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Vivienne Westwood - Spring 1997 RTW
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Patrick Lichfield - Jean Shrimpton Wearing a Nightdress by Carole Stein for Chevette (Vogue 1970)
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best show ever - balenciaga ss23
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lord have mercy
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Christian Dior Fall Couture 1997
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HAMIDIU SUPERSTAR - Hamidiu Banor by Baldovino Barani x FACTORY Fanzine
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Claudia Schiffer
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Donyale Luna photographed by Jack Garofalo, 1967.
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Vivienne Westwood - Spring 1997 RTW
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Jean-Jacques Bugat - Jane Birkin Wearing a Outfit by Ungaro (Vogue Paris 1971)
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summary ─ a photoshoot had led to an ice cream date where all the wrongs became rights, and you’ve seen bucky barnes’ unseen sides. 
pairing ─ rockstar!bucky barnes x model!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, flirting, kissing, texting, dumbass bucky lol, wall sex, mentions of an one night stand, asshole-ish behavior, pet names, dirty talk, bucky is a softie irl but he hides it, softness, language, come eating, oral sex (f receiving)
a/n ─ aight, as always i got inspired by måneskin’s latest single, and thought why not. so, here i am with another rockstar!bucky fic. all the mistakes are my own. hope you like it! please leave a comment if you do. thank youuu <33
songs mentioned in the fic are: mammamia and supermodel by måneskin
Tumblr media
Flashing cameras, different color lights, cold air blowing fans, photographers yelling instructions… It was just another day at work. Nothing was different about it, maybe except for the guy sitting at the back of the room.
He had a black leather jacket and dark jeans on him. You could see his white sleeveless t-shirt and the thick lock-adorned necklace hanging on his gorgeous neck. He was clean shaven, a dark smudge of eyelines was making his already light blue eyes pop out even more. His lips were red and slick from all the licking he had been doing. The rings on his fingers were tapping against the glass he was holding his hand, a scotch sitting in it.
Whoever that was, he didn’t take his eyes off of you even once.
You didn’t know what to feel about the situation and him, but you were trying your hardest to ignore him. It had worked so far. Until one of the photographers around you called out to him and ordered him to take his position.
“What?” You asked, halting your moves. One of the other photographers yelled at you for stopping, but you waved a hand, your focus on the one who called the guy over.
“He’s your partner for this magazine shoot,” the photographer explained. “He’s the embodiment of rockstar and goth, don’t you think?” They winked at you, and you grimaced. “He fits the theme.” You frowned lightly. You knew you couldn’t say no or walk out, it would be against your contract.
Sighing, you turned your head to watch the guy walk towards you. He had a small cocky smile on his face as he greeted the people around. It seemed like he knew almost everyone you were working with. His cocky smile widened when it was your turn.
“Well,” he said. “It’s gonna be a lil’ awkward.” The cockiness in his smile lessened a little. “Bucky Barnes.”
Of course.
He was kind of sitting in the dark, or it seemed dark since you were covered with lights all around, so you couldn’t exactly see the details of his face. Now, he was right under the bright lights, and you knew that face. Fucking hell, you knew that fucking face.
“Barnes,” you greeted him coldly. “Hello.” You shook his head once and dropped it quickly. He muttered something under his breath. Turning to the photographers who were gaping at you, you gritted your teeth. “A heads up could be nice,” you seethed. “Can we get over this already?”
“Y-yeah, sure,” they agreed and yelled out instructions to get the lights re-adjusted. Steeling yourself, you followed the orders that were thrown at you with Bucky Barnes next to you.
You were professional throughout the whole photoshoot. You’ve done as you were told, posed and changed outfits as they saw fit, and thankfully, Barnes behaved. He did everything he was told, only touched you when he was ordered to and stayed quiet unless he was cracking jokes about going blind.
When the photoshoot ended, you joined the applauding that started and thanked everyone. You could feel him moving next to you, murmuring thanks here and there like you and shaking hands. You wanted to leave before he could get to you because you felt like he was going to try to approach you.
