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camp funtime
in honor of spooky season i offer you an 18+ blurb about camp counselor!steve fucking camp counselor!fem!reader in a broom closet.
© msgorillagripcoochie , do not steal, post on third party sites or translate my work
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Shh Shh sweetheart they're gonna hear us"
Steve brushed the hair sticking to your face away, his hand covering your mouth, his cock still deep inside you. You could hear the other camp counselors talking from outside the broom closet.
"Are you gonna be a good girl for me?" He whispered staring into your glossy eyes, you slowly nodded.
"I need you to be quiet for me, okay? We don't want anyone finding out what a slut you are, right?" He smirked as you hesitantly shook your head. "Good, good" he nodded.
"I know you wanna kiss me but I'm just gonna keep my hand here for good measure" he waited for you to nod back before he began to roughly thrust into you, your back hitting the wall.
"God you feel fucking amazing." He groaned leaning his mouth against his hand that was over yours. Your eyes squeezed shut as he hit spots in your that you never even knew could feel this way.
"You like this huh? You like being fucked like a whore in a broom closet." You responded with a muffled moan too consumed with him to form actual words. "I know, I know baby."
"You probably have no thoughts in your pretty little head huh? Just thinking about my cock. I bet that's all you think about." You could hardly focus on his voice as you felt yourself coming closer to the edge.
"I see you looking at me all the time, think you're so fucking secretive- Fuck" He groaned at the end leaning back to watch where the two of you connected as he thrusted in and out of you.
"Hottest fucking thing I've ever seen." He breathed out, your eyes rolled back as you felt a wave of pleasure wash through you. You were sure you would've fallen over if it wasn't for him holding you up.
"Prettiest thing in the whole world." He hummed brushing some hair in your face "Gonna cum in those pink little panties so you have to walk around with my cum all fucking day."
Tumblr media
help idk what this is but camp counselor steve in those cute little shorts that you see the men wear in all those old school horror movies would be so hot. this was a bit trashy but i hope you enjoyed my sluttiness and feel free to request! also i thought the title was funny hehe
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Ruin Me Part 2
Series summary in part 1
Chapter Summary: Eddie's been avoiding you and you call him out. He is quick to remedy the situation.
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Virgin Female Reader
Warnings: EDDIE RIDES OUR THIGH LOVES. Little bit of angst in the beginning, sexual situations.
It'd been a few days since you'd hung out with Eddie. You saw him in class and at lunch, but other than that, he’d barely spoken to you. You could tell he was avoiding you.
Maybe you'd come on too strongly the other day. Eddie had licked and sucked your tits until your nipples were practically chafed, jerking himself off until he came all over his hand.
He wouldn't let you look at the mess. He didn't even kiss you afterwards, although you'd been writhing from his touch, practically begging him to meet your lips with his own. He'd cleaned himself up and apologized several times.
"I'm sorry. I took it too far. I feel terrible."
He held you close, whispering apologies over and over while kissing your cheeks and forehead repeatedly.
"Eddie, it's okay. I promise there's nothing to feel bad about. I liked it."
"You're so sweet, you don't deserve this. I'm the devil."
He ushered you back out the door, looking guilty and remorseful despite you insisting it was fine. He didn't even say bye, just murmured he was sorry once more before shutting the door in your face.
You knew that the two of you had crossed a line you couldn't come back from. Not that you wanted to. Sure, you were a virgin. And yeah, calling you innocent was pretty accurate. But something about Eddie made you want to change all that. You knew he felt the same. It was just getting the scales to tip in your favor at this point.
You catch up with him in the parking lot after school. "Munson, wait up!"
He turns to you, his expression unreadable. "Oh, hey." He greets you half-heartedly.
"Are we still on for tonight?"
"Studying for O'Donnell's final?"
"Oh, yeah, shit, I forgot. I kinda have plans."
He made plans. He forgot about you. That fucking hurts.
"Wow. Okay, then." You turn to walk away.
"Don't be mad." He pleads
"It's fine, Eddie. I get it. I'll leave you alone."
 He sighs. "Come on, Y/N, it's not like that."
"You haven't spoken to me in almost three days. And now you're blowing me off. It is like that. But it's cool. No worries"
He grabs your shoulder and turns you to face him.
"Y/N, I feel guilty as shit for what happened the other day. I shouldn't have touched you like that, shouldn't have made you watch me. I just…I know if I'm alone with you it's gonna happen again and maybe go further than it needs to."
"You didn't make me do anything, Eddie. I could have walked out anytime. I chose to stay."
"Because I'm corrupting you."
"No, because I'm tired of being treated like a little girl by everyone. Because you make me feel things I haven't felt before. Because I liked what I saw you doing. It's not about you and what you do, Eddie. It's about me and what I want. I'm my own person and I can make my own decisions."
He sighs, running a thumb over your bottom lip. "And what do you want, sweetheart? You don't even know what you're asking for."
"So teach me. Better you than some jock or someone from your club, right?"
His eyes narrow. "I would kill anyone that tried."
"I'm not going to stay your sweet Y/N forever, Eddie." You lick the pad of his thumb that's gliding over your lip.
Eddie's breath hitches.
You swirl your tongue around his finger.
He moans softly and pushes his thumb past your lips. You suck on it and he pulls you close.
"What are you doing to me, Y/N?" He murmurs into your hair. "My resolve is hanging by a thread."
You whimper around his finger and he groans, knowing he can't keep fighting the urge to make you his.
He removes his thumb from your mouth and replaces it with his tongue. You tug on the lapels of his jacket, wanting him closer, wanting to feel him pressed against you.
He breaks away from the kiss after a minute or two. "As much as I'd love to keep going, we should probably get off school property."
You giggle. "Oh yeah, probably."
"Can I give you a ride home?"
"Mhm, thank you."
You and Eddie climb into his van and head down the road. You watch as he drums on the steering wheel, singing under his breath to the Black Sabbath song blaring from the speakers.
Feeling bold, you reach out and take one of his hands, pressing a small kiss to his knuckles before laying it on your lap. Eddie squeezes your bare thigh, his thumb slipping underneath your skirt to trace circles on your skin.
Your shiver and he grins, glancing over at you. "You okay?"
"Mhm. I'm fine."
He lets his hand wander a little higher. "Are you sure?"
You squirm under his touch. His hand is warm and his cool rings are a nice contrast to the heat. You clench your thighs together.
Eddie smirks knowingly.
"So needy. So cute." He murmurs to himself as he pulls up in front of your house.
"No one's home if you want to come in." You try to sound nonchalant.
He raises an eyebrow. "Is that so?"
"Mhm. We could get a snack or something before you have to attend to your other plans."
"Oh, I didn't tell you? Those plans got canceled."
You giggle. "On the car ride over here?"
"Yup. They sent a smoke signal, you probably didn't see it." He deadpans with a wink.
You play along. "Oh, makes sense."
Once inside, you offer Eddie a coke and some pretzels. He guzzles it down, soda running from the corner of his lips. You wipe it away with your thumb and then stick your thumb in your mouth.
Eddie watches you, fascinated. Everything you did lately seemed sexual to him. The way you giggled, the skirts you wore around him, the way you looked at his mouth when he talked.
To his surprise, you take a step towards him and brush your lips against his. He kisses you back softly and carefully, oh so damn carefully, struggling with the urge to grab the back of your head and slide his tongue in your mouth.
Your hands slip underneath his shirt and he groans. "You're so sweet, baby. So damn sweet."
"I'm not sure how to touch you." You admit. "I wanna learn, though."
"Do you ever touch yourself?"
You look down, clearly flustered.
"Tell me. Do you ever rub yourself?"
Just tell him. It’s nothing to be embarrassed of.
"I have before, yes."
"How did it make you feel?"
You still can't meet his eyes. "Really good." You admit.
He lifts your chin. "Did you think of me?"
You squirm under his gaze.
"Answer me."
You know there's no point in lying, Eddie can read you like a book. "Yes. I've thought of you while doing it."
He smiles, looking almost smug. You can see the lust in his eyes.
He takes a step back and lifts you on the kitchen table.
"Show me what you do."
"When you touch yourself. Show me how you do it."
You blush. "Eddie-"
He leans down and presses a kiss to the top of your thigh, then another one a little higher. He pushes your skirt up as he goes, until he's kissing your hip bones and your skirt is hiked all the way up.
You moan softly and run your finger through his hair.
He hooks a finger in the waistband of your panties. "Can I take them off you?"
You nod and lift your ass so that he can pull them down. He sticks them in his jeans pocket before kissing down your leg and back up the other one, pushing them apart.
You realize your pussy is on full display for him.
He kisses right above your pubic bone and you gasp. He takes your hand and guides it between your legs.
"Show me how you touch yourself when you think of me."
You can't resist him. You both know it. You start moving your fingers in slow circles on your clit.
"Feel good, angel?"
"Mhm." You rub a little faster and moan softly.
"Do you put fingers in yourself?"
You nod.
"Let me see."
You groan as you ease a finger into your pussy. You're wet, wetter than usual, and you know it's because he's watching you.
His intense gaze is fastened between your legs, his tongue flicking put to lick his lips.
"Can you add another finger, sweetheart?"
You push another finger inside you and moan his name.
Eddie's eyes snap up to your face.
"Say it again. Say my name."
He pulls you closer to the edge of the table. "Keep doing that. Keep touching yourself."
"Do you want to touch yourself, too?" 
"I'm gonna do something else."
He places a leg on either side of your thigh and rubs against you.
You'd heard about thigh-riding before. Nancy had talked about riding Steve's thigh before she gave him her virginity. You didn't realize it was something boys could do, too.
Eddie grunts as he grinds down on you, the zipper of his jeans digging into your skin. You secretly hope it leaves a mark. Branding you as his.
Eddie watches your fingers move faster, listens to the sound of your pussy getting wetter and your breathing speeding up.
He wants more than anything to replace your fingers with his cock, but he knows it's too soon. It's something that needs to be worked up to.
He can't take his eyes off you as he shamelessly ruts against your thigh. He had told himself he wasn't going to worry about getting off, that he'd be content to jerking off at home picturing this moment, but he couldn't hold back. He needed to come with you.
"I'm so close." You moan, your fingers moving frantically. "Eddie, I'm gonna…"
"That's right, sweet girl. Come for me. You can do it."
You cry out his name as your whole body tightens. The orgasms you'd had before were nothing compared to this. It slams into your body so fast your vision goes spotty. Your cunt spasms around your fingers and you fall back on the kitchen table, still working your fingers furiously because the sight of the man falling apart while he grinds into you makes you want to keep going, to keep cumming.
Eddie feels his cock twitch and he knows he's close. He snatches your hand from between your legs and sucks on your fingers, the taste of your pussy sending him over the edge.
Rather than cum in his boxers, he lets open his fly and shoots his load on your leg.
You gasp when the hot liquid hits your skin. 
Eddie lays on your stomach, gasping.
You reach down and touch your thigh, bringing your fingers up to examine them.
Eddie's eyes nearly bulge out of his head when you lick them.
"Jesus Christ." He presses his forehead to yours. "I say I'm your damnation, but I'm starting to think you might be mine."
You kiss him softly. "I guess we'll be damned together."
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the pain of letting you go- e.m (pt 9)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ex!Eddie Munson x Ex!AFAB!Reader
Summary: you get a troubling call from christopher’s school and rush over to see what has happened
Warnings: angst, mentions of physical violence/fighting, brief mention of past abuse(do not read if the topic is sensitive for you), sad!eddie, headstrong!reader, crying, poor christopher tbh
Word Count: 3.4k
A/N: part nine of the series is here! thank you to everyone for the continued support! reminder: if the topic is sensitive for you, please do not read. enjoy! :) -sava
series masterlist
Tumblr media
Slamming the car door shut, you carefully cross the parking lot and speed walk towards the double doors of Hawkins Elementary. Navigating your way into the front office, you see your son and Eddie sitting on the couch in the designated waiting area, an ice pack situated on his cheek as Eddie held it there for him. You rush over to Christopher, crouching down to get on eye level with him and pull him into a big hug. You give Eddie a side eye, not having really interacted with him since almost a week ago and the resentment you have towards him still residing in your belly. You weren’t expecting him to be here at all, so you know it must be bad to have both parents getting a call to come in.
You were just about to go on your lunch break at work when the phone at your desk rang, the assistant at the front desk of the school telling you there’s been a situation involving Christopher and that you were needed right away. You decided to take the rest of the day off in preparation that something major had happened, rushing out the door and forgetting about the lunch you had in the fridge all together, not knowing the full context of what happened. 
“Sweetheart what happened? Are you hurt? Let me take a look real quick,” you rush out, your hands flying to cradle his head as Eddie moves the ice pack briefly, noticing his swollen cheek that would definitely would be bruised by tomorrow. You frown, brushing his hair out of his face and looking at his big brown eyes. He keeps his eyes focused in front of him, his face emotionless as he crosses his arms and lets out a huff.
Before he is able to answer your questions, you watch your son’s teacher, Mrs. Benson, walk out, talking with another set of parents and one of the boys who came to your house a couple months ago for his birthday party. His lip was busted and cheeks were bright pink and swollen as well, making your heart drop into your stomach as you put the pieces together in your head.
Your son just got into his first fight.
Your head is running wild as you think about how it could have happened. He was only six years old, so what could possibly happen for your son to feel the need to use violence instead of his words to communicate his distressing feelings? You both taught him to express himself through words when he felt uncomfortable and never showed any kind of physical violence towards him except scenarios shown on television, and even that was on rare occasion. He couldn’t have possibly seen you smack Eddie all those weeks ago could he? You didn’t see him when storming off to your bedroom, so that points towards no…right?
“If you both will follow me,” the teacher tells you, walking towards the back of the office into a small conference room. Christopher hops off the couch and you put your hand on his back, guiding him to follow his teacher as Eddie follows closely behind you. Taking a seat across from her, Christopher plops in the chair beside you as Eddie scoots into the seat next to him.
“Mr. and Mrs. Munson, thank you both for getting here on such short notice," Chirstopher's teacher begins, clasping her hands in front of her as she speaks.
"I'm actually going by my maiden name for the time being. It's L/N," you correct her. After the incident of having one of Christopher's classmates calling you 'Mrs. Munson' at his birthday party, you've been using your maiden name more often and getting used to the idea of having that be your name once again. Eddie's face falls briefly at your words, a pang residing in his chest as his mind spirals for a moment, thinking about how the name change is only a set further in the opposite direction he wanted the two of you to more in.
"My apologies Ms. L/N. Anyways, I’m not sure how much the assistant told you over the phone, but there was an incident involving Christopher and his classmate, Robbie, during recess today,” she tells you. Your hand reaches out for your son’s, seeing the guilty look on his face as he makes eye contact with his teacher momentarily, before she looks at both you and Eddie once more. “They were both involved in a fight.”
“Do you know what caused it? This has never happened to Christopher before, so we want to know what could’ve happened for him to react this way,” you ask, worry embedded within you as you look at the young teacher. She lets out a long sigh, making your pulse quicken.
“I’m sure the both of you are familiar with how fast word around this town can spread, given you both are from here, so it’s no surprise that the parents have been talking about your…situation. This, plus how impressionable kids are, led to some unsavory name calling coming from Robbie,” she explains. Your heart drops a little, thinking about your son getting bullied because of the situation between you and Eddie. He was just a kid caught between two adults facing their own problems, he didn’t deserve to be roped into the mess too, even if you were his parents.
“What did he say about Chris? Like what kinds of names?” Eddie questions, his own hand reaching down to hold your son’s as well. You can tell just how aggravated and concerned he is by how he speaks, knowing it must hit close to home from him due to his own upbringing and the bullying that happened while you both attended school, having spent many nights talking him down and reassuring him of the malicious words.
“That’s the thing, Robbie was directly calling Christopher names…he was talking about the two of you,” she reveals.
You pause, staring blankly at her as your mind tries to make sense of it all. Why would some kid feel the need to talk to your son about the situation going on between you and your ex, and call you both names on top of that? Christopher not knowing the full context of the situation was not by accident, you both wanted to preserve some kind of family dynamic and try to be the best you both could within your given spaces. So why did the gossiping moms of Hawkins think it was okay to talk about you behind your back, in front of the children your son goes to school with?
“What?” You ask, your hand covering your mouth a little as your body is still in a state of shock.
“I wasn’t present for the entirety of the conversation, but the terms ‘deadbeat’ and ‘pathetic’ were tossed around, and a couple of more inappropriate ones I’m not sure I should repeat in front of your son,” she explains.
Eddie feels his heart sink, looking over at his young son with a frown plastered on his face. He felt horrible that his own son felt the need to defend him when he was the one who fucked everything up. He didn’t deserve to defended either, he was the one who started it all and made things bad between you and him. Eddie could only imagine what was said about him, it wasn't the first time he's had to deal with the assholes of Hawkins. But the way Christopher’s teacher talked about it, the boy was calling you names as well. He felt for you, having your reputation dragged in the mud because of his ego getting the best of him, and questioning the stability of the relationship you two shared.
You sigh, shaking your head and looking over at Christopher. Part of you wanted to be upset, but in reality, you were proud of him defending his loved ones and sticking up to bullies. But you also felt a little like a failure as a parent, having to be called in to talk with the teacher for violence breaking out. You hated the conflicting feelings swirling around inside you, but you needed to just keep going on with the conversation and put on a front for your son.
“So what happens now?” Eddie asks, clasping his hands on the conference room table and looking at the teacher. You direct your attention back to Mrs. Benson, watching her readjust her sitting figure for a moment and look between the two of you.
“Well, seeing as how it was ultimately Robbie who started the aggression, Christopher isn’t in the wrong. But due to him throwing the first punch, we are going to send him home. I was able to talk the principal out of a three day suspension because of the school break that starts tomorrow, so just take him home for the rest of the day,” she tells you, sending a smile towards Christopher. You appreciate the kindness she’s granted you, not knowing how you’d manage to keep him home for three consecutive days if it were a regular school week. 
“Thank you so much Mrs. Benson, we appreciate that,” Eddie tells her, and it takes every fiber in your being not to scoff at his words. The three of you stand, walking out of the conference room and out of the front office, Eddie pushing the double doors of the entrance open and holding one of the doors open for the both of you. 
You grab Christopher by the shoulder lightly, tugging him to stop as you crouch back down in front of him. His face continues to lack any kind of emotion, unsure of what to do or say in front of you. You move his hair out of his face as the cool November wind whips around you.
“Sweetheart? Can you please tell Mommy and Daddy what exactly happened today? We want to hear it come from you,” you question, flashing him a soft smile and nodding at him that it was okay to tell you. He looks to Eddie who is crouching beside you as well, with a good amount of distance which you were thankful for, before looking you back in the eyes.
“Robbie and his friend…they were saying mean things about you and Daddy and what’s been happening for a while. They said you were pathetic mommy, a-and a jealous bitch. And they called daddy a deadbeat, and a-a manwhore, whatever that means. I just couldn’t let them be mean to you guys and I got so a-angry and just needed to let it out!” he screams out, stomping his little foot and throwing his arms around as he spoke with all the air that was in his tiny lungs. 
“So I pushed him down on the playground and hit him, and then he hit me back. I was just really upset, I didn’t mean to hurt him but he was just being so mean-“
You watch his bottom lip jut out, quivering as he tries to calm himself down, not wanting to get so emotional. Eddie rubs his back, sending him a reassuring look and nodding his head. You try your best not to show how upset you are by the words he tells you, feeling so badly that your son has to be in the middle of the mess that’s been created.
“It’ll be okay Christopher, it’s okay,” you say, attempting to pull him in for a hug, only to be met with resistance as he pushes back, trying to get away. A stabbing feeling spreads throughout your chest, seeing how quickly his sad expression turns into a mixture of anger as well as he stomps his foot.
“No! It’s not okay! I thought you two were going to be together again, but now it’s worse than before! You don’t even talk, a-and you’re both so sad all the time and I hate it! I hate that you aren’t together anymore! I don’t like going to Daddy’s every weekend, I just wanna be with my friends and go to the park and the movies with both you guys, like we used to. I miss how it was, this sucks!” He wails, tears streaming down his cheeks. You’re unable to keep a tear from escaping, your heart breaking at your son’s confession, hanging your head low for a moment.
The fear of your son’s feelings getting mixed in with the mess and him bottling it all up had become true. The neglected therapy idea now seemed to be more important than ever, that way your son had a better way to express himself rather than getting sent home and getting into fights. You were happy he was expressing himself in some form, even if it was breaking you in the process. 
Eddie feels as though he’s truly failed. Hearing how distraught his son is, his upset figure standing in front of him as he stares at his father, the wide eyes begging and pleading for change to come between the two of you, just breaks Eddie's cynical heart. His mind brings him back to his own childhood, looking at how his own parents fought and the sadness he felt when he’d see his father lose his temper and hurt not only him, but his mother as well. He knows exactly how his son is feeling right now, and it makes him sick to his stomach.
The past week has sent him spiraling, feeling like an idiot for telling you about his stupid reasoning behind the separation. Your feelings weren’t taken into consideration when he let it spill, his spaced-out brain not thinking clearly before the words came tumbling out. On one hand, he had you in his grasp, ready to do whatever it takes for you to really forgive him and let him back into your life for good, and saying those words might’ve been just the thing that sends this relationship off the cliff into a forgotten wasteland, so he should've kept his mouth shut. On the other hand, you deserved to know the truth. Keeping that from you was eating Eddie away, especially during the weeks where things were getting better. Regardless, his actions were costing you and your son a happy life, and he wouldn’t put it past you if you decided to be mad at him for the rest of your life. He sure as hell will hold it against himself, because how could he let go of something so precious over a silly comment? How could he abandon some of the only happy memories he’s ever known?
“Sweetheart, can you please look at me?” You say, tilting your son’s chin towards you. His face was still contorted in sadness and eyebrows pinched in anger. “I am so sorry that you’ve been feeling this way. I know adjusting to how things have been recently is hard, and looking back on the happier moments can make it seem worse. But…the stuff that’s been happening between Mommy and Daddy is difficult, and we didn’t mean for you to get upset. It’s just…hard sometimes to continue on with things that um…don’t really work anymore.”
Christopher blinks, a few fresh tears falling from his eyes in the process. You take your thumb and rub the salty pools off his cheek, brushing his hair back and giving him a half-assed smile, continuing to mask your true emotions. “So you and Daddy don’t work anymore? Do…do you not love each other anymore? Is that why Daddy is with Shirley?”
“I’m not with Shirley anymore buddy. She’s not coming back ever again,” Eddie says, dodging the rest of the questions. He shares a look with you for a moment. He sees your own lip beginning to tremble, the emotions you were locking inside trying to break through the tough wall you built up for the sake of your son. He lowers his head momentarily, a silent sob coming out of his mouth as his own emotions begin to get the best of him. The love he had for you was still very real, and part of him doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to come back from it. He turns back to his son, composing himself before opening his mouth once again. “I still love Mommy, so so much buddy. It’s just-I messed up and I hurt Mommy’s feelings, because I wasn’t using my head and let some stupid stuff happen. But I still love her, and I want to make things work with her, okay? And I know going to my apartment can be boring, I think that too. How about you stay with Mommy this weekend, how does that sound? You can spend time with Grandma and Grandpa, maybe even Uncle Steve too, and have a great holiday weekend.” 
This would be the first Thanksgiving Eddie would be spending alone in years. He would’ve given anything to come over and enjoy the family time with you and your family, but his actions led him down the wrong path, and he didn’t need to cause any more harm for you. So maybe keeping his distance for the weekend would help. Maybe he needed some time to himself to think how can move on from here and be better going forward, even if that meant truly being alone with nothing but his thoughts and a microwave meal for Thanksgiving dinner. 
“But I want you there too! I want us to be together again and be happy! Why can’t you just say sorry? Why can’t you just fix things?!”
“It isn’t that simple buddy,” Eddie tells him, trying to remain calm. You let out a sigh, standing up from your spot and dig in your purse for your keys.
“Christopher, we can’t do this right now, okay buddy? Let’s get you home,” You say, putting your hand on his back and guiding him to your car. He’s stomping as you both journey towards the car, you turning back briefly to see Eddie still crouching on the ground with his hands covering his face. You thought about his words for a moment, hearing him tell you through your son that he still loves you and wanted to make things work. The pain in your chest was still present, the thoughts about the actions of last week still very real and replaying in your mind, even after your night with Steve and Robin and their efforts to cheer you up. Part of you wanted to give Eddie a chance, hear him out and let him explain himself one last time, because who knows how many more times you could bare to hear it all again. But could you handle any more heartache that he might throw your way? How would you be able to trust him and not feel insecure every time you look at one another?
