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'I want a baby' challenge with Moon boys + Jack Russell + Namor
Marc Spector
Tumblr media
Steven Grant
Tumblr media
Jake Lockley
Tumblr media
Jack Russell
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dream a little dream of me. | steven grant
Abstract: He thought it’d be awkward. He thought the lie would be too much and that he wouldn’t be able to keep up, that perhaps his shyness would get the best of him, and though he wanted desperately to try for you, he was terrified he’d somehow mess it all up. But he finds himself at ease, a sense of home he’s not sure he’s ever felt before.
Words: 3K
Content: f!reader; fluff, just fluff, fake dating, a little awkwardness, them being down bad for each other, yes it’s november and i’m posting a christmas fic
A/N: is this based on this tiktok i’ve seen months ago and haven’t been able to stop thinking about? yes it is. but moving on - (scene is from doctor who’s christmas special “the time of the doctor”)
also on AO3 - masterlist
feedback is always greatly appreciated. you can send it here, too
Tumblr media
“Emergency, you’re my boyfriend.”
For a moment, he thinks he hasn’t heard you correctly - it’s not the first time he receives a call from you that starts with an absurd statement, question or words that overall leave him confused. He’s almost grown fond of it, though this time it takes him too long to process what you’re saying.
“Ding dong, okay,” he replies, and frowns at himself - what? “I might be a bit rusty in some areas, but -” stop talking. “No, no,” you sound frantic, a clatter in the background followed by a string of curses under your breath before you clear your throat. “You’re not actually my boyfriend, Steven.”
“Oh, that was quick,” you snort, only to return right away to your muttering and swearing, followed by more loud noises that truly make him worry for your safety. “What’s going on? Why do you sound like that?”
“Because it’s Christmas, and I lied to my family, and this bloody oven won’t work and I’m so behind with dinner - fuck,” he knows your phone slipped and fell to the ground - there’s more rattling, a slam, a sigh. “They’ve been setting me up on blind dates for ages until I told them I had a boyfriend, and they said they couldn’t wait to meet him for Christmas - I thought they were joking, but now it’s Christmas and I don’t have a boyfriend and they asked about him for tonight, so I need you to be my boyfriend. Please.”
The last time he heard you so panicked was when a group of school kids had run inside the museum, escaping the control of their teachers. You had fussed and worried about the artefacts in spite of the glass cases, and he’d had to bring you a hot chocolate to calm you down as the children settled back into order, rubbing soothing circles on your back as you at last got up for their tour.
“You do know I’m Jewish, right?” he asks then, and you groan quietly. “Well, mazel tov - you’re still coming to your girlfriend’s Christmas dinner,” he laughs then, shaking his head a little - of course he is, he’s decided the moment he heard your nervous rambling, getting up from the desk to get to the closet and change out of his worn out clothes - he knows it’s play pretend, but his mind still started reeling about the need of making a good impression on your family, and he cannot do that in a washed out white shirt and old trousers with more than a hole in them.
“Alright, alright - so bossy,” he replies, and hears you exhale in relief, a temporary pause that is interrupted by a too loud ding that makes you yelp, quick steps passing by, more noise. “Hey, take a deep breath for me, love, will you?” he calls out - he knows the phone is still on the floor, speaker on, your hands otherwise busy. Later on, once he gets to your place before the rest of your family, he’ll find it there, still.
“Can’t,” you call right back, yelling a little over the sound of running water. “I’ll be there in a bit,” he sighs, and hangs up before you can respond, hoping that, at the very least, your house won’t burn down in the time it takes him to get ready.
Tumblr media
To say your family is loud is an understatement. From the moment they walked through the door, Steven’s senses have been assaulted by greetings and laughters and too-tight hugs.
He finds he doesn’t mind it one bit.
He helps you bring the food to the table, keeping an eye on your injured hand - a shallow cut from a broken glass he cleaned and bandaged himself because you refused to lose too much time going to get it checked. Stubborn, he’s muttered under his breath, and you’ve waved a spoon in his direction in mock threat, making him laugh.
He truly doesn’t remember the last time he’s seen so much food, vegan options thrown in the mix he knows for a fact you’ve done last minute when he’s accepted to go along with your lie - he’s thankful for it, for you, for this night.
Your mother is the most curious about him - and where did you meet, she asks, and how long have you been together, and how’s his job, and -
“Mum,” you call just then, loading her plate again with a pointed look. “It’s Christmas, not a job interview. Give him a break, will ya?” “I’m just curious,” the woman shrugs, looking at you and then Steven, then back at you. “You always talk so much about him, I want to hear some of those things from him,” she protests, and for a moment your movements still, face heating up.
“Ma!” you complain, a quick glance in Steven’s direction as he grins - his cheeks hurt for how much he’s been smiling tonight.
He thought it’d be awkward. He thought the lie would be too much and that he wouldn’t be able to keep up, that perhaps his shyness would get the best of him, and though he wanted desperately to try for you, he was terrified he’d somehow mess it all up. But he finds himself at ease, a sense of home he’s not sure he’s ever felt before.
And it’s not so difficult to pretend to adore you, to be in love with you - it’s not pretending at all, really. So he slips into it, that tugging at his heart that makes him feel warm all over whenever you hug him, or rest your hand on his arm, or talk with him in that enthusiastic way that makes your eyes shine a little bit brighter.
“Well, we met at work,” he clears his throat, pushing the few crumbs that remain on his plate around to stop himself from fidgeting with his hands too obviously. You fill his glass again, a new surge of affection in his eyes when he glances at you. “It was her first day, and I still worked at the gift shop - she bought too much candy right after her first tour ended and accidentally started her second one late because I kept her talking about some of the newest artefacts,” you snort, shaking your head a little - it feels like ages have passed.
He doesn’t talk about everything else - about Khonshu, and Marc, and Ammit. He doesn’t mention the help you’ve been during the whole mess, that you’re most likely the only reason he’s still got a job - and a promotion on top of that - and how you’ve kept him sane in the aftermath just by being his friend. He wants to say you’re probably the most important person in his life as for now, but he doesn’t because his mask would fall then and expose him to everyone in the room, you included. For now, it’s just pretend.
“In his defence, I’m the one who started rambling, and he had to remind me I actually had a job to do, so -” you shrug a little, but the smile doesn’t leave your lips. He’s looking at them too often tonight, he knows, but he can’t help himself.
“Is that why you called him your saviour?” your mother chuckles, and you almost drop the glass in your hands, eyes widening. Steven coughs on his mouthful of wine.
“Did you, really?” he wonders, and doesn’t want to sound amused but truly cannot help it. “I thought you’d said it as a joke,” he still remembers - the embarrassed laugh, frantically reaching for your badge as you walk towards the exhibition area, calling over your shoulder a you’re my saviour, thank you!, quickly hiding the candy in the pockets of your skirt.
“Half joke,” you scoff, bumping your knee with his under the table - that’s just for him, not for the show, and he smiles again. “I reckon I wouldn’t have liked it particularly if I had been fired on my first day.”
“Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have liked that either,” he muses, your nose scrunching up with your smile as you lean in a little. “But we’ve been friends since - she also helped me get out of the gift shop, somehow convinced our boss I should do some of her tours.”
“That she told us - spent the whole day complaining about Donna, is it?” both of you groan a little at the woman’s name, then quickly exchange a look that your father, not-entirely distracted by whatever was playing faintly from the TV, notices with his eyebrows raised.
“What she did not tell us,” your mother chimes in again, hands locked under her chin, “is how this,” she gestures between the two of you, a coy smile upturning her lips, “happened.”
“Ma!” you say again, one hand rising to cover eyes and forehead as you sink a little into the chair. At his side, your grandma chuckles, elbowing Steven gently.
“They’re shy, can’t you see?” she tuts, her eyes moving from Steven to you. “Haven’t even kissed once, these two.”
“Come on, leave the kids alone,” your father says, now no longer paying attention to the TV. “What? It’s just a kiss!” the older woman protests, grinning up at Steven. “It’s Christmas after all, what’d you say, young man?”
“Oh, God,” you mutter under your breath, both hands lifted to cover your face. Steven feels his neck burn, words tangling on the tip of his tongue as he glances at you, back at your grandmother, you again, unsure of what to do, say, think. “As long as you drop it.”
There’s an apologetic look in your eyes when you drop your hands and turn towards him - he wants to say it’s fine and don’t worry but he can’t, because you’re leaning in and brushing your lips to his. It’s quick, a peck, a brush of lips that makes his heart flutter, and you’re holding your breath, the tip of your fingers caressing his chin before you’re pulling back, leaving him dazzled, yearning for the taste of wine on your mouth.
“There,” you clear your throat, reaching for your glass with a hand that shakes slightly - there’s a groan at the other end of the round table, and in his temporary haze Steven sees your eyes widen, fingers curling around nothing, a notch away from the glass.
“You call that a kiss?” suddenly you’re wondering if you should’ve stopped bringing bottles of wine when your grandfather refilled his glass for the 6th time, his mood certainly turning jolly. Loud. Boisterous. “Come on, lad. Give her a proper kiss!”
“For the love of -” you look at him and sigh again, shaking your head a little. “Pops, really, it’s not -” you turn to Steven, still apologetic looking.
A split second, and he’s kissing you. Steven shouldn’t be taking advantage of the situation, he knows, but it’s a proper kiss and your grandfather is laughing. And Steven is kissing you, a proper kiss - gentle, delicate, and your hands come up to cup his jaw before you can help yourself, suddenly not wanting him to part from you. His stubble scratches your palm, and you let your eyes flutter shut at last, surprise leaving place to ease.
It’s easy, kissing Steven. It’s soft and gentle and warm all at once, and his hand is on the back of your head while the other rests on your thigh - his fingers trace a pattern over your clothes, and through the small fireworks popping in your mind you manage to discern letters. S-o-r-r-y, the apology on the tip of his fingers as the kiss goes on for longer, his lips parting and yours with them, melting towards him.
You would laugh, if you could remember how to breathe. Instead you’re carefully bringing your hand to Steven’s curls, slowly smoothing them back from his face, and your lungs are burning because you’re supposed to be breathing but really you don’t want this to end, you want to kiss him and kiss him and kiss him until you’ve grown tired of it and then some.
It’s Steven that eventually pulls away, and there’s an odd noise trapped at the back of your throat as you force your eyes to open, to make it seem as if that wasn’t your first kiss, as if you didn’t feel the ground rock beneath your feet, and your heart wasn’t trying to jump out of its place behind your ribcage.
The tip of Steven’s nose is bright red, as if he stood in the cold for too long, and it spreads across his cheeks like a rosy brushstroke - his lips are a little parted, short bursts of air coming out of it as he looks back at you with his eyes shimmering a little. He looks unbelievably pretty, and it takes every ounce of willpower in you to turn away instead of diving right back towards his lips.
“So, who wants dessert?”
Tumblr media
You’ve been looking at him for a while. He’s in the living room, carefully stocking up the empty plates from the table, setting the cutlery aside, the paper crown sitting a little askew on his curls. He’s humming as he does so, and a smile catches on your lips - it’s Dream A Little Dream Of Me, a song you’ve found yourself singing often in between tours, Doris Day’s version constantly stuck in your head.
“I will deal with that in the morning - you’ve already done more than enough,” you tell him softly, reaching his side. He looks up towards you, your eyes meeting for the first time since after the kiss - it still burns on your cheeks, lips, neck, the tip of your ears. “Thank you.”
“I cannot possibly leave you with this mess,” he argues, still gathering what’s left on the table - empty glasses and paper from gift wrappings and Christmas crackers. “What kind of fake boyfriend would I be?” he grins a little, and you laugh, shaking your head. The clock behind his head signals 2:34 AM.
“I don’t think I will ever be able to repay you for what you did tonight,” you reach up to fix the paper crown on his head, and he forgoes the plates and forks to turn to you.  “I enjoyed it,” he’s fidgeting a little, fingers tapping along his thighs. “My family - it’s never been like this, I’ve never had anything like it. It was nice. I’m glad you asked me.”
Steven’s never spoken a lot about his family, or Marc’s family - he’s mentioned things off-handedly, but has always been quick to change the subject, and you haven’t asked, there was no need. Still, the hurt is palpable each time, and it makes you ache for him. For them.
“Well, you’re invited next year as well, then,” you say, stepping a little closer and lifting his hand towards him in offering, the other reaching for your phone in your pocket. “Come, there’s one more thing.”
Steven frowns but obliges, watching as your thumb quickly slides across the screen while you wrap your hand around his, and soon enough soft music starts playing from the speakers - the first notes of the song turn Steven’s lips in a smile as you put the phone away again, looking at him again.
“Not Ella Fitzgerald’s?” he wonders, your now free hand reaching for his shoulder. Tentatively, he places his hand on your waist, slowly catching on on your intentions when you start rocking side by side, following the music.
“My grandma would play Golden Girl all the time when I was with her,” he starts following your movements, albeit a little slower, a little unsure. “I think it stuck,” you shrug lightly, taking a little step to the side, then back - Steven follows, looking down towards the floor. “Steven.” “Sorry,” he mumbles, looking up, then back down. You smile a little, drawing closer.
Once the initial awkwardness vanishes, Steven is great - he finds his footing and begins leading, steps becoming wider, more sure, and you let him move you both around the living room as you hum the words almost under your breath, never looking away - Stars fading but I linger on, dear / Still craving your kiss / I'm longing to linger till dawn, dear / Just saying this…
He’s looking at you, too, and smiling still - for a moment you wonder if there truly was too much wine, because his eyes are shimmering, and his cheeks are still red like right after the kiss, as if he’s still warm all over, and then -
“Mistletoe,” he says, so soft you almost don’t hear him, even if the music is low, even if you have stopped singing for a while. You look up towards the doorframe you’re somehow under, and Steven is unbelievably close, his chin tilted up to look at the small plant hanging above your heads, throat exposed to you.
“Steven?” he snaps out of it as soon as you call his name, gentle, and meets your eyes. “Yes, love?”
You desperately hope you haven’t misread the whole evening. You also hope the wine induced courage won’t leave you right now as your eyes flicker to his parted lips. You lean in, gripping his shoulder a little tighter for balance, and the moment your lips brush his he shudders a little, but pulls you closer right away. He hiccups lightly, dips his head forward, and though the kiss is initially hesitant, it’s true.
It’s somehow softer than the one at the table, slower, gentler, and you both melt into it, into each other, hands untangling only to reach for the other - your arms wrap around his shoulders, and his palm presses gently against the small of your back. Steven sighs into the kiss, shoulders sagging as if in relief.
It doesn’t last long, and when you pull away, he chases the contact for a moment longer, lips searching for yours once, twice, and then he stops, eyes widening again as he looks at you. You feel yourself smiling, hand moving from the back of his neck to brush his curls away from his forehead.
