admiringyou · 17 days ago
I look for him everywhere and in everything.
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tc-blossom · 8 months ago
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illicit-ivy · 7 months ago
when he stands super close to you and you can feel the heat radiating off his skin
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the-anastasia · a month ago
When he gives you an F in class but all you wanted was that D.
Tumblr media
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sweet-but-stoned-tcc · 12 months ago
I see you standing right in front of me,
Basking in your heavenly glow.
I hear the sound of your smooth comforting voice,
But I can’t hear you over the sound of my heart beating.
For a minute, we lock eyes,
And I can feel the world around me stop.
And how it breaks my heart,
To be so close but never to touch
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bellaira · 4 months ago
“I want to, but I’m not allowed to touch you…” He frowned, and his eyes shone as if tears were going to fall. He advanced a half step towards me, testing my reaction, seeing if I was scared to be so near him. In all these years we have never been in such proximity. Half a step away from heaven. We exchanged a sad smile, and before I realised what was happening his arms were around me, lightly and fleetingly, and then he was gone. I wanted to hold on to him forever. I wanted to feel the roughness of his sweater and remember how he smelled so perfectly clean. Instead I wobbled and tried not to let my drink fall from my hand. I don’t think I inhaled at all, and I was in shock that he initiated this touch when I was so convinced that he didn’t want to be near me anymore. That he didn’t like me as a person and wouldn’t miss me. I didn’t think I would make him cry. How did it all feel so final? How will I forget how beautiful his eyes are up close, or the feeling of leaning into his shoulder. Seeing his wife afterwards was like being plunged into an ice bath. It was just a hug, wasn’t it? Then why did he break the rules? Why does my body still feel like it’s on fire. Why can’t I stop thinking about it. I know this man didn’t ruin me, I let myself feel this way and ruined myself. My dear Tcc, if only what I’ve written was simple fiction then maybe my feelings would have been spared. But this is my life. I’m leaving him forever and now I wish that we had never touched.
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gwenstcdiary · 7 months ago
messaging your tc with the dumbest stuff that you need ‘’help’’ with just so they give you attention 
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back-of-the-class-notes · 7 months ago
I realize that I don't have a thing for teachers, but rather I like nerds and a lot of them happen to be teachers.
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onedaytc · a year ago
Tumblr media
We obviously will, this was just a joke 🙄🙄
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naomigrey · 6 months ago
i wonder if he thinks about me
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purplenightstand · 5 months ago
sometimes i feel special, he'll give me gifts, or talk to me in such a way. and then the next day he wont even talk to me, or walk right past me
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admiringyou · a month ago
i dream about him every night
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tc-blossom · 25 days ago
savor the time you have with your tc ❤️
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illicit-ivy · 4 months ago
sometimes i wonder if i’d like you this much if you were attainable
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the-anastasia · 4 months ago
Me: Why didn’t I get better grades in my classes?
My brain during classes:
Tumblr media
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sweet-but-stoned-tcc · 4 months ago
June TCC Challenge
I thought I would try to write a cute TC challenge for June 🥰
Do you and your TC have any hobbies or interests in common? If so, do you talk about them together often?
Does your TC ever talk about their childhood/teenage years? If yes, what were they like and what sort of childhood did they have?
If you could choose one from the following from your TC, what would you choose? An hour alone with them to chat about what you want, a hug, a present, a handwritten note or then complimenting you in front of the class?
Do you think you’ll buy them a leaving gift? If so, what are you thinking of getting them?
When and where did you first meet them?
What was your first impression of them?
Do they give out much homework in their classes? What type of homework do they commonly give out?
Do they talk a lot in their classes or do they do more activities?
What’s their funniest moment this far?
What’s their cutest moment so far?
Have you gone on a field trip with them yet? If so, to where?
Have you got any selfies with them? If yes, where were they taken?
Do you usually prefer older people or is your TC an exception?
Are you and your TC close? Do you talk to them often?
Do they have any pets?
Is there anything about them you wish you could change?
Is there a particular song that reminds you of them?
Do you have dreams about them? If so, what is the best dream you’ve had about them so far?
What sort of girlfriend/boyfriend/partner do you think they’ll be?
What’s their sense of humour like? Can they make you laugh?
Are they usually your ‘type?’ If not, what attracted you to them?
Are they more of an introvert or an extrovert?
What is their classroom like? Do they put a lot of pictures up?
Has anyone in your life caught on to your crush for them?
What caused you to realise that you have a crush on them?
How long have you had a crush on them now?
What is their body type?
Do they have any school events they especially enjoy? How about ones they don’t like?
How long have they been teaching for?
Are they younger (20s-30s) or older (40+)?
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bellaira · 8 months ago
I’m so interested what the tc community actually look like and dress like.. it’s extra intriguing since we can’t post or we’ll expose ourselves😂🥴 what does everyone look like vs their tc??
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