Opening the back door behind the driver’s seat, you help Christopher get into his car seat and buckle him up. Pressing a kiss to his forehead, you flash him a tight lipped smile before closing the door. Eddie’s figure has since moved from his spot on the ground and was walking closer to your car. You dig your hands into the pocket of your blazer, looking at him with an emotionless face.
“Do you really want to try and fix things?” You ask him.
“Yeah, more than anything.”
“Put in the work then. Go to therapy and get your shit figured out. I’m going to make an appointment for the three of us to have a family session, because I cannot handle my son acting like this any longer. It’ll be good for all of us, but him especially,” you demand, your courage building up and standing up straight. “If you really meant what you said back there, you’ll do that much.”
“I’ll make an appointment for their first available as soon as I get home,” he says, his hands moving towards the pockets of his leather jacket. You nod, turning on your heel and walking towards the driver’s seat. You open the door and look at him one last time before you get inside, seeing his big sad eyes following your movements.
“I hope you get the help you need Eddie. Have a good holiday.”
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Jason: You make me gag (L/N)
(Y/N):*calmly sitting down next to Eddie* Then don't take me so far down next time Carver.
Eddie: *chuckles*
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x Fem! Reader
Summary: Eddie hooks you up with an eighth after showing up to his place strapped for cash. When you catch his eyes wandering you think of a good way to pay him back.
Warnings: Just horny for Eddie to play with some tiddies. Virgin Eddie, slight perv Eddie. Corruption kink if you squint. 18 plus No Minors!
Author’s Note: I dedicate this to my sweet gorgeous wife @myobmaya for helping me create this story with our many late night whoring sessions about Eddie. I love you bb 💖
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Eddie’s eyes are trained on your tongue as it slides over the adhesive seal of the rolling paper. The way you were looking up at him through your lashes while you did it felt intentional, feeling it in the way his jeans tightened.
Adjusting himself subtly in his seat on the couch, it didn’t help the fact the you happened to be on your knees in front of him. Leaning over the table slightly not to spill any weed on the floor giving him the perfect view down your tank top. It had been a particularly hot summer day, causing there to be a light sheen of sweat on your skin from your walk over here. He watched a drop slowly slide down from the nape of your neck to the curve of your cleavage and he couldn’t help but lick his lips at the sight.
“Thanks again Eddie, I really owe you one for this.” Your sweet voice breaks his focus, brown eyes meeting yours trying to comprehend the words that just left your mouth.
The knowing smirk tugging at your lips makes his face heat up, scarlet spreading from his neck to his cheeks. He’d been caught.
“Quit being a perv Munson.” You tease, you’d be lying if his wandering eyes didn’t go straight to your ego. Eddie was cute. A flustered Eddie was even cuter.
“Sorry! They’re just kind of out right now.” He tries to reason with you but even he knows that’s not a real excuse. Rubbing his hand down his face he tries to shake the image of what he thinks your tits look like out of his head.
“What exactly is out right now? Care to elaborate?” Cocking your eyebrow you play dumb, twirling the joint in between your fingers as you light it.
Eddie’s eyes widen not expecting you to put him on the spot like this. Leaning forward he starts rubbing the tops of his thighs nervously. He can feel his palms getting sweaty through the holes in his jeans.
“Come on, really? You’re gonna make me say it?”
Taking a hit from the joint you let the smoke fill your lungs, leaning your head back slightly your eyes catch the bulge in his pants he’s trying to hide.
“I don’t know what I’m making you say Eddie.”
Getting up from your place on the floor you walk around the coffee table taking another long drag. Eddie’s eyes are everywhere as he takes your curves in, approaching him like an animal stalking it’s prey. Eddie just happened to be very willing prey.
Standing between his spread out legs you lean forward one hand pressed to the couch cushion beside his head. Your other holds out the joint for him to take. From this angle everything he was doing his best not to look at was right in his face.
Gulping loudly Eddie tries his best to keep his eyes connected to yours but when he looks over to grab the joint he just can’t help himself.
“Are you talking about these Eddie?” Your eyes shoot down to the tops of your breasts and then back up to his eyes, his hyper focused stare never meets your gaze. The joint in his hand collecting ash threatening to fall onto the couch.
When his knee starts bouncing nervously you decide to give him a break, smirking you pull yourself out of space his shoulders visibly slump relieved.
“Jesus Eddie, it’s like you’ve never seen a woman’s tits before.” Snatching the joint from his hand you ash it for him before taking another long drag looking at him with curious eyes.
His face somehow turns an even deeper shade of red and his chocolate orbs still won’t meet yours as they search for anything else in the room. The realization that Eddie “The Freak” Munson might be a virgin baffles you.
The handcuffs in his room, the confident demeanor mixed with being a slight asshole to every one, on top of the fact he could play guitar. Getting laid shouldn’t be a problem for someone like him, at least that’s what you had assumed.
“Look, it’s not like women are exactly lining up at my trailer door sweetheart.” He finally gives when he looks up at you.
A part of you feels bad for taunting him, but an even bigger part was turned on by the aspect of how worked up you must be getting him with all of your teasing. The small crush you harbored mixed with the way his eyes couldn’t stay off your body made you feel bold. Besides he was giving you free weed and smoking you up, it’s the least you could do.
Before you can overthink it to much, sticking the joint back into your mouth you use your hands as leverage on the denim of his shoulders, straddling his lap. The feeling of his painfully hard erection is clear as day under the soft fabric of your biker shorts. Your own arousal starting to collect in your panties, it takes everything in you not to grind your hips against him.
“Holy shit I-“ Eddie’s eyes look like they might pop out of their sockets, hands twitching at his sides unsure if he should touch you or not.
“Well, you scratch my back.” His stare is disbelieving as he watches you pull the half way smoked joint from your lips and place it between his. “I’ll scratch yours.”
Eddie takes a drag as you watch the gears in his head start to turn as you slowly push the straps of your tank top down.
“Hey, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, it’s just an eighth you buy from me all the time.” It almost makes you laugh how much of a gentleman he’s still trying to be when the erection pressed against your swollen clit seems to get even harder.
“I know I don’t have to Eddie, I want to.” Smirking you start to pull your top down revealing the lace underneath.
“Jesus H Christ.” he gasps joint dangling loose from his mouth.
Sucking your bottom lip between your teeth you can’t help the way your own face heats up at the hunger that’s dancing around his brown eyes devouring the newly exposed skin.
You can feel the heat of his calloused hands tentatively rest on the tops of your thighs. Scared if he really touches you, you’ll change your mind. Taking the joint thats dangerously close from falling out of his mouth, twisting slightly you lean your body back to reach the ashtray, the new angle pushes him in between your folds the sensation making you gasp. His cock twitching in response underneath you.
“Are you trying to fucking kill me?” He groans throwing his head back, eyes closed with his brows knitted tightly together. The sight of him so fucked out already makes you clench at nothing. “If you’re trying to get free weed for life, it’s fucking yours.”
The laugh that bubbles up from your chest sounds almost evil. You were enjoying this way too much. Reaching behind, your fingers start to working the clasps of your bra. Eddie catches the light noise of your actions and his eyes are back on you. His fingers on your thighs start to dig themselves into the soft meat of them, watching you slowly slip the last bit of fabric away from his view.
Eddie has to actively remember how to breathe when you’re fully exposed to him. Somehow you’re even more gorgeous then whatever late night fantasies of you he’d indulge himself in. Your tits were better then the ones in the magazines he jacked himself off to, even better then the ones in the pornos. They were real and right in from of him and god did he hope you’d let him touch them. He could feel the zipper start to press into the sensitive head of his cock, his fingers digging themselves even deeper into your thighs, nails biting into your skin.
“Still with me?” Placing your hands on top of his, you try to get his attention. His fingers flex relaxing slightly at the sound of your voice, and you can tell he has to try and tear his eyes away from your chest. They are unrecognizable when they meet yours, almost like his pupils had taken over any trace of brown. There’s no control when your hips roll against his, the intensity in his stare making you need friction.
“Fuck me.” Eddie’s voice comes out low with a loud breath exhaling through his nose.
Fingers wrapping around his, you tug at his tight grip. Letting go he lets your hands guide his to your chest, disbelief written all over his face.
“Do you want to touch them Eddie?” Your question makes his eyes roll in the back of his head, a low groan leaving his throat.
“Jesus, you think you have to ask sweetheart?”
Leaning forward keeping his wrists in a tight hold away from where he wants them. You get close enough for your lips to brush against the shell of his ear. Lingering you let your breath tickle against him, enjoying the way he shudders against you.
“No, I just wanted to hear you say it.” He can hear the smirk in your voice before your lips wrap tightly around his earlobe sucking gently. At the same time you press his big hands to your chest, nipples perking up instantly against his palm.
“Holy fucking shit, Jesus fucking Christ ” The intensity of it all almost becomes too much for Eddie, worried if you move even slightly he’ll cum.
Eddie takes a minute to gain his composure, now convinced you were a succubus here to take his soul. He would gladly give it to you, that and all the weed in his trailer if that’s what you were after.
With your hands returning to their place on his shoulders. Eddie squeezes the plush softness of your breasts, feeling the full weight of them in his hand. Fingers spread out, gripping and cupping, pushing them together and pulling them apart. He was like a kid playing with a new toy.
Curiously he pinches one of your hard nipples between is finger tips, the sensation making you whimper and grind against him.
“Eddie-shit.” You close your eyes when he does it again, letting yourself continue to find the friction you desperately need against your clit. You can feel Eddie press his hips up helping you feel all of him, his big doe eyes watching you fall apart under his touch. He couldn’t help but feel a surge of confidence grow in his chest, you liked what he was doing.
“Yeah? You like that?” Eddie does it to both nipples at the same time, making you close your eyes taking your bottom lip between your teeth. All you do is nod unable to find your voice.
“You’re so fucking pretty.” He says it in a way like he’s talking to himself.
He pushes them up from the bottom before smashing them back together, your hard nipples almost touching. His face gets close enough that you can feel the heat of his breath on your skin, when you look down his eyes are staring up at you, and you already know what he wants to do.
“You can suck them if you want baby.” The pet name leaves your mouth far too easily. You don’t even know if he catches it, his mouth warm and ready capturing one of your pert nipples as soon as you give permission.
Sucking hard he roughly jiggles the one that’s not occupied by his mouth, completely losing himself in them. When his tongue swirls around your areola you don’t know who’s eyes roll harder in the back of their heads.
“Jesus, Eddie you sure you’ve never done this before?” You gasp when his teeth gently tug.
Humming Eddie just shakes his head refusing to break his mouth away from you. You can feel the delicate skin start to bruise under his busy mouth as he starts working on the other one.
Abandoning all self control you start grinding down on him with no shame, your arousal becoming too much to handle. Closing your eyes, he brings your breasts back together his tongue darting from one nipple to the other. Trails of salvia coating them, Eddie doesn’t think he could ever get enough of this as he starts bucking up meeting your thrusts. He can feel your pussy lips wrapped around his length through his denim and he thinks he might lose his mind.
The sound of his ringed fingers harsh smack to the side of your boob makes your eyes snap open. The sting adding more to the pool of slick in your underwear. Eddie’s looking at you through half lidded eyes, his hormones completely taking over. Maintaining eye contact with him you grind down on his erection painfully slow with all of your weight.
Arching an eyebrow, the confident boy you know comes out at your reaction. Slapping them again with more force and you can’t hold back anymore feeling yourself close to getting off on his hard on. His eyes watch amazed as your stretch marks dance across your skin with each slap.
“I want to fucking live in there.” He groans pushing them together one more time, as his face inches closer. You brace yourself for the onslaught of his tongue again.
When it never comes you look down confusion written all over you features. Before words can even leave your mouth he shoves his face completely between them. Moaning loudly at contact pushing himself even further into the folds of your breasts, his nose brushing against your sternum as he rubs his face all over the softness of your skin. His big fingers grip them tight against his face not worried about the lack of oxygen. Inhaling deeply, the scent of your sweat mixed with your arousal soaking through your shorts is so sweet he knows he’s close to cumming.
The animalistic noises that start coming from buried between your breasts makes your wetness pool so much that each movement of your hips feels like your gliding. Watching Eddie completely lose himself in your body was now your number one kink, silently refusing for this to be your last time watching him fall apart underneath you.
Leaving his shoulder one of your hands tangles themselves into his messy waves, you knew he wasn’t going to hear a word you said to him right now. Yanking back with enough force not to hurt him, his head peels from your chest with a loud pop of his lips. Mouth slightly open his full lips are swollen and pink, a light sheen of his own spit coating them. With lids half closed he looked drunk. Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly get any wetter.
“I wanna kiss you when I cum.” You pant, your hips bringing you closer to the brink. The blissed out look on his face almost enough to send you over the edge right now.
Eddie moans loudly when your lips meet his with force, your tongue slipping into his open mouth. He tasted like weed and your strawberry body lotion making your brain hazy, your want becoming all consuming like his.
When his tongue meets yours it’s your turn to lose control, untangling your fingers from his hair you push him back against the couch scooting yourself up on his lap. His hands find their way back to your chest, fingers greedy for more. The new angle mixed with his rough touches send you straight to your high, your body shuddering against him as it crashes through you. Fingers digging into his battle vest, moaning his name into his mouth.
“fuck, fuck, fuuuuck” Breaking from your mouth Eddie’s shuddering beneath you, his firm grip on your tits becoming hard enough you know they’ll be hand shaped bruises in the morning. In this moment watching him cum completely at your mercy, you could care less. Touching your tits had made the mean and scary freak of Hawkins a whimpering mess underneath you.
When Eddie finally catches his breath, his chocolate eyes look like the ones you had grown so fond of again. His fingers start to relax but they still don’t leave their place.
“So, you literally never have to pay for weed again.” He finally gives, a goofy grin that makes your heart flutter gracing his handsome features.
Throwing your head back your laugh echos through his trailer, the Judas Priest record that had been playing finally cutting off.
“I’m gonna hold you to that Munson.” You tease, looking down at him. Eddie looked like a man at complete ease, the first time you’d ever seen such a relaxed expression on his animated face.
“You can hold me anytime you want Princess, trust me.” His grin never leaving, his hands finally show you mercy landing back on your thighs.
Leaning forward with one hand cupping his cheek, your thumb drags across his plump bottom lip. Even after everything you can still hear his breath hitch under your touch.
“I know I can.” Cockiness drips from your words before claiming his swollen lips one more time.
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strvngerrose · 2 days ago
4 times nancy thought steve and robin were dating & the 1 time she knew they weren't
Tumblr media
Summary: Nancy doesn't know how she didn't see it before. Robin and Steve are too close- too touchy to not be dating. But why does it bother her so much? She thought she was over Steve.
Word count: 5,825
A/N: This is my first ronance fic and im so nervous!! I've been seeing a lot of ronance content on my dash and reading a lot of fics on here and ao3 so i just had to write for them. Also trying out a new kinda format with pictures instead of a gif. I hope you all enjoy!
CW: swearing, mentions of alcohol, mentions of weed
The first time that Nancy realized that Steve and Robin might have been dating was when she crashed one of their weekly movie nights. She was dropping by Steve’s to return the jacket he lent her the last time their group hung out at Skull Rock. She didn’t plan to stay for more than a minute, just enough to pass back his jacket, make polite but short conversation, then head back home to study for her next chem test. But Nancy unfortunately asked about his plans for the night and suddenly she was sat on the loveseat, munching on overly salted popcorn and watching the new Halloween movie with Robin and Steve, who sat on the couch beside the loveseat, sharing a blanket and a bowl of popcorn. 
If Nancy was being completely honest with herself, she was watching Robin and Steve more closely than she was watching the movie. She couldn’t tell you who Michael Meyers killed on screen two minutes ago, but she could tell you exactly what Robin and Steve were doing for the last ten minutes. 
Cuddling. Robin and Steve were cuddling. The sandy blonde was tucked into Steve’s side, her head resting on his shoulder as they spoke in hushed voices, giggling every once in awhile. The sight of it made a lump form in Nancy’s throat. She knew that it was irrational to be upset about Steve and Robin’s closeness, but that didn’t stop her from feeling it anyway. The more she thought about it and let herself glance in the direction of the pair on the other couch, it became clearer to her that Robin and Steve were dating. 
The lump in her throat turned into a knot in her stomach as the realization hit her. Steve and Robin were her friends and she should be happy for them. Then why was she so upset? Why did the thought of the two of them together neauseate her? She’d been over Steve for two years, so she had no reason to feel this way. That’s what she thought, anyway. She may have to reevaluate her feelings for the brunette after tonight’s events. 
When Robin and Steve walked her out at the end of the movie, hand in hand, Nancy did her best not to stare at their intertwined fingers or notice how bright their smiles were when they looked at each other. She tried not to think about why Robin wasn’t leaving with her and the duffel bag that she passed in the hallway on the way to the front door, littered with patches similar to the ones on Robin’s favorite jacket. 
She tried not to think of those things as she drove herself home. She tried not to think of those things as she lay in bed at night, willing her body to let her sleep. But the image of Robin’s head on Steve’s shoulder and the sound of lovesick giggling clouded her mind nonetheless. 
About a week after the movie night at Steve’s, Nancy headed to Family Video to return a movie and rent a new one. She pushed open the heavy glass door, the bell above the door ringing as she stepped through the threshold. She was in a chipper mood, having gotten an A on her chem test earlier that day, until she saw them. Robin and Steve were behind the counter, standing way too close for Nancy’s liking and whispering to each other. She couldn’t understand why, as the store was empty and there was no one there to hear them. Her mood dampened even more as she got closer to the counter and saw them wearing the smiles that they had reserved only for each other. 
They broke apart as soon as they noticed her, sheepish smiles replacing their bright ones. They knew they were caught. 
“Nance, hey!” Robin chirped, her voice a whole octave higher than usual, almost as if she was trying too hard to pretend to be casual. 
Nancy forced a tight lipped smile and gave a small wave as she approached the counter. Steve and Robin were now separated, now stationed at their respective registers. She headed straight for Robin’s register without a second glance at the Harrington boy. 
“Hey, Rob.” 
Nancy was undoubtedly still bitter about the previous incident, but she couldn’t help but soften as she stared into the baby blue eyes of Robin Buckley. Robin always had that effect on her. Robin was the calm to Nancy’s storm. The Wheeler girl cleared her throat to gain her composure- to bring herself back down to Earth. 
“Do you guys happen to have Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? I came in here on Monday to rent it, but Kieth said it was out.” She leaned against the counter, her palms flat on the purple countertop as she waited for a response from the girl in front of her. 
Robin perked up, immediately turning behind her to the black cart, marked “returns”. She rummaged around for a second before turning around again, waving the tape case in the air with a victorious smile. The sight made Nancy smile and her heart soar. 
“Just got it back today!” Robin scanned the tape and set it on the counter, “Did you want to get anything else?” 
Did she need anything else? Honestly, Nancy could care less if she got to see Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The movie was for Mike, anyway, but she volunteered to go and pick it up while he was at Hellfire so she could see her friends. Though at that moment, she didn’t really feel like conversing with Steve Harrington. 
“Don’t think so.” 
An awkward silence fell between the two as Robin finished typing Nancy’s account information into the computer, scanning the movie again, as she had messed up the first time. 
“So…” Nancy started, “Any plans after work today?” 
She was just trying to make conversation, but it sure sounded like she wanted to see Robin after work. Some may have even interpreted it as the preamble to a date invitation. She cringed at herself, hoping that Robin didn’t misread the situation. Since when was she an overthinker? Nancy Wheeler always acted with confidence, even if she happened to make a mistake. 
“Going to Steve’s to watch a bad horror movie, maybe stay over,” She chuckled as she handed nancy her receipt and her movie, “What about you?” 
Fucking Harrington again. She felt a pang in her chest at the mention of his name and willed herself not to show any sign of distaste. Nancy should have suspected that they’d hang out after work. They were dating, after all. As much as she loved Steve as a friend, she wondered what Robin saw in him. Even more than that, Nancy wondered why she was so upset about Robin and Steve watching a movie together after work. She had no right to be jealous and she reminded herself of that as she forced another smile. 
“Cool. Well, have fun!” Nancy said with as much enthusiasm as she could muster, “I need to head home to deliver this to Mike before Will gets there so uh I’ll see you later.” 
She didn’t even give Robin time to reply before she was speedwalking towards the door, desparate to get out of the small video shop. 
The Wheeler’s basement was the main hangout spot for both Mike and Nancy’s group of friends. This used to result in daily fights between the two siblings, as both wanted to stake claim on the space on the same days, until finally, they decided that Nancy got the basement on Friday nights and weekends and Mike got it every other day of the week. On Friday nights, Nancy had Steve, Robin, Eddie, and Jonathan over. It was a low-key hangout that sometimes included beer and weed, when her parents weren’t home to to smell it. 
Robin and Steve were the last to show up, having gotten off of work later than their usual Friday hangout start time. They bounded down the basement stairs, Robin carrying the “good beer” that Steve stole from his father and Steve carrying the pizza. The sounds of their laugher and clanking cans of beer could be heard even before they had completely descended the stairs. 
Nancy’s chest usually filled with warmth at the sound of Robin’s giggles. She usually found herself unable to fight a smile and a small chuckle of her own when she heard the raspy laughter. Usually the sound was music to her ears, but tonight she was almost nauseated by the it because Robin was laughing with Steve, more than likely because of something he said or an inside joke he brought up. Her blood boiled at the thought, but she couldn’t let it show. 
“Hey, guys,” Steve managed through his obnoxious laugher. 
Robin gave a small wave with the cutest smile to match. Nancy melted at the sight and almost completely forgot about the jealousy she felt a minute ago. 
“We got pizza and beer!” Robin chirped, walking over to the coffee table to set 2 six packs down before taking a seat on the couch. 
Nancy frowned to herself from her spot on the floor. Robin usually sat by her on Friday nights, it was the only reason that Nancy sat on the floor of her own basement.  Steve followed suit, placing the large pizza box on the coffee table and taking a seat beside Robin, pulling a blanket off of the arm of the couch and over the two of them. The sandy blonde shot a grateful smile at her counterpart and Nancy was once again red hot with jealousy. 
After the pizza was devoured and the “good beer” was broken into, Robin settled her head on Steve’s shoulder as she laughed at something Eddie said. Jonathan stood up, his trusty polaroid camera slung around his neck, and snapped a picture of the two all cuddled up together. Nancy stared straight ahead at the two with a grimace and fire behind her eyes as Robin laughed at a story that Steve was telling from their shift earlier that night. Steve’s fingers ran through Robin’s short sandy hair as he spoke. Even in her jealousy, she wondered how it would feel to run her fingers through Robin’s hair. It looked so soft from her spot across from her. 
“Nance? Nance?” Eddie shook one of her shoulders from his spot beside her. 
She shook her head, finally tearing her eyes away from Robin and Steve to look at the man beside her. 
“Yeah, right. I’m here.” She nodded, more to herself than Eddie. 
“You were up in space for a second,” He chuckled, taking a quick sip of his beer, “Everything okay?” 
“Yeah,” She forced a smile, “Just lost in thought, I guess.” 
Eddie quirked a brow and nudged her side with a smug smile, “Do those thoughts happen to be about a certain Harrington?” He asked under his breath. 
Nancy scoffed, rolling her eyes, “Absolutely not.”
“Ahh, so you were thinking about Buckley, then,” He whispered just as smugly. 
Nancy froze. She had been caught. Was she really that obvious? 
“No! Just stressed about my essay for Click’s class,” She defended, tugging at the fibers of the carpet below her and averting the metalhead’s eyes, as she knew he would see right through her.
“Hm,” Was all he muttered before turning back to the conversation that was still going on around them. 
Meanwhile, Nancy’s head was still swirling with thoughts of the sandy haired girl in front of her. She had never considered that she was jealous of Robin and Steve because she had a crush on Robin, as Eddie suggested. She always figured that she was jealous because Steve was hogging one of her best friends. But friends don’t think about how pretty their laugh is, or how soft their hair must feel. Friends definitely don’t feel their heart leap into their chest when they hold hands or get nervous to talk to them when they were too close in proximity. Fuck, Nancy had a crush on Robin. 
For the rest of the night, Nancy tried to think of anything else. She also tried not to look directly at Robin and Steve and made sure to converse mostly with Jonathan and Eddie. Nancy was stubborn and usually stuck to her guns. She kept her eyes off of the couple in front of her, and  successfully limited her talking to only respond to Jonathan and Eddie, but she still couldn’t keep her mind off of Robin. 
