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My OC getting an update. Behold "Darkness Saiyan" :3 from the game I am playing: Final Fantasy XIV
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renegaderevan a month ago
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dariadraws 8 months ago
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But then, apropos of nothing, Leorio asked, 鈥淒鈥檡ou want to dance?鈥
Part of Kurapika descended into wordless screeching. Fortunately, the part that replied was not the one that melting down. 鈥淢y idea of dancing, or yours?鈥
鈥淲ell, I was thinking mine,鈥 Leorio huffed out, faux-annoyed. 鈥淏ut either works.鈥
Kurapika looked up at Leorio, at the way the sunset turned his skin to burnished gold and caught on the green and caramel in his eyes. He thought, this is a mistake. He thought, this is only going to make your decision harder.
He held out his hand. 鈥淪ure. We鈥檒l try it your way.鈥
ok well i definitely thought this would take me much longer to finish and now i feel extra silly for not waiting to post the previous kurapika pic but i guess i just have to live with that. anyways once again this is from @thefledglingdm鈥榮 glorious fic Light Of My Life, Pain In My Ass, which i read like a couple of months ago at this point and still it haunts me. it鈥檚 just so good.
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minqueee 9 months ago
Tumblr media
was listening to a webinar thing for class abt ph culture so here鈥檚 them,,,聽
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angel-archivist a year ago
plugging my instagram again because likke 75% of my audience decided to flake after i stopped posting TSS content: @clown_scientist聽
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gophergal a year ago
Ugh, I've been thinking about this for a while, but only just know figured out how to word it (because my brain has been mega foggy lately)
So, I've more or less lost a lot of my interest in the slasher fandom. Not for any particular reason, I just feel a bit stagnant, like I need to take a break from all that thirst. I still love everyone here and love horror movies, but I probably won't post slasher stuff very much (not that I've been posting much anyway)
Also, semi-related, I know I've not been talking to folks much, but that's not because I'm upset, I'm just having trouble forming sentences and holding conversations lately.
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bolontiku 14 days ago
"Chasing Pumpkin"
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Characters: Syverson x Reader
Posted: Sept 17th
A/N: this was a work drabble but... anywhooo, I put reader there but the more I worked on this the more OC she got, so I nicknamed her Pumpkin.
There will be at least one update (when idk) but I couldn't get this out of my head for the last week and am now shoving it into yalls faces. Idk where this came from I'm sorry.
Hope you enjoy!
WARNINGS: unprotected sex, smut (it happens), no under 18 please, there is fluff, surprisingly no angst.. hints at a bad past relationship.
Like, Comments, & Reblogs are always appreciated and loved.
"We have a problem."
The small crowd of men turned to the best man, well second chosen, first having been Syverson himself but he had politely declined knowing the groom's brother had been expecting to get the part.
They waited for the kid to speak, Syv motioning for him to continue, rolling the sleeves of his shirt up; he was ready to finish the night.
"There are wedding crashers."
"What?" The men groaned, discussing over each other until he cleared his throat. "Let's not make a scene, Heather would be disappointed and it's her day, which is almost over, the worst they can do is show up in a few pictures and steal some of the free booze and we all know Davidson's dad is footing the bill for that so-" he shrugged broad shoulders and met the gazes of the five men around him. "Damage control, just make sure nothing goes awry."
The men nodded, maybe that was asking for a bit much from this crowd. They had all served together and he knew they were a bit too close to ask they not get in trouble much less keep complete strangers from causing trouble, they were also a little past drunk, fuck he had had his fair share, leading him to shed his jacket somewhere along the night, but most of the men had after the main ceremony.
The wedding was in the mountains, the venue was huge and it being a vacation spot meant they were not the only ones on the grounds but the hotel had been primarily booked by the family and guests of both bride and groom. There had been a few rooms left though. Everything had been rented and decked out, he himself had managed to get one of the cabins skirting the lake, more comfort and privacy. There were only two days left for the guests to unwind once Heather and Gregory left for their honeymoon tonight.
Civi life was nice, he thought. He was still looking for a place to call home, his dad kept his room available and had gotten him a temporary place at his job. It worked but Syverson still felt as if something was missing鈥
The fact that he and some of his men stayed in touch was nice too. And then there had been the phone call and invite by Gregory Davidson. Heather was a sweet thing, Syv had nearly carried her off himself. Inviting smile, light chestnut hair, she could not keep her eyes off the idiot that he had saved too many times out in that godforsaken land.
It was good.
The 'crashers' were easy enough to spot, aside from the bride's family, anyone not in the military was easy to spot. Gregory's family had all served. Syverson figured they were vacationing in the same area and probably came upon the end of the party, a small group of four girls that ended up in the mix of dancers, they almost passed for the occasion. Syverson smirked, he had met plenty of girls like them while on leave, harmless really. Yet he spotted one off to the side of the dance floor, watching, and he found himself watching her in turn. Eyes drifting down her full figure and pausing on her ample hips, he let out a low sigh bordering on a growl, what fun he could have with a woman like that.
It had been awhile.
Since you had egged them on, really it had been months of being a responsible adult, buckling down and working. After everything that had happened with your ex you started all over again, moving out of your apartment into a small house and beginning all over again. You had basically disappeared from your friend group and found excuses that were barely passing plausible to not go out.
The fact that you had managed to wrangle time off from work was a fucking miracle, you had told them it wouldn't be possible, to not expect you. They in turn said you no longer loved them. You knew they were bluffing, alligator tears, saying they would never forgive you鈥 you had threatened to quit if your manager didn't give you the time off.
And that is how you found yourself deep in the mountains by a pretty lake. It was your friends' hesitancy though that made you tug them towards the dance music. You couldn't remember the last time you had danced, the girls took after you, quickly joining in on the dance floor. Yet, once they joined, you took a step out, easily falling into the crowd outside and watching them. You guessed it was a wedding once you had taken time to breathe and were grateful no one had spotted you, the men quickly took up with the girls and you kept an eye on them to make sure they didn't get into trouble.
Syverson smiled, arms crossed over his impressive chest; he watched as you leaned forward, eyes bright as the bride leaned into her new husband, he was positive you were a complete stranger yet you looked absolutely overjoyed for his friends, he supposed weddings did that to a person. He didn't know where you came from but he found you absolutely adorable. Making his way to stand beside you he was surprised that you didn't automatically turn to him, he stepped a bit closer, pumpkin. You smelled like pumpkins and vanilla, an odd mixture, but not in a bad way, you smelled good enough to eat.
"Not your scene?"
You nearly leapt out of your skin at the low sultry southern voice next to you. Glancing over you found a broad chest at your eye level and craned your head back to meet the most vibrant blue eyes you had ever had the privilege of meeting. This one was trouble. Your heart skipped and you swung your gaze back to your friends, biting your bottom lip, you had been found out. Of course you had, the girls were dressed well enough to pass, you had gone for comfy jeans and a top that was barely dressy, if you squinted.
"I had a dance," you answered with a shrug of your shoulder.
Syverson hummed, a little curious at your reaction, he liked the southern in your voice but it seemed out of place, not Texan. Maybe you knew he knew you didn't belong? "Friends of the bride or groom?"
You sucked at lying. "I used to date the groom's brother鈥?"
Syverson nearly lost his composure, coughing to cover his half escaped laugh. Joshua was nearly married to his partner Liam. "Ahh."
You nodded pleased with your lie, glad there was a brother. "Well," you nodded at the couple that were currently waving their goodbyes and escaping the crowd that rushed to see them off. "That is my cue to get on to bed," you would have to text the girls and remind them to check in with you to assure they got back to their rooms safely.
Large hands caught at you and your eyebrows rose as you stared up at the man, Jesus, he was absolute sin on legs鈥 long thick legs, with a thick solid massive body to go with it. Though to be fair most of the men in attendance were fit enough to tackle a bear in these woods and survive to tell the tale. Dark hair that curled, seemingly just growing out, a carefully trimmed and maintained beard, the way he carried himself screamed military. Yet it was his flash of teeth that caught your attention, a mischievous smile, you swallowed as you caught sight of sharp canines. Your will to leave wavered. If you stayed it would be so much trouble.
"You can't leave? It's early yet and I haven't had a dance."
You frowned at him, "there is no way you ain't gotta date."
