual red hoodie you love to borrow is replaced tonight with a dark red button up, slightly open around his collarbones, the color matching the highlight on his hair, free from its usual ponytail. his neck is adorned with a couple of black leather bands, the same color of his tux jacket he’s holding lazily over his shoulder and his tight pants.
at the sight of him in front of you, your face feels like a pure wildfire, your heartbeat a phoenix returning to life. words fail you, and the cheeky smile tugging at kazuha’s lips isn’t helping your state at all. when you thought your body temperature couldn’t raise anymore, his honeyed and gentle voice cuts through the messy flurry of your thoughts “where you waiting for me? it’s too much of a lovely night to be spending it alone, no?” he offers you a single carmine rose, which you accept with trembling hands and use to cover your face slightly.
“k-kazuha?” your voice comes out choked and small.
“so they call me” he chuckles, “what’s wrong? you seem surprised”. oh the bastard is enjoying this too much.
“well, no one has showed up and then you appear out of nowhere, dressed like this and give me a rose? how do you expect i react?” you say, gesturing towards him with your free hand.
“you are cute”
that makes you stare at him, wide eyed. he continues:
“let me explain. there’s something i’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now, but before, i think i owe you an explanation. remember the day we all decided to hold a little dinner? well, the reason that ended up happening was thanks to yoimiya and ayaka finding out about what i’m about to tell you. the purpose was to get you and i alone, they weren’t going to come today; they all knew about this surprise for you.”
your breath catches in anticipation, molten fire running through your veins. would it be wishing on the impossible considering he may reciprocate your feelings? would it be aiming for the moon and ending up firing a shot in the dark?
“because what i wanted to tell you is… that i like you. i have for a long time, but i…” he smiles sheepishly, his cheeks catching the color of the maple leaves overhead “but i… i guess i never dared to let you know. but soon we’ll be out of university and i couldn’t bear letting this chance escape, i couldn’t bear the thought of… letting you go.”
“kazu, i feel the same way towards you, and i have for the longest time.”
at your confirmation, kazuha brings his forehead in contact with yours, and you both smile in your embrace. because how could neither of you have realized that you’ve been more than just friends for a long time? the way you could understand each other with just a look, how you sometimes held his hand for longer than necessary without being aware of it, how he’d always wrap you in his hoodie whenever the weather started to become cold and you forgot your jacket, how everything felt so easy when you were together.
kazuha suddenly starts to rummage into one of his blazer’s pockets to produce two small objects: one is clearly a lighter, and the other seems to be some paper structure with a fuse. “would you like to light it? yoimiya made it for us, she said to celebrate getting over how dense we’ve been” he laughs, the sound angelic and oh so sweet. you nod, and kazuha places the lighter in your hand, fingers brushing delicately over your palm.
and with a first summer’s night sky lit up in fiery ribbons the color of autumn, his and your dreams come to life, the aerial spectacle leaving luminous sparks dancing like fallen leaves in the wind and a kiss of unwavering affection and care in its afterglow.
Tumblr media
all works belong to kazu-sun 2022. any editing, modifying, reposting, plagiarizing, translating or claiming as yours is prohibited.
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okhotel · 9 months
Dad headcanons for the aot men please. Definitely would be so cute I just know Reiner and Armin would be the best at dealing with their little girl's hair so you don't have to do it all the time. Eren definitely probably struggles but you give him an A for effort.
PLEASEEEE y’all are giving me baby fever with these asks!!?!?!? but the aot boys would be great fathers!!! I did a before and after the pregnancy btw<3
During Pregnancy:
•Was probably the happiest out of all the guys when he found out you were pregnant
•He pictured you guys starting a family for the longest, so when he found out i think he shed a few tears
•Family is super important to him, and he wants to be there for your child always!!