The girl of the hour eventually switched spots with Eddie when he complained that his “old knees” were hurting from sitting on the floor for so long. Nancy immediately smelled her vanilla-scented perfume when Robin dropped to the floor beside her. They sat shoulder to shoulder and knee to knee. She silently cursed, wishing for the first time that Robin would go sit anywhere else. 
“Hey, Nance,” Robin offered a small smile that Nancy knew better than to believe was real. She knew all of Robin’s tells, enough to know that she was nervous, “We haven’t really talked all night. How’ve you been?” 
“I’m- Everything’s been fine.” She answered almost coldly. 
It’s not that she meant to come off as mean, she just wanted to seem uninterested, maybe a little aloof, so that Robin wouldn’t push her any further, but her bitterness and jealousy got the better of her. 
“Well, I missed you tonight,” She nudged Nancy’s side with a playful smile, obviously trying to emit a laugh from her upset friend, but to no avail. 
The close proximity and Robin’s good intentioned prying was putting Nancy on edge, even more than she was previously. Having Robin this close to her was both electrifying and maddening at the same time. On one hand, her presence was always warm and welcome. Robin could make her smile on her worst days. But tonight, Nancy’s revelation made her stomach churn and the sandy blonde girl’s knee touching her own made her nauseous. It was too much for her to handle all at once. 
“Yeah, well looked like you were just fine hanging out with Steve.” Nancy’s eyes widened at her own words. She had no idea where her biting words and harsh tone came from, but they were out in the open now. She couldn’t take them back, nor could she bear to look at Robin after she said them, her eyes trained on the carpet below her. 
“N-Nance, I-” 
“I’m going to head up to bed,” Nancy jumped to her feet, addressing the whole room, “You guys can stay up a little longer though. You know where all the blankets and pillows are down here.” 
Nancy ascended the stairs without another word, muffling her sobs and trying not to think of the freckled girl that sat just downstairs. 
It was Wednesday, which meant that per Karen and Ted Wheelers demands, Nancy had to go back to school and pick up Mike from his Hellfire Club meeting that got out at 8PM. She thought it was rather annoying, considering the mountain of homework that she had sitting on her desk, including an essay on Gatsby that was due in two days. The thought made her squirm. She hated having unfinished tasks, academic or not. 
She pulled into a parking spot by the front doors so Mike could easily locate her and she could get home quicker. She put the car in park and sat back, catching a glimpse of Steve’s red BMW parked beside her and Steve leaning against the hood with headphones on and a walkman in his hand. He was waiting for someone, too. Without a second thought, she got out of the car, making her way to the brunette boy in front of her and leaned on the hood beside him. 
“Hey. Waiting for Dustin?” 
He shook his head, pulling the headphones off of his head and letting them rest around his neck, “No. He’s catching a ride with Will and Joyce tonight.” 
“Oh..” Nancy racked her brain, “then who?” She asked, puzzled. 
“Robin.” Nancy felt a pang in her chest at the familiar name. She should’ve known, “Her band practice ran late today. Usually she’s outta here by 6.” 
“W-why? Why are you picking Robin up from band?” The green monster of jealousy was out to get Nancy again and she knew it. It was painfully obvious in her tone of voice. All she could do was hope that Steve didn’t hear it. 
“Who else would do it?” Steve shrugged, “I won’t let her bike home past 5PM. Too many weirdos out here, you know?  So I pick her up from band practice every Wednesday, whether it runs late or not. Sometimes we get dinner afterwards or hang out at her house for a bit. S’not a bad deal.” 
Nancy pictured it, Robin and Steve laughing in the booth of a diner, holding hands and sharing a milkshake, or making out in Robin’s bedroom with one of her many cassettes playing in her stereo. She knew that she was only torturing herself with those images, but she couldn’t help it. Steve painted such a clear picture in her head with so few words, or maybe that was the jealousy talking. 
“That’s nice of you,” Nancy forced a smile, “I’m here to pick Mike up from Hellfire on Wednesdays, anyway. So, if you ever wanted to just.. I don’t know, let me pick her up and drop her off at home so you can have the week off, I could totally do that.” 
Steve waved her off, bringing his hand to his hip, “No, no it’s fine. We like driving around together, anyway. Rob’s been showing me new music and telling me all about the band drama. It’s really more fun for me than a burden.” He paused, turning to look at the girl beside him, “If I ever can’t make it, I’ll let you know, though.” 
Nancy responded with a nod and a tight-lipped smile, afraid that she’d say something she’d regret if she let herself speak. 
Suddenly, Robin came walking out of the front doors of the building, clad in the Hawkins High band practice uniform. The white shirt with the green tiger on the front hugged her body in all the right places and the matching green shorts showed off Robin’s long legs. Nancy had seen Robin in her practice uniform dozens of times, usually in the hall right before she runs off to the band room so she isn’t late, but that didn’t stop her from admiring how good she looked in it. 
“Ugh!” She exclaimed, throwing her trumpet case in the back seat of Steve’s car, “I’m sorry we ran so late today. The trombones kept messing up their part and Mr. Baum wouldn’t let us leave until they got it right.” 
She stripped her shirt off and threw it in the backseat, leaving her in only a black sports bra. Immediately after tossing her shirt, she  slipped her shorts off, and tossed them on top of her band shirt. Nancy’s eyes were blown wide and she stared at the toned muscles of Robin’s stomach and arms for a minute before she came back to herself. She immediately looked to Steve, but he didn’t seem surprised. She tried not to think about how that meant that Robin was comfortable enough to undress in front of him, probably on a regular basis. 
“Then once they got it right, the clarinets couldn’t get their shit together and the same rule applied and now here we are, going home 2 hours late.” She finished as she reached in the car to grab pair of green Hawkins High basketball shorts and slip them on.
 Nancy had seen those shorts before. They were Steve’s. She’d seen him wear them countless times, from secret sleepovers at her house when they dated, to Friday night hangouts a couple weeks ago. Of course Robin would wear Steve’s clothes. It was extremely common for girlfriends to steal their boyfriends’ clothes, but still, it bothered Nancy. 
When Robin was finished with her rant and getting dressed, she took a breath and looked up, cheeks growing red at the sight of the Wheeler girl in front of her. 
“Oh god, Nance, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you were there. If I did I wouldn’t have…” She gestured over her body, “I’m used to it just being ol’Stevie and I out here,” She chuckled nervously, rocking on her heels. 
“No, I- uh.. I just… See I’m- well I’m here to pick up Mike today, so…” 
Nancy Wheeler, one of the most intelligent, well-spoken students at Hawkins High was stuttering because of a shirtless, very toned, pretty girl in front of her. She could interview just about anyone for a newspaper article, take the insults of the men at the Hawkins Post, and walk headfirst into danger to fight the Mindflayer or Vecna and do it all with her head held high and unwavering confidence, but the minute Robin Buckley strips her shirt off, all of it goes away and she brings up her brother, of all people. 
“Right, Hellfire Club meets  today,” Robin said, a warm smile gracing her features, “It’s really nice of you to pick your brother up.” 
Suddenly, Mike’s walking towards her car, a wide grin plastered on his face as he turned around to say his goodbyes to Eddie and his friends. He stood beside his sister when he reached the car. Nancy was still struggling to speak, her mouth and opening and closing like a fish out of water. 
“Yeah, well- My um, my parents wanted me to- They don’t want to come back here so-so I do it.”  
Mike rolled his eyes beside her, “Nance, let’s go.” He groaned, already impatient. 
“Yeah, uh we should go!” 
“Us too,” Robin added, “Gotta go grab some dinner, but I’ll see you before first period tomorrow?” 
“Totally!” She immediately winced at her over-eagerness. 
“Come on, Nancy!” Mike nagged, throwing his head back. 
“See ya tomorrow!” Robin laughed as she rounded the BMW to get to the passenger side. She slipped into the car beside Steve. 
“B-bye Rob!” She called, but the BMW was already gone. 
Nancy had been stopping by the video store much more frequently than she’d ever admit. She wan’t exactly one for movies, that was more Mike’s territory, but she did have her eye on  one Robin Buckley that worked the counter at Family Video. So every day after school, Nancy would drive to the video store with some excuse. Mike wanted to see the new Star Wars movie, her mom wanted a nice rom-com to cuddle up with that night, Holly wanted to see the My Little Pony movie were all excuses that she used, and none of them were true. She was just  too embarrassed to admit that she showed up just to see Robin.
Nancy pushed the heavy glass door open as the bell above it chimed, signalling herr arrival. She didn’t see Robin at the counter this time, only Steve and a big pile of returned tapes beside him. Nancy didn’t panic just yet, Robin could be stocking or rewinding tapes. 
She entered the empty store and made her way to the counter, looking around for the familiar sandy blonde mop of hair to pop up between the shelves, but it didn’t show. 
“Hey Steve,” Nancy greeted, trying to see past him to the open door of the back room, which to her dismay looked to be empty. 
“Nance,”  He responded as he  sorted through the tapes beside him, “What can I do for ya?” 
She realized that she didn’t come up with excuse for today’s visit, so she had to think fast. 
“I came for me today, actually. I want to have a movie night, but I’m not sure what to watch.” 
Steve chuckled, he was definitely onto her, “Recommendations are more Robin’s thing, since she has better taste than me, but you can take a look around.” 
Nancy just nodded and turned around to scour the shelves for her favorite blonde. She refused to believe that she wasn’t here. Nancy tried to convince herself that she could have been sitting on the floor between shelves, but even she knew that she was being delusional, as Robin definitely would have popped up to say hi to her by now. So she searched the empty store for a movie that she probably wouldn’t watch. 
Suddenly, the bell above the door rang out again and Nancy could only hope that it was Robin starting her shift late. She craned her neck to see over the shelves and she quickly saw that it was not Robin. A tall, curly blonde wearing way too much lipgloss walked up to the counter and leaned on it, popping her bubblegum in her mouth. 
“Do you have a copy of The Poltergeist?” The girl asked without greeting as she stared Steve down like she wanted to eat him for dinner. 
“Y-yeah, uh we definitely do,” Steve answered as he rounded the counter and took the girl’s hand, leading her to the horror section, “You know, I heard that this movie is really scary. You might want to find someone to watch it with you.” 
Nancy knew that tone. She’d heard it countless times when she and Steve dated. He was flirting back when he was dating Robin! She hid between the shelves and continued to listen, peeking through so she could see the two as they lingered by the horror section. 
“Oh yeah? Maybe I’ll do that then.” The blonde responded, biting her lip. It made Nancy’s stomach sick. 
They continued to flirt back and forth until they ended up back at the counter to check out. Nancy had learned that the girl’s name was Carrie and she was a cheerleader at a school in the next town over. 
She watched as Carrie scribbled her name and phone number on the back of her receipt and slipped it bsck across the counter to Steve. 
“Call me. You know, in case I need someone to watch this movie with me…” Was all she said before she exited the store. 
Nancy was fuming. She thought Steve had changed, but it seemed that he was just fooling everyone and he was still the same  grade A douchebag from 3 years ago. 
As soon as she knew that the coast was clear, she speedwalked to the counter empty-handed. She was on a mission, “Where’s Robin?” She asked almost coldly, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. 
Steve laughed, “See, I knew you only came here to-” 
“Steve, not in the mood. Where is she?” 
His smile quickly fell, “Uh… should be home. She called out to do some homework today. Said she was swamped. Is everything okay?” 
 Without another word or glance at Steve, Nancy took off toward the Buckley residence. He called out for her a few more times before she got to the glass double doors, but she kept walking. He didn’t deserve to have an explanation, Nancy decided.
Nancy’s car pulled into the familiar driveway of the Buckley’s house. It was empty, which meant that her parents were out for the night, but a blue bike with a metal basket attached to the handlebars leaned against the garage door. Robin was home. 
Suddenly, she was at the door, her hand hovering over the yellowed doorbell as she took a breath, then she pushed it. Robin appeared, sliding down the hardwood flooring of the main hallway with socks on and Nancy almost completely forgot about her anger. Robin Buckley was a complete ray of sunshine. Her eyes widened in surprise when she peered through the window in her front door to find Nancy standing there. 
The door swung open and Robin stood in the doorway, “Nance! Whatcha doin’ here? Not that I’m not excited to see you, because I totally am, but usually you call before you come over. Is everything okay? It’s not the Russians again is it?” 
Nancy chuckled, “No, no. Not the Russians… but I wouldn’t exactly say that everything’s okay. Can I com in?” 
Robin nodded and stepped aside as Nancy led the way to the Buckley livingroom like it was her own. It may as well have been, Nancy was over all the time. The girls took a seat on the couch and Robin grabbed the remote, pausing Family Ties before turning her attention to the brunette behind her. 
“So… What’s wrong?” Robin asked, chewing on her bottom lip anxiously. 
“Well I uh went to the video store today and saw Steve. He was flirting with some blonde girl and she gave him her number…  I was just so disgusted with him. Anyway, I came right here so I could tell you. I’m sorry, Rob,” Nancy knew that she only gave an abbreviated version of what happened, but she told Robin what she needed to know and she figured that more details would just make her more upset. But Robin still looked at her with furrowed brows, possibly more confused than she was when she saw Nancy at the front door. 
“I-I’m a little lost here, Nance, I’m not gonna lie,” Robin chuckled. 
“Steve cheated on you,” She stated plainly and waited for the sobs, for Robin’s beautiful features to twist into a frown, for her to launch herself forward to hold on to Nancy as she cried, but instead, Robin laughed, loud and raspy. 
“You thought Steve and I were dating?” 
“Y-yeah. I mean, you guys are always cuddly and holding hands and you never go anywhere without him. He drops you off and picks you up from school, for god’s sake! He doesn’t even go to Hawkins High anymore!” Nancy didn’t know why she got defensive, maybe it was because she felt a little stupid, a little confused. 
“Absolutely not. Gross,” Robin chuckled, “We’re just close, is all. Though I am surprised that he managed to get a girl’s number. He usually scares them away before they can even offer.” 
“So you and Steve...?” 
“Very platonic. With a capital P.” 
“And you...?” 
“Single and very gay,” Robin giggled, still amused by the mere thought of her and Seve Harrington dating, “Thought you knew that, Wheeler.” 
Nancy froze. Robin was gay, which meant that she had a chance wirh her. 
“W-well, no I uh don’t-didn’t exactly know that specific piece of information,” Nancy looked down at her lap, suddenly very embarrassed, “If I did I wouldn’t have come over here…to tell you that Steve was cheating on you.” 
She watched as Robin’s confident smile fell and was quickly replaced by furrowed brows and an almost frown. 
“Don’t worry. I won’t like hit on you or anything,” She chuckled nervously, obviously trying to play off her hurt, “You’re uh- you’re safe there.”
Nancy felt a pang in her chest. Robin thought she was disgusted by her. 
“Does that mean that I’m not allowed to hit on you either, then?” Nancy wasn’t sure where that sudden burst of confidence came from. Perhaps she was more desparate to prove that she didn’t hate Robin than she was scared to share her true feelings.
Robin’s eyes snapped up to meet Nancy’s, her smile settling back onto her lips, “N-no I’d actually love it if you would hit on me because you’re hot and funny and so smart and I’ve been dropping hints for ages. Though, Steve tells me that I’m bad at that, so it’s not really your fault if you didn’t get them. I-I’d be honored if you’d hit on me because you’re definitely out of my league, I mean… I’m rambling again, aren’t I?” Her cheeks grow red under Nancy’s fond stare. 
“A little, but it’s okay. I like to listen to you talk.” 
Robin beamed and Nancy swore she could see the glisten of unshed tears in her eyes. The sandy blonde cleared her throat and tried to contain her smile. Nancy wished she wouldn’t. She decided she’d do just about anything to get Robin to smile that brightly at her again, as if she hung the moon, as if she was the center of Robin’s entire world.
“I uh…thank you. No one’s ever said that to me before. Usually people just tell me to be quiet.” The taller girl shrugged, as if she’d accepted that fact. Nancy wished that she didn’t have to.
“Well, I’m honored to be the first, then.” 
A few moments of silence passed over them before Nancy glanced at the TV screen to find a still of Mallory Keaton sitting on the couch and remembered that she walked in on Robin watching Family Ties. She realized that she was probably intruding on a peaceful night in and stood up to excuse herself, walking closer to Robin to hug her goodbye. 
“I’m uh gonna head home and let you get back to your night with the Keatons,” She chuckled as she gestured to the TV, “I’ll see you at school tomorrow, yeah?” 
“No, wait… stay?” Robin asked shyly, “I-I have popcorn in the kitchen, 2 seasons of Family Ties on tape, an extra pair of PJs upstairs, and my parents won’t be home until after school tomorrow. We could have like I don’t know, a date.” 
Nancy blushed. She had to admit, a date night in sounded much better than going home. She liked Family Ties and she liked Robin even more. 
“Hmm…I could be persuaded, I think. Maybe if you-” Then Nancy was cut off by Robin’s lips on her own. When the shock wore off, Nancy melted into the kiss and rested her hands on Robin’s waist, holding her close and gripping the soft cotton of her t-shirt as if Robin would get away from her if she didn’t hold on tight enough. Their lips moved in tandem as they kissed, soft and slow, like they were trying to savor the feeling, and Nancy was. She’d thought about kissing Robin Buckley for months and now that she finally was, she realized that her lips were softer and her kisses were sweeter than she ever pictured them to be. 
She pulled away giggling when she finally needed to breathe, and she saw it again. Robin’s bright, toothy smile. The one that made Nancy feel like she was the center of her world, the one she tried to hide just minutes ago, but didn’t show any signs of doing so this time. 
“I’ve wanted to do that forever,” Robin admitted with crimson cheeks and a quiet, giddy giggle, “So…are you persuaded?”
“Not sure.” Nancy said, feigning thoughtfulness, “Think you have to kiss me again. You know, so I can make an informed decision.” 
And so Robin leaned in again for the second of many blissful times that night.
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jexnrey · a day ago
is there someone else? ━━━ steve harrington.
Tumblr media
pairings: steve harrington × fem!cheerleader!reader.
summary: steve knew there was a sudden shift in your relationship after what happened previously, but it didn't stop him from thinking about you and wanting things to return to normal until he saw you with a random guy and assumed you'd already replaced him.
warnings: cursing, steve overthinking and jumping through conclusions, jealous!steve and miscommunication.
author’s note: a reposted fic. do not copy, post on another site, translate or claim any of my works as your own or you will be reported! nav.
Tumblr media
Steve had the perception that you were slipping away from him. Or maybe he was just being theatrical; Dustin liked to point this out and tease him about it, but Steve was filled with apprehension. It seemed like a prickling needle poked him till scars sprouted, as if there was a crippling disquiet inside of him, growing and blooming every day.
He tried to ignore the strange feeling that was whirling around inside him by watching movies with Robin or spending some time with Dustin. If his distractions fail, his mind always returns to you, occupying himself with thoughts of you rather than doing what he meant to do—stop thinking about you. But, unfortunately for him, thinking about you was his greatest attribute, and it appears that, despite the strange thoughts about you and him, he still thinks of you.
Hawkins was the beginning. With a scoff, Steve would think, It always started at that stupid town. He could not really believe a girl had weird superpowers and bled through her nose, let alone that monsters were invading the town. Second, he wouldn't believe that he'd be a part of all the craziness that's going on, but he did meet you in Hawkins.
To be fair, when you first met, he was a complete dickhead. It was his “King Steve” era, or as others in his age referred to him, when Steve was famous. He remembered how much he treasured being lauded and appreciated in the past, but he had luckily matured into that perspective and was now just like everyone else. Normal. When Steve remembered how much you despised him at the time, he winced.
“Why don’t you go fuck yourself, Harrington?” you had remarked one time when he approached you after a basketball game, all sweaty and fatigued, as he mentioned how your cheerleading skirt distracts him in the game.
He didn't even want to recall what he said in response; all he knew was that he got a big, loud slap in the face.
But before, he was a jackass and you were the sweet angelic cheerleader, but suddenly you were both so much more. Steve would have laughed at the idea if he had known you were both in a relationship, but feelings got muddled up when you were also a part of the craziness. But he didn't question it because you were friends with Max Mayfield and the new girl before somehow became part of Dustin's crazy crew.
Steve was smitten with you from the start, long before there was a strange girl with abilities and the entire town was flipped upside down. Even when you despised his guts, he liked everything about you, and it was exciting to have your attention, even if it was just a simple roll of the eyes or shoving up your dainty middle finger in front of him. He fell for you because of those simple things, and he never questioned it.
People would probably make fun of him for being infatuated with a girl who didn't give him the time of day when he could have anyone—and they did, but he won't admit it. Others found it amusing that he was often rejected, which injured his ego, but Steve seemed to be stubborn and persistent. But, while all of his hard work to finally win you has paid off, Steve now has his own doubts.
He had the impression that something was troubling your relationship. Steve wouldn't admit it to anyone—not even Robin or Dustin—but he was growing uneasy about your relationship's abrupt change. But then again, maybe he was overthinking it all because of what occurred last year, and you were distant. He recalled your heartbroken expression as you took Max in your arms, weeping for her brother's death.
Steve could never blame you, but it crushed him to think that you had cut yourself off from him. He started to believe that this relationship, whatever it was, was one-sided, and that your assurances weren't helping. You were slipping away from him; everytime he wanted to hang out, you'd make some excuse like cheer practices, which he dismissed as bullshit. He was curious as to why you were avoiding him.
You never avoided Steve, well not when you both were in a relationship anyways.
Hearing Robin's voice near him, Steve snapped out of his thoughts. He didn't turn to face her, instead looking at the store's door with a hopeful expression, but when no one entered, he became dejected. He expected it to be you, dressed in your cheerleading uniform and smiling brightly, but he was staring at nothing. He slowly turned to Robin, who seemed to be laughing.
His brows furrowed at her. “What the hell is funny?”
“Shit, you've got it bad,” Robin said, her voice muffled by the popcorn she was munching. “You were thinking about her, yeah?”
“Thinking of who?”
Robin gave him a hard stare. “Don't play dumb with me. When I said her name, you snapped out of whatever thoughts you were having, and I'm guessing it was also about her.”
As he gazed at her with a tight smile playing on his lips, Steve silently cursed Robin in his head. Steve tried to distract his mind by taking a popcorn from the popcorn box Robin was holding and plopping one into his mouth, ignoring his friend's scrutinizing gaze. He couldn't blame her, though; even though you were usually gone, he must have looked like a wounded puppy.
“She’s ignoring me,” Steve began, his attention fixed on the movie playing rather than the knowing look in Robin's eyes.
“And instead of going to her and talking about it, you're sitting here moping?” With a tiny shrug, Robin asked.
Steve locked his gaze on her. “Didn't you hear me say she's ignoring me—“
Steve didn't like the coy grin on Robin's lips as she raised her hands in defeat. “Geez, calm down, it was just a suggestion,”
“A stupid one,” Steve scoffed.
Robin sniggered and said, “If I were you, I'd talk to her. I wouldn't let her escape if I were you; have you seen her?”
In irritation, he flung a piece of popcorn at her. “Can you not? You idiot, she's still my girlfriend, and don't you have Vickie?”
Robin only glared at him.
Tumblr media
Steve would have punched himself if he hadn't listened to Robin's suggestion, but he was desperate, and because he was stubborn and tenacious, why not make use of his best qualities? When the Hawkins High School came into view, he parked his car and waited for a bit before summoning the bravery to walk out of his car. He ran a hand through his hair before he started walking.
As he passed by, he gave a tight-lipped smile to those who greeted him, but once he spotted you, he slowed down. You were always gorgeous in your Hawkins cheerleading uniform, and Steve felt as if he was seeing you for the first time ever. Your hair was tied back with a few dangling in the front, but your face was disturbed and exhausted. Steve's brow furrowed; he didn't like seeing you in this state.
He only noticed someone alongside you before he could call you. Steve narrowed his eyes at the guy, who was dressed in a basketball jersey and was tall, blonde, and had this aura that appeared to have a lot of ladies at his feet. You were only half-listening to what the guy was saying, but a slight smile played across your exquisite lips, which Steve hadn't kissed in a long time.
Steve stood there watching as the guy said something that made you chuckle softly before waving farewell and walking away. Inside his gut, there was the same unease; Steve had no idea what he'd just seen, but hoped it was just his eyes playing tricks on him. He tightened his jaw as he marched straight to you, his sudden rage boiling inside him like molten lava.