You weren’t a lucky person, so he caught up to you before you could sneak away. “Hey, wait!” You rolled your eyes at his voice and cursed at your feet when they stopped at his command.
“What?” You asked him, turning around harshly. He raised his hands on the air.
“Whoa, I’m not gonna attack you,” he said. “I just wanted to thank you. It was a great photoshoot.” You felt bad for snapping at him like that. “I had fun. So, thank you.” You nodded.
“Yeah,” you agreed. “It was nice. Thank you.” You gave him a forced little smile. “Now, please excuse me. I have to wash the make-up off my face.” He chuckled softly.
“Of course, don’t let me keep you,” he murmured, grinning lightly. You rolled your eyes and waved at him before leaving him where he was standing.
Bucky Barnes.
The motherfucking rockstar who kicked you out of his place in the middle of the night right after he was done fucking you. That bastard of a rockstar who had the balls to text you after the stunt he pulled and asked you if you wanted to meet up again.
He made you want to punch him in the face. It was hard to fight against the urge, but you were successful so far. You’ve managed to dodge him so far. When you saw him at the parties you were attending, you found yourself a spot where he couldn’t see you or bump into you. You were doing good at dodging him thing until this photoshoot. You were hoping that he would leave things at that and wouldn’t try anything.
You were wrong.
Oh, boy, were you wrong.
Your phone pinged when you were munching on your dinner, back at home and make-up free already. You grabbed it with your spoon hanging off your mouth. You growled when you saw that it was him who texted you.
satan’s asshole so today was good wanna hang out sometime? not like before no a date?
You grimaced. A date with him? Oh, fuck, no. You quickly typed ‘no’ and left it at that. You went back to your dinner, biting hard on the bread in your hand. You couldn’t believe that the guy was still trying after fucking up that bad. You shook your head, it had to be typical for men.
Just as you put your bowl and utensils in the sink, your phone pinged a couple of times again. You groaned, frustrated.
satan’s asshole aww c’mon one date is all i ask if you don’t like it i’ll stop i promise
You rolled your eyes. It always started like that; you’ve read enough romance novels to know that. It always started with that one date and almost all the time ended with marriage. Ugh. You couldn’t imagine being married to that douchebag.
me i said no. take a hint.
You locked your phone and turned on the do not disturb mode. Grabbing the remote, you zapped through channels. Unintentionally, you stopped at a music channel where one of the songs of Barnes’ band was playing. If you had to be honest, they were good. They were a good kind of rock band, the kind that you liked because the songs got you motivated to do chores or dance or workout, sometimes.
Your head started to move along with the beat, eyes locked on Barnes who was playing the drums.
Way back in high school, when she was a good Christian, I used to know her, but she's got a new best friend.
You hummed the lyrics with the vocalist, Steve, you assumed his name, and found out that it was a very catchy song that was going to stuck in your head for a while. You sighed. Might as well, you thought and turned the volume up.
If you wanna love her, just deal with that, She'll never love you, you just look a bit like her dad, Every night's a heartbreak.
You chuckled at the lyrics. For some reason, Barnes popping up your head when Steve sang ‘you just look a bit like her dad’. Still chuckling to yourself and bobbing your head according to the beat, your eyes found your phone, noticing that it was going off. You grabbed it, knowing full well that it was Barnes pushing his luck.
satan’s asshole but i’m already outside :( come oooonnn just one tiny date we’ll have ice cream and walk around a bit then i’ll walk you back home and you’ll decide if u wanna see me again pretty pls??? one (1) date      (sent 22:08) i can hear you playing our songgg :D i’ll sneak you into the studio c’mon you can have fun with the guys you gotta go out a second date with me for that tho *finger guns*
You scoffed. He was fucking outside. You wanted to smack him on the face so bad that it was getting harder to fight the urge to just go and do that.
me if you can get me a real date with wilson i’ll go out with u
You giggled to yourself. You seriously wouldn’t say no to a date with Wilson, but you knew Barnes was going to find that annoying because he and Wilson couldn’t get along well, even though everyone knew it wasn’t true and they were playing around. You saw him typing and giggled again, singing the song loudly enough for him to hear it.
