to me,
i am proud of you for being here and doing what you love
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dateaforestgod · 1 day
date a forest god who loves to give you gifts, and loves receiving gifts from you, no matter how big or small
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friend-suggestions · 20 hours
bitch ur worth everything to me
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slfcare · 3 months
sending love and warmth to everyone feeling uncomfortable, upset, fatigued, lonely, ignored, hurt or lost today. whatever it is, it has no choice but to pass. in the meantime, it’s okay to not be the strong one for once.
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Tumblr media
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limonsuggestions · 1 year
you are lovable, even if:
someone didn’t love you in the past.
someone doesn’t love you back.
someone said you weren’t.
you believe you aren’t.
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recoversuggestions · 3 months
reminder that being mean to yourself doesn’t achieve anything except create more self-hate
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fleurea · 1 year
Being kissed in your sleep and being pulled closer within cuddles is such a top tier form of affection.
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you will make it through this too.
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honeyymistt · 9 months
an alumni from my school told me something that really stuck with me so i thought i would share it with any of my followers who are also students. she said “try to get good grades, but make it the least impressive thing about you.” soft skills are just as important! practice empathy, leadership, and communication! have hobbies and find new things that you’re good at!! know what your values are and how you act on them!! these things are so important 🌱
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some people leave without a goodbye, and so we say little silent goodbyes every time we remember them. it’s kind of sweet, so human.
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dateaforestgod · 2 days
date a forest god who sheds his antlers in the winter with the other deer
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aestheticemi01 · 2 months
🍂October affirmations🍂
May your October be filled with love
May your October have a healing effect on you and your mental/psychical health
May your October be great
May your October be filled with fun moments
May your October be filled with knowledge
May your October be awesome
May your October give you time to reflect
May your October give you more reasons to smile than to cry
May your October give you time to relax/do the things you want to do
May your October make you feel like your life is worth living
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I understand that you want to be realistic that things may go wrong, but try to remember there is a line between realism and pessimism. “Things could go wrong, so I’ll make a good plan and try my best” will always be better than “Things will probably go badly so I have to assume it will be a disaster.” Don’t dwell on the worst-case scenario.
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slfcare · 4 months
You’re responsible for your own development. You don’t have to wait until others forgive or validate you. You don’t have to hold yourself to an impossible standard to ‘prove’ that you’re a better person. All you have to do is decide that you are and back that up with actions, because what truly makes you a good person is the fact that you care about being one. Not others telling you that you are.
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Remember that even good changes can make us feel depressed, because, as creatures of habit, we're resistant to change. That doesn't mean that it wasn't the right choice.
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