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the vibes
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enhypen  —  2nd  anniversary  family  photo
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MMA ‘22 ENHYPEN ⭒ New Moon
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Mma Sunghoon can use me like his sex toy and I'll still thank him
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And for this duo...
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Legs are wide open
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BUSINESS PROPOSAL > twenty! grippers and snatchers
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a/n: there is a small plot hole bc I never mentioned how sunghoon found out that yn isn’t the real yujin but I’ll just create that as a special episode✨
synopsis > being the amazing friend you were, you had helped your friend who desperately did not want to go on the blind date so you went as her. however, you were dumbfounded to find out that the CEO was your friend’s blind date! hopefully, he doesn’t recognise you.
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Jungwon: thank you for this award, I'll now pass the mic to one of my members.
Jungwon: *passes mic to Sunoo*
Sunoo: *passes mic to Heeseung*
Heeseung: *passes mic to Ni-ki*
Ni-ki: *passes mic to Sunghoon*
Sunghoon: *passes mic to Jay*
Jay: *passes mic to Jake*
Jake:... *passes mic back to Jungwon*
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▬▬  enhypen’s reaction to their s/o sleeping on another member
Tumblr media
PAIRING. enhypen x reader
GENRE. fluff // reaction
Tumblr media
# Heeseung 
Heeseung smiled softly upon seeing your head rested against Sunghoon’s shoulder with your eyes closed. Not to say he wasn’t a bit upset that you were sleeping on one of his member’s shoulder instead of his, but that couldn’t have been helped since he had been working late. 
“Are you sure this is okay?” Sunghoon asked, slightly concerned about what was going through the eldest’s head, but Heeseung only shrugged. 
“I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t care. Of course I want to pull her into my arms, but she looks so sleepy. It’s pretty late right now. Let’s just wait until we get to the dorms to wake her up. I’ll pick her up later.” 
When everyone made it to the dorms, you woke up to the car door being shut and opened your eyes to find Heeseung smiling at you. 
“Did you sleep well, love?” He asked, stroking your hair. 
“Yeah...I didn’t mean to fall asleep though. I was going to wait for you to finish working, but it seems that I failed to do so.” 
“That’s alright.” He pinched your cheek softly, putting his hands under you and picking you up, “Let’s go to sleep together in the dorm, hm?” He said, having no intention of mentioning that you fell asleep on Sunghoon. 
# Jay
“Hey, Jungwon, what was the-” Jay interrupted himself from talking when he saw your figure on the couch, head laying across Jungwon’s lap, “What is she doing there?” He pointed towards you with a brow raised. 
Junwgon’s cheeks turned bright red upon Jay’s arrival, “I don’t know. First, she was sitting there on her phone, then her head plopped on my lap.” 
“She just plopped?” 
“I don’t think it was intentional. I tried shaking her off, but she had no response so I didn’t want to wake her.” 
Jay nodded, “She’s not dead, right?” He asked half playfully before walking over to you and checking your breathing before shaking his head and pinching your nose, waking you up immediately. 
You shot your head up, “Ouch!” You rubbed your nose with a small glare, “Jay, why’d you do that?!” 
“Apparently you just plopped on Jungwon’s lap. How can you just plop on someone without being dead when that someone isn’t your boyfriend?” 
“I was just tired...” You answered, “I didn’t even realize that I laid on Jungwon...sorry.” 
Jay smiled cheekily, “Just next time, find me so you can lay your head on me.” 
# Jake
Jake froze when he saw your head on Heeseung’s shoulder. He wasn’t sure yet if he should just ignore it and let you sleep or if he should give his hyung a lecture, or if he should just wake you up and give you a lecture or simply put your head on his shoulder instead. So many options were going through his head that he just stood there in a somewhat trance, debating in his head. 
Heeseung interrupted his thoughts, “Jake, don’t even think about waking her up. She was up excruciatingly late last night until we finished practice. She must be exhausted.” 
Jake nodded, agreeing with him, “But it’s so strange seeing you with her head on your shoulder instead of mine.”