Hey, don't think about it, hey, just let it go 'Cause her boyfriend is the rock 'n' roll (Hey) Savor every moment till she has to go 'Cause her boyfriend is the rock 'n' roll
satan’s asshole not wilson dude c’mon i’ll hand u over rogers but not wilson
You laughed. Typing a ‘lol’ and sending it to him, you danced a little.
satan’s asshole u good with rogers? pls say yes
Shaking your head, you smiled.
me he’s gay, barnes
satan’s asshole exactly!!!!!
You snorted. You whooped at the new song come up. It was still Barnes’ band, Commandos, and one of their recent ones, you assumed. You started dancing a lot more and sang along because you actually knew the lyrics of this one.
I feel the heat, uh, I feel the beat of drums Call the police, I'll do it, they've stolen all my fun I'm breaking free, but I'm stuck in the police car Oh, mamma mia, ma-ma-mamma mia, ah
satan’s asshole baby c’mon at least lemme come inside so that we can sing and dance together
You sighed deeply.
me why would i invite you? you kicked me out in the middle of the night
You saw typing and stopping for a couple times. You scoffed and locked your phone, continuing your dance. Then, you heard a knock on the door. You knew it was him, and you debated that whether you should answer the door or not. You heard another knock and sighed deeply.
“Why am I doing this to myself,” you grumbled under your breath and went to answer the door.
He was standing and filling the entrance of your door. He was adorned with leather jacket, chains, and his eyeliner was still on his face. His eyes were shining, chest moving fast with his erratic breathing.
“I was an asshole when I did that,” he said before you could say anything. You frowned. “When I kicked you out,” he clarified. You rolled your eyes.
“You’re always an asshole, Barnes,” you murmured. He pouted for a second, a thoughtful expression took over his face, and he nodded.
“Um, yeah, fair. I am.” You raised an eyebrow. He shrugged. “I get hurt less if I act like an asshole.” You narrowed your eyes. “I’m sorry.” His eyes widened, and suddenly, he was looking at you like a puppy who did something wrong.
“Uh-oh,” you whispered.
“I’m sorry. Can I make it up by taking you out on a date?” He asked you with a soft voice. Their song was playing on the background, but the guy who was playing the drums in the music video had nothing to do with the man in front of you.
“Um,” you said intelligently.
“Please?” He took a step inside. He was so close that you could smell his cologne. It was something fresh but also a bit woodsy; whatever it was, it was incredibly manly. You hummed at the scent. “One date.” You licked your lips, biting down on your bottom one. “If you don’t like me, then I’ll happily hand you over Rogers and you guys will become besties.” You snorted.
“For the last time, he’s gay, Barnes,” you said. “You’re his best friend, you probably knew when he had his sexual awakening!” Bucky nodded.
“Yeah, it was when we watched Fight Club,” he said nonchalantly. You laughed. “He thought bloody Brad Pitt was the hottest person on earth.” He shrugged. “He wasn’t wrong.” You raised your eyebrows. He grinned and winked at you. “Come on! We’ll have fun. I promise.”
You groaned to yourself for what you were about to do. “Fine.” Bucky whooped. “One date. Act like an asshole, I’ll set you on fire and walk away.”
“Okay,” he nodded seriously. You shook your head.
“Gimme twenty,” you told him, inviting him inside. Bucky nodded again and walked inside your living room, dropping himself bodily on your plush couch. “Ice cream date, you said, right?”
“Yeah,” he agreed. “Unless you have another idea?” He looked at you with his brows raised. You shook your head. “Okay.”
“Twenty,” you told him and disappeared into the depth of your house, wondering if you did the mistake of your life.
