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since roan likes to copy eddie she starts calling y/n sweetheart or other pet names bc that’s what eddie calls her <3
little bit of hurt/comfort here <3 single dad eddie x fem!reader
"Daddy, where are we?" Roan asks, trying to work out their location from the little bit of window she can see through. Her sun visor makes it difficult work.
"We," he says, grabbing the side of his chair with two hands to see her in the backseat, "are outside Y/N's job."
"Is she having dinner?" With us, she means to say.
"Yes she is." Eddie checks out the window to see if you're coming. You're not, so he turns his serious face on Roan and starts with a gentle tone, "You know... when Teddy lost his ear? And you had to be very careful with him until I could get Uncle Wayne to sew him up?"
She squints, confused. "Yeah."
"Well-" Eddie smiles softly. "Y/N isn't feeling the best. So I just want you to be as nice to her as you can be until she feels better."
"Is Uncle Wayne fixing her?"
Eddie's voice raises an octave. "No, he's not. I'm gonna try my best, alright?"
"Why does she feel bad?"
He peeks out the window and sees you leave your building. "I- It's a grown up thing, baby." It's lots of grown up things, piling on and weighing heavy. You don't like to talk about it. Eddie's just gonna have to show you how much he cares.
Eddie pops open the door and waves. "Hey," he calls.
You look up. Your downtrodden frown quirks into an abrupt smile. "Eddie?"
You pick up your pace. He can't walk too far from the car while Roan's still inside to meet you, but he receives you with open arms.
"Oh my god, I missed you," you say. The relief in your voice turns his heart, has him clutching you tighter.
"I missed you," he says, cheek pressed to your cheek, hand scrubbing down your back. "I'm glad I caught you. Think you can clear a space in your busy schedule to come for dinner?"
"Is my favourite girl gonna be there?" you ask.
He encourages your head back to kiss your cheek. You love affection, you live for it, so he tries to make it a good one, and he strokes your cheek as he pulls away. He doesn't bother answering your question because it's rhetorical, Roan's always with him.
"Is she sleeping?" you ask.
Eddie climbs back into the driver's side and gestures for you to do what you want to do.
You open Roan's car door. "Hi, princess," you greet immediately, thrilled at her smart clothes and her hair in two low pony tails either side of her face. "It's so good to see you. I've missed you!"
"Missed you too," Roan says.
Eddie beams and turns his key. He knows the power of Roan's loving words against a bad mood.
The engine starts and the radio flickers to life, his music occluding your happy laugh. "Can I give you a kiss?" you ask fondly.
Roan pouts and holds her head up agreeably for you to kiss her on the cheek. She kisses you in turn.
Your smile is magnetic as you close her door and round to the passenger seat.
"So, what's for dinner?" you ask, closing the door behind you.
Dinner tonight is your favourite because Eddie's got game. He gets you home and bundles you and Roan on the sofa with the thickest throw blanket he owns, pulls off both of your shoes and gets you something to drink. Roan snuggles into your side and grins at Eddie's approving smile. He winks. She winks back clumsily.
When he's finally got a bowl of food in all your laps he sits down on your left side. You're hesitant at first but eventually you sink into him and he wraps and arm around your shoulder, content to eat one handed if this is what you need today.
"This is really good," you praise, chewing with your hand over your mouth.
He'd tried very, very hard. "No biggie. Whipped it up for you easy this morning. Working on a Saturday, that isn't permanent, is it?"
You sigh forlornly. "God, I hope not. I'm so sick of-" Your words dry up.
You pet Roan's shoulder like you've remembered she's there.
She looks up with a fork halfway to her mouth and everything on it falls off.
"Doesn't matter," you say with a snort, reaching around her to wipe a stripe of sauce from her cheek.
"It does matter, sweetheart," he says softly. "Of course it does."
You shrug it off. "It's okay, Eddie, really. It's fine." You slink down in your seat and smile at him all wobbly.
"Let me get you another drink," he says. He gets up, gives your shoulder a good squeeze as he goes.
Roan watches him leave. As soon as he's out of sight she thrusts her bowl to the side and untucks her small legs from the blanket.
"Everything okay?" you ask.
Roan's young, but she can tell you're not feeling good all on her own. Her dad's warning in mind, she stands up tall and drapes herself against your shoulder, hands vying for your face. She props her short fingers under your eye and strokes a wonky line. Your eyes fall to her, perplexed.
"What are you doing?" you murmur.
"Daddy said you're sick," she says, frowning at you. "Like Teddy when he lost his ear."
You blink at her. "I'm not sick, baby. Don't worry."
"You look," — Roan readjusts her hugging, hands in the collar of your work shirt — "sad."
You shake your head at her urgently. "No, no. I'm alright, Roan, I'm super happy. You know I'm always happy when I'm with you and daddy, cos you're so awesome," you say, poking her chest.
Roan doesn't believe you, though she likes you and loves you anyways. She wraps her arms around your neck and rubs her forehead into your jaw.
"Roan," you say quietly.
"Don't be sad, sweetheart," Roan says.
You giggle. "What did you say?"
Roan cuddles you and doesn't repeat herself.
"What did you say, baby?" you ask, arm wrapping around her back.
"Don't be sad, sweetheart."
You laugh again and hug her with a great big harrumph of breath, your squeezing arms startling an infectious baby-like giggle from her. You pull her up into your chest and lift your head until you're face to face, brushing that sweet lone curl out of her eyes as you say, "I guess I can't be when you tell me so nicely! Aw, Roan, you're my favourite little girl on this whole planet-" You're praising her in a near breathless rush. "The whole universe."
"I second that!" Eddie says as he returns, three cups pressed to his chest. He smiles, totally clueless. "What did I miss?"
"I made her better, daddy," Roan says easily, pride coming off of her in waves. Her curls tickle your nose as she turns in your arms to goad at him. "'Cos you took too long."
You beam widen your eyes. "Way too long," you repeat teasingly.
He has the good graces to look bashful. "You did? Thank you. I was getting 'round to it, I promise."
You nod at him. Yes, he was.
When Roan turns back to you, you shake your head. "All you, princess."
more eddie and roan
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the pain of letting you go- e.m (pt 8)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ex!Eddie Munson x Ex!AFAB!Reader
Summary: after eddie’s revelation, you’re left reeling and isolating yourself until robin and steve show up at your door
Warnings: angst, steve and robin being great friends, name calling, eddie is a dick (he isn’t in this chapter, but he is still a dick)
Word Count: 2.8k
A/N: part eight of the series is here! thank you to everyone for the continued support! reminder: if the topic is sensitive for you, please do not read. enjoy! :) -sava
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Tumblr media
The week flew by, much to your distaste. You’ve never been so quick and silent with child swapping, all but shoving Christopher out the door and slamming it right behind him. You felt like an ass for putting your child in the middle like that, but having to make any kind of conversation with Eddie after what happened just three nights ago was not something you wanted at all. You spent the past two nights wallowing in self pity once again, the same pain living in your chest that you felt when the separation first started. Hell, maybe even worse than when it began.
You felt as if weren’t enough for Eddie, he certainly made that clear with his untimely confession. Ditching the suburban family life for the rockstar life he always dreamed about didn’t surprise you as much as you wanted it to. It was the thing he talked about most in high school, and with the recent success Corroded Coffin was gaining, you thought maybe he’d get one of the things he used to have his heart set on. Your naive high school self used to think the other part of his heart was still set aside for you, but hearing that he just cared about his reputation and felt insecure about his sexual experiences made that thought fly out the window.
To say you weren’t spiraling a little after the revelation would be a downright lie. Thinking back on the whole 8 years you spent with Eddie Munson made you question nearly everything about yourself as the words he said replayed in your head. Were you not as good at sex as you thought you were? Was that all he cared about and didn’t crave any kind of emotional attachment anymore? Why was he was quick to jump into a relationship with Shirley if he just wanted more sexual experiences under his belt? Was it all just a you problem? Were you too clingy? Too emotional? Too much to handle? Or were you just used goods he no longer wanted to deal with?
It’s been a little over 24 hours since Eddie came to pick Christopher up for the weekend and you refused to leave your spot on the couch, surprised you managed to get out of bed at all. All you’ve eaten today was a packet of crackers and three grapes, not having to put on a front for your child since he was no where in sight for the weekend. You had no desire to eat or do much of anything, the gut-wrenching and almost sickening feeling overwhelming your sense. You almost felt as if you were broken beyond repair, maybe the drunken words you told Eddie weeks ago were right: you had your one true love and you’d never get that again.
You stare at the blank tv in front of you as you lounge on the couch, legs crossed and sitting up right as you look at the black screen. Part of you wanted to escape in the distraction of entertainment, but you couldn’t be bothered to reach the few inches for the remote. You just wanted to stay frozen in your place, but the sound of your front door closing makes you jump.
Robin pokes her head around the corner, sending you a cheerful smile as she walks into full view, before rushing into the bathroom.
“You’re lucky I have a spare key Robin, otherwise your tiny bladder would’ve cost you-oh hey Y/N. Where were you? We’ve been banging on the door for like twenty minutes,” Steve says, peering around the corner and flashing you a smile. You stare at him blankly for a moment before running a hand across your face, a tiny amount of anger consuming your body and wanting to just tumble out of you.
“What are you guys doing here?” You spit out, ignoring his question and turning your attention back towards the blank screen. Steve’s eyes follow yours as he notices the blank television screen, before turning back to you with a worried expression before shaking out of it and going into the kitchen.
“We made plans on Tuesday to hangout today. Do you not remember?” He yells out from the kitchen, the sound of clinking bottles following his words. You roll your eyes and rub your eyes with your hands, a lazy attempt to conceal the redness present in them as well as the puffiness on the soft skin that surrounded them.
You had completely forgot about the plans, the events of Wednesday night taking precedent in your head and letting any prior commitments and thoughts escape you. You still managed to keep up with hanging with Steve weekly, but with the pity party you had be throwing for yourself over the past few days, all you wanted was for the both of them to leave and let you wallow all alone.
“Shit, I guess I forgot to cancel,” you mutter out, sinking back into the weight of the couch and bundling up with the closest blanket, trying to hide from your friends. Robin bounces out the bathroom and plops on the couch next to you, making an aggravated sigh fall from your lips because of her actions. 
Steve leans against the archway of the kitchen, exchanging a puzzled look with Robin as they take in your figure. Your hair was unkempt and you were still in your pajamas, which wasn't something you usually did on the weekends due to your busy schedule of chores and other duties. This, plus not answering the door and forgetting about the plans you all made worried them? It filled them with concern. 
“Dude? Is everything okay? You’re like, really off today. I mean Iooove you, but you kind of stink and you're not this...off,” Robin asks, bringing a hand to rest on your shoulder but you shrug it off. 
“I’m fine.”
“Bullshit. You know we aren’t going to let that slide, so will you please talk with us?” Steve says, leaving his place from the kitchen and crouching in front of you, slowly bringing his hands up and resting them on your hands. You don’t fight him, accepting them contact and letting a frown work its way onto your face as tears prick at the backs of your eyes. 
“Eddie uh…he came over on Wednesday,” you begin to say, your voice giving out towards the end as you recall the events. You thought the night would be fine, especially after letting him back in momentarily and surrendering your inhibitions by letting him fuck you again and basking in all the feelings that the pleasure let you experience. But the words of just why he wanted to break up your family kept playing in your mind, bringing you nothing but doubt and insecurity as you continue to look back on the relationship you once had and question every move you made.
“Did he hurt you? Give me the word and I’ll go knock the daylights out of that freak,” Steve says, his hands tensing up as he spoke. You knew Steve was a protective guy, it was something you admired about him, regardless of his ability to continue a fight after being knocked down so many times. You shake your head at him, taking a moment to gather your thoughts and control your breathing before speaking up again. Robin’s hand makes it way to your shoulder again, the hesitation evident even in your peripheral . But you accept his contact as well, not shaking her away this time.
“No, he didn’t hurt me. At least not physically. It’s just…h-he told me why he left me,” you finally let out. You take another moment to control you breathing, feeling your lip quiver as a stray tear rolls down your cheek. “H-He said Gareth made some stupid c-comment about how he’s ever o-only been with one girl, w-which is me, i-in his entire life. S-So he got insecure and asked for the s-separation so he could…see other people.”
Steve’s jaw is hanging wide open when you finally make eye contact with him again, the words being easier to say when you looked to your lap in comfort. You could see in his beautiful brown eyes how much pain he wanted to cause Eddie while sympathizing with you at the same time. You weren’t someone who harped on anything too often, being pretty carefree and optimistic towards the future instead of focusing on the past, and Steve knew this thanks to the history you two share. But something inside you knew he could see your front breaking, just from your appearance and how you talked about just what Eddie said to you. It wasn’t something that you just move on from. He practically called you used goods and tossed you aside like he was a kid of Christmas morning, seeing his new toys and abandoning you for those.
“What an absolute dick,” Robin blurts out, breaking the silence that had fallen in the living room. All you do is nod in response, slipping one of your hands out of Steve’s grasp to wipe away the tears that were falling down your face. Steve switches positions, sliding on the couch next to you and wrapping his arms around you, which you immediately melt into and feel the emotions begin to worsen. Robin is quick to join in on your hug, knowing you needed all the comfort you could get. They both rub your shoulders as you begin to weep, silent tears and shaking shoulders consuming your body.
“I just-I just feel like I’m not g-good enough anymore. Not for h-him or for anyone,” you tell them, a sob escaping you and letting your head fall onto Steve’s shoulder, his hand snaking up to cradle your head as Robin rubs your back in such a soothing manner. You let your tears soak Steve’s shirt, feeling the salty warm pool begin to form beneath your cool skin as you sniffle and try to calm down slightly, struggling for a full breath. “I-I mean, I just feel so…broken.”
Steve’s heart drops at your words, hearing the utter despair in your voice as you continue to weep in his shoulder. He shares another look with Robin, tears brimming her own eyes at seeing you so miserable. This was way worse than when Eddie initially asked to separate, with Steve being there as a first hand witness the night it happened. He soothed your worries and helped you calm down, but your agony tonight was worse than it was at the beginning of the summer. He cared about you in a way more than a friend is supposed to, even if the two of you haven’t really talked about what happened that night between you in your kitchen merely weeks ago. But he didn’t hold it against you, because you told him your limits and your thoughts clearly, and he was just going to accept that. The last thing you needed was to be bombarded with questions about love and pressured into a new relationship when you weren’t ready.
“Y/N, hey, can you please look at me?” Steve asks softly, leaning away from you ever so slightly to try and get a better look at you. With a nod, you break away from his comfortable shoulder, creating a space between you and looking him in his eyes, the tears sticking to your bottom lashes flooding your vision a bit. 
“I want you to listen to me loud and clear, okay? You are not broken, not even in the slightest. You shouldn’t be blaming yourself for Munson’s stupid actions. He’s the one who made the idiotic choice of letting the best girl in Hawkins slip through his fingers, so don’t even for a second think there is something that you could have done to keep him around, because if he’s going to treat you this badly, he doesn’t deserve you,” he tells you, his eyes looking deep into yours with a mix of intensity and sincerity. You smile, leaning into one of the hands that had come to rest on your head as he spoke to you, rubbing it gently as you let the few tears you had left in you drop onto your soft cheeks.
“Yeah, and if Eddie wants to waste his time going around to a bunch of randos who are literally not as good as you, then it is his loss. You’re a hot mama and deserve to find someone who is going to recognize everything amazing about you,” Robin chirps up behind you, making you whip around to meet her gaze. She grabs your hand and rubs it gently, tilting her head down to really look you in the eyes. “We love you so much Y/N, and we’ll always be here for you. Please don’t shut yourself down and close yourself off from us, okay? You are so strong and we need you to be that way. Not just for us, but for little man too.”
Hearing the words your best friends were throwing at you felt like a breath of fresh air you didn’t know you were seeking out. Having been choking on your sadness and letting it consume your entire being, but the kind words and reassuring phrases they were cooing at you allowed you to inhale the happiness you'd been missing. The genuine love they had for you and the deep meaning behind their words left you feeling happy for a change. Knowing that you had them in your corner in any kind of situation, but specifically this one, helped your aching heart. 
The more you let their words sink into your brain, the more you realize they’re right. You were not to blame for Eddie’s actions, nothing you did during your relationship should be turned against you, because you did nothing but love and protection Eddie Munson for 8 years of your life. 8 years wishing nothing but the best for the family you made together and the way he repays you for that is tearing your family apart and sleeping with other people? You wouldn’t let the blooming insecurity grow any longer, wanting to shut that down and remind yourself of the words your friends told you: you aren’t broken, you are enough, you’re a hot mama who deserves the best and to be treated with kindest and most sincere attitudes imaginable.
But you also knew that the insecurity wouldn’t go away in an instant, it was never that simple. You still feel the tightness swimming in your stomach, clenching at the small negative thoughts of Eddie’s true intentions, not really coming to terms that he wanted to separate from you just due to wanting to gain more sexual experience and live his true rockstar life. But you can’t control his actions, only your own and the thoughts that accompany them, and that is just something you'll continue to remind yourself when the bad thoughts begin to surface. You deserve better. You deserve to be properly loved.
Turning back to your friends, you let a small smile work its way onto your face as you pull them in for a tight hug. You weren’t exactly sure how you were able to lock down some of the best friends that life could have thrown your way, but the warm feeling taking over your heart reminded you that your reality wasn’t all bad, and all the people who you truly loved in your life loved you back, and that’s what you needed right now. Not to think about your asshole ex any longer, you wouldn’t let him ruin your night.
“I really appreciate you guys, you know that right?” You let out, your voice raw and weak from the sobs and screams that consumed you from the past few days. Steve brings his hand to your knee and rubs it gently, nodding his head as he looks you in the eyes. A small shiver went up your spine at the combination of eye and physical contact from him, sending him a genuine smile as you felt a bit of heat traveling up to your cheeks.
“You two need to just get a room already, geez,” Robin blurts out, scoffing and rolling her eyes and she pulls away and stands in front of you. Turning to Steve, you exchange a look, his eyes wide as he a mischievous smile creeps onto his lips that keeps him from laughing, you being quick to match is expression. Robin lets out an exaggerated, but honest, gasp, covering her mouth and she looks between the two of you, hair whipping in the most animated, but most authentically Robin way.
“I’m sorry, did I fucking miss something?” She nearly screams, her voice raised as the curiosity overtakes her, taking a seat on the edge of the coffee like she tended to normally do. You slap your legs, looking at them and ignoring her puzzled look as you stand from your stop, wiping your face a bit more to get rid of the puffiness, even if you knew it wouldn’t go away like that.
“So who wants a beer?”
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𝐠𝐨 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐢𝐭.
— steve harrington x f!reader
Tumblr media
warnings; angsty smut lol, agreed arrangement
a/n; i have no idea how or why i’m writing so much lol but pulled this one out of my ass, so enjoy <3
word count; 2.8k
Tumblr media
“…can you come over?”
 as much as she hated it, her heart would race every single time he called and asked that very same question. despite his intentions, excitement would still surge through her veins at the idea of seeing him, of feeling him, of being with him. 
 “…yeah. yeah, i’ll be over in ten.”