Syverson smirked down at you, "you confident about that pumpkin?" Oh, the way you looked away, your bottom lip disappearing between your teeth, he was enjoying himself knowing that you wanted nothing but to escape. He gave you no choice, wrapping a large hand around your waist and leading you on the dance floor.
He knew the men were watching, there had been a few offers and he had obliged but had yet to approach anyone. They had teased him and it had ended with a small warning growl from him, the guys laughing, but he couldn't let you escape. Not before he got a taste.
The dance floor had become crowded yet again now that the bride and groom were off, so he tugged you in close as the music continued, fast paced and loud. He was slightly surprised at how quick you were to keep up, following his lead and laughing when he intentionally tugged you closer. Your hands were small in his, you had to stretch on your toes when he pulled them over his shoulders and he still dipped low, easily leading you through the dances.
His smile was brilliant, cologne a little intoxicating, he smelled like woods and whiskey. You could barely keep his intense gaze, it helped that he was a bit taller, fine- much taller. And you took advantage when the movement changed and slid your hands down his broad muscular back, dropping them to his waist before he dragged you in front of him, one thick thigh pressing between yours as he swayed his hips against yours and you felt your face heat as he grinned at you.
It was a good while before the tempo slowed and you nearly escaped him, hurrying from the floor towards the open bar.
Hecaught you glancing around and frowned, "lose somebody?"
You shook your head, "I mean, my friends that came, but I don't have a date."
He leaned against the bar, "is that so?"
The way he dropped his head to the side, bright eyes softening as he looked at you made you feel things you weren't ready to feel. The bartender slid your order towards you and you smiled into your drink as he served your new friend a whiskey. "Syverson, though most call me Syv."
You blinked, a little surprised you hadn't even asked yet and introduced yourself in return. "I should be getting back-"
"Let me walk you then," he offered, straightening and tucking your arm in the crook of his giving you no chance to deny him. Although being beside him made you feel tiny, it was a feeling you rarely got to relish in and you took it, feeling a bit greedy.
You let him lead you from the crowded area, a few of his friends shouting at him as he waved them off. You found yourself talking as you walked, a nervous habit, the cabins had been taken for the day so your group had to find rooms in the hotel, but in the morning you would be headed out for them. You and your friends lived two hours away and just needed the time to get away, this had been perfect.
"Then you're here for the weekend with them?" You kept silent knowing your answer would oust you, "nothing to be worried about you and your friends are safe."
"What gave me away?"
"Joshua is dating Liam three years now," he answered honestly without pause, looking up at the night sky. Not like home, but damn near close enough. He liked your voice, the calm you seemed to radiate seeped into him.
You couldn't help but laugh at his answer, eyes closing as you held onto him to keep from tripping over your own feet. You snorted and laughed a little harder.
Syverson stopped and couldn't help but laugh along with you, your laughter contagious.
"I- it's jus-" you shook your head and wiped at the tears that escaped. "Of COURSE!" You paused when he reached up and swiped his thumb over your cheek, hand cupping your jaw. You reached up and caught his wrist, your gaze held by his mesmerizing one, you scrambled for a change in conversation. "You haven't told me anything, what do you do? You're no longer in the military huh?"
He tilted his head and pursed his lips, you had a habit of doing that, steering the conversation away as if you were trying to keep him at arm's length, it made him want. He wanted to listen to you go on about your friends and your work, listen to the way you sighed softly while holding onto his forearm. Watch the way your eyes crinkled at the edges as if you laughed all the time, but it seemed that it had been awhile since you'd had the opportunity to do just that. He wanted to give you that, he wanted to give you more than that. "Be honest, you the leader of your little girl group?"
"I take offense to that sir! We are women!"
Syverson watched as you pulled away and placed your hands on your thick hips right before pointing at him, he liked your hips, he liked dancing and having your hips sway and grind against his. Actually he liked all your thick curves, especially when they were pressed up against him, all that softness begging to be kissed and nipped at. He wondered if he could coax you back there? Get you to do that a little more. "You didn't answer鈥"
The way his voice dropped, admonishing you, he must have figured you out. You smiled at him taking a step back as he stepped towards you, the wooden planks beneath your feet shifting as the two of you moved, "where have you brought me? I thought you were walking me back to the hotel? Are you a serial killer?" You asked, narrowing your eyes at him accusingly.
"Just now wondering about that?" He watched your eyes flicker around, though you tucked your arms behind you, "no, I am not a serial killer." He had just wanted to listen to you talk some more.
"A serial killer would deny it."
"Any experienced killer would know to not let anyone see us leave together. And didn't you text with your friends not a second ago?"
You huffed and turned away from him, the lake spread out in front of you, the narrow boardwalk opening up to a small dock and noticing the two of you were truly alone you decided to change tactics. He was someone you could end up liking and that made him dangerous. You toed your shoes off, "let's have some fun," it would be fun and you could keep from answering anymore questions.
You were steering the conversation to what made you feel safe, he had figured that much out. You talked about things and people in your life but not yourself. It both drew him in and irritated him and he had known you for less than two hours. "Something fun?" He asked, raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms over his chest.
You nodded, smirking at him. "Yes, it's my vacation and I am allowed to do something fun, maybe a little bad."
"Is it a vacation if you live here?"
You huffed, hands going to your jeans, you watched those bright eyes widen before he looked around. "I might live in the state but I work hard and hardly play, it's time I think."
"By skinny dipping?" He could hardly speak when your jeans dropped to the wooden planks underfoot, pretty dark red lace panties making his mouth go dry and he took a step toward you, fingers itching to touch.
"Skinny dippin'?" You shot the word back at him, the spot was secluded enough, you reached down and pulled the bottom of your shirt up and over your head, skin pimpling at the cool breeze and not the way those bright eyes darkened, "that what they call it? Back home it was called chunky dunkin'," you stopped, standing before him in your skimpy underclothes, watching the way those bright eyes darkened and dilated, he had turned into a predator spotting his prey.
This you could work with, this was more natural than any other feeling in the world. Pure physical reaction, you didn't need him looking at you softly, but this way? Hunger in his eyes as they scanned down your body before jerking back up? This was comfortable and empowering all wrapped up together and this was addicting.
His heart skipped as you reached back, tongue peaking out quickly as your bra came off next, it took him all of five seconds to get undressed, by the time he managed to nearly strangle himself with his damned dress shirt you were in the water, panties laying next to your discarded clothes. "Holy fuck," he breathed out, you were a dangerous woman, before stepping off the dock into the dark water.
You cried out as his larger body crashed into yours, warmth chasing away the cold of the lake as you wrapped yourself around him; thick corded muscles under your fingertips as he tugged you into him, lips searching for yours. You let him, your own answering his demands, giving in with a small bite.
He growled, dragging your bottom lip between his teeth before swiping his tongue over it, licking in and swallowing the soft gasp that left you. You were so damned soft, with a quiet wildness that he had peeked as he had slowly begun to know you, dragging a few secrets out of you. There was no way in hell he was going to let you get away.
You squeaked as he gripped your ass in one large hand, laughter spilling out of you as he kissed just under your chin. "Gettin' a little frisky aren't we soldier?"
"No longer in the service remember? And I will take what you are willing to give, no more than allowed ma'am, just say the word and I'll behave."
"Behave? Now where's the fun in behavin'?" You asked as you pulled back, staying in his hold, just enough to meet his mesmerizing gaze.
He leaned in, giving you ample time to pull away, you hesitated, fingers curling on his shoulders. There was something there, the way you held yourself in his arms, a hesitancy, he recognized it. There was pain and distrust you hid behind a practiced smile, the way you kept things lighthearted, "ah, pumpkin, you can trust yourself with me鈥"
The sincerity cut through, making your throat tighten, you wanted to believe him, there was something in him that broke through your carefully constructed walls. "It's deeper than I thought-" you whispered against his lips, allowing a little vulnerability to show through. It wasn't a lie, swimming wasn't your strong suit and you had come out further than you had anticipated, but that wasn't really what you meant.
It was the most honest you had been with him and he wanted nothing more than to protect you, from whatever or whomever had hurt you before. He wanted you to know that with him you wouldn't need to be afraid. "Just hold on to me."
You whimpered as he crashed his lips against yours, hands slipping up into the curls at the nape of his neck, curls that were just growing back. You let him drag you closer, kissing him as fiercely as he did you. Dropping your hips, pressing closer to him and smiling against his lips as he grunted softly, feeling him press up along you.