“Are you jealous right now?” Heeseung teased as Jake took a spot next to you. 
“No!” He responded a bit louder than he intended to, making you shuffle, your eyes slowly opening. 
“Jake?” You asked, rubbing your eyes. 
“Great job.” Heeseung shook his head with a small smile. 
“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up. I know you must be so tired.” 
You shrugged, turning to face him and wrapping your arms around his torso and resting your head on his chest to get comfortable, “You’re so comfortable.” 
Jake giggled to himself, stroking your hair, “I’m happy to hear that. Just go to sleep now.” He said, Heeseung knowing darn well he was happy that you went to him.
# Sunghoon 
Sunghoon was not having it. When he saw you and Niki on the bean bag, your head on his shoulder and his head on yours asleep, he instantly went to you both and crossed his arms. 
He scoffed, clapping his hands loudly, “Okay, it’s time to wake up, kids.” He announced and kept his laugh in when he saw your tired, confused face looking around the room. 
“Hyung, what was that for?” Niki groaned, rubbing his eyes. 
“What were you and my girlfriend doing sleeping on the bean bag together?”
“We were watching a drama and must’ve fallen asleep...” You replied, sighing. 
“Well that’s enough of that.” Sunghoon put his hand out and pulled you up gently into him, “Are you tired?” He asked softly this time, looking down at you. 
You nodded, wrapping your arms around his stomach, and pressing your cheek against his chest “Can we go cuddle and maybe take another nap?” 
He gave into you with a small smile, kissing the top of your head. 
“Ew, y’all are gross.” Niki whined, covering his face with the pillow. 
"Then don’t watch.” He shrugged, walking to the bedroom with you to take a nap.
And ever since then, Sunghoon made it his goal to always be there whenever you were tired so you wouldn’t sleep on another member. 
# Sunoo
You sat in between Sunoo and Jay in the car on the way back to the dorms from practice when you felt your head bobbing up and down from falling asleep and waking up. You didn’t notice when you felt your head tilting to the side and falling on top of a shoulder. 
Sunoo looked up from his phone and pouted when he saw your head land on Jay’s shoulder. Why would you sleep on Jay’s shoulder when he had such a comfortable shoulder to sleep on? 
He knew it wasn’t Jay’s fault, but feeling petty, he glared at Jay and crossed his arms, “Why is she sleeping on you?” 
“I...don’t know. I guess the way the car moved made her head land on my shoulder.” He answered logically slightly intimidated, but also very much amused by the way Sunoo was acting, “Why? Are you jealous or something?” 
“I mean, if the universe would just let her head land on my shoulder, it would be alright, but she landed on yours. The universe is against me!” He dramatically whined, banging his head against the headrest. 
“You are so dramatic, oh my God! Just put her head on your shoulder. I don’t really care.” 
Sunoo shrugged, “If you want me to.” He smiled, gently putting your head on his own shoulder, feeling proud of himself. 
Even though he wanted to tell you that you were sleeping on Jay’s shoulder, he knew that you would be embarrassed about it, so he kept it to himself. 
# Jungwon
You sat in between Jungwon and Sunoo on the couch at the dorms, blankets draped across you and all the members as you watched a drama on the tv with the lights off. A few episodes in and it was well passed midnight when you finally fell asleep. 
Jungwon bit his lip when he saw your head laying on Sunoo’s shoulder, who also jumped slightly when he felt your head falling on his shoulder. Paying no attention to the tv anymore, Jungwon just watched as you moved your head to get comfortable. 
“Um...” Sunoo started, “Y/n...” He shook his shoulder a little bit, which only made you squeeze your eyes tighter. 
“Wonnie, stop moving.” You whispered, still half asleep. 
“I’m not Jungwon. This is Sunoo.” He said softly and you jolted up your head, heat rushing up to your cheeks. 
“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, Sunoo!” You said, moving your hair out of your eyes when all the members began to laugh at the situation, finding it hard to brathe with how hard they were laughing. 
You squirmed with embarrassment, hiding your face in Jungwon’ lap while the others continued. 
