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Since someone already translated the Mission 1 of the Novel, I'm gonna proceed with Mission 2 and the rest: You can read the Mission 1 story: Anya's Nature Class HERE
SxF Light Novel: Family Portrait Translation Mission 2: Yuri's Day Off (Part 1)
Note: The italicized sentences are the characters monologue, while the bold and italicized quoted sentence are the ones Anya's reading. DO NOT REPOST
Part 2>>
Tumblr media
“Hello, Mr. Bellman. How are you feeling?”
Yuri Briar. 20 years old.
He lost his parents at an early age and was raised by his older sister, his only immediate relative.
“Oh, I’m sorry. This room kinda smells a bit, isn’t it?”
Wanting to make his beloved sister’s life as easy and happy as possible, he studied hard from an early age, and joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by skipping grades, and is now traveling around the world as a young elite diplomat…but it is just his title on the surface.
Currently, Yuri Briar works for the National State Security Service, also known as (SSS). Ranking as the second lieutenant.
“Even if I ventilate the room, the smell of a filthy traitorous bastard keeps coming back. I wonder where the hell is the smell coming from? Right? Mr. Bellman?”
The man is a secret police officer.
“When was the last time you took a rest, Yuri?”
“Thank you for your hard work, Lieutenant. I took a nap three days ago, so don’t worry about it.”
When he called him out as he came out of the interrogation room, the younger subordinate replied with a smile.
Yuri is tall but slender and with a baby face, his SSS uniform looks like a school uniform when he wears it.
“I want to devote myself to this work, to make the country where my sister lives a better place.”
With a bashful face, he talks about his dream like a young little boy.
But the lieutenant knew that his harmless smile was not all he had to offer. Even now, Thomas Bellman is still vomiting, the traitorous politician who could not be dropped by anyone. The reason why the black gloves are soaking wet must have been from the blood of the traitor. This is what this man is, bloodthirsty.
“Then take a rest tomorrow. It’s a holiday.”
“I told you, I’m fine. My energy is on max!”
“That’s an order from your superior.”
Yuri exclaimed in frustration when he casually ordered him to do so.
“I don’t have time to do that. I must catch Twilight as soon as possible to eliminate the threat coming from the West!”
He’s like a tenacious hunting dog.
Although he can be an uncontrollable mad dog sometimes, he is usually astonishingly serious and diligent. He is like a loyal dog to his owner, the country.
In this man’s case, it is not the country itself that he pledges allegiance to, but rather, to “the country where my sister lives.”
And for that reason, he gave up his bright future and chose to do dirty work himself….?
Being a diplomat is a dream job for many students today. It’s not something that you can just aspire to become but rather, it’s something that you have to work hard for.
What would his sister think if she found out that her young brother had abandoned his brilliant career and was now working everyday in a place where the sun doesn't shine, getting his hands dirty? Or maybe that’s the reason why this man is hiding real job from his sister…, as he thought about that, he immediately stopped.
Everything is just his own speculation. If there is one unwavering truth, it is that everything Yuri Briar does, exists only for the sake of his sister’s happiness.
Good grief, what a healthy boy he is.
He is not stupid enough to be sentimental, but he admires the unwavering faith of his young subordinate. Therefore, he don’t want to use them up with the stupid things like overworking…...due to the lack competent personnel.
“You need a reasonable rest regime so that you can work more smoothly and accurately. It’s fine, you can rest tomorrow. And after the holidays, you can go back and work harder.”
“With all due respect, sir, but…”
“This is for the country. More importantly, it’s for the sake of your sister’s happiness.”
“......I understand.”
At the mention of his sister, Yuri reluctantly agreed in the end. Looking at him, his face, which became sulky, did not look like a ruthless secret police.
“Aaah. they suddenly told me to take a rest, but what should I do now?”
Yuri, who was forced to take a day off half-heartedly, was lying on his bed at home with a lot of free time on his hands in the morning.
Outside the window, which can be seen from his bed, there is a cloudless blue sky.
Oh right, I remember Dominic said he was going on a trip with Camilla. Ah, I also want to go somewhere with my sister for the first time in a long time….It would be nice if we can eat something delicious together.
What came to his mind was the smiling face of his beloved sister, Yor. At that, Yuri’s face loosens sloppily.
“Today’s a holiday…. So the city hall will be closed.”
While looking at the calendar, he looks at the picture frame on the low chest and sees Yor smiling at him in the photo. Yuri’s cheeks blushed at the beauty that would make even the goddess of beauty fade away.
If my sister is also on break from work, maybe I can go visit her again…. It’s been two weeks since I saw her….Oh, but if it’s a holiday, then the hospital is off too.
In that case, the loathsome Lottie is also supposed to be at home.
Loid Forger, who works at Berlint General Hospital, is, regrettably, Yor's husband. Yuri, however, did not approve of this. To him, Loid was nothing more than a diabolic thief who took away his most precious sister in the whole world just because he is a little bit nicer, a little bit taller, a little bit refreshing, and a little bit caring, an excellent doctor.
Why does he need to have a day off anyway? He needs to work like a sled cow, regardless of holidays, then die somewhere because of overwork!
As he was getting frustrated remembering the wastefully well-dressed face of his sister’s thief, Lottie, the phone on the top of the low chest rang.
Yuri lazily lifted himself out of the bed, while clicking his tongue as he said,
“It’s so early in the morning, who the hell is calling? Yes, Yuri Briar speaking.”
When he answered the phone in an unfriendly voice, he heard a beautiful, angelic voice coming from the other side of the receiver.
“Oh, Yuri. It’s me, Yor.”
The tone of Yuri’s voice jumps up an octave.
“I’m so sorry for calling so early in the morning. Are you going to work now?”
“No, it’s my day off today.”
Yuri responded shyly. At that, Yor’s voice brightened.
“Y-Yeah….sis. I don’t have any business trips and it's a holiday today, so I’m free for the day.”
“That’s great.”
Yuri’s heart was ringing along with the cheerful voice of Yor.
Sis is happy that I’m off from work. I’m sure that she also wanted to see me….Oh, Lieutenant, thank you so much.
As he was thinking of sending a bouquet of gratitude to the superior he was complaining a minute ago, he heard Yor says,
“That’s good. Actually, Loid is not here for work today .”
Yor said something that made him even more happier. Yuri’s heart suddenly became light, airy like the blue sky today.
“Something like an urgent call came in…”
“I see, Lottie has work today. That's amazing, no I mean, that’s tragic, sis.”
He rephrased, but he can’t even keep his voice from getting lively.
“Come on, don’t call him that. Loid is way older than you,Yuri. And he’s also your brother-in-law, address him with respect, okay?”
Yor reprimanded Yuri in a troubled voice.