“Merry Christmas,” you whisper, the tip of your nose bumping his, and his face splits in a wide grin, holding you a little closer, a little tighter. He won’t let go now - not for the rest of the night.
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softlybarnes · 2 days
Would you consider doing #19 and the moon boys: sharing a bed… Because you were kidnapped, and I won’t let anyone else get to you again?
Hurt/comfort - Because you were kidnapped, and I won’t let anyone else get to you again? + Steven Grant and Marc Spector (with a hint of Jake).
Tumblr media
"Honestly," you huff as you grab your bag, hefting it over your shoulder. "I'm fine."
There's a long bout of silence as you bend to yank on your sneakers. Your fingers are clumsy, reflexes still a bit slow. Your middle aches around the cut that's still healing on your abdomen, bruised body protesting your every moment.
Your swollen, cut laced fingers make tying your shoes impossible and so you give up, leaving the laces to trail behind you.
"Dear heart," Steven starts, "We're just worried, yeah?"
You feel a lump form in the back of your throat. You don't want to think about the last few days, and you certainly don’t want to feel helpless anymore.
If you could just go home, just get home away from the system's fretful care of you, things will go back to normal and the last days will be but a stressful nightmare.
"I'm perfectly fine," you repeat, but this time your voice breaks.
A hand lands on your shoulder and you nearly jump out of your skin, jerking away from the unexpected touch.
Steven retracts his hand and when you turn to him, he looks like he might cry too. “Sorry,” he murmurs. “It’s just…we’re worried,” he repeats.
“You don’t need to be-,”
Before you can finish, Steven’s eyes roll back, shoulders hunching inward for a moment, and then Marc is there. His dark eyes are hard, as he straightens and plants his feet apart.
You feel like crying again as he stares at you, brows knitted tightly together. “You were-,” he stops.
He’s blaming himself, guilt pools around him, slides off him in waves. It chokes you, makes you want to back away from him, right out of the flat never to return.
“It’s okay," you manage, backing away from him.
“It’s not.”
You curl your hands into fists. “I want to go home, Marc.”
He opens his mouth, looks like he might argue. But all that comes out is a pathetically small, “Please stay.”
You bite your lip. “I’ll take a cab-,”
“Baby,” he says. “You’re still fucking bleeding. And you want to leave and I fucking get it. You don't want to be around us - me - anymore. We let something happen to you and that’s our fault. But it’s not safe. Please stay here.”
It’s the longest string of words Marc has ever said to you. There’s an odd note in his voice, a quaver that doesn’t match the aggressively hard stance he holds.
And something sticks out to you.
“What happened isn’t your fault,” you remind him. Marc sucks in a hard breath, crossing his arms over his chest as he looks down, not meeting your eyes.
“You know it is.”
“I don’t.”
“Then why do you want to leave so fucking bad?" And then, so low you almost don't catch it, "Why are you scared?"
Your throat closes again and you drop your bag, folding yourself against his stiff frame when you cross the space between you. “I'm not scared of you. No, Marc, listen to me," you try to pull his arms away from his body when he scoffs but he remains stiff and still. "I'm not. I will never be afraid of you. I don't blame you. But I’ve been here for three days and I’m tired of feeling helpless. I don't feel like myself and I’m tired of making you take care of me.”
“Making us?” He melts into you, finally releasing his posture to hold you in his arms. “You aren’t making us do anything.”
You breathe in the scent of him, like something smoky and comforting. “I’m just taking up space and time. You don’t need to baby me. You don’t need a helpless, weepy-,”
“Baby,” he holds your face in his hands, draws his thumbs back and forth over your cheeks. “You were kidnapped. They hurt you.” His jaw ticks, a muscle jumping in his cheek as he grits his teeth.
"I know," you whisper. "Marc, I know. But you didn't do that. It happened and I want to feel normal again and-,"
Before you can finish, Steven is there again, cradling you close and so softly. "So stay here, yeah? We won't fret over you. It'll be like all the other times. We just...we can't have you away at the moment. You aren't helpless and weepy and even if you were it'd be justified, wouldn't it? We're the weepy, needy ones, yeah?"
You feel the salty wet of his tears against your cheek, and you reach up to swipe away the tears that have escaped.
"Neither of us are fine at the moment, darling. Please stay here. We can't have anyone-," He stops, and doesn't finish, throat working furiously as he tries to swallow back his tears. "We can't lose you."
You nod, and tip your forehead against his, managing to keep your own tears in check. "Okay, Steven."
"A film and takeaway then?" He hesitates, "We'll need to change your bandages as well. But that can wait! 'Til after dinner."
You nod again, and allow Steven to guide you to a chair, to reverently take your shoes off again and help you out of your coat.
He's so careful with you, and you can't remember if he's always been this way and you'd taken it for granted. His hands are kind, and soft, and fussy even if he tries not to be.
"Is Jake alright?"
"Quiet at the moment," Steven says when he herds you back to bed, propping himself next to you, so close and safe you ache with the presence of him. "Said, te amo querida. Lo siento mucho."
Steven's delivery is heavy with an accent but you hear Jake all the same. He'll be plotting. He'll take this thing happening to you the hardest.
"It's not your fault," you repeat. "Any of you."
Steven presses a kiss to you temple, tucking you close to his side. "We know."
You know Steven knows. Jake and Marc were a different story, and you aren't sure when you might see Jake again after this.
Steven's heart is a steady drum under your ear when you press it to his chest, fingers snagging on his shirt as you hang onto him. And even though you'd said you didn't want doted on, and Steven had promised not to fret, you both soak into each other like one of you might disappear.
It's okay, you think. This is okay, because you both need it. You weren't being needy and they weren't being overbearing.
Things would be okay, things would go back to normal.
Dinner is forgotten for a moment, the film too, as Steven tightens his grip on you, your eyes slipping shut as he stays alert. You forget that you'd wanted to leave minutes before because this is better. It's okay because it's what all of you need.
The last few days did happen, no matter what you tried to tell yourself, and you'd rather accept this - this swaddled comfort, this love - than anything else, than going it on your own, or making them go it on their own.
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dameronscopilot · 2 days
The Moon Boys Buy You Flowers
Tumblr media
Jake Lockley
Picking out flowers for you is easy for Jake—the obvious choice is roses (and he may or may not buy several bouquets). He explains the metaphor of it all with his lips pressed against the shell of your ear, murmuring about the dichotomy between the velvet-soft petals and the prickly, sharp thorns. Of course they would remind him of you.
(He'll never let you live down the one time you brandished a kitchen knife at him in your underwear whilst he smirked and tossed an apple from your counter into the air, bewildered as to who he was and what the hell he'd done with Marc and Steven.)
Steven Grant
Steven visits the florist three days in a row, hair a wild mess from anxiously running his hands through it as he paces the aisles in search of something to bring home to you. He would have been fine, really, if the chipper employee working the cash register hadn't warily eyed his choice on the first day and launched into an entire manifesto about the meaning behind gifting different types of flowers. In the end, he's at the hardware store grabbing lightbulbs when he spies a small display of tropical houseplants, one of which immediately catches his eye. As he brings it home, he feels a bit smug over the fact that his plant will far outlast whatever Jake and Marc buy for you.
(Jake and Marc internally groan over the fact that they've not only got to keep a goldfish alive, but now the life of a goddamn plant is in jeopardy as well.)
Marc Spector
Marc's grumbling to himself as he stands in the middle of the grocery store with his arms crossed, surveying the array of various bouquets on display, already wrapped and ready to go. He reaches out, about to grab the daisies, but then he finds himself torn between an odd-looking arrangement of white roses that had clearly been tie-dyed. He thinks you might like those, possibly, until he spies something yellow out of the corner of his eye. Whirling, he sees a bucket on the floor with two sunflowers resting in it. A few petals have fallen to the floor off of the one, and the other has begun to get a bit droopy, but he doesn't care. He needs to get you those. He can't make his way over to the check out fast enough.
(He needs to, because the instant he looked at them, his stomach lurched with a fluttering somersault as his mind readily supplied a thought—sunflowers.
Because you were the sun. His bright, radiant, perfect, warm, loving sun.
And he was the moon.)
(For once, Jake didn't even tease him for going soft.)
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moonlightgrant · 2 days
Hello! Could I get headcanons or a drabble (whichever you prefer) of the moon boys comforting a reader who was lead on by a guy? Can be platonic or romantic. Essentially the guy just wanted sex and lied to/manipulated the reader to try to get what they wanted and though nothing happened the reader is still sad because what if every guy they meet will be the same? Reader is AFAB! I'm not sure if the manipulating part falls under abuse, so feel free to ignore this ask if you need to
Ty for the request! This turned out to be a flop so I apologize.. My brain hasn't been cooperating with me lately.
How Moon Boys would comfort you after being lead on..
18+ minors dni
pairings: moon knight system x gn!reader
content warning: established relationship, fluff, mentions of sex, implied manipulation
- He'd feel pissed off at the thought of someone hurting you and would make a few sassy remarks about the guy.. It'd be similar to how he talked about Marc when he first met Layla.
- But when he notices the look of sadness and shame on your face, he'll place a hand over yours and look at you with soft apologetic eyes.
- "What an absolute twit.. I'm so sorry, love. It wasn't your fault. He took advantage of you.. I just hope you don't think that's what's going on here.. with me. I- It feels like I've been waiting for this, for you, my entire life, I'm not going to make the same mistake and pass up someone as brilliant as you.."
- He'd probably be a bit aprehensive when first bringing sex into the relationship or when initiating. He'd be worried about making you feel that's all he wants you for, when in reality that couldn't be farther from the truth.
- After you finally have sex, he'll give nothing but praise and smother you in cuddles. He'd look down at you and feel nothing but adoration and a strong bond afterwards, and the way he treats you would reflect that..
- Marc would just sit with his jaw clenched and arms folded, contemplating murder as he lets you finish speaking..
- "That piece of shit.. Listen, you didn't deserve that, baby. I'm just glad you didn't go with him.. that he didn't get the chance to lay his hands on you.."
- He already feels like he's unworthy of trust and love.. So he feels the need to go above and beyond to protect the ones who mean the most to him.
- So after the first time you have sex, after he realizes the amount of trust you had just given him. He'll muster up the courage to open up to you, only a little bit..
- "Baby? Look.. I know this is probably not the right time to say this, but I just want you to know I'm not goin' anywhere, okay? I mean.. I'll try not to, but even if I do.. You're the one I'm coming back to, alright?"
- I don't have many for Jake on this one.. but he's a protector, not a villian. I feel he's kinda like an unhinged guard dog and if he makes a commitment to someone, he'd stick to it.. (maybe i'm wrong...)
- I can't decide if he'd keep his composure or if he'd just be livid when you tell him.. But he'd definitely offer (he'll probably still do it regardless..) to kill or at least beat the shit out of him if you ever cross paths again..
- And I don't know if he'd be the best at aftercare or much a cuddler.. but he'll make it a point to stick around after sex.
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starlight-writer · 21 hours
“You’re So Pretty”
Warning: none, fluff, slight angst
Gn reader
Gives the most dazzling smile you have ever seen
“Really? Oh love, you’re pretty too!
Be prepared to get bombarded with kisses
He is the king of making you feel loved and good about yourself in every way
Absolutely compliments you between kisses while holding you close
Will hold you for hours
You won’t be able to move until he’s done giving you all the kisses and love he can
Genuinely feels so loved and grateful to have you
He’s a little self conscious cause how could someone so kind and smart and handsome/pretty and and and-
Stop him before he crashes, he’s internally screaming at how soft and genuine you said that
Please call him pretty or compliment him randomly more often, he loves it so much and low key needs the ego boost
Still feels a little self conscious but who doesn’t?
And with you by his side, he thinks he must be pretty great to seem worthy in your eyes
Almost starts crying instantly
Really? Him? Pretty? He’s pretty?
Please hug him, he’s going through the works
100% doesn’t believe you at first
He’s spent years loathing himself and hating life, he finds it really hard to think about himself in a positive way
He sees himself as a murderer and dangerous, he thinks he’s a walking bad luck charm
Please, please, please be patient and gentle
Gently hold his face and compliment him some more
He’ll get very emotional and avoid eye contact, but he needs to hear it from someone he trusts and loves
Give him a forehead kiss, kiss each bruised knuckle on his hands, hold his face gently, just be really soft and slow with him
He needs some time to calm down, but he’ll eventually pull away from you wet shoulder and kiss your nose
“Thank you...”
Sits with you for a minute before getting really nervous and turning red
He’ll kiss your cheek before wrapping an arm around your waist and sitting with you
Be prepared to have him attached to your side for the rest of the day
Compliment him some more throughout the day and just more in general, he needs help on self love and he knows if you can love him so much, he can learn to love himself at least small bit
Literally putty in your hands
Doesn’t show it ofc, but will stop what he’s doing to hold your hand
Hides behind a smug smile and flirtatious comments but is actually incredibly nervous
Since he doesn’t really front unless the body needs protecting, he isn’t used to love and tenderness so he thinks this is just you being silly
Force him to pay attention and look in his eyes
Say it as seriously as you can and his smile will drop
Has no idea what to do
His face gets so red as he just stares at you silently
He sits there in complete silence for so long, you start to get worried until he gently smiles
He cups your face and kisses your forehead before pulling you down to lay with him
He holds you close to his chest, burying your head in his neck to hide the tears in his eyes
He has never felt so much love in his life, ignoring the fact that he’s never felt love in general, so he’s a bit emotional and clingy
Tell him you love him and he’s done for
He’ll mutter words of affection as you bask in each others love for hours
He’ll even make you dinner 
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moonxknightx · 3 days
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 --- Oscar Isaac x F!Reader ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐄 --- Fluff :) ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝐅𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐌 --- RPF ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 --- None! ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 --- Oscar comforts you after you bled through your pyjama shorts in his bed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“SHIT!” You cursed as your eyes fluttered open. You immediately looked around you and your eyes immediately softened when they fell upon your lovely boyfriend, Oscar.
But that didn’t stop you from quickly getting out of bed to see if you had bled through your pyjama shorts.
“Please don’t let it be.” You whispered to yourself while carefully reaching for the bedsheets.
Once you held the sheets in your hand, you quickly pulled it away and your eyes immediately dropped.
You bled through.
“No no no no….” You groaned as you quickly ran to the mirror to look at your ass.
“Fuck.” You sighed as you saw a red stain on your shorts.
You were ashamed. Most people would say you shouldn’t be ashamed about something like this, and you knew they were right, but still, you didn’t feel really great either.
Tonight was literally the first night you decided to spend the night at Oscar’s place. You’ve been dating for a few months and tonight, you decided to take it to the next step.
“Fuck what do i do?” You whispered to yourself while holding your hands in your hair. You could feel the tears starting to form in the corner of your eyes and you tried your absolute best to keep them from falling.
What if Oscar was gonna be mad? What if he would find it disgusting?