The date had gone better than you expected it to. You honestly were expecting to be clowned, but instead, you had the time of your life. Bucky was way funnier than you thought he was, and in reality, he wasn’t as much of an asshole as he painted himself to the media. You kind of understood why he was showing himself like that, social media and people could be very judge-y and cruel behind their screens and Bucky painting himself as an asshole meant that they couldn’t make him a bad guy when he already was one.
This ice cream date had shown you a lot of things that you didn’t know about Bucky, and honestly you were glad that he trusted you enough to show you his dumbass sides.
“Okay, what are you gonna name ‘im?” He asked, pointing at the big, purple teddy bear he won for you. You came across to a fair while walking with your ice creams in hand, and Bucky dragged you there with his puppy eyes. It was a very colorful and crowded fair, and Bucky promised you that he was going to win you a teddy bear so that you’d remember him when he wasn’t around, and he kept his promise.
“Binky,” you answered him. Bucky’s face fell, and you grinned. “His name is Binky Bear.” He rolled his eyes and grumbled something under his breath. You giggled. “What, didn’t you win this bear for me so that I’ll remember you? Then, his name is gonna be Binky. Suck it.”
He rolled his eyes again, but this time fondly. You chuckled. Bucky threw his right arm around your shoulder gently, and you took him up on his silent offer, snuggling against him while hugging your bear.
“Time to go home?” He asked you as you exited the fair. You nodded. “Alright,” he said and pulled his arm back only to extend his hand to you. You took it, holding onto his large and warm hand tightly, you let him herd you to your place. The walk was nice. The silence didn’t bother you, and it wasn’t an awkward one either. You inhaled the crisp night air deeply, closing your eyes briefly, and tightened your hold on Bucky’s hand. His thumb stroked your knuckle. You smiled.
“I had fun,” you admitted when you reached your place. Bucky hummed. “You can be a sweetheart when you want to,” you added and grinned. Bucky wiggled his eyebrows.
“I told you. I only act like an asshole to protect myself,” he said. You nodded. Without saying anything, you turned around and unlocked the door, opening it, you placed the huge bear somewhere you weren’t going to trip in the morning. Bucky cleared his throat.
“So, shall I hand you over Rogers, or…?” He asked hesitantly, anxiously waiting for you to answer. You turned towards him, pulling him inside from his jacket collars, you slammed your mouth on his. Bucky moaned at the contact, but it didn’t take him long to grip your waist tightly and pull your body against his. Humming, you let him manhandle your body. Bucky walked inside and slammed your back against the wall next to your door. With one strong kick of his powerful leg, the door closed behind you, and Bucky bent slightly to hoist you up.
“You really wanna─” You pulled on his hair to shut him up.
“If you say one more word, I’m kickin’ you out,” you threatened him with a low voice. He made a show of shutting up and went back to kissing the daylight out of you.
You moaned softly as you got his soft and plush lips back onto yours. The way he kissed you was both soft and aggressive, passionate and hungry, and there was also something in it that you really wanted to call possessiveness, but you hadn’t dared to step into that territory yet. Your free hand roamed over his leather jacket clad back, feeling the muscles under all the layers move, you hummed again.
“Off,” you grumbled when you pulled back for oxygen. He pushed his hips against yours, pining you on the wall, as he ripped his jacket off of his body along with his t-shirt. You bit your lip as you took in his tattoo-covered muscled body, dog tags and chains hanging off his neck and his nipple piercings winking at you whenever light hit them. You whined. Not holding back, you ran your slightly long nails on his chest, digging them into the flesh a bit. Bucky groaned throatily. He grabbed your wrists in his large palms and pined them against the wall by your head.
“You,” he grumbled, leaning in and plastering his bare chest against your clothed one. “You are driving me crazy.” You whimpered gently and stuck your tongue out to lick the side of his jaw. Bucky shuddered. In return, he bit your earlobe. “You gonna have options,” he said.