•Him not knowing his father when he was younger, and then finding out the type of person he was made reiner want to go above and beyond with this new responsibility
•He’ll do anything to make sure you and the baby are okay
•That being saiddd, during your pregnancy he was a sweetheart
•He stayed near you 24/7, making you were always comfortable, ready to jump up and get you anything you needed
•He already was like a stay at home dad before you were pregnant but now that you are this role has been multiplied
•He’s always making sure the house is spotless, running errands, cleaning up, cooking, and massaging you when needed
•Stock the house full with everything you love for when he’s not there for work reasons
•Called out of work for a week and a few days because he couldn’t stand being away from you
•Without you knowing he went and built a nursery for you,the room was beautiful and filled with pampers and wipes
•He stocked up on baby formula and bottles
•Has your doctor on speed dial
•Eren is an adorable soon to be father just because he tries his best
•The baby was totally unexpected but Ren was with you on any decision you made
•When you decided to keep the baby, Ren was super happy and saw it as an opportunity to mature
•He did hours on research on how to be dad and how to take care of newborns
•Secretly took newborn daddy classes
•Instantly went to buy him and the baby matching clothes
•Having to scold him when he got the baby jordan’s instead of hard bottom shoes
•Got freaked out when you had a really bad cramp, he thought it was contractions
•It was hilarious watching him run around halfway screaming trying to throw stuff into the car to get you to the hospital
•Bought a mannequin head to practice braiding hair
•Failed horribly but still tried his best, still failed and just said he’ll pay to get his daughters hair braided instead
•Bought a bunch of bonnets for you and her
•Liked giving you massages and holding your stomach up when you felt too heavy
•Got cocky at times when remembering a piece of him was growing inside of you
•Though happy, he’s very nervous, he’s never had something so real and so serious that he had to take care of, the constant thought of not being a good dad runs through his mind a lot, but you’re there to reassure him every time
•Just like reiner, he loves that you’re pregnant !!
•Throughout the entire pregnancy he babies you, practically doesn’t let you do anything
•You have to remind him you’re a grown woman sometimes so that you can do things by yourself
•He’s more in the artsy side of things and has taken pictures of you
•Catches you in your worst moments but shushes you and tells you’re the prettiest soon to be mommy he’s ever seen
•Takes the pictures to glue them in a scrapbook for the baby
•Talked to your parent a lot to get information on how to raise a baby and just to know how to be there for you during the birth
•Always going to sleep after you and watching you while you sleep with the biggest smile on his face
•Is practically happy 24/7 as he thinks about you growing with his child
•Already baby proofed the house and got the nursery done
•Bought HELLA baby clothes, doesn’t even know the gender yet but bought so much clothes
•Forces you to ft him when he leaves the house, doesn’t care if you continue on with your day while on the phone he just wants to make sure you’re okay
•Sees a bunch of clothes for you and the baby also
•Sits with you for hours talking about the future and him moving y’all into a bigger house, having another baby, and what to name the current baby, etc.
•Spends forever kissing your stomach, loves having at least one hand on your stomach at all times
•Still stubborn during your pregnancy, don't let you do not do one thing!!!
•Usually y’all have a comfortable space around you, and are able to live in y’all own worlds while still being around each other
•but ever since he found out you were carrying his child he’s been on you
•Doesn’t let you clean, barely lets you leave the room
•It’s only the third month into the pregnancy yet he has the car packed for when you need it
•It’s a duality of “oh i’m going to be a great dad” and “no you aren’t” that flows through his mind
•Makes sure you take your vitamins daily, if you skip one day he will get on you about it
•When you’re sleeping at night he secretly watches videos about how to take care of a young daughter and teaches himself how to braid
•Stays calm around you and tries his best to keep you calm too
•Bought hella pillows and pregnancy gadgets for you, trying his best to keep you comfortable
•Plays classical music throughout the house because he read that it makes the baby a critical thinker lmao
•He’s still quite but pays close attention to detail and to you, he knows you like the back of his hand and gets you anything you need before saying you need it
After the pregnancy:
•Is truly the best dad ever
•Spoils her to death, she just came out and she has him wrapped around her finger
•Created the nursery for nothing because he keeps her in the room 24/7
•You have to force him to go to sleep, he doesn’t like not being around her
•Loves to sit up on the bed with her and watch coco melon
•Loves taking her out to the park
•Loves telling people that he’s a dad
•His affection for you grew even more!!