"Fuck sweetheart-"
"Kinda hoping for that," you dropped your head to his shoulder as he laughed, rich thick laughter, which carried across the water.
"Then hold on good." It was his idea of a warning.
You couldn't help the moan that escaped you as he pressed into you without hesitation, large hands on your hips guiding you, urging you to take what you wanted as he pressed hungry kisses to your shoulder and neck, teeth marking your skin, you were tight around his cock, skin warm against his own, your chest pressed against his, nails dragging into his back as you drove your hips into his, taking him deeper.
He cursed as he watched your eyes flutter shut, attempting to stifle any noise by biting your bottom lip, brows drawing together in concentration. You were quite simply intoxicating, he was drunk on every little breath and whimper that escaped you, the feel of you as he pressed in and dragged out achingly slow and addicting. Better than any whiskey he had ever imbibed, you laughed softly, it turned into a delicious moan that he swallowed as he quickened the pace before reaching down between the two of you.
The moment his thumb swiped over your sensitive nub your grip tightened, legs tensing up as fire lit through your veins, you muffled your cry by biting down on his shoulder.
It drove him over the edge, your stifled cry, the way you tightened around him even more, body coiling and tensing as he drove in, seating himself completely with every thrust into you until he came, buried deep inside you.
He got you back to the dock, a little miffed as he pulled out and kept his eyes on you as the both of you dragged on your clothes. It took little to persuade you to come back to his cabin, closer than the hotel, where he was quick to tug your clothes back off.
There was his intense gaze as he pressed you gently into the warm bed, eyes locked on yours as he knelt between your legs and dragged his tongue through your folds slow and torturous. You dropped your head back, hands curling in the bedding as he continued, his beard burning into the skin of your thighs, a surprised cry escaping you as he drove two thick fingers into you, your hips twisting and jerking up, seeking more.
Fuck he was damned hard as you writhed under him, chest rising and falling as he took his time, dragging deliscious moans out of you. Your hips bucked up and Syverson planted one large hand on your tummy to hold you in place until you let go and came undone, body going limp. It wasn't until then that he crawled over you and pressed his thick cock into you slowly, filling you inch by impossible inch.
He watched as your eyes darkened, pressed kisses to your lips as you whimpered and pulled your arms around his neck as he finally seated himself completely in you.
"Syverson! Ahhnnngh!" You met his gaze, eyes unfocused as he pulled out and slowly drove in one hand dragging your leg around his waist as he groaned softly above you. You lifted your hips to meet his, his cock stretching you impossible wide, his thighs pressing up into the back of yours and forcing your legs open wide, tongue seeking yours as he planted himself so deep you were a little afraid you wouldn't be able to escape him.
He wanted you, more than just tonight, he wanted your little gasps, your moans, the way you smiled so softly. He wanted to wake up to the smell of pumpkin and vanilla, listen to you laugh and learn everything there was to know about you; so he drove in a little rougher, kissed a little harder, he wanted to imprint himself in your heart so that if you disappeared there would be no other, but he had another few days with you. He had been planning on leaving after tonight, but then you had come along.
"Syverson?" You gasped, tightening your legs around his waist and he knew with one look you were close again.
"Atta girl, that's right, need you to come all over my cock sweetheart." And you did, his low groan fueling the fire within you, your walls clenching down on him. It took him a few more thrusts, before he came, pulling out reluctantly and only when he was soft before dropping to the bed beside you.
He pulled you in close, you wrapped around him dropping your head to his shoulder, "glad you decided to crash the wedding鈥" he hummed, eyes closing with the weight of exhaustion.
You laughed softly, "me too," you answered, watching as he drifted off to sleep. You laid there enjoying the delicious burn between your legs, you would be sore for a couple days, and you hadn't planned this. It had been so long you had gotten carried away and it would be a good memory.
The bed barely shifted when you moved, yet a big beefy arm wrapped around you and Syverson dragged you back against him, beard scratching your sensitive skin, voice low and gravely, "mmmnn, stay, don't go, stay here pumpkin."
You tensed, heat hammering against your ribcage. Pumpkin. He had called you that a few times already.
"It'll be okay, I promise鈥"
He was dangerous. You had known it. The way he watched you, his smile, how he kept you close, it was all dangerous and you had kept yourself safe for so long. You took a moment, leaning back into him, savoring the warmth radiating from him, reaching back and running your fingers through his beard.
But you had to keep protecting yourself, slipping out from under him proved a little tricky but you managed, whispering that you had to use the restroom, you studied him as you dressed quietly memorizing his face, and then you slipped out the door.
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yanderemommabean a month ago
What would some of your ocs post on the yandere website?
The Dark Web guy would post mainly tutorials with his darling in place for demonstrations. How to knot tie, how to subdue without bruising, how to use "coercion" AKA how to threaten without seeming threatening. "Take their knees out from behind, kick them hard enough to make them fall but not hard enough to break anything! You want them subdued, not hurt or needing medical attention! Once they're on the ground, gag them fast. They don't know who you are, so they'll scream, and make a scene, and we understand that! But we can't have that, so gagging is the best way to keep people from interfering! "
Jasper would post under a fake name, but have a few thousand followers who love his antics and how he gets rid of people who try to take away his darling. "Electrocuting someone while holding them underwater is dangerous, be sure you're protected. Beating a skull in is more squishy than you'd expect, so if touching that weirds you out, you're better off using a bat than curb stomping".
Lee lurks more than anything, but he does on occasion post medical advice so unnecessary hospital visits don't happen. Such as how to stitch a darlings wound yourself, how to counteract a poison, and so on. "The cut isn't too deep, a stitch or two isn't needed but if it'll soothe your nerves here's a way to make a few sturdy and fast"
Dexter would leave reviews on certain methods he likes and absolutely hates. "Starving to get your lover to comply? That's too cruel in my book! I know the rule book says no more than four days with no food otherwise the facility comes and attacks, but I say they should rid the rule entirely!"
Irris, being a computer element himself (as well as his other half) would post tips on ways to hack, what cameras to use, and how to hide them, how to stalk pages efficiently, and even how to pretend to be another person entirely. "Don't use random photos of actual people! Use thispersondoesnotexist.com and take from that, and make sure you don't use anything that could trace back to you! Not even common phrases you say daily! You don't want them to have the slightest hint of who you are!"
The level five prisoner would have a few posts, but no one is sure how he has permission to get ahold of technology to be online. Some suspect the Dark Web guy has ties and helps him out, but no one knows for sure. He mostly talks about how he wants to treat his beloved once he gets out, and he's making a case for the facility to help him escape his sentence, but it's still pending.
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sugasnote 5 months ago
falling for you (myg)
Tumblr media
pairing: idol!yoongi x flawed!reader (? she is just not-so perfect but my girl wants you to know she's trying) oc is also younger
genre: YEARNING, just craving each other too much it physically hurts, strangers to lovers (?) and again strangers and just... again yearning bc i love lovesick mushy emotions. i do talk about mental health but it is vague and up for interpretation.
teaser word count: about 800+
a/n: love and feedbacks are always encouraged from everyone :] hopefully this makes sense cause...
鈥渋've seen a lot of beautiful things with a heavy heart.鈥 鈥 albert camus
Tumblr media
you are fatigued by afternoon. just from the heat waves from the scorching sun tired you out for the day even when you woke late. the summer in la was not to be joked about, the heat melts your skin and you can feel the warm sensation of burning of your skin. you may be exaggerating a little bit but you had enough of the heat. finding a shade in the nearby aesthetic cafe, decorated in victorian style, making it a perfect instagram-worthy cafe.
you entered the cafe with a ding of the doorbell, just wanted a cool sensation to your burning skin literally. you chose a orange drink to refresh your internal organs, instantly cooling your body as well as your mind. you took a chair, near to the air cooler by the corner of the cafe, not even bothering to ask if the seat was taken.
once you were cooled down for your satisfaction, you turned around to see a stranger staring at you, head leaning against his palm. a beanie covering his head, black face mask covering half of his face, fierce eyes looking at you. you were little shaken by the sight, but his presence gives off calmness to you. you cleared your throat, forming apologies on your tongue, ready to slip them when he still stare at you, still and motionless.