Although Yuri obediently responded, “Yes, sis,” he honestly had no intention of addressing Loid with respect. Furthermore, he doesn’t even have any intention of calling him “brother-in-law.”
I still haven’t acknowledged him as my sister’s husband. No, like I would ever admit it. I won’t admit it even to death, Forger
As he was harboring hostility towards Loid inside, Yor asks him over the phone,
“So, Yuri, can I ask for a little favor? Could you please come over now?”
“Of course sis! I’ll be right there!”
Yuri danced wildly with joy at the request from his beloved sister, he ran out of the house almost fully clothed and headed straight for the apartment where his sister was waiting for him, His steps were lighter than a bird’s feather.
“I’m here, sis. What do I have to do? You need something in a high place that you can’t get? Or maybe, you need help to carry heavy loads? Or do you need someone to sign the witness testimony in your divorce papers? I’ll do whatever you need!”
Yuri opens the door to the Forger’s house with a bright smile. Then, Yor, who seemed to be waiting impatiently for his arrival says,
“Yuri, you’re here. Thank you so much!”
She also greeted Yuri with a bright smile.This smile seems to come from their genes.
Oh, sis. How cute and well-groomed you are today. I’m the happiest person in the world having the most beautiful and kindest sister in the world.
As Yuri was trembling with happiness in his heart, a small creature appeared from behind Yor as if to disturb his surging joy.
“C-Chihuahua girl.”
Anya Forger, the child from the previous marriage of the loathsome sister thief, Loid Forger.
She’s such a hardcore idiot who misheard “knowledge is power” as “knowledge is swole chihuahua”. However, her auspiciousness of wanting to become a great person in order to feed his sister with delicious food is quite impressive. But after all, she’s still the child of that Loid Forger. Yuri can’t let himself be fooled.
“Don’t call me unkie, I’m not your uncle.Don’t you have school today?”
“Today is a holoday.”
“You mean, holiday”
But come to think of it, it’s a national holiday, so it wouldn’t be strange for the school to be closed. That was a blind spot, Yuri clicked his tongue inwardly.
“But still, it’s better than having Lottie. I'll just let her watch her cartoons, and she won’t be able to disturb me talking to my sister. Oh, SIS, my SISTER! I’ll do anything for you my sister, Oh, my dear sister Yorrrrr, my SISSSSSS!!!”
Upon hearing those thoughts, Anya’s face painted an expression that resembled a Noh mask, belching softly.
“You always have heartburn, don’t you?”
“My stomach is full.”
You nasty brat. I bet you ate too much for breakfast. Well, I understand why you wanted to eat as much as you can. My sister’s cooking is exquisite. It has an indescribable aroma, the more you chew, the more you sweat, the stronger the taste of the ingredients, and occasionally it even includes chopping boards, so not only is it full of nutrients, it also makes your teeth stronger….. Oh, I want to be a food ingredient and be chopped up by my sister.
After a moment of screaming in his chest about his feelings for his sister, Yuri turned to Yor.
“So? What do you want me to help you with? Tell me whatever you need. Do you need me to carry the shopping bag, clean the fan, or do the laundry? I’ll do whatever you want.”
“Oh right, since the weather is nice, how about we do some redecoration? Let’s take this opportunity and maybe you and Lottie could have separate bedrooms..-”
“No, about that…”
Yor hesitated for a moment, frowning her brows slightly, looking troubled as she stammered in front of Yuri, who happened to be very enthusiastic. Yor looked wonderful even with a look like that.
“What’s wrong, sis? We’re close, aren’t we? If you have something to say to me, you can say it, don’t be shy.”
When Yuri said that with a cheerful and enthusiastic smile, Yor finally spoke.
“Actually, there’s an event organized by the city hall today…”
“Yes, yes.”
“Millie was supposed to be the participant, but this morning I suddenly got a call from her saying she has a cold, and I had to go instead. But Loid also has an emergency that he can’t missed out, and Franky, the one we always ask for, is also busy…”
Hmmm…Franky? Who’s that? That's a completely unfamiliar name…
Yuri reacted strongly to the name of a man he had never heard his sister mentioned before.
Maybe he’s a nanny, hired for babysitting or something.If he’s serious and just doing his job then it’s fine, but if he’s a piece of shit who tries to make a pass on my sister, I’ll execute him
Yuri thought, gritting his teeth.
“The event will last for half a day and I couldn’t leave Anya home alone. So, Yuri, would you mind playing with Anya?”
Yuri stiffened involuntarily at the unexpected turn of events. Ruminating over Yor’s words, he asks in horror,
“I-In other words, you want me to stay in this house without you and with this chihu- I mean, with Loid Forger’s daughter? In this house without you, sis??”
“Yes. Can you do that for me?”
In an instant, Yuri’s beautiful holiday fell apart.
Oh my god, and here I thought I could finally spend the day with my sister…but I have to spend it with this Chihuahua girl? I’d rather read books on interrogation and study torture while surrounded by pictures of my sister, it’s a million times better than doing this.
Yuri almost collapses on the spot in despair. But Yor looked at him with moist eyes and said,
“Please, Yuri. You’re the only one I can count on.”
At that, as the brother who loves his sister more than anything else in the world,
“Okay sis, leave everything to me!”
He had no other choice but to say yes……
It has been 30 minutes since Yor left for work.
Yuri sat on the sofa in the Forger's living room, casually flipping through the pages of a magazine. However, he wasn’t looking through it intently.
Before that….
“Well then, I’ll be back as soon as possible, I’m really sorry, Anya. I'll bring you lots of gifts. Yuri, please take good care of Anya.”
After saying that, Yor rushed to work. Her graceful appearance as she walked out the door was still reeling in Yuri's mind.
“I’m bored, Unkie.”
Anya stretched out as she lay on the carpet under the low table, reading the comic "SPYWARS".
Yuri nodded and got up on the sofa.
“Then, do you want to study?”, he asked.
Anya made a blatantly disgusted face, but she didn’t mean to harass him.
Yuri, who usually doesn’t interact with children, could not imagine playing with children in a way that would please them. All he thinks about is to get a better job as soon as possible and become a man who can protect his sister. Journalist, lawyer, doctor, technician, he studied all fields evenly so that he can handle all kinds of occupations. Therefore, he didn’t have any time to play, but he never complained about it. In fact, he is proud of the fact that all knowledge he has cultivated in this way is the foundation that supported him today.
“Tell me what subject you're not good at, we'll focus on that part.”
“I-I don’t have any subjects I’m not good at. I’m good at everything.”
“Don't try to lie to me with that stupid face of yours. Well then, we're going to study all the subjects.”
When Yuri said this in a nonchalant tone, Anya groaned “Geh” sounding like a strangled frog.