Your mind was racing with all these sorts of thoughts. You needed to clean it up before Oscar would wake up and see it. Unfortunately, that became impossible when you heard Oscar softly calling for you.
“(Y/n)?” He groaned as he turned around to see you standing next to the bed.
You were quick to push the sheets back over the stain to keep Oscar from seeing it.
“What are you doing?” Oscar asked tiredly while rubbing his eyes.
“I…uh.” You tried to come up with an excuse but somehow your mind was blocked. You could only stare at Oscar, hoping he hadn’t noticed the stain.
“Baby are you okay?” Asked Oscar as he moved to sit up straight in bed so he could have a good look on you.
You swallowed a lump down your throat before looking down at your feet, avoiding Oscar’s gaze.
Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry. You thought to yourself when you felt the tears grow bigger.
“Hey look at me. Talk to me baby.” Oscar said while looking at you.
You slowly moved your head back up to look at Oscar, and when you did, you just couldn’t stop the tears from falling.
Oscar’s face immediately fell as he quickly jumped out of bed and ran towards your side of the bed to comfort you.
“I’m sorry.” You sobbed into his chest the moment Oscar pulled you into him.
“What happened honey?” Asked Oscar while looking down at you. You buried your face in chest before speaking up.
“I got my period and I accidentally stained the bed.” You sniffed, not daring to look at Oscar now.
Oscar furrowed his eyebrows as he carefully reached for the sheets, wanting to take a look at it himself.
“Don’t.” You said as you wrapped your hand around his wrist.
“Baby it’s okay.” Oscar told you before pulling the sheets off the bed, revealing the red stain.
You immediately hid your face in Oscar’s chest while he just looked at the stain.
“Sweetheart, look at me.” Sighed Oscar softly as he looked down at you.
Slowly, you pulled away from his chest and met his gaze. Oscar took a deep breath upon seeing your red puffy eyes and your wet cheeks from crying so much. He hated seeing you like this. You weren’t supposed to cry. There was nothing to be ashamed of.
“I’m sorry.” You mumbled while looking up at Oscar.
“Don’t apologize baby.” Oscar sighed softly while cupping your cheek.
“But it’s gross…” You said quietly. Oscar shook his head and placed a strand of hair behind your ear.
“It’s not gross (y/n), it’s normal. It’s just period blood. There is nothing to be ashamed about honey, i promise.” Oscar told you with a smile.
“But I literally bled onto your bed the first night staying here.” You sighed while looking down.
“So? It’s nothing we can’t clean, baby.” Oscar said while slowly lifting your chin up with his finger.
“Why don’t you go take a bath while i clean the sheets, hmm?” Asked Oscar with a gentle smile.
“Okay.” You sighed while a small smile appeared on your lips.
“I love you sweetheart.” Oscar told you before placing a sweet kiss on the top of your head.
“I love you too Oscar.” You smiled before heading for the bathroom, ready to take a bath.
While you took a bath, Oscar changed the sheets. He carefully took the sheets off his bed and put them in the washer. After that, he grabbed new sheets and made up his bed.
When he was done, he quickly put on his shoes and jacket and headed for the door.
There was a small night store around the corner of his apartment. So he decided to go there, and buy some pads, tampons and of course a lot of chocolate.
When he returned from his little trip, he quickly placed the chocolate on his bed before heading towards the bathroom.
“Baby?” He asked as he softly knocked on the door. It was quiet for a moment until you opened the door slightly, just revealing your face.
“I bought you some pads and tampons in case you didn’t have any.” Oscar smiled proudly while holding up two packages.
You couldn’t help but smile upon seeing how proud Oscar looked for buying you these products.
“Thank you.” You smiled shyly while taking the packages from his hands.
“I’ll be ready in five minutes.” You told Oscar before closing the door again.
While waiting for you to come out of the bathroom, Oscar had undressed and got into bed while placing the chocolate on your side of the bed, so those were the first things you would see.
“I’m done.” Your sweet voice called after opening the bathroom door. You were wearing one of Oscar’s big t-shirts which fell just above your knees and it looked absolutely adorable.
“Hey beautiful.” Oscar greeted as you quickly made your way over to the bed.
“What’s this?” You smiled while looking down at the various kinds of chocolates laying on your side of the bed.
Oscar shrugged. “I just thought you would like some chocolate now.” He smiled.
“Thank you.” You smiled while once again, tears started to appear in the corners of your eyes.
“Are you crying?” Asked Oscar with a slight chuckle. You quickly shook your head.
“It’s just the hormones.” You sniffed while Oscar opened his arms for you.
“Come here.” He chuckled. You waisted no time in climbing into bed and snuggling up against Oscar’s warm body.
“Thank you.” You whispered while playing with Oscar’s fingers.
“You’re welcome sweetheart.” Smiled Oscar while kissing the top of your head.
Tumblr media
(A/N): I literally just woke up from a dream about Oscar and now i wanna cry😭 it felt so real
Tags 🏷️: @unknwnexe @mystinky-butt @graciexmarvel @liltimmyst @alexxavicry @ethanhoewke
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soonknight · 3 days
I really like Oscar's beard rn and I want Jake to keep it but I'm imaging the Steven and Marc's reaction
I think Marc would enjoy a little stubble from time to time but never at the level Jake grew it to.
Steven actually thinks "it looks quite nice, hm? I think it suits me-"
"-Give me the body, Steven. Where is the razor?"
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mewhenimsad · 2 days
A God's Little Bugs
Tumblr media
Summary: Khonshu fucks you with Marc’s body… Marc fucks you too.
A/n: I love big and tall men hmmm delicious. This was originally going to be very short and smut filled and then I wanted to add more and then I added a little more the next time I edited it… and the next… and the next….
So here it is folks, I’m very sorry it took so long to write, it just needed to be what I wanted to post and not what I felt I was being rushed to make. 😘
Warnings: Smut, heavy breeding kink, angst, Sorta Mean!Marc, Jealousy from all parties, reader gets on a high that makes her emotions amplified (could be argued it resembles the effects of drugs/aphrodisiacs*), Marc’s body is possessed, religious/cult undertones, Reader is also Khonshu’s avatar, Dark Fic!!!!!!!!
Your hands move under the sheets, you act as if he wasn’t currently watching you. You often wonder to yourself how omnipotent he was. Was his presence all seeing or all knowing?
The sheets shuffle as your palm smooths over your clit, making you sigh at the tingles that come over your spine.
You liked to think he could do both. Otherwise how else could he see the helpless civilians in the world that needed help. And how else could he see you make yourself cum with his name on your lips.
You were his most loyal avatar. He cherished your prayers and looked down upon you in care. You were swift with the job and didn’t ask questions. You were his favorite.
He was almost disappointed, at times, when he couldn’t touch you. That he couldn’t reward you for your good behavior and your clear devotion to him.
You weren’t like his other avatars whom he saved, you offered to be his. No tricks or manipulations needed. You were highly interested in the gods and their mythos. Even going as far as offering sacrifices in order to see him. You often reminded him of Steven in a way, you built your knowledge making you excited. But you pledged yourself solely to him, you took your fascination a step further.
He consumed your thoughts, your motivations and your actions. But, he often paired you with his other avatar. Marc Spector.
You didn’t particularly have any problems with him, only at the start. You found him quite enjoyable to be around with most of the time. But he was messy, always arguing, disagreeing and making a fit. Never with you, though, with Khonshu.
He paired you together because he couldn’t say no to you. Marc listens to you. But not to the literal god in front of him.
Khonshu often wonders what had him in your hold, then he sees the way Marc’s eyes roam over your body, how he never acts against you and always attempts to discuss personal matters that you never granted him. You had him under a spell and you didn’t even realize it yet.
You were too preoccupied looking towards him to notice at all. Too busy following his orders to a T to take note of Marc’s longing gaze.
He often found himself contemplating breeding you both together. You two would form a beautiful union and make strong offspring. He would will it so.
He wanted to breed his two strongest warriors while being in their presence. Watching and blessing you both.
So, you saw Marc more. You had more missions together. Marc’s infatuation grew and your devotion expanded. You thought initially, a little worm in your head telling you he wanted to test you both. To see which one was better.
“Hey, where are you going?”, he asks, stopping you from the elbow and pulling you aside. You watch as the people behind you pass by through the door of the stingy bar.
You two had just finished discussing the next mission. It seemed Khonshu was giving you two tasks back to back. You do it of course, without complaints, and Marc was surprisingly content with it.
You turn, smiling softly and patting his hand.
He scratches the back of his neck. His forearms strain against the fabric of his long sleeved shirt he folded up to expose his wrists.
“You want to get dinner, a drink maybe?”
You shake your head lightly. You were tired. Khonshu had you on a chase for half of the day and the last bits of energy you had left were spent fighting and killing some of your target’s ‘associates’.
“I’m really tired, maybe next time Marc.”
You turn to leave. Your bag slings over your shoulder and your hand land on the door handle
“How bout a coffee?”, he says putting his hands in his front pockets. You sigh.
“I think I’m going to bed, Marc. We’ve had a big day. I wouldn’t want to intrude-“
“You won’t.”
He steps in front of you. You slightly grimace, but he didn’t seem to notice, too lost on the cut on your lip and the way your lick at it in thought.
Go with him.
You look up quickly. He quirks his brow at your sudden surprise. He thinks the endless hours of work were finally catching to you.
“Did you hear him?”
He shakes his head, he was looking down at you with concern. You shake your head, gesturing to him that it was nothing.
“I’m very tired.”, you chuckle.
He nods in understanding. His poor baby. Grabbing your hand and smoothing his thumb over your knuckles he offers you coffee again. You shake your head.
“I have to get home. It takes a while to get there.”
It does take a while to get back to your home located in another continent. You often had to fly over. Recently you’d taken to staying at a hostel, some place you could sleep for a couple hours and leave, but you seemed to have forgotten your money. Khonshu was rushing today.
“You could stay at my place.”, he maintained.
It was either travel half asleep or stay and rest for a couple of hours and then leave, probably with some free food too. You smile up at him.
“You sure?”
His chest feels like it was caving in. He didn’t think you would say yes yet. You always rejected his advances or just acted as if they weren’t there. He clears his throat.
“Yeah, no, yeah. It’s no problem.”
He goes to open the door and you suddenly feel chills run up your spine at the way his hand flexes and his muscle shifts as he grips the handle.
He noticed the faint glow in your irises, he just thought it was a trick of the light from outside. He looked up to the sky, a waxing gibbous.
He felt a jolt of electricity pass through his chest when he turned back to you, watching as you stared at the moon with eyes full of murky awe.
"You ready?", he asked, making you turn to him, your eyes fluttering from the haze and nodding.
It took a few bus stops; your dark circles were prominent, and he allowed you to put your head on his shoulder as the bus continued to your destination.
He kept on thinking of the first time you met. How you greeted him in warmth and Khonshu stalked behind you already irritating him, seeing you made his tiring day fall to the edge. The introductions were less than savory, he wishes he could change it.
You were both thrust together in action. You didn't really have much time to discuss your everyday lives. He feels as if this moment might be it. It would be the turning point for something more to happen.
You just wanted to lay down. His shoulder was comfy and sturdy, reliable. He was reliable in battle. You liked that about him. What irked you though was the way he would question so fiercely. What would he know better than a god?
If it weren't for the way he worked so well when he finally accepted the tasks of the missions, you think he would have been easily abandoned by Khonshu.
Now as you wrap your arm around his to steady yourself, you think he wasn't that bad. You never did, if you really think about it. Khonshu to your amusement complained a lot, he whined. He painted Marc and the others to be childish, insolent and brash.
Khonshu watches from a distance. Marc tells you a story about how Steven tripped on a banana the other day and you chuckle lowly, pressing yourself against his chest as he continues to entertain you with his words.
It was working out well, Khonshu thought.
"You can't be serious. That only happens in cartoons."
"Yeah, well, Steven acts like he's in one.", he snorts. You slap his thigh playfully; he jolts from the contact.
"Don't say that. How rude... to Steven.", you stammer.
Your hand rests on his thigh, slightly massaging into it as you get lost in the feeling of his thick muscles twitching as the bus rocks. You can feel how his muscles shift and his body bulges from his pants and sleeves.
"So strong...", you murmur groping him and curling into his body firmly.
He flushes, his heart races and he looks around at the windows in surprise.
Steven and Jake watch slack jawed. They've had an attraction to you, but not as much as Marc. Still, they flush at the attention, it’s their body too after all.
You hold on tighter to him as the bus stops and he starts to stand. He practically carried you to his home.
“I don’t feel so good.”, you say as you stumble against his arms. The door opens roughly as he leads you inside.
“I’m so sleepy.”, you giggle. You trip on your feet, your whole body suddenly feeling sore as if you ran a marathon. Sure, you did a lot of physical strain today, but you thought you had gotten used to it.
Khonshu appears as Marc catches you, lifting your legs up and making you yelp in surprise. Marc glances over his shoulder, looking at him in slight concern. You start to play with the chain around his neck and you smile to yourself.
“So pretty.”, you said with a voice full of awe.
It was as if you were drunk. Marc didn’t recall you drinking anything. The pleading look towards Khonshu was brushed off. Instead the god walked ahead of him, towards the bed, gesturing with his staff to the pillows.
He lays you as carefully as he can, your eyes meeting for a couple of seconds. Your lips part as if you were in awe, and your hand raises shakily to touch his jaw. He frowns when your eyes glow, your face relaxes and your eyes start to flutter closed despite the way you’re fighting through the sudden fatigue.
Khonshu kneels beside you, your head turns lazily to the side. He motions to touch the side of your head, but his hand never meets your physical form. You smile at the action.
“Hello, little bug.”
The deep and warm voice makes your eyes widen. He sounded so gentle and patient. It made your heart beat faster.
“Your opulency.”, you breathe out. Marc has the urge to roll his eyes. You always take him too seriously, as if he was as powerful as he used to be. As if he still had a say in the functions of the world.
He nods at you. Inspecting you as you rub your eyes and sigh. It was starting to become a strain to hold onto your consciousness.
“Sleep, you need your rest for your next task.”
You nod and your eyes immediately slide shut as you pull the sheets up to your chin. Your soft snores fill the room. He feels a pang of jealousy when Marc smooths his hand over your forehead pulling strands of hair away and behind your ears.
Your lean into his hand. He smiles at the way you hum in content.
"It's going well, as planned.", he says pleasantly.
Marc pauses, he looks back in confusion. Your eyes glowed. He saw it at the bar too, right before you started acting strange.
"What did you do?", he demanded to know with anger already present in his tone.
“I’m making it easier for you, you weakling.”
Khonshu continues to kneel by your side, watching as your chest rises and falls with each intake of air. His head tilts when your face scrunches in your sleep.
He itches to touch you, to caress your cheek and make you lean into his own touch.