Steve was met by a closer look at your gorgeous face as you heard his footsteps and looked up. “Steve,” you exclaimed, startled. “What—what are you doing here?”
“What are you doing here?” he repeated with a scoff as he grabbed your wrist, making sure it wasn't too tight but making sure you'd follow him as he led you both to his car. “I've come to pick you up because, um, I'm your boyfriend?” The last word was sarcastic.
Once you both entered his car, you turned to face him. “What’s up with you?”
“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” As he sat comfortably in the driver's seat, Steve made a straining and jaded chuckle. “Who was that guy?”
He watched as you sighed and briefly closed your eyes. “What do you mean, Steve?”
Steve gave you a look of clear disbelief. “Do you love me?”
When he looked at your face closely, trying to see the gleam of adoration in it, he was met with surprise, indignation, and betrayal—all of those conflicting emotions were mixing in your face, and Steve swallowed a lump in his throat, suddenly feeling like his question was downright stupid, selfish, and insecure, but he had been dying in his own doubts, you were tense with him, why can't he be like that to you too?
“Y/N,” Steve trailed off hesitantly. “Baby…?”
Your eyes shifted away from him as you faced the front, your fingers playing with the hems of your skirt, and Steve refrained from putting his palm on top of it. “I don't understand,” you murmured, your voice tense with something chevalier. “What exactly are you implying?”
Steve, evidently agitated, ran his fingers through his hair. “I don't know.” he made a hand gesture like swatting a fly and said, “You've been distant and it feels like you're ignoring me, and I just saw a random dude whispering crap in my girl's ear today. So sorry if I came out as paranoid.”
Your eyes flashed with a conflicting emotion, but it vanished before Steve could describe what it was. He clenched both hands on his lap as he realized he wouldn't be able to start the car anytime soon. The space between you was snug and familiar, yet Steve thought you were a bit far away even though you were only an arm's length away. Steve reached up and, before he could stop himself, tucked the fallen curl of hair on your ear, all the while managing to keep an eye on you and your side profile.
“Talk to me,” he begged, the foreign sound in his ears bothering him not at all. Steve let his hand slip from your hair, trailing down your arm then to your hands, which were resting on your lap. His huge hand engulfed yours and remained there for some time. “Don’t shut me out. Not this time.”
When you gazed up at him, your lips quivered, and Steve quickly cupped your cheek and stared at you with a concerned expression. “Everything makes me uneasy, especially Max. She's not doing well lately, and I'm worried about her… I'm also terrified. Fearful that the shits from before will return. Steve, I can't lose any more people.”
Steve stroked your cheek with his thumb. “I felt like I'd lost you at this point. I didn't want you to be away from me Y/N, and for a short moment I was afraid you'd found someone else and shit—I don't blame you at all, but—“
“Steve,” you say abruptly, your tone unusually sharp. “In the midst of everything, you kept me sane. I can't like anyone else because I love you so much.”
“But the guy—“
“Is just a friend of mine,” you said, a timid smile on your face. “He's the boyfriend of one of my cheer teammates, and that's it.”
His shoulders slumped in relief. “Good thing you haven’t replaced me yet.”
You fixed your gaze on him, yet a slight smile appeared on your pretty face. “I'd never do that.”
Steve kissed you passionately as he brought your face closer to his. As he deepened the kiss, his thumb caressed your cheeks; the curvature of your lips and the softness of it drove Steve insane. Both of your mouths shared a spark of affection, and it was all too familiar and completely missed. Steve was well aware that he could never have enough of you.
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geekfanficwriter · 2 days ago
Throne- Eddie Munson x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Oral sex in Eddie’s Hellfire throne. Words: 1.6k Warnings: SMUT (18+, minors dni), oral (m and f recieving), fingering, reader has a vagina but no pronouns are used.
Author’s note: I haven’t really had the inspiration to write recently so thought I’d get back into it with something short.
‘God, you look so good.’ Eddie spoke coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around you, grabbing your clothed tits. You sighed and shook your head as you placed the figure you were holding down on the table.
‘Eddie, we’re meant to be setting up for DnD.’ You spoke as he pressed kisses to your neck.
‘That means we have time before the guys show up.’ Eddie said as he moved his hands down to your waist, pulling you over and sitting you down in his chair.
‘Plus you decided to wear my favourite skirt so how could I resist?’ Eddie said, kneeling down in front of you. He moved closer, grabbing your legs to pull you closer to the edge of the chair.
‘We have to be quick.’ You told him as his fingers reached up to hook in your underwear, pulling them down and shoving them in his pocket.
‘I can definitely do that.’ Eddie grinned up at you as he threw your legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward, pushing your skirt up slightly as he pressed kisses to your thighs. You let out a small, barely audible moan as he sucked at the skin of your thigh, leaving a hickey as he did so.
‘Eddie, I said be quick.’ You said, your breath shaky.
‘Hmm, I think someone just wants me to touch them.’ He laughed, slightly as you rolled your eyes, not wanting to admit that it was the truth. Despite his comment, he moved his head in, attaching his mouth to your clit, sucking hard. You let out a moan as your hands reached down, wrapping your hands in his curly hair. He licked up your slit before turning his attention back to your clit, sucking it enthusiastically. You gripped his hair even tighter, pulling slightly causing him to moan slightly. You threw your head back at the feeling of the vibrations against your clit, as you felt his hand slowly move up your leg, getting closer and closer to your hole. You moaned as his fingers brushed over your lightly, barely touching you.
‘Eddie, please.’ You whined. He obliged, his fingers entering you, moving in and out of you at a quick pace. The feeling of his fingers inside you and his mouth on your clit was too much as you felt the knot in your stomach building. You knew Eddie could tell you were close to your orgasm as he curled his fingers inside of you, making you cry out. He started to hum against your clit as your hand gripped harder at his hair.
‘Eddie, god don’t stop.’ You whine out, your back arching up off the chair. You kept screaming out his name, as you came closer and closer to your orgasm. His fingers kept moving in and out of you, curling as they did so, his tongue flicked at your clit as his mouth sucked your clit. You let out a final scream as your orgasm washed over you, your hands gripping Eddie’s hair tightly. He continued to lazily pump his fingers in and out of you as his mouth pressed soft kisses to your thigh, while you came down from your orgasm, flopping back in the chair.
‘God, I love how good you are at that.’ You breathed out, causing Eddie to laugh against your thigh as he pulled his fingers out of you, placing them in his mouth to lick them clean.
‘That’s because of how good you taste.’ Eddie said when he took his fingers out your mouth, standing up from his position on the floor. You glanced down at his crotch, seeing how he was straining against his jeans, and you looked over at the clock.
‘You know we still have 15 minutes until the guys show up.’ You said standing up and brushing your hand over his crotch.
‘Yeah, I guess we do.’ He grinned at you. You placed your hands on his shoulders, kissing him hard, tasting yourself on his lips. You spun round so he was in front of his chair, pushing him down so he was sat down. You leaned over in front of him so he could look down your shirt as you undid his jeans, pulling them down his legs slightly along with his underwear to reveal his hard cock. You rubbed your hand on his tip lightly, using his precum as lube as you pumped him slowly, your other hand gripping the armrest of the chair.
‘Do you want to fuck my mouth or my pussy?’ You ask him as you continue to move your hand up and down him slowly.
‘Fuck, I want your mouth.’ He groans out. You nod, leaning forward to kiss him lightly before kneeling down in front of him. You stop moving your hand, gripping the base of his cock. You move your head to his cock, placing light kisses up his shaft, listening to Eddie’s small groans as you did so, you reached the head, pressing light kisses to the tip, before taking him fully into your mouth, not giving him a chance to adjust as you took him as far into your mouth as you could, burying your nose into his pubic hair. He let out a loud moan, his hands gripping the armrest of his chair. You kept your mouth still for a moment, just letting him feel your throat around him before pulling back up. You started to lick and suck at his tip, the taste of his salty precum entering your mouth as you did so. He moaned loudly, encouraging you as you started to bob your head up and down, swirling your tongue around him as you did so. Eddie kept gripping the armrest with one of his hands, the other one moving down to tangle in your hair. He used the hand that was wrapped in your hair to guide your head, up and down his cock.
‘Your mouth feels so good, baby.’ Eddie moaned out, his hand tugging at your hair slightly as you kept sucking him hard. You moved one of your hands from their position on his thighs to fondle his balls, squeezing lightly as you did so just as you knew he liked. He bucked his hips up, making your eyes water as he hit the back of your throat. You gagged around him, focusing on breathing through your nose as he slowly rocked his hips into your mouth.
‘Fuck, I’m so close.’ Eddie moaned out and you moved your free hand over to his hip, holding them down as you pulled back up to focus just on his tip, flicking it quickly with your tongue. He let out a loud moan as his cock twitched, spilling into your mouth. You swallowed it all down before pulling off his cock, resting your head on his thigh as you watched him soften. You looked up at him, his chest heaving as he breathed heavily, his lips parted slightly. He looked so good.
‘I love you.’ You mumble out. He moved his hand over to stroke your face as he grinned down at you.
‘I love you too, beautiful.’ He replied as you shut your eyes, just enjoying this moment of peace.
‘As good as you look right now, we should probably finish setting up.’ Eddie told you. You hummed in reply, staying still for a moment before pulling away from him. You stayed kneeling on the floor as you pulled your skirt back down to cover yourself.
‘Can I have my underwear back?’ You asked as Eddie tucks himself back into his jeans.
‘Absolutely not, I’m keeping these.’ Eddie gave you a playful smile as you rolled your eyes.
‘I am not sitting through an entire DnD session with no underwear on.’ You told him, trying to remain serious but laughing instead. Eddie was about to reply but the door burst open to reveal the rest of the Hellfire Club stood there.
‘Hey, guys you ready- oh god.’ Gareth said as he looked between the two of you. You were still kneeling on the ground with your hair messed up and lips puffy, leaving no ambiguity as to what had just occurred. Your eyes widened as you stood back up, making sure you were definitely fully covered as you did so. The guys look at the two of you with a look of shock and disgust as Eddie stood up wrapping his arm around you.
‘Sorry guys, we didn’t get a chance to finish setting up. Just give me five minutes.’ He grinned as he spoke before moving over to the table to get the game ready.
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katyswrites · a day ago
'tis the damn season
Pairing: Steve Harrington/fem!reader
Warnings: Smut (18+), angst, loss of virginity, semi-awkward first time, parental neglect/abuse, smoking, alcohol use, two fools who can’t just say what they feel
Wordcount: 10.2k
Childhood friends-to-lovers-to-strangers-to-lovers again, broken promises, and roads not taken, lots of angst, soft smut, illicit affairs, what-ifs, and it’s always been you. And it all leads to your hometown, during Christmas break.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PART 2 | if it's okay with you, it's okay with me
THEN, Summer 1985
Steve Harrington was kissing you. You were drunk on him, more than you were on the sickeningly sweet concoction you had been downing all night, more than you had ever been on anything. You were kissing Steve Harrington, and it didn’t completely feel real. A small part of you in the back of your mind told you that you shouldn’t have been doing this, that you should’ve walked away before you crossed a line. But, a bigger part of you wanted him, all of him, whatever he would give you. So, when he pressed you against the wall, you let him. When his lips hungrily asked for more, for you to open your mouth and allow his tongue to dance with yours, you let him. You tasted the cigarette smoke, and the sweet, cheap liquor coursing through you. And, when he took your hand and led you inside, you followed him.
You both shouldered through the crowd, the hazy smoke and sweat threatening to suffocate if you didn’t feel his calloused hand clasped firmly in yours, moving swiftly through the party to the upstairs bathroom. Luckily, you didn’t see Robin on your route - you didn’t want to catch her eye, to have to explain anything to her right now - that would’ve been too much of a dose of reality.
So instead, you went with the boy, taking the stairs two at a time, and crashing into him when he stopped abruptly at the top, nearly knocking foreheads. You both laughed, and you pressed your hand into his chest to guide him. He took your face in his hands, stepping backwards down the hallway until his back hit the door. He smiled into the kiss, never breaking it as he reached behind him and fiddled with the doorknob until the door swung open.
The sounds of the party downstairs were distant and muffled, blocking you two off from the world, from the people that could ruin this. When the door was closed and locked behind you, he was on you again, cupping your face in his hands as his lips found yours. He kissed you fiercely, passionately, the years of growing apart vanishing by the minute. You backed up against the sink, hands fisted in his shirt as he lifted you up onto it nearly effortlessly. He slotted himself between your legs, his hand wandering from your knee to the hem of your skirt. You shivered at his touch, at the way his fingers brushed the soft skin of your thigh. You involuntarily jumped, your head arching back and bumping into the mirror behind you with a THUD.
“Ow!” you cried out.
“Oh, Jesus, you okay?” he asked, bringing his hand gently to the back of your head and rubbing small circles there.
“Yeah!” you said, stifling a laugh. But, you betrayed yourself, and started giggling. It was infectious, and soon enough he was joining you. He pressed his forehead to yours, laughing and shaking his head.
But, it was enough to bring you back to reality for a moment, and you pulled back, running your fingers through his hair, now fluffed and messy thanks to you. His lips were swollen and glossy, his face soft and smile warm, maybe even a bit dopey.
“Steve,” you whispered. “What’re we doing?”
His face faltered a bit, and he shook his head.
“I - I don’t know.”
His voice was low, and soft. It made your heart ache, and suddenly he was the boy you’ve always known, the one who had introduced himself to you at the sandbox all those years ago.
“I - I just hope you know I’ve wanted to do that - this - for a long time.”
Your stomach flipped at that, and you suddenly felt a rush of heat in your face.
He nodded, bringing his hand to the side of your face, softly stroking your cheek with his thumb.
“Yeah,” he breathed. “I mean… I really meant what I said. That, if I could do it over again, I would. I know we became different people, wanted different things - it happens. But, that shouldn’t have mattered - because, high school’s bullshit, it turns out.”
He took a deep breath, pausing for a moment. 
“We can stop though, if you want. I mean, you’re leaving for school in August, and, you don’t owe me anything -”
You probably should’ve let him keep talking, or stopped to think. But, you didn’t want to think - there had been enough of that. So, you pulled his face to yours, and started kissing him again.
He kissed you back, gently, slowly. You wrapped your legs around him, pulling him closer. Your skirt rode up, but you didn’t find it in yourself to care. He leaned impossibly closer, his fingers pressed into your thighs. Soon, the kisses became more desperate, sloppier, hungrier. 
You groaned into his mouth, letting his tongue press in.
“What do you want?” he breathed, traveling down to kiss your neck.
“I - ah, I - I want more.”
He paused, and came back up to look you in the eyes.
“How much more?”
You put your hand over his, guiding it further up your leg, until his fingers were under your skirt. You pressed his hand into your inner thigh, right at the apex, and his breath hitched.
You leaned close to his ear, whispering, “More, Steve. Touch me, please -”
Then, he was kissing you insatiably, and the rest was a blur. He took charge, his hands traveling further up until they were where you needed them most. 
You didn’t know where the nerve had come from, the loss of inhibitions - maybe it was the booze, the mid-June heat, or the scent and taste of Steve, all-consuming and setting you aflame. You had never gone very far with anyone else, no further than kisses in the back row of the movie theater, or second base under the bleachers. But right then, though, in that moment, this felt right.
So you let him touch you, feel you, until you could think of nothing else. When his hand finally dipped under your panties, and pressed against your core, you buried your face in his neck. You gasped for air as he had his way with you, rubbing circles and coating his fingers in your slick until you were begging him for more.
He allowed his fingers to enter you - one, two, whispering is this okay?
You nodded, and he pressed further in, murmuring sweet nothings into your ears as he pumped his fingers, encouraging you to ride them. You moaned and gasped, clutching his shoulders as you threw your head back. He took the opportunity to pepper kisses along the column of your throat, never stopping his ministrations on your cunt. You had never had someone do this to you, never let someone have you like this, and all you could think was yes yes YES -
He worked on you until you were coming, hard and fast, face pressed into the soft skin of his neck as you cried his name. 
“There you go - let it happen, it’s okay,” he murmured in your ear. You clenched around his fingers, and he worked you gently through your orgasm until you came down.
“Fuck,” you breathed into his neck when it was finally over, your heart racing, breath ragged.
“Are you okay?” he asked, brushing some of your hair from your face. 
You nodded weakly. “Yeah, I - wow.”
You stared at each other for a moment then. Although neither of you said anything, you imagined you both had similar thoughts racing through your minds.
Did that just happen? What do we do now? Should I say something first?
He saved you by clearing his throat.
“I - um -”
You still felt flushed, reeling from what just happened, but allowed your eyes to flick down to the belt buckle holding up his jeans, and how the denim was noticeably strained.
“Look, Steve, I - I, um, I want to - I mean, for you, but - I just don’t know -”
You gestured between the two of you, aware that you probably weren’t making any sense. He shook his head, chuckling.
“No, no - it’s okay. Don’t worry about me right now. I just -”
He glanced around the room briefly, and you’re once again aware of the booming music and chatter downstairs, muffled, but not-too-distant. You were aware that you were sitting on the bathroom sink in Natalie Crone’s house, having just come on your childhood friend’s fingers after being kissed senseless. You could have laughed, if he wasn’t looking at you so intently, so closely.
“Wanna get out of here?” he asked softly.
You took a deep breath, and nodded. So, you took his hand as you hopped off of the sink counter, and followed him out - you would’ve just about followed him anywhere.
“So, your parents are in Chicago?” you asked him. 
You both sat criss-crossed in your basement, Robin Hood playing on the small television propped up in the corner. The tape was one of Steve’s favorites, and he had insisted on bringing it over tonight. The smell of your mother’s cooking wafted from upstairs, permeating the senses and making stomachs grumble with the promise of dinner soon.
Your mom had told you the day before that Steve would be sleeping over all week, even on school nights, and you had nearly jumped with glee. His parents were both leaving town for a while, and Mrs. Harrington had practically begged your family to take him in. Not that you minded - you got to have the longest playdate in history, which seemed just about perfect.
Steve shrugged, sipping his Coke. “I think so? That’s what I heard them say, when they were arguing.”
You sat up on your knees, confused. 
“They were arguing? Why?”
Steve shrugged again, glancing back between you and the movie.
“Something about my dad’s work - he goes to other places a lot, for work stuff. But, my mom got mad at him - or, at some lady named Sheila - I don’t really know.”
“She’s a lady my dad works with, I think. But, my dad usually goes places for work by himself, but my mom went with him this time - I dunno why.”
You furrowed your brow. That was weird - as far as you knew, Steve’s mom didn’t go to work. Maybe she got a job now, with his dad? Maybe that’s why they both had to leave?
“Grown-ups are confusing,” you decided, turning back to the TV just in time to see Fox-Robin Hood deliver heaps of gold to a swooning Fox-Marion.
“Yeah,” Steve said. “They really are.”
A few moments of silence settled between the two of you, content to watch the movie. You knew your mother would call you for dinner soon, then you probably only had another hour of TV time before bed - but, at least you wouldn’t have to go to sleep right away, not while sharing the basement with Steve, happily abandoning your own bed for an ongoing sleepover with your best friend.
“Hey, Steve?” you asked after a moment. He turned to look at you, face illuminated by the television.
“Promise we won’t ever be like that, right?”
He cocked his head, confused.
“Like what?”
“Like… them. Our parents. We’ll always tell the truth, and, be nice to each other, yeah?”
He smiled at that, big and wide, looking a bit goofy with a few of his teeth missing, the new ones not yet grown in.
He thought for a moment, then added, “How about this - if things get confusing, or like, we want to know what the other is thinking, or need help - anything like that - we’ll say Chicago.”
You beamed. “Like, a codeword?”
He reached out his hand, and you both shook on it, like you did with every promise you made to one another. 
“Steve - Chicago,” you said as you pulled your hand away. He looked at you for a moment, eyes wide.
“I don’t like being at home. I’d rather be here with you, always.”
His voice was a bit sadder, then, and quieter. You scooted a little closer, and pulled him into a hug from the side.
“You’ve always got me, Steve,” you whispered, squeezing him tightly.
THEN, Summer 1985
Steve’s house was dark when he pulled into the driveway - you weren’t surprised. You shifted in the passenger seat, the quiet car ride from Natalie’s house strangely sobering. The only sound was the car engine, humming under the radio, crackling and muffled as some Duran Duran song floated through it.
Neither of you said anything when he parked and killed the ignition, the din dying and making the silence between you two feel bigger. You felt his eyes on you, but just looked down at your lap, fiddling absentmindedly with your hands. He reached out and gently placed his hand on yours, steadying your nervous tick.
“Hey - look at me.”
You raised your head slowly, meeting his eyes. His face was furrowed with concern.
“We - we don’t need to - I can turn around right now, and just bring you home, if you want. And, we can just act like it never happened, or talk about it tomorrow, or -”
Then you were leaning across the console and kissing him again, because he looked just a little too perfect in the dim light, and he was the only thing making sense right there, at that moment.
You pulled back after a moment, both a bit breathless. His eyes gazed into yours, dumbfounded. 
“Steve,” you whispered. “Take me inside.”
Then he was fumbling with his seatbelt and pushing the door open, you following suit right after him. You followed him inside, up to the porch, through the door, and up the stairs, everything all-too-familiar and new at the same time.
Once you were in his bedroom, you stopped and took it in for a moment - it had been a while since you’d been here. He still had those horrendous curtains that matched his plaid wallpaper. But, he had a bookshelf, which was new, as far as you were concerned. Some clothes were haphazardly thrown across the desk chair, the floor, and hanging out of half-open drawers.
Boys, you thought to yourself.
Steve caught how you were glancing around, and chuckled nervously.
“Sorry - it’s a little messy in here,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck.
You just shrugged. 
“I mean - your room’s in better shape than Matt’s ever was, that kid couldn’t clean to save his life.”
The moment you brought up your ex’s name, you were internally kicking yourself - why would you do that? Not that there was much to say -you and Matt Beechman had dated for exactly two months during junior year, before he apparently got fed up with you for not putting out, and ditched you for a girl in orchestra. Typical.
“Yeah - right,” Steve said, shoving his hands in his pockets. You just sighed.
“Steve, I - I don’t know why I brought him up. He - it was never that serious. We hardly dated, really.”
“I know,” he said plainly. You crossed your arms, staring absentmindedly out the window to the backyard below, pretending to be interested in the swimming pool lit up through the darkness. When you turned back again, Steve was a few steps closer to you, closer than you expected.
“You could always do better than that guy, anyway,” he said, his voice lower.
“Yeah,” he said. He took another few steps, until he was close enough that you could smell his cologne, feel the heat radiating off of him. It was enough to make you feel bold again, to close the rest of the space and breathe, “Show me how much better I can do, Steve.”
That was enough for him. He grabbed your face and kissed you, passionately and a bit roughly. Neither of you wanted to waste any time. You fisted your fingers in his hair, earning a guttural groan from him that sent a rush of heat through you, a thrill. It was all battling tongues and gnashing teeth, and soon he was moving with you, guiding you backwards until the back of your legs hit the bed. 
You both sat down on the edge of the mattress, his mouth never leaving yours. Soon, you were leaning back, letting him press you into the bed. Your kisses were becoming breathier, sloppier, more desperate. He traveled from your lips to the column of your throat, which you happily gave him access to by pressing your head into the pillow. He pressed his lips to your skin and sucked, and you knew there would probably be marks there tomorrow. The idea secretly thrilled you, and you gripped the soft hair near the nape of his neck, pulling him closer to you until his chest was pressed to yours.
You moaned as he kissed the pulse point right under your ear, earning a breathy laugh from him.
“You like that?” he rasped. You murmured a mmm, and you felt him smile into your necl.
Then he pulled away, and sat up on his knees for a moment as he reached for the collar of his t-shirt, pulling it up and over his head with ease. You sat up on your elbows, breath catching in your throat at the sight of him - when did Steve become so built? Not while you were looking, clearly.
He grinned smugly down at you. “Like what you see, sweetheart?”
He was getting cocky now - but, you would’ve been lying to yourself if you said you didn’t like seeing that side of him. Still, you rolled your eyes instead, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.
“In your dreams, Harrington.”
You reached for the hem of your top, pulling it off hastily. The moment you did though, you suddenly felt a bit shy - you saw Steve freeze, his eyes dipping down to your bra. You silently thanked yourself for opting for one of your nicer ones, a black lacy piece. Still, you were fighting the urge to cross your arms, to shield yourself from him.
But he was just looking at you, jaw slightly slack, eyes glazed over.
“Damn,” he whispered. “You’ve been holding out on me here.”