 “you’re the best. see you in ten.”
 the line went dead when he hung up, but she still clutched onto the phone, her fingers toying with the cord as she pursed her lips together, her chest heaving when she drew air back into her lungs. she knew it was wrong to be feeling this way— to feel that little sliver of hope pricking her heart— when she knew all too well what his intentions were. 
 she could remember the first time she stepped foot in steve harrington’s bedroom like it was yesterday. she could remember the way he sounded on the phone, his voice meek and ready to break at any given moment while he pleaded with her to come over. she remembered the beating of her own heart and how she could hear it in her eardrums as she got herself ready, even dressed herself in her most favorite dress— the one that hugged her body in all the right places, the one that was his favorite color. 
 she remembered how pretty she made herself for him, she remembered the walk to his house, the nervous steps she made to his front porch, the way her heart skipped several beats when she knocked her fist against his front door. she also remembered his face when he did eventually answer, his cheeks sticky and swollen with the remnants of his tears. she remembered how she felt her world shatter as she drew him into her arms, how her heart cracked into a plethora of tiny pieces when he told her what had happened with nancy wheeler. 
 nancy wheeler. she should’ve known. 
 she should’ve known better from the start— she was always going to be second to nancy wheeler, whether that be in class, or in steve’s heart. it didn’t matter— she was never going to be good enough. it was something she’d grown and learned to accept— or at least, tried to. 
 she remembered later that day after she had let steve talk it all out, when he first proposed to idea to her. 
 and she remembered the way she agreed with hardly any hesitation at all. 
 she remembered the way she felt being touched by steve harrington for the first time, the boy she’d been mooning over since middle school. she remembered everything about that night— she even dreamed about it from time to time. 
 and she remembered every night like it after that, how she’d throw her feelings aside in exchange for a night tangled in the sheets with steve, to be the one who got to hold him at least for a little while— even if she ended up feeling the heartbreak when she eventually returned home.
 nevertheless, she still made herself as pretty as she could for him, searching through her closet for her favorite sundress, one he had complimented her on many times before. she still checked her hair in the mirror, purposefully avoiding her own eyes, afraid of what she might find. she made sure she smelled good, made sure not a bump or blemish was visible on her skin. 
 she was almost certain that none of it mattered— steve didn’t care anyways. 
 he just needed an outlet for all of his stress.
 she was perfect— she was willing and compliant, and always there, which was just what he needed.
 and if she couldn’t be nancy wheeler for him, it was the very least she could do.
 her feet moved on autopilot towards his house, her fingernails etching crescents into the skin of her wrist, her mind foggy, but her heart racing. she never quite understood her heart, why it wanted something she knew she’d never have. she wondered if perhaps she was always meant to break in order to glue others back together, if that was her purpose after all. if so, why couldn’t she be immune to the pain her heart went through?
 her chest heaved as she inhaled, air rushing into her lungs whilst her palms soothed over the wrinkles of her clothes, tucking her hair behind her ears as she made her way towards steve’s front door. she’d been here so many times before, but something felt.. different. perhaps it was just the nerves, she thought. 
 her fist rapped against his door, her palms slick with sweat as she locked her fingers together, rocking back and forth on her heels as she waited for him to welcome her in. she could hear his heavy footsteps just beyond the door, and she sucked in a sharp intake of breath, holding it at the base of her throat as the wood in front of her swung open, and there he stood.
 steve harrington, in all of his glory, stood before her, his lips curved into a small smile as he stepped out of the way, welcoming her into his home. “hey,” he greeted, closing the door behind her as she slipped her shoes off of her feet, neatly setting them beside the door. “hi,” she replied, daring a glance up at him. his eyes were delicate and sweet, like chocolate, and she melted, tearing her gaze away before she dug herself a deeper hole than what she was already in. 
 “you look pretty today, as always,” steve complimented, his palm giving her shoulder a squeeze. “i like your dress.”
 he said it every time she wore the exact one. she still flushed at his comment, ducking her head as her irises cowered to the ground, tucking a loose strand of hair back behind her ear. “thank you,” she grinned as his palm slithered its way to the small of her back, her body jolting in his touch’s wake. “should we go upstairs?” he asked, to which she replied with a nod. 
 his hand never once left her back as he guided her towards the stairs, down the hallway she knew all too well, and past the door into his bedroom, the familiar white walls with the pattern she found horrid, but never had the courage to say it to his face. she eyed the bed she’d laid on, and slept on, and other things on more times than she can count, heat searing at her cheeks as the memories came flooding in.
 she watched as steve paced the room, his brow furrowed, something seemingly on his mind. “are you alright?” she questioned quietly as she sat herself down on the edge of his mattress, tilting her head to get a better read of his face. his teeth pinched his bottom lip in place, worrying the soft, pink flesh.
 “jonathan moved to california.”
 “oh,” she nodded, her fingers linking together and resting on her lap. she shook her head, “i’m sorry, i guess i’m confused.”
 “nance said they hadn’t broken up, but she doesn’t know how long he’s gonna be gone and—“
 she didn’t hear anything else he said. she felt as if a weight had been dropped down onto her chest, knocking the breath out of her lungs and suffocating her.
 of course. of course this was all about finding his way back to nancy. she should’ve known— how could she be so stupid?
 the more she watched his lips move as he ranted on and on about trying to find a way back into nancy wheeler’s heart, the more frustrated and restless she became. why couldn’t he just see that she was right there?
 she’s always been right there, even before nancy wheeler. she was there for every basketball game, for every swim meet, for every heartbreak and everything in between. she was there for him through thick and thin— hell, she was practically tearing herself apart just giving herself to him like this, letting him use her to make every one of his worries and frustrations melt away.
 why couldn’t he see that she was sacrificing so much for him? why couldn’t he just see that she loved him?
 she cursed herself for being so silent, so unable to express how she truly felt, because the truth was, she was tired. she wanted steve harrington more than anything else in the world, but she wanted to be more than just his toy. she wanted to be what nancy wheeler was to him, she wanted to be the one with the key to his heart, the one he talked about so tenderly, the one he was in love with. she wanted to tell him that she loved him and for him to reciprocate the feelings back, she just wanted him.
 she hated that at the end of the day, she knew she’d never be able to tell him what was actually on her mind, that she’d let him pull her around on his string, that she’d submit to him as long as she got to at least be with him physically.  
 she realized that steve had gone silent, and he was worrying his bottom lip with his teeth again, his arms crossed over his chest, his fingers weaving through the hair atop his head. so, she suppressed everything, every feeling, thought, anything she had for steve harrington and rose to her feet, sauntering her way over to where he stood, enveloping his hand with both of hers. she braved a look up at him, capturing his eyes with her gaze as she brought the pad of his thumb to her lips, blessing his skin with her kiss. his jaw clenched and locked in place as she kissed his thumb again, and then his forefinger, then his middle finger, then the next one, and the next. 
 “i’m right here, steve,” she purred, her heart swelling in her chest at the ambiguity of her words. “use me.”
 and he did.
 steve’s opposite hand cupped the back of her head, his fingers tangling themselves in her hair as he drew her lips into his, his kiss vigorous and incessant as he laid her down onto his mattress, his palms caressed her waist and ventured further down to the hem of her dress, his fingertips a match against the flesh at her thighs. she let everything else melt away in this moment and chose to instead pretend that they were together, like they were in love. her fingers tugged at the brown ringlets on his head, moaning into his mouth as he tugged her dress up her body, breaking away from the kiss only to lift it all the way over her head. 
 “sh.. shit,” she gasped when his palms kneaded her breasts, her erect nipples sensitive against his skin. steve’s lips worked their way down to her chin and just below her jaw, his tongue swirling against the delicate skin of her neck and sucking a mark there, kissing the bruise he left in his wake. she could feel the tent in his pants against her thigh, and she grabbed at the collar of his shirt, gesturing that she wanted it off. he pulled away from her skin, his irises surging into hers as he tugged his shirt up and over his head, and she eyed the hair that had been growing on his chest as of lately, her lips trembling when he kissed her collarbone. 
 “you’re so…” he trailed off as his tongue licked all the way down to the valley of her breasts, his breath fanning over her peaked nipples. “…god, you’re so pretty,” he sighed, taking her nipple into his mouth, her back arching up off of the bed, her toes curling in. her heart skipped a beat at his words— she still wasn’t sure if it was normal for him to say such things when they technically weren’t together.
 she shook the thought away as his mouth trailed over to her other breast, kneading the opposite as he cherished her chest, groaning into her skin. she bucked her hips up into his and he growled at the friction against his erection, tearing away from her skin to unbutton his jeans, hooking his fingers over the waistband of his pants and his boxers before tugging them down his legs. she whimpered at the sight and squirmed as he kicked the pool of clothes away from his feet, his fingers now hooking over the hem of her panties and sliding them down her legs before tossing them to the other side of the room, not caring where they ended up.
 “steve,” she whispered as she caught a glimpse of the leaking head of his pretty, big cock, desire tying a knot at the pit of her belly and tugging, her cunt throbbing with her arousal. his fingers wrapped themselves around his girth and he gave himself a few pumps, his other hand teasing at her folds, gathering her slick before smearing it all over his length, throwing his head back and knitting his eyebrows together. 
 “all wet just for me,” he whispered, admiring the way her pussy fluttered at his words. “such a pretty, little pussy, just waiting for me to fuck it,” he cooed, swiping sweaty strands of hair away from her face and planting his lips against the crown of her head. “you ready?”
 she pursed her lips together, suddenly unable to make eye contact with him when she reminded herself that no matter how hard she tried to pretend— he wasn’t hers. she was here only to make him feel good, to be his stress reliever. 
 and no matter how tired she was, she would give herself to him a million times over and over again.
 “mhm,” she hummed as she nodded, toes curling when he slapped her aching clit with the tip of his cock. he rubbed up and down against her folds before he finally pushed himself in, and she heaved at the stretch, her fingers gripping the sheets as she screwed her eyelids shut and arched her back. “ffffuck, you’re always so goddamn tight,” he hissed as he filled her all way up to the absolute brim, hair falling over his face as he dropped his head. “feels so damn good.”
 and she let him set his own pace, the sound of skin assaulting skin permeating his bedroom as he pounded into her, his grip like iron on her hips. tears brimmed the outskirts of her sockets as she lost herself in the pleasure, her fingers locking around one of his wrists as the other kept a grip on the sheets beside her. “steve, please, feels so good,” she mewled as he came to an abrupt stop, suddenly feeling unsatisfied with missionary. he flipped her over onto her stomach and hooked an arm beneath her hips, pushing her up onto her knees until her ass hung in the air, her cunt dripping with her nectar. 
 “shit, gonna let me wreck that little pussy, hm?” he cooed as his palm struck her ass, pushing his cock back into her dripping hole, his hands once again gripping her hips as he absolutely destroyed her cunt, her moans muffled in the pillow below. it was so much to feel all at once— to be touched by steve harrington, to be fucked by steve harrington. she held onto every sensation she felt as if it may be the last time she ever experience it— because it very well may be. 
 and that was what she was afraid of.
 “steve..” she cried, fucking herself back against him to meet his brutal thrusts. “i’m.. i’m gonna come.”
 “yeah? gonna come all over me?” he panted, pistoning his hips harder into her. “me too. come. let me feel it, come all over my cock f’ me.”
 her orgassm possessed her body, her limbs locking and as if lightning had struck her, she jolted, her tears soaking his pillow. a string of curses tumbled from steve’s lips as his hips stuttered and he finally released, toppling over her body to calm himself down after his high. 
 it gave her heart more than enough time to sting inside of her chest.
 her chest hurt, she was in silent agony, as he rolled off of her body and settled himself into the mattress beside her, his arms drawing her in close to his chest, longing for that connection. she didn’t say anything, she didn’t protest, she didn’t even struggle underneath his touch.
 she just let him do whatever he wanted.
 “you okay?” steve must’ve noticed the blank stare on her face, his eyebrows knitting together in concern as he gazed down at her. 
 she had every opportunity to tell him how she felt then. she could have either destroyed their relationship or started something new at that very moment. she was uncertain, all she could do was try and find out. the ball was in her court.
 “..yeah. yeah.. i’m fine.”
 her heart wasn’t ready to go for it— it was a harder thing to do than to say. 
Tumblr media
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dameronology · a day ago
we'll be okay (s.h)
summary: after risking your life for steve, he gives you a lecture and a heart-to-heart
warnings: mentions of death & physical injury, swearing
i wrote this and re-wrote this a thousand times and i need to post it before i try and do it again. enjoy.
Tumblr media
Bats literally fucking everywhere.
That was the last thing you’d remembered before passing out. There had been screaming – maybe yours, probably some of your friends as well – and then reality had escaped you. Dying in the Upside Down had felt like an unavoidable truth for a little while now but even when you’d been staring death in the face, it still came as a surprise. It felt a little sad that you’d survived demogorgons and demodogs and quite literally everything up to this point, only to fall short at the bats. In your defence, not much thinking had gone into your actions. You’d seen them coming towards Steve and that was all you needed to throw yourself in front of them. Perhaps your mum had been right in saying that you didn’t think right when you were around Harrington. In all fairness, she’d probably been talking more in the sense of homework and high school finals but the same logic applied.
So, yeah. Death. Cool. Unavoidable, unfortunately. And at least you died protecting the man you loved – which might have been a blessing in disguise, because you had no doubt in your mind that he would have killed you for doing so.
That became clear the moment you woke up. Maybe death was a little more avoidable than you’d thought; despite your near-mortal wounds and pounding headache, you were alive. Your reality had cut from the red skies of the Upside Down to the bright lights of Steve’s bedroom in seconds. You had no idea how long it had actually been – long enough for him to get out, clearly. Unless, of course, this was heaven…but based on the pain you were in, you sincerely hoped it wasn’t.
“Hey,” Steve’s voice was soft, barely a whisper, as he threw aside his book and crossed the room. His hands were on you almost immediately, holding the back of your neck to support your futile attempts at lifting your head. “No sudden moves, baby. You’re still weak.”
“That’s a word for a it,” you murmured. “I thought I died.”
Steve didn’t respond; he kept moving, jaw clenched, hands desperately pulling his jumper further over your shoulders, running ever-so-gently over your bandages, checking that every piece of you was still there. It was almost as though he were scared that part of you had been left in the Upside Down. Part of him certainly had been, or it had at the very least died there the moment he thought you had.
He was tense – stiff jaw, stiff hands, stiff back. Not relaxed and smiley like the Steve knew. He had the weight of the world of his shoulders, and it was though he were scared to let the slump, just in case it felt off. Came crashing down and smashed to pieces, everything that he was juggling falling to the floor. Things were a little more in perspective for him now after your near-death experience.
“Steve?” you pushed. You reached out and grabbed his hands, pulling them away from your torso. “You’re being uncharacteristically quiet and I hate it.”
“Words are not my strong suit right now,” he admitted. Steve took a seat beside you and crossed his legs, gently reaching out a hand to take yours. “They haven’t been over the last few days.”
“Talk to me?” you asked. “I know when you’re holding stuff in. You get this look on your face and then it all comes out in word vomit, remember?”
He gave you a sideways glance, smiling slightly.
“C’mon, Harrington,” you quietly returned the smile. “Word vomit on me. Word vomit all over me.”
“I love you,” Steve replied. “But I also hated you just a little for throwing yourself in front of those bats. The entire time you’ve been out I’ve been building up this massive lecture in my head about it and then you actually woke up and…nothing else matters, actually. The only thing I care about is that you’re here and you’re awake.”
“You can give me that lecture if you want,” you gave his hand a light squeeze. “Just let me ask you one thing, Steve. If the tables had been turned, how much thought you would have given it before throwing yourself in front of them to save me?”
“Absolutely none ­– oh,” he paused for a moment. “That’s different, though.”
“Because if I die, then I don’t have to live without you?” he said – despite it being an attempt at reasoning, he posed it more like a question. His logic was questionable at best, but you did understand.
“Riiiiight,” you rolled your eyes. “Steve, think about it: I did what I had to do to protect you in the same way you would for me. I don’t want to live without you anymore than you want to live without me, even if you’re a pain in the fucking ass.”
“You’re not always a walk in the park either, honey.”
“Thanks, babe.”
Steve gave you another smile. “I guess we’re in the kind of relationship where we would die to protect each other, huh?”
“That’s probably the main take away from this, yeah,” you replied.
“I’m always juggling a thousand things at once. I got a lotta balls in the air, you know?” he continued. “Sometimes I’m worried I’m gonna drop one of my metaphorical balls. And in the moment where I thought you died, they all came crashing to the ground.”
“Really,” he affirmed. “It’s like…my balls don’t matter unless you’re here.”
“- yeah, I heard it!” he groaned. “What I’m saying is…very few things in my life have a purpose without you. So please, try not to die.”
“I’ll do my best,” you gave him a smile. “Now, d’you think you could help me change these bandages? These ones are a bit…bloody.”
“Yeah, of course.”
Steve crossed the room and produced a first aid kit – you probably should have gone to hospital but there was no way in hell for you to explain your injuries. That meant that Nancy and Robin had tended to your wounds; the stitches were a little wonky and they didn’t have strong enough pain killers on hand to really help, but their efforts hadn’t been in vain. Admittedly, Steve had been a little useless in that moment – he was completely fucking numb, only able to watch in disbelief as they tried to help you. He wanted to kick himself for it, but at least he could help you now.
Softly pulling up your arms, he lifted the fabric of your hoodie (his hoodie) and began to unwind the bandages. He saw the wounds then, deep and jagged and still swollen and bumpy from the bats and the stitches. It was almost like he could physically feel the pain in his own side – it looked awful. And it had all been for him.
“Shit,” Steve murmured.
“Hey, Steve, c’mon,” you softly said. You reached out a hand and brushed it over where his lay on your side, giving it a squeeze. “It’s fine.”
“It’s not fine. You’re not fine.”
“But I will be!” you shot back. “It’s been what…I don’t even know how many days, but presumably not many. It doesn’t matter how I got the wounds; it just matters that they’ll heal.”
“It does matter, honey,” his voice was still quiet. “Because you did this all for me and that is not okay.”
“Are you honestly telling me that you wouldn’t let yourself get a little hurt for me?” you said.
“You know I would,” he murmured. “I’d get mortally wounded and grotesquely disfigured for you.”
“There we go then.”
Steve didn’t say anything else; he instead replaced your bandages and then climbed into bed beside you. His movements were still gentle and restrained, erring on the side of caution as he moulded his body around yours – one arm on your good side, pulling you as close to him as possible, a large hand guarding your head as he kept it tucked into his shoulder. It was close as the two of you could physically get without actually being the same person and in that moment, it was exactly what he needed. You might have been the one who was physically ailed but he emotionally, Steve felt like he’d been attacked by every demo-piece-of-shit the Upside Down had to offer.
You let out a tiny sigh, snuggling closer to him as you drifted off. It was in that moment that Steve realised only one thing mattered: you were going to be okay and so was he.   
tags: @karasong
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hellfiremunsonn · a day ago
Make Me Eddie Munson x Reader
Make Me
Tumblr media
I do not allow my writing to be republished anywhere other than my own blog without my consent
Summary: After having the worst attitude all day, and taking it out on Eddie by bratting- half intentionally half not, he literally sends you too bed without him and you wake up from having a nightmare, back to when you were in the upside down and you weren’t sure if Eddie was going to make it out alive.
Warnings: Technically this should be okay for younger audience, but because it’s a sub/dom relationship dynamic I don’t encourage any minors to engage with this. Swearing, mentions of Eddie in the upside down, no spoilers, fem! reader, Dom!Eddie, Sub!reader, Brat!reader, mentions of punishment. (if I forgot anything else don’t hesitate to let me know)
Word count: 2667
Tumblr media
I had been in a mood all day. Nothing in particular had happen to cause me to have such an attitude, but every little thing today just seemed to rub me the wrong way. We were staying at Steves for the weekend, a little party without the 'kids'. Thankful to not have to worry about them trying to steal drinks without us noticing.
I was sat outside in Steves backyard on one of the lounge chairs, tucked up with a towel draped over my knees in the shade with my notebook and pen, scribbling down any words that came to mind. Headphones over my ears, my music blasting, probably a little too loudly for my own good but I needed it. The rest of the gang sat by the pool, Robin and vickie sat on the pool steps in the shallow end. Eddie glanced over at me often, and I could see him in the corner of my eye, but purposefully ignored him. He noticed my foul mood the second I woke up, and was not impressed with my attitude, so he left me alone for most of the time we had been here, telling everyone else I didn't feel well so they wouldn't ask questions. I knew he didn't deserve my attitude, but when you spend everyday with your person they kind of get the brunt of it just from proximity. What was worse was that, all I wanted to do was be in eddies arms, and have him comfort me, but the minute he's close enough to touch me, something about him today keeps making me want to scream.
As if he knew my thoughts were about him, he sauntered his way over to me, black swim shorts hung low on his hips, happy trail slightly unruly from a few days of no upkeep. His hair was in a bun at the back of his head. He stood before me, blocking any light I had been getting from the sun, his sunglasses covering his eyes as he looked down at me. I looked back up at him for a moment, and then returned my gaze to my notebook. Reaching forward he pulled my headphones off my head, pushing them so they hung around my neck.
"What?" I snapped.
"I was coming to check on you, you should drink some more water, it's hot and I don't want you getting dehydrated" His arms crossed over his chest, biceps bulging in the process.
I rolled my eyes. "Thanks but I'm not thirsty"
"I didn't ask" He said sternly. "Now you can go inside and get yourself a bottle of water, or I can do it for you, but either way, you're drinking water" His voice was low, domineering me with its familiar octave, but still the pissy mood only increased. With a huff I threw my notebook down onto the end of the lounge chair and got up, pulling my headphones off of my neck and chucking it down also. Eddie followed, quick on my heels as I walked into Steves house, and towards the kitchen. Swinging the fridge door open I grabbed a water bottle cracked it open took one sip and placed it onto the counter.
"That's not enough" Eddie warned.
"You didn't specify, I did what you asked, now I'm going back outside" I said attempting to brush past him, but his hand wrapped around my bicep, pulling me back to him.
"I don't know what your problem is today, but I suggest you stop acting like this in front of our friends before I make you regret it" His eyes were serious as they searched mine, wondering if all of this was just for attention, to get a simple punishment with a good fuck, or if it was because I actually was in a terrible mood. I ripped my arm away from him, stalking back outside and repositioning myself on the lounge chair again, headphones over my ears, just a little bit louder knowing Eddie would scold me for it later.