“I need future champions. She is my strongest warrior…”
Steven looks to his side and finds Jakes gaze set on you in complete focus. His brows furrow, he shakes his head.
Oh shit.
“She is ready to be bred.”
He looks at you in pity as you jog up to him, a excited pep in your steps.
As your mask recedes he thinks he wants to vomit, bile rises behind his molars and he has to purse his lips in order to keep his composure.
You smile, so sweetly he thinks it could have been an illusion. He hoped it was by the way you bowed your head in submission as Khonshu appeared behind you.
He was initially surprised when you showed up covered in black silk, gold adorning your form as if you were royalty.
“Meet your counterpart.”, his voice booms behind you.
You finally look up at him, your eyes sparkling with wonder. When you raise your hand he doesn’t take it.
“Where’d you get this one from?”
His harsh words make you frown, your arm falling to your side limply.
Your initial excitement vanished. His snarl makes you falter. You’ve wanted to meet him for the longest. Albeit initially when Khonshu told you he already had an avatar you thought of him in vain but you’ve come to realize that the more followers he has the better. His influence could reach more people this way.
For the first few months of your new status of avatar you stayed in the Americas, as time passed, Khonshu saw it fit that you got acquainted with your ‘partner’. You kept your distance for weeks, watching and eventually developing a small infatuation. He was strong and his missions were completed swiftly. He also had a nice smile, which you’ve chosen to ignore for the past few days.
His alters would also make appearances, which made you speculative at first.
Khonshu told you their weaknesses, their strengths and their passions. He knew them so well and described them to you so clearly that you felt that you would get along quickly. Steven with his love for history and his innate need to do the right thing. Jake for his loyalty and drive for completion. And Marc…
You feel your heart plummet and shrink and die the moment you realized he had a look of disdain at your presence. He didn’t like you did he?
What you didn’t realize was the fact that he wasn’t really looking at you, he was looking behind you at the god who most likely manipulated another soul into a deal they couldn’t get out of.
“She came to me, she is a worshipper. Grateful for my presence unlike you three-“
He groans, his hands moving through his locks as if he wanted to shake off a headache. He suddenly turns and kicks the side of the roof ledge, pieces scatter and explode, tumbling to a dark street and crumbling on the ground loudly.
“Am I not good enough now?”, he yells.
He turns to see your mask back on, you stand tall, your hands tensing at your sides as if he was going to turn his anger towards you too. Couldn’t you see he was the bad guy. He was using you for work that would surely scar you for life.
“Why do you need to rope someone else into this hell?”
Your eyes narrow, the white glow of your eyes shrinking in a mix of confusion and anger.
“He didn’t rope me into anything. I’m doing this willingly.”
“Willingly?”, he scoffs. He stands before you now, towering over your form. He was huge, a mass of power and destruction. It would have made you want to fall to your knees. If only your first interaction with each other wasn’t so sour. You try to stand as still as you could.
“Sooner or later he’ll screw you over…”, he whispers as he leans closer to your ear.
“He makes you think your willing when really he’s just using you for whatever he pleases.”
You push him by the shoulder taking him by surprise and making him stumble back. The tip of your spear slices through the air. It rests heavy against his cheek now decorated with a neat red line, bubbles of blood accumulating along the cut. You watch as it pools on your blade.
You could practically taste the unworthiness, the blood and tears in his conscience from his past. Who was he kidding?
You scoff.
Does he really want to let go of Khonshu? Or does he feel likes he’s living hell because he’s been doing this type of work before? At least now he knows his victims are evil and don’t deserve another breath to take. At least now he knows.
You step back and your mask disspears into your suit, the small cut on his cheek doesn’t heal, he hisses when his thumbs run under it. You stand straighter now, your face hardening. You wanted to make up for the bad first impression, you’re sure if you explained yourself he would eat his words.
“I’m an archeologist. In the states…”
He quirks his brow, his eyes flickering over your body as your suit seemingly fades into the air.
“Khonshu’s past avatar saved a lot of people, before y’know…”
You were a nervous little things. He could tell by the way your fiddle with your bitten fingers, the way your hair was mussed and you tried to tame it with your palms. You were simple, wearing a flannel and pants that looked like they were a tad too big. You liked to dress comfortable. You were a bit of a mess as you tried to find your words.
“He saved my mother.”
His demeanor doesn’t change, his eyes narrow.
“Uhm… She was going through a Mesoamerican phase”, you joked. He face didn’t move a muscle, too focused on the way your lips formed a shy and awkward smile, the way your eyes sparkled under the moonlight.
“She travelled all over Mexico for her first excavations, to get first hand experience before she could expand further away. And then… she was doing a survey of an area and was suddenly ambushed by a swam of men looking for relics and artifacts they could possibly steal. Her group was held hostage for a week, given no food and very little water. Khonshu’s avatar arrived not long after they started taking hostage’s lives.”
You pause.
“My mother knew it was Khonshu, she could see the markings on his suit and the moons. The moons. It was obvious, at least to her and she became obsessed. I grew up knowing everything about him, everything about Egyptian gods and then I found a way to contact him.”
He stares at you for a moment, he eyes you skeptically before rolling them.
“So what, you’re one of his groupies?”
You flinch from his overly sweet tone.
He turns, shaking his head in pity for you and starts walking away.
“I thought you said he would be nice.”, he hears you say, your voice fragile and quiet.
“It seems his bitterness has finally enraptured his soul.”
“You are an avatar of a god of fertility. You will make strong offspring.”
His hand passes over your chest and stomach.
“She is ready for you.”
Marc stands back.
“This is an opportunity for you.”, he grouses as he stands to his full heigh.
“What did you do?”
Khonshu watched as Marc scrambles around the apartment, his head in between his hands and shaking vehemently. He thought you liked him. He thought you were starting to warm up to the idea of being more than friends, colleagues or whatever business partners you said you were. And to think the damn bird did something to you.
“She’s more willing to expand her emotions. Nothing more.”
You’ve always liked him, but you were so devoted to Khonshu, your time was spent thinking of him, worshipping him and following his every command. It was impossible for you to develop any type of feeling for anything or anyone other than the god. Marc feels envy. Hot and angry and full of steam that clouds his mind.
“So she has to be hypnotized to even want me?”
Marc was his avatar, he was an extension of him. Of course you would like him, if not by the way he wears his ceremonial suit of armor with elegance than the way he gets the job done. In your mind he was a worthy avatar as much as you were. Khonshu was envious of him. The way he could help you in battle, the way he could speak to you and joke and laugh. You were too serious, too scared to even talk about anything other than missions and prayers with him, but he knew you wanted to experience humanities carnal pleasures.
You often thought you would displease him with your actions, that when you touched yourself at night thinking of him and you needed something more, a body like Marc’s and your mind would drift to him you would be punished. He wanted to be that body for you. Marc could be that body for you, if he was willing to give over his control.
“She thinks of you sometimes. When she’s lonely at night and she feels displeased with herself. She yearns for touch unlike any creature I’ve ever met. Not everything is of my doing, Spector.”
“How would you know that-“, he cuts himself off before shaking his head and scoffing.
“You want her.”
It was said as a fact. Khonshu couldn’t help but raise his head slightly, his hands tighten around his staff.
“How else would you know this? Unless your watching me all of the time too-“
“I do not.”, he refutes angrily.
“She wants you though. She wants you more than me.”
The silence was enough. Enough to make Marc’s heart crack slightly. He glares at the floor and places his hands on his hips. Steven and Jake were nowhere to be seen, they had gone completely silent and had receded back, not wanting to get in the mess of who’s feelings belonged to whom. He was competing with a god now, but he couldn’t give you what you wanted, what you needed supposedly. Marc could.
But would it be enough?
“I wanted to apologize.”
He stands next to you as you crouch down watching the streets below.
You swallow thickly, ignoring him and hoping he would think you were too focused to hear.
You didn’t want to talk about it. You know that you’re a little weird, you should have known that he would think that too. Schoolyard taunts taught you as much, your colleagues thought as much.
“You told me about your mother and I brushed it off.”
You thought that by having things in common with each other you two would be more willing to be friends at the very least.
You wonder what Marc told them. Jake acts like your not even there, purposely acting as if he didn’t hear you, following through with the mission as if you weren’t sent by Khonshu as his partner.
When he does look at you it’s eerie, like he’s analyzing you and deciding something for himself.
Steven even chooses to avoid you, despite being the kindest of the three. You guess he wouldn’t be kind to the freak that wanted to serve a god.
You think the worst part about being around him was the fact he kept glancing in your direction, his hands would twitch and his feet would tap against the ground as if he wanted to run.
Marc hadn’t made an appearance in the month you’ve known them.
He crouches with you, his palm meeting your shoulder.
“Hey I-“
“It’s fine.”, you huff, shuffling away from his touch.
He sighs defeatedly, again putting his hand on your shoulder to make you turn.
“It’s not. You were trying to be nice to me and I was incredibly rude. I’m sorry.”
You sigh and stand, your suit was gone again. He stood along with you. You watched as his shoulders slumped forward, his head leaning in your direction and his hood uncovering his face.
“I’m used to it. I think we should focus on the miss-“
He gathers your hands in his and you stutter to a stop.
He’s been thinking about you, excessively. He liked thinking about the way you were so excited to see him, how you looked so meek and normal and how you completely took him by surprise when you thrust a spear to his face. Whenever he looks in the mirror he thinks of you, of the way your perfume carried through the wind and your eyes flickered as you spoke. The small scar on the side of his face was a reminder of the way you could strike him down and how your kindness stopped you.
You were beautiful. He’s thought of holding you, kissing you, fucking you, especially by the way your lips curve and how your hips and breasts could be seen through your baggy clothes. He would put his cock in hand at the thought of you shedding each layer. He imagines your figure was similar to how tight your suit was, he could imagine the way the gold adorning it would shine on your bare skin.
He imagines your soft skin as his thumbs caress your knuckles, even softer breasts and legs because he knows you use lotion, if not for the way you caress your arms in nerves then for the way you smell when he’s up close, warm and sugary, sometimes floral and fresh.
You feel the way the soft cloth of his gloves envelopes over your whole hand. Tightening as you continue to stare at each other.
“I was afraid that he took another vulnerable person like me. I was at my last breath, I was going to end it all. There was so much guilt for what I did and he used it to his advantage. I don’t want anyone else going through that too.”
You nod in understanding, smiling lightly at his concern.
“I wanted this, I swear.”
He nods his head slowly. His jaw tenses.
“If you mother was going to find him why didn’t she become his avatar instead. Why you?”
“My mom died when I was a teenager, she could never find Khonshu in time. I needed to do it myself.”
He nods. He still thinks you were foolish in accepting the title and the responsibility that comes with it, but you were well intentioned and you were good through and through. He couldn’t say that about himself.
You look up at him and he could see your eyes watering along your lashes. His smile falters.
“Ah shit, now your making me feel bad on purpose.”, he mumbles.
Your face breaks, a smile forming and breaking the tension. You open your mouth to say more but gunshots could be heard from the distance. Both of your heads snap to the sound.
Before he could say anything you already leapt from the building, making your way to the alleyway for a woman in need.
Even now as you wake up, groggy and confused, you think of your god. You look around the room in slight panic that he was gone and he left you. He was always lurking around your apartment when you would wake up, he would be watching over you as your eyes blinked up at the ceiling.
Instead you find Jake in the kitchen with a mug of coffee and a plate of eggs reading the newspaper.
“Jake?”, you ask drowsily. He smiles at you as he turns.
You nod, sitting up and hissing as your bare feet touch the wooden floor. It was so damn cold in London, you often wonder how they were able to enjoy living here for so long.
He chuckles lightly from the way you hiss at the cold wooden flooring. He likes seeing you like this, your hair mussed and your eyes and lips swollen. Sadly, he couldn’t woo you. Neither could Steven, even if you were both alike in your pure morality and slight clumsiness.
Marc was the one who staked a claim to you. The minute he saw you everyone came to an agreement. You were Marc’s to keep and until he had you first, everyone else could follow after.
You extend your arms above your head, yawning loudly and tensing your body as you stretched. Jake licks his lips, watching as you tremble and shake, moaning out at the feeling of your limbs getting a good stretch. A sliver of your stomach shows from beneath your shirt and he almost groans outwardly.
Marc takes over quickly.
“Good morning.”, he says loudly. It startles you to a stop. You purse your lips in a small awkward smile when his stare doesn’t move from your form.
You pad through his apartment looking through the various books and decorations Steven had scattered around the flat. You stare at the tank, watching as the two fish within swim around together, making circles around each other.
Marc is in the kitchen making breakfast, stirring a spatula and glancing behind him as you round the tank, quickly finding a seat on his kitchen island. Jake’s newspaper was on the table, along with his breakfast and mug of coffee. A plate slides over in front of you pushing his now cold food to the side.
“Jake didn’t even finish his breakfast.”
“He’ll get over it.”
You chuckle, wincing when you feel a throbbing pain along your head.
"God, I feel like shit."
He looks at you in concern, immediately coming to your side and leaning down to your level. You grumble when he moves the high chair so that you faced him. His thumbs were suddenly pressing against your forehead, tracing circles against the sides and warmly placing his palms on the sides of your head. You sigh when you feel some pain relieved.
He steps closer and your hands meet his sides, pulling him in close enough to have your head against his chest. You groan when you breathe in deeply, you couldn’t control the way your hands were pulling the ends of his shirt up slowly, your fingers skimming over the skin of his waist and gliding over to the expanse of his back.
His heart stops when you nuzzle into his pecs, your nose skimming along his chest and pressing deeper in order to take in his scent fully.
You suddenly stop when his hands move to your scalp, massaging your head in comfort.
“I’m sorry.”, you mumble.
“I’m being weird-“
“It’s fine.”
You look up, your eyes in a haze.
“I mean I’m okay with it.”, he gulps.
You quirk a brow, skeptically.
“You sure?”
He nods and your hand raises to his neck, caressing into the nape of where strands of his hair end.
“I want to kiss you.”
His look of shock breaks you out of your daze. The position you were in was very compromising. Your hand was already up his shirt, skimming over his chest and abdomen, your other hand was going to pull him towards your head and you were already licking your lips in anticipation.
You lean away, almost shoving the chair to the floor from how rapidly you shot up from it.
“Oh shit- I-“
He cups your face in his hands, his eyes pleading. He was so close, he messed it up by acting like a fool. Your bumbling was stopped when he leaned down to your lips, his mouth on top of yours roughly. His tongue tasted like coffee, and as you deepen the kiss, pressing yourself against his body, now leaning against the counter, you could smell his shampoo and soap. Your fingers thread through his hair, tussling it as his lips trailed down to your jaw.
He smelled like musk and cinnamon. You swear you could smell his cologne as if he knew this would happen as you both woke up.
You yelped when he crouched slightly, picking you up by the backs of your thighs and entangling them over his waist. The plates on the table were pushed away and they fell to the floor. You could vaguely hear them crash and the food splatter over the ground.