"sorry, i took your seat unannounced. i was in a hurry for some cold and almost passed out from heat. sorry to bother you." you started off, internally cringing at the way your rambling.
he stares at you for quite longer time, his eyes getting familiar to you. maybe the heat was getting into your head like ever, unable to remember the eyes of famous boyband rapper and producer, min yoongi. you knew they were in town when they had a two-day concert event and you were definitely a fan of bts. their music and story resonating with you, deeply imprinted on your heart. you felt loved and cared whenever you listened to their music, warmed your heart with their words and moved your heart with their talent and ambitions.
you took a sharp breath when you recognised the celebrity infront of you, hitting yourself in the head for being rude and reckless in front of him. he seems to notice your widened eyes and quick change in your behaviour. he swallowed thick air, muttering a quick it's okay, you're good and waving you off. he was looking outside now, you felt flustered and nervous around him. you have never imagined to meet him in a cafe, you didn't even dream meeting him at all. your brain fogged awareness throwing you off lightly, looking down to your hand. you decided to leave him alone, thinking he was here alone before you came.
"sorry, again. i will leave now to give you space." you mumbled a quick apology and glanced at him, taking in your bag that you dropped on the nearby chair.
"if you want to stay awhile, you can. i don't mind honestly. " he said while tentatively looking at you.
"okay" you quickly agreed because you were extremely fatigued and you would not want to pass out on the roadside if you leave now.
Tumblr media
you were currently waiting for yoongi in a restaurant, taking in slow breaths to calm your nerves. even after spending much time together with him, he still left you breathless. you were told to dress elegantly for the occasion, you thought what would the occasion would be that requited to dress classy.
you still don't know what you are to him, neither of you have spoken about the elephant in the room. even after sharing stolen kisses, playful glances, you know both of you are fooling around. just until the vacation ends and you leave to your home country and him to his, you still wished it coukd have been much better than this. you know you are playing a dangerous game with him. min yoongi was an addictive man, you fear you would fall into his addictive lips.
"sorry, have you been waiting long?" your train of thoughts were interrupted when you hear his deep voice. he questioned you while taking a seat across yours. his hands immediately placed over yours, gently squeezing your soft hands. you shake your head, letting out a small smile in reply. he was dressed handsome for the lack of better word. he was fully clothed black, satin shirt a little too tight for his prominent muslces, unbottoned two buttons, making you flustered with just his loving gaze.
you are addicted to this man, he will be the death of you.
"i wanted to tell you something. i had thought about it a lot." he started the unspoken arrangement which you both agreed even uttering a single word about him. he was nervous, eyes flickering all over your face. unable to fixate into your eyes, hands playing with your fingers, removing and twisting the rings on your fingers.
you squeezed his hand slightly, to give him some comfort but in reality, you are as just terrified as him. you did not know what you are doing here, you did not know what you were thinking when he begged you to come back to his hotel suite, you did not know what you were thinking when he had you putty just by his skilled tongue on your nether regions. you gulped before your mind travelled fo a topic you've avoided thinking about.
"you're leaving soon and i don't want to lose you. i don't know what we have here, but i know i just don't want to lose you." he rambles to you.
you are imperfect. you did not know if you were capable of being a girlfriend heck your longest relationship lasted for three weeks before you broke it off for unknown reasons. maybe you are just scared of falling in love, you never had a perfect example of what love was like when growing up. but right now, the thought of falling in love with yoongi terrified you.
"you know, i've told you before, i don't do relationships. it's just not my thing and i don't want to break your heart," you sighed out, eyes lowered to your hands, gently held by his.
"how would you know if you haven't tried? you can't just keep running away from it."
"i don't want to deal with all those things like, keeping up with your partner, constantly being around your partner.. all those exhaust me." you cried, you really wanted to get out of this situation. it's harder to focus when he looks extremely buff in that shirt, maybe that was also his plan. to make you weak, and just give into his plan.
"shit, y/n. fuck it's just-" he stammered, frustrated because he is unable to convince you to be his just before you leave the country. he wants to know how it is to be with you, even if he knows it will only make him harder to get over her. his desperate need to be constantly touching your soft skin, need to kiss your plump lips was taking over his rationale thinking.
"only for three days before you leave. that's all i'm asking. just for three days, please pretend to be my girlfriend. i just want to know how it feels to be loved by you, " he pleaded into your eyes, shaky breaths shared.
you know you are gone when you agreed to be his girlfriend, just for three days.
Tumblr media
a/n: i will try harder for the banner next time omg. the weather is lovely here with thunder and rain, hope you have a good day/night if you're reading this :)
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smilingformoney 9 days ago
MAJOR trigger warnings below for rape/sexual abuse.
My response to @idioticconsultingdetective鈥檚 post.
When I was 15, I was raped. It has, naturally, left me with a lot of trauma. I still get intrusive memories sometimes, when my brain pushes traumatic moments to the forefront of my thoughts for no apparent reason.
It doesn鈥檛 happen much. Once or twice a year maybe. And yes, it has been happening today.
Every victim of trauma has their own coping mechanism. Earlier this year I found a fic on ao3 that I found actually helped. It was gross, disgusting (NOT romanticising anything as @potionsev has suggested) and I couldn鈥檛 tear my eyes away. Somehow - I鈥檓 sure a psychologist could tell me why - it helped me to compartmentalise my intrusive memories. I鈥檓 now more able to make myself believe the memories are just scenes from a story. Now, on the odd occasion it happens, I can go to that fic and convince myself I鈥檓 just reading a story.
I have never actively promoted that fic to anyone. The only reason it was discovered, someone looked at my ao3 bookmarks and found it. I should have made it a private bookmark, but to be quite honest I didn鈥檛 even consider something like this would happen.
When Twitter user ols7en asked me why, what was I to say? Was I to tell a 15 year old stranger, in 140 characters or less, that I was raped and the fic helped me process my trauma? Perhaps I should have not responded at all. I made a mistake in trying to brush it off as if it was nothing. I hoped they would move on, but perhaps I put too much stock in my irrelevance.
But at the end of the day, none of what I just said should matter. It shouldn鈥檛 matter why I read something. Policing what people read in fiction is policing thoughts, and as we hopefully all know, that鈥檚 a very, very slippery slope.
I don鈥檛 owe anyone this explanation. I鈥檓 giving it anyway because I know communicating my feelings helps me calm down from the near on 12-hour anxiety attack I鈥檝e been having today.
Now, why did I delete my twitter account? Well, I鈥檝e been close to it for a while now and this triggered my final decision. I鈥檝e tried hard, for months, to fit in with the twitter fandom. It鈥檚 never worked. I鈥檓 not sure why - is it the generational gap? Is it the character limit restricting nuance? I鈥檓 not really sure. I鈥檓 the same person here and there, and here I seem to be vaguely popular. So there鈥檚 got to be something different between the two platforms restricting me from bridging the gap.
Pandora pointed out two things.
1. Sexualising Snape and Alan Rickman. We all do it here (mostly). Not so much on twitter - why? Again, who knows. Maybe in hindsight I should have restricted minors from following me.
2. 鈥楢ttacking鈥 other users for developing minor characters. Not at all what happened, again perhaps this is due to the character limit restricting nuance. I tweeted in response to someone else that I found it confusing to log on and see people talking about characters I鈥檝e never heard of. It certainly wasn鈥檛 an attack. Some people took issue with my describing them as 鈥榦riginal鈥 - as if this is something I, with my 200k-word OC fanfic, would ever use in a derogatory sense.
What has really saddened me is the way Pandora has made this a personal goal to鈥 whatever her goal is here. It鈥檚 sad because I liked her. I thought we were getting on. Then to be told I was never liked - that hurt. Why follow someone and interact positively while harbouring resentment? Why not simply not follow, not interact? I feel silly being personally hurt by a stranger on the internet, but I鈥檇 be lying if I said I wasn鈥檛.
