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kingofmyborrowedheart · 18 hours
Put in the tags a song that you felt like you listend to a lot this year but didn’t make your Spotify wrapped.
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everybody reblog this with your wrapped 2022 listening personality !!!!!! i’m the nomad and my letters are enlu
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loganofthenorth · 18 hours
Hear ye, Hear ye
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I, Lady of the North, (url was taken so I made my username Logan of the North) have found a Picrew that I really like
So I now have the opportunity to start one of those Picrew tag games!
Make yourself in this Picrew, then tag 5 people to do the same!
My tag list (no pressure of course): @the-ding-dong-ditch-committee @darksides-dutchess @mydearboy51 @novainthevoid @susie--official
And of course anyone outside of the tagged people is welcome to as well!
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monsterrae1 · 8 hours
One Line, Any Fic
I was tagged by @katries while i was away and I'm finally getting around to do it!
Rules: Pick any 10 of your fics, scroll somewhere to the midpoint, pick a line, and share it! Then tag 10 people
You're not my homeland anymore (so who am i defending now)
“I don’t think that’s fair, going out with someone else while I’m clearly still in love with Eddie”
Tis the damn season [AO3]
“You deserve someone who can hold you every night, and watch you burn toast each morning” Buck smiled “I want it to be me, I do, but all I’ve ever known is here in Texas, it’s not easy to leave it all behind”
Don't let go now (somebody is lying) [AO3]
Which brought him to last week, when Eddie nearly died in the well and he completely lost it in front of everyone, and even worse, made the national news, again, while screaming Eddie’s name and throwing himself at the mud, devasted and heartbroken, refusing to accept that he was gone.
Eddie Diaz discovers the secrets of the universe [AO3]
Had he been healed at all? Or had all the hurt just lingered?
The 118 Protection Program [AO3]
“You don’t have to thank me for that, I don’t mind” He shrugged, Buck smiled shyly “It was a travesty that you hadn’t seen Back to the Future, man” Buck chuckled, and Eddie felt a warmth expand through his chest at the sound, feeling proud that he could get Buck to laugh after his rough nights, part of him never wanted to stop listening to Buck laugh, but that was too dangerous of a thought and he was quick to shoot it down.
Just between us (did the love affair maim you too?) [AO3]
A son. Eddie had a son, and probably a wife, he had a life outside of the fire station, he had a family, Buck had been a fool for thinking the universe would give him Eddie back.
What we had (sad, beautiful, tragic love affair) [AO3]
Pepa hummed, walking to stand next to Eddie and putting a hand on his forearm to stop him from taking the next pile of Tupperware “Eddie, you know we wouldn’t judge you right? If you and Buck were together” Eddie froze, eyes wide open and heart beating a mile per minute “We’ve seen the way you look at each other”
You were the only safe heaven I've known [AO3]
“Buck, baby” Eddie said from behind him, he was already dressed for bed, soft looking worn out shorts and tank top, Buck wanted to crawl into his arms and don’t worry about anything anymore “Come to bed, if anything happens the wards will let us know”
Be still my foolish heart [AO3]
Once he was caffeinated, he realized he was still covered in flour and powdered sugar, and that Buck was a very, very cute guy, a cute guy that might or might not have been flirting with him (he was still learning to read those kinds of signals when it came to guys) a very cute guy that Eddie wasn’t completely opposed to flirt with, once he didn’t look like a complete mess.
I don't wanna wait my whole life through (to say I'm in love with you) [AO3]
“I love you” Eddie said softly “I love you, Buck” He repeated a little louder once he saw the surprised look on Buck’s face, tears gathering on their eyes.
