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each new cycle a new mystery
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yaboi-julien · 7 months
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(Based on this post by @questbedhead)
Full image description below cut!
Image Description: A long form comic including three pages, all set in a dingy necromancy store and illustrated in a cartoony, fully-colored and shaded style.
In the first panel, a hooded figure sits behind a desk with his back to us.
In the second panel, we see part of his face which has a big sly smile on it as he looks over his shoulder. Behind him, a door opens with the ring of a small silver bell.
In the next panel he spins around in his chair and says: “Welcome to Blood-Bath and beyond, your home for necromantic wares! Anything I can help you find--”
Next: “...Today?” he finishes, seemingly dumbfounded. In the middle of the frame are three new people. Barry Bluejeans is in the middle, he is a white middle aged chubby man with brown and grey hair, stubble, and wearing a white shirt, brown coat and glasses. To the left is Taako, a dark skinned elf with straight choppy dark brown hair died lavender at the bottom, wearing a large purple wizards hat, a purple cape with gold stars, a frilled shirt and high-wasted pants. To the right is Lup, a dark skin elven woman with a face identical to Taako’s but with longer curly dark brown hair died red at the tips, and wearing a wine red wide-brimmed hat and wine red dress. The twins each are resting an arm on one of Barry’s shoulders, framing him.
In the next frame, Barry has a finger resting on his chin as he says “Uh... yes, I’m looking for a spell book with level 12 or higher spells.”
Next is a close-up of the shopkeeper’s eye, squinting forwards with a thought bubble that says: “Level 12?”
Next is the same close-up of the shopkeeper’s eye, only this time it is wide and looking up past Barry.
Next is a frame of just Taako and Lup, with Barry just slightly out of frame. Taako covers his hand as if to whisper something to Lup as they both look judgmentally in the direction of the shopkeeper. A speech bubble comes from offscreen as the shopkeeper says “Right away, sir.”
Starting the second page is a frame of the shopkeeper dropping a large book onto the table in front of him. The book looks to be stitched together from skin, with a large green eye-shaped jewel on the front cover and small fangs on the spine.
Next, Barry has picked up the book and is looking at it with a smile of curiosity as he says “Oh, neat!” The twins both peer over his shoulder as the shopkeeper looks at the three startled.
Next is a close up of Barry’s hand sliding a collection of very different looking coins across the table, including some golden hoops, a silver perforated coin with a dragon emblem, a pale blue coin, a canadian loonie, and a thin gold bar with line markings on it (it’s not a loss easter egg don’t worry about it)
The next panel is shot from over the shopkeeper’s shoulder. Barry excitedly shows an interested but calm Lup something in the book as Taako rolls a bunch of teeth around in one hand, bored. The shopkeeper thinks: “Who is this guy?!”
Next is a panel showing half of the shopkeeper’s face, the border of the panel cutting him off vertically as he stares forwards intently.
The next panel is exactly the same, except he has narrowed his eye, the pupil now glowing, as the words “true sight” are spelled above him
In the next panel, Barry is shot from the neck up, looking excitedly at something offscreen.
Next is the form of Barry’s red robe litch form, shot from the exact same position as the previous panel. He glows a faint red, the inside of his hood empty and black save for two glowing white eyes.
Starting the next page the shopkeeper recoils in surprise, his thought bubble reading: “A litch!” In the foreground, Barry and the twins are starting to leave, Taako dropping the coins Barry had paid for the book with into a small bag.
Next the shopkeeper lunges forwards with urgency, shouting “WAIT!”
Next, “Who are you?!” he shouts at the trio. Barry is looking over his shoulder at the shopkeeper, and Lup had put her arm over his shoulder.
Next is a very close shot of the bottom of Barry’s face, his mouth in a null position.
Next is the same close up shot of the bottom of Barry’s face, only this time he has a large sly smile on his face.
Next is a medium shot of Barry, he has a big gentle smile on his face, his eyes closed and one hand up in a polite wave as he says “Name’s Barry Bluejeans!”
In the final panel, the shopkeeper lays passed out over his desk, a small cartoon of a round ghost floating away from his body as the door in the back of the room closes. A small creature sits on his desk, eating the chocolate gelt which had been swapped out for the real coins.
End Image Description.
