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cinefiliz · a day ago
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974.
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🌲Slashers as animals🍁
This is only my opinion, you can believe whatever you like <3
Edit: Jason and Michael are kind of obviously, but I put a lot of research and effort/ brain power into picking their animals counterparts. I hope you like :3
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House Cat, stray - Bitch, solitary, cruel, unpredictable, possessive, violent, scrunkly, loving (but in his own way)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Grizzly Bear - Protective, territorial, nurturing, brutal, misunderstood
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Clydesdale - hard working, loyal, strong, gentle giant, ferocious guardian
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Dog, Neapolitan Mastiff - family oriented, vocal, affectionate, obedient, fearless, defensive, goofy
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leatherfaceologist · a day ago
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behind the scenes
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rottent33th · 2 days ago
Here's a cute one for you 💜💜
Thomas and Jesse, please 🙏
Their s/o is babysitting for their sister and it's a baby? Around one?
I just wanna see them interact with the baby it would be so cute💖
Please and thank you
I'll send some juicy stuff next time promise 🤞
Breaking this one up into two posts!!! Tonight I'm doing Thomas Hewitt and I'll come back and reblog when I get around to Jesse 🖤
Baby Fever
Very very briefly proofread
You had always been good with babies even before you ended up in Texas on the Hewitt farm. You had spent many summers babysitting for spare cash and at this point you were a natural. So when Thomas's sister Mary Anne asked you to watch her daughter Clara you agreed immediately. Truth was the Hewitt farm could get pretty dull when you were all alone and a baby to hold was just what you needed to cheer you up.
You had spent the day doing your usual tasks around the house Clara on your hip the whole time. And as the day crept to dusk you heard the familiar thud of Thomas's footsteps entering the home. You turned as he rounded the corner and smiled as Clara erupted into excited babbles.  "Awww Clarie Bear is that your Uncle Tommy?" You sat the spoon down you were using to stir dinner and closed the distance planting a soft kiss on Thomas's lips. "Hi hunny, Mary Anne needed a break and I offered to take Clara for the day.' he nodded in understanding his eyes lighting up as he looked down at Clara and bent over getting on her level signing I love you to her and letting her grab at the leather of his mask and trail her tiny fingers around the edge. He chuckled as she gave it a tug pouting as it wouldn't come lose. He then very carefully unweaved her fingers standing up straight signing to you he was gonna freshen up. You nodded and watched as he headed upstairs.
Clara began to cry as her Uncle disappeared so you hushed her softly taking her into the living room and sitting her down on the playmat reaching for her stuffies. Thomas had taught you to sew and you had used the newfound skill to make Clara tons of little animals to play with. They were a favorite of hers when she visited you boths house especially the little fox she was so lovingly clutching in her hands now.
Thomas had washed up and changed before making his way downstairs checking on dinner and coming in the living room finding you playing with Clara sprawled out on the floor. He felt his heart skip a beat at the sight. Seeing you with Clara always filled him with pride. He had been told his whole life by Hoyt that he would never have a family of his own but here you were wearing his mamas ring on your finger.
You were his.
It was something he still couldn't believe at times and it all felt like a dream to him. He caught himself pinching his arm at times to assure himself this was real. It wasn't too good to be true. You caught his eye and motioned him to join you and Clara on the ground something he quickly obliged.
As he sat Clara began to crawl to him a smile spread across her face you watched Thomas open his arms and pull her in them in a loving embrace. This was a side of Thomas you could never get tired of seeing. The gentle giant. It was something you often fondly refered to him as when he was with Clara. He had looked so nervous the first time he held her when she was born. You had laughed and told him her held her like she was a egg he was scared to crack.
You felt the familiar pang in your heart. Clara made you want a baby of your own. You and Thomas had been trying for the last few months with no luck and it was starting to make you worry, because Thomas wanted to be a dad desperately. You knew this from your many late night conversations and watching him now as he kissed Claras forehead and held the animals above her head making them dance along to the tunes he hummed made you feel like you were holding him back.
What if I can't give him a baby?
You shook the thought away looking down in your lap trying to hold back the tears welling in the corner of your eyes.
Thomas smiled as Clara grabbed the fabric mouse from his hand shaking it in her little hands as she cheerfully exclaimed in baby talk. He looked over to you for your reaction and frowned some seeing your gaze was on the floor. He reached over placing his hand on your thigh grabbing your attention quickly.
"Are you alright?" His hands signed rapidly a worried look on his face. You nodded even though it was useless to lie to him and his knowing gaze made you sigh and admit the truth.
"Clara gives me baby fever." Thomas smiled a little at this relieved.
"Me too." A grin formed on his face as he signed the next part "We can work on it tonight if you'd like? I've got some new positions that might help." You blushed your jaw dropping and let out a shocked laugh before picking up a stuffed animal and tossing it playfully at his head.
"You dirty dog!!!" Clara giggled as the animal bounced off of Thomas's head and he noticed taking the opportunity to fall back dramatically and pretend to be knocked out before reaching and grabbing the girl holding her up in the air above him. This sent a fresh wave of giggles through Clara as she swung her legs in excitement reaching to grab Thomas. You smiled softly as you sat with your back against the couch watching them and silently vowing that you would make Thomas a father no matter how long or how many positions it took.