•He still tries to stay by your side, he even forced you to take the maternity leave and stay home
•Still pampers you and makes sure you have everything you need to stay comfortable
•As she grew older and began to learn how to talk and walk, he loved being able to teach her all she needed to know for preschool
•Was great at braiding her hair down, and after trying to figure out how he was so good he admitted to having your mom teach him how
•Loves to sing to you and the baby when he rocks you both to sleep
•Loves to dress her up in matching monochromatic fits
•adorable dad<3
•Was super fucking nervous when he first got to hold her, man’s was sweating bullets but after a few hours he was cool
•Loves playing with her, specifically hide and seek and somehow she always wins
•Tried putting her car seat together and almost had a breakdown, ikea instructions are confusing he says
•Matches with her literally everyday and posts “fits of the day with baby”
•Holds her as if she’s a football and not a human
•Is a fucking baby whisperer!! Is able to get her to go to sleep so fast
•you take secret pictures of them when he passes out with her on the bed
•kept his word and pays weekly for y’all to get your hair done
•Accidentally had her bump her head on something and cried along with her, apologizing profusely as you stood by giggling at his dramatics
•she’s a daddy’s girl for sure
•always lets her play in his head, also learned how strong babies are when she gripped a fist full of hair and pulled…he shed a few tears that day
•still the same ole adorable eren but with a baby<3
•sweet dad armin
•videotaped the pregnancy and let out a few tears when he first held her
•Instantly became a nurse when he took you both home, already scheduled himself outta work to watch you both
•Jumps anytime she cries but is able to sooth her back to normal quickly
•Talks to her like he understands the “words” she says
•Just like eren also buys a few matching outfits and takes pictures to put in the scrap book
•Loves showing off his work anytime he braids her hair and it comes out nice
•constantly smothering her and giving her kisses
•Always ready to record in case anything “special” happens
•Somehow got her to say dada once but it was off camera so you don’t believe him lmfao
•Confesses his love for you and his daughter every single day, can never spend time without you both<3
•Was hesitant to hold her at first, but as soon as her little hand wrapped around his finger he fell in love
•Spoils her constantly, she could look in the direction of a toy and he’s getting it for her
•Reads to her all the time, either children's books or the books he reads, talking to her as if she understands him
•Falls in love again lol as he watches you interact with her
•Reads you both to bed as you both snuggle up and lay on his chest
•Built her a mini playhouse that was filled with kitchen and household supplies, said he was teaching her young
•Doesn’t admit it but is a huge softy for her, all she has to do is pull out the puppy eyes and he’s puddy…those only halfway work for you
•Tries to braid her hair but can only do cornrows so you take over for the most part
•Sends you pics he’s taken of her when she’s playing
•Is such a dilf!! He bought one of those things that you strap the baby into so that she stays on his chest to keep her close at all times
•It’s the cutest thing watching him pushing a cart with her strapped on to him as he roams the store in his work clothes i.e. button up shirt and slacks
•Always extra careful around her, still a little nervous at the dad thing but cares for you both unconditionally <3
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sweetpeapod · 3 months
Another one for Daryl x PlusSize!Reader (fem is fine)
She's a little dramatic sometimes, but her passion for life is something Daryl finds very attractive. Anyway, things go wrong while the two of them are on a run. Reader is hurt and bleeding (but the wound is superficial, not life threatening). True to form, she thinks she's dying and begins telling Daryl to leave her behind, to live life without her. To tell everyone that she loves them.
(Bonus if you work in the line, "You ain't gonna die. At least not today.")
Up to you how Daryl handles this (is he annoyed? does he match her melodrama with his own? is he calm? is he silent?)
Eventually, after they get back home (wherever that home is), she says something like "Thank you" and Daryl asks "for what?" and she replies "for coming into my life" and maybe they finally confess their feelings or kiss or something or snuggle/cuddle on the infirmary bed.
Thank you another Daryl request 🥺 I've been so excited to write this!! 🥰🥰 I really hope you enjoy it!
Warnings: Injuries, blood mentioned. Mostly teasing and fluff.
Word Count: 984
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White hot pain pierced through your leg, shooting its way up your body and bringing you to the ground with a heavy thud. Daryl was crouched in front of you faster than you could call out in agony. Gritting your teeth you push through the pain.
“Daryl,” Your voice is weak, “this is it Daryl, I’m going to bleed out. If I die, just make sure to tell the others that I love them. Make sure Little Ass-Kicker doesn’t forget about me.” You plead with him, clinging to his arm as he shrugs you off to grab a rag he has in his pack. “You’re going to have to go on without me.” You almost wail at him, throwing your head back dramatically, the back of your hand pressed against your face. You miss him rolling his eyes as he begins to tear the leg of your pants open.