Jungwon patted your head and lifted his head up to the others, “Alright that’s enough. Pay attention to the tv now.” He said and the everyone immediately listened to their leader’s firm voice, sucking up their laughter and turning back to the tv. 
He stroked your hair with a smile. He was thankful for being the leader sometimes, “You can fall asleep now, It’s okay.” 
# Niki
Niki kept himself surprisingly composed when he walked into his room to find you on the gaming chair, in front of the computer with your head laying on Jake’s shoulder, who was sitting right next to you on the other gaming chair.  
Niki blinked once before taking a seat beside Jake and turning on the gaming computer and pulling out the controller. 
“It’s your fault by the way.” Jake spoke first, playing his own game, “You beat her yesterday so she spent all night trying to improve her skills on the game.
Niki chuckled, “That girl...” he started, smiling as he started his game, “How can she beat a champion of Mario kart?” 
“Well maybe you should let her win next time. She was so determined to beat you last night that she looks like a panda right now.” Jake laughed. 
“A cute one though.” Niki replied, winning the game with and smiling, laying his controller down to take a glance at your cheek squished against Jake’s shoulder. 
He laughed, “She’s drooling on you by the way.” He lied, making Jake jump up, jolting your head up. 
“Hm?” You asked, eye bags under your eyes very visible as you looked at Niki. 
Niki giggled at you, pushing your forehead with his finger, “Why would you stay up all night? You look like you haven’t slept in a week.” 
“I’ll beat you!” You rose up from your chair, “Just you wait, Nishimura Riki.” 
“Okay okay...” He started, pulling your head to his chest, “but first, how about we go take a nap together then I can teach you all of my strategies.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @love-4-keum @flo-i @deafeningballoonnacho @luveuly @tyunni​ @sulkygyu​ 
if you want to get tagged when I post new writing pieces, just send me an ask and I’ll add you to my taglist
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cute dog and his (cute) owner
a/n. i just finished once upon a small town (bc it’s been recently added on netflix in my country) and I’M OBSESSED!! joy from red velvet? check. puppies? check. cute male lead? check. cute supporting actor? check. immaculate cottage core-like vibes? check. so yep, that’s more or less the inspo behind this piece <3
i’m not a vet nor i’m a specialist when it comes to animals so if anything is wrong lmk 😭😭
warnings. like one swear word ?? , gaeul is vomiting 🧍‍♀️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you let yet another sigh of boredom as your character in subway surfers tragically slammed onto the train. you looked up and glared at the clock. 2:47am.
being a vet was everything you could ever dream of. being a vet on a nighttime shift, however…
sure, there were some night you didn’t sleep at all. but night like this one, on a monday morning were usually peaceful.
suddenly the door slammed open and you heard two voices.
“you idiot-!”
“what? they looked heavier so i-”
“just shut up, riki. you’re the reason why we’re here at this hour…”
“guys, can you be quieter…”
“is this even open?”
“the sign literally said open 24/7. besides, the door would be closed if it wasn’t–”
“jay, you love to sleep and you were just woken up on a monday morning. we get it. can you stop acting smart now?”
seven voices, apparently. what the hell happened?
you stepped out of the office and saw seven guys, in their pyjamas. one of them was holding a white dog in his arms.
“uh… good morning…?” he says and you notice the dog’s rapid breathing.
“sunghoon, now it’s not the time to get shy…” one of them sighs and looks at you “i’m heeseung. we’re here because his dog ate a bit of chocolate and he’s overreacting–”
“he’s not. the dog might have got poisoned from what i can tell” you interrupt him and walk up to the owner, who’s looking at you with wide eyes “did it vomit?”
“who…? oh. gaeul. yeah, she did” he answers and you gently take her away from him. you can tell he’s nervous but who wouldn’t be.
“oh boy, she messed up the whole kitchen” someone says and you sent him a glare.
“this is your biggest concern right now?” you ask and turn around to go into your office. they follow you like lost ducks.
“well, no but i’ll be the one who’s going to clean it anyways…” he scoffs and then you hear a smack.
“jay, shut up. she’s right” another voice says.