You felt yourself blush.
“Shut up, Harrington.” 
He grinned, and came back down, propping himself up over you. He brushed some of your hair out of your eyes, smiling.
“You still good?” he asked. You nodded.
“Yeah, yeah - it’s just -”
Then he was kissing you again, your lips, your face, your neck. Murmuring into your skin.
“What? Afraid I’m gonna blow your mind, make you forget about that Beechman jerk?”
“It’s - ah! Oh my God, it’s - it’s not that -”
Your voice was wavering, despite your best efforts to hide your nervousness. He stopped, pulling himself back up to look at you.
“What’s wrong?”
You bit your lip, debating whether or not to be honest. You casted your eyes to the ceiling, looking past Steve’s face hovering above yours.
“Hey, look at me - Chicago,” he said firmly, all traces of humor vanished.
Your heart jumped - you had nearly forgotten about that.
“Steve, it’s just - I’ve never done this before.”
He furrowed his brow, confused. A beat, then realization washed over him.
“Oh - holy shit. I - I’m sorry, I thought you and Matt - I mean, I kind of assumed - we can stop, if you want, I just -”
You shut him up by pulling him down for another kiss - a habit you were falling into, it seemed.
He froze for a moment, then leaned into it.
“Steve - I just wanted you to know,” you murmured. “Just, take it slow, but - I want to do this, with you. If you’re okay with that, I mean.”
He looked at you, then let a small, sincere smile spread on his face.
“Yeah - that’s fine by me.”
Then he was on you again, and you were breathing him in as he kissed you slow and deep. 
That night, you let him in, breaking down walls that had been built between the two of you over the last few years. As you rid each other of each item of clothing, you let your anxiety get stripped away too - because it was Steve, and it was right.
Looking back, you wished you had let yourself think it through a little more - maybe not crossing that line, right there in that moment, would have saved you both a lot of heartache. But, you let the boy touch you, kiss you, feel you. He was slow, and gentle, and careful with you - you wouldn’t realize until later how nice that was.
And, when you finally saw all of him, you wanted him, more than you thought would be possible. So, when he rolled on a condom and lined himself up with you, you didn’t feel scared - you only felt safe.
“By the way,” he added, brushing some of your hair to the side, to get a better look at your face, “You look really pretty.”
You just bit your lip as you felt heat rise to your cheeks - it felt a little ridiculous, to blush at being called pretty while he was having his way with you - but, you couldn’t deny how nice it felt.
“Are you ready?”  he asked softly, making you look at him. And you nodded, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. 
“If it hurts, or anything, or you want me to stop -”
“Yeah, I’ll tell you, I swear.”
He nodded, and lowered himself over you, settling between your legs as he searched your eyes for one last gesture of approval. When he found it, he kissed you again, and slowly slotted his hips into yours. You gripped the back of his neck with one hand, digging the nails of the other into his shoulder as he pushed into you for the very first time. You had heard other girls talk about it, how they had told you it would hurt - and it did, a bit. You hissed and gasped at the stretch, and he stilled immediately. 
“Do you need me to stop?” he asked, his tone achingly gentle.
You shook your head. “No, I - I’m good. Just - go slow.”
He grunted, and leaned down to kiss you again. His tongue slid against yours, and you closed your eyes as he pushed forward, further inside. You inhaled sharply, wincing slightly at the stretch. You were wet enough that there wasn’t much resistance, but his cock was so much bigger than his fingers, and it just felt strange. 
You gasped and whined as he pushed in, until he bottomed out and was fully inside. He was opening you, filling you, and it was making your head spin. He peppered soothing kisses to your skin, asking, “You good?”
His teeth were gritted, and sweat dotted his brow. You thought for a moment, before nodding - the feeling was strange, and there was an occasional twinge of pain, but it was already getting better.
“Yeah, yeah - I just -”
And you reached down, your forefinger finding your clit to circle it. As you did, your hand accidentally brushed right against the base of his cock, and he moaned into your ear. The idea of having that kind of effect on him… you could’ve seen yourself getting addicted to that. So you were spurred on, digging the nails of your free hand into the skin of his broad back.
“Steve - move,” you whispered. And he did.
He rocked into you slowly, carefully. As he did, you both became lost in it, the pain giving way to pleasure as he hit that spot inside of you just right.
You both soon devolved into a series of moans and grunts, followed by fuck or oh God or right there, just like that.
He whispered things like you’re doing so great and you feel fucking amazing, and the praise made your body sing, urging you to meet his thrusts. At one point, he reached down and replaced the fingers working on your clit with his own, guiding your hand back up and intertwining fingers. He gently pressed your hand into the pillow next to your head, and your heart did a somersault in your chest. But you couldn’t examine what that meant, not right then. So instead, you kissed him hungrily, whining into his mouth as his thrusts became faster, sloppier. Everything else was a blur, it was just gentle groans, slapping skin and tangled bedsheets, your mind unable to comprehend anything other than the boy wrapped in your arms, and how good he was making you feel.
When you came, you practically screamed, clenching and fluttering around him. That did it for him, and you fell together, seeing stars as he cried your name into your shoulder like a prayer.
After, when your heart rates and breathing had returned to normal, and the gentle buzz of the suburban evening was the only sound keeping you company, you didn’t say much to one another. Instead, Steve pulled a sheet over you both, pressed a gentle kiss to your shoulder, and got the light.
He didn’t kiss you again, but you nuzzled your head into his chest, bringing your cheek to the dark thatch of hair there as you let his heartbeat lull you to sleep. The morning would bring more questions, and the dawn of a new day would be sobering in more ways than one - but, right then, you were happy to sleep in Steve’s arms and breathe him in. 
Looking back, you wish you had found a way to capture that moment - and the summer to come - and bottle it like perfume. Maybe then, you would’ve been able to revisit it, and dab a bit on your skin to inhale the scent, and return to the way it felt to live in those moments. But right then, you let yourself drift off to the sound of Steve’s shallow breaths, and the quiet patter of the rain breaking outside.
THEN, Autumn 1982
You remember the first time Steve’s dad hit him. 
He had shown up to school with a split lip and bruise on his lower jaw. You spotted it immediately, while you were at your locker in the morning. His locker was along the same wall as yours, only a couple down - you usually took the opportunity to say hi or good morning, which had slowly started to become the only meaningful interactions you two were exchanging in school those days. That was, if he even arrived before the first period, which was also becoming a less regular occurrence.
You had looked over at him, offering a small smile, which immediately disappeared at the sight of him.
“Hey,” you said, voice laced with worry. “You okay, Steve?”
He murmured something noncommittal, turning away before you had a chance to catch his eye. You immediately slammed your locker shut and caught up to him. You grabbed him by the shoulder, forcing him to turn and face you.
“Hey! What the Hell are you -”
You gasped, seeing how dark the bruise was, how swollen the skin had become. He sighed, still avoiding your eyes.
“What happened?”
“Look - don’t worry about it - I was just -”
He sighed again, running a hand through his hair as he leaned against the wall of lockers.
“I fell, during practice yesterday. Complete wipeout, slammed my face into the gym floor - embarrassing, really.”
He chuckled dryly - it was a mask, that much was obvious. You just stared him down - it was bullshit, and you both knew it.
“Steve,” you whispered, reaching out and gently placing a hand on his forearm. “Tell me the truth.”
“Will you just stop -”
He stopped, and stared at you, dumbfounded.
“C’mon - please, Steve -”
“My dad,” he conceded. 
Your breath caught in your throat, but you also had already felt it in your gut, that this was what he would say.
“Steve - God, I - what even -”
“Look - he’s an asshole, we both know that. But… I egged him on, okay? So - just let it go, yeah?”
You huffed. “Steve - it doesn’t matter who started it, or why - he hit you, hard enough to bruise, hard enough to -”
Your eyes flicked to his lips, and the dark, dried split on the lower one. It looked ugly and sore, and you brought up a shaky hand to touch it. But before you could, he was turning away, shouldering your hand off of his arm.
“I’ve got this, yeah? But, thanks for your concern.”
His tone was biting, sharp. It stung, more than you wanted to ever admit. Before you could say anything else, he was gone, stalking down the hallway. You watched him until he shouldered into Tommy H, pasting on a smile and clapping him on the back, gesturing carelessly to his bruise with some lighthearted excuse. Then, he was out of sight, and you were left alone, in more ways than one. 
THEN, Summer 1985
The next morning, you woke up rather soundly, feeling more well-rested than you had in a long time. The smell of last night’s storm wafts through the slightly ajar window, the distinct aroma of rain on fresh-cut grass and hot pavement. You blinked awake, taking in your surroundings. It had always fascinated you, how the mind was such a blank slate in those first few moments of consciousness. You registered that you weren’t in your own bedroom, that much was certain. And, you knew that there was someone pressed into your side, the small bed not all that forgiving. Then, you glanced over to the other side of the bed, and your heart did a somersault in your chest.
The boy was sound asleep still, face half-buried in the pillow. He had shifted onto his stomach at some point during the night, hair wild and swept up. You remembered the events of the night before, and a pleasant warmth spread through you. How he had kissed you, touched you, held you - the words whispered, feelings explored. You still felt strange between your legs - not sore, necessarily, but stretched out a bit, ensuring that last night was in fact not a dream.
Now, he was snoring softly, one arm slung across your abdomen. Beneath the sheets, your legs were tangled together, bodies pressed close on the twin-sized mattress. You shifted onto your side, moving slowly enough that you didn’t disturb him. The light in the room was dim and a bit gray, thanks to the still-cloudy sky outside. In the dull morning light, he looked rather beautiful while sleeping, you decided. His face was a little softer, his guard down. You wanted to reach out and touch his face, or maybe run your hands through his hair. Was that okay to do? Or was that too affectionate, for… whatever you two were, now?
Before you could act on anything, he inhaled deeply, stirring from his slumber. He scrunched his face, then his eyes blinked open slowly. His gaze fell to you, and  he smiled sleepily. 
“Hi,” he rasped, voice groggy and gravel-like.
“Hi,” you whispered back, offering a small smile. 
“Did you sleep okay?”
“Mmm hm.”
 Steve groaned and stretched a bit. You averted your eyes as he raised his arms, the sheet slipping down a bit to reveal his bare chest, and the happy trail that traveled underneath the covers. A degree of awkwardness hung in the air between you both, you knew that much - neither person was sure what to say or do next, or who should make the first move. It was Steve who started the conversation, though.
“So - about last night…”
“Yeah,” you said, letting out a half-hearted chuckle. “I, um -”
“You’re okay, right? Like, you feel alright, and everything?”
You were a bit taken aback by his question, so you hesitated for a moment.
“What? Oh, yeah - I feel fine. I mean - last night was pretty good for me, actually, if that’s what you’re wondering. Don’t let it go to your big head though, Harrington.”
He laughed, throwing his head back against the bed.
“Okay, okay - I’ll try not to.”
You giggled, and pressed the side of your face into the pillow - it smelled like Steve, and you wished you could burrow further into it, if possible.
Then he went quiet again, and glanced over at you. “But, in all seriousness - you don’t like, regret it or anything, do you?”
You whipped your eyes up to him, alarmed. 
“Regret? No, definitely not! Wait… do you?”
His cheeks turned pink, and he was fervently shaking his head.
“No! No, God, that wasn’t what I meant, I just - I know things have been a little weird between us lately, and… it all happened pretty fast, and, well… I just hope you know that I’m happy it happened.”
You smiled, and shimmied over a little closer to him.
“I’m happy it happened, too.”
But a question was hanging in the air - will it happen again? You sighed, and sat upright until your back was pressed against the headboard. You pulled the sheets up around you, clutching the fabric around your chest as you formulated your thoughts. He moved with you, sitting up and turning to look at you. He was worried, you could tell - worried that a big but was coming.
“But,” you said, inhaling deeply, “Steve, I - I’m leaving for New York, in two months, and - I just don’t know if this, or anything, is good to bring with me. I mean, I just -”
You groaned with frustration - Fuck, you were ruining this -
“Who says you have to?” he muttered softly. You looked over at him, brow furrowed.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean - who says you have to bring anything with you to New York? I mean, you’re right - we can’t make any promises, not right now. Because, well, that would kind of suck.”
You nodded along, but still felt a bit confused. He sighed, before continuing, “I mean - look, I missed you, over the last couple of years. But - who says we can’t be friends again?”
You thought for a moment about that. “Well, yes - I mean, I want to be friends again, I just - we just did this,” you said, gesturing between the two of you.
He just shrugged, fiddling with his watch. “Who says we can’t be friends? Friends who do this, I mean.”
You took a moment to register what he was saying.
“You mean like - sex, but like… as friends?”
He shrugged again, as casually as if you had asked what his favorite movie was.
“Yeah, I mean - why not? I mean… you want some more experience, before going to college, right? And, I haven’t wanted to really get into anything, since Nance and all, and just… why not have fun, you know? Plus, it’s nice to just hang out, you know? I mean… we just don’t have to take it too seriously, if you don’t want to.”
He glanced down after that, suddenly seeming incredibly interested in something under his fingernails.
The idea seemed crazy, and you knew it probably was a bad one - if you had thought it through a little more, you would have just said that you should have only been friends. But, maybe it was because he looked so damn kissable in the dim morning light, with his bedhead and freckled skin, giving you those puppy dog eyes that he had had since he was five. But, you felt yourself grin, perhaps a bit mischievously.
“Yeah, sure - let’s do it.”
His eyes widened with disbelief.
“Wait, actually?”
You shrugged. “Yeah, why not? I mean, we don’t have to put a name on anything, make any promises - and, if either of us start dating someone else or something, we can stop, right?”
He nodded, grinning. “Yeah - you can have me all to yourself until you meet a New York boy who's gonna sweep you off of your feet -”
“Oh shut up,” you said, smacking his shoulder. He laughed, and sat up a little straighter, extending his hand.
“Wanna shake on it?”
You looked down, smiling fondly at the memories it stirred up. Then you took it, clasping your hand in his and shaking it firmly.
“Here’s to being friends again, plus just a little bit more,” you said.
“Only as long as it’s still fun,” he added.
When you pulled away, you stared at one another for a moment. Then, seemingly simultaneously, it hit you both how funny this was, how absurd the whole thing was, If you had told yourself 24 hours ago that you would be rekindling your friendship with Steve Harrington, while sitting naked in his bed, and agreeing to be glorified fuckbuddies - or a fling, or whatever this was - you wouldn’t have believed it. But you were, and the whole thing made you feel insane to think about. Soon enough, you were both spiraling into laughter, and he tackled you into the sheets. You giggled underneath him as he pinned your arms over your head, nuzzling his nose with yours.
“Think you have enough energy for round two, maybe?” he asked cheekily.
You bit your lip, and smiled.
“Why don’t you find out, Harrington?”
That last summer before college passed in a blissful blur. As the days became hazier, the stretch of sunlight a little longer, you found yourself entwined with Steve Harrington in every way. He had gotten a summer job at Scoops Ahoy in the brand new mall, much to his chagrin. You had actually suggested it to him, after Robin got hired there and he was complaining about being broke. Well, you had suggested he applied at the mall, and not the actual store where Robin worked… that introduced complications to this thing that you didn’t need. If she found out, it’d bring a whole slew of questions you didn’t need. But, you had to admit that the idea secretly delighted you, too. 
The first time you saw him in his ridiculous sailor uniform, you burst into laughter, guffawing to the point that you were clutching your sides and gasping for breath from where you sat on his bed.
“What?” he had said, turning beet-red and crossing his arms indignantly. 
“It’s nothing, it’s just - the hat, and those little shorts -” you had cried, wiping tears from your eyes.
He rolled his eyes, huffing. “You know, I actually had thought you’d like it, even just a little bit.”
You started cracking up again at that.
“As if, Harrington.”
But, Steve loved a challenge - you knew that much. So he stepped closer until he was standing right in front of you. He leaned forward, placing his palms firmly on either side of you on the mattress. A devilish glint flashed in his eyes as he whispered, “You’re a terrible liar.”
Then you were grabbing that stupid red cravat on his uniform, and pulling him down for a kiss. Not much talking happened after that.
Much of the summer passed that way. In your free time, you hurriedly packed and prepped for New York, a bundle of nerves as the date grew closer, and you would finally be getting out of Hawkins. But, the impending move-in date was also filling you with dread - because, when you weren’t preparing for your departure, or spending time with your friends… you were with Steve.
In Steve’s bed. Or his car. Or his pool. Sometimes, you would go out places together - to the movies, the diner, the drive-in, or even the county fair, once. They weren’t dates, necessarily - but you weren’t just hanging out, either. On occasion, you would just rent some videos and order a pizza, spending your evenings laughing on the couch.
He had started coming by your house, too - though, with your parents home, it usually just consisted of sitting on your bedroom floor, listening to music and just talking. It was easy, being with him - it almost erased the entirety of high school, when you two had become essential strangers, downgraded from best friends to family friends. And, your family was more than happy to see him, your mother often insisting that he stuck around for dinner.
“It’s so nice,” your mom had said one night while you washed the dishes, “That you and Steve are seeing more of each other.”
“Yeah,” you had replied, staring down at the dishcloth in your hands. “We’ve been hanging out more, I guess.”
You were biting your tongue, avoiding her eyes, because somehow she would just know.
“He’s gotten rather handsome, don’t you think?”
Heat rushed to your face, and you placed the dish on the rack.
“I mean - I guess, yeah.”
“He’s not seeing that Nancy girl anymore, is he?”
You knew what she was doing, so painted on your best poker face, still focusing on your task.
“Um, no, I think they broke up a while ago.”
“Hm - that’s interesting,” she tutted, handing you another dish.
“I guess,” you said, cautiously.
“It’s just - she seemed like a lovely girl and all, but… you and him would be rather cute, don’t you think?”
Your ears burned, and you bit your lip to stifle a smirk.
“Uh, mom - totally not going to happen. We’re - we’re just friends.”
You were aware that your voice was a bit shrill, your tone defensive, and you wanted to kick yourself. She just smiled knowingly, and shrugged.
“Okay, sweetheart - whatever you say. Either way, I hope he knows he’s welcome here any time.”
You nodded, looking straight ahead. You knew that she just thought you had a crush on Steve - that was a reasonable enough assumption. And, you and Steve definitely weren’t just friends. But, how could you have explained to your mom how, after the movies last night, he had pulled over and fucked you senseless in the back of his car?
Because, that entire summer, you and Steve couldn’t get enough of each other. After a few drinks, or a long day of him working at the mall, you two couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. And, you were learning a lot - anything Steve would let you do.
Once, when you were watching a movie at his place, you were feeling a bit bold, and snaked your hand down to his belt buckle, fiddling around until your hand was wrapped around him. You loved it, having that sort of effect on him - he’d guide you through it, groaning and hissing as you stroked him, telling you what felt good.
The first time you gave Steve a blowjob, you thought he might die - he was a mess in minutes, his usual cockiness and composure melted away until his hands were fisted in your hair, telling you how incredible you were. 
As the summer stretched on, the days marked with melted ice cream and sunscreen, the evenings defined by cold beers in a paper bag and fireflies flitting about, you became addicted to him. You were becoming more bold, too - you would change it up by riding him, or teasing him relentlessly until he was begging you to touch him. But, two could play that game.
The first time Steve went down on you, you were certain that this was what heaven felt like - he lapped at you like a starving man, and it had you wondering how people got anything done if they could just be doing this all the time. But, he knew how to tease, how to touch you in a way that set your skin aflame and drove you wild. Sometimes, you were gentle and slow with one another, all lazy kisses and taking time to feel everything - other times, it was fast and rough, neither of you having enough patience to hold off on getting what you wanted. Somehow, though, he always found a way to make you feel beautiful, in a way no one else ever had before.
By summer’s end, you felt like you had memorized every part of Steve - the constellation of freckles that adorned his skin, traveling up his back and to his neck, where you had kissed each one; the way his hair looked when he worked to get it just right, and the way it looked mussed and wild in the early morning; the way he sounded, the way he felt, and the way his eyes reminded you of brown sugar and honey.
But, all things end. The last night you spent together before you left, you both savored it, acknowledging this might have been the last time. He had you three different ways, coaxing peaks of pleasure out of you in a way that never ceased to amaze you. It was all desperation and passion, soft touches and sweet nothings, and the promise to not promise anything.
You two almost never kissed outside of sex, or leading up to it. But, when you left that night, he had kissed you in the doorway. You promised you’d call, and you left. You didn’t dare look back, because if you did, there was a good chance you would never board that plane in the morning.
THEN, Winter 1985
You sat in the backseat, staring out the window as the landscape slowly became more familiar. Your flight had taken off early that morning, and you were exhausted. When you pressed your forehead to the window, the cold glass fogged at the contact. Sleigh Ride played through the radio, aptly marking the season. As you rolled closer to Hawkins, you felt a buzzing in your chest. You hadn’t been able to make it home for Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, thanks to an early blizzard, and your heart ached to be in Hawkins.
It was funny - you had loved your first semester, and you had finally escaped Hawkins, just like you always wanted. But, home is home - you would’ve been lying if you said you hadn’t missed it. Or, rather, missed the people who came with it. You could’ve cried when you saw your parents at the airport, with a stupidly big sign bearing your name in colorful Sharpie, with beaming smiles and warm embraces. Still, it had been easy to push away the anticipation of seeing home again - because Hawkins meant seeing a lot of things again, especially him. But now, it was impossible to ignore. As I-65 gave way to smaller country roads, billboards transitioning to low-hanging power lines, you felt your anxiety grow.
You had told Steve that you were coming home today, when you had last spoken - probably a week ago, at this point. A whole month at home, too. You should have been dreading it, being back in the town you’d been trying to run away from your entire life. But now, you couldn’t wait to see the center of town, despite its boarded-up stores, its run-down movie theater, and the too-quiet sidewalks. It was familiar, as much as you hated to admit it. And, it held possibilities, even though you didn’t want to venture there quite yet. A lot could have changed in four months, after all.
When you finally pulled up to your house, your heart ached at the familiar sight of the worn clapboard siding, the slightly crooked mailbox, and the warm white Christmas lights twinkling in the doorway. 
Your mother sighed, and turned back to face you. 
“Happy to be home?”
You nodded, smiling fondly.
“Yeah… actually, I am.”
It felt strange to say - you had spent most of your life trying to escape the small town, feeling suffocated by it - but now, it felt like a warm hug at the end of a long day.
When your bags were dropped on your bedroom floor, you took a deep inhale - it smelled like home, in that distinct way that was indescribable, but more familiar than anything else. You flopped back on your bed, sagging into the mattress. The next few weeks were going to be crazy, you knew that - your family always went a little overboard around the holidays. But right then, all you wanted was a nap. Over the last few months, you had gotten used to the cacophony of Manhattan, having learned to fall asleep after trouble for your first few nights in your dorm. But, there was something to relish in how quiet it was here.
You didn’t know when you had drifted off, or for how long, but you jolted back awake with a start to the sound of the phone ringing down the hall. You groaned and rolled over, squinting in the afternoon light filtering through the window. The ringing ceases, and you heard your dad’s voice answer gruffly.
Dammit, you thought, that was a really nice nap too -
Then, your father’s voice was booming down the hallway, echoing your name.
“It’s for you! It’s the Harrington kid!”
Your eyes flew open, and you bolted upright.
“Oh, um - coming!” you cried, scrambling to pull yourself off of the bed. You swung out of your doorway, catching yourself halfway down the hall to control your enthusiasm.
When you took the phone from his hand, you took a deep breath before raising it to your ear.
“Hey - Steve?”
“Hey there!” he replied, and you swear you could hear his grin through the phone.
It’s not like you hadn’t spoken - he was part of your weekly phone calls to home. But that was different, with a line of people in the building lobby waiting behind you, anxious to use the phone. You never wanted to be that person who hogged it, so you had to space it out - calls to your parents, to Robin, to Steve… and now, it felt different, like you had all the time in the world to hear his voice.
“So, I’m guessing you’re gonna be Hawkins-side for a while?”
You twirled the phone cord with your finger, leaning against the wall.
“Looks like it. I’m stuck here until the middle of January, it looks like.”
There was a pause on the other end for a moment, only the crackle of the phone line to keep you company. Then, the boy spoke again.
“So - wanna come out and play? I’ve got nothing going on today.”
You bit your lip and nodded, before realizing that was pointless.
“Yeah, yeah - though, I think my parents are dying to have me home for dinner tonight, so that means you might just have to come over here later.”
“That’s just fine by me,” he said cheekily.
“I’ll be there in ten.”