You watch his hair as you play with it, his mouth sucking bruises into your neck loudly. Your moans fill the room, the sound of your hips grinding against the table top was making Marc groan into the side of your neck, his hands wander over to your chest and thigh and squeeze to where he could feel your nipples erect against the cups of your bra and the muscles in your legs twitch.
As he lifts his head you open your eyes lazily, your eyes having rolled back from the immense pleasure you felt from his tongue gliding along the column of your throat.
Your eyes shoot open and he pauses, about to kiss you again. You were looking behind him, your breath stuttering and your body suddenly leaning away from him.
“Khonshu…”, you whisper.
He turns only to be met with the god watching from his arm chair, his legs crossed and his head in his palm. His foot taps loudly against the floor.
Your hand meets Marc’s shoulder, he turns back to you. Your gaze falls over his face, his lips red and swollen, his eyes shining in lust and confusion.
“I should go.”, you say carefully.
You ignore his dumbfounded look towards you, the way his dick was straining over his sweatpants and his look of anger towards his living room. You slide down the table slowly, purposely avoiding touching him as you go to the bedroom to look for your shoes.
You come back to find them both glaring at each other. Marc sits on the high chair, his form hunched over and gripping the chair tightly and Khonshu now stands, his hands placed in front of him like a statue.
You stand awkwardly between the two, fiddling with your hands and playing with the strap of your bag. You interrupt Marc’s glare.
“Thank you for letting me stay and for the…”
You look to the floor, covered in breakfast.
He stands, his brows pinched as he leads you to the door. You were about to leave before he grabbed your wrist, pulling you to him and making you turn. He kisses you again, holding your waist close to his and your neck against his palm to deepen it. You hold onto his shoulders when his lips take over yours, sloppily moving enough to make vulgar noises and to make you whimper at his eagerness.
Your nails push against the skin of his shoulder harshly as he presses you against his erection, you part with a moan, feeling him throb against your stomach.
He grunts when he lets go, momentarily resting his forehead against yours and staring into your eyes deeply, his brows still furrowed as if it was an inconvenience that you were leaving.
“Call me when you get home safe.”
You nod and he gives you a chaste kiss on the cheek. The door closes softly and you stare for a few moments, gathering your wits.
You look around the hallway, embarrassed. An old woman from down the hall caught the interaction, she looks away as if she hadn’t, her palms resting over her cheeks as if to call away her blush. You avoid looking in her direction as you enter the elevator.
Khonshu stands behind you in the mirrored panels of the elevator and you avoid looking in his direction too.
You’ve never gotten the attention of men. You were too busy in your studies to notice them, too preoccupied to try. So when Khonshu appears before you, in various outfits he had made up in order to fit with your task at hand, trying to make you lighten up and for the sole purpose of amusement you didn’t think anything of it. You definitely weren’t thinking anything about the fact that a man from your group was eyeing you like prey.
You were in an excavation, your gear being strapped onto you carefully by a man you’ve only met recently. His hands skim over the harness, pulling on it to make sure it was secure. He skimmed over your ass, which you chose to ignore, just wanting to get down to the tombs you were assigned to search through. But then he laid his hand on you, subtly squeezing.
You freeze as he laugh, your whole body going cold at his wink.
Khonshu appears, still in his tan pants and white shirt he made appear to make you laugh a few moments before since he was supposedly matching with your outfit, and stares down at you. He watches as the man leaves.
“I have a task for you.”
“Can we not right now-“
“It’s important.”
You purse your lips, nodding despite the way your hands were starting to shake.
The inside of the tombs made you feel a sense of security. The walls of brick and stone were so familiar to you at this point that your own home was drab in comparison. You glance behind you, making sure you were alone.
Your suit envelopes your form, and you suddenly have more confidence to go further into the darkness of the tombs and tunnels. He told you which way to turn, leading you towards a room which had multiple entryways. You kneel, and follow his instructions.
You slice your palm and hold your hand over the hieroglyphs in the center of the room. You tighten your hands into a fist, trying to get as much blood out from your open cut. You hiss when your nails press against your open wound. Khonshu whispers, kneeling in front you. You couldn’t hear him from how quiet he was.
When you relax your hand and turn your palm, your cut was gone. Khonshu stands, looming over you.
You look up at him in confusion.
“I thought you said we were performing a ritual.”
“We are. Now scream.”
You look around the room, you look up at him, your confusion was written on your face plainly. The tip of his beak meets your nose.
“Call for help.”
They heard your pleas for minutes on end. The sound of your voice eventually getting louder the more hurried they became. People rushed in the room as you huddled in the middle, crouching and covering your head in a cower.
The entries all slam shut with slabs of stone when the last person comes in. You finally look up.
You didn’t know where the creatures came from, they just crawled out of their tombs surrounding the center. For a moment they sniffed the air, turning to you before twitchingly turning back. The men who accompanied you in the excavation started screaming and you laid still watching in horror as the mangled bodies of soldiers from the past stalked towards them.
You closed your eyes tightly, trying to muffle the sound of their garbled screams with your palms and not succeeding. When you opened them their bodies were strewn across the floor, the stone slabs were reopening and the soldiers were gone. The man who groped you was dragged in your direction, his mouth forever agape and staring straight at you.
“If anyone had a right to touch you it would be me.”
You blink up at him, he watches as the entrance from where you came from was being opened again. The stone lifting shakily, some pieces falling from its age.
“I understand why mortals would want such a beautiful thing. It is in their nature to treat such creatures poorly. I could never truly understand why humans let such things go to waste.”
His staff moves under your chin, even if you couldn’t feel it, you move your head up so that he could lean in closer.
“I will not let them taint you, my golden one.”
"I don't", you lean against the wall heavily, your mask receding as you take a full breath in.
"I don't feel good. Khonshu.", you whine. He appears at your call. He feels a hint of doubt as he sees you clucthing your stomach, beads of sweat accumulating above your brow and your face twisted in agony.
You look up at him with tears in your eyes. He has the urge to hold you.
"What's happening to me?", you plead.
"I thought you could heal me. The suit- I thought- God" You groan as another stabbing pain rocks your body; you fall to your knees.
He hums, crouching above you and tilting his head.
"I cannot. You need Marc."
Images of Marc and Jake and Steven swirl in your mind, voices whisper his name to you repeatedly, bouncing around your mind until the echos mash together and become louder. You hold your head in between your hands, whimpering as you close your eyes tightly. The only thing you could see behind your eyelids were imprints of images of his hands, his arms, his body.
"Marc.", you moan. Your whole body aches to move, but the pain renders you immobile. Khonshu attempts to pet your head, his hand meeting it without you feeling it. He can feel how soft you were, how fragile you were in this condition.
You looked up at him, your eyes pleading, begging for some sort of relief. You close your eyes despite not really feeling the touch of his palm on your cheek.
It was like a cool breeze against you, bumps rise over your skin at the affection. You wish you could feel his warmth for yourself.
"I will call for him, but you must get home. Safe."
You nod, closing your eyes tightly as he stood back up. The walk back home was excruciating, but as you stumbled to bed, stripping yourself of your clothing you started to feel better. He watches as you tear your clothes off, your gaze set dazedly to your bed.
You didn't even notice him stalking closer, moving around you as you exposed yourself. He watches as you cup the swells of your breasts as if you were covering your decency, pulling your underwear down lazily with your fingertips, teasingly for him, making it plop down onto the floor.
You shiver from the cold. The hair on your arms rising. He pauses when you turn to him, your stare intense. They travel along his form, watching as his head tilts in question and he stands up straighter, his head almost bumping to the ceiling. You look away when he freezes still. As you get onto the bed your hand covering your breast falls to your side, your legs spreading.
Your eyes looked as if they were glazed over, staring at the ceiling. He can see them start to close as you sink further into your mattress, burrowing yourself under your sheets. Your mind was starting to fog up, drifting from the way you felt horrible seconds ago to the ache between your legs whenever you rubbed your thighs together.
You think of his booming voice, how raspy and deep it was, how it brought chills down your spine as he whispered commands to you almost every day. You think of his praises, the way he hums his encouragements to your devotion and worship. You think of the way he gives you small pleasures, showing you the way to hidden passages to tombs and telling you of history even the most prestigious historians didn’t know.
The way he told you he cared for you, showed you that you belonged to him with visions of those who you’ve interacted with in various forms of death. You in various forms of pleasure and the most shocking of all your body through various stages of pregnancy with gowns and jewels covering your form, which you’ve chosen to make yourself believe was something you made up entirely.
He often pictures you with a faceless body above you, it’s body pressing you down to your mattress as they thrust. Those visions felt real, so much so that you would wake up with a sticky mess between your thighs, your underwear pressing against you and covered in your wetness. Sometimes when you closed your eyes afterwards you could feel the warmth of the body, kissing down your neck and pressing against your stomach as your cunt throbbed.
You moan as you suddenly think of Marc's hands, the way his muscles bulge as he moves. His soft smile when he checks in on you after a mission and his frown, making his jawline defined and his brows sharp as he retorts back at Khonshu. Your infatuation from before you were introduced to him increased tenfold.
He kissed you as if he has yearned for you for years. You thought it was impossible, that whenever he looked at you with hunger in his eyes as you hugged him from the side or even gave him a kiss to his cheek as a form of greeting, you made it up in your head. Your childish crush which was demolished the moment he spoke his first words to you were nonexistent at that point. You thought the best you could do was friendship and you’ve accepted it as so.
Now you think of the way his hands gripped your waist, how he groaned into your ear whenever you pressed your hips to his erection. How big he was even through the thick fabric of his sweats.
A sharp don't stops your hands from moving downwards and between your thighs. You open your eyes sharply.
“Wait for us.”
His hand passes over your head and the world gets covered in darkness.
“You remind me of Layla.”
You feel a prickle go down your spine. You and Marc had barely become friends, he doesn’t really talk about his life, instead opting to ask about yours despite how shortly you answer his questions. The very little time you have in missions where you weren’t fighting were few and far in between.
Steven was fronting today and he apologized for his past behavior. You made him nervous because you were in a field he was highly interested in. You smiled sweetly at that, especially when he told you all about the books he reads and the small trinkets he had in his flat. You even promised you would give him a tour of one of the sites you were currently working on if he ever happens to want to travel to the U.S. You chuckled when he blushed, a smile breaking out on his face at the fact that he met someone who had the same hobbies.
He envies Marc. He wasn’t able to pursue you, but he knew eventually Marc would have you with his mysterious and tough guy act, despite not being able to tell you his feelings outright, which would make things much easier for the trio. Instead Jake and Steven had to watch from afar as he tries to flirt with you in the most subtlest ways. You just thought that was how he was with everyone, therefore, the advances were met with kind smiles and laughs.
Sometimes you let the compliments and teases get to you, making you stutter in your step and words.
You were watching from the roof of an abandoned building, waiting for some crooks to come in and to finally make your presence known for an ambush. Khonshu was sitting on the roof opposite of you both, watching as you ate sandwiches Steven made and packed.
“Figured if Khonshu was going to choose another avatar it would be her.”
Now you look up at him, your eyes narrowing.
“Who’s Layla?”
You could see him choke on his food. His fist beats against his chest repeatedly and he chokes loudly. You just watch as he stumbles over himself, asking what you just asked and that he didn’t know what he was talking about. He curses himself for mentioning her, what person would like to be compared to someone else. Marc will probably try to kill him when he finds out that he mentioned his ex wife to his, hopefully, wife in the near future.
“Khonshu?”, you whisper. He turns, catching a glimpse of your hands tightly wound in fists, Steven staring wide eyed as you motioned him to you.
He was suddenly over you both and you look up, your eyes staring up at him sternly.
“Who’s Layla?”
You couldn’t help but glance in Steven’s direction, narrowing your eyes as the name passed your lips.
“Marc’s wife.”, he says plainly, as if he were bored.
Your brows furrowed before your eyes widened. You looked back at Steven, now Jake, as he stared back at you. Steven must have been stressed from his little slip up.
“You have a wife?”
Jake shrugged a shoulder. Your lips twitched. You choose to ignore the sting in your stomach.
“Her work is impressive, she reunites stolen artifacts back to their places of origins.”, Khonshu says.
Your heart jumps. Some would say you do the opposite, that in uncovering artifacts and valuable items you are disrupting rather than bringing knowledge towards the present.
“She is a strong woman and can hold her own in a battle.”, Khonshu continues.
He watches you intently as he continues his praise. Something about watching you shift uncomfortably in your seat and watching your eyes water in seething discomfort made him say more.
“She is very kind and noble. A rare sight for humans in this day and age. Not many would understand that kind of goodness in the world. She would have made a worthy avatar to any god.”
Jake watches as you make yourself smaller. He thought it would be fun to tease you. He knew you had a small crush on them, he didn’t know that by mentioning his ex wife you would completely turn the other way at their advances, only looking for friendship because of his vague answer on wether or not he has a wife.
He didn’t know it would affect you so much, that you would compare yourself to her whenever you trained, that you worked harder than ever to be better for Khonshu. Almost always working yourself to the bone from then on.
The way you punched your enemies was harder, the way you sliced and cut was much more precise. Marc noticed of course, he watched as you glided over each target with grace and elegance, power he had to train years for. Both of Khonshu’s fists were now fit to be marked as greats in history.
Marc didn’t know the conversation with the topic of his now separated wife happened in the first place, much to Steven and Jake’s guilt when they noticed you stopped paying any mind to his advances at all.
Marc supposes he was already used to the way he wasn’t fully in control of his body, having another mind inside him was something he had to get used to though. His voice was louder than Steven and Jake’s but he supposes that was because of his sense of self importance. He feels his hands go down his body, patting down his chest and legs as if he was trying out a new suit.
He was currently naked, watching himself from a long mirror as he stood tall. He would have laughed if it wasn’t his body someone else was currently exploring. His jaw cracks as he opens it to it’s full extent, his hands move over his face comically, picking at the skin and prodding at his brow as he moved through various facial expressions.
He hums as he treads his fingers through his hair, it was soft because of Marc’s adamant routine, making sure each wave and slight curl of his hair was well kept despite the lack of efforts from Steven and Jake.
“You done?”, Marc interrupts, a semblance of control back to him as he speaks. His hands were moving down south towards his well endowed appendage. He could feel Khonshu’s appreciation. He’s met with an image of you in your bed, your legs spread wide and your head thrown back. You were stretched out on what seemed like a dildo. He almost stumbles back at the sounds of your moans and the silicon slapping against your skin.
“Surely you’ll bring her immense pleasure… You certainly have the size…”
“How do you-“
“I know her inside and out.”
“Right.”, he snides. He grimaces at the thought that he probably knew you more than he did. He’s seemingly always around you, even after missions. He wonders if you ever find him as a pest, lurking as you go through everyday life, most likely having him watch your every move.