“Is this girl really an Eden student? I bet my sister must have suffered a lot because of her….Poor sis, married to a man who already has a child. Right! What if my tutoring made her a little smarter? Then, my sister would say, “As expected from you, Yuri.”, with a sparkling smile like jewels. And then maybe, she will reward me with a kiss on the cheek reward, just like when I was a kid. Oh sis, my beloved SISTER. I love you. You're the most beautiful woman in the world, no one can compare to you, sis.”
Suddenly, Yuri felt a cold gaze directed at him, stopping his overflowing feelings of love for his sister running out of control. When he looked to his side, he saw Anya staring at him silently. When Anya met Yuri’s eyes, she let out a heavy sigh. It was as if she was saying “Good grief, what a troublesome guy.”, she was so annoyed that she had a persistent cough, but was only able to let out a dry cough.
“Come on, hurry up and go to your room and go get your notebooks, textbooks, and reference books. Don’t forget to bring your learning supplies too.”
“I don’t feel like studying today.”
“Even though you have a lot of free time?”
“I have free time, but I don't have time to study.”
Yuri sighs at Anya’s cheeky remarks, “Well, go watch TV then.” he told her.
Efficiency doesn’t increase even if you beat the ass of people who don’t like it. Even though he had lost his sense of reason towards his sister, Yuri was still rational enough to realize this. However, Anya appeared to be even less endearing.
“There’s no cartoons to watch at this time.”
“In that case, lie down and take a short nap. Like that fat dog over there.”
Yuri, who was annoyed, pointed at the dog sleeping peacefully on the carpet. It’s a lazy dog that makes him wonder why people keep such a dog. It can’t even be a substitute for a guard dog.
“Ah no. No need to take a short nap, just fall deep asleep. Sleep until my sister comes back.”
All of the sudden, Anya looked at him staringly. She looked extremely dissatisfied.
“What? You look like you want to say something.”
Saying that, Anya quickly left the living room. Yuri thought that she had most likely sulked and retreated to her room, but she soon returned with a notebook and pencil in hand. She sat down directly on the carpet and began to write diligently on the low table. Occasionally, she would glance at Yuri and would chuckle meaningfully, then move her pencil diligently again.
What is she writing about?
Looking at Anya’s hand, Yuri saw a series of squiggly lines on the paper, involuntarily he exclaimed “That’s dirty!”. The writing looked like worms crawling on the ground, harder to read than any type of treason code.
“What’s that…. Is that some kind of curse spell? That’s creepy.”
“A diary, I’ll show you later.”
Anya grinned eerily saying that. Yuri replied with a “Huh”. He then took the notebook from Anya and tried his best to decipher it……
“Today is a holiday. And yet I have to stay at home with Unkie. Unkie isn’t like uncle scruffy, he doesn’t play with me. Unkie told me to sleep like a dog all day. Unkie is bad, I’m so sad”
After reading it, Yuri fainted with his head in agony. It was truly a cursed word, a cursed book.
If my sister reads those lines, she’ll definitely hate me!!
“Yuri, that’s too much! I hate you for being such a bad kid!”
Yuri imagined his sister saying that while furiously turning her back. Just thinking about it, he banged his head against the low table in despair and confusion.
“You’re so violent, Unkie…”
Anya swallowed, flinching at Yuri’s eccentricity.
“Let’s go out!”
Yuri stood up, blood streaming from his head.
“You’re bleeding.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
He looked at Anya, who was pointing at his head, and gave her a serious order.
“We’re gonna go out to play now. Get ready, chihuahua girl.”
“Ooting! Ooting!”
“Stop flapping your feet. And it’s “outing”, not “ooting””
Yuri had been awake for several days in a row before his superiors gave him a reluctant day off. And now, he couldn’t help but sigh as he sat in the tram with the daughter of the despicable thief. Why should he, an excellent secret police officer who pledged allegiance to the country, have to suffer such a fate?
An old woman sitting nearby looked at the excited Anya, she squinted her eyes and said,
“Oh my, she’s so cute.”
What’s so cute about her? Damn it, this is all because of Millie - my sister’s co-worker
Going to his sister’s house, helping her, eating the food she cooks, talking with her - this dream holiday was ruined all because that girl caught a cold.
Does she really even have a cold?
The timing is just too good to be true. If she had forced her beautiful, kind-hearted, angelic colleague, who never doubted others, to work on a troublesome holiday, then such a woman should be executed right away. She doesn’t deserve to live.
….No, no matter what kind of woman she is, she still might be an important working companion for my sister. After all, if I have to execute someone, it should be Loid Forger, who forced his daughter to my sister on a holiday and is working on his own ....Damn it, if that man were a spy, I could have executed him with dignity.
While Yuri was thinking about those things, the tram arrived at the station they needed to get off. Anya jumped off the platform.
“Where are we going, unkie? To the amusement park? I want to ride a ferris wheel.”
“Since you’re just gonna play anyway, why not go to an educational place where you can play too, right? We’re going to “STEP WORK KIDS”.”
Anya repeated it as “SNACK WAAK KISS”. A young woman who was walking nearby heard it and burst out laughing.
She’s really a total embarrassment. Even though he was annoyed, Yuri corrected her.
“It’s Step-Work-Kids. I remember one of my seniors at work told me he went there with his wife and kids.”
“What’s it like? Is it fun?”
“To simply put it, it’s a place where children can simulate working in their field of interest and help them choose a career for their future. It’s a huge government-approved indoor entertainment facility created with the aim of encouraging the development of the necessary human resources such as lawyers, judges, military personnel, doctors, scholars, engineers and other professionals needed in Ostania.”
“It’s a little bit difficult.”
Anya looked at him with dull eyes like a dead fish.
“You’re talking like an alien, unkie.”
“....in other words, it’s a place where you can play around with different jobs and decide what you wanna be in the future.”
Hearing that, Anya’s eyes immediately lit up. She clasped her hands tightly in front of her chest and sighes excitedly.
“Sounds like fun.”
“Right? Let’s get going then.”
As he said this and turned to go to the address where the amusement facility was located, something soft touched his left hand. Yuri then realized that Anya was trying to hold his hand, he winced involuntarily at that.
“.....what are you doing?”
“When we go ooting, I have to hold papa and mama’s hands, and so does scruffy.”
“What’s with this scruffy? And we’ve been outside for a while now.”
Honestly, Yuri was reluctant to hold her hand, but then he realized that if he lost her just because he didn’t want to hold her hand, he would have no face to show to his sister, so he unwillingly held her hand. The hand he held was warm and a little damp, probably because her body temperature is higher. Moreover, her hand is very sticky.
God, it’s dirty….why didn’t she wash her hands properly?
While thinking that, he was also surprised how small her hands were.
“How old are you?”
“I’m six years old.”
“I see.”
Yuri glanced involuntarily.