Then you hung up, and rushed to the doorway, hastily pulling on your coat and old red scarf. As you pulled your car keys off of the hook, you shouted back, “Mom! Dad! I’ll be back for dinner, going to see friends!”
Then you were out the door and hopping in your car, cranking the heat and turning up the radio, letting the smile you’d been fighting take over as you sped down the familiar roads. 
Yes, your first semester at NYU had been insane, and terrifying, and wonderful. And, getting out of Hawkins was everything you had hoped it would be, and you knew that soon enough you’d be itching for the spring semester to come. But right then, in that moment, you let yourself hurtle towards Steve’s house - a route you would be able to drive with your eyes closed.  
NOW, Winter 1988
The doorbell rings in the middle of the afternoon. You glance up from where you’re sitting on your bed, book clutched in your hands. You wait for a moment, and hear your mother pad down the hallway and open the door. The voices are muffled, and you assume it’s just a neighbor - maybe Mrs. Feete down the street, complaining about the Williams’ Christmas display again, as she always does.
But then your name is being called, and you swing your legs over the side of the bed. You made your way to the front of the house, pondering who on Earth was looking for you right now. It’s when you see Robin’s freckled face in the doorway that you smile, running to her and pulling her into a massive hug.
“You’re here!” you cry, squeezing her tight. She laughs and spins around with you - it’s been so long, you think you might cry. 
“Yeah! God, I’ve missed your face,” she says, pulling back to look at you properly.
“Man, you look great,” she adds, looking you up and down.
“Oh, shut up -” 
“Seriously! You do - like a real city girl. All mature, and stylish, and stuff.”
You roll your eyes. “I’m the same as always, Robs.”
She just sighs, and shrugs. “Yeah, I know, it’s just… it’s been so long. I really missed you this summer, you know that?”
Your smile falters, and you shove a hand in the back pocket of your jeans, rocking back on your heels.
“Yeah, well… I had a lot going on.”
“Yeah,” Robin parrots, “I know.”
A beat of silence, and you sag.
“But… I really did miss you, Robin. Sometimes I feel like you’re the only person keeping me sane.”
She laughs, and shoulders into you playfully.
“Yeah, well… I am pretty awesome.”
You scoff, grinning at her. Then you raise an eyebrow, and look over your shoulder to see an old Honda in the driveway.
“Wait… how did you get here?”
A big grin paints her face, and she raises a ring of keys in the air, jangling it. You glance at it, and your eyes widen.
“Wait, wait - you’re telling me -”
“Yep! Got my license baby!”
You squeal and jump, grabbing her shoulders to shake her excitedly.
“It’s about time - you can actually drive yourself places now!”
“Please - you loved giving me rides!”
You roll your eyes, but your smile doesn’t falter.
“I’m proud of you, that’s awesome.”
You really mean it - you know how embarrassed she had been, going through all of high school and college without a driver’s license, needing to bum rides from you. Well, from you, and…
“You should come by the store,” Robin adds, shifting to lean on her right hip. “I mean, I can get you some stuff on the house - I mean, I dare Keith to try and fire me at this point -”
“Is he still working there?” you ask, casting your eyes downwards. You feel stupid for asking, but you can’t help it - and you know she’s been waiting for you to bring it up. Robin sighs, and tucks some hair behind her ear.
“Uh - yeah, he is. Um, I can double check when he’s working though, if you want to come by when he’s not -”
“No, no - it’s fine. I mean… I know you guys are still good friends,” you say, crossing your arms across your chest. “And, that’s fine, that’s great, actually… but… I’m not going to arrange my life around avoiding him.”
Robin cocks an eyebrow at that. “Is that so?”
You know what she’s implying, and your skin bristles.
“Yes. If he and I run into each other… it is what it is.”
She doesn’t look convinced, but relents.
“Okay, fine, whatever,” she says. Another moment of silence passes, before Robin says, “Well… d’you want to go on an adventure?”
You grin, grabbing your coat from the rack.
“With you driving? Now that’s something I’m deadly curious about.”
Then you’re both giggling, and you follow her out into the biting December air, shaking the dread that you had been feeling since arriving back in Hawkins for the first time in nearly a year - yes, this was a good decision, you tell yourself. It has to be.
THEN, Winter 1985
“So, are there any guys you’re into at NYU?” Steve asked, rubbing his thumb along your cheek. You were both still out of breath, coming down from your highs together. You snorted, doing your best to fight the laugh threatening to burst out of you.
“What? What’s so funny?”
You shook your head, shifting slightly where you straddled his lap. He groaned involuntarily, earning a smug smirk from you.
“Steve - you’re asking if I like another guy while you’re literally still inside me?”
You clenched around him for good measure, and he buried his face in your shoulder, pulling you closer to him.
“Just curious,” he managed to get out, wincing as you shifted again.
“Don’t worry,” you assured, stroking his hair. “If I met someone else, I’d tell you.”
“Promise?” he whispered.
“Yeah - promise,” you said. “I’d never lie to you about that.”
Then he kissed your shoulder, and held you close, like you’d fly away if you lost his grip on you. Maybe he was right about that, in a way.
NOW, Winter 1988
You pull into the Family Video parking lot, and sigh deeply. You had told Robin you’d come, and you aren’t going to back out now - especially after offering to pick up lunch for her from Stellman’s Deli, much to her delight. But now, being here…
Maybe he’s not even working today, you tell yourself. Or maybe he’s on his lunch break, or working in the back - he doesn’t live here.
So you gather yourself, and open the car door. Despite being bundled up in your coat and scarf, one hand shoved deep in your pocket while the other gripped the hot paper bag, the air is biting against your skin, chilling you immediately. It’s what makes you rush into the store with haste in your step. 
When you shoulder into the door and walk through, you sigh with relief at the rush of heat. The bell jingles over your head, causing Robin’s head to whip towards you from behind the counter.
“Oh, my savior,” she declares, leaning across as you hand her the bag. 
“Just for you - the Frontega panini, and a cup of the minestrone.”
“An angel,” she groans, opening the bag and inhaling the aroma deeply.
“Nothing like not having to pack a lunch!”
“Not a big deal, really - I wanted to come by,” you say. “Besides… I heard I was promised some free movies?”
“Yeah, yeah - browse all you want. I am going into the back room to eat this.”
You roll your eyes, but still smile at her endearingly. “Whatever you say - I’ve got time to kill.”
Then Robin freezes, and glances behind her. “Well, um, you don’t have to stay, if you don’t want - I can just get the movies for you before I clock out. Or, maybe we can, uh, just hang out and eat in my car, I don’t mind -”
She’s stammering, her words tumbling out. You know her well, well enough to know that she’s nervous about something.
“Robin, why are you -”
“Okay - we do have Scrooged, actually - it was just in the box by the -”
Your blood curdles, and you freeze in place - you’d know that voice anywhere. You look up, and there he is.
“Steve,” you gasp, the name catching in your throat. 
He stops, eyes widening. He’s carrying a big box of tapes, his hair falling perfectly into place like dominoes, the way he so carefully ensures. He has a slight 5 o’clock shadow, his eyes the same chocolate brown - a little older, a little sallower, but still Steve.
“Hi,” he says, voice barely above a whisper. He gulps, his Adam’s Apple bobbing as he searches for the right words.
“I, uh - I didn’t know you were back in town,” he says, never tearing his eyes from where you stand.
“Yeah - last-minute decision. Just for the holidays, though.”
Your words are short, and a bit monotone. You’re not being kind, and you know it. 
“Right,” he says, his voice a bit gruffer.
You both stare at each other for a few moments. You want nothing more than to look away, but you’re unable to - not unlike watching a horror movie. 
“I, uh - I need to go, though. I just came to drop something off to Robin, but - I’ve got a lot of errands to run. For my mom, that is, I, uh -”
You wipe your hands on your coat, casting a quick glance to Robin, who's looking between the two of you nervously.
“Anyways - I need to go,” you say, turning heel and heading for the door like a bullet.
You slam your car door, fumbling with the keys - your sweaty hands are now frozen, just from a few moments of being outside. When you finally get the car started, you tear out of the lot, not bothering to think about anything else. You cast a glance at the Family Video sign in your rearview mirror, watching it disappear as you turn out onto the street.
On the drive home, you grip the steering wheel like a vice. You try to not think about it, but how can you not? Then, Last Christmas comes on the radio. If there’s some kind of God, or higher power, it’s laughing at you right now, pulling a sick joke. At one point, you pull over. Once the car is parked, you turn the song up, and start to cry. You sob into your hands and press your forehead to the steering wheel, until you can’t feel anything else. And for all you know, you may not feel anything but this, ever again.
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blackthunder137 · 2 days ago
just like that (Robin Buckley x reader)
Pairing- Robin Buckley x virgin!reader
Summary- Robin helps you through your first time
Warnings- smut, fingering, oral sex (fem receiving), cursing, praise kink 
Author’s note- your girl’s back! this is just a short blurb that i wanted to write because i had not written anything for quite some time. i have a lot planned for you guys <33
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"are you sure you want to do this?" she asked whilst removing your panties. you nodded your head in agreement with what was about to happen.
"you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. i mean, i don’t want to be forceful and mess things up between us. " you cut her off but gave her hand a little squeeze, reassuring her that it was your choice and that you wanted it.
this was your first time doing it, and Robin was happy to show you how it’s done. you felt safe around her and she was honestly the best person.
her fingers circled your inner thighs, forming small circles around them. her fingers made their way to your clit. You gasped at the sudden touch. she started pumping in and out of your clit. you held onto the bedsheets tightly.
as she increased her pace, your moans grew louder and louder, and she started to increase her pace more than ever.
"m'gonna cum," you whined, your words barely formed.
you came and you bit your lip at this euphoric feeling. you immediately grabbed Robin by her collar and kissed her harshly. 
you pushed her to the other side and now you were on top, removing her pants and you two broke the kiss to remove your tops, leaving you two with your bras.
you kissed her neck, making her moan as she held onto your hair as went down to her clothed panties.
your fingers ran across her laced panties. she was so beautiful. how could someone be so beautiful?
"come on, baby, show me how much of a good girl you are," Robin said, bringing her clothed clit in front of your mouth. 
you wasted no time in removing them and your mouth from her clit. your tongue circled her around her pussy, humping up and down. 
"mhm, just like that," she moaned as she held your hair and pushed you inside of her even more. her legs were on top of your shoulder while she was moaning and you were eating her pussy like you had to be hungry for eternity.
"j-just like that," her grip on your hair tightened, and you knew it was time to pick up the pace.
you were now pounding in and out of her while her moans increased with every passing second. 
"fu-fuck!" she whined as your face was covered in her cum.
you groaned into her skin, sending shivers down her spine.
"such a good girl," she stated as she soothed your hair.
"you did so well today," she replied and kissed your forehead.
Tumblr media
TAGS- @thehalfbloodedwitch @imabee-oralizard @amberputh
Tumblr media
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littlest4rgirl · a day ago
i'm begging you - steve harrington
Tumblr media
pairing: gn!reader x steve harrington
content: hurt/comfort, steve has a nightmare & reader comforts him
author's note: haven't written in quite some time so this is rusty! steve harrington has major ptsd that is so overlooked so heres my contribution to the fanon hurt/comfort for stevie. also pls don't repost <3
Tumblr media
"hey hey shh shh its okay, you aren't going to lose me baby. never." your soft-spoken words of comfort were certain and reassuring.
your doe-eyed boy lay in your lap, a tussel of sheets and blankets wrapped around your bodies. your fingers ran through his hair, a repetitive, comforting gesture of affection. he laid face down, arms wrapped around your waist haphazardly, shaky hands and clammy fingers clutching at the shirt you wore.
"i can't lose you y/n... please.." he exhaled a strangled breath "don't leave me..please don't leave me, i'm begging you"
he barely lifted his head, his gaze meeting yours from below. brown eyes filled with so much hurt and fear. his anxiety radiated through you, he was in so much pain, absolutely petrified from what he'd dreamt.
your own words caught in your throat.
through his gaze, you could feel a small fraction of his emotions. pleading teary eyes, unhidden terror, it would be enough to make your knees buckle if you hadn't already been sitting.
you clutched around his back, a messy attempt at pulling him closer to you. he mirrored your actions, tightening his grip around your waist, moving up slightly to sob into your chest.
leaning against the headboard, you clutched at his skin under his shirt and his hair tucked beneath your chin. you clung to one another as though you were eachother's lifelines. in steve's ptsd ridden headspace, you're sure he must've truly believed you were his.
you rocked until your knees ached, fingers cramped against his skin, and his sobs settled into shaky breaths.
"stevie.. my baby?" you kissed the crown of his head when he hummed in response. "i need you to look at me honey. can you do that?"
he struggled to lift his head from your chest, reasonably exhausted due to the time displayed on the analog clock and strength of his sobs.
your eyes met.
his slightly puffy, red, and swollen. they seemed heavy, full of unease and exhaustion.
you tucked a strand of bed crazed hair behind his ear, caressing his face where it rested on your shoulder.
"i will never leave you. never." he looked unsure.
"i will not let anything happen to you and i know you wouldn't let anything happen to me." he nodded at that statement.
you looked at him tenderly, his pain having sunk into your chest the minute he threw himself onto you that night. your book tossed out of your hands and reading glasses skewed. all you could care about was the boy in your lap.
a hum in response.
"can i kiss you?"
another hum.
"verbal, please."
it was faintly spoken, very soft, even for steve, but it was good enough. hand still caressing his cheek, you lowered your face to his. a soft yet unwavering kiss pressed to his lips. you hoped it would convey what you intended. there was no lust behind it, no expectations or judgement. just overwhelming an unconditional love for your boy.
he snuggled further into your chest when you pulled away, a faint yet satisfied smile on his face.
"you know where we are?"
"yes, who's house?"
"good boy"
"do you want to talk about your nightmare?"
"..no. not right now at least.."
it wasn't surprising since it happened so recently.
"would you like me to read to you or give you some water?"
"..water would be nice.."
you reached over to the nightstand, picking up your metal waterbottle and flipping up the straw. you tapped it on his lips.
"here baby"
you tipped it back a little once he put his lips around it, helping him get a drink so he wouldn't have to move. he leaned away, allowing you to set the bottle back on the nightstand.
"would you like me to read to you or would you like to go to sleep?"
"sleep please"
"of course pretty boy."
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penmansparadise · 2 days ago
Steve Harrington ~ As It Should Be
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader with Powers
Word Count: 8.2k
Warnings: S3 AND S4 SPOILERS. Mild language.  Mentions of canon violence.  Mentions of death.  Kind of touches of PTSD or past trauma. Let me know if I missed any!
a/n: I am so sorry that this one took me forever to post!! I was battling COVID, which was not fun, and now I’m traveling. But here it is! This was requested from my Wattpad. I know I said this one was going to be two parts, but I didn’t want to do that. Every time I do that, I make my request list longer, and I’d like to reopen them at some point for those who have been asking me. So, instead, you get this 8.2k long story lol. Anyway, I really enjoyed writing this one even though it took me so long. Just to give you a little insight, the request asked that Y/N have powers like Wanda Maximoff except green, not red. So, I hope I delivered that and portrayed it properly. Because you all liked when I gave you a look into my playlist when I write, I thought I’d tell you what I listened to for this one. I literally listened to one song on repeat, so if you want to be put into the same frame of mind, you can listen to it as well while reading. Thanks to someone who put me onto the Disney movie Descendants after my rant about how amazing Thomas Doherty is, I have been obsessed with the song “If Only” from the first movie. So, if you want to be transported, put it on repeat and read this story lol. My next post will be the much anticipated Robin Buckley x Fem!Reader Smut!! I know you all have been waiting for that one. As always, I appreciate all the support, it really does mean a lot, and I hope you all enjoy!!
Bright green liquid coursed through your veins, searing every inch of your body. You writhed in pain as it consumed you. It was all you could see in the darkness. Traces of green pumping through you, stinging as they became visible even through your skin. Just the neon green liquid until Billy’s face emerged out of the dark. Your rapid beating heart slowed as you took in his smiling face. So familiar and comforting – his curls a mess as usual and his bare shoulders and toned arms peeking out from his white tank top. He was bright and happy, just as you always tried to remember him. But then his smile fell, and the shadows on his face turned too dark. You tried to reach out to him, but you couldn’t move. Billy’s figure began to slide back like he was being dragged away from you. The darkness turned into a purple hue, and suddenly and so quickly, Billy was being impaled by the Mind Flayer.
His blood seeped through his shirt, staining its white fabric. Billy’s lips were parted, and you watched as the same tar-like substance from his chest dripped from his mouth. Your breathing quickened again as your surroundings grew clearer. You were standing in the Starcourt Mall, watching the life in your boyfriend’s eyes disappear for a second time. Max’s screams peeled through the air, echoing in your brain. You looked around, but she was nowhere to be found. You were alone. Your heart raced in your chest as you desperately tried to move toward his limp body, but your feet wouldn’t budge. It was like you were stuck in quicksand. Your heavy breathing and Max’s high-pitched screams filled your ears as you willed your legs to move. Tears filled your eyes. You tried to shout his name, but nothing came out. Panic began to rise in your chest as you tried again and again to no avail. You stared at Billy, helpless, until everything slowly began to fade away. All you could see was a familiar shade of green until your eyes shot open.
You sat up where you were, panting. Sweat beaded on your forehead as you finally took in where you were. Your pillows were exactly where you put them the night before, and your blanket was thrown haphazardly over your legs. Photos of you and your friends and posters of your favorite bands covered your walls. You let out a sigh when you realized you were in your room. You lay back on your pillows. Nightmares were the norm for you and have been for over a year. You shut your eyes, trying to steady your breathing, when your alarm went off, causing you to jump. The shrill sound went on for a few moments before you reached over, shut it off, and got out of bed.
Right after you graduated, you got a job at the local diner waitressing. After everything that happened last year, you couldn’t bring yourself to ship off to college. There was just too much to take care of, and you just didn’t feel right leaving. So, instead, you opted to get a job and live with your parents. It was anything but ideal, but it was what had to happen.
Once you were dressed in your uniform, you grabbed a change of clothes and headed out. When you reached the diner, you were on autopilot. Get out of the car. Drop bag off in locker. Clock in and start the day. You had been on autopilot since you got the job last year. The steady regiment of waitressing was the only thing keeping you from completely falling apart. You were in your own little world behind the counter until your coworker tapped your shoulder.
“Hey,” she said, gaining your attention. “You have another table.”
You furrowed your eyebrows.
“What?” You began, already annoyed, as you turned toward the tables. “But I’m already-”
You stopped short when you saw Steve sitting in one of the booths. It felt as if all the air had been sucked out of the room as you stared at his back. Although you didn’t want it to, your heart nonetheless reacted to the sight of him. You could feel it flutter to life for a brief second before you tore your eyes from him.
“He specifically asked for you,” your coworker said, her voice a little too chipper for your liking.
You turned back toward the tables and let out a breath before squaring your shoulders and moving toward Steve. It had been over a year since you actually spoke to him, which was really sad considering you used to be inseparable. You met each other when you were children, and an immediate bond formed. As the years moved forward, your friendship only grew. The only problem for you was that it wasn’t only a friendship that formed. Much to your dismay, you began to develop feelings for Steve, and by the time you two reached high school, you had a full-blown crush on the boy. You couldn’t help the way your heart skipped a beat when Steve was around or how his smile gave you butterflies. For years, you waited for Steve to show in some way that he reciprocated your feelings, and when he didn’t, you forced yourself to move on.
When Billy and Max moved to Hawkins, you and Billy hit it off pretty quickly. Unlike the other girls at school, you didn’t throw yourself at the boy. In fact, you ignored him for the most part until he found you sitting in the corner of the library one day. You were fully expecting him to be an ass, but he turned out to be sweet. For a few months, he tried to get with you, but you were holding out hope that maybe Steve would come around. But after a while, you had to face reality and gave in to Billy’s woos. You liked Billy. He took care of you and showed you so much affection despite the lack of love he had at home. But even though you grew to love Billy, it was never the same. Your feelings for Steve were always lingering in the back of your mind.
Your relationship with Billy was great. But you only got to enjoy him for a short period of time before the Mind Flayer consumed him. At first, you didn’t know what was going on. Billy began to push you away and get violent. He stopped taking you out and didn’t want to be around you. You thought that it was something you had done until Max told you everything. She sat you down with the rest of the group and explained about the Upside Down and the horrors that lived there. She told you that Billy was just possessed and that he would be alright because they were going to find a way to fix him. But they were wrong. Instead of fixing him, you watched as the Mind Flayer took his life in the middle of the Starcourt Mall, and since then, you’ve been haunted by the memory.
It was after the death of Billy that things between you and Steve began to change. You distanced yourself from the whole group. You didn’t want to talk to anyone or be with any of them. Any time Robin or Steve would try and reach you, you came up with some excuse about being sick or having too much schoolwork. You could see that they were hurt that you were pushing yourself away, but it was the only thing you could do to protect yourself. Even though he wasn’t the one, you loved Billy, and you had to watch him die in the most painful way. You knew that the Upside Down wasn’t going anywhere and if your friends and the man you love still wanted to be involved with it, you couldn’t be around them. If you had to watch any of them die the way you watched Billy die, you would break. So, although it pained you to be away from them, you did what was best for yourself.
Your hands began to shake just slightly the closer you got toward Steve. Even after all those years, your body still reacted the same way to him. Your heart rate picked up, and goosebumps pricked your skin. As you got closer, you realized Steve wasn’t alone. Sitting across from him was a familiar head of curls, and you couldn’t help the small smile that pulled at your lips at the sight of the young boy. When Dustin saw you, he perked up in his seat. You continued to round the table, and when you finally stood between the two of them, your and Steve’s eyes met. You sucked in a quick breath. It felt like you were punched in the gut. It had been so long since you were this close to him and every part of you wanted to fall into his arms. Steve’s lips parted as the two of you just stared at each other for a moment.
“Y/N,” he whispered, and you smiled.
“Hi, Steve.”
You held his gaze until Dustin waved his hand in front of you. You jumped a little as you snapped back to reality.
“And Dustin,” the curly-haired boy said, “I’m here too, you know?”
You chuckled and were happy to see that he hadn’t changed in the year you had been away.
“Hi, Dustin. It’s good to see you too.”
Dustin gave Steve a smug grin and you rolled your eyes as you pulled your notebook from your apron.
“So,” you began, flipping open the notebook and holding your pen, “what can I get you two?”
The smile on Dustin’s face faltered, and he slowly turned his attention to Steve. An uneasy feeling settled in your stomach as the silence grew. When Steve didn’t say anything, Dustin turned to face you again with a nervous laugh.
“Um, well, funny thing,” he rubbed the back of his neck and dropped your stare. “Uh, we’re not actually here to eat.”
Your grip on your pen tightened, and your eyes widened just slightly. You tried to tell yourself they weren’t there for what you thought they were there for. They knew you were still coping with Billy’s death. They wouldn’t try and drag you back into that world. Not after that. But the longer Dustin and Steve avoided your eye contact, the more that thought faded. As you dropped your arms to your sides, your foot began to tap rapidly.
“Then what are you here for?”
You pulled your lips into a tight line when Dustin finally met your stare again and said, “You, Y/N.”
The words hit you like a body blow, and you stepped away from the table, shaking your head.
“No,” you said, doing your best to control your heavy beating heart.
Dustin scooted to the edge of the bench, but when you stepped back again, he froze and put his hands up.
“Y/N, listen. There’s this…monster, and we need-”
“Is it from the Upside Down?” You asked.
Dustin’s eyebrows furrowed.
“Well, yeah,” he said with a light laugh, “where else would it be from?”
You crossed your arms over your chest.
“Then no.”
Dustin’s mouth fell ajar as he looked between Steve to you. He scoffed.
“You didn’t even let me finish!”
“Dustin, the answer is no. I’m not getting involved again. Now, if you don’t mind, I have a job to do.”
You didn’t give him a chance to reiterate. Instead, you swiftly turned on your heel and began walking back toward the counter. You could hear Dustin scoff again.
“Wha-Steve! Do something!” He all but shouted at Steve.
But you didn’t stop. Tears were already welling in your eyes at the mere thought of seeing anything from that horrible place again. Your stomach twisted at the possibility of losing somebody else close to you. You couldn’t do it. So, you kept moving until the familiar feeling of Steve’s hand grabbing yours stopped you in your tracks.
“Y/N, wait.”
You turned to face him, only to be met with his warm and comforting brown eyes. Even after so many years, they still cut through all your anxiety and made you feel safe. Steve didn’t let go of your hand as he closed the gap between the two of you just slightly. It had been so long since you had been that close to him, and you couldn’t help the way your breath hitched at the proximity.