“Are you sure about this Marc Spector?”
He nods, pulling on a shirt roughly.
“We’re not getting any younger and she’s the one. I know she is.”
“If you hurt her I will remind you of your disposability.”
His boxers fit snuggly around his crotch, his erection straining against the fabric. He stares at the mirror as he combs back his hair and checks his teeth. The steam from his shower was making condensation appear on his face, making him look flush.
“Good.”, he replies.
You woke up in the evening from hunger. You’ve been asleep the whole day and you felt refreshed, bursting with energy as you got changed quickly. You get a pleasant chill when you think of the morning.
You smile just thinking about it, butterflies erupt in your stomach.
By the time you made it back home it was still nighttime in the states, you’ve noticed that your haze and fatigue reoccur when the moon was out, making it hard to function.
The past few days have made you concerned.
For a few moments you think of calling for Khonshu, asking him what it all meant and if he could help you, but then the door rang, startling you from stirring from your pot. You turn the dial to let your stew simmer, grabbing a towel from your kitchen as you move towards the door.
You look on in shock as you open the door, widening it as you take in Marc’s presence in front of you. You don’t say anything, and he doesn’t either. He was staring at you with wide eyes, keeping his amazement barely contained. You were so close to him now, he could make out the moles on your face, the individual lashes that lined your eyes.
“Hey.”, you husk out, gripping the door tightly.
He could shudder. He learned that when he is in human form everything becomes amplified. Your voice was magnificent, your scent was sweeter and the way your tongue passes over your lips from your nerves makes him want to hold it between his teeth.
“You… uhm…”
You didn’t know what to say. It looked as if he was on the verge of tears, his nostrils flared as your hand met his shoulder.
“You wanna come-“
His hands reach over your head, already pulling you closer from where your head and neck meet. The kiss was something. Definitely not like the one you had hours before. You could even describe it as uncoordinated, overly tonguey and inexperienced. Your hand meets his shoulder as he puffs gasps of breath and he departs from your lips.
He takes in your confused expression. Cupping his face, you move his head from side to side. He flushes when you get closer, your brows furrowing in concern. His eyes roll to the back of his head from the feeling of your thumbs running over his cheek.
Marc chuckles inside his head, feeling the body flush in slight embarrassment and a sudden surge of happiness.
“You okay? That was- that was a lot.”
You were taken aback from the way he practically yelled in your face. He adjusts when he sees you wince.
“I-I’m alright.”, he stutters.
You nod, glancing to your side when you catch a whiff of your food. He watches as your face brightens up, as well as the jiggle of your ass as you jog towards your kitchen, gesturing to him to follow.
You weren’t wearing any underwear; your shirt was large enough so that he couldn’t really see your breasts swaying as you reached up to one of your cabinets for some bowls.
He could see the way you tugged your sleep shorts up your hips, your ass peaking from beneath the thin fabric.
“Sit.”, you yell over your shoulder, holding up a steaming bowl and gesturing to a chair.
As you place the bowls on the table, now full of meat and vegetable you grimace. It was getting dark in your apartment; the sun was setting quickly, and the light was depleting in your room. You close the blinds and turn on the lights of each room, illuminating everything in a soft orange glow.
For a moment you stand watching as the full moon rises from your kitchen window, your eyes set on it sternly.
You were drunk or at least acting like one considering you only took sips so far and your first bottle was half full. The moon was out fully and you were spewing your guts out.
It started as a joke. Marc asked what your deal was with Khonshu, why you always seemed to be so devoted to him.
You explained through slurred sentences that you were originally very devoted because of your mother. And then you met him, and your feelings started developing with his praise and his constant presence.
“I do all these things for him, and he doesn’t even care. I love him and he says he cares about me. He tells me I’m different and special and I deserve everything I have. I tell him I love him, and he always nods along in pity. I feel like I'm being strung along, and he doesn’t realize how much he means to me…”
You turn back to him. You would never say this to anyone. You haven’t even accepted these words as truth either. In another one of your drunk and rather spur of the moment stupors you went on a tangent to the god himself.
He of course called you foolish for your feelings, saying how it was impossible for anything to happen. But you swore you heard him whisper that he would if he could, that he cares for you despite your mortality as you tucked yourself in to sleep.
You acted as if you didn’t remember that night, as if you didn’t know why he was acting more kindly to you the days after.
The visions happened no soon after. The questions of whether or not you had a good night’s sleep when he showed images of a body plowing you through your mattress as well. You remember how he appeared before you as you masturbated, watching as you arched your back and moaned his name into the night. He was the one whispering in your ear to have sweet dreams, that you did a good job bringing pleasure to his body, his prized possession moments before.
You were his jewel, his golden one, his favorite possession.
“Y’know?”, you murmur. Steven scoffs, Jake purses his lips and Marc just stares. He stares at you, narrowing his eyes and thinking to himself that you really were lost. Too lost in the thoughts of a god who can’t be the lover you want him to be. You were a religious zealot, not for your own salvation, not because you believed in the religion, but because you believed in him.
A mortal couldn’t possibly be that gullible, to believe a god would step down and be with them. Now as he feels Khonsu own presence in him he reaches out for your hand.
He acts as if he was comforting you, but in reality Khonshu felt something akin to sadness. As if he too was somber at the thought that you felt this way.
“I know the feeling.”, Marc responds. Your eyes widen at the hint of bitterness in his tone.
“I’m sorry.”, you say. He just chuckles and looks on forward. You were so ignorant sometimes. You didn’t focus on his feelings for you, you didn’t focus on anyone's feelings other than your own. It was laughable when he thinks on it.
You were strung up on some bird man and he was left to watch as his feelings swerved past you. He looks at you now, down and depressed your emotions and thoughts amplified and only the truth being able to fall from your lips.
His lips purse in thought.
His hand slides away from your own as if you had burned him and he turns inquisitively.
“Do you think of me?”
Your eyes flicker to your hands holding a beer bottle and swipe at the condensation dribbling down the sides. Your brows furrow in confusion.
“What do you mean?”, you grumble. Your perplexed look makes him shake his head. His head lowers and leans towards yours, now slumping against the table, looking up at him as he inspects you.
The cold of the table makes you sigh contently. Your body was buzzing.
“Do you fuck yourself thinking of me at night?”, he whispers harshly in your ear. You surge up, your body heating and your eyes snapping to his stern gaze. Your hand lets go of the bottle as you try to lean away, and he quickly traps your fingers against the table.
“Or do you think of Khonshu?”
You shake your head. You wanted to say neither, but your lips couldn’t form the words.
He watches you try to stutter out a response. Your lips only mumbling.
“I-Uh. I don’t-”
He almost smirks at the way sweat started to bead up on your forehead. You were embarrassed and shaking, he didn’t know if it was because of the daze Khonshu put you in or because of your slight tipsiness.
“Who is it then?”, he asks mockingly. You freeze when his hand smooths over your head.
“Who?”, he coos.
Heat curls up in your stomach. His proximity made it so that you felt as if you couldn’t breathe.
“Both of you.”, you breathe out and he kisses your head, cupping the back of your it and massaging into your scalp.
You stare up at him, mesmerized by how delicately he caresses you, how delicately he places his lips along your face, breathing you in as he keeps himself against you.
He kisses you deeply, his hands on either sides of your face and making you whimper as he scoots in closer.
You watch as he leans back, his eyes focusing on your intently. You shiver when his eyes glowed, your mind going blank as he spoke.
"You're ready for us."
"Think of the children you could give me. The world would be in your gratitude."
Their words echo together. His loud voice booms behind Marc's. You keen.
His rough and calloused hands rub over your plump flesh. He hasn’t taken a mortal in carnal passion in what seems like a millennium. He feels his cock pulse at the sight of your puffy cunt, slick with arousal and ready for him.
Your head turns from side to side desperately, as if you were trying to gasp for air. The sheets beneath you ruffle with your movement. His hands massage into your thighs, squeezing as if he were testing your pliability.
"Please, give me your children. Breed me.”
He could feel Marc’s satisfaction at your words, his own was pulsing around the body, culminating on his cock and making him groan in surprise.
He wasn’t used to the way his body craved to get closer to yours, at least not so urgently. He feels as if that was one of Marc’s traits. He didn’t realize how much he wanted you.
In a selfish way he feels pride, you were his possession, he owned you and others wanted you for themselves. He would laugh, but the sight of your slick glistening over the sheets made him pause.
“Drink from her nectar, Spector.”
He relents the body, wanting to watch as he praised your body. Worshipping you as his possessions should be worshipped. His hands go under your thighs, lifting you up and tugging you closer.
He salivates at the way you spread your legs open wider as he hunches down, his breath making you shiver.
Your breath stutters as his hands squeeze your cheeks, spreading them slightly as he noses along your folds.
"You look like a goddess. You are a goddess.", he whispers throatily against your cunt, flattening his tongue over your opening repeatedly, making you gasp out in the right amount of pressure you needed.
You tried helplessly to lift your hips, to have more friction against your clit but his hands on your ass keep you steady and still, pushing you up whenever he wanted and in sporadic intervals.
His own hips thrust into the air. As you turn your head you watch as his cock bobs, his balls swaying as he groans into you sending vibrations to your lower half.
You tighten your hands against the sheets, your back arching as he whispers into you.
He's dreamed of this. His mouth against your pussy, swallowing your slick and savoring your taste. Nights were rough, especially when he was reminded of how you weren't his yet.
He couldn't keep his mouth shut. He thinks Khonshu had something to do with it.
You close your eyes tightly as he talks lowly, telling you about how he was enamored with your beauty the second he saw you, how he hated himself for the way he acted when he first met you, how much he wanted to pull you down on his cock when you uttered a passive hello or goodbye.
He was obsessed with you, he murmured, watching you from afar without you knowing, following you home a couple times from his need to be closer.
You almost cum when he starts to suck on your clit. Pulling away only to look up at you and tell you how Jake fucks others thinking of you, how they never satisfied him.
And Steven, poor Steven. He yearns for partnership; he studies until his eyes burn every time you mention something new he wasn't particularly knowledgeable in. He wanted to be able to talk to you about anything and everything.
He wanted to impress you, often watching in on Jake's sessions and the way he treats his partners sometimes with care and sometimes with rough touches that leave bruises.
He was like Mac in that aspect, guessing how you liked things in bed and imagining those situations as he pumped himself in the shower. Were you sensitive? Would you cum faster if he pumped you with his fingers?
Would you like them to domineer you, or would you like to take the reins? Steven thinks he could do both, Marc would only submit to you. The way you tell them what to do makes them think you would like that.
The way you follow Khonshu's instructions diligently makes them think you would like to let go as well.
When he would feel you get close he would bring his lips to your soft thighs, kissing around your mound and watching with diligent eyes as you tried to catch your breath.
You were trembling by the sheer amount of times he’s let up, breathing heavily and choking on your spit as he massages your calf.
His body shadows over you and you whine. Tears fall from your eyes as he looks into yours intently. His finger press into you, making you exhale shakily. Your hips move in time with his thrusts.
He watches your face intently, wound tight as you suppress the urge to groan as he pushes another finger, scissoring and stretching you to prepare you for his cock.
“You will be my goddess. My vessel…”
Your eyes shoot open. Khonshu's voice coming from Marc's lips was shocking, for a few moments you forget how he was knuckles deep inside you, his shaft rubbing against your thighs.
You cup his face, your mouth open in awe as you note the glow in his eyes. He looks down on you his gaze set on the way your chest heaved. He imagined them swelling, nipples darkening and filling with milk for his children, your children. The perfect children of his two most prized possessions.
"Is it really you?", you murmur, smoothing your knuckles over his cheeks.
He closes his eyes, pulsing from the way you touched him so gently. It was better than he expected. He thought he would feel pleasure but not so much a feeling of care and affection.
He is saddened by the thought that this could be all that he can have with you.
"Yes.", he hums. He leans into your touch. You couldn't say more. He kisses you tenderly, much less hurriedly than before. He takes his time to taste your tongue, your lips as he bites into your soft flesh.
His mouth glides against your throat.
“Let me please you.”, you gasp, spreading your legs wide and entangling them around his waist.
Your bed was old, the mattress was springy, and the bed frame was wobbly. Anyone could tell, especially as he flipped you over, having you straddling him as you sunk deeper onto his pelvis.
The stretch made you groan. He couldn't contain his sounds either, the feeling of you enveloping him made him desperate for your movement.
Your strength amused him. He watches, a slight smirk gracing his lips as you grind and move and bounce atop him, chasing pleasure from him and trying to give him some as well.
You were far too weak to hold yourself up for much longer, your legs on the verge of collapse and your thighs burning. You hold onto him tighter, your hands gliding over his thick shoulders and squeezing.
You press your chest to his, your hips were slamming against his own and his head was buried in your neck, sucking and bruising your skin until it was sore and sensitive.
“You’ll experience many changes, stardust.”, he says sternly, his voice booming, a little shake in his tone from the way his balls started to ache, his cock pulsing in preparation.
You feel him groan, almost as if he were in pain. He inhaled deeply and his head lifts from your chest.
“You’re so beautiful.”
You knew that it was Marc. If not for the way he stared at you as if he were in deep yearning, wanting and watching for your approval, then it was for the way he spoke, strained, his voice hoarse and deep. A voice that was only his.
You close your eyes tightly and relish in it. Your hips slowing down and his hands coming down from your hips to your waist, his touch roaming to your ass and squeezing, pushing you against him as he started to thrust in his impatience.
Your broken moans increased in volume as he manually rolled you against him, your body now flimsily following along to his ministrations as if you were a rag doll.
He pushes you back down on the bed, smoothing his palms over your thighs and lifting your calves up and around his waist. Your hands slot where his neck and shoulder meet, your fingers thread through his locks urging his lips closer to you.
“You're going to look so beautiful with my baby. I’ve always wanted to fill you up.”, he groans, his lips barley inches away from yours.
“Want me to make you a mommy?", he grunts.
Your eyes shoot open. A pleasant chill runs down your whole body, you almost roll your eyes to the back of your head.
He hears you hold in your moan.
"You're gonna look so good swollen with our baby."
You breathe heavily, moaning as he presses his lips against your neck roughly, he muffles your moans as his hips stall against yours grinding and rubbing against your clit.
"Don't you want a family with me?"
You nod frantically, your mind blank at that point, only feeling his heavy body on top of you, groping at your flesh and making you feel as if you were going to implode.
"Yes. Please, Marc."
His balls tighten, you yell out gasping for breath and it all comes in waves.
His seed pushes itself deep inside you, you could almost feel the way it fills you, hot and scalding, bubbling up and accumulating enough so that some of it spills over his length.
The wetness covers your thighs and his pelvis.
The orgasm was intense, something you've never felt before. Marc watches as you tremble and shake, your voice breaking from the way he continues to thrust despite the way he burns.