“what kind of chocolate did she eat?” you ask, voice firm, as you look for the antidote. you hope it wasn’t–
“dark chocolate. i think. i’m not sure, i just saw a glimpse of it” someone else answers.
you turn around and realise they heard you and sunghoon’s face is turning white on your eyes. then you hear gaeul gagging.
“will she be okay?” her owner murmurs and you sigh at the sight of your floor being covered in vomit.
“hopefully– how much did she eat?” you ask and finally find the antidote. your eyes meet with sunghoon concerned one.
“it’s hard to tell. i only noticed when she was finishing it” one of them said and you noticed the owner blinking.
“okay. get sunghoon… that’s your name, right?” you ask and he nods. heeseung puts his hands on his friend’s arms “get sunghoon some water, please. and get out, i need to work”
and even after they leave and close the door, you can still hear them.
“sunghoon, sit down. i don’t want you to pass out…”
“i won’t, jungwon” he sighs and there’s a long moment of silence before he says “she’s cute…”
“oh my god, sunghoon! you were yelling at us ten minutes ago and now you already forgot about your dog because of a cute vet?!”
“yah, excuse you. i didn’t forget about gaeul, she literally got poisoned because of riki’s ignorance! and could you be quiet, sunoo? she might hear us…”
Tumblr media
you let out a deep sigh and looked at gaeul who was peacefully munching on a snack. you took her gently on your hands and walked out of the room, heading to the hallway.
you stumbled upon an adorably sleeping sunghoon, lips slightly parted and his bangs falling freely on his forehead. you heard his friends left him here because, well, they had to go to work.
you firmly but not too rapidly shook his shoulder and he jolted his body, back straightening and eyes snapping open.
“hi” you whispered and he sent you a warm smile before looking down at his dog.
“gaeul!” he grinned and opened his arms. you handed him the dog over and as soon as she was in his arms, sunghoon started scratching her ear gently “is she alright?”
“yes. i’m not gonna lie, it was a very serious situation. but, as gross as it sounds, luckily she was vomiting almost all night so the poison is out. well, chocolate. because of that she’s highly dehydrated so please make sure she has some fresh water when you’re back home” you explained carefully, his eyes fixed on you “do you have a car?”
“no, i’ll order a taxi. thank you. how much is it–” sunghoon started searching for his wallet and his eyes widened. right. in panic he forgot to take his things with him.
“do you live far away from here?” you asked, seeing what’s wrong.
“uh, kind of. i mean it’s half an hour drive but on foot it would take much longer” he mumbled and looked at you, confused.
you grinned, nodding your head.
“i’ll drop you off. my college is on her way and i’m going home anyways” you explained and grabbed your keys from the countertop.
“really? woah, thank you so much” sunghoon sent you the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen “oh, and i can pay you that way! i’ll just grab my wallet then and pay”
the ride to his place was filled with laughs. he turned out to be a pretty interesting person. you didn’t even realise when you arrived.
“remember to give her lots of water” you said, pointing at gaeul. he nodded, a troubled expression on his face.
“of course. can– can i have your number? just you know… if she gets worse… or something…” he mumbled, his ears reddening.
“sure” you grin and point at his phone. he gives you it and you type your private number along with the contact name. then you give it back to him.
“thank you. for everything. i hope you have a great day!” the boy nods, opening the door.
“thank you, sunghoon. and you too” you sent him a soft smile and pet gaeul’s head gently before he stands up.
sunghoon’s smile widens and he leaves the car. you watch him until he disappears in the entrance of the building and drive away, without realising how hard you’re smiling (or that he forgot to pay, again)
Tumblr media
you hum one of your favourite songs underneath your breath, the cat purring and rubbing its head against your head - even though it was scratching you seconds ago. for the whole week your head was filled with thoughts about the tall, kind of awkward but absolutely adorable boy.
you were kind of nervous. yeah, he said you’re cute and he has your number but… it’s been a week and he still haven’t called. on the other hand, he seems shy so you’d understand if that took him a while. nevertheless, you still wonder if he will ever appear again in your life…
“y/n, there’s a patient!” your colleague calls from the reception and you sigh, putting the cat back to its cage.
