rainy-nomad · 10 months
Tumblr media
Do I hate this? More than anything yes
Can I figure out why I hate this? Apparently not but I'm moving on
Sketch that got out of hand inspired by that oil line from Brass Goggles
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l0lwhy · 10 months
Tumblr media
OBSESSED with this design by @rainy-nomad !!!
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kath-ibw · 10 months
Tumblr media
I'm not fully coloring this 💃🕺
Also, I changed the bells for their lower arms to ribbons
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splendidnobody · 9 months
Tumblr media
old drawing of a certain skrunkly but in full on entertainer mode [:<
Four armed sun design belongs to @rainy-nomad!! <3
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crabussy · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pov youre insane and just spent 90% of your maths class doodling a fucking animatronic jester with separation anxiety because The Hyperfixation commanded you to
4 armed Sun design by @rainy-nomad!! i am incapable of drawing Sundrop with just one pair of arms anymore 😔😔😔
reblogs heavily appreciated >:}
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venti-the-jester · 8 months
Don't forget to say hi to the thing on the ceiling today
Sunbug design by @rainy-nomad
Odle is my oc
Four arm buddies 🤠
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flojd-sock · 10 months
sun but less anxiety
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ID: two digital drawings of Sun from FNAF: Security Breach.
in the first image, sun has four arms and is wearing a glittery, stripey pastel sweatshirt under patched overalls. to the left is text reading “Sun got therapy and meds”
second image is of Sun and a child. in front of them are toppled barrels and a spilled box of craft supplies. the child is looking down at the mess with a teary, guilty expression saying “m-mr sun im so sorry”. sun is leaning down with a hand on the child’s back saying “awe it’s ok!! it was an accident” “i’ll help u clean up”. /end ID]
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celinolesunshine · 1 month
biblically accurate rendition of my mood after online stimming with a new moot
Tumblr media
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lunnyypryanya · 10 months
I tried
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aesthetically-meme · 10 months
*coughs and dusts self off*
Please forgive the messiness I'm not that adept at drawing them yet-
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Anyway have a wonderful day you awesome human being 💙💙💙
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shapeshiftinterest · 11 months
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was looking through @rainy-nomad‘s fnaf security breach art and got into their version of moon x monty, mostly monty being scared of moon (check the examples under the cut)
made me want to draw this so here’s the original and the cleaned up version
monty: /terrified, cornered and confused/
monty, quietly pleading and looking at roxy offscreen: oh god oh god oh god, roxy help me
moon: /touches the gator tiddy and stares directly at roxy/
moon: /gremlin flirting towards monty/
side: roxy turns tail and runs away, and monty calls after her like ‘ROXY U FUCKIN TRAITOR ( ;A;)‘
rainy-nomad’s examples (not the actual titles, this is only a small part of the art that includes either character)
sticker surprise for monty
playing with plushies
loose tooth part 1
loose tooth part 2
scarred for life with sunbug
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rainy-nomad · 11 months
sun/moon helps the glamrocks clean up! forcing monty to clean up his messes when he gets angry, wiping chica's face when she eats, brushing roxy's fur, picking up trash and cups and stuff for dj music man.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pigeon-scratches · 7 months
[bursts out of the ground] IM BACK AND I HAVE DRAWN SOMETHING!!! these are my interpretations of Sun and Moon from FNAF Security Breach :))) headcanons and some more info below!!!
please do not repost this anywhere, like and share instead!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Additional Information/Headcanons
☀️ Any pronouns, but most commonly uses he/she/it
☀️ Springs on feet to give him an extra bounce to his step. Can also jump higher!
☀️ The rays on her head spin when excited or curious, and shrink into her head when scared or nervous
☀️ Paw pads on hands, good for holding :)))
☀️ Extra pair of arms for holding lots of children and for even better hugs!!! (inspired by @rainy-nomad 's sunbug and moonbug!!!)
☀️ Has a compartment in his chest full of band-aids, first aid, stickers, candy, and more fun stuff for the kids in the daycare!!!
☀️ Very flexible. Torso is split into two sections and can both turn 360° degrees, as well as their head. This flexibility applies to Moon as well
☀️ Sun rays and tail light up when happy!!!