It wasn't until later when all of us were sat around the coffee table in Steves living room that Eddie finally had enough of me. I was leaned back against the couch, arms crossed loosely over my chest. Maybe it was beer number three but when Eddie leaned back next to me my body grew hot with annoyance. He tipped his head so it was leaning on my shoulder, turning slightly to give it a small kiss. I softened a little, but not enough.
"Can you eat something please? You haven't eaten enough to be chugging back beers like that" he said quietly, just enough for me to hear.
I shifted away from his touch, my brows coming together as I scoffed, rolling my eyes. "Make me" I muttered. I felt Eddie go stiff beside me and I immediately knew I fucked up. He stood up, reaching his hand out towards me, not as an offering, but as a warning. A silent instruction while he said. "Can I talk to you for a second?" Tight lipped and stern.
I nodded, rising to my feet, a little wobbly from nerves and the alcohol. Slipping my hand into his I followed him up the stairs and into one of the spare rooms he and I would sleep in later tonight.
Letting go of my hand to shut the door behind him embarrassment and shame flooded me, and I immediately tired to spew out apologies. "Ed's I'm sorry I-"
"Sit" He ordered, interrupting me and pointing to the bed. Lowering my head I listened, taking a seat at the end of the bed waiting. Eddie came to stand in front of me, hands on his knees so he was hunched over, his face level with mine. "I've had it with your attitude today, I've tried to be nice" he ran a hand over his face. "It's been so hard to read you today, and you won't fucking talk to me, so-" he said standing back up straight. "It's bed time for you"
Shocked I snapped my head up to look at him, and then to the clock on the wall behind him. "But it's only nine! I'm not tired" I argued.
"I don't care, maybe going to bed early will fix that bratty little mouth of yours that you've been running all day" Arms crossed over his chest, he looked a lot like Steve when he was scolding the kids and it made me feel somehow even smaller.
"B-but I-"
"I don't care, lets go" He said gesturing to the small on-suite bathroom. "Get ready for bed"
I huffed, my steps a little heavy as I opened my bag to get out my clothes to sleep in, and my toothbrush.
Eddie watched me through the mirror, from the doorway of the bathroom, making sure I brushed for two minutes, tutting when I stopped too early, making me start again. After a hopeful final spit I looked up at him through the mirror, mouth still foamy around the edges. "Can I be done now?"
"Yeah you're good" He said with a nod.
I graciously rinsed my mouth and my toothbrush, setting it on the side of the sink and walking back into the bedroom, walking past Eddie just closely enough to bump into him slightly before making my way to the bed. I mumbled quiet complaints to myself as I pulled back the covers and a few of the too many decorative pillows, climbing in and pulling the blanket back over me with another exaggerated huff. Crossing my arms over my chest, I looked at him. "You're treating me like a child"
"S'cause you're acting like one" he said without a beat, heading for the door.
"W-wait" I stuttered. He turned and raised an eyebrow at me. "I don't get a kiss?" My horrid mood, already softening at the thought of going to sleep without a kiss, sure Eddie was hard on me sometimes, but I always instigated it by being bratty, more than usual, doing it on purpose. Today was different, and I knew that; I didn't know what I wanted out of being so miserable today, and Eddie knew that as well, not giving me a usual and typical punishment.
"I might come give you one later before I get my stuff to go to bed" He said softly.
My brows furrowed in confusion. "You're not sleeping with me?" I could feel myself on the brink of tears.
"Not tonight princess" He sighed. "I love you you know? Have a good sleep and stay in here" he said with a pointed finger.
Nodding I said quietly "I l-love you to" The door clicking softly behind him.
Tears rushed down my cheeks, and I clutched a pillow to my chest to muffle the few sobs that croaked out. The tears didn't last long, I wasn't upset at Eddie all that much, I was more upset with myself. After a few deep breaths, I laid down into the pillows, curling up onto my side, hoping that sleep would come quick so I wouldn't have to think about how horrible I was today for much longer.
Eddie was right. Like a sleep deprived toddler, almost immediately after relaxing into the pillows I felt myself drift off into sleep, but of course not peacefully. It was the same nightmare I had for months after vecna, hearing eddies scream over and over again, echoing louder in my head than they did that day. His cries, and the way blood bubbled out of his mouth with his attempted last words, as if I was going to let him die down there. Except with this dream I never made it to him, I kept running, and no matter how hard I pushed myself to run faster I could never get to him in time, constantly just a touch out of reach.
Springing forward in bed, and out of the dream, my breathing quick and my vision blurry, tears rolling down my cheeks and neck, dripping onto my t-shirt leaving tiny darkened dots. Looking around the room, attempting to take in my surroundings I remembered I was at Steves, and that Eddie wasn't with me. I checking the time, it was around 3:30 am so I knew no one else would be awake as I reluctantly made my way down the stairs to find Eddie. Stifling hiccups and sniffles as I walked over to him, peacefully asleep on the couch, one hand behind his head, the TV lighting up his pale skin. I watched him sleep for a moment, his chest rising and falling slowly, completely unaware of my presence, once again breaking rules.
Taking a few extra steps towards him, I smoothed my hand down his arm, not wanting to startle him. He hummed and shifted a little but didn't wake.
"Eds" I sniffled. A new round of tears falling. "Eddie" I said again, poking him lightly on the chest. He groaned, eyebrows furrowing as his eyes fluttered open, taking a second to recognize who was in front of him.
"Baby what's wrong?" He said sitting up quickly. "Hey, woah, what's going on?" Reaching for my hands he pulled me towards him until I was straddling him, my arms wrapped tightly around his neck. My body shook lightly with each sob and Eddies hand rubbed soothing lines up and down my back. "You're okay baby" He said softly. "What was it? Bad dream?"
"Yeah" I whispered into his skin. "I couldn't-" I sobbed. "I couldn't get to you fast enough" He pulled me away from him gently, his hands coming up to cup my face, pushing my hair back behind my ears, moving strands that stuck to my damp cheeks. "I can still hear your screams baby" My bottom lip wobbled and he pulled me back to his chest, one hand coming up to cradle the back of my head.
"S'okay baby, I'm here, I'm safe, we're safe" He sighed. "I'm sorry for making you sleep alone, it was a weird day, I couldn't figure out what you wanted" he said honestly
I pulled back, still a blubbering mess. "No, don't be sorry" I said sternly as best as I could. "I'm so s-sorry for being so bratty t-today" I choked.
"Hey, hey, hey- take a deep breath for me yeah?" his hands resting on my shoulders. "Just relax, it's okay, I'm not mad at you" He said reassuringly.
I took a shaky breath, his hands rising with my shoulders as I inhaled, and lowering as I exhaled.
"Okay, good job baby, give me one more" he encouraged. Giving him another deep breath I let my eyes close for a second, allowing myself to have a moment to calm down more before speaking again.
"I don't know why I was so mean today, everything was just annoying me" I wiped my hands on my face, trying to rid my cheeks of anymore tears. "I should have just told you I was in a bad mood, I'm sorry for being so terrible, you don't deserve that, not as Eddie, or as Daddy, or whatever name you see fit in those moments" I said with a soft giggle.
"There's my happy girl" He said smiling, his thumb brushing against my cheek. "I'm sorry you were having a bad day, and I'm sorry if making you sleep alone made it worse, but you gotta let me know what's going on in that head of yours okay?" He poked me on the forehead. "So I know what you need when you need it, especially if it's a punishment you're after"
I nodded, taking another deep breath, finally able to look him in the eyes. "I'll do better next time, I promise"
"Thank you baby, all I ask is that you try 'kay? I'll try to be better about it also, maybe a calmer approach next time" he leaned forward, giving me a soft kiss.
"Can you come up to bed with me?" I asked tentatively.
"Course baby" he said lowering his hands to tap his fingers again my butt.
Shifting back until my feet touched the floor I held my hand out for him until he took it, bringing him with me back up the stairs and into our room for the night. I hopped up onto the bed, a little giddy from the adrenaline of the nightmare, and excitement from being back with my safe space in the form of a human.
I wiggled in my seat, watching as Eddie shifted around the room, changing out of his shirt and jeans and into some sweat pants.
Holding both hands out towards him I opened and closed them quickly in a 'grabby hands' motion until he crawled under the blankets and pulled me against him until my head rested on his chest. My thigh coming up over his middle, calf situated in-between his legs. I sighed happily.
"Better sweet pea?" he mumbled into my hair.
I hummed in response, rubbing my cheek a little, nuzzling myself further into his skin. "S'much better Eds, thank you"
"No thanks needed, I hated sleeping without you"
"Oh yeah, I didn't have my mini professional wrestler sleeping next to me, kicking me in the thigh every 10 minutes"
I smacked him lightly on the chest. "I do not move that much!"
"You're asleep when you do it! How would you know hmm?"
"Because I just know" I said teasingly
"Yeah, yeah I bet you do. Get some rest will you? I don't want you to be a cranky baby again tomorrow"
"G'night Eds" I said sleepily, the calm sense of security washing over me as I felt my lids get heavy.
"Sweet dreams baby girl"
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eddiendee · 16 hours ago
Eddie's the type of boyfriend to just press his palm to your forehead and push you away when the make out session is getting more intense for you.
He always laughs at you, all sugar sweet and just a little condescending when you whimper and try to surge forward into another kiss. He'll let you have him for only a second longer before he pushes you away again, cooing out an Easy, sweetheart. I just wanna look at you. like you aren't about to combust if you don't get his tongue back in your mouth in the next five seconds.
Sometimes it only lasts a few (agonizing) moments, just long enough for him to study you in all of your lustful glory before he's satisfied. Other times, he's in the mood to see how desperate he can make you with a little bit of bullying-- loves to watch you squirm and whine when he's got everything you want just out of reach. The quick rise and fall of your chest and the glazed over look in your eyes is simply not enough.
No, these other times, he doesn't let you back in until you're pleading. Begging. Maybe even bargaining with him. You’d do anything, you sniffle all pathetic, practically crying for him Anything, Eddie, please I need you.
It's the way he groans into your mouth when you lick your way back in. The way his big, warm hands grasp at the plush of your thighs, finger tips digging in so hard that you might bruise-- showing you just how turned on he becomes at your desperation for him to give you anything-- that makes your suffering all worth it.
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seidenbros · 2 days ago
Happy Thursday! I hope your week has been going well so far :) I stumbled upon your writing recently and have become such a fan! Could I possibly request something with Eddie where he’s been frustrated by his crush lately because every dress and skirt she wears is driving him up a wall and it’s started to affect the Hellfire boys? Someone makes a comment that gives Dustin the idea to find him a girlfriend to mellow him out and he decides on the reader who he finds out shares some common interests without knowing she’s the source of the frustration and is now around Eddie even more which drives him crazy and some kind of fluffy, dramatic, happy ending? I’m so sorry if that makes no sense!
Happy... Sunday by now! I had a good week, how about you? Thank you so, so much for your kind words you wonderful person 🥺 It fills my heart with so much joy to read this! And this request is so, so good, and it fit so well with my idea for McFly's Obviously, because I'd been wanting to write for that song for weeks. This was the perfect opportunity. Now, I have to say, that I did not plan on making it so... sexual with a bit of pervy Eddie, but it kinda just happened? So... I hope this still works for you 💚
Requests are open | prompt lists for inspiration | Stranger Things Masterlist
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Female!Reader Word count: 5728 Warning/Tags: bit of angst, fluff, kinda friends to lovers, asshole ex boyfriend (who wanted to talk y/n into having sex with him), slightly perv!Eddie, mentions of masturbation, sexual fantasies (let me know if I missed anything)
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You had a boyfriend. A twenty-three year old named Thomas, who was in the Marines. A mean-looking, buff guy, who could probably kill Eddie with just one hand if he set his mind to it. Eddie had to remind himself, told himself that every day, because lately, you’d been driving him completely nuts.
It had started out as a light crush when he’d gotten to know you once the year had started. The way you’d talked to him without flinching away like some people did, when he’d introduced himself to you. You’d quickly let him know that you didn’t care about any rumours, that you’d rather get to know someone yourself, instead of relying on what other people said. He’d admired that mind set straight away. No wonder, he’d been glad when you’d been paired up for a project, and it had been the first project that he’d really poured his heart into - to impress you.
Only to find out at the end of this project, when he’d finally worked up the courage to ask you out, that you had a boyfriend. Fucking great. He should have known, because you were too perfect, completely out of his league. But when he’d seen your boyfriend… he hadn’t talked to you in two weeks. When you’d finally asked him about it, he’d told you that your boyfriend was kind of intimidating, telling you the truth. But you’d just laughed it off, had told him that he was silly, because Thomas wasn’t as mean as he looked. Still, Eddie tried to stay away from you whenever he was around.
He’d tried to steer away from you most of the time, but that didn’t help with his heart, because it still skipped a beat whenever he saw you. And lately, it’s become even worse. Because winter was over and spring was rather warm, so you started wearing skirts and dresses and Eddie… God, it was torture. Seeing all that soft skin and not being able to touch you because someone would probably chop his hands off - and his dick - made him nearly go insane. It would be easier for him, if he could just write you off, get you out of his mind, but he couldn’t. Because no other girl had caught his interest since you.
But he couldn’t have you. He wasn’t the kind of guy who ruined someone’s relationship, no matter his own feelings. Still, ever since you’d started wearing these dresses that ode up your thighs when you sat down or leaned over the table in the cafeteria to grab something, you’d been occupying his thoughts even more. Especially at night when he wanted to sleep, images of you filled his head and his hands started wandering. It was embarrassing, how often he’d jerked off to the thought of you. To the images of you in your tiny skirts, his mind reeling, because he wanted to stick his head beneath that skirt and show you how good he could make you feel…
But he couldn’t have you. And that was even more frustrating, because he couldn’t ask you out and let you break his heart by telling him that you didn’t want to go out with him. That might actually get you out of his head and his heart. But no, you were in a relationship with a guy you saw every couple of weeks, while Eddie was right in front of you and would lay the world at your feet.
“Earth to Eddie!” Dustin’s voice pulled him back to reality and Eddie blinked at the younger one. All eyes were on him, because he’d zoned out during their campaign again. The same had happened last week, so he’d told them what had been going on in his head. Not in detail, and he hadn’t told them who this was about, but they knew. Knew that he had a crush on this girl who was in a relationship, and he couldn’t get her out of his mind. He’d promised to focus the next time. That had worked out well.
“You thinking about her again?” Mike asked, looking him over. Eddie’s cheek turned red, because he’d rather keep that from the boys, but it was affecting their game. He either zoned out or he got irritated way too quickly.
“I’m sorry guys, it’s just…”
“She’s got a boyfriend and you can’t ask her out, we know.” Gareth sighed, rubbing a hand over his face. “You just need to get laid. Get her out of your system. Or at least go on a date and focus your attention on someone else.”
“Yeah, right…” Eddie scoffed. Like he hadn’t thought about that himself, but he couldn’t even think of asking someone else out, because it wouldn’t be fair. Because he would still keep thinking about you, compare her to you. A one night stand might be an option, but Eddie really didn’t feel like it, and that was something he’d never had before.
“There’s nothing to be done about this now, because even without a boyfriend, she’s out of my league… so, gentlemen, let’s get back to our game.”
Eddie managed to focus his attention on the rest of the game until they separated for the evening. Once in his trailer, the thoughts were back, the images of you as you smiled at him and gave him a little wave whenever you saw him.
The others watched him leave, then turned towards each other.
“We really need to do something. He’s not himself like this.” Jeff shook his head, crossing his arms over his chest.
“I know,” Lucas agreed, “He’s taking his frustration out on us and we’re not really progressing with the campaign like this.”
“Band practice is shit as well. He doesn’t play like he usually does, and curses himself all the time. No concentration whatsoever, and it’s more painful than it is fun to play with him at the moment.” Gareth sighed. It had really started to affect every aspect, so he knew how much of a goner Eddie was. They really had to do something about this.
“I might have an idea.” Dustin thought for a moment, before he looked back at the others again. “As long as you’re okay with letting a girl join the campaign.”
“What? Who are you talking about?” It was Mike who asked the question that was burning on everyone’s tongue.
“I told you about my neighbour? Y/N?”
“Yeah, the one who used to babysit you.” Lucas tilted his head to the side, wondering where this was going.
“Right. She still helps me with homework and stuff, and she even got into DnD, so I helped her with her character, taught her everything she needs to know, and she’s been wanting to play for… I don’t know how long.”
“And you think she could play with us. What’s that got to do with the Eddie situation?” Jeff looked at Dustin like he was speaking in riddles.
“We want someone to take Eddie’s mind off this mystery girl. A/N is conveniently a girl, and a pretty one at that. And a huge nerd, but hardly anyone knows. And she just dumped her boyfriend and could use some distraction as well.”
“That does sound promising,” Gareth agreed.
“And she likes Eddie. I mean, she doesn’t care about the rumours and whatnot, and she even asked me about him from time to time.”
“Alright. But we can’t tell Eddie about this. We just have to bring her to the next meeting.” Gareth was right, and Dustin knew that. He’d take care of that.
Sunday after their little chat, you were spending the afternoon with Dustin. His Mum was out of town, and you really liked spending time with him. He always had a way to make you laugh, and you could really use the distraction. You weren’t heartbroken, you wouldn’t say that, but after a year in a relationship, it was still strange to be all by yourself again now. Granted, Thomas had been away most of the time, but you’d talked on the phone. But lately… the age difference between you two had started to show, and there was something else. One thing that had pushed you to pull the plug on this relationship. When Thomas had pushed you one night to have sex with him, because he’d wanted it. But you… you’d been feeling sick for a couple of days, so you hadn’t been in the mood.
“If you were a good girlfriend, you’d let me fuck you!”
At first you’d thought that you hadn’t heard him correctly, but he’d repeated his words. That was the moment you’d thrown him out of your house and had called him the next day to dump him. The words that had left his mouth after that had only confirmed to you that it had been the right decision. After a few days of reflecting on it, you saw a few things differently that had happened in your relationship. Things that you’d thought had been normal, but now appeared in a different light. He’d always pushed you around a little, but you’d just been so in awe, over the moon that he’d been interested in you that you’d fallen into a relationship too quickly. You’d seen everything through rose-coloured glasses until that night. And now, you were happy that you’d gotten rid of him. And you started to be more yourself again, wore what you liked, and yes, you purposefully dressed up a little to feel good about yourself. 
“What would you say to a game of DnD?” Dustin asked out of the blue while you were preparing lasagna for dinner. You did that quite often, cooked together, or baked a cake. You were teaching Dustin stuff like that, because he was interested in it, and you had fun doing it.
“I’d like to test my knowledge one day. After all, you’ve been a pretty good teacher.” You smiled to yourself, because it had been great to listen to Dustin when he got so excited about something he loved. That had been the main reason why you’d gotten interested in the game in the first place.
“How about next week?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, we could use another player in this campaign, and I already told you about it. The others would love to get to know you! I told them that I taught you how to play.”
“Eddie as well?” Your heart skipped a beat at the thought of him. You’d liked him from the moment he’d introduced himself to you - which should have been the first indicator that your relationship with Thomas hadn’t exactly been the right thing, considering the tingles the simple touch of his hand had sent along your arm and down your spine. Lately, though, whenever you’d met his gaze, he’d had this kind of grim look on his face, before he quickly looked away.
“We haven’t told him yet, because we want to surprise him. Have that moment of surprise on our side, you know?” A lame excuse, but Dustin hoped that you wouldn’t ask any questions about this. “But I know you’ll get along. I mean, you both like the same things.”
Yes, you’d noticed that as well, considering you liked most of the bands that he was wearing on his vest, on the shirts he wore when he wasn’t wearing the Hellfire shirt. You read the same books, which you’d talked about when you’d done that assignment at the beginning of the year, so Dustin was right. You just didn’t know whether it was a good idea to just join them when Eddie had been behaving weird around you lately.
“Alright. But introduce me to the boys first, alright?”
“Hey, I wanted to introduce you to my friends ages ago!”
That much was true, and you already felt like you knew Mike and Lucas from everything Dustin had told you. But it was still different to meet them in person.
It was Tuesday, the boys were enjoying their lunch when Dustin spotted you.
“Y/N! Over here!” he called out getting not only your attention, but also Eddie’s, who completely froze in his movements, pretzel still wedged between his lips. He knew he wouldn’t be able to eat it now, because his mouth was going dry.
You’d already made him feel on edge when you’d walked into class this morning, wearing a thin top beneath that bib skirt that hit you just above the knee. His eyes had been glued to your thighs, his mind reeling, because he wanted to crawl beneath that table and push his head between the soft flesh of your thighs. It had been torture to get through the rest of the lesson, but now, he’d thought that he was safe - until you walked up to their table, skirt winging with every step.
Eddie gritted his teeth, eyes glued to the table to try and calm his racing heart. It was on thing to sit in the same classroom with you where you had to concentrate on the teacher - or at least pretend to - but another to sit here at their table with you.
“Hey Dustin!” you said when you stopped next to the table, letting your eyes wander over the rest, giving them a little wave. “Hey Eddie.”