Tumblr media
Another adorable request thank you and hope you enjoyed!!!
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villain-apolo10 · 2 days ago
every time I see Tommy I just wanna give him a huge hug 😭
come here baby boy, let me hug and love you please... ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Tumblr media
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epicnessqueen25 · a day ago
Base Yandere Thomas Hewitt/Leatherface Headcanons: Best Husband (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
[Hello My Sexy Muffins, and welcome back to another chapter in this chapter it is Thomas Hewitt from the prequel and remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I hope that you all enjoy this chapter. 
[DISCLAIMER: THIS IS FICTION! It is NOT To Be Taken Seriously! This is just for a fun what if he was yandere? Thomas Hewitt is NOT Yandere. It is okay to simp for fictional slashers and yanderes in fiction. Just please keep real life and fiction separate. Please enjoy!] 
-Base Yandere Headcanons With Thomas Hewitt/Leatherface 
.Thomas was adopted by his mama. 
.Born in a slaughterhouse and meat packing, only for the owner to have about thrown him away. 
.She took him away and she promised one day someone would love him just as much as she did. 
.That would be his special someone. 
.Years later he met you, you were not like anyone he met. 
.Though his face shocked you the first time you did not mind. 
.You actually took time to get to know him and understand him. 
.He was in love. 
.He would start to do sweet things for you, making you little gifts. 
.Inviting you to go to dinner with him. 
.He is a gentleman with you, his mama raised him right. 
.He would be sweet on you and as kind as can be. 
.Though he HATES When other men spend time with you or talk about you in a crude way. 
.They should not do that! You are his and they should not treat you like an object! 
.He has threatened people who tried to hit on you before. 
.Though he only killed when they stepped past a certain line. 
.That being anything like kissing, hurting you, and making you uncomfortable. 
.He was not taking any of that. 
.He would ask his mama permission to ask you to be his. 
.He is still loyal to family so would eventually get mama on board to have you. 
.He is surprisingly soft and gentle with you. 
.Though when he does get in the mood he does sometimes forget how strong he is. 
.He is innocent but knows the basics. 
.He loves you and wants to give you the life you deserve. 
.Rivals get scared off or killed. 
.If scaring them off does not work well he will just have to make them into a meal for you. 
.When he does confesses he is nervous. 
.If you accept his love he is shocked then picks you and spins you around. 
.You are the best damn thing to happen and he will be the best husband for you his spouse. 
.If you are to say no?
.Well that will not do at all. 
.His mama already said you are part of the family. 
.He would just pick you up over his shoulder and lock you in his room. 
.He is not losing you, his mama was right that you were the one for him. 
.You were just confused or shy. 
.Yeah that had to be it. 
.He is a gentleman and does his best to accept his love. 
.He would never hurt you. 
.Well unless you run. Then he would use a specific chainsaw to cut off a leg. 
.Just so you do not run again. 
.He would make sure it stays clean and he will always be there to carry you, wash you, and take care of you. 
.He would force you to be his bride. 
.He is a good husband so he will take good care of you, he sweet honeydew. 
.He also would force feed you if you refused to eat. You need to keep your strength up. 
.Does not matter if you do not want to eat humans, you eat or you will get force-fed. 
.He is just doing his job as a dutiful husband. 
[YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS another chapter done, I hope you all enjoyed it and stay sexy all my sexy muffins]
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Tumblr media
It's about the 🌟🌠💅S Q U I S H💅🌠🌟
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eerie-candid · a day ago
I did actually think Bill Moseley did a good job with the role of Drayton. Looked a lot like him.
The clothes definitely made him look more like drayton and not Chop Top so my head cannon is if you dress Chop Top up like drayton, he'd scarily look like his older brother.
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Describe a slasher movie.
Wrong answers only.
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October is their month ♥ 🎃🔪🎭💀🎈😈
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as seen on my disney princess tv (27/?):
🎃analog-tober 2: return of the vhs tapes🎃
the texas chain saw massacre | 1974 | digital copy
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This tiktok is everything
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Tumblr media
another one for Barbie's list of careers !! girlboss <3
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I'm sorry, WHAT!??
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osirisisv · 5 months ago
How would they be in marshmallow hell? It's funny to imagine😂 and reader just does it alot especially when they get back and they miss them
Omg I never knew about this term until you mentioned it hahaha, this was very fun to make 😂
Here we go! ✨✨✨
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Nothing is better for Mikey than having a good "bath" 😏 and snuggling with you before sleep, after a long killing spring ☺️💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Brahms loves to bury his face in you chest, whenever you go out of the house, he do this in any occasion actually 😆, Brahms is baby and needs all you attention 😂
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Tommy was in the basement all day, the only thing he was thinking is in hugging you and cuddle with you, don't make him wait Y/N 🥺💕💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bubba gets all tired from working all day, the only he wants is to cuddle with you buried in you soft chest 🥰, the best thing in the world!... meanwhile it last 😆
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jason is always ready to watch movies with you when he came from "working" on the forest, hug him tight because you two gonna watch scary movies all night🤣
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