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He still wakes up to the sound of it...
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Okay so I had the sudden thought about Law and Luffy being handcuffed together with sea prism stone but Luffy being in gear 5. And he just does the Roger Rabbit thing where he slips out of the cuffs for the sake of the gag while Law does his best to cut them out of the cuffs.
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Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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Some Redraw from an old sketch thing
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Gear 5
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Drum island nostalgia聽
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Indomitable Will
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A new course 馃Л
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Snooj redraw
@kumamaskart on Instagram
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In this house, we adore himbos. We cherish himbos. We love himbos.
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鈥淚t comes with a seatbelt鈥
Mature Luffy would definitely make inappropriate jokes.
Warnings: face sitting, face riding, kissing, slight dom(?) luffy, fem!reader
Tumblr media
鈥淵ou have a pretty face.鈥 The back of your fingers brush against his squishy cheeks.
鈥淚t comes with a seatbelt.鈥 He gives you a naughty smirk with a raised brow. Not minding the fact that the entire crew heard him.
You hand flies to your face, hiding the blush that was burning it鈥檚 way on your cheeks.
鈥淕et a room!鈥 Usopp scoffs.
鈥淵eah, I don鈥檛 wanna hear any of your dirty comments. Damned love birds.鈥 Franky wipes away a fake tear.
鈥淭hey grow up too fast.鈥 Brook adds on the fake tears.
Luffy cackles, his hand grabs your jaw and he presses his lips on yours for a leisure moment, smiling into the kiss and cherishing the soft feeling of your lips on his own.
He corners you against the walls of the hotel room, fingers pressing deeply on your sides as his mouth hungrily devours your lips. Moaning and whimpering into your mouth, wanting more of you with every brush of his tongue.
He pulls you towards the massive bed, stripping away every particle of clothing on you, and laying on his back with his hands motioning for you move closer.
鈥淐ome on, come here.鈥 He beams brightly.
Timidly crawling your way up to his chest, his hands immediately move on your ass, grabbing and squeezing the softness of it.
鈥淐loser.鈥 He pushes you higher. Your hands grasping the fancy headboard, holding yourself from falling on your face.
His eyes shimmering in the dim room, watching your folds glistening with slick that was drooling down to his neck before you began lowering yourself on his face. Cautiously looking down at the joyous expression that crossed his features.
He stretches his elastic fingers around your thighs, harshly slamming your groin down on his face, causing a yelp to break out of your vocal cords. Your brain immediately shutting down as his mouth engulfs your most sensitive part.
Divine, was the slurping sound of his greediness for you, to eat and lick you clean. A blissful warmth bubbling at the pit of your stomach, his head frantically wiggling between your thighs, earnest for the melodic sounds you were letting out for him and him only.
Breathing sharply through his nose and letting his senses be flooded by the erotic scent of your juices. His cock was throbbing, hips bucking into the air, too aroused from just having you sitting on his face. The man was contented from having his face, especially his mouth, pressed against your cunt.
It was all obscene.
His tongue rubbing a chaotic rhythm on the bundle of nerves, sending shockwaves through your body. Your thighs quivering under his grip, unable to move much with the way his fingers were locked around your thighs.
He releases his grip on one of your thighs, stretching his arm up and wrapping it around your torso. Forcing your back to straighten, your head is thrown back when his hand extended towards your chest and began squeezing the soft mounds.
You subconsciously grind down on his flattened tongue, feeling the knot tightening and sweat beads began forming even more than before. The air getting hotter and the lewd sounds were getting louder.
His fingers digging deep into your thighs, and his tongue mercilessly grinds on your clit. His mind grinding to a halt and eyes crossing under his shut lids as his cock throbbed once more before spurting out thick ropes of his cum all over the mattress, at the same moment you finally gush down his wide spread tongue.
You huff out heavy breaths, regaining your composure before looking down at him, smiling slightly when you saw his wide grin and his was face shining with slick.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e still breathing down there?鈥 You joke, he lets out an airy laugh, squeezing your hips and giving a small kiss on each of your inner thighs.
鈥淚鈥檓 breathing perfectly fine.鈥
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Monster trio!
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Always love his smile 馃槏馃グ
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blackfangedreaper a month ago
Summary: When Y/n tells luffy someone's 'better than him' in a heated argument, he has no choice but to teach her a lesson, no one's better than him, not when it comes to you.