“Hello there,” Eddie managed, looking up and giving you a curt smile.
“This is Y/N, she lives next to me and she’s known me… pretty much all my life.”
“Yeah, I know all his little secrets,” you said with a laugh, while Dustin and Gareth both made some room for you so you could sit down. “He’s been talking about you guys a lot, so it’s nice to finally meet you.” Apart from Eddie, because you already knew him. Feeling his gaze on you made your heart beat even faster.
While you talked to the others, Eddie couldn’t really follow. You were sitting here with them, looking like a goddamn goddess and he was supposed to stay calm? So, he kept his eyes down, only glanced at you now and then, felt his heart squeeze every time that he caught you smiling, wishing that this smile was aimed at him instead of something one of the guys had said. God, he was getting jealous of his friends, who weren’t interested in you like that. Pathetic.
He was glad when the bell rang and he’d made it through this torture, when you got up from the table again to leave. But you looked at him once more.
“You coming, Eddie? We’ve got English together now.” Your innocent smile made him swallow hard. Yeah, right, he was coming, but not to class. He had to get out of here and get you out of his system.
“Sorry, sweetheart, I’ve got some other business to attend to. I’ll see you tomorrow.” It wasn’t the first time that he skipped class, it was a normal occurrence actually, but this time, it wasn’t because he just didn’t want to spend his time in a room with people who couldn’t stand him, but because he was painfully hard in his jeans and had to get going.
The next Hellfire Club meeting rolled around and you were a little nervous. Dustin had reassured you that it would be great, and so had Jeff, because they were actually excited to play with you. That only left Eddie, who didn’t know yet what was gonna happen. They told you to wait outside the door until they called you.
“There you are. I thought you were gonna stand me, now that we’re approaching the end of this campaign!” Eddie was lounging on his throne, legs thrown over one of the armrests, as if he was trying to get comfortable there.
“We’d never do that!” Mike said immediately, approaching the table.
“Everyone here?” Eddie looked at each one of them, before he tilted his head to the side. “Where's Sinclair?”
“Yeah about that…” Mike started, rubbing the back of his neck. Lucas had been really busy with basketball, so that was a good excuse to give Eddie.
“He has this basketball thing, so he can’t make it.” Dustin provided, and it wasn’t even a lie. They had training and games all the time, so it had been hard for Lucas to juggle both, but he’d always tried. Today, though, it was just convenient to get you into that campaign.
“Yes, but we brought a substitute.”
“And you didn’t tell me that before? Does your substitute even know how to play?” This was off to a great start, and Eddie nearly wanted to scream. They’d been working towards their final session, and he’d poured his heart into everything only to be stood up by Lucas now.
“She does. I’ve been teaching her for some time now, and we always talked about the meetings, what happened here, so she’s in the loop.” Dustin was rather proud of that, and proud of you.
“She?” That caught Eddie’s attention even more, because hardly any girl was interested in DnD. “I can hardly say no, can I? You won’t make it alone. So bring her in you sneaky bastards.” They should have told him before tonight, but since he didn’t want to postpone - that had never happened and it wouldn’t start now - he’d just accept whatever player they brought in.
“Come on in,” Dusting called to you, and you took another deep breath before you walked through the door and towards the table.
“Y/N?!” Eddie pretty much squeaked as he tried to sit up, nearly falling from the chair in the process. His heart squeezed at the sight of you, hips swaying while you walked towards him. Were those leather pants that you were wearing? The Dio Shirt you were wearing caught his attention, especially with all the alterations you’d made, the low neckline that accentuated your cleavage. You were probably the last person he’d expected to see here.
“Hey Eddie… I hope it’s alright that I chip in for Lucas?” Insecurity shone in your eyes as you started chewing on your bottom lip - a telltale sign of how nervous you actually were. Eddie felt bad for a moment because of his reaction, so he quickly put on a smile and gestured towards the seats.
“Yes… sure… I mean… they can use the help I guess.” Nervous laughter escaped his lips as he smoothed a hand over his hair, sat upright in his throne. He wanted to put your mind at ease, while he knew that it wasn’t a good idea that you were here. Especially not when you were looking like this. Still, he’d never throw you out, could never bring himself to do that. Not when his heart was beating a mile a minute with you here, and he felt all warm and fuzzy.
And you surprised him. Dustin had really taught you well, and you proved valuable to the company. Eddie managed to keep his focus on what was going on - maybe because his thoughts didn’t need to drift off to you, because you were right here. But he also caught himself glancing at you more and more. At the way you whispered to the others, at the smile that made your whole face light up. Your laughter made him feel all warm and happy inside, and made him smile in turn. It was great that you were enjoying yourself, he was just happy that the others were around, since that put some distance between the two of you.
When you leaned over the table to retrieve your dice, though, he hoped that you’d taken the seat right next to him instead of across the table. Because when you did that, he could see right down your shirt at the black lace bra that covered breasts, and he couldn’t help the groan that came over his lips.
“You okay, Eddie?” Dustin asked, and Eddie was glad the room was dimly lit, so that hopefully nobody was able to see the blush that was staining his cheeks a dark pink.
“Yeah, but if you keep going into all kinds of rooms, we’ll either sit here until it’s three in the morning, or we’ll need another day.” That was a good excuse and one that nobody questioned, because they tended to explore everything sometimes and Eddie had to think of something, because you caught him off guard.
You ended up stopping the game at ten, because it was getting too late for the younger ones.
“Next week… Then we’ll see whether you’re able to win, or if you all die a painful death!” Eddie’s dramatic voice echoed through the room making you chuckle. He always had a thing for theatrics, and you loved it, because that was just so Eddie.
“Thank you for letting me join, I really had a blast!” you said to Eddie, once it was just the two of you and Dustin. “And I could really use the distraction.”
“You did really well!” Eddie slowly looked up at you, a smile on his lips. “Why did you need distraction?” Curiosity got the better of him, because he really wanted to know. And he especially wanted to know why you were spending your time here, when it was actually a weekend when Thomas was home - if he remembered correctly.
“You ready to leave?” Dustin interrupted before you were able to answer.
“Yes… sure!” You reached for your bag and dug out your car keys.
“Will you join us next week again?” Eddie drew your attention back to him, as he rocked back on his heels. While seeing you around made him go all kinds of crazy, because he wanted nothing more than to pull you against his chest and kiss the air from your lungs, he also enjoyed your company in something like this, something that he loved, and you apparently enjoyed as well. “You’re part of this campaign now. Wouldn’t be fair to leave them to fight alone now.”
“I’ll be there, Munson,” you said with a laugh before you left with Dustin for the evening, leaving Eddie looking after you, eyes fixed on your butt that looked way too good in these leather pants.
The next week, you end up sitting with the guys every day, and Eddie is awfully quiet. You noticed that, because he was usually so talkative, but with you around, he seemed to become quieter. Of course, you hoped that it had nothing to do with you, but you couldn’t shake the feeling. It was never quiet at the table, though, because there was constant chatter about this and that, and also about Friday night when you would beat Eddie.
“Right, y/n?” Dustin said, pulling you back from your thoughts.
“Of course!” A bright smile appeared on your lips. You hadn’t thought that you’d have so much fun playing DnD with them, but you did, and you really found yourself looking forward to this evening.
After school Eddie waited for you at your car, surprising you with his appearance while he hadn’t said a word to you during lunch break.
“Is… everything alright?” You asked him, stopping right in front of him.
“Yeah… yeah,” he hesitated for a moment, rubbing a hand over the back of his neck, before he held his hand out to you. “That’s for you.”
Curiously, you took what he was holding out to you and unfolded it. It was a Hellfire Club shirt.
“Are you serious?” Your voice was quiet, almost down to a whisper as your fingers traced over the writing on the shirt.
“Since you’re gonna fight along with the others, I thought you deserved your own shirt.” Eddie shrugged his shoulders, an uncertain smile on his lips, but when you hugged him close, he let out a sigh of relief. “You like it?”
“I love it!” You squeezed him even tighter, your breasts pressed against his chest, and Eddie tried to compose himself, though he would try his best to remember this feeling until he was alone again. His hands landed on your waist, holding your in place, while you weren’t letting go of him. “This is so sweet, thank you!” You pulled back slightly, to press your lips to his cheek before you stepped away from him.
“You.. You’re welcome!” That kiss had taken him completely off-guard.He pulled a strand of hair in front of his face to hide the blush that was creeping up his neck to his cheeks. “And… um… Thomas won’t mind that you’re spending your time with some teenagers on a Friday night?”
You stopped in your movements, kept the door of your car open, while you turned back around to Eddie. Yeah you’d told him about your boyfriend when you’d gotten to know each other better, because it had slipped out, but you didn’t think that he’d remember. You’d wanted to answer his question last Friday, had wanted to tell him about this, but Dustin had interrupted.
“That’s none of his business anymore,” you said, leaning against your car, a small smile on your lips. “Dumped him, so that was why I could use the distraction last Friday.”
“Oh…” Eddie’s face fell, but was quickly replaced with a smile of his own. He didn’t mean to, but he couldn’t help it, because that meant that this scary Marine guy wasn’t a part of your life anymore, and that he might someday have a chance with you. At least now, he could try. “I’m sorry… Are you okay? Did he do something?” Not that Eddie would be able to take him in a fist fight, but he knew ways to make this guy’s life hell.
“Yeah, I am. Friday really helped me, and even before that I knew that I was better off without him.” You shrugged your shoulders. Seeing him so concerned about you made your heart skip a beat. “He was… kind of demanding. Called me a shitty girlfriend for not wanting to fuck him while I was sick in bed, just because he was horny.”
“Excuse me?!” It was half because of what you had told him about your ex boyfriend, half because of the fact that you were talking about your sexlife with him at all.
“Don’t get me wrong, I like sex as much as the next person, but now when I’ve thrown up half the day and every bone hurts.”
“Yeah… understandable. What a dick!” God, Eddie wanted to shake him and punch some sense into that guy. “He should take care of you in a situation like that, and not think that he could get it. Unbelievable.”
“Thank you!” Finally someone who understood you, but then you realised just what you’d told him and you felt your neck start to burn from the embarrassment. “Sorry, that’s too much information.”
“No, don’t worry!” It was actually good that he knew. Knew about your ex-boyfriend, about the way he’d treated you, and knew that you liked sex as much as the next person. He’d really like to find out what exactly you meant with that.
“Anyway…” You heaved a sigh but smiled at him once more. “I’ll see you tomorrow. And thank you again for this.” You held up the shirt, but you didn’t only mean that, you meant the whole conversation, because it had been good to say these things out loud.
“See you tomorrow.” Eddie gave you a little wave before he turned around and headed straight home. Oh, you had no idea how much you’d fueled his fantasies, and it was probably better this way.
Not even half an hour in, and everyone was yelling during the campaign. You were wearing your own Hellfire Club shirt for this occasion, because you were now one of them. They’d accepted you, especially because they’d realised how much… calmer Eddie seemed to be in your presence. Dustin was glad that his plan had worked, considering how Eddie looked at you, and you looked at him. There was serious chemistry, they’d watched that during your lunch breaks all week, so they’d come up with a plan. It had cost them quite some money, but it had been worth it to hopefully see both of you happy.
You had even more fun than last week, enjoyed your time with the boys, and especially with Eddie, who you found looking at you with a gentle smile on his lips every now and then. It had taken you until half past nine to finish the campaign, but you won, and none of you had died. That definitely called for a celebration, and you promised to meet up at the Hideout the next day, because Corroded Coffin were playing there. You’d have all evening to celebrate instead of just half an hour or an hour today, especially because Mike and Dustin were off to meet up with Lucas.
“Oh yeah, before I forget…” Gareth walked up to you and Eddie, since you were the only ones left now. He handed you an envelope with a grin. “So you can go on your first date together instead of just staring at each other when the other one’s not looking.”
Before any of you could react, Gareth turned around and left. Eddie was too stunned to speak, cheeks turning red immediately, while you stared down at the envelope, curious to know what was in there. When you pulled two Dio tickets out of it, you gasped.
“No fucking way!” you breathed, let your fingertips graze over the lettering. You’d tried everything to get your hands on tickets, but you hadn’t been able, and here these guys had somehow gotten two tickets for you and Eddie. By now, he’d been able to compose himself and was now leaning over your shoulder.
“Fucking hell!” Eddie mumbled close to your ear, sending a shiver down your spine as you realised how close he was, his chest touching your shoulder. Slowly, you turned around to face him, holding up the tickets.
“So… what do you say, Munson? Is it a date?” The way the corner of your lips turned up made him nearly sigh.
“Do you really need to ask?” Eddie couldn’t help the laugh that escaped his lips. He pushed his hair back from his face, the tension easing out of his shoulders because of the way you were looking at him. “I’ve been wanting to ask you on a date ever since we met!”
Your whole face crumbled. He had what now? He’d never breathed a word about this, and you’d never suspected it, completely oblivious to everything.
“When I nearly had the courage, you told me that you had a boyfriend.”
“Right.” Thomas… yeah, back then you’d still been happy, but that way you’d felt around Eddie had still confused you, because it hadn’t been right, not while you’d been in a relationship.
“So I kept quiet… but God, you’ve been occupying my mind all this time.” Eddie shook his head, because he didn’t actually want to confess all this to you, but the words just kept pouring out. “And ever since you started wearing all these short skirts and dresses… I don’t think there was a moment when I didn’t think of you. These were driving me completely insane!”
You had the audacity to chuckle.
“It’s not funny, y/n!” But Eddie still smiled, baring his soul here to you, because now that he’d started, there was no stopping.
“So you noticed that.”
“Of fucking course I noticed! Everyone with eyes in their heads probably noticed! I felt like a perv looking at you, but I couldn’t look away either, and the images you put in my head… You were the reason for me skipping school now and then!” He didn’t have to say out loud what he meant with that, because you could imagine it. And you couldn’t deny the fact that it turned you on, knowing that you’d had that effect on him, because he’d occupied your thoughts and dreams as well.
“I started dressing like this after I broke up with Thomas. It made me feel good about myself, and I needed that. To feel… desired I guess.”
“Oh, honey, believe me… it worked.” Eddie chuckled, but that died down when he felt your hand reaching for his. Your fingers interlaced with his made him feel like his whole skin was tingling.
“So…” You slowly raised your head to look up at him, pulled your bottom lip between your teeth for a moment, before you released it again. “About that date…”
“Yes! What kind of question is that even?” Eddie chuckled, feeling like the happiest man in the world right now. It had taken you months to get here, and he hadn’t even been the one to ask you out, but he didn’t care. All that mattered was that you would be going on a date. He’d definitely have to thank the club for this.
“Just thought I’d make sure.” Your laughter died down, when Eddie squeezed your hand, raised his free hand to pinch your chin to make you look up at him, before his lips came down on yours. He wasn’t ready to wait until that concert to kiss you. He needed that now, needed to make sure that this was really happening, needed to taste you.
When you felt his tongue prod against your lips, you opened up to him, moaning into the kiss as you let go of his hand to wrap your arms around him, tangling your fingers in his hair at the nape of his neck. Eddie pulled you close, his tongue exploring your mouth, giving as much as he was receiving from you.
When you pulled away, you were both breathless, still holding onto each other, lips mere inches away. Eddie smiled against your lips, raising one hand to cup your cheek.
“I think we owe these little dipshits thanks. Thank them for pulling you in as a substitute and for the tickets.”
“Mhm… You got a point.” You mumbled, leaning your forehead against his, fingertips dancing over the back of his neck, leaving goosebumps in their wake. “But that can wait until tomorrow, right?”
“Right…” Eddie whispered before he kissed you again. Now, that he had you, he wouldn’t let you go that quickly.
Tumblr media
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I just randomly remembered this one tiktok I saw & instantly thought of Eddie.
note: this is a gender neutral reader headcanon <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was an understatement saying that you were simply teased in school.
Being called a 'freak' or being consistently called out on your style or behaviour happened almost everyday — especially in one of your regular classes.
You found yourself dreading the day even before it even started.
Glancing at the clock, listening to the soft tick-tocking, trying to distract yourself from the silenced chuckles from the students sitting behind you.
You kept your face hidden in the pages of your notebook, wishing that time would hurry up or that the world would smaller you up whole so you could leave.
However, sooner or later, you heard footsteps approaching where you were, and you were surrounded by the same people who relentlessly teased you everyday.
You wanted to try everything you could, all you wanted was to drown yourself in your own thoughts, to cover your eyes with your hands until they left.
That was until, the so-called 'school freak', Eddie Munson, walked past the classroom door peeking through before locking eyes with you.
To the others, you and Eddie had never spoken to each other, as you found yourself around different groups of friends. 
And although you shared a few classes together here and there, conversations were a feeble thing between the two of you.
His eyes glanced at the people standing around you, sending them one of his signature death glares before watching in pure bliss as they walked back to their places.
You smiled to yourself, mentally thanking the boy for saving you.
Little did they know, you and the metal-head had been previously making out in one of the many secluded corridors of the school building — ring-adorned hands lingering on your waist and mouths exploring each other.
Pressed up against the wall, moaning softly at the feeling of Eddie's lips attacking both your jaw and your neck.
And in that moment, you could finally realise that life wouldn't be so bad, as long as you had Eddie.
Tumblr media
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keeryshouse · 2 days ago
hello anna how are you??? I hope your well, I was wondering if you could write something along the lines of reader helping steve or eddie shave and accidentally cutting them(not badly ofc) and reader feeling really bad so steve or eddie comforts them?
kinda in the mood for comfort ngl. <3
hi!! i’m good :) i went with eddie for this one, hope u like it! | 0.7k words and lots of fluff
You woke up to kisses being planted across your face. Quick pecks on your cheeks, forehead, nose, eyelids. You try to squirm away from them, because you’re awfully ticklish in the morning and he knows it.
“Morning, sweets.”
He keeps his kisses going, and you manage to stop giggling long enough to say, “that tickles.”
He flops down beside you, leaning up on an elbow to look at you, his free hand running up and down your arm softly. The sunlight filtering in through the window leaves a glow surrounding him, like a halo.
“Sleep good?”
“Yeah until some guy woke me up.”
He gasps, acting surprised. “No! Who?”
“‘Dunno. Long hair, kinda messy. Really pretty eyes,” you smile at him. “Ringing any bells?”
“Hmm, don’t think so. Sounds real sexy, though.”
You smack his shoulder in jest, “maybe if his face wasn’t so prickly.”
“You saying it’s time for a shave, babe?”
Your hand reaches out to touch his face. Trailing across his cheeks and chin and upper lip. He lets you, enjoying your skin on his, the intimacy of it all. He’ll never get sick of waking up next to you.
“Yeah. Can I do it?”
“You wanna do it for me?”
“Yup. C’mon.”
You shoot up out of bed, nothing but a pair of underwear and one of Eddie’s band tees covering you, and head to the bathroom. The two of you own your own trailer now, not far from uncle Wayne’s and it’s perfect. It may be small, but it has everything you need.
He can see into the doorway of the bathroom from the bed, and he watches you grab his shaving cream and his razor from the cupboard. It’s cute, he thinks, that you want to help him with something so mundane.
You also set out some small towels, then peek your head out of the doorway, “Eddie, come on!”
He just laughs, and pulls himself out of bed. He makes his way to the bathroom and grabs your hips, lifting you to sit on the counter next to the sink. You squeal in surprise when he does, but he muffles the sound with a kiss.
You kiss him back, but not for too long. “Okay, okay. Let me do this.”
First, you use the hair elastic that’s on your wrist to put Eddie’s hair back and out of his face in a low bun. Your fingers run through his hair as you do it, and he just watches you with the softest gaze he has. It’s reserved for you.
You start by running your hands under the tap, then using them to wet Eddie’s face. You spread the shaving cream and laugh when he tries to nudge your hand so you get it on yourself, too.
It all goes well. He moves his face when you tell him to and tells you you’re doing a good job each time you rinse off the razor.
It all goes well until you accidentally nick his cheek and it starts to bleed.
“Oh my god. Eddie, I’m so sorry.”
“Babe, it’s fine.”
You felt so bad. You know that this happens when shaving all of the time, hell, you’ve done it to yourself countless times. But, he trusted you and you hate that you hurt him. Even if it’s minor.
“No, no. I’m sorry. You’re bleeding.”
“Stop that. It’s okay.”
He finishes shaving by himself, letting you stay close and calm down in the silence. He’s not upset with you at all. If anything, he’s upset that you’re upset. You don’t need to feel bad and he wishes he could take all of your negative thoughts away.
When he’s done, a small bandaid on his cheek, he grabs your face in his hands. “Babe. Sweetheart, stop beating yourself up, it’s nothing.”
“I really am sorry, Eds,” you look down, your hands fidgeting in your lap. “You probably shouldn’t let me do that again.”
He tilts your face up once more, “stop that. It’s okay.”