Are these hands smaller than a child’s at her age? Or are they bigger? He had no idea what size a six year old's hands would have.
…..come to think of it, sis used to hold my hands like this.
But of course, his young hands were never sticky with candies…..
“How many minutes, unkie?”
“About 10 minutes.”
“So exciting.”
“Look straight ahead. No more glancing sideways.”
Despite his nagging warnings, Yuri didn’t realize that he had unconsciously adjusted his pace to match up with Anya’s footsteps.
"Welcome to STEP WORK KIDS!"
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*At a crowded bar*
Franky, texting: Where the fuck did you and Yor go?
Loid, also texting: WE'RE FUCKING
Loid: TRYING TO *message not delivered*
Loid: GET DRINKS *message not delivered*
Franky: Ugh never-mind.
Loid: NO WAIT *message not delivered*
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Babysitting is not that easy.
Clearly not a gag of mine, but from one of my favorite episodes from Malcolm in the Middle.
Poor Scruffy. Will need another therapy.
Bonus : (Because this world needs something tender)
Tumblr media
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Twiyor headcanon: You can read for me, please!
Twilight likes to read from time to time, partly because a spy should never stop acquiring knowledge and partly because he enjoys it. But because of his eidetic memory and his speed reading ability he feels that reading is not so exciting anymore. It's just a necessary habit.
Yor on the other hand, knows she hasn't been much of a scholar. But she loved learning from her brother and seeing the excitement with which he came home to teach her what he learned.
Now married, Yor asks her husband to read aloud to her. As she snuggles up to him, on his chest, and he puts an arm around her. She says it's because she wants to learn, and maybe listening to him will help her. But what she loves is to be in her smart husband's arms, to feel safe and comforted as she listens to his masculine voice use sophisticated words. She doesn't care whether she learns or not, just being with him is wonderful. While Twilight can't help but feel her heart pounding as she feels her sweet wife being happy with him.
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Tumblr media
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So, inspired by the Forger apartment having a balcony, at some point, the Forgers start a balcony garden. It starts out with potted herbs Yor gets from Shopkeeper after she asked him for herbs for Loid's dish after he forgot to buy them and they were sold old when she went to get them. But then Anya takes an interest in gardening after doing a natural science project, so they also start growing things like cherry tomatoes and other vegetables that can be grown in containers. Of course, Loid uses them in his cooking.
The balcony garden gives a touch of color to rhe balcony.
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Soo dears, the second cour of the anime will air in seven days! And i was thinking, what if we play a little game? :)
Reblog this post answering these ~questions~
-who's your favorite character so far?
-(for manga readers) what are you excited to see animated?
-(for anime onlys) what do you expect from this second cour?
-what's your favorite scene from the anime?
-from one to "waku waku" how much are you excited?
I can't wait for your answers~ (and for the anime too!)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
My favorite thing in volume 8 is probably this message 👇 from Tatsuya Endo:
Tumblr media
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ravewoodx · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
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connoisseursdecomfort · a day ago
Now, I don’t really understand why Yuri is YURI because I have a (younger) brother and Yuri is so very weird to me. But to be honest, I truly think what would be the most heartbreaking is the confrontation between Yor and Yuri when they reveal their identities.
As a lot of people have pointed out, Garden and WISE are not against each other as they seem to share similar ideologies towards peace between two nations. At least, Garden is definitely not a puppet of the Ostalian government. One would even assume that Garden, to some extent, is against Ostalian policies, given that the establishment of the secret police is often one of the characteristics of authoritarian regimes. Obviously they don’t mind torturing and killing people openly, why do they need extra hands to do their dirty work?
Now, while there is a possibility that Garden would work for the Ostalian government, it is more likely to work with WISE, or an organisation or even an individual (that no longer works for a certain nation/power/country) to achieve its political goals. Garden remains to be independent of the government for a reason, and it seems redundant for the Ostalian government to accept a truce with Garden if they already have their secret police to do the dirty work. Given how young Yor started her training and thus how deeply she would be influenced by the ideologies of the Garden, Yor certainly doesn’t seem to have a good impression on what the secret police is doing - the secret police terrorises the people instead of providing a sense of security. And most importantly, from the start we are already shown how Yor is threatened by the secret police - even if she’s not an assassin, she is not “normal” simply because she’s a 27-year-old single woman who fails at “most of the womanly duties”. On the other hand, the manga seems to hint that Yor always believes that Loid, or Twilight, could understand her. And Twilight did sympathise with her quite a lot.
The clash of ideologies could be the most damaging. To a certain extent, because of Twilight or Loid, or her newly found family, Yor is slowly gaining independence. She is starting to have a life, really. To have her own social circles. To rethink why she is continuing to do what she is doing. And when the time comes, when she finally makes her own decisions and choose sides, it will be painful to see Yor confronting Yuri if Yor and Yuri are put in an opposing position, with Yuri knowing Twilight’s true identity, and believing Yor choosing “Twilight’s stance” over ‘his’. Ironically, both Yor and Yuri chose to do what they are doing now because they want to protect each other. Unfortunately they went on different paths.
And that is why I desperately need Yuri the grow the fuck up and to be a more understanding brother. Chapter 68 shows how Yor is slowly moving away from the past, while Yuri seems to be stuck. Yuri is a complicated figure. He hopes that Yor has a “normal” life (mainly stressed in the beginning of Loid’s and Yor’s marriage) and conforms to the social expectations. But on the other hand, Yuri is still the child who needs Yor’s undivided attention, and unintentionally traps her in his own childish needs. That is weirdly very characteristic of him being a secret police - to have absolute control over a monitored normality. And he is losing control.
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SxF Light Novel: Family Portrait Translation Mission 2: Yuri's Day Off (Part 3)
<<Part 2
Tumblr media
Damn it….why, me of all people, have to do this playing house thing.
In the unnecessarily realistic interrogation room, there were inorganic chairs and desks, and the cast member who is playing the role of the suspect sat there looking suspicious. The guests are told what the suspect has done, and the experience concludes with them still stubbornly denying guilt, or them being dropped from the interrogation. The suspect’s crime is said to change each time, but there is no script to follow and everything is ad-libbed. 
Most of the cast members are actors who are working as side jobs, but since the customers are children, they are dressed in easily recognizable bad guy outfits. 
The man in front of Yuri is also dressed in all black, even wearing a black balaclava.
No, you have to take it off. Did they think criminals wear them all the time? 
Why is it strangely deformed in spite of the excessive attention to the details? Yuri, who is basically a serious person, was annoyed. On the other hand, Anya, who had changed into her uniform, was very motivated in the face of the obvious villain.
“First, we’re going to have an interrogation from Police Officer Forger.”
She was called out by her name and she answered enthusiastically. Yuri was made to sit on a hard steel chair in the corner of the room under the guise of a record-keeper.