☀️ Long fingers and very good fine motor skills to make arts and crafts easier :)))
🌙 Any pronouns, but most often uses he/they/it/luna
🌙 Built-in music box inside of their chest :)))
🌙 Knows lullabies in pretty much every single language. Both him and Sun are multilingual
🌙 Lots of fluff near the joints for maximum comfort!!!
🌙 Pants are made out of a soft popular fabric for any kids with texture issues (perhaps minky???). They're also slightly stuffed so they are like pillows!!!
🌙 Paw pads are made out of a soft silicone that can be squished, and hands can both heat up and cool down
🌙 Star on lunas tail glows and acts as a nightlight
🌙 Sun rays pop out when startled!!! Spins head around when nervous, curious, or mischievous
🌙 Loves to pull the occasional prank on rude staff members to get back at them. Sun scolds him every time, but it's totally worth it.
I hope you enjoyed!!! I might write more about these two, so if y'all have any questions just send me an ask :))) (I will do x y/n btw 👍👍👍)
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kath-ibw · 10 months
Tumblr media
Haha inconsistent artstyle belike-
These two can't get out of my mind I swear 😩
Moon is just dangling from rope using his foot and Sun is internally (quiet literally too) freaking out
The Sun doodle was from someone on discord who wanted a drawing of Sun covering up the children's ears while he starts being snarky to a karen
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splendidnobody · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
redesigning all my blorbos like theres no tomorrow
i was wondering how @rainy-nomad’s wonderful four armed design would work with my design’s strange abdomen but i figured it out!! his second pair of grabbers attaches around the waist using a hinge at the back and clipping together at the front so they can be taken on and off!! they can spin as well ofc (:<
also these took longer than most doodles so i’m posting them to my main art acc!! reblogs appreciated but not necessary <3
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fnaf-pluto · 9 months
Can I request a Platonic sunny x child reader. Where apparently there’s a bad parent being mean to him so the reader does a “little” revenge on the parent?
Just Pranks!
Pairing:ALL PAIRINGS ARE PLATONIC Sun x Child! Reader. Moon x Child! Reader
Pronouns: They/Them for Reader. He/They for Sun and Moon
Summary: You spend time in the daycare with your fav animatronic, but someone starts to be mean to them.
TW: A Parent yells at Sun.
Notes: Thanks for the request, and to all the people that followed me, ily all/p <3. Requests are open! Please read the rules first :)
Wordcount: 1,297
The melodious rings of childish laughter rung all throughout the daycare. Sun was playing a round of tag with everyone! You rushed into a play structure, safely watching from one of the lookout windows inside. The jingle of Sun’s bells grew further as he chased a kid.
You let out a sigh of relief as you cautiously crawled out onto the padded floor. You looked left, and right, making sure the coast was clear. Failing to notice the concerning lack of jingling, a pair of arms wrapped around you and they swooped you up.
Air rushed past your face as Sun lightly threw you into the air,” Tag you’re it Friend!” Laughing in joy as you got thrown into the air, they set you down. Sun ran away from you as you started to now chase the other children.
The game had now come to an end, every child exhausted, happily chattered as it was now snack time. Picking at the animal crackers Sun had laid for you, your eyes swept the room. The setting being familiar due to being here countless times. Finishing your crackers up quickly, you rushed over to Sun, not having much one-on-one time with him yet.
“Sunny!” You rushed over to them, arms outstretched. He met you gladly, swooping you up so that he now carried you. You gladly relaxed into the artificial warmth, head resting on their chest. “Hello there Sunbug what’s up with you hm?”
“I missed you!” You exclaimed, taking your head off of his chest to look into his eyes. Sun shook his head as they chuckled, booping your noise,” But Sunbug you’ve seen me all day!” You shook your head,” Nope! That’s different, I haven’t been able to just be with you!”
They shook their head laughing,” Since you miss me sooo much Sunbug, let’s do something before the other children finish okay?” You nodded excitedly, “Can we draw pleaseeee Sunnyy!”
They nodded,” Of course we can!” He set you down in a chair and sat across from you. You happily picked up a blank piece of paper, knowing exactly what to draw. Sunny curiously attempted to glance at your drawing, you shook your head and screamed slightly,”No! It’s not done yet!” He nodded in understanding,” Oh I’m sorry Sunbug! I can’t wait to see it.” You blushed, even more excited to show off your drawing.
Your masterpiece was finally done, and you were ready to show it off! Sunny, caught up in their own drawing, noticed you tug at the ribbons on his wrist. “Hm? What is it Sunbug?” You shyly slid the paper over to him.