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fuckin-flip-wizard · 5 months
Sorry for the slow updates on the dolls! Some family stuff has come up and while everything's okay it's been a bit distracting haha. But I got the prototypes finished (except for Taako's hair but it's mostly done lol). I've started work on the Store Ones™ but again a lot's been happening over here so I'll update you guys again on how things are going with that when I get that far :)
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jujisart · 1 year
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I need some more Super Soft Content of the twins and their husbands and I don’t think that’s an unfair demand
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Cabbagetober Day 3 - Bro
I was feelin nostalgic 🥺
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emiko-matsui · 11 months
hi do you wanna cry about two pairs of dnd blonde elven wizard class siblings that are almost identical except some defining features and grew up in absent homes?
hi dimension 20 fans! wanna meet adaine and aelwyn but they're twins who love each other very much and an absolute dynamic duo? welcome to the adventure zone. taako, star of his former cooking show and married to the grim reaper. lup, was briefly an umbrella and proof that trans women are just better. with these two you'll get just as much angst, but the good kind this time!
hi the adventure zone fans! wanna meet taako and lup but categorically worse in every way possible? welcome to dimension 20. adaine, has a pet frog and tried to punch her sister in the face on the first day of school. aelwyn, started a war by accident and will play knifey fingers with you. they grew up in an abusive household and hate each other, but hey at least they remember the other <3
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art by @kimostv and @rebelsafoot
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antlered-pluto · 2 years
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in which Lup steals Barry’s jean jacket and he never gets it back ♥️ ✨
find more of my art here
click for better quality!
Please do not repost my art without permission *:・゚✧
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kimostv · 2 years
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skater girl/surfer dude solidarity
[ID: digital drawing of Taako and Lup, a male and female elf respectively. They are both lean, with tan freckled skin and blonde hair. Lup is standing to the left, leaning on Taakos shoulder with one arm and has one foot on a skateboard. She’s dressed in a red crop top and baggy black pants held with a leather belt. She’s also wearing red converse with the bureau of balance logo instead of the star logo. She’s also wearing large hoop earrings. Lup’s looking at taako, sticking her tongue out. Her hair is in a high ponytail with the ends dyed bright red. Taako is standing to the right with one arm holding a large blue surfboard and one resting on his hip. The surfboard is in two shades of blue, with the words “oh shit sweet flips” printed onto it. Taako’s wearing an unbuttoned blue patterned hawaiian shirt and blu swim shorts with white dots. He’s also wearing a shark tooth necklace, matching earring, and a braided leather bracelet. His hair is short and pushed back by a pair of dark sunglasses. He’s looking at Lup with an amused smile. The background is grey with a blue scale pattern behind Lup and a red scale pattern behind Taako. End ID]
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patriciasage · 2 years
Suddenly, Taako’s a twin.
“Oh gods, there’s two of them now” Killian says.
But that’s not true, Angus thinks. 
Miss Lup is like Taako in many ways. They both laugh too loud, they both can tear someone apart with only a few words and a sharp smile, and they’re both often a juxtaposition of impatient and bored. 
But Miss Lup’s words are carefully measured whereas Taako’s escape his mouth like a potion from a broken bottle. Miss Lup is often tender while Taako is guarded. Miss Lup rushes into situations like Magnus but Taako hangs back and weighs his options.
Angus thinks it’s interesting that Taako went from a solitary figure to a part of a set in an instant of story and song. He admires his mentor so much, and he’s been worried about Taako often in the past - worried that he’s lonely or that he won’t come back from a dangerous mission. 
But the apocalypse is over and now Taako’s a twin. And Angus sees him smile (really smile) for the first time. Angus is sitting at the table waiting for the two of them to finish making a pork dish. Miss Lup tells a joke and Taako actually giggles. It’s nothing like the cackle he sometimes did when Magnus and Merle did something stupid. It’s unbridled and soft and real. And Angus can’t help but grin, swinging his feet against the chair. 
“What are you lookin’ at, little nerd?” Taako says to him, but there’s a warmth in his dark eyes that Angus has never seen before. Taako’s happy. 
“Nothing sir,” he replies.
(find me on AO3 here)
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undeadengineer · 1 year
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Artober Day 9- Twins
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barry-j-blupjeans · 1 year
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[IMAGE ID: A drawing of Taako and Lup from The Adventure Zone: Balance. They both have light brown skin, freckles, green eyes, and brown hair.
Taako is an elven man in an electric blue wheelchair. He's holding a drink and is wearing a yellow sweater, with a dark green shirt underneath. There's a light green ribbon around his neck. His pants are medium brown, and his shoes are black. His hair is just ear length and is dyed a purple-pink at the ends. He's sticking his tongue out at Lup.