Another woman, different from the staff at the entrance, explains the suspect's conduct. 
“That person is a bad guy who sneaks into people’s houses and steals their money and jewelry. But he has not pleaded guilty. Police officer Forger, please hunt him down and make him plead guilty.”
“Okey dokey.”
Anya took a stiff saluting posture, then turned around to look at the suspect, her face huffing and grinning. (See the illustration above)
What’s with that face?
As Yuri was poking around in his chest, Anya sat down in the interrogation chair strangely pompously and murmurs,
“It’s you again, Jack. You really never learn, huh?”
Why did she suddenly start with a recidivism setting? I mean, who the hell is Jack?
“I thought it was getting cold, it’s already winter huh?”
Apparently, even the seasons are self-explanatory.
Anya reluctantly got up from her seat and walked slowly towards the window. Through the blinds, she looked out of the window and said, 
“Your hometown, if I’m not mistaken, is up north, right? It’s probably snowing there by now.”
“.......Heh, did you think that if you started talking about my hometown, I’d get homesick?”
The suspect laughs sarcastically. 
“Then you’re mistaken. I abandoned my hometown. My father and mother died a long time ago. There’s no place for me over there now.”
The way he took on the customers’ incomprehensible setup was very professional. Moreover, his acting was awfully good. Because of this, the sense of discomfort between the two was tremendous. 
“Stop acting tough, John!”
Anya shouted in a low, fake voice, she probably thought she was the one who washes. However, she got the name wrong. 
That guy’s name is Jack! At least remember the name you gave yourself!
Yuri shouted in his mind. 
“What about Margarette?”
Another unfamiliar name came up again. However, the suspect stared at Anya with a startled face. 
Anya looks away from the window and stares back at the suspect man. 
“Margarette is still waiting for you, you know.”
“Atone your sins, then go back to your hometown, and this time, make sure to make Margarette happy.”
As Anya said this, the suspect suddenly broke down crying on the steel desk. He then confessed,
“I-I did it!”
Anya walked up to the suspect, patted him on his shoulder, and she murmured softly, “Do you wanna eat Katsudon?” in a penetrating tone of voice…..
What was that? Just now…..what the hell was that?
As Yuri was stunned, the woman staff clapped her hands and praised Anya exaggeratingly,
“Excellent! The way you deeply appealed to the conscience of the suspect was superb! It was perfect!”
The cast member who was playing the role of Jack or John also clapped his hands together. 
“Police Office Forger, who successfully completes an interrogation, will receive a badge for completing the interrogation experience!”
“Yay! I passed!”
Anya, who was handed a shining gold badge, had a childishly delighted face. Her voice was also back to normal. 
“Was I good?”
“Yeah, you were really good!”
“I was about to cry at the end too. Way to go, little girl.”
Anya was very proud of herself as she was lifted up by two people.
“I’m sure you’re gonna be a very smart detective in the future.”
“Fufufu, I can’t help but think about it.”
It seems that their policy of affirming the child’s way is not entirely bad.
No….there’s no way a suspect would fall for an interrogation like this.
If everyone would be converted by such a lousy little play, then there would be no need for police or a secret police. 
Is this okay? Is it really okay to develop the human resources who will be responsible for Ostania’s future like this….?
As Yuri was feeling left behind, the suspect was replaced. He was much younger than the man earlier, and looked like a flirtatious, good-looking guy.
“Now let's move on to Police Officer Briar’s experience. Police Officer Briar, over here. For Police Officer Forger, please take your seat over there in the recorder’s chair.”
“Good luck, unkie.”
Yuri reluctantly got up and went to the female staff to get an explanation, but of course, he had no intention of doing it properly.  
Well, after that messed up interrogation earlier, I guess I’ll just have to go with it. 
That's how he thought of it lightly, but…..
“For Police Officer Briar, you have to have this man plead guilty who was arrested on suspicion of repeatedly assaulting his wife. The suspect punched and kicked his wife because she was a bad cook, she broke her nose and was two weeks away from a full recovery…”
As soon as Yuri heard the staff’s explanation, he heard a click in the back of his head. He silently spun around and turned on his heel. 
“Ah, umm, Police Officer Briar? I’m not done with the explanation yet….”
The flustered female staff panicked as she told him that she’s not done yet. Yuri brushed it off lightly with a, “No, it’s enough.” and he sat down in the chair in front of the suspect. 
“....Hello. I’m in charge of the interrogation. I’m Officer Briar.”
With a smile on his face, Yuri looks at the suspect from under his long bangs. In his eyes, the suspect’s flirtatious, handsome face looked like the loathsome Loid Forger. 
He hit his wife…? All because she’s not good at cooking? 
His teeth, which he clenched so that no one would notice, made a dull sound. Yuri, with his simmering anger and hatred hidden beneath his smile, says in a voice that comforts a child,
“You can’t do that, right? You can’t just hit your wife.”
With that, the suspect burst out laughing. 
“No way, Mr. Detective. I didn’t hit my wife. She just fell and injured herself.”
“.....So you’re saying you didn’t do anything wrong?”
Only Yuri’s eyes narrowed, leaving the smile on his mouth. 
“Yes. I’m actually the victim here if you ask me.”
She is usually the one who is to blame for taking so long to cook a meal. He curses at his wife abusively for making the same dishes all the time. 
Without letting the smile on his lips disappear, Yuri leaned over the steel desk and grabbed the suspect’s side of the head with his dominant hand saying, 
“....If that’s the case…then even if I break all your teeth, smash your nose, and crack your jaw, you did that all to yourself because you fell, right? That makes me the victim here, right?”
The man who was playing the role of the suspect was taken aback by Yuri, who was smiling cheerfully as he talked about things he could not understand.
The smile on Yuri’s face slips from his face as he stares back at him from a close distance. 
“.....you beat your wife.”
He told him with a voice cold as ice. 
“You beat your good, unarmed wife, who did not do anything wrong. And that deed deserves death. Therefore, I will execute you with my own hands. There will be no trial, I will give you divine punishment immediately.”
“Ask for your wife’s forgiveness in death.”
When he removed his hand from the suspect’s head and reached out for his throat, the suspect squeaked, horrified by Yuri’s out-of-character behavior, he turned pale and trembled in fear. 
“I-I’m sorry!! I-I-I-I won’t do it again!! I will not hit my wife ever again! I mean, this whole thing is just an act anyway! I’m not even married! I’m single! I don’t even have a girlfriend! I’m really sorry! Please forgive me!”
Yuri, who finally comes to his senses when the suspect, or rather, the cast member, forgetting to even act, cries out. 
He hurriedly removed himself from the suspect.