Tagging if they wanna do this: @peaceofficerdiaz @loveyourownsmiilee @jacksadventuresinwriting @spotsandsocks @bekkachaos @the-likesofus @swiftiediaz @lostinabuddiehaze @rogerzsteven @prettyboybuckley @buddierights @imeasyeitherway @elvensorceress @eddiediazisascorpio @dickley-buddie
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Joy list ✨️
I was tagged by these dazzling sunbeams Leah @whatwouldmickeydo Julissa @ heymrspatel Carolie @shinygalaxyperson Jay @ surviving-maybe Evie @ energievie Lyds @ ardent-fox Vey @look-i-love-u thanksss 💖
✨️ My niece is coming so soon! 🍼
✨️ I got the new government job 🥳
✨️ I also got head hunted by a woman at my old job for something more aligned with my creative passions 🎨
✨️ I picked up two 10 cents from the ground 💰
✨️ All the amazing ppl I got to work with at my old job I'm gonna miss them so much 🥹
✨️All of you 😘
✨️I have a good start on Christmas shopping 🎁
✨️Finally got my beach day with a dear friend 🏖
✨️ I've commissioned art from Alice an amazing artist 🖌
✨️ Found a starfish, hermit crab & a baby crab during beach trip 🦀
✨️A cat gave birth to 5 kittens in my front yard & my dad wants to keep some & made them a house 🐈‍⬛️
✨️ I've been drawing more & been making improvements ✏️
✨️ Finally finished an art piece for shamelesscreatornetwork just in time for the end of nov 🖼
I'm tagging these sunshines if you wanna join 💖 @ mrsinistertype @creepkinginc @mishervellous @milkoviched @gardenerian @darthvaders-wife @rereadanon @7x10mickey @gallavichgeek @sleepyfacetoughguy @smokey-mickey @filorux @bekkachaos @psychicskulldamage @greggster @stocious @sluttymickey @auds-and-evens @iero @ xninetiestrendx @tellmegoodbye @imikhailotakeyouian @squidyyy23 @messedwithmandy @suzy-queued @mikhailoisbaby @whatthebodygraspsnot @crossmydna @mmmichyyy @jomilky @howlinchickhowl @arrowflier @ofalltheginjoints @shameless-notashamed @celestialmickey @gallawitchxx @intotheblindinglight @depressedstressedlemonzest @y0itsbri @grumpymickmilk @sickness-health-all-that-shit @ very-sleepy-head @usermikhailo @deathclassic @ian-galagher @iansw0rld @iansfreckles @metalheadmickey @bravemikhailo
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thefreakandthehair · 10 hours
self rec game
tagged by @bayouteche, @stargyles, and @hexmionegranger <3 you all!!
rules: recommend three of your own fics (1 most popular, two hidden gems) then tag some people!
most popular:
and if I get burned, at least we were electrified
pairing: steve harrington/eddie munson rating: explicit words: 9.2k summary: “Aha! This’ll sell it a little better. A staple in your wardrobe, right?” Eddie blinks and Steve is holding Eddie’s black bandana. Yep, gonna die tonight. This is how I’m gonna die. Way better than the bats, I’ll give you that, God, he thinks. Aloud, he just swallows thickly and laughs. “You pay attention, Harrington!”
author note: it was between this and Livin' On A Prayer but this one blew up much quicker. I honestly did not expect this one to have the response that it did, and it was a labor of love, so I'm incredibly honored! who knew Eddie and Steve could get into so much trouble just wearing each others' clothes for Halloween? (it's me, I knew.)
hidden gems:
requiem for a dream
pairing: steve harrington/eddie munson rating: mature words: 2.2k summary: Steve dreams of the Upside Down long after it's been closed-- particularly as it relates to Eddie. (Perhaps it's not so closed after all.)
author note: this was my Halloween fic and my first ever attempt at horror! I posted it at the wrong time and it kind of flopped comparatively, but I'm still really proud of it.
the cosmos are within us.
pairing: steve harrington/eddie munson rating: teen and up words: 1.7k summary: Steve hasn't relaxed once in his life, and Eddie finds that to be unacceptable.
author note: this was truly an exercise in fluff and there's very little plot, but I adore writing these two stargazing. so I did!
tagging: I know this has been going around for a bit so if you've already been tagged or done this, feel free to ignore! @fruityfour @strawberryspence @sparklyslug @stevieclaus + anyone else who wants to! say I tagged you because I am here!
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sebsxphia · 15 hours
tag game!
make a moodboard out of the first 9 pics on your pinterest :)
thank you so much for the tag @oncasette !! 💌 <33
i think i ended up creating old money bobby and i love it <33
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
keeping the tags open!!