Pairing: Luffy x Black!fem!Informant!Y/n
Warning: overstimulation, misuse of devil fruit, squirting, dumbification, lemon馃崑 Grammatical errors. Mdni.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
( 藰 鲁藰)馃枻
The waves crashed softly against sunny as she enjoyed the feeling of the sun's warm rays enveloping her, not knowing a storm was silently brewing just right on her head.
The strawhats all on deck enjoying the warm weather, it was rare seeing a sunny day in the new world, they deadass just escaped a tornado storm two hours ago.
"Nami-swan! Robin-chwan! Y/n-chan! I made my special iced green tea just for you!" Sanji bursted out of the kitchen bearing tornados for legs and hearts for eyes.
"Oh just in time sanji!" Ussop sighed trying to reach over only to get a kick in the face.
"Get away! These are for the ladies only!" Sanji snarled stepping over ussop's sprawled out body. Making his way over to nami and robin who were watching the scene amused, they both sat on beach chairs with a round table inbetween them.
"Oh my, thank you cook-san." Robin said her low and calm voice putting sanji at ease. "Anything for you Robin-chwan!"
He swooned dropping the drinks for them getting a silent thanks from nami who seemed to be preoccupied with her measurements, seems like a new map project.
"Hah?... Where's y/n-chan?" The swirly browed man asked perplexed as he looked around holding the lone glass meant for you in his tray.
"Oh, she's with luffy on his captain seat."
Chopper popped out enjoying the breeze robin provided, seems he was there all along on robin's lap.
"Ho?! He better not be doing anything to my y/n-chan!" The blonde raged.
"Oi! Swirly brows shut up, they're lovers." Zoro said opening his one good eye to give the cook a look of disgust.
"Huh?! Did you say something? Marimo." Sanji mocked, his visible eyebrow twitching.
"Damn you-"
"Damn right!" You shouted enraged.
Their argument paused turning to see your figure hop from the figurehead down to the deck of the ship. Your brows furrowed and lips pulled into a snare.
"Hey! Don't walk away from me!" They heard their captain's voice. "You haven't answered my question."
"What's the point? You heard me the first time!" You sneered at him. Uh oh seems you guys were having a fight.
This honestly shocked the crew you guys barely had any fights, just couples banter with some disagreements here and there but never a full blown fight.
"And I'm giving you a chance to correct yourself!" He jumped down from sunny's head before making his way towards you.
"Well good luck cause I'm not taking it back!" You flinched feeling goosebumps all over your body as you turned to look him straight in the eye. Fuck
He narrowed his eyes at you, taking slow steps he arrived right in front of you, looking down at you he asked once again as he did before. "Better than me?"
"Don't push me luffy." You warned, using his name to show how serious you were being. That didn't phase him because he asked once more "Better than me?"
"Yes!"聽 You hissed out before your eyes widened in realisation.
His strawhat shielded his expression, the only way you knew he was ticked off was through his gritted teeth and clenched fist.
You shivered, you fucked up big time and everyone knew that.
"Tsk." He tched before throwing you over his shoulder, walking past his stunned crew and into his personal captain room with your balled fists pounding on his back and slamming the door behind him.
The crew could only shake their heads and whisper silent prayers for you before going back to their normal activities.
"So... Can i have her iced tea now-"
"Nngh- wa-wait luffy-" You wailed drool escaping your mouth as you pleaded with him, you weren't sure how long you've both be gone for but you do know the number of times you've orgasmed is starting to exceed the counting capacity of your fingers.
"No, y-you don't get to say that!" He growled taking you from the back, he's been at it for hours. First taking you from the front then now from the back, something tells you he has more in store for you.
"Ple-ah w-wait luffy-ugh lis-listen!" Tears streamed down your face at the overstimulation, it hurt but it hurt so good.
"Haha no way!" He laughed pressing on your sensitive spot- located at the base of your waist- making you arch your back inwards and letting him dive in deeper into your cunt, hitting your cervix over and over again.
"Hah- s-slo- sluh dow- uwah!" You jolted feeling him enlargen him self inside you. You reached your hand back trying to push him off but he just grabbed it.
"F-Fuck it's too muc-muh." You sobbed out unable to form words as he hit those sweet spots deep inside you. "-uffy!"