“Ah….Um, I’m really sorry too….I guess I accidentally got into the role-”
Despite his desperate attempts to mend the situation, the man in the cast just looks at Yuri with a frightened look on his face and doesn't say anything. The female staff member also froze in place, seemingly speechless. The room had fallen silent, and it was now Yuri who turned pale.
What the fuck am I doing? I was supposed to just go with the flow…. 
If Anya were to tell his sister about this…..She would definitely be saddened by her brother’s change of attitude. Not only that.
In the worst case scenario, sis might find out that I’m actually not a diplomat, but a secret police.
If that happened, he wondered how shocked his gentle,unsullied sister would be….
Oh, what have I done….This is Lottie’s fault too. It’s because his face keeps on popping up in my mind….Loid Forger, I will never forgive you.
As Yuri inwardly blames Loid for his misplaced responsibility, he heard Anya muttered in a trembling voice, 
“You’re so cool, unkie…..”
As he fearfully looked back at Anya, who was sitting in the corner of the room, he saw that she was looking at him with respect that he had never seen before. Her cheeks were flushed and her two big eyes were shining like stars. 
“You’re an interrogation genius.”
“No, not really.”
As he murmured to himself saying, “I’m not a genius, it’s my real job after all.” Anya flared her nose with excitement, she started to say, “As expected from a real-” then stopped unnaturally. Then, she praised him in an unfamiliar way saying, “...real adult who reads a lot of books!”
Saying that, the two who had been frozen in place, began to clap their hands enthusiastically in unison as if they were overwhelmed.
“It was so realistic that I was taken aback a little! I can’t really believe it!!”
“Mister, you should aim to be an actor!! You’re handsome to begin with, so if you aim as an actor, you’ll definitely succeed!! I’ll give you my stamp of approval, I was really scared, you know!”
“Ah….no, that’s not true.”
“No, it was really amazing! The intensity was so real as if you’re a real police officer!”
“If you don’t mind, I can introduce you now to an agency, and you’ll be an actor right away! I’m sure you'll be a great actor!!”
“No need……Hahaha”
It’s his real job, so it’s no surprise. There was no acting or anything. In fact, he doesn’t even have the slightest sense of theatricality. All he had was hatred for Loid Forger.
However, when someone praises you like this, it’s part of human nature not to feel so bad about it. Moreover, Yuri is still only 20 years old, and he is still a simpleton.
Feeling all better, he says,
“Alright, let’s go on to the next one!”
With Anya in tow, he was off to the next experience in high spirits….
“Unkie, I’m hungry.”
“Oh right, it’s already evening and we haven’t eaten anything yet.”
“I feel like my stomach and back are gonna break apart.”
“Then, how about we eat some hotdog in the food space.”
After trying various occupations in a row, including newspaper reporter, firefighter, judge, prosecutor, soldier, sculptor, doctor, and train operator, they had completely forgotten to eat lunch. 
While eating a too-late lunch of hotdogs, juice, and coffee at a round table in an indoor cafe built like an open terrace, they suddenly felt exhausted.
Anya, for example, looks like she’s about to fall asleep while eating her hotdog. The guests around them also looked tired, and their numbers seemed to be dwindling, if not downheartedly. 
“So? What did you like the best?”
Yuri asked while drinking his coffee.
Anya replied, dangling her legs while looking up at the ceiling.
The ceiling of the facility is painted with a blue sky and clouds.
Anya let out a sigh, and said,
“I worked so much the whole day today, so I feel like I just wanna play my whole life.”
The unexpected reply almost made Yuri spit out the coffee he was drinking, causing him to cough violently. 
“I want to be a cloud.”
“Or anything is fine.”
Yuri heard the sound of all the effort being blotted out for the day. 
Ugh… This was a massive waste of my time.
More than that, he doesn’t know what to say to his sister.
Why did it turn out this way? I don’t care if you pick out to be a lawyer or a police officer, just pick something other than being a NEET! 
While Yuri was in agony, Anya put the half-eaten hotdog on her plate, rummaged in her small bag, and spread out the pamphlet on the table.
“I want to go here for the last time.”
She pointed.
“What? You wanted to be a cloud anyway, right?”
He tried to be sarcastic in return, but was offended when she gave him a pitying look and said,
“Unkie, humans can’t become a cloud, you know.”
Why is it that she is usually an idiot, but says something accurate at a time like this? Are children like that in general? Or is it just her? 
“Which one?”
For the time being, just to confirm, he asked, and Anya pointed to an accessory workshop in a corner of the facility. It was a booth where visitors could design their own brooches, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories, and actually take them home. 
Frankly, it was quite surprising.
“I didn’t know you had it in you.”
“I’m a fashionista.”
However, time is running out. Yuri had left a letter, but in the worst case, he doesn’t want to make his sister worry. 
“It’s almost time for my sister to get home, so let’s go home now.”
Saying that, Anya was understandably disappointed. Her shoulders slumped.
“I was planning to make a gift for mama.”
Surprised, Yuri looked at the girl in front of him. 
“Today is a holiday, so mama told me we’re gonna play a lot, but because she had to work, we were not able to play. She was saying sorry even though she did not do anything wrong. She looked so sad, so I feel sad too.”
Yuri felt a nostalgic pain in his chest as he heard those words, which were poorly spelled, but she tried her best to convey them. It must be because he once felt the same way about his sister. 
“I’m so sorry, I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t been able to spend time with you. I’m so sorry for making you feel lonely all the time, Yuri.” 
Everytime she apologized, Yuri couldn’t help but feel sad. 
“That’s why I’m thinking of making a beautiful insect brooch for mama who did her best at work today.”
“.....don’t make an insect one.”
Yuri mumbled. 
“My sister hates insects, so do something else.”
“But unkie, you said there’s no time…”
“That’s why hurry up and finish that already so we can go.”
Anya’s face lit up. She finished the rest of her hotdog impatiently and jumped down from her chair. 
“I will not do an insect brooch anymore, I will do a flower brooch instead.”
“Flowers are no good too. I will make a hairband with a flower corsage for sis.”
“Unkie is a Holger warrior.”
“You know, even though you’re an idiot, you sure know a few funny words.”
They headed for the workshop while chatting about such things. 
Yuri still didn’t notice that he had held Anya’s little hand before she even asked him to do so….
“........I wonder if they’re about to get back anytime soon?”
Yor looked at the clock as she arranged the salad, roasted apples, and veal schnitzel she had brought on the dining table. 
She had planned to return as soon as possible, but she was completely late, about 15 minutes late, so she came home panicking. However, Anya and Yuri were nowhere to be found, and on the low table in the living room was a letter saying, 
“I’m gonna take her to Step Work Kids”
Step Work Kids is a popular children’s spot that her colleague, Sharon, a married woman, also talked about. 
I was sure that they'd just be at home all day. 
It made her feel a little bit nervous to think that Yuri had taken Anya out to play. It seems that Yuri also had given Bond plenty of water and dog food before they left. 