Finally, to end on a positive note, I want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has been kind to me today. I have told my side of the story to friends and they鈥檝e comforted me, but more than that, people I don鈥檛 interact with have come to my defence. People who don鈥檛 follow me, who don鈥檛 know me or my side of the story. They鈥檝e seen Pandora鈥檚 post and defended me. That, to me, is the true nature of the Snape fandom. 馃挌馃悕
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bogkeep 3 months ago
i feel like i've had the "kids can handle dark topics in stories" conversation on three separate occasions in the past month, what's up with that??? my impression of children's/young teen literature is that it's always been SURPRISINGLY DARK and that it FUCKING SLAPS.
like yeah, my trump card is that i can answer almost every "but what about [HEAVY TOPIC]" with "Animorphs did that actually," which makes animorphs sound super edgy, but the thing is... it didn't feel edgy? it felt like a substantial adventure with drama, tension, goofs, stakes, and a vibrant cast of characters. it was one of the first book series i ever read, so there was nothing that tipped me off that This Series Is So Dark And Gruesome - and i think it's because it wasn't, comparatively. one of my other early reads was Deltora Quest, and like, what school library didn't have Goosebumps? i never got my hands on warrior cats, but like, that series is just one installation in a WHOLE GENRE - the silverwing trilogy, wings of fire, guardians of ga'hoole... groups of animals dealing with war and exile and battle and grief and ridiculously tragic backstories and whatever was going on in these series, ripe for self-insert characters and scenarios for play pretend during lunch break. even the HTTYD books, which are completely different from the movies - they look childish, especially with the illustrated charcoal drawings - hiccup gets captured as a slave at some point, and there's a dragon rebellion that seeks to eradicate all of humanity. it has a lot of goofy moments and some incredibly over-the-top villains, but it doesn't flinch from how gruesome it gets, either.
i think kids genuinely love this stuff!!! not all kids, sure, but i definitely did!!! like!!! have you SEEN the edgy OCs kids and teens will make? the finely crafted horrific backstories? you know how small kids have traditionally played with barbies, right, with beheadings and torture and shakespearean plots? how a lot of kids and teens sought out creepypastas???
i absolutely think it's much easier for BOOKS to go into dark topics than visual media, and i think that's why a lot of people don't realize how much is happening below the surface. we live in a post gravity falls world now, so cartoons for teens are finally allowed to be a little more twisted and "wow i can't believe they went there," but ALSO... from what i can remember from being a Child, the most scarring and horrifying moments in stories for kids were not the existential concept of "oh no you're ten years old and bad guys want to kill you!" but stuff like, the groke from the moomins cartoon, old puppet shows, moments that were viscerally horrifying without being gory in any way...
maybe you don't understand all the Complexities of Heavy Topics when you're nine. but some things will stick with you, and as you grow older and gain more context and knowledge about the world around you, i think those moments can become very valuable. i haven't read animorphs for almost two decades and so much of it has stayed with me. maybe i saw princess mononoke a bit earlier than i "should have," but to this day it's still one of my favourite movies of all time, and my understanding of it grows every time i rewatch it. i don't think it's possible for every story to handle every topic perfectly or even well, but it might still be worthwhile to have engaged with it. i mean, that's the Discourse, isn't it, stories tell you stuff and we can't control what other people take from it.
anyway yeah kids crave blood and carnage and we should give it to them sometimes
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bebepac 6 days ago
Six Sentence Sunday 09/25/22
Tumblr media
Me at work like.... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha聽 Still plugging away.聽 聽Trying to finish some stuff.聽 聽Still not finished with anything.聽 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .聽 Covid hit my pharmacy again, we鈥檝e had 4 cases since my county changed to threat level yellow which means optional masks.聽 And of course my tech that tested positive, this week was my weekend tech so I went from being off to having to work the full weekend.聽 I haven鈥檛 gotten much writing done, but I have been randomly sprinkling some love.聽聽
Original Post: 09/25/22 at 10:47PM EST.聽
Tumblr media
Slumber Party? The Book: TRR (no royals) Series: School Dayz Pairings: Liam x Riley Status: Still in the writing process.
A/N:聽 This one is actually surprising me, it鈥檚 turning out to be a longer story than I initially thought it would be.聽聽
Riley put down her tray of food on the table and sat in her seat.
"Riley, what would you call it, if you invited friends over to spend the night and you eat lots of snacks and play games?鈥 聽
鈥淎 Slumber Party?鈥 聽
Taylor raised her eyebrow at Drake, crossing her arms over her chest and speaking in a matter of fact voice. 聽鈥淓xactly what I would call it too. 聽But to add even more fuel to this fire, I bring to you Merriam-Webster online dictionary鈥檚 definition of the term 鈥榮lumber party,鈥 since 1828 I might add.鈥 聽
鈥淭aylor that鈥檚 really not鈥..鈥
Taylor interrupted Drake, speaking over him: 聽鈥淪lumber Party, 聽noun, origin North American , 'an overnight gathering especially of teenage girls usually at one of their homes.' Should I use it in a sentence?鈥
The girls at the table laughed. Including Penelope, and Madeleine, the guys at the table looked irritated, especially Liam.
鈥淏abe!?!鈥 聽Nico called. 聽
Taylor jumped up from the table. 聽鈥淕otta go.鈥 聽 She picked up her tray and ran over to sit with Nico and the popular crowd, including Leo. 聽
鈥淲hy is your sister like a tornado Riley?
Tumblr media
聽It鈥檚 like she falls from the sky with no notice and causes damage, death, and mayhem 聽and two minutes later it's like she evaporated into thin air, leaving a trail of carnage in her wake? Why was she even sitting with us?鈥 聽Drake inquired, exasperated. 聽
Riley giggled.
"I thought you liked her Drake?"
"She likes guys with expensive cars."
鈥淭ornado Taylor. 聽That鈥檚 a good one!!!! 聽Well if it makes you feel any better鈥. Sleepover, noun 鈥榓n occasion of spending the night away from home or having a guest or guests spend the night in one鈥檚 home, especially as a party for children.鈥 聽Sleepovers aren鈥檛 gender specific Drake, and Liam, if that鈥檚 how you want to celebrate your birthday, I think you should. Given the choice again, yes Wheelz was fun to celebrate my birthday, but I would have wanted to do something more my choice.鈥 聽
Liam smiled at Riley. 聽Liam took Riley鈥檚 hand. 聽鈥淭hank you for understanding Riley.鈥 聽
Meanwhile at the popular table Leo was rallying his troops.
"My little brother is turning sixteen, we need to have a big party for him.鈥
鈥淵ou mean a party that happens to fall on the weekend of your brother鈥檚 birthday?鈥 聽
鈥淢aybe a little bit of both, but it needs to be huge.鈥
"How huge is huge?"
"Let鈥檚 just say, we鈥檙e gonna blow the roof off our house huge. But he can't know."
鈥淚 can be of assistance here.鈥 聽Taylor said with a smile. 聽鈥淧arties are where I shine.鈥 聽
鈥淏ut babe, you always wind up in trouble.鈥
鈥淏ut isn鈥檛 a good party worth a little bit of trouble?鈥
鈥淒amnit I like the way you think, Double Vision. Think you can keep this from your sister?鈥 聽
鈥淥f course, she can be totally clueless at times.鈥
Tumblr media
The Best Part The Rotten Apple 馃崕: Chapter 15: The Finale The Book:聽 TRH/TRF Pairings:聽 Eleanor x Nico (Eleanor x M!OC)聽 Liam x Riley Status: Still in the writing process
Nico's mother lightly cleared her throat.
鈥淓leanor, might I have a word with you?鈥 聽
鈥淢other鈥..鈥 聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 alright鈥︹ 聽Elle glanced at his mother鈥檚 face. Her expression gave away nothing. 聽鈥淚 hope.鈥 聽
They stepped out onto the patio together. 聽The last time she had been with Nico鈥檚 mother, it was calming and peaceful, this time, there was uncomfortable silence between them. 聽
鈥淗e told you everything, didn鈥檛 he?鈥
鈥淵es, of course he did. He is my son, and we have always had a very close relationship. 聽In spite of all, he still carried you in his heart all this time, and lovingly took care of the child the two of you conceived together.鈥 聽
鈥淚 know, and for that I feel almost undeserving of that love, and at the same time, truly grateful.鈥
鈥淲oman to Woman, I feel like I need to tell you this. 聽I love my son and my granddaughter dearly. So鈥.do NOT let them down Eleanor. 聽If you don鈥檛 think you can really give them your all, you need to leave now.鈥 聽
"That鈥檚 why I stayed in the hospital, I needed to stay there, because I would have let them down. 聽And I don鈥檛 want to be that person anymore. I am here for them; I love them. They mean everything to me. I hope that in time you will begin to believe that, through my actions, and believe in me. 聽I want to be here with them, and finally I am healthy enough to.鈥
The look 聽on Nico鈥檚 mother鈥檚 face changed as Elle continued speaking.
