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Teacher greets students, by having them choose which greeting is most comfortable for them.
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one-time-i-dreamt · a month ago
I was doing a tarot reading, just trying to answer a question for my homework, when the deck suddenly burst into flames and this ominous voice told me I shouldn't be cheating on my homework, the voice was my programming teacher.
I woke up and remembered that I had graduated months ago.
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teacherstudiies · 15 days ago
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September 07 2022 | Lesson planning. 
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Post-Canon AU
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Teachers pet
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Summary: You take your own personal test with Ms romanova
Inspired by an F4f audio
Includes: Professor! Natasha x Fem reader (College AU) Smut, Fingering, pulling hair kinda, Oral, and Praise
Tumblr media
You should’ve paid attention in class you knew this but instead you were talking with your friend in the middle of it and the Teacher took major note of this “Y/n pay attention to the lesson” Ms. Romanova said sternly to you. This caused you to roll your eyes and giggle not taking her words seriously.
The class by quick you went on disobeying the teacher by chatting with your friend and disrespecting her by not doing any of your work.
As the bell rang you got out of your seat for the next period while so did the other students “Y/n please stay after class” Ms Romanova said you scoffed at her request but followed her instructions anyway
“What is it?” You spoke with mean tone “Y/n your failing my class your practically missing all your assignments” she stated You knew this obviously.
“I mean you missed last weeks exam” the older woman said as she rubbed forehead “That’s half your grade” she added You could see the disappointment in her eyes which made you feel worse then you already did.
Finally giving In to her you asked “Is there thing I can do?” her eyes narrowed at you then their was pause for a moment “Yes…there is something you can do for me” she grinned
“I'll give you a choice here Y/n. Option one. You take the exam and fail it like we both know you probably will. Or... Option two. I could give you a ‘different’ kind of test. One that involves a lot more fun for the both of us. What do you say sweetie? Just you. And me. Giving each other exactly what we both want..." Ms Romanova insisted
You were oddly confused “What do want from each other? and What kind of different test?” You questioned her oblivious
“One. What we want from each other is very simple Miss L/n, don’t think I haven’t noticed how you sending the steamy glances you've been throwing my way all semester. The way you bite your lip when you look at me. And those outfits you wear to my class. I can see what you want from me. That you want me...” Ms Romanova said
Her words automatically sent heat to your cheeks and your core became wet from the way she looked at you seductively “Do you wanna take the test it will boost your grade a lot sweetie” you nodded agreeing to shy to speak
She walked over the door and closed it then locked it “Are you ready now?” You nodded again “Good girl, start by taking off your clothes nice and slow for me” she demanded
Doing what she told you to do you took off your shirt over your head then shimmied out of your jeans “Cute underwear” The woman commented “Now come here, I want to kiss you”
You walked over to her kissing her passionately Ms Romanova tongue danced with yours as well your hand cupped her breast she pulled away from your lips and this result you whinnied “I want that pretty mouth of yours between my legs can you do that baby?” You nodded your head fast “Yes miss romanova”
You went to knees quickly you eagerly pulled down her long brown skirt to her feet then proceed taking off with her underwear too.
“I can see what you want from me.That you want me.” Her words we’re true you had been wanting this for a while and now you’re in between her thighs looking up at her womanhood
You began licking her folds teasing her “Don’t tease me” obeying her you licked her folds once more this time Going up and down she grabbed a full fist of your hair forcing you to stay in place
Her moans were a sweet delight for you “Fuck..You’re such a good girl y/n” You took two of your fingers and went on pumping in and out of her
Whilst licking and sucking and on her clit “Oh I’m gonna!” You felt her hand shove your full face into her Cunt it was heaven
Licking and fingering faster you felt Ms romanova release on your face “shit-fuck I’m c-c-cuming” She let out with high groan
“Did I do good Ms romanov-” she cut you off “Call me Natasha” she stated Oh okay “Did I do good…Natasha I mean did I pass the test?” You questioned
“Oh yes you did very good with helping me out and you passed the first part of test I’m so proud of you Y/n” The first part?
“It’s your turn can you handle me?”
Requests are open
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library-goblin · 27 days ago
I'll be the English teacher that I desperately needed myself. I'll wear the tweed jackets, the fancy pants, and show my students the intoxicating power that literature can have. I'll teach them poetry and Shakespeare and I'll tell them that "it's fine to hate something, as long as you have a reason to". I'll show them how to actually write an essay and how much fun it can be to have an opinion, rather than study hard facts like they do in all their other courses. I'll show them the freedom of the humanities and the importance of studying them, show them why STEM isn't superior; STEM is about understanding the world, Humanities is about accepting you don't.
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carpethedamndiem · 19 hours ago
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"As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way." – Mary Anne Radmacher
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decolonization000 · 2 months ago
Arizona residents attack critical race theory, saying "students should not be told slavery was bad."
Kamau Bell (KB) asks people if educators should be able to argue that "slavery was bad."
Arizona residents' responses:
KB: What are you thoughts on that?
Resident 1: You can teach it without having an opinion.
KB: Is it okay if a teacher says, 'oh I think slavery was bad.’ Is that ok?
Resident 2: No!
Resident 1: No.
Resident 3: No, I mean...
KB: *LAUGHING* What about the idea: 'Nazīs no good?’
Resident 2: Nothing is bad!
KB: Nothing's bad.
Resident 2: No.
Resident 4: It's totally manufacturing and manipulation. And manufacturing a crisis.
KB: Whose manufacturing it?
Resident 4: The Democrats! It's always a race card, like I'm so sick of it.
Resident 4: We need to teach children to compete. When the Chinese know more than American history than we do...
KB: So we should teach better American history here?
Resident 4: Well, yea.
KB: Like the history of America—slavery, genocide, Native American—
Resident 4: Well no no!
KB: Not that stuff?
Resident 4: Not the whole thing!
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letsmakebelieve · 7 months ago
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The life of a stressed English teacher.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 months ago
My mum divorced my dad and married Avril Lavigne in a Pizza Hut with my year 9 Chemistry teacher officiating it. When we got home, Spider-Man climbed through my window, bit me, and gave me his webslinger because he was retiring and wanted me to carry on his legacy.
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teacherstudiies · 2 months ago
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July 2022 | July kept me busy with lesson observations, finishing up the school year, prepping for the next school year and many seminars.
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teachingtales · a month ago
If this meme is Relatable Content™️ then perhaps teaching is right for you
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I’m speechless, this man gets me everytime
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