Luffy groaned feeling your gummy walls spasm around him signalling him of your incoming orgasm. Seeing this he went faster drawing moans and unintelligent babbles from you.
"Hah... You feel so g-good, cum for me y/n." He moaned feeling his lenght twitch in you. The familiar coil in your stomach strengthen only to cut loose as an intense jolt shook your body. Luffy released your arms holding unto your waist instead this caused you to fall face flat.
Your jaw wide, drool seeping out as you came for the nth time a deafening moan echoing around the room as you quivered from the aftershocks of your orgasm.
Luffy followed after releasing his seed into you with a low grunt bending over to thrust it into you not letting one drop escape. He layed kisses against your back, stroking your sides as he heard whines and whimpers from you.
"Umph-" You groaned feeling him slide out of you. Going to the front of the bed where your head layed he slapped your face gently.
"Wake up, no sleep." He stated lifting you onto his lap and sinking you down on his long and thick lenght.
"Agh- luffy!" You cried out feeling him invade your womb with how deep he went. Luffy sighed laying down, his head softly hitting the pillow, this time he was going to let you do all the work.
"There we go!" He sighed loving the feeling of your soft wet folds around him, palming your bum he encouraged you to move.
"I-I can't-" you sobbed, it's like he's trying to split you in two. "C-Can't take i-it."
"You can and you will." He retorted lifting you up by your butt before slamming you down. You shrieked as your mind grew hazy, your vision blurring with it. Using luffy's chest as support you grinded down on him, hearing sweet moans escape his mouth. "Hah- y-yeah keep going!"
Bearing a fuck out expression; drool trailing down your face, eyes half rolled back and tongue lolling out, you finally found the strength to move up and down his length. "Mmhp- ah-"
Luffy taking a hold of your waist he moved you faster bringing his hips up to join you at an intersection. "Shit- just like that."
"Ah- ah- ah- suh- daw-" You moaned at his rough treatment. From his angle you looked ethereal-even though you had tears and drool streaming down your face- the way your tits and ass jiggled with each movement, your h/c curls bouncing and e/c eyes cloudy, your pupils taking a heart shape and glowing a light pink you looked so erotic, he sighed enjoyed the ripples forming on your plump ass underneath his palm.
He could also see a ring of both your arousals forming on the base of his lenght. "J-Just look at that, your so wet!"
He laughed spanking your bum only to receive a drunken moan from you. "Oh!"
"Now let me a-ask you again." You knew this was coming after all it was the reason he was being so cruel to you right now, only if you had kept your mouth shut. "And you better answer correctly this time."
"Y-Yes -hm captain!" You responded drawing a smile from him.
"Better than me?" He looked at you with lust present in his half-lidded eyes an eyebrow quirked up and a smirk as he continued to drill into you. "N-Nuh!"
"Huh? Can't hear you?!" He smiled his white pearly teeth on display. "N-NO!"
"No what? Meat? Gold? No what?" He sneered slamming into you in an inhumane pace bringing his thumb to circle around your clit.
"Nuh! N-No one's better t-than you- mmph!" You wailed trying to take his hands off, you were overstimulated enough but seemed like you failed at that too caused he coiled his fingers around your wrists and continued his assault. "Shishishi Good girl."
"Yesh- Im c- ah- clo-close!" You stated feeling pressure building up in your abdomen you began to squirm. "Me t-too!"
"D-Don't s-stawp pl-please!" You begged wanting to be released from this cycle of torment. Your head lolled back feeling goosebumps form on your skin you were coming and you were coming hard.
"Luffy! I-Im gonna c-come L-luffy!" You screamed feeling a rush and a mind breaking orgasm. You were blinded for a second only seeing white and hearing a weird ringing, you giggled feeling woozy and slumping down on luffy.
You passed out immediately with a fucked out smile on your face. Meanwhile luffy had come down from his high still suprised at the fact you squirted, shit it was everywhere, leaving a chaste kiss on your lips he laughed.
"Haha see! no one's better than me!"
( 藰 鲁藰)馃А
One piece treasure box
"Wow... How long have they been at it, its been hours man!" Ussop commented sipping on your iced tea. Sanji gave up on you coming out anytime soon and ussop snatched it right away.