You know it’s silly to be so upset with yourself, but that’s how you are, and he knows it. That’s why he knows how to reassure you so well, to keep his hands on you and ground you.
He nods at you, “okay. How ‘bout some breakfast, then?”
You nod back, and he kisses you. It’s soft, and careful, a languid dance that tells you ‘i’m not mad’ and ‘i love you.’
When you pull back, he helps you down from the counter and holds your hand, tugging you to the kitchen.
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irongirljedi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sunflower Girl
Eddie Munson x Female Reader
Author’s note- hola my ghouls and Gremlins. This is something I’ve had up my sleeve for a bit and I finally think it’s ready for you all to see. I really hope you enjoy it. 5.8k words
WARNINGS- foul language maybe, drug mention like once, fluff. Uses y/n like twice I think.
Summary- when Eddie meets his flowery neighbor and starts hanging out with her, he doesn’t think he can picture a life without her.
Eddie Munson woke up just like every other day with the sun streaming into his room as his alarm clock rang out. He turned over and smacked a hand on it in an attempt to ignore it and go back to sleep until he hear’s the voice of his uncle ring out.
“Eddie you best be getting your ass up or you’re gonna be late!”
He groans and rolls out of bed. Looking through the pile of clothes on the ground he finds and old Megadeth t-shirt and some jeans that don’t smell too bad. He then throws on his leather jacket and center point of all his outfits, his battle vest.
He manages to find his lunchbox with his “supplies” for the day and grabs the keys to his van. He bids goodbye to his uncle and opens the door prepared to face the smells of a shitty trailer park and manure.
The smell doesn’t hit him however. In fact as soon as he steps outside he’s hit with an almost overwhelmingly pleasant smell that he can’t quite place. He looks around for a moment before looking at the trailer a few doors down. The entire outside is covered in various blooming flowers and plants and as he takes another whiff he just knows the smell is emanating from that trailer.
He stands there for a moment basking in the smell before he decides to walk a bit closer to the trailer. The closer he gets the more careful he is with his steps so as not to crush the flowers.
He bends down and takes a look at some particularly bright peonies. He takes one gently in his hand (but he doesn’t pluck it) and bends down further to sniff it closely. It smells so nice that he closes his eyes briefly.
“They mean love you know”
The sudden voice makes him jump back accidentally ripping the flower from the ground. As he stumbles back and collects himself he looks up towards the trailer in front of him to find you. His new-ish neighbor that he hasn’t gotten to know.
The sudden voice makes him jump back accidentally ripping the flower from the ground. As he stumbles back and collects himself he looks up towards the trailer in front of him to find you. His new-ish neighbor that he hasn’t gotten to know.
“I’m sorry. What?”
You take a step down from the trailer door, wrapped in your cardigan holding a mug of coffee as you walk towards Eddie. You point to the flower in his hand.
“The peony. It means love.”
“I didn’t know flowers had meaning.”
“They all do.”
He looks down at the flower in his hand and twists it between his fingers momentarily. He then reaches it out towards you.
“Sorry about the flower.”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ve got plenty.”
You still take it from his hand and bring it up to your face where you sniff it briefly and smile. You then turn to look at Eddie. You walk a bit closer and tuck it into his hair.
“What are you doing?”
“It looks good on you. Munson right?”
His face turns a bit red as you adjust the flower in his hair and he realizes you asked his name.
“Uh yeah yes. Eddie. Eddie Munson.”
“Nice to meet you Eddie.” You back away from him a few steps after placing the flower in his hair. You then bring the mug in your hands up to your lips and take a sip. “I’m y/n.”You reach out a hand to shake his. He returns the gesture.
As soon as your fingertips touch it's like a jolt of electricity through both of your bodies that makes you both jump and smile. When Eddie retracts his hand his cheeks are bright red as he looks down at his feet. You look down at your coffee and clear your throat. Eddie looks back up at the surrounding flowers and points towards a cluster of light blue flowers. “How about those? What are those?”
“Those are Hydrangeas.”
“What do they mean?”
You walk over to the Hydrangeas and bend over to sniff them. “They mean unity. Being together.”
“Are all flowers so sweet?”
“No but the ones I grow usually are.”
He walks over to where you’re standing and he bends over to sniff them. “They’re pretty.”
“I’m sure if they were sentient they would say thank you.”
“Ummmm aware. Awake. If they had a sense of awareness.”
“Ah. So what’s with all the flowers? It’s not bad or anything. Just not many people in the park are exactly out here with a green thumb.”
“You know the flower shop that just opened in town? By Melvalds?”
“Oh yeah. My friend's mom works down at Melvalds. I think I saw something about a shop opening up down there.”
“Well I work there.”
“Oh so your whole life is flowers.”
“Pretty much.”
Eddie looks down at his watch and realizes he’s running super super late now. And if he plans on graduating this year he better get his ass to class.
“Well flower girl you’ll have to teach me more about all these flowers of yours sometime. I’ll see you around okay.”
“It was nice to meet you, Munson.”
You give him a tiny wave as you watch him run to his van and drive off into the distance. Turning on your heel you walk back into your trailer and ready yourself for a day at the shop.
Eddie made his way to school and walked into first period about 45 minutes late. He takes his seat next to Jeff. Jeff is focused on the lesson at the front of the class and writes something in his notebook.
Eddie grabs his notebook and opens it to a blank page and realizes he doesn’t have anything to write with. Turning to Jeff he taps him on the shoulder.
“Psst. Jeff.”
Jeff doesn’t look up from his notebook instead he gives a slight “hrmph” in return as he attempts to keep his focus on the lesson.
“Pssssssssssssst. Jeff. You got a pencil I can borrow?”
Jeff sighs and reaches into his pencil case and grabs a spare pencil and turns to hand it to Eddie but stops in his tracks the second he sees him. Jeff leans into Eddie and whispers.
“Eddie what the fuck is that?”
“What is what?”
Jeff uses the pencil in his hand to point to the flower that rests in Eddie’s curls.
“That. The flower.”
Eddie reaches a hand up to the flower in his hair and untangles it from his curls. When he removes the flower he looks at it in his hand and twirls it.
“Oh, a girl gave it to me.”
Jeff raises a brow. “A girl? Gave you a flower?”
Eddie is about to answer when the teacher suddenly stops the lesson.
“Jeff, Mr Munson. Is there something we’d like to share with the class.”
Eddie turns to face the front of the room after grabbing the pencil out of Jeff’s hand.
“No Ms O’Donnel.” Eddie and Jeff say in sync. Turning their attention back to the lesson.
Eddie spends the rest of the lesson trying his absolute best to focus on what Ms O’Donnel was saying but finds his mind drifting back to the little peony that sits upon his desk. His thoughts couldn’t help but swirl with thoughts of how good you smelled. How good your entire trailer smelled. How pretty you looked as you walked up to him in your little cardigan. How sweet you sounded explaining the flowers to him.
Eddie looks down at his fingers and swears he can almost feel the tingle of electricity he felt when he touched your hand. He hoped he’d get to talk to you again.
By the time Eddie got to lunch the little peony had found its way into his lunchbox for safe keeping. It rested on the little baggie of “supplies” he kept with him.
As Eddie sat at the head of the table the sound of the hellfire boys talking seemed to drown out with the rest of the sounds of the cafeteria as Eddie thoughts clouded with you yet again.
“See guys I told you.” Jeff says as he points at Eddie. “He’s been like this all day.”
Eddie finally looks up from his lunchbox and realizes the entire club is sitting there staring at him. “What?”
Gareth takes a sip of his drink and then laughs. “Jeff says you were wearing a flower crown today.”
Eddie turns to look at Jeff with a raised eyebrow and Jeff begins to sputter out an explanation.
“That’s not what I said, I said a girl gave Eddie a flower and he’s been weird about it all day.”
Eddie digs into a bag and pulls out a pretzel and flicks it at Jeff. “I have not been weird about it.”
Dustin pipes up. “You haven’t said a word all lunch period Eddie. That’s really weird behavior for you. I mean I thought hell would have to freeze over for you to shut up.”
Eddie huffs out a sarcastic laugh. “You’re all insufferable, you know that. So what if I’ve been thinking about her a bit. She’s interesting is all.”
The boys put their hands up in defeat and move the subject on to discussing the next part of their campaign and Eddie tries his best to listen and contribute to the conversation. He really does. But his mind just keeps drifting back to that little flower sitting in his lunchbox.
Eddie didn’t see you for a few days after that. Each morning he hoped he’d see you outside your trailer but he didn’t. Each morning though he’d walk over to your trailer just to smell the flowers. He already knew which ones he was going to ask about next.
When he does see you it’s on a Friday night when he was pulling in the trailer park after a session with hellfire. The sun had gone down and you were out in front of your trailer in a pair of shorts and a tank top with your hair up in a ponytail.
You were walking carefully through the flowers with a watering can. As you walked through the flowers you gently examined them with your fingers to see which ones could use more water and which ones were perfectly hydrated. You hadn’t noticed Eddie approaching you.
“Hey flower girl.”
His voice makes you jump and drop the watering can.
“Sorry” he puts his hands up. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”
You give a slight chuckle and bend down to pick up the watering can.
“Hi Eddie.” You give him a slight smile.
“It’s a bit late to be watering flowers isn’t it?”
“It helps me relax. Clear my head.”
“Ah. I see the peonies are looking rather *love*ly”
You give a light giggle and Eddie feels something flutter in his chest.
“So what can I do for ya Munson?”
“Oh nothin just figured I’d come see what you were up to. Maybe learn about some more flowers.”
“Yeah why wouldn’t I?”
“Well not many people are interested to learn about my flowers is all. Most people just stomp on them or pluck them without asking.”
“Well not me. You got me all interested.”
Eddie walks over to some yellow orangish flowers and bends down to gently pet them and give them a whiff. “Tell me about these. You follow his lead and bend down next to him.
“These are Chrysanthemums. A mouthful I know. They mean Joy.”
“Chris ant the mom?”
You actually laugh this time and Eddie knows he’s in for a rough ride when he feels his entire chest tighten. He takes a moment to observe your smile and commit it to memory.
“Chrysanthemum” you repeat slowly.
“Chrysanthemum” Eddie finally gets it right and you smile at him.
He stands fully and you do the same. You walk over to the steps of your trailer and he follows suit. You both take a set on the steps as you look at the flowers that surround your trailer. He looks over at you.
“Which flowers are your favorite?” He says as he nudges your arm.
“My favorites of the ones I have here or my favorite flower in general?”
“Ummm both I guess?”
You think on it for a moment. “Well my favorite of the flowers I have here are my Carnations. They’re the light pink ones over there. They mean fascination. But my favorite flowers in general are sunflowers.”
Eddie looks around the trailer and realizes there are no sunflowers.
“If they're your favorite why don’t you have any?”
“I haven’t found a place where I want to grow them yet. I need to find the perfect spot where they’ll get the sunshine and love they deserve. My favorites deserve the best.”
“I get that”
You look over at Eddie sitting next to you and you can’t help but appreciate that someone has shown an interest in your flowers. You’ve never had someone, especially a boy. Be so interested in what you do.
“So Munson. Mind telling me why you’re out here so late?”
“Oh. Uh yeah I was at this club I run at school. It’s called Hellfire. You might have heard of it in the newspapers and stuff.”
“Oh yeah they said you were in some cult or something. I never read that trash written by the Hawkins post though. All those newspaper guys are full of shit.”
“Yeah it’s not a cult though I promise. We’re just a bunch of people who play a game.”
“What do you do in this game?”
“You really wanna know?”
“Well if you’re nice enough to ask about my flowers I figure I can return the favor and learn about your game.”
“Well we use dice and we fight with them. We go on adventures and fight demons and dragons and mythical beings.”
“Sounds like a lot of fun.”
“Yeah. Doesn’t sound very cult-like to me like they said on the news. You’re actually not at all like what they described on the news a few months ago.”
“Yeah I was pretty surprised you even spoke to me the other morning. Most people wouldn’t have.”
“Well lucky for you Munson I’m not most people. You’re welcome over here anytime. Speaking of which, would you like to come in for a drink? I have soda, water, and beer. Whichever tickles your fancy.”
“I’ll take a beer if that’s alright with you.”
You stand from the steps and open the door to your trailer. As Eddie follows you into your trailer he looks around. You don’t own much and the place is much tidier than his own. He almost didn’t know a trailer could look so clean.
He spots a small 2 person couch under a window and he goes to take a seat. Sitting on the couch he waits for you to come back from the kitchen where you’ve grabbed 2 beers. You hand him one and then take a seat next to him on the couch.
You turn on the small tv in front of you but you keep the volume low.
“So Eddie you’re still in highschool?”
“Yeah” he looks a bit embarrassed. “I’m what the kids call a “super senior” this is my third year. But I’m gonna do it this year really I am….if I pass Ms O’Donnel’s English class.``
“Oh. Well everyone learns at their own pace. Don’t let it get to you Eddie. You’ll do it.”
“How about you? You in college or anything? You look pretty young.”
“No, I'm not in school. Graduated Hawkins about a year ago and when I told my parents I didn’t want to go to college they kicked me out. Now I live here and grow my flowers.”
“Wow they kicked you out?”
“Yeah. Said flowers couldn’t be my whole life. Wanted me to get a real career and when I said I’d only to go college if I could major in botany they laughed in my face.”
“Well I think you woulda made a great Botaniast.”
“Botanist you mean.”
“Yeah that. You’re pretty smart, you know.”
“Thanks Eddie.”
“You know my trailer gets pretty good sunlight. Could be a good place to grow your sunflowers.”
“You’d let me grow my sunflowers in front of your trailer?”
“Let you? I mean hell it’d really brighten up the place.”
“How about we strike a deal munson. If I can grow my sunflowers in front of your trailer….I’ll tutor you in English so that you graduate this year.”
Eddie is taken aback. He doesn’t understand why you would do that for him.
“You’d help me with my English and all you want in return is to grow some sunflowers outside my trailer? Sweetheart, that's not how you make deals.”
“I don’t know Munson, it seems like a pretty even trade to me.”
He reaches his hand out to yours and you accept. Sealing the deal.
You and Eddie plan to meet on Monday afternoon after school so you could plant the seeds for your sunflowers and then when you’re done you can go inside and tutor him.
You get to his trailer a little bit early before he gets home from school and you pick out the perfect places to plant them.
Grabbing the bag full of seeds and begin to spread them about laying them where you’ll want to bury them. As you’re laying them out you can hear the sound of Eddie approaching due to the sound of the music blaring from his van. You continue going about your tasks until he steps out of the van and approaches you.
“Hey flower girl.”
“Hey Eddie. I’ll be done in a bit and then I’ll come inside and we can get started.”
“Nah nah nah.” He takes off his jacket and vest and throws it on the porch beside him. “That’s not how this deal works. Come on, I'm gonna help you plant them.”
“You really wanna help me?”
“Well yeah.”
Eddie kneels on the ground next to you and grabs a handful of seeds out of the bag.
“Okay Eddie. You’re gonna plant them no more than an inch beneath the surface and try to make them about 6 inches apart at least. We don’t want them too close.”
“I think I can do that.”
You and Eddie stay on the ground for a bit planting the seeds where you see fit. Every once in a while you and Eddie steal glances at one another and you can’t help but feel your heart swell as you watch Eddie help you plant the flowers. As Eddie steals glances at you he can’t help but wonder how someone can look so beautiful while covered in dirt.
It doesn’t take very long to plant and water the seeds and when you’re done Eddie brings you into his trailer and you both drink a glass of water after the hard work you’ve done. Since it’s the first time you’re in his trailer you take a moment to observe your surroundings.
You take note of the many mugs and baseball caps that line the walls. You also notice a folded up mattress in the corner.
“Who’s the man I see that lives here with you Munson?”
“Oh that’s my uncle Wayne. He works down at the plant.”
“Ah I see.” You take another sip of your water and then set it down on the table and clap your hands together. “So Eddie, are you ready to study?”
He sighs. “Ready as I’ll ever be. Here we can study in my room.” He says as he picks up his glass of water and walks towards his room. Once there he sits on the edge of the bed and waits for you. You follow pretty quickly and copy him. Sitting on the edge of his bed.
“So what are you studying right now? Let’s start there.”
“Well right now we’re reading A Midsummer Night's Dream.”
“Oh I loved that one.”
He reaches over to his bedside table and pulls out the book that was assigned to him. You move closer to him on the bed and grab the book out of his hand.
“Okay Eddie, what do you know about it so far?”
“Absolutely nothing sweetheart.”
“Okay well then we have a blank slate to start with. How about we start reading it together.”
You move right next to him and open the book to the first page and start reading. Eddie is thoroughly entertained when you start doing a male voice for Theseus.
“Now, fair Hippolytus, our nuptial hour draws on apace.” Eddie tries to focus on your voice as you begin to read to him but all his focus moves to the way your mouth moves when you read the words and with having you so close all he can smell is the intoxicating smell of flowers. He fights himself and determines himself to focus on what you’re actually saying and finds he can actually listen to you.
As you spend the night reading through the chapters and quizzing Eddie to make sure he’s been paying attention you find that Eddie can be pretty smart when he puts his mind to it. A lot smarter than he gives himself credit for. You can’t help the way your stomach flips when he takes notes and sticks his tongue out when he’s really focused. Or the way your heart speeds up when he gets a question right and gives you a wide smile.
You and Eddie fall into a routine over the next 3 months where you come over after school to check on the growing sunflowers and then you tutor Eddie. The end of the school year is nearing and you find yourself confident that Eddie will graduate.
You put on your cardigan and grab your watering can and exit your trailer once you see Eddie’s van pulling up. It’s the second to last week of school and you don’t really need to be tutoring him anymore but it’s turned from just tutor sessions to you two hanging out.
As Eddie exits his van and meets you by the flowers he gives you a big wave and a smile. Even after 3 months Eddie’s smile still manages to take your breath away. It’d grown increasingly harder day by day to ignore your growing feelings for him but you just weren’t sure if he felt the same way you did.
“Hey Ed’s.”
“Hey sunflower.”
“How are my babies looking today?”
“Looking as beautiful as ever. I think they’ll bloom any day now.”
You walk over to each of the sunflowers and pour just a little bit of water on the surrounding ground. Eddie watches as you do so. It always baffles him as to just how bright your presence is. It hadn’t taken him long to come up with the nickname sunflower for you. Your presence in his life was just that bright.
As you stand fully and turn to Eddie you see his gaze upon you and it makes you blush slightly and you hope he doesn’t notice.
“Hey sunflower.”
“Yeah Ed’s?”
“I actually wanted to ask you something.”
“And what did you want to ask me?”
“Well you know my hellfire club?”
“Yeah. Why?”
“Well since I’m graduating we’re having a little farewell campaign and what not and some of the guys wanted to meet you. Was wondering if you would come this Friday. You wouldn’t have to play or anything but they kind of made me this whole going away campaign and apparently you’re in it.”
“Awe that’s so sweet. I’d love to come.”
“Of course. I can’t wait to meet them. I’m gonna make everyone something for it actually. You said Friday right?”
“Yup Friday.”
“I’ll be ready by Friday.”
The two of you go into Eddie’s trailer and instead of studying the two of you just smoke and watch a movie on the tv. This isn’t the first time you two had hung out like this but it did raise a question. If Eddie didn’t need tutoring anymore. What were these hangout sessions exactly? Eventually the flowers would bloom and the deal would officially be over. What would happen to you two then?
Eddie couldn’t help but wonder about this as you sat next to him on the couch. He’d enjoyed the time he spent with you so much and he didn’t want to lose that. Lose you. Little did he know you felt the same way.
On Friday afternoon when it came time for you to head to the school you gathered your gifts for the boys and got into your car to drive to the school. By the time you got there the parking lot was mostly empty except for Eddie’s van and a few other cars. You decide to park next to Eddie.
Eddie told you where the room was and how to get there so once you get into the building you find the theatre room with relative ease. You knock on the door before opening it to enter and when you do you see the room is set up and very detailed.
You see Eddie sitting at the other end of the room on a throne. And he’s wearing a brilliant smile as he waves to you. You see 8 other people in the room just as Eddie had told you. 7 boys and one girl. All of which are looking at you in awe.
Eddie stands from his throne and walks over to where you’re standing by the door. He grabs you by the hand and pulls you further into the room and closes the door behind you.
“Everyone this is y/n. Y/n this is hellfire!”
“Nice to meet you everyone.”
They all say hello and greet you and that’s when you remember the bag in your hand.
“I uh. I brought everyone a gift. It might be a little silly and they may not fit but I thought it could be fun.”
You set the bag on the table and the group looks at you with intrigue and you pull 9 flower crowns out of the bag.
“For Gareth the great a crown of Gladiolus. To symbolize honor and remembrance. For Jeff a crown of Amsonia to symbolize endurance and determination. For Grant we have a crown of Camassia encouragement and pride. For Dustin we have a crown of begonias to symbolize knowledge. For Mike we have a crown of orchids to symbolize refinement and luxury. For Will we have a crown of violets symbolizing faith and affection. For Lucas we have a crown of Gardenias to symbolize hope and clarity. And for Erica we have a crown of Zinnias for respect and honor. And lastly for Eddie we have a crown of both peonies and sunflowers.”