“i’m coming–!” you announce as you open the door and literally freeze in the doorway when your eyes stumble upon him. a wide smile springs on your lips “hi”
“hi” sunghoon grins, fingers tightening on the pet carrier’s handle. you grin and walk up to him
“hi. is something wrong with gaeul?” you ask, worried. his eyes widen and then he lets out a nervous chuckle.
“well, you see–” he starts and you kneel down to look at the dog through the crates.
“she seems okay but…” you start and then he takes a deep breaths and starts spitting out words at the immaculate speed.
“she’s okay but i really wanted to see you and i forgot to pay last time, i felt so bad and also you’re so pretty and nice i was thinking if you wanna go out?” was what he said but all you heard was just a chaotic mass of incomprehensible words.
“i’m sorry, i didn’t quite–” you mumbled, puzzled. gaeul barked and you heard someone clearing their throat. that’s when you realised your co-worker is still here.
“should i just check up on the dog?” she asks and sunghoon freezes.
“no, she’s fine” he answers and takes a deep sigh, again “i just wanted to see you”
“me?” you ask in disbelief and stand up, looking at him shocked.
“yeah… well…” the boy mumbles, his confidence slowly disappearing. then you connect the dots with what he said earlier.
“you think i’m cute, that’s why?” you grinned and saw his cheeks flushing.
“don’t make me repeat what i said earlier” he mumbled and gaeul barked.
“i’m not. you know what? i think we should take her on a walk. and maybe then we can grab some coffee?” you ask, trying your best to fight your smile from widening. he nods eagerly, relieved that you somehow caught on.
“i’d love to– i mean… sure. and the coffee’s on me” sunghoon smiles sweetly and gaeul barks happily. really, how is he so adorable?
Tumblr media
[ masterlist <3 ]
taglist. @geniejunn ,, @luvhyun3 ,, @starlostseungmin ,, @elviransworld ,, @jnks6r ,, @sieunsgf ,, @ethereallino ,, @laylasbunbunny ,, @duolingofanaccount ,, @slytherinhobi ,, @jung0ne ,, @ka-ni-ma ,, @julaute
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enhypen texts when you want to adopt a pet
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
enhypen texts when you want to adopt a pet !
genre: fluff, humor
warnings: cursing, mentions of drugs (no one takes any drugs don’t worry)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
author’s note: riki’s is kinda based off my own experience because i actually did have nightmares about gargamel BUT i am no longer afraid👍🏻
Tumblr media
permanent taglist (open! send an ask or fill out the form in my pinned):  @starrpt2
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Romance 101 Lesson 40: Mix you friend groups (and then regret it)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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☕️ Summary: Love is brewing on Hybe University's campus and Hong Y/n is just another one of the campus's seasonal love bug victims. Despite her attempts to avoid her feelings she develops a huge crush on the senior she’s working with for the school's film festival. But alas, Park Sunghoon has a girlfriend, it’s just a shame Y/n doesn’t realize that she’s his girlfriend.
Taglist (Closed): @sbnchaos @smolberry-ren @jangwonie @soobin-chois @solitxre @abdiitcryy @hoonsthoughts @sungookie @sukunasrealgf @jiawji @captivq @butterflyy-ningg @jaxavance @lilactangerine @cloverscloud @lokideadontheinside @itssmila-fics @raikea10 @binsoomi @latteunwoo @ce1ight @jojowantstocry @pshchives @chirokookie @arizejkt19 @naheeyounga @sobiood @viagumi @pb-n-juju @tomorrowbymoa-together @rionah @yenqa @propollis @tobiosbbyghorl @elinushka-ka @jjongsha @iamminnie @chesh1re-cat @jasmixs
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the face card !