“We can’t do this without you,” he said, his voice low so only you could hear.
Tears clogged your throat as you stared at him. Your bottom lip began to quiver, so you bit down on it and shook your head.
“Steve, I can’t. Not after…”
You trailed off when your voice cracked. Steve dropped your hand and cupped your cheeks, forcing you to look at him.
“Hey, hey, I know it’s been hard. I see the way Max is, and I can only imagine how you’re feeling. But we need you, Y/N. We can’t defeat this thing and end all of this without you.”
At first, you didn’t say anything. Instead, you just held his stare. You thought you had left all of this behind you. It didn’t matter that the monsters of the Upside Down were still alive. After Billy, you told yourself that you wouldn’t get involved again. But now Steve was standing with his hands on your face, staring at you with those eyes like a warm fire on a Christmas morning, and you were melting. You knew you should have told him no and walked away. But you couldn’t. So, you didn’t. Steve never once broke the stare until you finally nodded.
“Fine,” you said. “So, we can end this once and for all.”
Steve’s face split into a wide smile before he pulled you into a hug. Your heart skipped a beat at the feeling of his body pressed against yours. You took a long breath and relished his scent of Mahogany and vanilla. Your eyes shut just briefly as you relaxed into Steve’s touch, something you hadn’t done for a very long time.
“So, you’re in?” Dustin asked, causing you and Steve to nearly jump apart.
You flattened your apron, and Steve ran a hand through his hair, neither of you looking at the other. So, you turned your attention to Dustin.
“Yeah, I’m in.”
“Great,” Dustin said with a thumbs up. “After your shift, Steve and I will pick you up and fill you in so you’re ready for tonight.”
Your eyes widened.
“Tonight? Wait, hold on. You didn’t say-and what about my car?”
“You already said you’re in, so you can’t back out now, and your car will be here after we kill Vecna.”
You shook your head and put your hands up.
“Wait. Vecna?”
Dustin just waved you off.
“I’ll explain later. Steve, lets’ go.”
Dustin didn’t wait for Steve before he showed himself out of the diner. Steve shook his head with a sigh before turning toward you.
“When does your shift end?”
Steve’s lips pulled upward just slightly.
“Then I guess I’ll see you at seven.”
You stood frozen in place as you waved goodbye and watched Steve exit the diner. When he was gone, you forced yourself to get back to work, but you could hardly focus. All you could think about was what was to come. Although it had been over a year since your last encounter with anything related to the Upside Down, you were still traumatized. You weren’t sure you were even ready to see all of your friends, let alone deal with a monster. But you had already committed, and before you knew it, your shift had come to an end. After grabbing your bag from your locker and clocking out, you changed out of your uniform and walked out to the parking lot. There were only a few cars, so it was hard to miss Steve’s. He was leaning against the passenger side, and when he saw you approaching, he quickly opened the door for you. You dipped your head as you got in.
A tiny blush crept onto Steve’s cheeks as he gave you a shy smile.
“Yeah, of course.”
Once he shut your door, he climbed into the driver’s side and, within seconds, began driving. You weren’t sure where the final destination was, but it didn’t matter. Dustin gave you every detail of what was going on. He told you that you were going to meet up with everyone in an RV. He told you about the deaths of the Hawkins High students and how they were connected. He told you about the monster named Vecna and how he’s been in charge the whole time. He even told you that Max was his next victim, and you could feel your heart almost shatter. He explained that the plan was to kill Vecna and said that if everything went right, his reign of terror would end that night. By the time Steve’s car came to a stop behind the RV, you were all caught up on what had been happening since you had been gone.
You followed Steve and Dustin to the RV. Something about the silence was ominous. At that moment, you knew that everything was on the line. Dustin opened the door, and you followed him inside. The conversation that was taking place ceased as all eyes landed on you. It was surreal to be looking at your group of friends again. At first, no one moved until Robin jumped up from where she sat and pulled you into a tight embrace. You couldn’t help the giggle that bubbled out of you as her arms tightened.
“Hey, Robin.”
“I’ve missed you so much. Do you know that?” She asked into the crook of your neck. She released you, and a smile spread across her whole face.
“It’s really difficult dealing with him all by myself,” she said, motioning toward Steve.
The two of you shared a laugh then hugged Nancy and waved at Eddie before moving to lean your hip against the tiny counter. Nancy began going over the plan one more time for good measure. As she started speaking, Steve moved behind you, and you leaned back into his chest as if on instinct. His hands moved down the length of your arms, causing goosebumps to rise on your skin.
“You know, I missed you too,” he whispered into your ear. “Like a lot.”
You turned your head to look at him.
“Well, I’m back now.”
Steve’s face was much closer than before, making your heart race. His hands slid down your arms until his fingers brushed over yours.
“For good?”
You gave him a small smile.
“We’ll see.”
You don’t know how long the two of you stayed like that. Had there been enough time, you probably would have stayed that way for the rest of the evening. It had been so long since you felt normal and safe. But being around Steve again felt like home, and feelings you always had for him were reigniting within you with a vengeance. You were starting to think that pushing him away last year was a mistake, but there was no time to dwell on that. The sound of the RV door creaking open and the group hustling out of it pulled you from your reverie. You moved first, followed by Steve, and soon you were walking toward Eddie’s trailer.
Eddie led the way into his home, and when you entered, you froze. The gate to the Upside Down covered the ceiling of Eddie’s living room. You could feel the anxiety from before trying to claw its way out of you. However, Steve didn’t waste any time as he grabbed ahold of the sheet hanging from the gate and climbed his way into the Upside Down. Everyone looked at you next, and you swallowed down your fear before following Steve’s lead. You climbed up the sheet until you were flipped and fell to the ground, landing on your two feet. You moved to the side, and Steve gave you a small smile before Nancy fell through the gate. You watched as he offered her his hand and pulled her to her feet. Much to your chagrin, your heart clenched when his hand lingered in hers for a beat too long. You turned away and moved to the corner of the room as Robin, Eddie, and Dustin fell through the gate. Everyone began gathering their weapons and bags, but you remained glued to the corner you put yourself in. Your eyes followed Steve and Nancy when Eddie blocked your view. He was messing with his belt, then tightening his bandana over his head, and you furrowed your eyebrows at him.
“I wouldn’t worry about them if I were you,” he said without even looking at you.
Eddie stopped what he was doing, finally meeting your stare with a crooked smile.
“Steve and Nancy? You were literally just staring at them.”
You opened and closed your mouth several times in an attempt to come up with some excuse, but when nothing came to you, you just dropped your eyes. Eddie chuckled and patted your arm.
“It’s okay. I can tell you with almost 100% certainty,” he stopped and started tilting his head from side to side. “Okay, maybe like 97%, that Harrington’s not into Wheeler.”
You crossed your arms over your chest and raised your brow at him.
“And why do you say that?”
“Because,” Eddie said, leaning against the wall next to you, “he wouldn’t shut up about you the whole time we were formulating the plan.”
Your shoulders relaxed, and your arms fell to your sides.
“Yeah,” Eddie began with a laugh, “the guy was determined to get you back. I thought he meant you two were already an item the way he was talking. Turns out, good ole Stevie over there buried himself so deep into the friend zone he can’t seem to dig himself back out.”
Your mouth fell ajar, and you let out a little breath.
“I-I don’t…”
When you didn’t finish your sentence, Eddie just waved it off.
“It’s cool,” he said. “But believe me when I say he’s definitely not into Wheeler.”
Before you could say anything back to him, Eddie was already walking back toward the group. You watched him start goofing around with Dustin, and a small smile tugged at your lips. You never really knew Eddie Munson, but you could tell he was going to be a regular around your friends, and after his reassurance, you didn’t mind one bit. After several minutes, you finally pushed yourself off the wall to rejoin everyone. Steve, Robin, and Nancy were huddled next to the door.
“You ready to go?” Robin asked you, and you nodded.
You all bid Eddie and Dustin farewell before exiting the trailer and heading out into the Upside Down.
Robin and Nancy led the way through the dark woods while you and Steve marched along behind them. Neither of you spoke for a while, the only sounds coming from the hidden creatures of the Upside Down. But then Steve nudged you with his arm.
“I’m glad you came,” he said, earning a smile from you.
“Yeah, me too. It’s nice to have the gang back together.”
Steve helped you over a fallen log and chuckled.
“Robin wouldn’t stop talking about you. I mean, it was like she was bringing you up every five minutes.”
A smirk pulled at your lips as you looked over at Steve.
“I’m told she’s not the only one who had that issue.”
Steve nodded and laughed.
“Oh, yeah, Dustin too.” He opened and closed his hand as he continued. “Blah blah blah. Always.”
“I’m talking about you, Steve.”
His face fell.
You were trying to contain the giggles that were threatening to burst out of you but failing miserably.
“Someone told me I was all you could talk about while you guys were coming up with this plan.”
Steve scoffed and shook his head.
“Unbelievable. I’m gonna kick Henderson’s ass.”
You let out a laugh. Although you didn’t know Eddie too well yet, you weren’t going to tell Steve it was actually he who provided that information, not Dustin.
“So, you’re not denying it?”
“Well,” Steve began, running a hand through his fluffy hair, “no. I’m not.”
He stopped walking and took your hand to stop you as well. The lighthearted air that was once present was replaced with something more serious.
“Y/N, you have to understand I really missed you.”
You swallowed. You wanted to tell Steve that you missed him too. You wanted to tell him that even though you all are walking into an incredibly dangerous situation, you had never been surer in your life that you made a mistake by distancing yourself from him. But you knew Steve wasn’t done. He let out a breath and dropped his head for a beat before meeting your eyes again.
“After last year, you distanced yourself from us. From me. You’re my best friend, and you just disappeared. I felt like I had no one. Like you were gone too. And it was the worst pain I’d ever felt. So, I used this plan as a way to get you back. And now that you’re here, I don’t ever want to lose you again.”
You could see the pain in his face as he stared at you with intent and shook his head.
“I can’t, Y/N. I can’t go through that again. I-I-”
“Hey, guys!” Nancy’s voice echoed off the bare trees around you. “The house is just around the corner. Come on!”
You looked in Nancy and Robin’s direction, then back at Steve. You could see on his face that something nagging at him. And you waited for him to continue, but he didn’t. Instead, he released your hand and began to move toward Nancy and Robin. But before he could get too far, you reached out and took hold of his arm, forcing him to turn toward you again.
“What were you gonna say?”
Steve’s mouth opened, but he didn’t say anything. He closed it, cleared his throat, and shook his head.
“Later. Let’s get this done first.”
You let go of him and watched him walk toward the other two in your party. A part of you wanted to scream at him to tell you what you hoped he was going to say. You didn’t know if there was going to be a later or tomorrow or next year. If even the slightest thing went wrong with this plan, you could all be dead, and you would never know. But you held yourself together and joined the rest of them at the edge of the wood.
All four of you watched and waited for Erica to give the signal, and when she did, you all left the woods behind and walked toward the house. It looked menacing, with the dark clouds hanging low over the building. When you entered, nothing changed. Black vines littered the floors and walls, and they climbed and wrapped themselves around the railings and light fixtures. Nancy began going up the stairs, and you all followed behind her. You all carefully made your way up the stairs until you were gathered on the second floor. Through another door on the far wall, you could see flashing lights and could hear thunder rumbling louder than before. You nodded toward the door.
“He’s in there?” You asked no one in particular.
Robin nodded and moved to stand next to you.
“Yep. You ready?”
You gave her a weak smile and looked to Nancy to lead the rest of the way. But just before she could take another step, the house began to shake. You looked at the others. By the looks on their faces, it was clear that an earthquake was not something they had accounted for. The shaking grew more violent, sending you bumping into Robin. It felt as if the whole building was going to get sucked into the ground. You and Robin grabbed hold of each other in an attempt to steady yourselves, but it didn’t work. Instead, you fell back into Steve, and Robin had to take several steps to regain her footing. The shaking continued, and just when you thought that was going to be the end, it stopped suddenly. Steve’s arms were around you, holding you steady, and your hands were holding onto Robin. For a second, you all waited for something to happen, and when it didn’t, you relaxed, letting out a collective breath. But then the sound of something slithering along the floor gained your attention.
“Oh, no,” Robin said before she went flying against the wall.
The vines crawled over her body, restraining her. She sucked in a shallow breath.
“Steve! Nancy! Y/N! Help!”
Without a second guess, you all moved toward Robin. You grabbed the vine on her wrist and began pulling as hard as you could. But it didn’t matter how hard you yanked on them; the vines were not moving. You kept trying when, out of the corner of your eye, you saw a vine reach up and grab Steve. When you turned toward him, his body went flying across the room until it slammed into the wall.
“No,” you breathed out. “Steve!”
Fear was a wild thing inside of you as you tried to run toward Steve. But before you could get close, a vine grabbed your ankle, sending you toppling to the floor and knocking the wind out of you. You only got a brief look at it before you were being dragged back toward the wall Robin was on. Your nails dug into the floor as you got pulled farther and farther away from Steve.
“Let me go!” You shouted just as you looked up to see Nancy getting flung against the wall next to Steve.
You kept fighting, but soon you were being pressed against the wall as well. The vines wrapped around your wrists, ankles, and soon your throat. You looked at your friends as panic began to settle in your gut. The vines were growing tighter and tighter, and there was nothing you could do to get them off. Your eyes landed on Steve, and you could feel tears welling in your eyes as you watched the vines choke him. His hands clawed at his throat as he gasped for air. All the fear you were suppressing began to boil over. You were going to have to watch yet another person you loved die in front of you. Your breathing was shallow and erratic as you closed your eyes. Several images and moments in your life played in your mind. You could see Billy dying all over again, the Mind Flayer’s arm sticking straight out of his chest. Then, images of Robin and you filled your head. You saw the first time she slept over at your house when you two laughed for hours. You saw her waving to you during a marching band performance and getting in trouble with the band director. Then, images of Nancy appeared. You saw Nancy practicing her interview skills with you in her bedroom. You saw the two of you hugging after graduating. Then, you saw Steve. You saw a young Steve walking you home from school. You saw Steve’s head in your lap while you watched scary movies on a Friday night. Then you saw the look in his eyes when he first saw you in the diner earlier that day. All the adoration and emotion playing so clearly on his face. It was all so clear in your mind.
Anger began to bubble up inside of you where fear once was. This monster, this place, took one important person from you and has terrorized the people you’re closest to for the last time. Your body began to tingle, and suddenly the images in your mind disappeared. You saw green coursing through your veins again, and then you were back in the secret Russian elevator.
“Erica, be careful!” Robin’s voice echoed in your head and was followed by a loud shattering sound.
Glass was everywhere, and your body burned. When you looked down at your hands, the mystery green goo covered them. The image faded into green, buzzing faster and faster through your body. It felt like you were on fire as the green goo burned its way through you. Your breathing quickened as your body began to tremble. All you could see was the green moving its way through every inch of you. Then, as if it were miles away, you could hear someone calling your name. It was choked and weak, and suddenly you were transported back to reality. Your eyes shot open and were burning a blazing green.
“Let. Me. Go!” You shouted before bursting through the vines.
A bright green aura surrounded you as you floated in the air. You turned toward Robin and used your hands to throw a green ball of energy at the vines restraining her. The vines screeched as you destroyed them one by one, sending Robin falling to the floor. Then, you quickly turned and did the same thing for Nancy and then Steve. Once they were all safely on the floor, they stared up at your floating figure for a beat before you slowly descended back to their level. When your feet hit the floor, the green aura that surrounded you disappeared, and your eyes returned to their normal color. Everyone stared at you in silence until Robin laughed.
“What the hell just happened?”
You looked down at your palms in awe. Although the green was no longer there, you could feel the power pumping through you. You could feel it buzzing through your veins, mixing with your blood. It was who you were now.
“Am I the only one confused right now!?” Robin shouted, throwing her arms in the air.
“No, no,” Steve said, placing a hand on her shoulder, “I’m right there with you.”
The three of them stared at you, and you just shook your head.
“Remember last year when we were stuck in that elevator, and Erica got that green goo on me? We thought nothing happened, but I guess something did.”
You looked back at your hands, flipping them over a couple of times. Robin laughed again and grabbed her head.
“How are you just now figuring this out!?”
You shrugged.
“There was nothing to unleash it until now.”
They all stared at you for another beat before you motioned toward the door behind them.
“Shall we finish this thing?”
Nancy nodded.
“Phase four. Let’s do this.”
Robin and Nancy walked toward the door, and when Steve went to follow, you grabbed his hand, stopping him.
“Steve, wait.”
When he turned to look at you, you froze. It was time. Vecna was waiting mere feet away from you two, and there was no telling whether you would survive him or not. After years of running and hiding your feelings from Steve, you couldn’t let him run into this fight without doing something. So, without thinking any more about what you were doing, you grabbed the back of his head and pulled his lips to yours. Steve reciprocated the kiss immediately, releasing your hand to grab ahold of your face to deepen the kiss. His lips danced over yours to a rhythm you never wanted to forget. His thumbs pressed into your cheeks, but you welcomed the slight sting. You wanted to commit the feeling of his hands and lips on you to memory so you would remember it forever. Before the kiss could get any more heated, you pulled back. Your and Steve’s breathing was both a little labored as you held each other’s gaze.
“I’ve always wanted to do that, so I’m doing it now just in case,” you shrugged, “you know, we die.”
You didn’t give Steve a chance to say anything back. Instead, you let go of him and walked over to Nancy and Robin, putting yourself between them and the door.
“Let me take the lead on this,” you said.
Nancy looked at you dumbfounded.
“I’ve got it.”
You start walking up the stairs, each step careful and calculated. The anger inside of you grew the closer you got to Vecna. All the sadness that you once harbored in your heart was replaced with a fury that you were ready to unleash. You could feel the power you possessed getting stronger the more you focused on Vecna. When you took the final step and entered the attic, he finally came into view. He was suspended in the air with vines poking out of him. The second all four of you were in the room, his eyes opened, and you stepped forward. You could feel your power coursing through you, and you shut your eyes for a minute to gather yourself. When you reopened them, they were that same incandescent green from before.
Vecna didn’t say anything. He just watched as you took another step closer toward him. Your anger was a wild beast inside you as you stared at the monster that killed Billy and almost killed all of your friends.
“You ruined my life,” you said through gritted teeth.
He lowered himself to the floor.
“I don’t even know who you are.”
Your hands began to glow green as you said, “You will.”
Then, you lifted yourself off the floor, floating in the air, surrounded by that green aura again. Then, you started grabbing furniture with your powers and sent them flying toward Vecna. First a chair, then a desk, and finally a dresser. Vecna used his vines to block each article you sent his way, only enraging you more. You let out a guttural scream before you started to throw green balls of energy at him. Anger was starting to consume you as you threw ball after ball. Just like the furniture, Vecna used his vines to block each of your attacks. You stopped for a brief second, and at that moment, Vecna sent his vines to grab you. But just before they could latch onto your arms and legs, you crouched down and used your powers to stop them. You groaned as you pushed up into a standing position, then let out another scream as you obliterated them. You squared your shoulders and grabbed hold of Vecna with your powers, lifting him back into the air. You forced his arms to stretch out next to him, earning a pained groan from him. Then, you turned back to the group and shouted, “Now, Robin!”
Robin walked up next to you, lit a Molotov cocktail, and threw it at Vecna. You watched him erupt into flames before dropping him. When he landed, Nancy moved up front with you and Robin, cocked her shotgun, and fired. The loud bang vibrated your whole body. She reloaded, then shot again. You all watched as Vecna stumbled back further and further. Then, Nancy reloaded and took the final shot, sending Vecna crashing through the window and plummeting toward the ground. You all stood there for a minute, staring at the shattered window, until the ground below you began to shake again.
“You guys, I think it’s time to go,” Robin said, taking several steps toward the door.
Nancy holstered her shotgun on her back, then followed Robin, and Steve didn’t give you another moment to contemplate. He took your hand in his and practically dragged you down the stairs. When the four of you made it out of the house, Vecna’s body was lying right where he fell, motionless. Although the ground was still shaking, you stopped and took a moment to look at him, realization finally setting in. It was finally over. Vecna was dead, and you didn’t have to worry about the Upside Down ever again. A tiny laugh fell from your lips. After so much pain and suffering, it was finally over. The ground gave another violent jolt, and Steve tugged on your arm. You took a final look at Vecna before walking away.
The walk back to Eddie’s trailer turned into a run as the earth beneath you began to shake harder and harder. When you finally made it, Eddie and Dustin came running out into the road.
“Did you do it? Did it work?” Eddie asked frantically.
“Yeah,” Dustin added, “why is the ground shaking all of a sudden?”
Nancy proudly stood in front of them and nodded.
“It worked. Vecna is dead.”
The two boys let out a sigh before pulling each other into a wild embrace. You all watched as Eddie and Dustin celebrated despite the ground’s continuous shaking. You heard Robin start to chuckle and couldn’t help but join her. The fear of failure was gone now and replaced with relief. Robin let out a celebratory holler and then started jumping up and down. She grabbed Nancy and spun her around in a hug earning a laugh from the girl. Steve snaked his arm around your waist, bringing you flush with his side, and you leaned your head into him.
“Hey!” Steve shouted over their celebration. “Can we maybe finish this outside of the Upside Down?”
They all froze for a second before hustling through Eddie’s front door and to the gate. You and Steve followed and soon you all were on the other side watching the gate to the Upside Down close forever. It was finally over. Once the gate was shut and everyone had their fun celebrating the victory, everyone dispersed. Dustin decided to stay the night with Eddie in his trailer. Nancy drove Robin home, and Steve said he’d drive you to your car. Around the rest of the group, it was easy to ignore the fact that you had kissed Steve, and he kissed you back. But when the two of you were alone in his car, the air was different. The tension was thick, and neither of you spoke to the other. Instead, for the duration of the ride, you stared out the window and Steve out the windshield. When you got to your car, you mumbled a “thank you” to Steve and quickly exited his vehicle to get into yours. You didn’t wait for Steve to leave before you were driving off. Although you were happy nobody died, you now had to deal with the consequences of your bold actions. But tonight was not the night for that. When you got home, you washed the Upside Down off your body, curled into your bed, and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
The following day, you woke to an empty house, but you didn’t mind. For the first time in a long time, you weren’t restless. You weren’t on autopilot, just getting through the day. After a year of being numb, you were finally alive again. It was a feeling you didn’t realize you had missed. You were in the kitchen pouring yourself a cup of juice when your doorbell rang, pulling you from your thoughts. You made your way to your door, and when you opened it, you were met with a nervous Steve. He was fidgeting and running his hands through his hair, messing up his usually very neat locks. You furrowed your brows at him.
“Steve? What are you doing here?”
He wrang his hands in front of his torso and avoided making eye contact.
“I, um, I need to talk to you.”
Your eyes widened, and your heart skipped in your chest. You didn’t think he would come to your house to discuss what happened. In fact, you kind of hoped you had another couple of days to figure out how you were going to brush the whole kiss off as some freak accident. But that plan was shot as you stared at Steve, nearly pacing on your porch.
“Oh. Okay. Is everything alright?” You asked, playing coy.
Steve shook his head.
“No. I mean, yes, everything is fine. I just,” he stopped and let out a long breath. “We’ve been friends for a long time. Since we were kids, you’ve been one of the few people I can fully trust. You’re my best friend, Y/N.”
Your heart clenched at his words. Steve had never explicitly stated that he only wanted to be friends. In fact, there was always a part of you that held out hope that he didn’t feel that way. That, instead, he had been madly in love with you for years the same way you had been with him. But now that he was standing on your doorstep looking more anxious than you had ever seen him, you were starting to lose faith. Steve ran a hand through his hair for the umpteenth time and had his eyes trained on his sneakers.
“And,” he sighed, “for the longest time, I tried to remind myself of that because I didn’t want to lose you.”
He lifted his stare to meet yours.
“I tried to pretend that I wasn’t feeling the things I was feeling. Then you started dating Billy, and I forced myself to be happy for you because that’s what a good friend does. But every time I looked at you with him, I couldn’t help thinking, ‘That should be me. Not him.’”
Your lips parted at his words. And you wanted to jump into his arms. You didn’t need to hear him say what he was about to say because you already knew. Steve had feelings for you. He always had. You hugged yourself in an attempt to control the elation you felt as Steve continued.
“And when everything happened last year, I wanted to give you space to mourn, but then you just disappeared.”
