#teacher love
lovethisismetrying · 2 days
I’m afraid I will spend entire years trying not to need you
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promsongldr · 6 months
does he treat me differently or am I just so into him that anything he does is like my whole world?
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theotherdaughter · 3 months
ugly aspects of a tc
having LOW standards and getting excited when they do the bare minimum
constant overthinking of every little thing they do which can be exhausting and detrimental to mental health
if they do one thing off, you automatically think they hate you
feeling bad about yourself (maybe even unlovable and hopeless) bc ur tc doesn’t like u back
sacrificing other things u cared about
daddy/mommy issues
feeling guilt due to fear that you’re making them uncomfortable (even though that’s the last thing you want to do)
being desperate and resorting to unhealthy methods for their attention and praise to validate yourself
your entire mood being dependent on how they treat you
wishing they would “save” you
the heartbreaking realization that they are human and have flaws and are not as perfect as you thought they were
realizing that it will never happen and you will have to move on some day
we all romanticize having a tc sometimes and maybe this is how we’re coping, but i think we should talk about the ugly parts of having tc as well. hope everyone’s doing well and lets be there for each other <33
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tea-addict18 · 3 months
I can’t be the only who’s tc is their coping crush right? Like my tc is how I’m coping with my parental issues and how I’m trying to get over my crush who only sees me as a friend. Anyone else here doing the same?
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rm328 · 1 month
Need him in a really sexy borderline codependent way and he doesn’t even know it…
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bauhausluvr · 8 months
me when i have to rely on being obsessed with someone/thing to give me true happiness
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parnassianvenus · 2 months
me walking past kids in the hallways, scribbling in my little notebook, scrolling on my phone, looking at room numbers, etc. pretending that i am not madly in love with my female english teacher
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tc6why6me6 · 3 months
someone should make a list of things to email your tc about when you have no actual reason to.
I’d eat that shit up
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do you get excited when the weekend ends ? do you look forward to seeing me ?
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myteachercrushaccount · 4 months
Imagine being trapped somewhere with your teacher crush, for example an elevator or a classroom
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boysunberry · 6 months
He thinks I’m a passionate student and I’m listening to Lolita by Lana del Rey
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lovethisismetrying · 2 days
OMG OMG, H JUST EMAILED ME FIRST!! She is doing a course about university pedagogy and she asked if she could interview me about my learning experiences in uni. My heart was in my throat when I opened my school email and saw her name.
I’ve been wishing for something nice to happen because I’ve been feeling depressed and now this happened!! Best day of my life omg. Maybe she doesn’t hate me?!?
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promsongldr · 5 months
I wanted to relive the days he spoke to me
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itsdaddyoclock · 2 months
inteligent people are so attractive, like yes tell me everything about this very specific topic, please do😩
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notmidnight · 3 months
when she smiles at you>>
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rm328 · 1 month
I think about my tc too much put me in the ward
Tumblr media
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