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enha-cafe · a day ago
sunghoon definitely has a biting kink
I mean have you seen his fangs?
and he's kind of a sadist so honestly I think he would 10/10 have a biting kink and want to hear you whimper under him or just bite you to claim you as his
but hey that’s just what i think
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inhypen · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sunghoon  —  blessed-cursed  performance  @  mma
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hooned · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
enhypen ⭒ MMA 2022 red carpet
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kai-hoon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sunghoon 🐧 En-o’clock ep 48 bonus bouncy rock-paper-hoon:
Tumblr media
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[❀] ❝ enhypen as hogwarts students . ❞
Tumblr media
jungwon gryffindor
jungwon was everything a student could be—prefect, captain of the quidditch team, currently rank two in his year. he was loved by students and professors alike—determined, passionate, a true leader. his only downside? his enemy, the slytherin who seems to only ditto him in their own house. of course, his academic rivalry is only a downside in everyone else’s minds. truly, jungwon views the rivalry as a challenge to improve himself—nothing more, nothing else.
Tumblr media
heeseung slytherin
heeseung never cared much for academics, yet he was smart enough to stay away from snape’s condescending eye. heeseung didn’t care about the quidditch team, yet he was the quidditch captain. heeseung didn’t seem to care about much at all—not even the rivalry between slytherin and gryffindor or the stereotypes about his house. he had a secured job, a life determined for him. he was comfortable in his present and future. simply, heeseung didn’t need to care about much. of course—this was in the eyes of the other students. normally, heeseung would agree that he had no reason to care about anything. but how can that be true if he had a secret significant other who seemed to draw attention wherever they went and raise anxiety within his heart? simply, it wasn’t true. he cared.
Tumblr media
jay slytherin
jay could be considered the opposite of heeseung—the perfect student, pure bloodline, and elegant mannerisms. he was dedicated, passionate, and smart—he was the face of the 7th years of slytherin. and as the most academic student of slytherin, of course he was head boy. apart from his passions, though, jay seemingly didn’t care for relationships. he went with the flow of the gryffindor rivalry, with the mischevious activities heeseung always participated in, and with all the opportunities that were rather forcefully handed to him. to him, he mattered the most. and he didn’t think that would change anytime soon.
Tumblr media
jake hufflepuff
jake was the cedric of his times—kind, loyal, strong, captain of quidditch. what couldn’t he do? he had everything he truly needed in life and still stayed humble. even to the headmaster, that is his greatest trait. he worked hard to beat the stereotypes against the hufflepuffs and refused to believe they were weak. of course, that’s also why he’d earned the title of the triwizard champion a year prior. yeah, to say the slytherins and gryffindors were surprised was an understatement. jake held strong virtues, and those same strong virtues led him to choose to be single for the past seven years. he didn’t think he’d meet someone who’d test them, though.
Tumblr media
sunghoon gryffindor
sunghoon was talented, handsome, and not necessarily the brightest but charismatic. he was annoying, sure. egotistical? definitely. of course, he had every reason to be egotistical. there wasn’t anyone in hogwarts—no, the wizarding universe—who hadn’t heard his name at least once. he was the best chaser hogwarts had seen in years, and he’d been interning with various quidditch teams within the league each summer since his second year. quidditch was his life. so, anything that shook his love for quidditch simply shook his life.
Tumblr media
sunoo ravenclaw
sunoo was dangerous. he wasn’t dangerous for his bubbly, kind, sarcastic, and studious nature. being a prefect didn’t affect his personality one bit. no, sunoo was dangerous for the amount of information he held on everyone. he seemed to have eyes and ears everywhere—he lived to hear the dramatic lives everyone in hogwarts seemed to have. secret relationships? he knew them. cheaters on a test? he knew them. and sunoo knew his information had value. so simply, he’d make a business out of them. might as well become the richest hogwarts student in the process, right?
Tumblr media
riki slytherin
riki was young, tall, smart, and most definitely annoying. he was the definition of a pretentious pure-blood—at least, that’s what everyone believed. he was mischevious, a prankster who’d never get caught even by professors like snape. riki was well off, of course. he tried not to hold the offensive viewpoints he’d grown up with, but there wasn’t much he could do. eyes were on him everywhere. one day, riki would think. one day, he could escape from those eyes and free himself from the stereotypes of a pure-blooded nishimura.
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