“Stay still.” His voice has the same gruff baritone as usual. His calloused hands are holding your ankle roughly to keep you still as he wraps the rag around the large gash in your calf. The sight of the blood makes you attempt to tug your leg back towards you in alarm. He pulls the rag tightly around you, making you wince as he ties it off.
"Pain is good. Means we don't need t'amputate." He looks at you with a glint of a smile in his eyes, more than used to your overdramatic ways. You pout up at him,
"Don't tease, I'm bleeding out here." He scoffs at your words, this time you don’t miss the way he rolls his eyes at you.
"There's n'more blood, look." He nods down to your leg, making your eyes follow. He’s right, the torniquete has stopped the bleeding. No bleeding out for you today. But the sight of the dirty rag has you grimacing.
"It could get infected." You mutter as you shift uncomfortably on the hard ground.
"Girl, stop y’r yammering.” He rubs his matted hair out of his eyes, scrubbing his hand down his face. “Ya ain't gonna die. Least not t'day. ‘Kay?" Daryl leans over you, an arm beginning to dig under your legs. You quickly try to shove his arm away from you, knowing exactly what he’s planning.
"What are you doing?" You exclaim, not quite looking at him.
"Gotta carry ya. Can't walk on that." As if to prove his point, he prods your leg making you wince and scowl at him. Daryl’s hand starts to work its way under your thigh again.
"But you can't." You shuffle backwards, trying to move away from him desperately.
"Why?" He sighs deeply. He may be used to your theatrics but you’re quickly losing light and he needs to get you back to Hershel. He wouldn’t admit it, but you were also right about the possible infection.
"I'm too-" You cut yourself off, looking at the floor, ashamed of what you want to say. You already know exactly how Daryl will react, he’ll scoff and ignore your comments.
"Too..." He mocks you just a little, gently placing his hand on your uninjured knee, encouraging you to continue.
"Too heavy." You whisper, not looking at him. You hear him scoff and the next thing you know, you’re squeaking as you're hauled roughly into his arms, being carried bridal style back to the motorbike. 
"Too heavy." He mutters scoffing at you, exactly as you’d expected. 
It’s dark when you next see Daryl. He had dropped you off with Hershel as soon as you’d arrived back at the prison, cautiously placing you down on the bed. He lingered for a moment, his hands hovering over you, as if he wanted to reach out to you. But instead he pulled them back, mumbled something about sorting out the squirrels they’d caught and then left you with the vet.
Now, back in your own bed, in your small cell, it was dark. The sun had set hours ago, leaving only a soft glow from the moon streaming through the cell bars. You heard a gentle rapping on the metal, and found Daryl stood awkwardly in the doorway.
“Still alive then?” He gave you a small teasing smile, his hair covering most of his face. 
“Hershel patched me up. Said you did a good job with the torniquete, could’ve bled out without it.” You grinned at him, moving to sit up slightly. You winced as the movement unsettled your leg. Daryl moved to sit beside you, his hand softly rubbing your ankle to soothe you.  "Thank you." You whisper. He peers up at you through his dark, greasy hair,
"For what?" He tilts his head to the side, reminding you of a puppy. You let out a soft laugh at the thought, shaking your head as you imagined his tongue lolling out if you scratched behind his ear. Daryl squeezed your ankle, bringing you back to the present.
"For coming into my life." You answer sincerely. He bows his head, you can’t tell in only the moonlight, but you’re sure he’s trying to hide a blush from you. Leaning forward you carefully reach out your hand, using your fingers to tilt his head back up to look at you. “I mean it,” you say, “Thank you. For everything.” He closes the gap between you, nudging your nose with his. Pausing, his eyes flit up to meet yours, silently asking for permission to kiss you. Instead of speaking you press your lips against his. Soft lips meet chapped ones. It begins softly, carefully, but soon Daryl’s fingers find your hair. Tangling in the messy strands at the base of your neck. Your own hands glide up to his neck, holding his jaw as you nip at his lips. 
You chase after him as he pulls away, resting his forehead against your own.
“I should be thankin’ you for comin’ into my life.”
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