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treason-and-plot · 3 hours
Get to Know Me
[useless info edition]
I was tagged by @zosa95 and @queeniecook Thank you! 💗
1. What do you have under your bed? Usually at least 2 of my daughter's scrunchies, several of her (unmatched) socks and remnants of the craft projects she never has time to finish at after-school care.
2. Favorite candy? I am partial to white chocolate.
3. Describe your favorite shirt: It's dark blue with white cats all over it.
Tumblr media
4. The last thing you drew/doodled was: My daughter asked me to draw a princess for her a few days ago.
5. Are you completely sober rn? Yes. It's a school night.
6. What's the one thing that annoys you more than anything? The noise made by people chewing with their mouth open causes me almost physical pain.
7. Have you ever gotten your tongue stuck to a cold pole during winter? I don't think it's ever gotten cold enough in my city for this to be possible. Then I started wondering so I did a bit of research and apparently it would have been cold enough on 28 June 1836, but that was literally the one occasion!
8. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? Strolling down the Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris with my friend Annie. We visited Paris together ten years ago and it was the most magical time of my life.
9. What was the single last word you spoke? "SERIOUSLY."
I will tag the last five lovely folk to pop up in my activity: @enelea, @kscriba, @curmudgeonness @mysimsloveaffair and @bool-prop. Cheers, dears!
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pizzaqueen · 7 hours
self rec game
tagged by @starorbs - thank you! <33
Rules: recommend three of your own fics (1 most popular, two hidden gems) then tag some people!
most popular
alone again, or / rated M / 20.7k
It’s 1991 and Steve is still in Hawkins, still living with his mother, still single, and still working at Family Video. At least he’s the manager now, for whatever that’s worth. But he’s stuck here while Robin and Dustin and everyone else have moved away. Moved on.
Well, everyone except for Eddie.
They're best friends, spend most of their time together, and it's nice to have a friend like that. But Steve is still looking for love with a capital "L". At least, he thinks he is.
hidden gems
more than a feeling (that's the power of love) / rated T / 5.6k
This was meant to be a fun weekend away for Steve and Eddie. Leave Hawkins, and all the memories there, behind for a few days. Drink some beers, maybe do some fishing or outdoorsy shit. Get some R&R. But now they’re tied up in some weirdo’s basement, facing imminent death, and Steve’s never told Eddie he wishes they were more than friends.
Not exactly the relaxing weekend he was hoping for.
strange currencies / rated T / 4.3k
When Steve steps in to break up a bar fight at The Hideout, the owner thanks him with free booze. A lot of free booze. By the time Eddie gets him home, Steve can barely stand, let alone wash his hair. But there’s puke in Steve’s hair, and he can’t sleep like that, so what’s Eddie to do? He washes Steve’s hair for him, and he expects it to be weird, but he doesn’t expect it to come with any revelations.
(Basically: Steve is drunk; Eddie gives him a bath and has feelings)
And I'm going to tag @glorious-spoon @eddieunbanished @stevethehairington @nadiasna7 @ahhrenata @sparkle-fiend and anyone else who feels like it 😊
(Apologies if you’ve already been tagged! And if it’s too difficult for artists to do?)
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justalarryblog · 10 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
thank you @wabadabadaba! here's my spotify wrapped for this year! I don't know who else did it, so sorry if I tagged you again! let's go lovelies!
@skepticalarrie @lovingstheantidote @loubbies @anxiouslarrie @hlkings @lilacdreamland @kiwikiwiandkiwi @aestheticlarrie @skyyneverlookedsoblue @lets-laughagain @starsweredible
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mcplestreet · 13 hours
when you get this put five songs that you actually listen to and tag 10 people (since i just posted my spotify wrapped i didn’t include any of those green though they would also be on here)
thanks for the tag @be-ready-when-i-say-go 😘
hello hello by trixie mattel
my mother wants me dead by carolesdaughter
you spin me round by dead or alive
rebel yell by billy idol
tear you apart by she wants revenge
no pressure tags: @corrodedhawkins / @onehotgreasymechanic @heavenlyhandscribbles / @warm-sensations @eddieandbird @jonathansonlysweetheart @my-my-only-angel
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i6wonsz · 15 hours
list nine of your biases and have your followers / mutuals decide if you have an ideal type !