You huffed. “Thought I shut you up,” you grumbled. He sent you a cocky smirk. Rolling your eyes, you raised a brow.
“I’ll either fuck you here quick and messy or,” he murmured. His eyes locked onto yours, effectively causing you to stop breathing. “I’ll stop and carry you to your bed, tease you until you can’t take it and maybe I’ll fuck you.” You frowned. Both of the options sounded so damn good.
“Both?” you said, and Bucky chuckled.
“Eager much?” He asked back. You huffed again. “No, pick one.” You bit your lip as you thought about it. You wanted him to take you fast and hard, but also wanted him to tease you because you loved it when he teased you. Ugh.
“If I pick option one,” you said. “You’re gonna make me go on a second date to give me the option two, aren’t you?” You asked him, realizing his game. He wiggled his eyebrows and winked. “Asshole,” you grumbled. He bit your neck hard as a reply. You moaned. “Fine, quick and messy. Better wine and dine me on that second date, though,” you warned him.
“Ma’am, yes, ma’am,” he muttered, and your world turned upside down.
The coldness of the wall was against your cheek. Your hands were resting on the wall without his palms around your wrists, legs spread, chest was also plastered on the wall. You gasped when you felt his bare chest against your back. You have never felt so happy that you wore a dress this much before, and apparently Bucky was feeling the same happiness.
“Your legs, hm,” he hummed. “Wanna bite every inch of them, wanna leave marks on them, want them around my neck, over my shoulders…” You moaned, high and desperate. His rough fingers slid under your dress and slipped the panties you had on off your body. He stuffed them in his back pocket and pulled out a condom. “You get me so hard, baby,” he said. You shivered. He pushed his clothed hips against your now bare bottom. You gasped when you felt his hard cock tenting his jeans.
“Bucky,” you whimpered. He shushed you gently and took himself out of his confines. You ground your hips against his, causing your bare core to grind over his bare cock. Bucky groaned and cursed, throwing his head back for a moment to savor the feeling.
“Quick and messy was your pick,” he rasped. His fingers ripped the condom package off and put it on his cock, giving himself a couple strokes to take the edge a bit. “And it’s gonna be what you get.” He kissed you soundly by turning your face towards his with a large hand grasping your jaw. You panted against his lips as he entered behind you.
Both of you moaned and gasped loudly, you because of the stretch and Bucky because of the tightness around his cock. He murmured unintelligently to himself, licking his lips madly and biting on them. You moaned and whined, cheek smushed against the wall, and grasped his ass. You snarled when you felt his jeans covering it.
“Off,” you snarled again, nails digging into the fabric of his jeans. Bucky cursed and pulled out. His fingers made a quick work of getting his pants down, and he was inside you once again. You sighed deeply at the feeling of him in you. You placed your hands on his ass cheeks, digging your nails lightly as you prompted him to move.
“Yeah, right, okay, fuck,” he murmured and started to move in and out of you.
The pace was slow at first; he was still a bit concerned about you not adjusting his girth, but it quickened without losing a beat because you felt so fucking good around him. You were so wet that Bucky could hear the squelching sound your pussy made each time he pulled out and pushed back in. He cursed. Bucky bit your shoulder lightly as he snarled and picked up the pace.
It was like he offered you: Quick and messy. With a hint of desperation.
The squelching sounds, skin slapping against skin and obscene moans and whimpers… Everything was too much and not enough at the same time, and you could feel your orgasm approaching you rapidly. Your mouth dropped open only to get stuffed with Bucky’s thick and long fingers. You sucked on them, vaguely tasting the metal of his rings. Bucky groaned out a curse behind you.
“Shit,” he said. “Shit, baby─” He cut himself off for a louder groan climbed out of his throat. You felt your body burn, like you were left in the middle of angry flames, and let out a tiny yelp when Bucky pulled his fingers out of your mouth and grasped your hips to move you faster on his cock. “Clench,” he ordered. You shuddered and obeyed him without losing a second.
