#tc confessions
soleilae · a day ago
Ugh I’m so obsessed it’s not even funny anymore
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th-ousand-moons · 3 months ago
Older men on my mind 24/7 😌
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babywearinbluejeans · 2 months ago
there is nothing and i mean NOTHING i wouldn’t do to get inside his head for a while.
i want to live inside his mind. i’m just so curious about him. i want to know what he’s thinking at any given moment. i want to know what he thinks when he sees me or talks to me. i want to know everything about him, even the ugly parts.
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promsongldr · 4 months ago
does he treat me differently or am I just so into him that anything he does is like my whole world?
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fairylights444 · a month ago
I wake up extra early to do my skincare and perfect my appearance for him. I make sure my outfit is pretty. I tuck rose quartz into my bralette. I make sure I look sublime before I walk out the door. I doodle tiny hearts in the corners of my papers.
My face burns just walking by his classroom door. My heart jumps out of my chest when he looks at me. I treasure every word he speaks to me. I love school just because he’s there. I love him <3
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admiringyou · 20 days ago
I look for him everywhere and in everything.
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lovethisismetrying · 9 days ago
Does anyone else have this fantasy about their tc that could happen and it’s not inappropriate?? Like it COULD happen and you’re just waiting for it but at the same time you know it won’t happen
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hypnotically-kinetic · a month ago
D told me that if I were his age, he'd like to marry me, or at least, someone like me
beat that
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midnightreminiscing · 4 days ago
the way i fall for the bare minimum is so funny to me now like “omg he looked at me for 0.0001 seconds today”
or “i’m his favorite student bc he called on me and said my name”
or “wowww he wrote me a love letter to me he’s so obsessed with me”
…the love letter in question being a submission comment stating: “Good work!”
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inked-stars · 15 days ago
i’m so desperate for his praise and attention
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hopeless-mee · 2 months ago
intellectual men with glasses >>>>>>>
(bonus point if he’s a professor)
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soleilae · 3 days ago
I wonder what he thinks of me, he already said I was an excellent student, but I wonder what he thinks of me as a person
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th-ousand-moons · 2 months ago
I keep looking at that one picture I have saved of him in my camera roll
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babywearinbluejeans · 12 days ago
i am just completely overcome by him. i am a mess in his hands. god, i would do anything he asked of me, become anything he asked of me, whatever he wants. i’d do it happily and without complaint. i just love him so much it’s like i can’t breathe because my heart takes up so much room in my chest when i’m near him, when i think about him.
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promsongldr · 4 months ago
another night creating fake scenarios with him that will never happen to the sound of songs by lana del rey
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fairylights444 · a month ago
Having a crush on your teacher is trying to figure out when their birthday is so you can get them a gift, but also trying to convince other people in the class to get them a gift so you don’t look creepy
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admiringyou · a month ago
when you sit and talk to him all class instead of doing the work that he assigned and he doesnt even care<33
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