tagged by no one i just found this in my archive and wanted to do it again tagging @hyuukais @ox1-lovesick @hanstagram @seungkwan-s + anyone who wants to do this (just say i tagged u lol)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bekkachaos · 4 hours
One line, Any fic
tagged by the beautiful @the-likesofus and @monsterrae1 💕
Rules: Pick any 10 of your fics, scroll somewhere to the midpoint, pick a line, and share it! Then tag 10 people
So I have 222 fics on my AO3 so I used a random number generator (and cheated a little so I could get a variety of ships). So, here goes!
{AO3 links on the ship names if you want to check them out!}
215 - doin' something unholy {buddie}
He felt like Buck meant those words, and he trusted Buck with every inch of himself, but this wasn’t some thing to overcome. Even if he were to get it out in the open, he didn’t think he could ever bring himself to stop loving Buck.
156 - 9 inches past TMI {gallavich}
"Was he talking about your dick?" Carl asked blatantly.
191 - slam dunk {zude}
“You want to move this somewhere a little more comfortable?” Zero murmured against Jude’s ear, rolling his hips a little more and smirking at his quick reaction.
2 - say my name {scisaac}
Living with Scott was getting harder and harder… along with other things.
100 - i'll mark you as mine {gallavich}
“Seriously though,” Lip continued as he got up to head into the other room. “Try not to swallow each other whole next time.”
219 - as the lights go down {buddie}
"You know as well as I do that he doesn't discourage easily," Eddie said, and Athena gave him a shrug, nodding in agreement.
190 - more than enough {robron}
“So why did it?” Aaron asked and for the first time Robert could see the hurt in his eyes pushing past the anger. “Why are we standing here yelling about it?”
196 - an oasis in the stars {malex}
Alex fought off a smile as he shook his head, trying not to booster Michael’s ego any more than was necessary.
197 - coffee with a touch of acetone {malex}
Michael raised an eyebrow. "Now what would the military man be doing with a bottle of that? You know it's frowned upon," he said dryly.
217 - lost i was born lonesome i came {buddie}
“Hey,” Eddie said, and Buck’s bright blue eyes turned to him, looking at him with all the hope in the world and like he was just begging Eddie to take away the pain he was feeling. “Let’s go for a drive.”
I know not everyone has 10 fics, but if anyone wants to do this I'm tagging the lovelies below:
@swiftiediaz @letmetellyouaboutmyfeels @gayhoediaz @burntotears @infallibledreamers @angrycowboy @vintagelacerosette @loveyourownsmiilee @spotsandsocks @dickley-buddie
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requiemz · 11 hours
Tag game 🖤
Thx @blog-de-segunda and @seeuspacecowboyy for tagging me! Yours were awesome ;)
Rules: Go to pinterest and type in “[your name] core aesthetic” and create a moodboard using the first nine images. No need to reveal what your name actually is!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I was not expecting these results, much better than I thought they would be 💀
Tagging: @sunstorming @curlyfrypotato @rahtui @a--sphyxia @discovery-atnight @moodybluesbabe @hollowprincess if u guys want
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mrs-theirin · 12 hours
wip wednesday
tagged by @merrybandofmurderers and i have had NO time to write so take this very short bit i managed the other day
Tumblr media
tagging @kirnet @girlbosselrond @calicostorms @druidgroves @ejunkiet and anyone else! sorry i'm at work i'm having trouble thinking of people akdhdkshs
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userparamore · 9 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i was tagged by @iero to do the before and after gif challenge. thank you so much kam! <3 this took a few days bc i usually never save psds 💀 the before is on the left and the coloring on the right!
i never know what i’m doing when it comes to coloring but i think i always lean towards making more bluer gifs? and lately with all the concert gifs- i’ve made them pretty vibrant and a little dramatic? selective color adjustment, curves and exposure are my besties tho <3
i’m tagging (no pressure): @taylorisapuppy, @paramooreee, @bringmoreknives, @paramorefold, @daenerys-stormborn, @targaryenlaena, @villainelle, @mercymaker
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