He doesn’t hesitate to say that he wouldn’t approve of her marriage…. But when the time comes like this, Yuri takes care of them. 
Yuri is a really kind hearted kid. 
Although he can be short-tempered and obsessive at times, he’s still a very good boy at heart. Smiling, Yor served Anya’s favorite chocolate cake filled with peanuts and a bottle of wine she thought Yuri would like.
Loid told her he would be back by midnight, so they’ll just start eating when Yuri and Anya get back.
“Fufufu. It’s not as good as Loid’s cooking, but it looks delicious.”
She regretted not having enough time to make most of the dishes, but she was able to make a soup while she was waiting for them to get back home. Yor thinks that her first attempt at cold potato soup turned out pretty well, if she had to say. It smelled a little strange, but she’s sure it’s because of the spices. 
“I hope they get back soon, right, Bond?”
Bond barked as if responding to Yor’s question.
“I wonder if they will like the soup? I accidentally put onions in it, so I’m sorry that you won’t get to taste the soup, Bond.”
For some reason, Bond backs away slowly. Then, his ears perked up and he barked happily, “Woof woof!” and headed for the front door, wagging his tails. It seems that the person they’ve been waiting for has returned.
“I’m a flower brooch genius. Mine’s too beautiful.”
“If you say it like that, then I’m the genius here. Look at how cute this hairband is. It’s perfect for my pretty sister.”
“Mama will cry of happiness after she sees what I made.”
“Hmph! What a cheeky little brat. My sister will cry of happiness once she sees my hairband.”
“I challenge you then, unkie!”
“Bring it on, chihuahua girl! And, don’t call me unkie, I’m not your uncle.”
“Unkie is unkie.”
Yor couldn’t quite hear what’s going on, but it sounds like they’re having a little batte. Yuri is like a small kid whenever he’s with Anya. 
I see that they’re getting along just fine. 
Yor chucked and followed her dog’s back to greet her brother and daughter, her two precious ones.
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I made Anya keychains (double side) for a con, because I’ll have a stand in an event in Barcelona! I hope someone buy them 🥹
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Twiyor parallelism #4 ··· Mutual trust
Warning: This post contains manga content
It's been a while since I continued with the Twiyor parallelism, and I feel it's a good time to pick it up again. Everything I say here is based on my point of view based on the manga content, so you are free to have a different opinion. That said, let's begin
I think a recurring theme in the fandom is the constant teasing we do from the beginning of why a spy and an assassin, the most lethal and dangerous people in their respective countries don't realize their identities? Yes, we've all laughed in Twilight's face for simply being one of the smartest men and not realizing that a normal wife shouldn't be able to knock over a cow -
Tumblr media
oh come on, just look at the dumb face he makes.
But moving on from the jokes, I've seen so many people make their posts explaining why this happens, I feel it's a good time to give my own version:
Multiple answers:
I think for a lot of people the most obvious answer is that Spy x Family is a comedy, so a lot of the plot conflicts and resolutions don't really have to make sense. Basically any contradiction is valid, Twilight goes from being a genius to an idiot in a second to the next. In one aspect, such as espionage, deduction and plans, Twilight displays all his intelligence, but in the face of incoherence such as his wife's monstrous strength or his daughter's manipulations, it simply seems that his brain stops working. As Sylvia herself would say: Is he a genius or an incompetent?
Another popular theory I've seen is that Twilight doesn't recognize a normal woman. I see many people supporting the theory that Twilight is so used to strong women, be they spies like Sylvia or Nightfall that he doesn't distinguish the level of strength as something "strange". Twilight has not had a normal life, he lost his mother at a very young age and spent half his life in a soldiers uniform. So he has had no interaction with everyday situations, which explains his occasional awkwardness in being a stay-at-home father and husband. So for him, Yor having colossal strength is the most normal thing.
The women he has been with during his missions surely had skills as well. Which, it is possible, given that Twilight has been everything from an agent of the armed forces, a mobster, a political figure, and so on. So it's not strange to assume he's been with women who come from dangerous backgrounds. And Yor would be the first couple with a "more everyday" life (being a city hall employee)
Personally, I think all of these answers and plots are correct, because they all work in and out of the story. Considering that the comedy of Spy x Family is so unpredictable, each plot fills in different implausible moments that occur. The characters are silly, smart, blind, deductive and have very abnormal views of what is everyday and what is not.
I support the idea that Twilight has a distorted view of the world, this is mainly due to the war, having been a soldier and then becoming a spy. He has not had a normal life, so his mind is adapted to see the world as a spy: through intrigue, suspicion, and denial of his emotions. However, espionage has allowed him to develop exceptional social skills so that he can be liked by many people and know how to get the best out of them. Basically, Twilight's reflex is to "take advantage" of her relationships, this mental bias is so embedded in her head that she does not hesitate for a second to take advantage of the slightest opportunity to seduce Yor even though the strategy she applies is totally fallible. Twilight is used to the idea that relationships are "links to extract information and make his work more efficient". However, if it were so normal for Twilight for a woman to have such strength, I think she wouldn't be surprised by Yor's prowess or go to the trouble of saving ordinary people.
I think Twilight is aware that an ordinary civilian is vulnerable, and that Sylvia and Nightfall are trained combat agents. But he simply doesn't try to reason Yor's strength, since it doesn't have a solid connection to being an assassin (But I'll emphasize this in the next point). We add that Twilight is attracted to strong women: But this refers more to the emotional strength of a woman to overcome life's adversities and keep smiling. (Although I also think Yor's strength drives him crazy).
Even so
However, I think there is one reason, which seems to me to be the most important (and I think many people overlook). I am referring to the reason why Twilight personally does not suspect Yor, and her "peculiarities".
And that is…
Twilight trusts in Yor
Possibly many people feel that this is contradictory because of the times Twilight has distrusted Yor. But even knowing that, I think those moments of relapse only emphasize that Twilight trusts her, but his instincts as a spy prevent his from feeling safe with his family, so I'm going to review those moments:
Mission 2: From their first encounter, Yor showed signs that alerted Twilight to her peculiarity. For starters she could be among the first people to penetrate his guard completely, when he didn't even perceive that she entered the tent, and quickly caught Twilight's gaze. This made the spy reconsider his plans to "ask her to be his mate", worried in the face of a woman with such sharp instincts.
Tumblr media
Paradoxically, however, Yor demonstrated a degree of naivety bordering on being "foolish" by being able to believe the most ridiculous lies Twilight could come up with. While, Twilight saw it profitable that their interest coincided as one needed a favor from the other, he seems unable to comprehend how such a naive woman could become insightful, causing a contradiction in the spy's logical mind.