Steve was pacing in front of you, but you didn’t stop him. Instead, you just watched him walk back and forth, intently listening to his confession.
“It felt like a part of me was missing,” Steve said, flattening his palm against his chest. “I told myself I should just move on. I told myself that’s what you did. But I couldn’t, and when I saw you in that diner, it’s like all my feelings just washed over me like a tidal wave all over again. Then you kissed me, and I knew I couldn’t deny it anymore.”
He came to a sudden stop in front of you, looked at you, and he said, “I love you, Y/N.”
It felt as if your heart exploded in your chest and your body was on fire. You had waited years to hear Steve say those words to you, and now you felt like you couldn’t control the joy that was building within you. Your arms tightened around your torso, and you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth. As you stared back at Steve, you could see the confidence slowly dissipating as his shoulders began to droop. He let out a sigh, but before he had the opportunity to open his mouth to speak again, you cupped his cheeks and attached your lips to his. Just like before, Steve melted into the kiss. It was soft yet passionate. Careful yet fervent. Every emotion and feeling both of you had been suppressing for years was somehow expressed in that kiss. Steve’s hands immediately found your waist, and he pulled you against his chest. You could feel his rapidly beating heart against you, and you were sure he could feel yours. You let go of Steve’s face and slid your arms around his neck, allowing your fingers to curl into his messy hair. Steve sighed, and you could feel his lips turn up against yours. You let the tingles of joy move through you for another minute before pulling away. Your forehead was pressed against his, and a smile spread across your face.
“I love you too, Steve,” you said before pressing your lips to his once more.
Your eyes were shut, and you were basking in the way your whole body lit up at his touch when you heard a familiar voice cheering from your driveway. You released Steve’s lips and looked to find Dustin hanging from Steve’s car a wide grin covering his face. Steve groaned, causing you to laugh.
“This was his idea, and he insisted on coming,” Steve said. “Just in case I chickened out.”
Dustin started pumping his fist in the air as he continued to cheer before you turned to face Steve again.
“Well,” you began with a smile, “I’m really glad you listened to him.”
“Yeah, me too.”
Steve traced the line of your jaw with his thumb before cupping your cheek and pulling you in for another kiss. You didn’t care that Dustin was hollering from your driveway or that you were still in your comfy clothes. All that mattered was that Steve loved you, and you loved him. You smiled into the kiss at the thought. Finally, after all these years, everything was as it should be.  
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cicimunson · 2 days ago
Ruin Me
Series Summary: Eddie is obsessed with you, but tries to hide it because he knows you're a virgin and he doesn't want to corrupt you or risk your friendship.
Chapter Summary: You catch Eddie in a compromising position, and he doesn't know how much longer he can fight the urge to make you his.
Characters: Eddie Munson x Virgin Female Reader
Warnings: Eddie a bit of a perv, sexual situations including jerking off, bit of voyeurism, going to second base.
Part 2
Eddie is in heaven.
Scratch that, he's in hell.
You're sprawled out on your stomach in his bed, pencil tucked between your lips, chewing on the tip as you think, your brow furrowed in concentration.
And Eddie was jealous of the fucking pencil. 
He's sitting in his desk chair, trying not to make it obvious that he can't take his eyes off you, specifically the way your tits are smashed together from the way you're laying, displaying your cleavage above the v-neck of your t-shirt.
You shift a little and he has to stifle a groan.
Did you have to wear those tiny shorts when you came over to study, displaying the lower curve of your ass? They ride up a little further every time you move. Don't you know you're driving him insane?
You sit up and stretch, your shirt riding up to almost display the underside of your tits.
Eddie bites his lip and tucks his book a little closer on his lap, praying it's enough to hide his erection.
You smile at him and he offers a weak smile in return, trying to pretend everything is normal and he's not picturing himself shoving his cock down your throat right now.
"You're so quiet today." You observe.
"Yeah, uh, just studying."
"Need some help?"
He shakes his head. If you get closer to him he's gonna burst. "Uh, no. I'm all good."
"Okay. I'm gonna head out then." You rise to your feet and start getting your stuff together. You lean over Eddie to grab your history book off his desk.
Your tits are mere inches from his face. He could lean forward slightly and his nose would be buried in your cleavage. He can feel his cock start to leak precum in his boxers. He needs a release, now.
He takes your arm and practically propels you down the hall and out the front door, not even all the way back in his room before he's tugging his pants down and fisting his dick.
You're so pretty, just so goddamn pretty. He wants to tell you, wants to pull you underneath him and make you his, wants to watch you squirm and writhe while he fucks you senseless.
But he knows he can't. You're just so good and sweet, and ugh, so fucking innocent.
It doesn't stop him from fantasizing about you. He's rubbed his cock raw, jerking off to the mental image of you on his knees before him, worshiping him with your mouth.
"Y/N. Baby. Just like that." He moans loudly, fucking his fist, feeling his precum drip on his hand. He rubs it into the head of his cock, pretending it's you soaking him.
He's so caught up in his fantasy that he doesn't even hear you come back inside, having forgotten your notebook on the end of the bed. You don't hear what's happening until you open the door.
You see Eddie sprawled out on his bed, coated in sweat, frantically bucking his hips as he strokes himself.
"So good baby, so sweet for me, Y/N, Y/N!"
Your stomach clenches and you press your thighs together. God he's so fucking beautiful like this, and he's falling apart thinking about you.
You clear your throat and his eyes shoot open. He looks mortified, scrambling to cover himself up. "Shit, I thought you'd left!"
"Forgot my notebook."
"Fuck, I'm sorry. Didn't mean for you to see this." He apologizes sheepishly.
"I'm more interested in what I heard than what I saw, Eddie."
He flushes and looks guilty. "I'm sorry."
"Don't be." You sit on the edge of the bed. "I'm sorry I interrupted. Feel free to continue."
His eyes almost bulge out of his head. "With you sitting here? You wanna watch?"
If he wasn't so desperate to cum he would say no. He wouldn't dare corrupt you like this, risk your friendship like this. But he just can't help himself this time.
He shoves his blanket aside and holds his hand out to you. "Spit."
You spit into his palm and he moans, then starts stroking himself, using your spit to lube himself up. 
You clench your thighs together, watching as he pumps himself, whimpering your name once more, never taking his eyes off you.
To his surprise, you pull up your shirt, exposing your tits to him.
"Fuck, you are so gorgeous. I'd pay to touch those perfect tits."
"Oh, yeah?"
"Free weed for the rest of your fucking life, I swear." His eyes are glued to your chest as he pumps his cock frantically.
"Touch me then."
He practically shoots off the bed to get close to you. He pulls your shirt over your head and buries his face between your tits, sighing happily. "Mmm, so good."  He licks down the center of your chest, then quickly sucks a nipple between his teeth.
You snake a hand behind his head, holding him to you. "I really like that."
"I should stop." He mumbles against your tit. "I'm taking advantage of you."
"Not at all."
He kisses up to your neck. "You're so sweet. So pure. I shouldn't be touching you like this."
"Why? Because I'm a virgin?"
He groans hearing those words and sucks on your earlobe. "Yes. Such a little saint. You don't cuss. You don't drink. You didn't start smoking weed until I corrupted you."
"I only smoke it to spend more time with you." You admit.
He peppers kisses on your jawline. "You wanted more time with me? That's so sweet. Such an angel."
You push his head away. "Stop saying that. I'm not a saint, I'm not an angel. You have me on a pedestal."
He frowns. "You are. You're such a good girl. And I'm the devil for corrupting you."
"All you've done is give me some drugs and play with my tits."
"I want to do more though."
You feel your muscles clench again.
He leans in closer and licks your ear. "I want to fucking ruin you."
"So do it."
You grab his face and meet his eyes.
"Say it again." He commands, but it's almost a plea.
You smirk. "Fucking ruin me, Eddie."
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nyxoz · 2 days ago
bimbo pink reader x eddie
Your room is very pink. Eddie looks very out of place amongst your teddy bears and silk pink sheets, but it’s your favourite thing to look at.
Him in his black jeans and leather jacket and chains on his pants, laying back against your cushioned white head board, with a stuffed toy in his lap watching you as show off each of your teddies from your spot at the foot of the bed.
“And this is George.” You say, holding up a little fluffy monkey.
Eddie nods, looking very focused on what you’re saying “Uh huh, we should give George a full name I think.”
You turn over the monkey in your hand and look at him, examining his fur and his button eyes. “Like what?”
Eddie works his way down the bed towards you and then lays on his side next to you grabbing at the toy.
“King George Henry The Third!” He announces, he holds the monkey in front of his face, “Good evening, my fair lady!” He says in funny British accent, “I’m King George Henry The Third, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!” He holds out the little monkeys arm and peeks his eyes over his head.
You giggle at his antics and grab the monkey’s paw, shaking it, “Silly George, we’ve met before!” You say.
Eddie gasps and brings the monkeys hands up to cover his little head. “Please forgive me, Miss (Y/N)! How could I ever forget such a beautiful lady!”
Your cheeks hurt from how much you’re smiling, “That’s okay George, but you know who you haven’t met? My boyfriend.”
“Your boyfriend, you say?“
You nod, “Uh huh, his name is Eddie.”
Eddie’s eyes peek over the head of the monkey, looking big and brown as ever. “Tell me about this Eddie.”
You purse your lips together and tap on your chin pretending to think.
“Well, he’s really funny, he makes me laugh all the time! And he’s so cute. Everyone in town thinks he’s scary but he’s actually a big baby that loves being the little spoon.” You say to the monkey.
“I think that might be confidential information, Miss (Y/N)!”
You grab at the monkey and Eddie is smiling behind it. You turn the stuffed animal around to face him.
“King George Henry The Third, this is my boyfriend, Eddie!” You say.
Eddie grabs the monkey’s paw and shakes it, “Pleasure to meet you, King George.” He says in his normal voice.
“Pleasure to meet you, Eddie.” Eddie replies to himself in his funny voice, his other hand covering his mouth to hide it’s him saying it.
You can’t help but laugh at him.
He’s such a dork.
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munsonsguitarp1ck · 2 days ago
eddie munson is so vocal in bed i just know it, like that man sCREAMS
it’s hot as fuck tho
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loveshotzz · 2 days ago
Just wanted to give you guys a little update about what I am working on currently.
I am finishing up a little blurb/one shot my beautiful wife @myobmaya helped me create about Virgin! Eddie getting to play with boobs for the first time 🫠
And this request from an anon.
Here’s a sneak peak of both for you:
Virgin Eddie blurb: EDIT ITS HERE
“Jesus Eddie, it’s like you’ve never seen a woman’s tits before.” Snatching the joint from his hand you ash it for him before taking another long drag eyeing him up.
His face somehow turns an even deeper shade of red and his chocolate eyes won’t look at yours. And it all hits you at once. Was Eddie “The Freak” Munson a virgin?
The idea completely baffled you, the handcuffs in his room, the confident demeanor he always had on, all signs pointed to a man who knew what he was doing in the bedroom. At least that’s what you had assumed.
“Look, it’s not like women are exactly lining up at my trailer door sweetheart.” He finally gives when he finally looks up at you.
A part of you feels bad for taunting him, but an even bigger part was turned on by the aspect of how worked up you must be getting the metal head.
Before you can overthink it to much, you plop yourself down on his lap, legs on either side of his thighs straddling him. The feeling of his painfully hard erection is clear as day under the soft fabric of your biker shorts. Your own arousal starting to collect in your panties, and it takes everything in you not to grind your hips against him.
“Holy shit I-“ Eddie’s eyes look like they might pop out of his head, his hands twitch at his sides unsure if he should touch you or not.
“Well, you scratch my back.” You gesture the half way smoked joint in your hand before putting it back between Eddie’s plump lips. “I’ll scratch yours.”
Eddie takes a long drag as you watch the gears in his head start to turn when you slowly start pushing the straps of your tank top down.
“Hey, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, it’s just an eighth you buy from me all the time.” It almost makes you laugh how much of a gentleman he’s still trying to be when the erection pressed against your swollen nub seems to get even harder.
“I know, I don’t have to Eddie. I want to.” You smirk before pulling your top down revealing the red lace underneath.
“Jesus H Christ” he gasps joint dangling loose from his lips.
Taking your bottom lip between your teeth you can’t help your own bashfulness at the hunger that was dancing around in his pupils as they devoured the newly exposed skin.
You can feel the warmth his calloused hands tentatively rest on the top of your thighs. Taking the joint from his mouth again before it falls onto his lap you put it out behind you. Leaning your body back to reach the ashtray, the new angle pushes him further into your core and you can help the gasp that slips from your lips. The sound making him twitch underneath you.
“Are you trying to fucking kill me?” He groans throwing his head back against the cushion of the couch. Eyes closed his brows are pinched together, the sight of him so fucked out already makes you clench at nothing. “If your trying to get free weed for life, it’s fucking yours.”
Tumblr media
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undreaming-fanfiction · a day ago
Of Ghosts and the Living
I know that people love writing about our beloved Hawkins residents leaving that shithole behind for good and I can see the appeal, really, but. BUT. Hear me out.
What if they all tried, really tried to start over somewhere else, to leave the trauma behind, only to come back years later because no matter how well they do for themselves, they just can't find the connection, they always try to find alternative ways to explain why they flinch when electricity starts acting up, why they start to shake when hearing certain songs and even after so many years, when they form friendships and relationships outside their little group, they find them shallow and based on lies, because even if their feelings are real, they can't share the most important thing in their lives, what formed them into the people they are now.
But they don't want to just revisit the demons of their past, because all of them are survivors and all of them just don't wait around looking pretty while commenting on how fucked up everything is, they brainstorm, they research and they solve. And as years go by, they flock back together, determined to fix their dump of a town, because fine, if it calls to them, if it drags them back, that's one thing, but if they are to stay there, they will fucking make sure it's a place worthy of it.
Nancy comes back to Hawkins as if she always belonged there, proclaiming that "someone needs to take journalism seriously around here" and, as with everything she sets out to do, succeeds in showing the people of Hawkins that there are things beyond their small community, eventually starting her own newspaper and hiring local misfits and curious minds. In early 1990s, she would put together a huge special on the causes and effects of the Satanic panic, bringing up the events of 1986 and shoving a mirror in the faces of Hawkins' bigots, Jason Carvers of the town and all others who never hesitated to follow the likes of him. Sure, it might be controversial, but she answers the criticism with ease. "I was here. I remember that it took an earthquake to stop that lynching mob that went even for CHILDREN. Mr. Munson's uncle was harrassed for weeks and even after his nephew was proven innocent, some people still tried to play vigilantes. I understand why some or you might want to forget about it, but Mr. Munson doesn't and neither do I."
Jonathan is by her side, always, going anywhere and everywhere as her photographer and more. He spent so long being torn between his perceived duty as a big brother and a good son and wanting to live his life that when Nancy came back with the goal to fix Hawkins from the inside, he followed without any doubts, because he admires her, admires her strong will and he still loves her, trauma or not. With his mom, Hopper, Will and Eleven back in Hawkins as well, he finally doesn't have to choose. He and Nancy work as a single mind, his photographs and her stories completing each other.
Dustin has a great mind that could do so much, but he loves his mother and doesn't go too far away to college. When he returns, he finally ties the knot with Suzie and they both get jobs at the Hawkins middle school, Suzie sharing the wonders of technology (especially computers) with the kids and Dustin gradually replacing Mr. Clarke when he retires, bringing the same enthusiasm and sense of wonder into classroom that he loves about his former teacher. He is the patron of the AV club and keeps a close eye on the Hellfire Club as well, always making sure to tell the outcasts, the sensitive kids and anyone he sees as a good fit that there is a place for them in the local high school where they won't be judged, that he used to be like them too.
Mike and Will remain closest from the party, especially after Will finally shares his feelings. He no longer feels like a mistake, not after seeing Steve and Eddie together before they leave for Indianapolis for their studies, not late but in their own speed, like with everything. And Mike accepts him, no questions asked, nothing changing between them. Will's crush sizzles out, but never his love for Mike. They remain best friends and pair up for work, Mike as a writer and Will as an illustrator. Together they produce the most intricate, magical stories about kids just like they used to be, a town maybe just a bit too similar to Hawkins. There are monsters in their stories, there are challenges and suffering, but there is also hope, there are quiet and domestic happily ever afters, not idealized but warm and real, because there needs to be life after tragedy and hardship. They get moderately popular and they do a lot of public readings in Hawkins' rebuilt library, sometimes organizing workshops for anyone and everyone who needs some magic in their lives.
There is a lot of commotion when Lucas announces that despite his talent and drive, he won't pursue basketball as his careeer. What he went through changed him and in the months of ups and downs, constant questions if Max would ever walk again, if her sight would heal, all of that hopelessness makes him throw himself into any and all information on physical therapy. He keeps up with the newest discoveries in the field and when he finishes high school, he already knows how he wants to spend the rest of his life. From all the unofficially adopted Harrington-Munson nuggets, he takes after Steve the most, he wants to fix things, to protect. He checks on all his friends and pushes them to take their health seriously, especially Steve. "I know you don't like it, but you need to, man," Lucas, now as tall as Hopper, tells Steve. "I know there always seem to be bigger things to worry about, but you need to. We all love you and we'll be damned if you don't live long enough to see your Harrington grandkids." He knows how to motivate people and the spark in Steve's eyes tells him that that was the right note to play. He opens a small practice and helps heal the town in his own unique way.
Max's sight has never fully returned, she can see, but there are frequent headaches and blurriness. But it's more than she thought she'd have, so she'll take it. She takes up Flo's old job in the police station, using her inner fire to scorch any and all policemen who might be slacking in their jobs, judging people too soon, not helping as they should - with Hopper's quiet blessing, of course. More than often she ends up in the city council meetings, petitioning the mayor and anyone who will listen - and they WILL listen - to provide better accessibility options for everyone. She got lucky and her bones mostly healed, but many people have permanent injuries from the earthquake and they need, they deserve the town's support for sticking around, for not abandoning this shithole. Vecna could not extinguish the fire in Max and neither will this stupid, uncaring town, not when her loved ones find their way back, one by one. She was welcomed by them when she needed a home and now she's holding the fort, making sure they come back to a kinder place.
Eleven goes far with Hopper, Joyce and Mike's support. She understands how difficult it is for people like her to fit in and it takes her long to realize what she wants to do. When she catches up, even though her speech would always remain a bit stiff, she shares with Joyce that she'd like to help kids like her, kids who don't have the necessary skills and knowledge to keep up in school. And Joyce supports her daughter through everything she wants and needs, reassures her when her application falls through the first time. "You've done great things, sweetie, and you will do many more. I believe in you." El gets into the course on her second try and her blended family throws her a huge celebration, somehow managing to create an eggo cake. It's monstrous, but El loves it and she loves her studies too. The more she learns about special education, the more passionate she feels about it. And what place is better suited for her new mission to save the world than the first town she felt home at?
Steve is, surprisingly even for himself, like her. When he finally untangles himself from the clutches of his family's expectations, he has a drunken night of revelations with Robin and, very quietly, admits to her that he wishes he could have done more for the kids, that he still feels like he failed them. After being rightfully chewed out by Robin and almost crushed to death in a hug, she halfheartedly comments that she too would have benefited from having a school counsellor like Steve is, someone who actually saw some real shit. That simple sentence lights a spark in Steve and before he knows it, he's signing up for classes in the local community college, taking his education seriously for once. He learns many ways to help others and can't wait to utilize them. When he finishes his studies in Indianapolis, Eddie has already finished his own and is working in a music store. He wrings his arms and stutters when talking to Eddie, his self-proclaimed beloved nuisance, explaining that he feels obliged to go back, to do something good for that messed up place, and asks very quietly if Eddie would come with him because even if this is his calling, Eddie is more important, he always will be. His heart almost leaps out of his chest when Eddie sighs, kisses Steve and mentions that moving all their crap is going to end them both, so they'd better start packing. Steve gets a job at the Hawkins High and starts fixing the town, one cheeky teenager at a time. He takes up basketball coaching too because "those shitheads need some outlet for their aggression."
When they come back to Hawkins, Nancy has already written her piece on the events of 1986 and people still watch him with wary eyes, but also with some sympathy and regret. Eddie would never admit it, but he too felt the pull of the town, he was so fucking tired of running and it wasn't just about wanting to stay with Steve, but also about fighting for and winning his place under the shitty Hawkins sun. Eddie finds his calling in music, no surprise there. He still plays in a band, sure, but more than enchanting crowds with his guitar and husky voice, he loves providing an escape for all the kids, young adults and adults who are like he used to be, lost in life and just searching for something to fill that gaping hole in their hearts. He becomes a music tutor, even approved and recommended by the local school, and guides all those lost sheep, providing recommendations and developing their natural talents with patience he'd never have for himself. Even the shiest students laugh at his antics and Eddie finally understands they all can't be heroes like El, Nancy and Steve, but while they go around saving their minds and homes, someone has to save their souls too, right?
Robin seems to think like Eddie, but she goes the whole official way. She's smart, really smart, and she wants to share her message of acceptance or death with the whole world, or at least the place that made her realize she was different - the high school. She effectively rambles her way in, gradually taking over the school band and the theatre group, then, with a passionate speech, usurps the music teacher's job. There are a lot of changes, but not many people want to spend their retirement in this unlucky town, she just gives a little nudge, gentle as a brick. She is just relentless, just as she was in Pennhurst, and nearly went to Nancy for a suitable set of clothes because she really, really wanted the job. Nancy just laughed and sent her on her way, saying that the clothes couldn't hide her personality and really shouldn't, because she'll do great just as she is.
And maybe, eventually, the ghosts of their past fade out and disappear, only returning here and there, just to remind them where they came from, but this time they know how to cope.
When Nancy writes a piece commemorating the cover up tragedy that took her friend Barb and all those other people, when she walks around the former Harrington's pool, she shivers, but Jonathan's hand is on her shoulder, warm and reassuring, and he was there with her, he knows how she feels, carries around the same guilt, buried in a shallow grave in his soul. And knowing she doesn't carry that secret alone might just be enough to finally remember Barb not with sadness and guilt, but with affection and gratitude.
When Steve sees a boy who has the same look he used to have, cold and cocky, but with oh so poorly hidden emptiness underneath, he thinks back to his father, to the years he spent as an empty shell, filling himself in with what he thought would finally give him that seal of Harrington approval. He comes home to Eddie, mentioning how it feels like looking in a mirror, and Eddie hugs him and says "if you could change, so can he, Stevie. If anyone can show him how to change, it's you." And so he does, it takes him weeks, months to break through that shallow facade, but slowly the boy opens up to him, talks about his dad and stepmother and Steve can finally see a reason for his own fucked up family life, because he actually can relate to this kid and he can help him. When his new report card comes in, grades much better now and the kid - no, young man - talks to him excitedly about a major he's considering, Steve comes home with a bottle of wine and kisses Eddie in the doorway because he can't keep his happiness in, he finally has a purpose.
When Eddie visits one of his students near the trailer park, he can't help but stare at the spot where his and Wayne's trailer used to be, Chrissy's final moments replaying in his head with terrifying clarity. But Robin is there too, coming with Eddie to offer the kid a spot in the school band because he has been gushing about her abilities for months, and she hugs his waist and mutters "I know, I know." She tells him how she knew Chrissy, how she was so kind even to the weirdos, freaks and misfits. After they are done with the visit, Robin directs him to a flower shop and they get a bouquet of flowers, visit Chrissy's grave and give their thanks, Eddie admitting to the cold stone with her name that he loved her vibrancy, her smile, he loved her and wished to know her better. Robin says very little, but she knows and more importantly, she understands.
Gradually, it just falls into place. There are dates that remind them of the worst times and they visit the graves together, bringing flowers and reminiscing, only instead of saying "sorry", they say "thank you". Nancy thanks Barb for reminding her who she really was until the very end. Max and El thank Billy for his sacrifice in Starcourt, ensuring they all would live to see another day, eventually leading to Vecna's downfall. Eddie and Robbin thank Chrissy for showing them that not all popular kids were bad, for accepting them. Will thanks Bob for being the father figure he so desperately needed, no matter how briefly. There are pictures of their lost ones in their homes, not hidden like guilty secrets, but proudly on display, these people shaped us, they made us into who we are now.
There will always be ghosts in Hawkins, but as they all find out together, the solution isn't always to run away from them. Instead, they would live with them, coexist and accept them. And eventually, after decades of rebuilding their community and transforming it into something their ghosts would have loved, they will reunite with them.
Hawkins wouldn't let them go. And collectively, they would decide that it's not a bad thing.
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