He collapses on top of you when he finishes, completely sucked out of his life and feeling a surge of fatigue. He feels him leave. Your soft moans distract him from the fact.
Your chest heaves with every breath, your mouth parting as you gulp for air. He can feel your sweat on his brow, he can hear your heart beat erratically from your chest, slowly calming as he presses his damp chest against your stomach.
He sighs when your hand moves to caress his head, your other hand trailing over his shoulders and up his neck, pulling him in closer.
"I love you.", he says, staring at the walls of your bedroom, keeping his cheek pressed against your chest and his hands coming up to squeeze your hip and stomach.
He didn't see the way your brow furrowed.
Khonshu stands now watching, his hands wound tightly around his staff as he looks away from the scene in front of him. The product of his intentions, the soon to be created life he willed with his actions.
This is what he wanted. You wanted what he did.
Your heart hammers in your chest, Marc feels it, Khonshu feels it.
"I love you too."
Tag list of Beautiful people:
@sparkythefallen1 @caliixr @xcraftystormx @tuesdays-suck-for-tuesdays @gothmothsiren @lillithpanda @nonamecjk @draggolblackthorn @damreonsgirl @doveyyy @alexxavicry @red-plaidedandcladed @overgrowncorpse @aujenaeblaze @kiarazulasthings @unkn0wn2024 @lepagera-blog @winnie-g @the-legend-of-sheik @thewitchlandz @undermoonlightwalk @star-trekker-0013 @strangersomeone @lotuspeach @moonlight-and-stars @since-im-already-here @acunningstargazer @karmarouge @luckyheart-67676 @ohnosy
I couldn’t tag some of you I don’t know why 🥲
A/n: Was reader honest in the end there? Idk chat...
Comment below what you think!!! This was long af :) lmaoa
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Tumblr media
Main Masterlist | 25 Days of Ficmas Masterlist
Day 1: Secret Santa
Pairing: Steven Grant x Fem!Reader
CW: Fluffy as fuck
Summary: Donna begrudgingly agrees to let the gift shopists have a Secret Santa event this year, as long as it's on their own time. You're nervous/excited about the name you end up pulling.
Tumblr media
You smiled as you held the neatly folded piece of paper in your hands, carefully shielding it so no one else could see what name you drew from the Christmas hat. You knew it was him before you'd even read it, you’d recognise that rushed handwriting anywhere - rushed but still written with care.
You were blushing and smiling to yourself, so caught up in daydreaming of what gift you'd get him that you didn't even notice Steven across the room with a similar dopey grin. He read your name to himself as he clutched the tiny slip of paper and gently tucked it away in his pocket.
"Perfect opportunity, buddy... Can finally tell her how you feel..." Marc's voice chimed in as he was putting his things into his bag for the journey home from work.
"Just let me think, yeah? I've got to run by the shops and find the perfect gift before the party tomorrow." Steven finished closing up and began his walk home, planning to stop by a little antique shop to do some browsing.
At least, that was the way he wanted to spend the evening. Khonshu, on the other hand, had different plans.
You were tapping your foot nervously as you watched your coworkers chat and exchange presents, sipping punch someone had spiked as Christmas music played through the gift shop's fuzzy intercom. It was a nice party, with a pretty decent turn out. Donna hadn't come, which was a relief as you were all sure she'd dampen the vibe.
You held the gift box in your lap as you kept an eye on the entrance, willing Steven to stumble in late any minute. But as the clock kept moving, the drinks kept flowing, and soon - everyone else was good and drunk and ready to go home.
You sighed, looking down at the gift you'd spent hours assembling and wrapping to perfection, with a dark blue wrapping and a gold ribbon tied into a bow to keep it closed. You wondered if he forgot. Or fell asleep. Or didn't care to come - which didn't sound like Steven, but you didn't know how he felt about the holidays. All the times you'd chatted about it over stocking merchandise, he'd always shrugged with a laugh and claimed he didn't remember childhood Christmases.
Which only made you want to give him his gift even more.
As you tucked the box into your winter coat, you wrapped your scarf around your neck and braved the snow as you made your way to Steven's flat. It wasn't far from your own, and you hoped you wouldn't be imposing.
But as you passed couples with hot cocoa, and families with last minute shopping bags, you decided no one should spend Christmas Eve alone. So you sped up your walk, and soon found yourself at his doorstep.
You knocked a few times, and just when you'd almost given up and turned to leave - the door opened abruptly.
"Y/N! Hi!" Steven said as he squinted, shielding his eyes from the florescent lighting in the hallway. "Please, come in!"
You stepped inside shyly, hiding the present in your coat as he shut the door and finished buttoning his flannel shirt, anxiously pushing his hair from his face.
"Took a bit of a nap after work, I suppose. What brings you round? Did I leave something at work?" He asked kindly as he made his way to his little kitchenette, fetching a kettle to start some tea, you guessed.
"No, that's not why I'm here. Listen, I'm sorry if I'm imposing. I just... You didn't come to the work party, so I wanted to stop by and make sure you weren't alone for Christmas Eve."
Steven sat the kettle down on the counter as he stared at you with wide eyes, his mouth slightly agape.
"Shit. What day is it?" Marc hissed inwardly, matching Steven's thoughts exactly.
"I - I missed the holiday party?" Steven asked with genuine concern as his eyebrows knitted together.
You furrowed your brows as you shifted on your heels. It was then that Steven took a better look at your outfit, your tights and nice shoes, and the way your hair was done in a way you never wore to work. He drug his hand down his face as he let out a frustrated groan.
"Gods, not again..." He sighed as he filled the kettle with water and set it on the hot stove eye.
"Again?" You asked with concern, watching curiously as he made his way back to where you stood in the entryway.
"I have a... Sleeping condition," he explained nervously as he motioned to the couch. "Please, sit."
You followed him to sit down as he cleared his throat, preparing for any questions or comments that usually came when he missed things unexplainably. But you didn't have any. It didn't matter. All that mattered to you was that you were here with him, and could finish Secret Santa.
You pulled the gift box from your coat slowly and watched as Steven's eyes lit up - and then his face fell.
"No. You got me?" He laughed as you handed him the box.
You nodded with a smile as his cheeks turned a dark shade of pink. "Well go on, open it!"
He carefully untied the bow as you waited with anticipation. He lifted the lid off of the box and his eyes sparkled with wonder and surprise.
"Oh, you didn't... What is all this?" He asked joyfully, setting the lid down as he looked down at all the little things you'd neatly packed in the box: A set of cozy Christmas pajamas, a stocking with an S on it, a copy of Home Alone and a small, slim box tucked inside of his stocking.
"I know you've said you don't remember your childhood Christmases or traditions. So I thought you could make your own," you explained as he held up his new pajamas with a smile. "This is something my family always did on Christmas Eve; we would wear our new PJs and gather round to watch this before bed.
"Oh, Y/N, this is... I don't know what to say," he said as he looked over at you with misty eyes.
"There's one more thing," you said as you reached over to pull the small box from his stocking and handed it to him.
He popped the box open with a small gasp, pulling the beautiful fountain pen out that had hieroglyphics down the side. It practically jumped off the shelf when you'd gone shopping, and screamed Steven Grant. It was pure luck. And it was a hit.
Steven all but dropped the box as he leaned over to show you the pen closely, pointing at the different symbols and telling you what each meant with excitement. This was why you picked it. This was why you couldn't wait to give it to him.
This is why you loved Steven.
"Oh, listen to me going on and on. Sorry," he blushed as he went to move away, but with an act of courage you looped your arm around his, causing him to look into your eyes as you both sat together quietly.
"You really shouldn't have done all this. It's simply too much," he said quietly, as his eyes drifted down to your lips. You were watching his too as he spoke, glancing back up to his eyes every few seconds.
"It's not enough, really," you insisted, leaning a little closer as your heart began to race. You could smell his aftershave this close, his woodsy, earthy scent filling your senses. "You deserve it."
"I feel like a fool," he said as he glanced down with furrowed brows. "I didn't get a chance to get you anything yet, I... I thought I had another day."
You reached up and held his face in your palm as he immediately melted from the contact, revelling in your touch. He looked back up and met your gaze as you leaned closer, until your lips were mere inches from his.
"All I want for Christmas is this," you whispered as you closed the gap, delightfully surprised by the soft moan that rumbled from his chest. He kissed you back even more, his hand finding your jaw as he moved closer to you on the couch to deepen the kiss.
When it finally broke, he pressed his forehead against yours, both of you breathless with warm cheeks and shy laughs.
"I'm going to get you a proper present tomorrow, so jot that down," he said as you laughed and kissed him again, sliding closer until you were practically in his lap.
"Fine. But for now, I'll settle for this," you said as you reached over and grabbed the Christmas film, holding it up with a smile.
"You want to stay and watch it with me?" He asked with genuine shock as you grabbed his shirt collar and nuzzled your nose against his.
"If you'll have me," you answered with a quick peck on his stubbly cheek.
"On one condition..." He said as he looked over his shoulder at the kettle that began screeching. "You let me make us some tea first, and we split the pajamas. You wear the top, I'll wear the bottoms?"
You giggled as you moved to let him go fetch the tea, looking over the back of the couch at him as you rested your chin on your hands.
"I don't think we'll be needing any pajamas," you said as you narrowed your eyes, nearly causing him to drop his mug on the floor.
You snuggled close to him on the couch as the movie started, cuddling into his chest as you lounged together. He kissed the top of your head as he looked down, admiring how adorable you were and how this all felt like a dream.
"Happy Christmas, Steven," you whispered as you kept your eyes on the tv.
"Happy Christmas, darling."
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Moon Knight Masterlist
Tumblr media
Moon Knight:
Moon Boys x Reader:
- Anchor - The boys and you help Marc find an anchor.
Marc Spector x Reader:
- Bright (NSFW) - Everything you do dazzles Marc.
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november fic recs:
Tumblr media
* my favourites
spencer reid x reader
not shy of a spark * @spencersmagic
fem!reader (she/her) | third person pov/spencer’s pov | hurt/comfort | sfw
a knife twists at the thought @spencersmagic
fem!reader (she/her) | third person pov | angst with a happy ending | sfw | tw: descriptions of torture
the flawless, really something kiss * @samuel-de-champagne-problems
fem!reader (one use of she/her, use of the word princess) | second person pov/spencer’s pov | fluff | sfw
1000 paper cranes * @spencersimp
fem!reader (she/her) | second person pov | fluff/soulmate au | sfw
discuss * @mxchellesworld
fem!reader (afab) | second person pov | smut | nsfw | cw: sub!spencer, oral (male receiving)
kisses make everything better @ofwilliamandwalter
gn!reader | first person pov/reader’s pov | hurt/comfort | sfw | cw: autistic!spencer, sensory overload/overstimulation
she is mine @cruxiohp
fem!wife!reader (she/her) | second person pov | fluff | sfw
teach me * @reidme
fem!reader (she/her) | second person pov | smut | nsfw | cw: sub!spencer, oral (fem receiving), piv sex
swooping in @radiant-reid
fem!reader (she/her) | third person pov/spencer’s pov | fluff | sfw
unbelievable but verified * @radiant-reid
fem!reader (she/her) | third person pov (switching) | fluff | sfw
spencer seeing readers boobs for the first time @radiant-reid
fem!reader (afab) | second person pov | fluffy not-quite-smut | bordering on nsfw, no actual smut | cw: spencer’s obsession with boobies
kaz brekker x reader
water @ell0ra-br3kk3r-writes
fem!reader (she/her) | third person pov/kaz’s pov | hurt/comfort | sfw | tw: fear of water (kaz and reader)
his whole heart @ell0ra-br3kk3r-writes
fem!reader (she/her) | third person pov | fluff | sfw | cw: kiss on the cheek from reader to kaz
kaz playing with reader’s hair * @gemma-collins-ily
gn!reader (described as having long hair) | second person pov | hurt/comfort | sfw | tw: kaz’s touch aversion, the menagerie
inej ghafa x reader
daggers * @gemma-collins-ily
gn!reader | second person pov | fluff | sfw
steven grant x reader
is that my sweater? @moonxknightx
fem!reader (no actual use of she/her or physical descriptions of the reader, could be read as gn!reader) | second person pov | fluff | sfw
beautiful boy * @luvpedropascal
gn!reader | second person pov | smut, hurt/comfort | nsfw | cw: sub!steven
why do you stay? * @autmism
fem!reader (she/her) | third person pov/steven’s pov | hurt/comfort | sfw
marc spector x reader
deserve * @softlybarnes
fem!reader (afab) | second person pov | smut, angst with a happy ending | nsfw
doubt * @loki-hargreeves
fem!reader (afab) | second person pov/marc’s pov | hurt/comfort | sfw | cw: pregnancy
jake lockley x reader
come out @eyelessfaces
gn!reader | second person pov | fluff | sfw | cw: fade to black implied smut at the end
eddie munson x reader
mean!cheerleader + meeting parents trope @kissitbttr
fem!reader (she/her) | third person pov | fluff, hurt/comfort | sfw
secret @porcelaindoll-exe
fem!reader (she/her) | second person pov | hurt/comfort | sfw
ten things i like about you * @theonewiththefanfics
fem!reader (she/her) | third person pov/eddie’s pov | fluff | sfw | cw: jason carver
nice fucking try @itsoutrageouss
fem!reader (she/her) | second person pov/switching pov | hurt/comfort | sfw
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bitchyglitterfox · 19 hours
Doppelgänger - Moon Boys x Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: none just a dumb lil fic
A/n: enjoy this lil fic I wrote about them and my love for Oscar Isaac
You and Steven were watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens and you had just gotten to the part where Oscar Issac’s Character Poe appears on screen and your eyes widened. You look at Steven and give him the knowing look.
“I FUCKING KNEW IT!!” You screamed, causing Steven to jolt and pause the movie.
“Knew what love?” He turns towards you with a confused stare.
You point between him and the actor on screen, “You and Marc both look like Oscar Isaac!” You smile big and wide for him.
He gave you a skeptical look, “you think we look like him?”
You shake your head, you could never put your finger on why the actor looked so familiar to you and now you know why, he looked exactly like your boyfriends.
“yes it’s the nose! And the entire face, you guys could be doppelgängers, I knew there was a reason why I gravitated towards his movies when you were away on “business” now I know.”
“I don’t see it love but whatever you say”
You smile at him. You both went on with the movie, you cuddling a bit closer to Steven as he watched his so-called doppelgänger on the screen.
“Oh you’ve got to be shitting me, we look nothing like this guy, we are much more handsome,” Marc says fronting.
“You are way more handsome than him though, however you look like him and you can't change my mind ” you say kissing his lips.
“How many of his works have you mi corazon?” Jake asks as he begins to kiss your neck, trying to distract you from your movie.
“Mmm I wanna say 10, but that’s only when you guys are off on business saving the world,” you say smiling, “Come I’ll show you more of his works and my most favorite”.