Their faceplate whirled slightly as they observed the drawing. It was a cute drawing of him holding your hand, and in messy handwriting, ‘Best robot in the world!’ scrawled along the top. He chuckled happily,” Oh Sunbug this is delightful! You did a very good job!” You sunk in your seat at the praise, cheeks warming, as a smile broke out on your face.
Sun folded it and tucked it into their pocket for safe keeping. “Snacktime’s over Sunbug do you wanna help me clean?” He chuckled as you shook your head no, giving you one quick hug, he walked over to the table of kids.
“Alright friends! Let’s clean this mess up together okay?” Happy with the nods he received, they collected the cups along the table and smiled at the kids throwing away the plates. However, the ever approaching nap-time was something Sun was starting to get wary of.
Sun hoped Moon wouldn’t do anything drastic, well he had been calmer recently, they can thank their Sunbug for that. Getting the naptime mats ready, he gestured for all the children to lay down and get ready for story-time. It was a good distraction for the approaching light shut off.
Sun noticed you staring and he waved, sitting down criss-cross in the middle of the mats, storytelling began. Every child that fell asleep caused more and more tension to leave his body, then the lights shut off.
Attempting to muffle their sounds of pain and panic, they seized and fell over. Soon Sun shifted to the Moon and their red lights sweeped over the kids to make sure they were all sleeping. Their eyes snapped to you, crawling over the sleeping children, they stopped at you. “Naughty! Naughty!”
You pouted,” Shhh you're gonna wake up everyone else!” They got closer to your face,” Your supposed to be sleeping Moonlight!” You pouted,” But Moooon I missedd you.” You let some of your words drag out as you whined.
They huffed as they picked you up,” You better fall asleep soon Moonlight.” You snuggled into his chest,” Mhm! I will now.” He shook his head as you started to drift off, comforted by the presence that embraced you.
You blearily woke up to Sun shifting as the lights came back on, music flooding your ears. He shielded your eyes from the lights as you got adjusted to them, they held you as the others started to wake up. “ Alright Sunbug, go play with the others! I gotta put all this away.”
You were playing with some kid called Jeremiah as the usual pick-up time neared, kids filtered out of the room, and you overheard a certain conversation.
“Seriously! For a robot I’d think that you would do your job right! This is unacceptable!” Sun wrung their hands,” Ma’am I didn’t do anything wrong! I followed all the rules you set for Marie, I didn’t let her eat anything but the snacks you packed during snack time!”
You squinted your eyes as you glared,” That lady is so rude! Sunny doesn’t deserve to be treated like that!” You thought to yourself. You glanced around the room, trying to think of anything you could do to help. Then you spotted it, the arts and crafts table.
Rushing over, you picked up one of the cups that had a little bit of paint water in it. Grabbing a bottle of glitter glue, you squeezed it as hard as you could!
Pop! Sploosh
The top fell off into the water glue mix as more glue dumped out into the cup. You grinned, this was perfect! Stirring it, you looked around for more things to add to your disastrous mix, a pack of different sized googly eyed sat in the middle of the table. You poured it in widely, excitedly stirring.
This was perfect! You looked at the pink glittery abomination you had stored in the cup. Running over to Sunny, you came from behind, rushing up. “Are you stupid or some-” Her tangent finally got cut off. As you just so happened to “trip” with the mixture in your hands.
Her shrill shriek is what you heard first. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?! YOU KNOW WHAT I’M OUT OF HERE, YOU JUST LOST A VALUED CUSTOMER.” Glue drenched her from head to toe, and she stomped out with her kid behind her. You blew a raspberry at her back as she was leaving.
The daycare was now empty. “Oh Sunbug! You tripped, are you okay?” You nodded, beaming at him,” Sunny are you okay that lady was really mean! I’m glad I got her to leave you alone!.” Sun gasped,” Oh Sunbug you did that on purpose!” You sensed that if he had the ability to frown, they would be.
“But she was being mean! You don’t deserve that Sunny, you’re the best!” Their non-existent heart warmed,” Sunbug you let me handle these things next time okay? Thank you for helping me but no one deserves to get glue spilt on them okay.”
You shyly nodded,” Okay Sunny I’m sorry…” They chuckled,” My little warrior hm? Let’s get this spill cleaned up.”
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