Curiously, when Yor protects him with a kick, pushing the criminal away from Loid, far from reaffirming his suspicions, Twilight seemed delighted with this spontaneous act of hers. Her strength, far from being a threat to him, functioned as a defense mechanism.
Tumblr media
Mission 14 - Being an SSS agent: Once they move forward with the marriage, and meet Yuri Briar, who turns out to be an obvious SSS agent to him, it makes perfect sense that Twilight is suspicious and feels that Yor may actually be an agent sent to set him up. It could be that the SSS was aware of his mission, (since they are spy hunters) and sent a woman to investigate him and play the role of wife. Which would coincide with Yor's very open attitude to accepting a fake marriage, despite the strangeness around Loid Forger. That, plus the close relationship of Yor and Yuri, who grew up together as children. It would not be unusual if Yuri at some point revealed his identity to his sister (although he has no desire to do so) and she just pretended not to know. All this detonated in Twilight setting up his wife, with Franky's help. Although all that theatrics ended in failure when Yor proved with actions and words his innocence.
Tumblr media
The most important thing to note in this scene is that Yor was risking her identity as an assassin, exposing herself to the SSS for her brother and her husband. The reason for her being Loid's wife was to protect herself from the SSS, but she was willing to fight two officers or the entire organization if they laid a finger on her family. If they had been real police officers, the sight of a woman assaulting a police officer or covering up for suspected spies, Yoru would surely be questioned.
Tumblr media
Even before disguising himself as a secret policeman, Twilight hesitates about wearing a wire or not, even though he is a spy. Still, Yor didn't mind if she was confronted by SSS members. She preferred to defend her fake husband, which makes Twilight dismiss his suspicions and feel enormous remorse. It's seeing someone, risking it to protect him.
Mission 67 Meeting Melinda Desmond: When Yor tells Loid the news that he has just met Damiand's mother, Melinda. Twilight has a few brief moments of distrust, raising the possibility that Yor is in cahoots with his target's wife. He dismisses this when he considers how illogical it would be for Yor to be telling him about their encounter, plus Anya quickly made a clarification.
Tumblr media
Clearly, this suspicion has little basis in fact, as Yor has no idea who the Desmonds are, and has never shown any political interest or interest in interacting with important figures. Her entire involvement with the Eden Academy has been at Loid's request, from the very beginning.
Tumblr media
We also have briefer mentions like the nights Yor would come home very late with her hands full of cut and grim looks, and was reluctant to have dinner with them. Or that time after their date at the bar when Twilight thought Yor was setting him up in reverse to force him to do the skin trap. These times, though, were quickly dismissed
We can see, in each of these times, that there are patterns in Twilight's distrust: He has never had a conclusive clue that Yor is an enemy, much less a murderer. Twilight only clings to mere assumptions when Yor interacts with people dangerous to him: the Desmonds and the SSS. And leads him to believe that they are colluding with his wife to betray him (Something that surely could have happened to him in the past with his fake relationships). This is all part of the spy's paranoia and acute instincts that make him distrustful of people for survival.
Twilight's distrust of Yor stems from himself, and his greatest fear since starting the Forger family:
..."Getting attached and learning to trust other people"
Clearly, Twilight has been getting to know Yor and she has only shown him her most honest side: a sweet, maternal, tender, patient woman, with a positive, discreet vision, who puts love and family first. But she also shows him her most vulnerable side: she is shy, clumsy, unsociable, a lousy cook and very insecure.
That has caused Twilight to confide and show himself vulnerable to her on more than one occasion. For they, in part, share many insecurities, the same sense of responsibility and sacrifice. The truth is that feeling so much comfort with Yor has made him more sensitive, but it also makes him develop an unconscious fear that all that beauty is a lie, and he himself is falling. Feeling exposed to Yor, for the many times he has let his guard down with her.
Tumblr media
Yor has been gaining Twilight's trust:
Yor and Twilight have had a strong emotional connection (whether romantic or not). It is the connection of two people who manage to fully understand each other even though their lives have been different. Twilight believes that Yor was a sex worker, in order to provide for her brother, and far from wanting to judge her, he understood that Yor has been a person who has sacrificed so many times to protect something she cares about. That Yor has the strength to overcome adversity and be able to keep smiling while thinking of another person's well-being. This sense of sacrifice makes Twilight empathize and be moved by her life, as he perfectly understands having to sacrifice yourself even if you don't get a direct thank you or reward. While Yor, she discovered someone who supports her, understands and far from playing her, praises all her actions.
This trust has grown more when they support each other in their roles as parents, or when they try to be a good partner for each other, appreciating every kind and sincere gesture they have for each other; and when they do their best not to make each other uncomfortable at any time.
Yor has really used the force to protect her family, never to abuse it (except for everything that has to do with her role as an assassin). Despite having the ability to kill those who mess with her, Yor represses her instinct and remembers not to abuse her power; and only allows herself to do so when she feels that her daughter (and most likely her husband) are in danger.
In conclusion:
I think Twilight's perception of Yor could be divided into two parts, one is influenced by his rational facet as a spy, as Agent Twilight; and the other, by the real man, (Redacted) Representing the conflict he has in learning to trust other people, and with that, learning to expose his emotions. Each of these facets coexist within the same individual and one often overshadows the other at certain times.
On the one hand, his spy side is always in conflict with Yor, looking for any crumb of suspicion. Despite having no reason to distrust Yor he always clings to excuses to prove to himself that he "should trust no one". Yor has so far proven to be the person Twilight can trust, but surely his doubts as a spy make him believe that letting his guard down in front of her puts him in danger. As that old saying goes.
"… Nothing so good, can be so true…"
And Twilight, in his facet strives to believe that that personality: sweet, kind and unconditional could turn out to be a trap. The spy seems to be afraid that Yoru might one day betray him, because he knows that deep down he is exposing himself to her. When Twilight thinks like a spy with Yor he usually fails, sabotaging himself and backing away from advancing their relationship.
The real man, the boy who once existed, is learning to "trust Yor blindly" to the extent of talking about himself and his past with her. He knows that Yor and his strength are not a threat, and more than once they have managed to overshadow the spy in his head. Demonstrating his most genuine and sincere side to her. Twilight has shown that most of the time he is genuine with Yor, except for the lies about his work, but more than once he has shown that what he thinks about her is something that comes from his heart.
Tumblr media
Twilight will be able to understand his real feelings for Yor when he can learn to trust her and perhaps some plot event will make him understand how important it is for him to have her by his side.
I think the most interesting thing is to know what Twilight's reaction will be when he gets to know Yor, in her assassin role, Thorn Princess and the importance that his feelings will have at that moment. And the reaction he may have when he gets to know the darker side of Yor's personality, who is much more confident, determined and really is a threat to her enemies.
What is your opinion?
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Anya curling up in Loid’s lap to sleep like a little kitten 💖
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