Will is the first one to jump up and put on his flower crown and the others quickly follow suit as they thank you. You can see some of the boys are hesitant to wear them but they all eventually put them on and seem to enjoy them. Eddie put on his crown and went to go sit at the front of the table at his usual spot on his throne.
You noticed an empty chair next to Eddie and assumed he must have placed it there for you so you made your way to the seat and watched as the campaign ensued. Apparently Dustin had made a going away campaign for Eddie.
As the campaign went on you’re introduced to a character known as “The Flower Queen” who has to be rescued from the evil clutches of an undead Crawling claw army. The party is able to defeat the army of crawling claws and Eddie the banished grabs the flower queen and brings her to safety. Ending the campaign.
You couldn’t help but stare at Eddie throughout the entire campaign and you’re surprised you understood half of what they were saying. But you found it interesting nonetheless. You found it adorable how Eddie got so passionate about it. And every-time he rolled the dice he stuck his tongue out and waited with bated breath. Your heart swelled as you watched him.
As Eddie played, your presence next to him didn’t go ignored. In fact he focused on your presence more than he thought he would. He wanted to impress you. Which meant he had to win. So every roll he made felt like life or death for him. He could feel you staring at him and all he hoped for was a win. So when he rescued the flower queen and won he collapsed back into the throne with a dopey smile as he turned to look at you.
If you hadn’t been sure of your feelings for him before this, there was no denying it now. The way he looked at you as he leaned against his throne was unlike any way you’ve ever seen him look before. He was radiant with happiness and joy and all you wanted to do was lean over and kiss him.
As the party cleaned up their campaign and made their way out of the school you walked next to Eddie all the way to his van and your car.
“I had a lot of fun tonight Eddie I really did.”
“Yeah you’re right that game is really fun.”
He smiles and wraps an arm around your shoulder and pulls you In for a hug.
“I’m glad you had a great time. I’m pretty sad that’s my last campaign of my high school career but I’m glad you were there to make it special.”
You smile into his chest and give him a squeeze before pulling away. As you move to grab the handle of your car door Eddie grabs your hand and slips something into it.
“What’s this?”
You look down and see a piece of paper in your hand that says “ticket for 1 to graduation.”
“Just thought you might wanna see your handiwork in person. You know if you want.”
You smile and pull him in for a hug this time.
“Of course I’ll be there Eddie. I can’t wait.” You pull away and leave a light kiss on his cheek before you each get into your cars and drive home.
The day of graduation you don’t get to see Eddie before the event. However, you stop by his trailer and pick some of the bloomed sunflowers and peonies and gather them into a bouquet. As you do so someone exits the trailer and it startles you.
“Hey kiddo.”
“Hi Wayne.”
“You comin to Eddie graduation?”
“Yup I was just grabbing some flowers for him.”
“That’s sweet. How’s about we go together? I’ll give ya a lift and we can sit together.”
“Awe thanks Wayne, that sounds nice.”
You and Wayne get in the car together and drive towards the school. Upon arrival you walk to the field and hand the person at the entrance your ticket and walk to the bleachers. Sitting next to each other you hold the bouquet in your hands and wait for them to start calling names.
As Eddie walks out onto the football field in his cap and gown he scans the crowds of people in the stands and searches for his uncle. When he finds him the smile he was already wearing grows even wider when he sees you sitting next to his uncle with a bouquet of sunflowers and peonies in your hand. As he walks across the field he gives you a wave that you return with a bright smile.
He finds his seat on the field and listens through the speeches and then waits for his name to be called. When he hears them starting the M’s he stands and makes his way to the stage.
When they call Edward Munson the crowd is relatively quiet except for a few claps including Wayne’s and it makes you sad. So you decide to make your presence known. You scream out to him. “WOOOO YOU DID IT EDS I LOVE YOU.”
The last three words shock both you and Eddie as he freezes whilst grabbing the diploma. He looks to the stands and then back at principal Higgins. He snatches the diploma out of his hands, flips him off, runs off stage and towards the bleachers.
The crowd is full of ooos and awes as they watch Eddie run off the stage and into the bleachers. He runs directly to you. He takes off his cap and holds it in his hand as he reaches you. In the heat of the moment when he reaches you he grabs you and pulls you into a kiss as the crowd still watches.
It takes you a moment to process everything that’s happening but you quickly pull him in and kiss him back. Eddie is the first to pull away.
“Hey sunflower.”
“Hey Ed’s.” You say quietly with a smile.
He turns to Wayne. “Wayne I hope you don’t mind but I think we’re gonna get out of here.”
Wayne points behind Eddie. “Better make it fast”
Eddie turns to see 2 security guards walking towards you and him so he grabs your hand and you two start to run down the bleachers and off of the field. You two run all the way to the parking lot where the two of you stop in front of his van and he cups your face in his hands.
“Did ya mean it?”
“Yeah Ed’s. I love you.”
Eddie reaches down and takes the bouquet out of your hands and takes one of the peonies out of the bouquet.
“I love you too, flower girl.”
You stand on your tip toes and pull Eddie in for another kiss. He leans down and deepens the kiss.
“You know you never told me what sunflowers mean.”
“Well they mean adoration and loyalty.”
He takes one of the sunflowers out of the bouquet and hands it to you.
“Well, sunflower. I adore you. And I will be so loyal to you if you let me.”
“Well Ed’s I’ll do the same for you. If you’ll let me.”
“Then I think we have a deal.”
He reaches out his hand and you reach yours out and shake his. He tugs on your hand and pulls you in for a deep and tender kiss. The two of you get in his van and drive off into the sunset. Knowing you’ll always be his sunflower girl.
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luveline · 2 hours ago
Eddie just wants to cuddle y/n and roan just keeps pushing him away from her
what's better than one munson being obsessed with you? two!!! dad!eddie x fem!reader
Time moves too quickly when you're together. The sun drops to the horizon with the brevity of an egg falling from its freshly cracked shell, the yolk of it disappearing past the trees and leaving Eddie's trailer in relative darkness.
The TV fights to illuminate the room. Colours flash over your naked arms and legs, stretches of skin that demand his attention.
Eddie let's his arm weigh heavily where it's wrapped around the tops of your shoulders, encouraging you to his chest with little subtlety.
You pry your eyes from the movie to smile at him softly. "It got dark really fast," you say, shuffling so your thigh is completely in line with his.
His voice gives away his fatigue, rough and husky. "I was just thinking that. You're staying, right?"
"These are basically pajamas." You drop your cheek against his collar, eye level with his single chain necklace. You watch his Adam's apple move as he talks.
"You gotta start leaving things here."
With purpose, you stretch an arm over his tummy, hand feeling down the slope of his waist. You take your time, fingertips soaking in his simplest details with stunning dedication.
"I will," you say.
Easy as that. Eddie kisses the top of your head and returns his gaze to the TV, catching the tail end of a high speed car chase. He can't have been watching for ten — peaceful, blissful — minutes when Roan marches up to the couch and stops in front of you both, looking fierce.
Stony-eyed, she glares at Eddie with all her might. He's not surprised to see her, but her glaring certainly throws him for a loop.
"What?" he asks, laughing in surprise.
He hasn't an inkling of what's wrong. She's had her dinner and an abundance of snacks he definitely shouldn't have given her, so she can't be hangry. She looks hangry.
Roan harrumphs.
"What's the matter?" you ask her gently.
Your concern is genuine; you hate seeing her upset. Really, you spoil her. He guesses that's your job as her not quite step-mom. Step-mom adjacent. He likes you for it more and more.
"I want hugs," she says, quiet but extremely serious.
"Oh, sweetheart, I'm sorry," you say. "I've monopolised your daddy all night. Would you share him with me?"
Eddie flicks his wrist forward to check the time. "Maybe I should come and tuck you in," he says.
Roan ignores him entirely and climbs into the dip between your thigh and his. Eddie misses your arm around his waist, your knee pulled up and almost over your thigh. And though he loves Roan to pieces, really, she slams her head into his jaw and complains loudly at the lack of space and he wishes for just one night alone with you. Just the one. One evening to rub your back and show you how much he cares about you without his mini me stealing your attentions (and affections).
He feels along his jaw and takes a deep breath. Accidents happen. They also really hurt.
He meets your eyes. You've that funny smile on your face.
"What?" he asks.
"Lift your head a bit?"
He lifts his head. You move in and kiss his aching jaw.
Roan's hair tickles his arm as she slides backward and edges the two of you apart with her pointy elbows with a petulant, "Mm!"
"Sorry," you say, springing apart from him. "God, I'm sorry, Roan. You'll forgive me?"
Roan gives her apparent forgiveness with what seems to be a very sombre mood. She wriggles and moans and sighs like she can't get comfy where she's sitting and eventually quietens and starts to slouch. Eddie gives your upper arm a great squeeze and lets his head fall on top of yours. It's not comfortable, but he wants the closeness.
When Roan seems well enough asleep he eases her with an expert touch into his lap so you can come closer again, sneaking a kiss in just because he wants to. You smile under his hand. He rubs your cheek with his thumb and tries to show on his face what he's thinking, though if the eyes alone have learned how to show devotion is anyone's guess.
Roan rouses and screams like she's seen a ghost.
You spring apart like children caught in the pantry. You with a sorry pout, and Eddie with a lot to say.
"Roan, why are you being so mean? You know to be nicer. To share," he says firmly.
"Share you?" you ask with a cheeky smile.
Roan has other ideas. She stands in his lap and almost tramples his goods as she basically leaps into your arms. He shouldn't be surprised, she's made it clear time and time again that should she have the option, jealousy steers her into your lap rather than his. It stings a little — okay, a lot — but he couldn't blame her for her turn of favour if he wanted to.
"Get off," she says.
Eddie raises his hands in defeat. "Charming. Here I thought she was jealous of me. How could I have thought such a thing."
"I- Roan, you're not making all this fuss about me?" you ask incredulously.
"Want hugs," is all she says, burying her face in your neck.
"You always want hugs," Eddie says, rolling his eyes.
"Shut up!" you say to him. You apologise quickly, arms around her small back, "Sorry. I'm sorry, but if she wants them from me-"
"I want them from you! Have you considered that? Maybe I want a hug. Why does she get all the love?"
He swears Roan gives him a smug look when she raises her head. Eddie pretends to collapse backward and away from you both, tongue poking between his lips in faux death. It takes an insulting amount of time for Roan to investigate, and when she does she only pinches his cheek to make sure he's still alive before retreating back into your arms.
more eddie and roan
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fleurfairie · 2 days ago
thinking about soft but teasing steve— pounding you into the mattress, his whole body caging you, and his weight pressing you down, “my beautiful girl, my pretty little baby. hmm you tighten so nice on me when you laugh, feels so good. you blushin’, angel? getting shy on me? you got my cum leakin’ outta ya and you’re shy?” and he groans between words, whines and bites your jaw while you blush and gasp “daddy!” all shy as if he’s not balls deep inside you, “what, baby? don’t be like that, you love it, dontcha? you’re such a pretty cumslut, just hungry for it, i know it. don’t hide, baby. i love it. you always moan so loud when i cum inside, drives me crazy…” and you can’t move because you’re smushed under him just how you like it and his hips keep grinding against yours, and you feel so fucking full you can’t think
steve masterlist.
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sunflowersteves · 2 days ago
the weekend is still pretty far out but i’d like to preemptively request something with robin, maybe like a college roommate thing?
no bc the way that this immediately made my mouth water
warnings || college au, smut, oral sex, praise kink, [18+ only]
You weren’t sure if it was from the way Robin’s eyes glistened beneath the fairy lights in your room or if it was the bubbling feeling of your chest as she looked at you.
But the way Robin made you feel elated—utterly divine on the floor of your shared bedroom.
“Robin, fuck—” your moan cuts off from her tongue swiping between your folds.
Her hands hold tight near your knee to ensure she has plenty of access to your core. Her nose presses up against your clit—involuntarily making your hips jerk.
“Christ, you taste so good—so good.” She mumbles against your skin and she can’t help but let the taste of your slick sit on her tongue.
“Robin, please.” You whisper, but she doesn’t catch it. She’s too occupied with swiveling her tongue around your sensitive bud and watching your body writhe.
She takes her hand off of your thigh to plunge two fingers into your hole. “Fuck, you’re so right around my fingers. F-feel so good, baby.”
Your hips start to grind into the air and Robin swears she’s never seen anything hotter. You whine as your walls clench around her fingers—her own moans vibrating against your clit.
“Please, Robin, oh fuck, RobinRobinRobin—” your orgasm came quick at the lapping of her tongue against your clit—walls unbearingly clenching against her fingers as she pumped in and out of you.
“Robin—” You whimper, as she rides out your high with the flick of her tongue.
The calming nature of what was before this came rushing back. She stayed still, though, watching your puffy lips leak with your cum.
“Damn, robin. I didn’t know you could eat pussy like that.”
If it wasn’t for the boost of her ego, she would’ve blushed. “What are roommates for?”
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chogiwow · 23 hours ago
every breath you take | steve harrington
Tumblr media
pairing: steve harrington x reader! henderson (reader is dustin’s sibling)
genre: angst; mutual pining, hurt-comfort
warnings: blood, violence, gore, injuries, language, mention of guns and weapons, allusions to past trauma, car accident, fire, death (minor character), vecna, hallucinations, nosebleeds, bats (s4 spoilers). not proofread and all in lapslock :'D
wc: 5.5k+
a/n: i finally cracked. i have no regrets :] title is based off 'every breath you take' by the police. might do a pt. 2 in the future ;-;
Tumblr media
“guys, it’s max, something’s happening!” dustin’s voice alerts the others, rushing to his max’s side where she stood still, almost as if she was in a trance.
“max! hey, can you hear me? wake up max!”
loud yells resounded through the room as you all tried shaking her out of her trance but to no avail. everybody panicked when max didn’t respond, her hands limp by her side and eyes moving rapidly.
gasping, max finally breaks out of her trance, breathing heavily as she slumps down against the desk. you all huddle around her, calming her down and assuring her that she was fine. surprisingly, she turns to you first, clutching onto your hand with wide teary eyes.
“it’s him…i saw him. he’s coming (y/n), he’s coming.”
the others turn to you in bewilderment, max’s rambling making no sense to them at all except you.
steve’s face is concerned, narrowing his eyes at you questioningly but you gulp and look away.
“you’ve been having them too, right? the nightmares and headaches…you’ve seen him, haven’t you?” max lets out teary questions, clearly shocked and disturbed, her strong facade breaking down.
“wait, hold on…what do you mean?” steve is confused, but not entirely dumb as to lose the implication behind max’s words, “what do you mean you’ve seen him?”
he’s looking at you with panic in his eyes, searching your face for an answer but dustin beats you to an explanation.
“when did you have your first vision (y/n)?”
“i…last night,” you mumble out, ignoring steve’s constant appealing eyes. it was annoying him now, the way you kept avoiding him.
“chrissy and fred died less than twenty four hours after they had their first vision…”
max’s words lay heavy in the air, all eyes turning to you. it was inevitable, the imminent danger max was in, but this new piece of information left a sour taste in everybody’s mouths.
having had enough of it, steve pulls you up from the ground, dragging you to the corner of the room where he forces you to look at him.
“what the fuck is going on (y/n)? what did that mean, what’s going on?” the urgency in his voice makes your chest clench, tears building up at the back of your eyes.
“i’ve been having the headaches. and nosebleeds and…and everything that max just said.”
your words are whispered in a quiet corner of the room, the boys and max busy discussing something while steve listens to you, lips parted in disbelief and a small frown between his brows.
“wh-what do you mean–”
“i’m cursed, steve.”
the revelation falls off your tongue heavily, settling in a deep pit in steve’s chest which was slowly starting to numb in fear and desperation.
“you’re sure? like, are you a hundred percent sure that you’re…that this vecna dude is–”
“i’m sure steve, i’ve heard him before. last night…he told me, my time’s up. back then, i just thought i was imagining it, but everything makes sense now.”
sucking in a breath, steve retains this piece of information with a gulp. why haven’t you told him about this? if you were indeed going through something like this, it means you’ve gone through some sort of trauma, a loss or a shock. why doesn’t he know anything about this? this felt like a horrifying nightmare, but god knows how many of those you’ve been having already.
“fuck, why haven’t you told me about this before?” your friend’s words are forceful, angry to some extent, almost as if he was holding you responsible for your own misfortune.
“what was i supposed to say,” you scoff, crossing your arms across your chest and forcing your voice to remain calm, ‘that i’ve been hallucinating? that i think i’m going mental, hearing voices and seeing things no sane person should be experiencing? you would have thought i was insane too!”
“no…that’s not what i’m asking,” steve’s voice shakes in effort, his hands trembling as he runs them through his hair with a breathy sigh, “why didn’t you tell me you’ve been going through something?”
his voice softens, eyes flitting across your face like he could find your guise distraught if he looked hard enough, but even he knows it’s pointless. he would be able to tell by now because he’s always looking at you, so the fact that you had hidden whatever pain you had so effortlessly made his heart heavy.
realising what he was saying, you look away under his watchful gaze, chewing on your lips as your brows furrow. the impending headache was coming back, crawling its way up your neck and settling in the middle like a parasite. you felt disgusting, helpless under vecna’s hold on you and it frustrated you to no end.
steve knows you won’t talk right now, he knows they don’t have time to share traumas right now. everybody knows that the reason max was cursed was because of billy’s death, all the struggles she had to go through in the past year and the rough patches she had to overcome by herself. but steve was so desperately worried about you, more so when you refused to look at him.
“this…this doesn’t mean anything,” steve mutters, more to himself than you, placing his hands on his waist as he shakes his head at the ground, “nothing’s gonna happen to you, i won’t let this vecna dude touch a single hair on your head.”
“no, no you can’t convince me otherwise, you’re not gonna die. i promise, i’m not gonna let you go.” his hands find yours, intertwining your fingers together.
you let him believe his words, the dull throb in your head sucking the argument out of you, but deep inside you will yourself to not let his words find a home in your heart. what were useless promises to you anyway when you were about to die soon?
steve walks quietly beside dustin, occasionally throwing glances at you behind his back where you’re walking with robin.
since dustin found out about your curse along with everyone else, he hasn’t talked to you yet. steve knows the younger boy is undoubtedly worried about his sibling, but with everything that’s been going on, and eddie’s predicament, he hasn’t been able to confront you yet.
lucas walks with max, talking to her in hushed voices and a pain spreads through steve’s chest at the sight. he’s longing to retrace his steps and hold on to your hand, even if he could physically feel you for so long.
you were all there, sans nancy and robin, when max was at billy’s graveyard, and even though steve was yelling and worrying about her in the moment, his eyes kept flitting back to you, a sickening feeling crawling up his throat at the realisation that this could have been you.
your group panicked, nancy and robin were still out of reach and you were all trying to do something – anything – to get max back. her eyes rolled back, the whites eerie and horrendous, her entire body levitating in the air. you thought you had lost max and your own knees wobbled at the sight.
to live with the knowledge that it could have been you, that max had it coming before you just because she had been vulnerable at the grave; it was eating you up inside. it’s going to be you next, the voice in your head whispered sweetly, it’s going to be you, you’re going to die because you’re not as brave as max.
the entire thing was ironic. how were you supposed to find that one light in a dark tunnel when you didn’t know where to look? you were worried that when the time came, you won’t be able to find your happy thoughts and latch on to them with all your might. your body was tired enough, heavy and dragging in the woods and not even the prospect of listening to music cheered you up even in the slightest.
the cassette player tucked in the back of your jeans had been courtesy of steve who had rummaged around his car and almost turned it inside out to find it for you.
“here,” he handed it to you, panting, “you make sure you have that on all the fucking time. don’t even think of taking it off even for a second.”
he was already putting on your favourite song and placing the headphones over your head, holding them over your ears, his palms brushing against your cheeks. he looked like he wanted to say something, his lips parting open several times but when your eyes teared up again, he gently pulled you into a hug.
god, you loved him.
you loved him so much, it was killing you more than the fact that you probably won’t live to see the end of the day.
your eyes follow his figure in front of you, walking with your brother and you’re reminded that you owe him an explanation too.
“so when are you telling steve?” robin’s voice cuts through the music repeating in your head and you push aside the headphone from one ear so you could listen to both robin and the music.
“tell him what?”
“that you love him?”
halting in your steps, you gape at her open mouthed, the tunes of the song still ringing in your ear. robin stops walking and glances at you, as if she had stated the obvious without you even being aware of it.
“don’t you?”