The moan Bucky let out was out right pornographic and obscene, and oh boy, did it make you come on the spot.
“Fuuck,” Bucky growled as he felt you twitching around him. He thrusted in you once, twice and three time before he pulled out and got rid of the condom. You could hear the soft sounds he let out and his cock made as he jerked off. You felt the warm stripes of his come on your lower back and hummed, lightly shaking your ass. Bucky slapped at one cheek lazily, digging his fingers into the softness of it. You sighed contently. “Damn,” he whispered.
You chuckled as you looked at him over your shoulder. Backing yourself up against his bare and most-likely-sensitive cock, you ground on his gently for a couple times. Bucky groaned.
“Can’t,” he rasped. “Sensitive,” he added. Then, he sent you a filthy smirk filled with promises, and you frowned questioningly. He dropped on his knees, parted your cheeks and licked a stripe over your folds, cleaning your juices with his tongue.
“Oh, fuck!” You exclaimed, one hand flying on his head, burying itself into his hair. You pushed against his face as Bucky grasped your ass cheeks and parted them wider. His tongue slipped inside you, still wet, and licked and licked and licked until you came on his tongue with a scream trapped in your throat. Bucky, then, kissed his way up to your lower back where his come sat and cleaned them with his tongue, too, humming at the taste of his own semen.
“What the fuck,” you panted, eyes wide open as you watched him push a semen into his mouth. He smirked.
“Rogers wasn’t the only one who had his sexual awakening while watching Fight Club,” he murmured, shrugging. You blinked. “Brad Pitt is everyone’s sexuality, I guess,” he added and chuckled. “Don’t look so shocked. I had boyfriends before, I’m sure you’ve seen the tabloids.”
Come to think of it, you had.
You saw the tabloid of him walking hand-in-hand with a blonde, big dude; there were pictures of them kissing and laughing and enjoying each other’s company on dates. There was also a big, black guy where Bucky had taken him quite a few awards shows as his plus one.
Bucky smirked at your face, knowing that you were remembering all those tabloids he was talking about. “Yeah,” he said. “Thor and M’Baku.” He, then, sighed. “We had good times.” He winked at you. You rolled your eyes at what he implied and pushed yourself off the wall. Bucky stood and pulled his pants up at the same time. He leaned in to kiss you and chuckled dirtily when you didn’t flinch back.
The next few minutes after the kiss went with him putting his shirt and jacket on and doing his pants and grabbing his belt from the ground. You made out lazily, gentle chuckles and wide grins, Bucky pulled back after a while, leaving you with tingling lips.
“So, second date?” He asked. His blue eyes were shining with amusement and happiness. You ignored the flames licked your face and nodded.
“Sure,” you agreed. “Wined and dined, remember.” He hummed.
“Some place fancy?” He raised a brow. You nodded again. Bucky smiled widely at you and shook his head. “And here you were, saying no to me this evening.” You rolled your eyes and opened your door, pushing him outside. He giggled. “Alright, alright,” he said. Then, he turned around and swept you up into another kiss, stealing your breath away.
“I’ll text you!” Bucky exclaimed as he ran to his car, an old Mustang.
“You better!” You yelled at him back. He sent you a wink and got in his car, revving the engine and making it roar for you. With a tiny horn sound, he took off. You closed your door and locked it.
Holy shit, you thought. Second date with Bucky Barnes. You blinked and laughed. I must have hit my head somewhere while I was dancing today. You shook your head to yourself and let your feet carry you to your bedroom while singing their song you listened to today.
Hey, don't think about it, hey, just let it go 'Cause her boyfriend is the rock 'n' roll (Hey) Savor every moment till she has to go 'Cause her boyfriend is the rock 'n' roll
Just as you got into your bathroom, your phone pinged with a notification, but you didn’t hear it.
satan’s sweetheart i told binky to look after you sweet dreams gorgeous        (sent 3:24)
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Ocimar Versolato (1999) Devon Aoki
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