鈥淭his is the first time in my life I've felt truly wanted by everyone around me. 聽This place was where I was supposed to always be. 聽Nothing feels like it. 聽And I finally feel like I鈥檓 at home with my family.鈥 聽
Tumblr media
The Gift of Life The Rotten Apple 馃崕: (Epilogue?) The Book:聽 TRH/ TRF Pairings: Eleanor x Nico (Eleanor x M!OC)聽 Status: Still in the writing process
A/N:聽 Yeah I know.... #Drama Whore couldn鈥檛 help herself.... you don鈥檛 have to tell me.
Elle was putting away the last of the clothes when she heard a crash sounding like it came from Ana's room.
Nico was outside in their small vegetable garden when he heard Elle scream. 聽 Nico ran in the house towards Elle鈥檚 screams. 聽Elle was on the floor cradling Ana in her arms.
鈥淲hat happened?!?!?!鈥
鈥淪he passed out!!!! 聽She won鈥檛 wake up Nico! What do we do?!?!鈥
"Is she breathing Elle?"
"I DON'T KNOW?!? She won鈥檛 wake up. What if she doesn鈥檛?" Elle was on the verge of hyperventilating because of her fear. 聽
鈥淓lle, you have to breathe. We have to stay calm for Ana right now.鈥 Nico鈥檚 voice was soft, soothing, calming Elle enough so she was able to take a few slow deep breaths as she continued to cradle Ana in her arms. 聽鈥淧lease wake up baby. 聽Open your eyes.鈥 聽
Nico wiped his hands on his pants and quickly kneeled, pulling Ana closer to him, checking her neck for a pulse.
"Should we call for an ambulance?"
"We're not waiting. We're taking her to the hospital now."
Nico picked Ana up.
"Now Elle, we're leaving."
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sleepyeule a month ago
hii! came across your youtube channel recently and now absolutely obsessed with your ocs! have a teeny-tiny question about Lyner (and his parent as well ig)! Sorry for my English in advance,, So, despite having these blue crystals that kinda suppress(??) them or rather help them stay the way they are i suppose, they still can shapeshift into more monster-like forms on regular occasions? Haven't seen Lyner do this before so got surprised by your recent post! owo
Yes, they can morph into anything they want. Lyner just never learned to utilize them
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alioathereal 2 months ago
Tumblr media
It was a trend on twitter one of my mutal artist friends did and I decided to do my favorite ocs in one :D Misae is in lb4 inspired outfit while Ana is in lb5 outfit !!
I decided to use palazzo pants mixed with some Indian patterns for Misae as it fits both her character and also modern Indian clothing for just casual wear or fancy occasions as well!
Ana on the other hand I wanted to do a more goddess esk inspired look as she...she's something to behold haha though still wanted to pertain some confidence to her look !鈾
I also posted it on twitter if you'd like to support me there as well :D https://twitter.com/alioathereal/status/1551362757567602689?t=AXje-Oy73LgLJ-HTPPENSg&s=19
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missilestorm1 5 months ago
Missilestorm's Encanto Fic Rec List
Updated 6/3/2022
Alrighty, I thought I'd join the fray here - This shall no doubt grow as I find more lovely stories. Sorted by pairings - I tend to skew more toward angst and hurt/comfort centered around Bruno and Mirabel platonic feels, but I've been writing so much of it lately that fluff and other stuff has become a necessary part of the reading routine, so there's probably a little something for everyone in here. I'll update this periodically as I find more wonderful fics and will rotate things in and out on occasion.
Bruno/OC (or Reader) (or both if you're ClicheJoe):
Candlelight by ClicheJoe (Mature) | Tumblr: ClicheJoe
Holy crap this is good. The biggest driver here is that Reme, the Reader/OC, is really easy to fall in love with. Reme makes mistakes, falls on her face (literally) a lot, and is hilarious. This fic has me grasping at straws for any little info about the OC's backstory, which with the incredible casting of Encanto already, is such a feat. Seriously, go read this - it's got plot, and humor, and romance, and marshes, and it's fantastic. Go follow @clichejoe on tumblr too and suffer through her veiled plot related reposts with the rest of us.
Heart Attack Love by RosellaC (Explicit) | Tumblr: @rosellacwrites Professor Bruno/Reader AU; Friends, this is very smutty, and it's really well done, and now I've gone and gotten invested in the plot. There's some fantastic imagery in this one. If it's your thing, go read it, shoo.
Seasons Series by o3ak (Explicit) | Tumblr: @o3ak
Once again, more wineglass top tier god level smut, and then feels come in and you kinda want to start crying! If that isn't an endorsement I don't know what is.
your words unspoken by Applesap (Explicit) | Tumblr: @applesap-fics
Bruno comes out, and reactions and explorations ensue. I love the family in this fic - their reactions, support, and conversations are great. I enjoy Bruno wanting to go out and explore. It鈥檚 also got angst and makes me feel feelings - I'm excited to see where it goes!
Bruno & Mirabel Centric Fanfics:
Artificial Shortages by sitting_all_alone (Teen) | Tumblr: @selcaby
This de-Disney鈥檚 Bruno鈥檚 time in the walls, and it鈥檚 just heartbreaking. This is really well written and makes me feel all the feelings. Great angst and really lovely moments.
house of cards by therealgift (Teen)
Mirabel gets trapped in the rubble of Casita, and Bruno is injured and tries to help her out. Oh MAN, does this have some fantastic angst moments already. I鈥檓 clinging to the 鈥渁ngst with a happy ending鈥 tag like a life raft. ;_;
See me; hear me by therealgift (General)
Bruno gets to Mirabel before Alma does, and some really sweet interactions ensue. Excellent one-shot!
I'm Fine (I'm Not) by Breanna (Teen) | Tumblr: @breannaaiedail
A lovely series of one-shot sickfics featuring Bruno and Mirabel! This is rainy day cozy hot chocolate worthy h/c, and it's got some angst to balance out the saccharine.
The Distance Between Us Series by Breanna (General) | Tumblr: @breannaaiedail
This is my multi-week cleanse at the moment. The first in the series one-shots that follows Mirabel and Bruno's relationship pre-gift ceremony, and the second picks up with them after Casita falls. I love how Bruno's degrading mental health is handled too - it's subtle enough to still be fluff galore, but it's there, and it drives you to want to keep reading, see how their relationship develops, and watch him make promises he can't keep (wah).
the future looks like this by bumblezone (General)
A lovely little one shot between Mirabel and Bruno - the characterizations are great. It focuses in on a conversation they have after Casita is rebuilt. I'm a sucker for any fanfic recognizing the parallels between Mirabel and Bruno, and this hits that mark.
Bruno From Before by UsedToBeGuest123 (General) | Tumblr: @usedtobeguest123
This fic centers around the side effects of Bruno's gift, and Mirabel and Bruno's relationship post Casita. I really like how this fic handles a lot of stuff. Bruno characterization is really neat, and Mirabel's struggle with self blame is really well done too.
Not the Intended Reunion by sleepygirl0305 (Teen)
I really enjoyed the flow of this fic. Mirabel leaves with Bruno after Casita falls, and ten years later, Antonio discovers that they have been living in a nearby town all along. I love the way this fic handles Mirabel's mental struggle.
Nos Sigue la Noche by Thornvale (Teen) | Tumblr: @thornvale
This fic is one of the best suspense-building fics I've read in this genre. It will hook you and make you keep reading. Accept that you'll be drowsy at work the next morning. Just - wow. I love the characterization, and the buildup, and just everything. Wonderfully done.
A Lie More Comfortable Than Truth (Teen) by Queen_mab | Tumblr: @themadqueenmab
Wow. This fic is just brilliant. I love Mirabel's characterization in this and the bond her and Bruno have formed. Bruno's chronic worry and protectiveness and the way it's manifested is just A tier in this and I've gone back multiple times to read certain chapters just because of the way the character interactions are written. Really wonderful stuff.
Murder, Magic, & Mugs by aetherspell(aether_december) | Tumblr: @aetherdecember
This is a very fun modern fantasy AU. Bruno suffers, Mirabel is sweet, and Camilo鈥檚 a little shit. The angst in this is great, and I love how characters from different media have been woven into the world. It鈥檚 a really fun compelling read.
Mirabel Centric Fics:
Sympathy Pain by DecemberMe (General) | Tumblr: @hectic-hector
This is a cute little oneshot about periods and Bruno having grown up in a house full of women and what that means for his knowledge of the matter. Very sweet, and the art to go with it is great!