"Yeah! That jerk! I hope Y/n-chan's ok-" sanji's enraged shouts were halted as luffy stepped out looking all giggly and energised. "Oh hi guys!"
"Don't 'Hi' us! Where is Y/n-chan?!" Sanji raged bearing sharp pointy teeth and a fire engulfed body.
"Oh, Shishishi she's all passed out! She'll probably be up by lunch!" Luffy laughed dodging a kick from sanji.
"It's past lunch you bastard!" Sanji wailed chasing after luffy as the other strawhats laughed at your misfortune.
I wasn't planning on posting this at first, so it had be lying in my drafts for like two months, but then i was like you know what馃 i should post this and boom!馃挘馃挜 Here it is.
Hope you love it as much as i do.
Don't forget to Say hi and like. See ya! 鉂
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rainboweem 3 months ago
Tumblr media
ASL modern au 馃憭馃帺馃敟
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stupid-hoe-shit 5 months ago
Heey, nice to meet you!
I've had this headcannon in my head for the longest time and I just KNOW that after Luffy has sex once he's gonna want it as much as food (ok maybe not that much) and I also just know he's gonna flat out ask for it in front of the entire crew, can you imagine it?
Poor y/n just sun bathing then Luffy strolls over and straight up says "y/n i wanna have sex again" for the entire crew to hear, their reactions would be just priceless, Sanji would straight up pass out on the spot upon hearing and processing it LMAO.
Anyway, do with this whatever u want,
Kisses and hugs from Brazil <3
tw: mentions of sex, horny luffy
imagine, you and luffy have been together for awhile, and being his partner has been a dream come true. you started out slow, only having your first kiss a few months into your relationship.
you brought the idea of sex to him a little while back, and his response was, 鈥渟ure, why not?鈥
ever since then? oh boy.
every time he sees you he can鈥檛 seem to stop himself from feeling you up, caressing your lower back, touching your chest, anything.
you could be talking to nami and he could come up behind you, hugging you and resting his head on your shoulder. from anyone else鈥檚 perspective, it would be seen as innocent. but only you could easily feel the bulge in his pants pressing up against your ass.
ever since you two both had sex, he has been like animal in heat. he has become addicted to you, and you can鈥檛 really complain. however, it starts to become a problem when he is suddenly less shameless.
you are lying out on the deck, soaking up some sun on the sunny with robin and nami. the rest of the crew is on the deck too. chopper and usopp are fishing, franky is tinkering with a device, brook is playing his violin, and sanji is serving you, nami, and robin some sweet drinks.
you and luffy have been having sex all day. literally all day. he can鈥檛 seem to get enough.
you suddenly hear the door to his cabin slam open. the rest of the crew hears the sound but doesn鈥檛 think to much of it. luffy is always making some sort of noise. however what they weren鈥檛 expecting was luffy walking to you, poking you in the side, and saying,
鈥渉ey y/n, can we have sex again?鈥
the sunny has never been more quiet than it is now. sanji breaks the silence.
鈥渉uh? what鈥檚 the problem?鈥 luffy says, scratching is head. zoro is now cackling while nami and robin are laughing behind their hands.
usopp is beyond red-faced at this point, as chopper is now down on the ground, wondering what his life had come to. franky is laughing along with zoro and the rest, now longer in shock, as brook is now doing his weird laugh.
you, on the other hand, now want to crawl into a ditch and never come out. your hands cover your face in embarrassment.
sanji continues to yell at luffy until he eventually gives up and goes to the corner of the deck, tracing lines on the floor in despair.
鈥渨ell y/n, can we?鈥 luffy asks for the second time, looking so innocent that you might think he doesn鈥檛 know know what he is doing.
but, behind that big smile, you can see that he knows exactly what he鈥檚 doing and his true goal: to make you embarrassed.
you eventually take your head out of your hands and look at him, giving him a death stare.
鈥渋 guess that鈥檚 a no?鈥 luffy says, as you get up from your spot and start hitting saying thing like,
鈥渨hy would ask me that in front of the crew!?鈥 are you trying to embarrass me?!鈥 鈥渨hat is wrong with you!?!?!"
lets just say, you and luffy had a long talk after that. well, there actually wasn't much talking ;)
thank you so much for requesting!! this was so fun to write and made me more motivated to write!! i also really agree with this hc lmao.
thank you for reading and have an amazing day!! <3
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