Lup is an eleven woman with glasses and several earrings. She's using two forearm canes to support herself (they are painted to resemble a flame pattern). She has a bright red spaghetti strap shirt tucked into black, studded pants. She had fishnet leggings and black shoes, with red laces. Around her arms is a light blue jean jacket. She's subtly flipping Taako off. She's also wearing a golden wedding band. Her hair is pinned up and has red streaks running through it. She is sticking her tongue out at Taako in retribution.
The background is all white, except for a red triangle behind Taako and a blue triangle behind Lup. END ID]
we love babes with disability aids <3
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homoquartz · 2 months
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found in an old sketchbook
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bz-the-brit · 6 months
Can't decide if I want to imagine the Likely siblings looking similar to how I imagine the Taaco twins, or if I want to imagine them as the skrunkliest of blorbos
Either way I want their genders
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fuckin-flip-wizard · 7 days
A little Taaco Twins doodle :]
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prompt was "I had a bad dream about you so now i’m calling to make sure you’re ok" from this post (thank you hali for this request and inspiring me to accidentally write an almost companion piece to this fic)
The stone of far speech on Taako’s bedside table lets out a short chime. He groans and rolls over, burying his face into Kravitz’s neck. Whoever is on the other end can wait until noon like a respectable person.
He’s able to relax for all of ten seconds before he hears the chime again. He feels around for a throw pillow before launching it at the table. He smiles when he hears the clatter of the stone hitting the floor.
The stone chimes again. Taako is fully intent on ignoring it until Kravitz all but pushes him out of bed.
“Taako, if you don’t deal with whatever that is, I’m sleeping in the Astral Plane,” he says, voice caked with sleep.
“S’not fair,” Taako grumbles as he takes a minute to locate the still-chiming stone. He steps into the hallway and flicks the stone on.
“You got Taako.”
“Taako! Shit. Shit. What took you so long?”
“I was sleeping?”
“Taako, what’s my name?” Lup’s voice on the other end is frantic and bordering on shrill.
“What are yo-“
“Stop dicking around. Tell me my name. Tell me who I am.”
He lets out a small sigh. “Lup, you’re my sister. My twin sister, younger by two minutes. Best two minutes of my life, if I might add.”
“Shut up!” Her voice sounds calmer but she sounds like she’s been crying, Taako realizes.
He rolls his eyes before continuing. “You’re also my best friend. You’re married to another of my best friends. You two fools ripped out your souls to become creepy little liches.” He thinks for a minute. “Uh, you have a scar on your left shoulder. I bit you once because a kobold kid bet me three gold pieces I wouldn’t.”
Lup laughs weakly. “Keep going, please.”
“You’re the most selfless person I know, I think. You’re a million times more forgiving than I could ever be-“
“But I don’t fucking forgive Greg Grimaldis.”
He laughs. “That’s true. Lup, you’re also brilliant. The single best evocation wizard in this or any plane.”
“And you don’t um… you don’t get any bits of static around any of that?”
Silence hangs on the line for a moment.
“I just had a real bad dream. I was back in the staff and I was screaming and doing everything I could possibly do to reach you. A-and then it broke and I was out but you still didn’t know who I was. You said that you didn’t have a sister, that you’re a solo act. That you don’t need anybody cramping your style.”
Taako’s stomach wrenches. He’s no stranger to nightmares. He’s been having them for as long as he can remember. They’ve gotten better in the few years since the day of Story and Song but sometimes Lup still gets these flashes of panic and she doesn’t take them well. Taako gets it. Guess that’s part of the whole being trapped in a living nightmare for a decade thing. Still, hearing her like this tears him up.
“Well, Lulu, I don’t need anyone cramping my style. But you don’t. Never could. And besides, you’re stuck with me. No solo acts, okay?”
She sniffles on the other end of the line. “Okay.”
“I told you, I’m not losing you again, goofus.”
“You’re damn right, dingus.”
“You gonna be okay?”
“Yeah. Yeah, I just needed that. Just got scared again.”
“Well, I suppose I can forgive you for interrupting my beauty sleep.”
“How gracious!”
Taako huffs out a laugh and smiles. “Go back to bed, okay? And how about you and Barold come over for dinner tomorrow?”
“Okay. Yeah, yeah that sounds good. And Taako?”
“Yeah, Lup?”
A sigh. “Thanks. Love you.”
“Anytime. Love you too.”
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