“everything okay?”
steve had noticed you stop in your tracks, wide eyes at robin but had missed your conversation with the girl. naturally, he had feared that something was wrong, rushing to your side when you stood so still, unmoving and with one side of your headphone off your ear.
robin throws an all-knowing glance, leaving you with steve as she took his side beside dustin, who was too concentrated on his compass to notice.
“you okay?” steve asks again, moving the headphone closer to your ears.
“yeah, yeah it’s nothing.”
“you have to tell me if something feels off, okay?” steve takes your hand in his and follows the others. you don’t find it in yourself to pull back, letting him walk like that. ever since you all first got into this vecna mess, even before chrissy and fred died, you’ve been noticing the way steve was almost always finding ways to hold your hands.
maybe friends did this sort of thing and you wouldn’t put it past him to initiate such stuff, but you try not to let the fluttering in your heart rise up and escape your lips, always afraid to ask for an explanation or point it out. right now, in the middle of facing an interdimensional being, you don’t think it was the appropriate moment either.
while you wallow in robin’s words, you wonder exactly how obvious you had been about your feelings if she had noticed but steve had not. his hand clasped in yours distracts you from the headache building up again and you’re only too happy to revel in the momentary respite.
meanwhile, steve is lost in his own thoughts, heart still stammering from the false fright he had received. the worry in his mind niggles at him, constantly bothering him at his helplessness.
steve knows he’s not a hero, but he’s not afraid of putting himself to the forefront if it means protecting you all. he doesn’t have a lot of confidence in himself, despite what other people think and he messes up on all sorts of things on more than one occasion. but if he’s sure of one thing, it’s that he would do anything to make sure you’re safe, but again, for as long as they don’t come up with a plan, there’s nothing he can do and it brings back all his insecurities in a gushing wave.
he can’t lose you, you’re the one thing that has been keeping him sane amidst all this insanity. yet, even though you’ve been friends fro so long, even though you’ve spent so much time together, even though steve has more than once let his guard down and shown you his vulnerable side, even though he’s felt so loved by you in the absence of his parents – he wanted to believe that you would know he was there for you – even then, you’ve clearly gone through something and didn’t trust him enough to share.
no, he’s not sure you’re even obligated to tell him about it, you hadn’t even let on that something was going on with you. he can’t help but think that if he had only caught on earlier, he could have helped you out and you wouldn’t be suffering like this.
back at the wheeler house, you and max had both written all your friends letters. you still don’t think this is a good time, but retrieving the one you had written for steve, you hand it out to him.
steve looks down at your hand holding the letter out, confused.
“it’s a fail-safe, if something goes wrong…uh, don’t read it now.” you say, handing him the envelope.
“nothing’s gonna go wrong–”
“you don’t know that, okay?” your voice trembled, hand pressing the paper into his palm as you grounded yourself, “you don’t know…so just…yeah.”
steve had a good mind to argue with you. he wanted to tell you that they’ve gotten past way worse stuff and made it out alive, that this was nothing more than any of those ordeals and that you will be safe because steve will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. he will be damned if he lets anything happen to you.
your palm presses against his, letting go once the piece of paper is secure in his hand where it burns against his skin, singing him like a hot weld. an inexplicable rage fills him suddenly, his movements faster than his brain can comprehend.
pulling you by the wrist, his words come out harsher than intended.
“i don’t want a fucking letter henderson, why do you keep avoiding me?”
eyes widening, his fingers slip though yours, letting your hand fall to your side. he’s clearly mad at you, crumpling up your letter in the heat of the moment. steve knows he’ll regret this, but right now, this is more important and for once he doesn’t care if his hot headedness costs him your friendship, if at the end of the day it means you can be saved, then so be it.
“i’m not avoiding you–”
“don’t lie to me, henderson, you’ve been distancing yourself since the past month. i really thought i fucked up or something, but it seems like–”
“like i’m the one who’s fucked up, right?” your gaze turns stony so abruptly, it jolts steve to a stop.
“i am fucked up steve, but don’t act like you’re not either. don’t act like you’re not always looking for some sort validation that you couldn’t get from your parents, acting like a hero even when it’s not needed, using your stupid fucking humor to cover up your insecurities or sleeping around with half the town just to feel something–”
“what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” his voice thunders, figure towering over you as he hastily approaches you.
none of what you just said even made sense to you, neither did the source of your outburst. the past month had been rough on you for sure, you had detached from your family, from your brother who had gone away to summer camp and you were eventually left alone. your headaches had started, nightmares of the past creeping up like a shining beacon in the haze of your restless nights, a stupid mistake in the past, an accident and the bleeding body beside you as you escaped the car and cried when the gas and oil burned your nose and throat before finally blowing up the wreckage.
the sight of steve made you sick, not because he disgusted you, but because of your growing feelings for him and the fear of losing him too. the fear of falling for someone and not knowing whether they’ll be snatched away from you again in a twisted tale of fate. the fear of talking about this in case they blamed you for it like you did yourself.
your little rant is nothing short of your fear of letting your guard down. maybe if you delude yourself into a hateful existence, you would hurt less.
“i know you didn’t mean any of that (y/n),” his voice is low, eyes boring into yours that avoid him, “whatever you’re going through…it’s making you like this. i know you’re hurting, and i’m not forcing you to tell me what it is that’s hurting you, i’m asking you to let me be there for you.”
“right…sorry, i shouldn’t have–i didn’t mean any of that–”
“do you promise to let me know?”
nodding, you let him pull you into a hug and like that, all is forgiven as if all the hurtful things you just said vanished into thin air, no hint of their existence.
steve holds you firmly for as long as he can in your constricted time together, gulping down the fear in his throat and swallowing shameless tears when they threaten to spill. if he could, he would never let you go.
the black water rippled around you in gentle rivulets before stilling under the boat.
according to dustin and his compass which was now oscillating frantically, vecna must have opened a gate right in this spot under the lovers lake.
“one us has to check out the gate,” nancy remarks, peering around the edge of the boat into the water but you doubt much was visible in the still darkness of the lake.
steve stands up with a grunt, the boat swaying, and takes off his shirt without a word.
“what do you think you’re doing?” you frown, already suspecting his actions as he moves around with purpose.
“if anybody’s going in, it’s gonna be me.”
“like hell you are,” arguing, you stand up too, challenging him to defy you, but in the three years you’ve been friend with him, you’ve come to acquaint yourself with his stubbornness when he puts his mind to something; the only difference was that while you were mostly level headed and logical with your decisions, steve had a tendency to dive headfirst into things without thinking at all. and that’s what he was doing right now, but there was no way you were going to let him make dumb decions when it was a literal question of life and death.
“i’m the only one here who can hold their breath underwater for a long time, unless you have something that can top that, it’s going to be me (y/n).”
“jesus, you’re like an old married couple,” robin mumbles under her breath, receiving a glare from you both before looking away in defeat.
eddie hands steve a flashlight wrapped in plastic and you back down in defeat, clearly still unhappy about the turn of events. the water did not look appealing at all and the thought of steve disappearing in the depths of its darkness left a sour taste in mouth.
“i’ll be back,” steve nods at you all, taking in your scowling face and offering you a small smile before diving in.
what seems like hours but are only a few minutes pass by while you all peer into the lake, your lips worrying between your teeth as you wait anxiously.
“oh my god, do you think one of us should go after him? he’s been in there for too long,” you mutter, almost on the verge of taking off your own sweater.
“(y/n) relax, he’ll be fine and it’s only been a few minutes.” nancy perks up, assuring you with a level headed calmness you were near feeling yourself.
as if on cue, a large splash resounds, steve resurfacing with a loud gasp of air.
“there’s a gate down there,” he says, wiping his face and leaning against the edge of the boat confirming your assumption. the watergate dustin talked about was real then and a possible portal into the upside down.
“okay, now please get out of the water,” you plead, reaching out a hand for him to grab. but before steve even has a chance to answer, he feels something curl and tug around his ankle pulling him inside the water again without giving him a chance to catch his breath.
“steve!” your screams ring over the dark lake and before you can be stopped, you’ve thrown your headphones aside and jumped right in, swimming towards the red glow you spot.
steve finds himself being dragged underwater, choking on the water before finally being flung against hard ground and dragged yet again to a clearing. the skies above him thunder with a red glow, his back aches at the impact but he catches no break before he’s attacked again by huge bats that claw at him.
he manages to fight off a few before one of them bites into his naked flesh with spiky teeth, eliciting a loud scream of pain as he feels his flesh being bitten off. a sharp pain shoots through his leg where another one has sunk its teeth into him. he falls to the ground in pain, trying his best to fight off the attack before dread fills up his stomach at having left you behind. he could not die, he had to save you first!
but he doesn’t have to dwell much longer on this, because you’re suddenly there, pulling off the nasty creatures off his body, letting out war cries as you swing an oar around your head, warding the bats off. nancy and robin come into view next, both stabbing and hitting as many creatures as they could, eddie behind them, ripping off the wings of one of them.
ignoring the pain that shoots through his body, steve gets up and catches hold of a bat that was right behind you, flinging it on the ground repeatedly before ripping it in the middle with his feet.
“jesus h. christ!” eddie yells, frantically swaying his arms and clutching his head like a madman. nancy and robin share a look, breaths heavy as their gaze wanders to their surroundings.
“are you okay?” your voice is scratchy, your arms supporting steve who didn’t even realise he was leaning on you for support.
“yeah…yeah, just had a bit of me torn off, but i’m good.”
“always so humble, harrington.” robin mutters from the ground, nonetheless a look of concern on her face when she observes steve’s bleeding body.
“we need to get out of here,” nancy brings to attention, pointing at a horde of bats in the distance.
pulling steve up with all your energy, you make a run for it as fast as you could to the nearest place of shelter you could find – the upside down skull rock. by the time you reach, steve is panting in discomfort, his bloody wounds staining your clothes and his head lolling onto your shoulder.
“hey hey hey, steve, don’t close your eyes,” shaking his face, you gently lay him against the rock, examining his wounds which looked worse now that they had bled through.
“we need to bandage him up, he’s bleeding too much.” nancy tears off part of her shirt, handing you a long strip of the fabric that you take with shaking hands.
“this will hurt a bit, okay?”
“yeah yeah, do what you have to…”
pulling him back up, you let his body rest against your gently, twisting the fabric around his waist and knotting it tightly across his wound, his hiss of pain muffled against your shoulder and you apologise weakly.
“is that uncomfortable?”
“no, it’s okay. thanks.”
catching his gaze, the words at the back of your tongue itches to be let out. in that frenzied moment where you had run to him and pulled that bat off his body, a carnal instinct had overtaken you, protecting steve harrington the only thing on your mind without any concerns for your own safety. you understood right now, why he insisted on doing the same for you all; when you love someone, nothing matters more than protecting them from harm.
“how do we get out of here?” eddie asks, your attention turning to her and missing the way steve’s eyes linger on you, “we can’t go back ‘cause of the bats.”
“maybe we can go to the police station. get some guns and grenades and stuff. blow them up and we’re free.”
“yeah, i don’t know about grenades, but guns, yes.” eddies bickers.
“we don’t have to go to the police station for guns, i have some in my room.”
eddie looked at nancy flabbergasted, “you’re telling me that you, nancy wheeler, have guns in your bedroom?”
nancy shrugged nonchalantly, glancing at you and steve, “you think you can make it till my house, steve?”
steve nods, accepting your outstretched hand and pulling himself up, wincing only a little when a jolt of pain shoots through his thigh. slowly, you all make your way to the wheeler house, careful not to step on any of the vines and triggering the hive mind.
you join nancy and robin when steve assures you he’s fine, walking behind with eddie so he could keep his eyes on you, but not before he calls you out.
eddie hands him his denim jacket, “for your modesty man,” earning a mumbled thanks from steve.
“you know, i’m personally not the sort of dude to put myself in danger, no offence, but (y/n) right there,” eddie gestures at your figure walking in front, “didn’t hesitate at all before following you. not one second, just dove right in after you.”
steve’s eyes travel towards you, “yeah well, i would have done the same, that’s what friends are for.”
a scoff leaves eddie’s mouth, steve turning to him stunned as if he had made a joke.
“yeah no matter how gallant that was, that was no friendship, if you know what i mean?”
“i don’t know what you mean,” steve lets out a confused noise, somewhere between a scoff of despair and frustration.
“what i mean is, they’re a keeper. and not just because they jumped after you and fought off demo-bats or whatever the fuck for you, but because it was clearly from a place more than a friendship.” eddie enunciates with the patience of explaining to a child that two plus two equals four.
steve doesn’t want to think about it, in fact he’s pretty darn sure he’s lost the ability to think at all. the middle of an interdimensional hell doesn’t seem like a favourable spot to think these things through when everything happening around them were impulsive decisions. but steve does wonder, when would it be the right time to think about this anyway.
the sight of the wheeler house makes everybody let out a sigh of relief. the house itself looks frozen in time, vines and creepers crawling over the greying walls but it still felt like the safest place here right now.
“my room’s upstairs, i’m gonna go check for my guns,” nancy announces, followed by robin who drags eddie along, glancing at you and steve who looked uncertain about what he should be doing.
“i’m gonna stay here with steve and look for some knives and weapons,” manoeuvring your flashlight around, you spot the door to the kitchen, walking away with steve following.
an awkward silence falls between you two, the clattering and clinking of cutlery cutting through it and every sound makes you flinch, nervous around steve and his silence. was he in pain but not telling you? was he–
the loud exclamation makes you turn around, shining your flashlight at the source. steve stood there with a distraught expression on his face, lips curling down at the sight of the object in his hands.
“what is it?” you ask in worry, stepping closer to examine what was in his hand.
“your letter…”
the drenched paper sat in his palms, gazing up at you forlornly. the writing had bled through the paper, inking the parchment with illegible swirls, your words a puddle of black. but steve seems more affected by it than you, shoulders slouching in defeat as he leans against the kitchen counter, head dropped in shame.
“hey, it’s okay…” you mumble softly, lifting his chin up with your finger only to be met with sad eyes.
“can’t you tell me what was in there?” the request is made so forlornly, you don’t have the heart to decline, but at the same time, you don’t want to spill your heart out in a musky kitchen in the middle of nowhere. it was easier when written out too, that way you didn’t have to face it head on. even till the end, you were determined to run away from it.
“right now?” you gulp, glancing upstairs where the others were. you are hesitant and steve senses it and yet again, it breaks his heart.
“it’s okay, you don’t have to if you would rather not–”
“no steve, it’s just that the stuff in there…” you cut him off before another misunderstanding could pursue, “it’s…it’s a bit embarrassing if i think about it now.”
you’re glad the only source of light are your torches, which are facing the floor, the flush on your cheeks hidden in the darkness.
“embarrassing how?”
“i wrote about–about my feelings…”
steve listens attentively, eyes never straying from your face which you kept facing the ground, the tips of your shoes on the dirty tiles more interesting now. his silence urges you to continue, a gentle reassurance that he was not judging you.
“...for you. it was just me reminiscing about the last three years we spent together and how thankful i am to you for being my friend and for making it worth it. for everything you’ve done for me and…and for being one of the best things in my life.”
with every word, your confidence wavers, voice thinning and fading till steve has to strain his ears even in the silence of the dead house to catch onto your voice.
“i’m thankful for you too, for being the one constant in my life after so many years i spent squandering for someone who–someone who liked me for who i was. you do like me right?”
“of course!” your response comes out hastily, stepping up to him determinedly, “of course i like you. i like you more than i can ever tell you.”
steve sighs softly, feeling the heaviness in his chest settle further down. he should be feeling the other way, he should be relieved at your words and yet – yet, it is so hard not to read in between the lines and hope against hope that they meant something more than what they were presumably intended as.
“i like you too, a lot.” his throat dries up, you’re standing too close. he could easily lean forward and kiss you – he wants to kiss you, so bad, that it’s hurting him to stay rooted in his spot; to dig his palms across the marble of the counter and tense his muscles just so he wouldn’t move.
“thank you steve,” you smile vaguely, eyes misting up, “i also want you to know that even if i’m not there, there’ll be other people who love you as much as you deserve, and you deserve a lot steve. more than you give yourself credit for, more than you let yourself deserve. i hope you find it in yourself to someday let yourself be loved despite your flaws, because god knows you deserve it.”
your hand comes up to his face, gently tucking a long strand of his hair behind his ears and pressing your palm to his cheeks. he melts against your touch, eyes shutting close and drinking in the warmth of your skin and the depth of your words. who will love him when you’re gone? who will deem him worthy enough for their love but you? what would he do without you?
there’s a lot that goes unsaid in the dingy kitchen from both ends, but as he stands with your hands cradling his face with so much care and love, steve wants to freeze this moment forever, even though you’re stuck in a world that is dead, but it doesn't matter. it doesn’t matter that this place is the last place he would want to be, as long as you’re here with him, safe and warm, he’s content.
the comfort of his presence overrides the plethora of situations that buzz in your head, cheeks pressed against each other’s and breaths shared quietly in the darkness. you’re so close and yet miles away from him, and in the silence of the unsaid, you hand him a piece of your heart without him knowing. and without you knowing, he quietly promises to take care of it.
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yeonjuns-beanie · a day ago
Trick Or Treat
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader
a/n: I know I have not posted anything since May lol. But that is beside the point. I have a lot of new ideas floating in and I can’t wait to execute them! Most of them are Stranger Things. I hope you enjoy it! :)  -Dionysus 
Summary: What if you got invited to Jason Carver’s Halloween party and see Eddie “the freak” Munson stops you. You know there is a spark between you too, but what if something happens right before you leave. How will Eddie handle it?
Word Count: 3.5k
Warnings: Smut, L- bombs, unprotected sex (use protection kids), nothing too crazy
You hate high school. But let’s be honest, who actually enjoys these four years of absolute bullshit. You didn’t fit into any crowd. Didn’t do sports, wasn’t popular, didn’t like to kiss ass. You didn’t take any bullshit from anybody. You seem to grab attention for some odd reason. Maybe it was because of your hair that was unruly, but it fit your look. Maybe it was because of the way you dressed. Leather, tight jeans, band tees, jeans that look like you got them from your father, platform boots, or as many people called them “KISS boots”. You liked attention, but only from certain people. People like you.
The bell of your 3rd period class rang, signaling that it was time for lunch. As you made your way to the lunchroom, you felt a tap on your shoulder. As you turned to see who it was you could not be more disappointed.
“What could you possibly want from me, Jason?” you asked.
“I like you and I want you to come to my party that I’m having tonight” he said.
“No you don’t, Jason. I know you only want to use me as a laughing stock for your stupid fucking friends. You don’t like me and you know it.” you said.
“ That’s what I like about you. You’re so feisty. And I don’t take no for an answer,” he said and tried to corner you into a locker. 
“Fuck off, Jason,” you said as you shoved him off of you.
To your surprise, Eddie Munson was trailing behind you and heard the whole altercation. He was impressed with how sharp you were with your tongue. Nobody ever talks like that to Jason Carver. Everyone was afraid of him. Eddie had always liked you. Considering you’re almost done with high school and he is in his third senior year, he has gotten to like you from afar, but never personally gotten to know you.
You two had English together. You guys were both the “weirdos” who sat in the back of the class. You had occasionally exchanged glances or test answers, but nothing more than that.
You knew Mike as you too had closely fought monsters together only a couple months prior. Mike always wanted you to sit with him at lunch with his friends, but it is kind of hard when everyone else is younger, besides Eddie.
You decide to say fuck it and go sit with him to try and avoid Jason coming up and talking to you even more. As you find Mike in the sea of children, you spot him talking to Eddie. Once you move closer to the table, you throw your bag down and take your seat.
“You will never fucking believe what just happened to me,” you said.
“Did you fail another test?” Gareth asked.
“Are you still a virgin?” you quipped. This caused the table to erupt in laughter. You even made Eddie smile which made you feel a certain way.
“Anyways, Jason berated me in the hallway claiming that he liked me, which has to be the most bullshit thing I have ever heard. He invited me to his party tonight and I’m probably going to go. It’s Halloween night and I have nothing to do so why not,” you said.
Eddie was kind of tense when you said you were going. He knew you were pretty and had such confidence in you. He wanted you.
“What are you going as?” Mike asked you.
“I have been itching to do a devil. It’s quite scandalous and I will never ever do this again. Halloween is my excuse to dress up like a slut and face no repercussions,” you said.
Lunch had ended and you grabbed your things. Suddenly, you gained a whip of confidence. 
“Eddie, do you want to come to my place and help me get ready? I could always use a second opinion,” you said.
You could see the shock on his face. You two had never hung out like that before and now he doesn’t know what to feel.
“Sure, I could help. I’ll take you to your place so you don’t have to walk home,” he said.
“Aww Eddie, that is so nice of you. You know, we could just leave now. I don’t really feel like going to English. We can hang out, watch a movie, talk, whatever you want,” you said. “Sure, sweetheart. You know I don’t like that class anyways,” he said.
Nobody thought that it was weird that the “freak'' was walking with you. You were one too. The only difference being that people didn’t mess with you as much. Come to find out, people were actually afraid of you. Good.  