Bruno Centric Fics:
Open Your Eyes (and see that you鈥檙e home) by ImpossibleFangirl0632 (Teen) | @impossiblefangirl0632
Bruno is separated from the family at the river as a child, and proceeds to have a very not fun time. There鈥檚 a very sweet daughter OC in this that I鈥檝e really enjoyed, and the angry Bruno moments are great.
Alma Centric Fics:
Dame tu Manito by DancingMantis (Teen) (Alma & Bruno)
This fic follows Alma and Bruno's relationship in a 5 times, 1 time format. It's ongoing, but the imagery in this fanfiction is just fantastic - the descriptions are phenomenal.
A Third Chance by Starfangs_Secrets (Teen) | @starfangssecrets
Alma is taken back in time and tries not to repeat her mistakes. I鈥檓 still working through this fic, and I really like it! The OCs are great, Alma鈥檚 regret and reactions are heartbreaking, and there鈥檚 some interesting and thought provoking details added to Bruno鈥檚 gift.
Camilo & Bruno Centric Fics:
Mortifying by between (Teen)
Camilo needs more food to function, but hasn't really communicated this well with his family. Angst ensues - I love this fic, and I love the interactions between Camilo and Bruno. Super good read!
The Stars Don't Shine, They Burn by CakeBeDamned (General)
No one actually sits Camilo down and explains what happened when Casita fell, and h/c ensues. I love the takes on Camilo鈥檚 gift and how it鈥檚 tied to his emotion, and I really enjoyed the characterization choices with Bruno!
Missilestorm's Encanto Fanfics
Here are my Encanto Fanfics! :)
Tremors, Bruno Madrigal & Mirabel Madrigal (Teen)
The night Casita returns, Mirabel discovers she has a gift that causes cracks to form and decides that it's best if no one knows about it.
Naensut's Tremors Fanart
Old Habits Die Hard, Bruno Madrigal & Mirabel Madrigal (Mature) | TW Rape and Underage
Mirabel is assaulted by a townsperson shortly after Casita falls; deals with the aftermath of that assault with Bruno as her main support, and how the event curls together with family trauma.
Hectic-Hector's Old Habits Hug Fanart
Hectic-Hector's Old Habits Courtroom Fanart
Kintsugi (Teen), Camilo Madrigal & Bruno Madrigal (General)
After Casita is restored, Camilo still tends to put a lot before himself. Everyone鈥檚 too busy to notice.
I would also recommend checking out Breanna's Fic Recs, Naensut's Fic Recs, and die-youn's Fic Recs for additional fantastic recommendations <3
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dewphox 8 months ago
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Not my Birthday yet, but I will forget to post it on sunday anyway so Imma just post it now UvU I do wanna make an OC for the occasion, but for now only irl me since with hetalia I never made an actual inuniverse OC and had it be just me for personal enrichment u_u
littol bitof nostalgia for one of my most important fandoms when i was younger u_u I've always done selfinserts and ocxcanon and eventho i wasn't doing social media I was still drawing these men religiously :') Tho The fanfictions were rough for my fav. bc everyone characterised him as a fooking mubmling stumbling doormat :/ other than the oh so popular ''snapped'' fics who were, yeah not so great either. I had to search through a whole lotta garbage to find stuff I liked haha :D I honestly could talk day in and out about the good ole days, when we literally shipped the entire fandom with the homestuck fandom but how it was a weird enemies to lovers thing, how a simple recolor from the mangaka sprouted and entire new cast of like mirror characters and weird horror elements, mochitalia, nekotalia, nyotalia etc. such a blast :D And don't ask me how I was able to stay alive in a fandom that was inhabited by mostly fujoshis as someone who only does selfships or enjoys w/w and m/w mostly aha (tho gerita kinna slaps don't hit me u_u) I was always good at staying in my own lil bubble, girl was bullet proof UvU I mean there were also things that are kinda outta left field but all in all it really enhanced my teenage years and made me meet some of the nicest, most sweet people <3 maybe i'll draw some more for my actual birthday but I'm pretty burned out from university so this is the one treat i'll allow myself for now UvU
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flowerwrites06 5 months ago
renai I 鈥 myg
Tumblr media
Plot:聽Yoongi grew up to be a loyal and ruthless Prince, feeling the tendrils of his destiny choking him since childhood. Until one night of conquest, he meets the mysterious princess of Tairuko and the world of Gods and Kings begins to show cracks.聽
Pairing(s):聽Demi-God Yoongi x Demi-Goddess OC (Name: Kiku)聽
Rating: G | PG | M | R 18+
Type: Drabble | Oneshot | Two Parter | Series (Interactive)聽
Word Count:聽2k+聽
Genre:聽Fantasy AU | Gods & Goddesses AU聽
Tags & Warnings:聽war, violence, people being treated as spoils of conquest, forced arranged marriage, more tags will be stated in future chapters.聽
Authors Note:聽I鈥檓 so sorry for taking so long with posting this, I had a late night doing other things and didn鈥檛 have time to finish the final scene. Hope you enjoy this! I will also post a new poll for the next update tonight.聽
Tumblr media
Tairuko was once a secret valley hidden from the eyes of the world. Until the eve of Princess Kiku鈥檚 twenty-first birthday, fires began to bloom at the edge of the valley. Warm yellow cut through the silvery light of the full moon. Warning bells rang of an invasion, led by the demi-god Prince of Haggu-mor.
Priestesses scurried Kiku to the High Temple. She was still draped in translucent white dresses and a diamond lace veil, traditional for royal birthdays. Double doors squeaked as the maidens were nearly sobbing from the sounds outside. Screaming, begging and roaring laughter resounded through the peaceful valley.
Kiku looked across the marble floors and peered at the silver status of Gekko, the Moon Goddess.
Hanggu-mor and Tairuko had been forced into an alliance as the Goddess of Seas, Bohna, struck a friendship with Gekko. The friendship fell apart when King Pavel took Bohna and she gave birth to the Prince. Yoongi was his name, Kiku remembered.
For twenty-one years, both kingdoms had been on chilling terms. That is until Yoongi鈥檚 military efforts became hard to ignore. He had taken his status as half-god and made it known painfully to the kingdoms that were invaded. Including her own.
Kiku took a deep breath and sat on the floor in front of Gekko. She quietly lit the candles and rested them on the lotuses as they floated calmly on the small ponds. A maiden was shaking next to her, jumping every time a loud bang resounded outside of the building. 鈥淣othing will happen to you. I promise.鈥
The priestesses were the only people who understood that statement. Many peaceful Leaders had done it before to prevent any bloodshed.
Metal clanging resounded on the other side of the temple doors. Three maidens began to sob in one corner but Kiku only looked up at Gekko, praying for strength. The doors burst open to more raucous laughter and battle cries while the priestesses quickly protected the maidens, standing near Kiku. She gently picked a pink lotus from the pond.
Prince Yoongi was of small build but his aura reached and stained each wall of the temple. He had long blonde hair, gold and black robes draped over his body and a scar deeply cut down his right eye. 鈥淪weet princess Kiku. Look at you all dressed up for the occasion.鈥 His raspy voice sent a tingle down Kiku鈥檚 spine. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 enjoy doing this. My father and mother were quite adamant on me taking on this conquest.鈥
Kiku stood up to her feet, fixing her gold bangles and veil before turning on her heel. She didn鈥檛 say anything. Simply walked closer to the prince and handed him the pink lotus.
His sharp, dark eyes pierced into the princess. Her dark hair glowed like gentle flame under the lanterns and she smelled of sweetness. 鈥淎 gift for me?鈥 Yoongi smirked.
鈥淎n offering,鈥 said Kiku. 鈥淵our father and mother want me, yes?鈥
Yoongi looked her up and down. 鈥淭hey do.鈥
鈥淭hen you may have me. Leave this valley alone.鈥 Kiku nodded behind her.
鈥淭hat鈥檇 be a shame.鈥 Yoongi鈥檚 voice descended to an eerie whisper. 鈥淭his valley has many things that Hanggu-mor could enjoy.鈥 He looked around the temple until his eyes finally stopped on Kiku, gaze glinting with hunger. 鈥淭hough I鈥檇 be lying if I said I didn鈥檛 prefer just you. Personally anyway.鈥 Yoongi softly accepted the lotus from her, purposely caressing her hand. He walked closer, leaning forward until his nose just hovered over hers. 鈥淵our chariot awaits, sweet princess.鈥
Hanggu-mor was a grand kingdom sequestered in the ocean. The waves glimmered like deep sapphires under the rising summer sun. Kiku watched the crewmen banter and shout at each other at the docks. They were taken to the palace on a grand, open carriage. People had decorated it with blue flowers that Kiku didn鈥檛 know the name of.