The drive to your house went by relatively quickly. Once you got there, Eddie opened your door which you thought was really sweet. You led him into your room and instructed him to get comfortable. 
“What do you want to do? I’ve got Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining, Poltergeist. Any of those catching your attention?’ you ask.
“Let’s do Poltergeist. I haven’t seen that one in awhile,” he said.
“Sick. I’ll go ahead and set up the bed and you can go in my kitchen and forage for some snacks. Sound good?” you ask.
“Sounds great,” he says as he makes his way out of your room.
You set the fluffiest blanket you own on the bed along with some pillows. You light a candle that’s on your bedside table and shut all the blinds so the room becomes dark. Once you’ve finished with that, you change out of your school clothes and put on a pair of shorts and a big sweatshirt. The blanket keeps you warm, but you run cold, so the more clothing, the better. You settle yourself underneath the blanket and wait for Eddie to come back.
Eventually, Eddie has made his way back to your room and he catches you with the biggest smile on your face. 
“What are you grinning about?” he asks.
“I’m just excited to watch the movie with you. I usually spend my Halloween alone and it's nice to have someone,” you say.
You open the blanket signaling him to climb in and he does just that.
“Do you mind if I get close to you? You can say no. Don’t feel pressured to say yes,” you say.
Eddie feels heat rise to his cheeks. Are you just kidding or do you really mean it? Either way, he isn’t going to let go of this opportunity.
“Of course you can,” he says as he lifts his arm up welcoming you to lay your head on top of his chest.
You instantly relax once your head hits his chest. You can’t be more content than you are at this moment.
The movie is almost over and you have felt eyes throughout the entirety of it. You know that Eddie is staring at you and you love every minute of it. Once the credits roll, you begrudgingly pull yourself off of Eddie’s warm chest to tell him that you have to start getting ready for the party.
You make your way out of the bed and decide that you should put on some music while you get ready. Yes, you will get distracted, but who the hell cares. 
Ever since Def Leppard released Pyromania, you have not been able to stop listening to it. You set the cassette tape in its player and turn up the volume as loud as you could. 
You started on your makeup. Settling for heavy eye makeup and a deep red lip. As you were going on with your routine, you were swaying your hips to each song. You could feel Eddie’s eyes on you and that was the whole point. You wanted him to look at you.
Eventually, Rock of Ages makes its way on and you can’t help but get excited. You start dancing a lot more and start singing out loud. The chorus begins and you hope to god that Eddie knows it. 
“Rock of Ages! Rock of Ages!” 
“Still rollin’, keep rollin’!’”
You can’t help but giggle and proceed to finish your makeup. Once that is finished, you switched out the cassette for Holy Diver by Dio. You head back into the bathroom to curl your hair. By the time you were done, your favorite song on the album Gypsy came on.
You moved back into the bedroom and began to dig through your clothes to find that red corset you bought ages ago, but never had a place to wear it. Once you put it on you turned to Eddie.
“Hey, Eds? Can you tie my corset please? I can’t get it as tight as I want it to be,” you ask. 
Eddie gets up off the bed and finally gets a good look at you. You look absolutely stunning. You never come to school with any makeup on and he loved it, but this was so new. He could feel himself tightening in his jeans and he is trying his hardest to ignore it. 
“Turn around, gorgeous,” he said.
The pet name caused you to feel hot, only to be broken out of your trance by how tight this damn corset is.
“Thank you Eddie,” you say.
You proceed to move into your closet to find the black leather skirt and your platform heels. You retrieve what you needed and put them on in the bathroom.
Once you have finished the final look, you open the door.
“How do I look Eddie?” you ask while doing a little spin.
“Oh my god, you look so hot. No- I- I, you look very pretty,” he sputtered out.
“Thank you, Eds. I should probably head out,” you say.
“Wait, Y/N! Can we talk about something really quick before you leave, please?” 
Him pleading wasn’t normal. You are kind of concerned as to why he is acting this way.
“Sure, Eds. What’s up?” you say nervously.
“Can you come sit down next to me for a minute?”
You are beyond nervous at this point. You slowly make your way over to the bed and take a seat next to him while still keeping distance between the two of you.
“Are you okay, Eddie? You look really nervous. What is it that you want to talk to me about?”
“Y/N, you are someone who I don’t know, yet you intrigue me so much. I have seen you from afar and how strong of a woman that you are. You don’t take anything from anybody. I have never met anyone like you.”
The only thing that you can do is look at him longingly. He is running through his words so fast and you are trying your best to comprehend exactly what he is saying.
“ I like your style, your voice, and how nerdy you are. Nobody else notices, but I see all the books you have and how you can never seem to put them down. What I’m trying to say is that I like you, and I have for a while now. I never said anything because I didn’t know how you would react.” 
Your jaw might as well have been on the floor. Eddie Munson just said he liked you. What happened next was out of your control. Your body seemed to move on your own.
“Please say someth-.”
You cut Eddie off with a passionate kiss. His lips are kind of dry, as you expected, but it is still so wonderful at the same time.
“So, I’m taking that as you like me back?” he said.
“Shut up, Munson and kiss me again.”
“Not until you take a different seat,” he said as he started patting his lap. You know he was just expecting you to sit, but you take it a step further. You take the liberty to straddle his lap which causes your skirt to ride up exposing the lower half of your ass.
“Holy shit, Y/N you didn’t have to do that.” “Oh, but I’ve wanted to, baby. For a long, long time. Put your hands on me. I promise I won’t bite.”
Eddie places his hands on the small of your back. He’s being too shy, so you do him a favor of putting his hands on your ass. He gives it a squeeze and sighs deeply. You lean forward and kiss Eddie feverishly. 
Eddie breaks away from the kiss and is panting. Red lipstick painting his pretty mouth. You can feel his bulge growing as he looks up at you with glassy eyes.
“Sweetheart, you are going to kill me. You are so fucking sexy in this tiny outfit.”
You lean forward into Eddie’s ear and whisper and say “Only wore it so I could see you squirm.”
You see Eddie’s eyes darken. Deeper than you have ever seen before.
“Baby, you don't know what you just got yourself into.”
Eddie proceeds to flip you over onto your bed with a loud thud. Eddie stands and starts undoing his belt. You can hear the metal clack as it hits the floor.
Eddie moves agonizingly slowly towards you and slips his hand underneath your skirt. He finds your panties and pulls them off slowly. You try to get up to take your skirt off, but Eddie’s large hand pushes it back.
“Leave it on. You look so hot and we wouldn’t want to waste a good outfit, would we?”
You nod your head no and he smiles.
Eddie pushes your skirt up so it’s resting up on your hips and puts his hands behind your knees and pulls you toward the edge of the bed.
He bends down to his knees and places his head right between your legs. Slowly, he moves his head and licks a fat stripe from your opening to your clit.
“Oh my god, Eddie. That feels so good.”
“Baby, I haven’t even started. You’re in for a wild ride.”
Eddie immediately starts attacking your clit. Sucking so hard that his cheeks start to hollow. You can’t help but rake your fingers through his dark locks. You are experiencing so much pleasure that you start to squeeze your legs around his head. Eddie can’t help but chuckle right before he roughly pushes  your legs back down.
You never thought that this would ever happen. Eddie Munson is drowning himself in your pussy and loving every minute of it.
“Eddie, I- I’m gonna cume. Fuck your mouth feels so good. I can’t hold it.”
“Please cum, baby. I want you on my face so bad.”
That was enough to do it. You came harder than you ever have before.
“Holy shit, Eddie. Please come up here and let me fuck you. I want to make you feel good.”
You help yourself up to stand and help Eddie out of his clothes and push him onto the bed.
“Y/N, I don’t have any condoms on me.”
“Shush, I’m on the pill and I want to feel you inside of me.”
You climb your way over Eddie and straddle him. He brings his face to close the gap in between the two of you. He is caught off guard. He moans into the kiss and it gives you the perfect opportunity to slip your tongue into his mouth.
You slowly start grinding on his clothed cock. Eddie starts to buck his hips up into yours which causes you to let out a soft moan.
“Eddie, I need you inside of me right now or I just might explode,”
You can see Eddie’s mouth is forming a smirk. Not only do you want him, but you need him. 
“You’re so sexy. I have never met anyone like you before,”
“Well, I hope not. Now, we can get sappy after this. Please just fuck me.”
Eddie has no problem listening to your orders. He lifts his hips up to slip off his boxers and you can’t help but moan. He isn’t gigantic, but who wants that? It is perfect for you and that is all that matters. 
You slowly lower yourself onto Eddie’s cock and both of you sigh once you have him all the way inside you. Slowly, you start rocking back and forth only to be greeted with Eddie’s face contorting in pleasure.
“Holy fuck, Y/N. You feel so fucking good. Please don’t stop.”
You never thought that you were going to ever hear Eddie beg like this. Beside the point, it is the hottest thing you have ever heard. And you want him to beg more. You aren’t one to be dominant, but he just looks so pretty.
You slide up and then slam back down and stay there. You can see Eddie’s eyes start to get bleary.
“Why did you stop? Please, it felt so good. I need you so bad. What do I have to do to get you to-”
You cut him off by slamming back down onto him. All you can do is deeply inhale at how much of a puddle you can turn this boy into. But we can save that for another time. Now you just want to make him feel good. 
No one has ever made you feel this good before. You feel on top of the world. So good that you say something that you might not have intended to come out.
“Fuck, Eddie. I love you so much.”
Your eyes go wide. Did you seriously just say that? There’s no way you let that slip out.
Eddie is just as shocked. But not due to the fact that you said you loved him. But because he feels the same way.
“I love you too, Y/N. I don’t want anyone else but you.”
Those words alone were enough to send you over the edge. The person you have been eyeing from afar wants you and you want him too.
Not long after, Eddie’s breathing starts to speed up and his eyes shut tight. 
“Shit, Y/N. I’m gonna cum. Fuck, you feel so good. Please let me cum.”
“Cum, Eddie. I want you inside of me. Let go.”
With that, Eddie got very breathy and you could feel his hot seed painting the inside of your walls. You have never felt something so euphoric and soothing at the same time.
You move to get off, but Eddie’s firm hands stop you at your hips signaling you to stay on top of him. 
His cum begins to leak out of you and onto him. He can’t help himself and looks and brings his fingers down to the small puddle that has formed and scoops it onto his fingers. He lifts his fingers up to your mouth and you are more than happy to accept them inside. When you do, you can feel Eddie twitch inside of you.
“Fuck that was so hot,” Eddie says breathily.
Slowly, you climb off his cock and wobble towards the bathroom. 
You come back with a warm washcloth and wipe off any remnants of you or him that trickled down to his pelvis.
Eddie just looked at you lovingly. No one was ever this loving and caring for him before. This was definitely something that he could get used to. 
Once completed, you made your way back into the bathroom. While in the bathroom, you strip of the corset and skirt that Eddie made you keep on and put back on the shirt and shorts you wore earlier and take off your makeup.
“What are you doing? I thought you were going to Jason’s party,” he said 
“ I would be an idiot if I chose to go to some asshole’s party when I could be spending it with someone I love.
Eddie could hear you say that you love him for hours on loop. The sound of the person he loves saying that they love him back has to be the best thing in the world.
“Can I take you out on a date? I know you said you love me and I love you too, but I really want a relationship with you,” he sputtered out.
“We are on a date right now,” you say as you walk back towards the bed and get back in your blanket fortress you made earlier.
“Now, do you want to watch The Shining next or perhaps we should watch something not so scary?”
Eddie couldn’t help but stare down at you in adoration. He finally got the girl he has wanted and she wants him back. He couldn’t be any happier.
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eddiendee · 2 days ago
Steve Harrington is made for you to kiss.
With his pillowy, pink lips and his big, hazel eyes framed by long, dark lashes, and his pretty, soft skin dotted with so many moles. They’re beauty marks that basically set a path for your mouth, I mean come on are you kidding me?
You go into a trance just talking to him, eyes glazing over, flicking about his face (and pretty much every other inch of exposed skin), desperately trying to form coherent sentences like you aren’t solely focused on how bad you want to roll your tongue along his most sensitive of spots. Steve’s a smart guy— loves to think he knows you like the back of his own hand at this point— so naturally he catches onto your behavior before you can get ahold of yourself, a smirk tugging at pretty mouth (not at all helping your predicament) as he moves in just a little bit more.
A warm hand curls around the back of your neck, grounds you as he pulls you in close enough that you can feel the smugness that radiates off of him. You never get to finish your conversation— how could anyone expect you to? When he’s holding his thumb against your jugular just to feel that spike in your pulse when he starts talking sweeter. Slower. Tongue peeking out to wet his lips in anticipation for you to break.
You end up cutting him off mid-sentence, so abrupt that he has to huff out a laugh. A sound that is normally so sweet to your ears has liquid warmth pooling deep in your belly, hands tugging on the fabric of his sweater to smush yourself along his front. The need to be everywhere on him all at once is agonizing, has you whimpering all pathetic as you scatter wet kisses along his throat.
Steve is kind enough to let you take your time— to let you follow that beauty-mark path, even groans out words of praise when you start leaving marks of your very own along his flushed skin— until you and your very curious mouth are finally satiated.
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iveseenstrangerthings · 2 days ago
pizza and fairy lights - a Steve Harrington imagine
Tumblr media
summary: this is a follow on from the parked car confessions imagine i wrote a few weeks ago! read that here if you’d like! it’s just a little fluffy imagine about their date they go on after the events of the previous imagine, so I hope you like it !! Continuing on with steve x fem!reader. 
warnings: food and eating and some swearing sprinkled in :) 
word count: 1.6k
note: this is a lil vulnerable steve n i liked it very much
Tick… tock… tick… tock…
Your eyes are stuck on the clock that sits atop your fireplace, watching the seconds hand go tick round and round. It’s edging towards 6pm and the closer it gets, the more your stomach starts to tighten. It’s just Steve, the Steve you’ve grown closer to and been friends with for ages. Last night you shared a passionate exchange with him, and now your relationship feels different, it feels more serious. But not in a bad way.
All day you’ve replayed last night in your head, thinking: had you overreacted? Was he being truthful? Did he mean what he said? All through your shower as you lathered your hair with suds you had a moment of fear where you had an anxious thought of ‘did that even happen?’ but you knew it had so you just closed your eyes and rinsed your hair. As you were getting ready, you were unsure of your mood. You were obviously ecstatic to be going out, just the two of you, but as you got ready you became extremely nervous.
Now you move your eyes away from the clock and down to your rings sitting neatly on your middle finger, your fingers had found them and started to twist them around. A habit you developed when your mind needed occupying. You stare at the little silver stone sitting in the middle of the ring, disappearing behind your finger then reappearing when you twist it all the way again. When you’d repeated the action a few times, you hear the gentle hum of an engine getting closer to the house and you check the clock, just shy of 6pm. You stand from where you’d been seated on the love chair in your sitting room and make your way to the hallway. In the mirror you check over yourself once more, happy with the effort you’d put in and thankful you are feeling confident in how you look. You look at your reflection and offer yourself a small, reassuring smile. You’ve got this.
You fiddle with your hair once more before letting out an exasperated huff of air and simply tucking any loose strands behind your ears. Steve has seen you in pyjamas, he’s seen you hurt, he’s seen you upset, so you really didn’t need to worry about putting in any extra effort, but you have anyway.
Heaving open your heavy front door, you make eye contact with him before you turn around to lock the door. As you slide the key in and fumble to lock it, your eyes widen. Holy shit he looks good. The driver’s window is down with his arm’s hanging freely out of the side, his face turned to see you at such an angle that his jawline was illuminated by the newly dimmed streetlights, since it was becoming darker much earlier. As you turn back around and place your keys into your bag, you smile broadly at him and walk over to the car, opening the door and hopping inside, making sure to close the door much softer than last night.
“Well, hello, long time no see.” He beams at you. The car is warm and filled with the smell of his aftershave. He maintains eye contact with you, not being shy to take in every bit of you. Your cheeks flush under his stare and he loves how you’ve gotten dressed up for him. He doesn’t make a comment, but he appreciates you by placing a kiss on your cheek.
Your cheeks flush deeper as you pull your belt on and he pulls the car away. “Hello to you, too.”
“I hope you’re hungry.” He readjusts his mirror as he pulls onto the main road.
You nod, “Starving, I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”
He chuckles lightly, “What, me or the pizza?” His lips pull into a smirk, and you cock one eyebrow highly.
His car pulls into the parking lot of the restaurant and your heart becomes full when you see all the tables outside, lit up with a candle in the middle and the trees surrounded are illuminated with soft, warm lights. You’ve always wanted to come here with someone special, it has such a cosy and intimate atmosphere, and you can’t quite believe you’re here now with Steve. As soon as the car is in park, he jumps out and comes round to your side to open your door for you, holding his hand out for you to take. You willingly do so and stand up from the car. “Thank you, sir. Top service.” You bow your head slightly at the kind gesture and he bows.
“Anything for m’lady.” You both chuckle and his fingers loop through yours, walking in step with one another as you go to the front of the restaurant.
Half an hour later and you’re both sat under the night sky with the temperature thankfully warmer than last night. The table, clad with a fabric red and white checked tablecloth, is illuminated by the soft glow of the candle sitting to the side of your pizza, which you and Steve are both sharing. You take another slice and dangle it into your mouth, pulling it away and closing your eyes in pleasure of how damn good it tastes. “God this is good.” You mumble with your mouth full, although this is a ‘date’, your feelings of nerves from before have dissipated and it’s just like being out with your best friend, but with the comforting feeling that it’s now more than just friends. Steve hums and nods in response, his mouth full of pizza, too. You take another bite, and he finishes his slice off, rubbing his hands on his napkin. He’s quiet for a few moments, as if building up to say something. “I just wanted to apologise again, for last night.”
You wave your hand as you pick up your bottle of Coke, taking a quick swig before placing it down again, “Don’t.” You run your tongue over your front teeth before speaking again, “We’re here aren’t we? That’s all that matters.” You tilt your head to one side and squint your eyes, smiling at him as he looks back. He’s suddenly gone all sheepish, and he’s been quiet. “Steve Harrington are you… are you nervous?” You sit back dramatically and open your mouth in shock.
He laughs softly, “What can I say, you have that effect on me.”
You furrow your brows at him and lean forward onto the table, resting your elbows on the edge. “Seriously though, you okay?” You ask, a hint of concern lacing your voice.
He swigs his own drink then leans forward to match your posture, “Yeah, totally. I’m more than okay.” He looks down at his hands resting on the table, then moves them over to envelope your own, giving them a squeeze. “I just kept thinking about last night and how good it was, to finally get everything out into the open with each other.” You nod back in agreement, and he carries on, “Then I was thinking about how now, you know we can focus on us and doing things like this and spend more time with each other.” Your heart fills with excitement at the prospect of everything he’s talking about, then his face becomes awash with worry. “I just, I don’t wanna do anything to fuck it up.”
“Steve, what on Earth are you talking about? What could you possibly do to fuck it up?” Your voice is soft as you speak with him, and he shakes his head.
“Nah I don’t know; I just worry you know. Just don’t wanna lose you.”
You instinctively squeeze his hands in yours and then release them, taking your pizza back and he does the same. “You do not have to worry about that.” Biting off a piece of your pizza you study his face, it’s softened, and his body seems to have relaxed. Once you’ve swallowed you wipe the corners of your mouth with your napkin, “I’ve liked you for so long. Even when you’d date other people and I’d find myself getting really angry, I would still find myself wanting you.” Once again, your eyes refuse to move from each other’s. “Like last night when you came in, I was annoyed, sure. But then you looked at me with those beautiful eyes of yours, and I just couldn’t find it in me to feel anything but love for you.” Oops.
His eyes widen and he smirks immediately, “Love?”
You shake your head, but not too much, “No, you know what I mean.
“Oh, do I?” He takes in how red you’ve gone, “Are you sure I do?”
You laugh quietly and fiddle with your napkin, “This conversation is for another day, Harrington.” You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, “But please don’t think you could do anything to fuck it up. I’m so glad we’re here and I’m so glad I’m here with you.” Steve never struck you as the type to get insecure over an attachment, especially with a girl. It’s a bit of a shock to you, but the fact he’s shown some vulnerability to you makes you like him even more.
He nods and takes your hands in his again, bringing them to his lips to kiss your knuckles, “Me too. It’s been a long time coming.” He looks down at the empty plate and grabs the menu, leaving your hands gently on the table. You watch as his eyes scan over the menu, “You wanna get the ice cream?”
“You should know you don’t have to ask me twice.” You reply, already excited for the dessert you’ll be sharing.  
He folds the menu back over and places it on the table, smiling back broadly at you. The corners of your mouth start to slowly curl upwards, your eyes taking in every detail on his face, every freckle peppering his fine skin to the way the corners of his eyes crease as his smile widens. “That’s my girl.”
My girl. Now that’s something you can get used to.  
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