Kiku watched this new kingdom through her sheer white veil. The people welcomed their beloved prince with cheers, pearls and flowers. He waved and beamed at the attention, glowing like he was competing with the sun itself.
Yoongi caught her eyes quickly, smirking in satisfaction. 鈥淭his is what it鈥檚 like to have attention, sweet princess. Do you enjoy it?鈥
She immediately looked away. A group of children were climbing on each other to see the Prince. 鈥淩oyalty works differently in Tairuko.鈥
鈥淎h yes, you are merely a daughter of Gekko.鈥 Yoongi didn鈥檛 hide the mockery in his tone.
鈥淵ou think my faith is wrong?鈥
Yoongi raised a brow. 鈥淚 think Gods and Kings need to be cut down a peg or two.鈥 There was no smile on his face at that time.
The carriage travelled uphill, past the bustling towns that smelled of fresh fish and salt. She saw women wearing layered dresses of silk and their hair tied in pins that glimmered like water travelled inside the gems.
The palace came into view. A grand structure of white stone and sapphire, sharp roofs and grand waterfalls rushed on the sides of the hill to the river in the lowlands.
A crowd of guards surrounded the arriving carriage. Through the blue metal gates, they were welcomed by lotus ponds and Water Nymphs giggling in their shining dresses. They whispered of her. They knew she had come from Tairuko. The strange, hidden land that held ancient Nymphs and magical creatures.
As the carriage stopped, the guards moved not a muscle. They waited for Yoongi to leave the carriage and walk to Kiku鈥檚 side. He opened the carriage and held her hand, escorting her to the entrance of the palace.
The tiles were decorated in beautiful mosaics and most of the palace was left open air, the wet and cool breeze from the sea made the inner gardens dance. A placid pool centred most of the courtyards and Water Nymphs lounged in them, some also bathed in them.
The private room was just past this pool. From the open windows, Kiku saw the low lying towns and their rice farms. Rivers vectored around each cluster and a distant view of the grand ocean peeked behind the lush mountains.
On their left sat King Pavel in this beautiful sapphire and rose quartz throne. Four consorts lounged on mats near him, glistening in pearls and transparent dressing. The King was not quite a picture of his subjects. His skin was saggy and sharp, his eyes a blue turning milky white, his robes were barely hanging onto his thin body and his grey beard reached down to his navel.
If there were resemblances between the King and his two sons then Kiku would鈥檝e never guessed.
Pavel attempted a thin smile, making the hairs of his beard lift. 鈥淪on鈥elcome home.鈥 He held his arms out, standing from the throne and pulling Yoongi into a hug.
鈥淚t鈥檚 good to see you, father.鈥 Yoongi had a distinct affectionate voice but here, it was formal. All this affection was for the convenience of showing off.
Those sharp blue eyes flickered to Kiku.
鈥淢y, look at you.鈥 Pavel padded closer, standing over her at full height but bending his crackling back to examine her properly. 鈥淪o the rumours are true. People of Tairuko are of unimaginable beauty.鈥 He gave her a full-toothed smile and Kiku caught a whiff of makgeolli in his breath.
鈥淭he princess insisted on leaving Tairuko alone in exchange for her.鈥 Yoongi nodded towards her.
鈥淚 expected so.鈥 Pavel chuckled and Kiku felt her stomach twist. 鈥淚t鈥檚 fine. Tairuko is but a measly town compared to the only blood daughter of Gekko. She鈥檚 a stubborn wench, that Goddess.鈥
Anger flared in Kiku鈥檚 chest. 鈥淪he chose a man she loved and fought against being taken. It鈥檚 not stubbornness.鈥
鈥淎 God with only one child is a weak God in our world, child.鈥 Pavel grinned again, the smell of his breath nearly bringing Kiku to tears. 鈥淪he protected you too much and now look at you.鈥
鈥淔ather,鈥 Yoongi quickly interrupted. 鈥淪hall we move on? My legs are tired.鈥
鈥淎h, yes of course.鈥 Pavel nodded.
鈥淪ince the Prince found Tairuko, perhaps he should take the moon princess as his wife.鈥 One of the favourites spoke, waving her glimmering silver fan gently over her soft face. 鈥淎s a reward.鈥
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 leave me out of this grand occasion.鈥 Another sweeter voice spoke.
At the corner of the throne room, next to Pavel鈥檚 chair, was the second son. Prince Hoseok looked more like a younger Pavel than Yoongi did. While Yoongi held the dark eyes and blonde hair of his mother, Hoseok had the black hair and sharp blue eyes of his father.
Hoseok was the human child of Pavel and the old Queen Alyona. Kiku didn鈥檛 hear much of him outside of family connections but the man held himself as if the world was in his grasp.
鈥淎fter all, you promised a prize from Tairuko, brother.鈥 Hoseok pouted, in such a natural way, like it was his habit from a young age. Especially towards his older brother.
For the first time since Kiku had seen him, Yoongi look reluctant. 鈥淚鈥檝e brought many jewels and creatures from Tairuko that you might enjoy.鈥
鈥淣ow Yoongi, you鈥檝e never been a lover of marriage.鈥 Pavel had been waiting to defend his younger son.
Hoseok was the lesser-known and lesser loved son of Pavel. However, Pavel had more control over Hoseok as opposed to Yoongi, who had a much more powerful mother. If the daughter of Gekko were married to Yoongi, the power dynamic would topple. If Kiku was married to Hoseok, a mortal, she would be demoted to a Prince鈥檚 wife.
It was also a simple case of favouritism. Yoongi was a far more impressive royal and the people adored him more than their current King.
Whatever the reason, Kiku felt her stomach sink. She knew neither of them but Yoongi had the influence of his mother. At the very least, she could be safe around him. Hoseok was an unpredictable force. The way he had his eyes pierced on her, Kiku was nothing but a trophy he had to have.
鈥淧erhaps my heart鈥檚 changed, Father. Do not make me ache so deeply.鈥 Yoongi tried to have a lighthearted tone.
Kiku was struggling to keep her courage. The only thing comforting her is Pavel鈥檚 twitching right eye, proving that the power dynamic was already so vulnerable. Its instability thrummed in the air like eerie music.
鈥淏ut I missed out on all the fun. Otherwise, I would鈥檝e taken a trophy myself but you only got pious priestesses.鈥 Hoseok gestured with a grimace. 鈥淚 guess I could take one of them.鈥
Kiku could feel the two priestesses freeze at the notion. 鈥淚鈥檇 rather not marry the man who terrorised my kingdom,鈥 she spoke quickly.
Pavel gave a false apologetic look. 鈥淚t would be a little painful, wouldn鈥檛 it?鈥 He looked over at Yoongi, not hiding any of his satisfaction from Kiku鈥檚 sudden interruption. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e not a man to force anyone鈥檚 hand, Yoongi. Especially innocents.鈥
Yoongi tightened his jaw and placed his hands behind his back. 鈥淣o, Father.鈥 Immediately, he switched to a smile at Hoseok. 鈥淵ou have my blessing.鈥
Hoseok鈥檚 face brightened. Not quite like the sun itself but a glare of shine against metal. It was laced with greed and hunger as he jumped to his feet and rushed to Kiku.
She felt like a doll gifted to the Prince. It wasn鈥檛 too far off from the way Hoseok circled her and touched her veil. He finally stood in front of her, leaning forward to take a close look at her face.
鈥淵ou have pretty lips,鈥 he said.
Kiku attempted a smile. 鈥淭hank you, Your Highness.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 quite small for a demi-goddess.鈥 Hoseok tilted his head. 鈥淏ut you鈥檒l be able to have lots of children.鈥 He threw that statement so loosely, that Kiku wondered if the man knew what having offspring meant.
Kiku glanced over at Yoongi who did not look angry at all. She expected a sense of frustration for not being able to enjoy the spoils of his conquest. But he looked genuinely concerned. His face had never looked so softened and worried.
The Grand Prince鈥檚 changed face brought darkness over her courage. Suddenly, Kiku noticed the cold snake-like grip on her neck as she watched Pavel. She had protected her priestesses from being taken by Hoseok.
How she was going to release from his grip was a worry that may eat at her stomach later.
Tumblr media
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