You go on to show the boys which ones were you favorite, that included his new super hero show called Sun Squire
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80pairsofcrocs · 2 days
baby scarab || 59
@divejffsgvdhv - omg just thinking about layla finding out about bebe scarab and casper. then that talk with the moon boys, layla and yn. 😮‍💨
anon - what is there was a thing like a flooded kitchen and mk system and y/n fail at everything miserably and then layla pulls up liek “tf?” and fixes everything thing then asks “how did you ppl survive without me gd” and it’s just sort of a nostalgia chapter with all the early chapter vibes of mk system and y/n flashbacks
A/N : DAMN these requests are from A WHILE ago!! glad im getting them done :))
Tumblr media
masterlist - marvel masterlist - series masterlist
A/N : THERE IS NO MORE SCHEDULE, IM SORRY also thank you all sm for the support and requests :)))
please enjoy, and don't be shy if you want to be in the taglist, just ask <3, sorry for the long wait
pairings : steven grant x (platonic)reader, marc spector x (platonic) reader, khonshu x (platonic)reader, jake lockley x (platonic)reader
TW : medicine (pills), spidey stuff, mentions of violence, language, angst, very rushed and hard to read, mentions of sex, memories!! let me know if i missed anything.
you somehow woke up earlier than everyone else.
on a school day too, nonetheless.
so you decided to try and make breakfast for your parents.
key word is tried.
there was currently a fire blazing on a pan of burnt whatever the fuck you were making in the sink, while you ran to turn off the stove.
the smoke alarms went off, and you heard two alarmed voices.
“y/n! what happened?! are you okay?!” “oh shit! fire!” “por favor dime que no te quemaste, nena” all three of your fathers exclaim all at the same time, while layla rushed in after.
jake ends up fronting out of panic, and helps to put out the fire while layla waves a towel around the smoke detector, effectively shutting it off.
“i’m sorry i just wanted to make breakfast for you guys for letting me take a couple days off school-“
“hey don’t apologize. wait, since when do you do anything for us?” marc asks jokingly as jake lifts the burnt pan up to inspect it once the fires out.
“hey!” you start accusingly. “i do stuff for you all the time” you defend, to which marc raises an eyebrow through a mirror.
“i asked you to pick up your dirty clothes off the floor and you told me to stick it up my ass and then you shot webs in my face” marc deadpans and layla laughs before coming up to join you guys.
“you two need to be nicer to each other. i mean, hey, at least this kitchen hasn’t looked worse right?” she asks rhetorically, making you and steven make eye contact through a mirror.
"so? what's going on?" steven asks. you smile and set your phone face down on the table, your hand still resting on it. "casper doesnt need surgery, which is great since he wouldn't have to take the risk of his scoliosis getting worse." you shortly explain.
steven chuckles. "oh, that's great! i'm happy for him" he says, and you go to put your phone in your pocket but notice it won't come off your hand.
"y/n? you good?" steven asks, noticing your issue. "it wont come off" you tell him, shaking your hand to try and get your phone off.
"kid, quit joking around and eat your dinner" marc tells you from the reflection on the table.
"i'm not joking around! it wont come off" you grit out at him, holding your hand out to steven.
"pull it off" you waves your hand, and steven hesitates in doing so, but grasps the free end of your phone and tugs lightly, surprised that it wont come off.
"what in the bloody hell-" he starts, tugging harder while you're pulling back as well. "did you stick your phone in glue?"
"no! i dont know whats going on!" you exclaim worriedly.
with another strong pull from each of you, it finally comes off, making you and steven almost fall back in your chairs. you touch your hand to the table and notice that it doesn't stick. you look scared and confused at steven whos touching your phone.
"its not sticky. what on earth.." steven trails off, sliding your phone to you from across the table. "that was strange" marc points out.
you keep forming you hand into a fist trying to see if your fingers would stick, but you get nothing. you shakily sigh and nod to yourself while going back to eating.
"please pretend that didn't just happen" you request. "i don't even know what the hell just happened"
steven nods slowly, and goes back to his plate as well. the rest of the dinner being quiet, unusually quiet.
after dinner was a mess. you made a mess while helping steven clean up.
first it was when you pulled a drawer open to put clean silverware in it, and yanked it right out of the counter, silverware flying everywhere.
the next was when you were washing your dishes and you went to turn the water off, and ended up ripping the handle off and caused water to start spraying everywhere.
and the last? well it didn't exactly make a mess, more like stop one from happening.
steven had almost dropped one of your glass cups while you were turned around, but a tiny ringing in your head made you turn around and catch it right as he dropped it.
you were having a weird day, ripping drawers out of your counter, tearing off part of your sink, the whole phone incident, and now catching something you didn't even see fall.
and as of now, you were sitting on your bed, knees to your chest while holding onto your khonshu stuffed animal. steven insisted you go take a couple minutes to rest while he cleaned up.
you felt terrible.
steven doing all the work, cleaning up your messes. it wasn't fair, you should be there helping him, but you're stuck here after what just felt like a fever dream.
"child, why do you look like that?" khonshu says from on top of your dresser, slouching so that there's about an inch between the top of hi head and the ceiling.
"rude" you scoff, hanging on tighter to the soft fabric in your arms. "not like that. why are you frustrated?" he rephrases.
you sigh and lean your head on your knees. "there is something wrong with me" you mumble.
"yesterday i complained about my backpack being heavy and i literally ripped a drawer out of a counter." you take a shaky breath. "that's not normal. nothing about what just happened out there is normal!" you reply, close to shouting out of stress.
"calm down child, you'll be okay" khonshu does his best to comfort you. you're thankful for that, even though he sucks at it.
you squeeze the plushie impossibly tighter, calming your nerves.
"is that.. the tiny, soft version of me?" khonshu asks, pointing to the tiny soft version of him that is in fact in your arms. you nod and purse your lips. "yep"
"its ugly" he insults.
"you're ugly" you retort.
khonshu gasps. "take that back, mortal"
"you first" you wrap your hands around the plushies neck "i will strangle you just like i'm strangling this" you threaten.
"you wouldnt"
"i would"
"yeah? well you're small" khonshu insults again, standing up to try and intimidate you with his size. you weren't going to lie, you were very small compared to him.
"you're just a tree" you respond, getting up as well, leaving the plushie on the bed.
"i bet you can't even touch the ceiling!" khonshu starts laughing at you, tapping the ceiling with the giant moon stick he carries every where.
"oh yeah? watch me" you jump up a couple times, finally touching it the third. "see? you.. yo-you.." you trail off. you look down and see that your feet aren't touching the ground. you dart your head up, and see that all the pads of your fingers are stuck to the ceiling.
you look to khonshu, who seems as surprised as you are. your bottom lip shakes, and you try to get your hand off the ceiling, when you hear your door open.
"hey, y/n how are you fee-" steven freezes.
"help me" you say. "now. please. fuck-" you try to pry your hand off.
"alright kid, hang on" marc was fronting now. he reaches a hand up to your wrist and tries to pull it off, this time coming off easier than your phone did.
you would have fallen if marc hadn't caught you. taking his hands off your waist once he knew you wouldn't fall, he takes your hands in his and looks them over.
"marc..?" you now look visibly shaken up. "what the fucks going on?" you ask yourself.
"i'm as clueless as you are" he answers, letting go of your hands. "maybe you should see a doctor." he suggests and you shake your head.
"they are going to put me in an asylum" you shake your head more. "this!-" you gesture to your hand" -this, is not normal!" you start freaking out.
"i was just sticking to the ceiling marc. THE CEILING!" you tell him, and you stretch your arms out in a t-pose. "if i go to a doctor, they are going to transport me to area 51!" you finish and you feel a tingle on your wrist and a 'thwip' noise.
you jerk your head to the right, seeing as it was your right hand that tingled, and see what looks like a spider web stuck to your wall, a couple strands still connected to your wrist.
you slowly look to marc again, whos staring at the web in utter shock. "that just came out of you" he mutters.
"don't say it like that" you cringe. "but yeah. it did" you say in a quieter tone.
marc claps his hands all of a sudden and points at you, making you jump. "you were bit. by a spider." he says and you nod. "those are spider webs" he points to the webs on your wall.
"wheres that spider?"
"gone. reduced to atoms" khonshu cuts in. you and marc look at each other in confusion.
"is that a metaphor...?" you ask, looking back to the bird
"no, child. i destroyed it" he answers slamming his stick on the ground.
"like completely destroyed it? or just like kind of destroyed it?" you try to get him to elaborate.
"i crushed it."
"then what?"
"i saw a bird eat it"
"was the bird you?"
"is this an important conversation?" marc interrupts. "okay, so until you get this under control don't touch anything, alright?" marc directs towards you, and you nod, completely lost.
"until then.. i don't know." he shrugs. "i got nothin'" he finishes.
"what?! what do i do?! i have school tomorrow!" you try to remain calm.
"hey hey hey, calm down" marc says, and he puts a hand on each of your shoulders. "for now just try to control it a bit, okay?" he tells you, and you nod.
"alright, good, lets go sit down" he leads you to your kitchen table and gets out some sticky notes and a pen.
you sit down in the same spot you were for dinner, and marc sits down in the chair next to you. "so what exactly is happening?" he asks, getting ready to write.
"i ripped the handle off the sink"
"right. maybe its some form of super strength" marc starts scribbling on the paper.
"i was hanging onto the ceiling by my fingers" you deadpan.
"sticky hands" he writes down and you scoff. "'sticky hands?' what are you 5?" you say sarcastically. marc gives you a look. "yes. now what else?"
you hold your arm out again, and this time webbing shoots out of your wrists and towards the mirror steven was freaking out in. "web wrists" marc writes down.
"you're a child" you acuse.
marc doesn't answer, just looks at the paper in contemplation. "do the webs.. do they come out of anywhere else?" he hesitates.
you gape at him. "i sure hope not!" you smack marc in the shoulder, and of course, your hands sticks and you sigh.
"just think about it coming off" marc suggests. "what do you think i'm doing, idiot?"
"don't call me an idiot" marc warns, and you give one final yank and your hand comes off his sleeve, you both sighing out of relief.
“yeah, totally” you agree, making layla raise an eyebrow.
“anyways, i’m sure you’ve left trash in places though” she starts. “especially you, marc”
“well i’m not the one who stuffs wrappers in people’s pockets” marc looks towards you, which makes you scoff.
"hey kid, i-" marc started, but stopped when he realizes you weren't even in the room anymore. "you didn't see her leave?" marc asks steven and he shakes his head.
"we were busy talking how was i supposed to know she was going to leave?!" steven freaks out, and notices khonshu was gone as well.
"well at least khonshu is with her" steven points out. the two are silent for a moment. "i feel like that's even worse than her being alone" steven says and marc nods along.
there's a crash from the kitchen and marc looks towards you door. "oh sweet mother of god.." marc gets up off your bed and hastily makes his way out of your room where he sees khonshu perched on top of one of your kitchen counters.
marc gives the bird a questioning look, and khonshu responds by pointing at the counter that marc couldn't see behind, referring to the fact that you were probably over there.
so with a sigh, marc makes his way over behind the counter quietly, and sees you eating pop tarts with your knees to your chest.
"kid" marc starts, crouching down next to you. "what are you doing?" he asks and you look to him with distress written all over your face.
"don't talk with your mouth full" marc tells you, so you nod and swallow your food before speaking again.
"khonshu told me that i'm going to lay eggs like a spider and i dont wanna lay eggs that so gross" you slur out, shoving more of your pop tart into your mouth as marc turns to glare at khonshu.
"y/n, darling, you aren't going to.. lay eggs. don't listen to him." steven tells you from the windows reflection. you nod at him and yawn, finishing your pop tart and reaching over to stuff the wrapper in marcs pocket.
"why- nevermind." marc starts, ignoring the fact that you just used him as a garbage can. "come on, back to your room" he hooks an arm under your already bent legs and another around your shoulders, lifting you up carefully and with ease before walking back to your room, you being dead silent the whole time.
he carefully sets you down on your bed, and you immediately go to hug your pillow tightly. marc sighs and covers you with a thin blanket, since he didn't want you over heating and moving your taweret plushie so that its in front of you if you need it.
"marc?" you rasp out with your eyes now closed. "yeah?" he answers, and you sigh.
"i don't feel good" you murmur, burying your face in your pillow. "i know, just get to sleep and i promise you'll feel better when you wake up" marc tells you and you sigh tiredly again.
"promise?" you meekly ask him and he smiles slightly.
layla sighs. “both of you just help me clean this up at least, there’s burnt.. whatever that is all over the floor” she says in disgust.
you and marc exchange glances before doing so.
layla ended up making you scrape the burnt stuff off the pan, and she made marc sweep up the floor.
all while she sat there and watched.
that’s just your mom for you though, it was a lesson learned.
you spotted a small dye stain on the counter though.
it was red.
from when you dyed your hair like months ago, the colors of your suit.
you smile thinking of the memory, but mentally cringe when you realize how faded it now is.
"y/n darling, why do you have so many colors?" steven asks, digging deeper in the box to find just about every color of the rainbow and more.
"because i'm quirky like that. now help me pick which ones i should do" you suggest and steven nods.
"you should do red and blue. like your suit" jake starts and you smile at the thought.
"that's actually not a bad idea" marc says, and steven picks up both the red and blue boxes, holding them out to you.
"let's get it started then" you start, taking the boxes and moving to the kitchen sink.
"it won't stain the sink, right?" steven asks.
"not if you scrub hard enough" you deadpan, making him give you a look.
"no, it'll be fine" you tell him, but he still seems skeptical.
"if you say so" he mumbles, watching you open the boxes to grab the tubes of color out of them.
"i'm going to do one side red and the other blue" you say more to yourself than anyone else, yet steven still nodded in acknowledgment.
"do you have gloves? because if you don't you're going to stain your hands"
oh steven. shut up. as much as you love him, he's sort of a dorky idiot sometimes.
"..yeah, i got gloves" you answer, tying up your natural hair so that it wouldn't get in the way.
"if you want you can do one half and i can do the other" you offer, steven nodding slowly.
"what if i hurt you? i don't want to accidentally pull on your hair too hard" he worries, and you shake your head slowly.
"you won't" you answer, digging through the box again and throwing a pair of gloves at him along with the red dye.
"it's simple, just rub the color into my hair i guess. then i have to wait twenty minutes to wash it out" you tell him, and he nods again.
you start doing so with the blue, after putting the gloves on of course.
steven watches first as you squeeze some of the gel into your hand, then just running it through your half of your hair.
steven reluctantly does the same, and you watch with a small smile as he carefully copies your movements.
once you were both done, you pinned it up and sat up on the counter while setting a timer with your phone after taking your gloves off and throwing them away.
steven takes his gloves off and throws them away as well, then looks to you with pursed lips.
"now what?" he asks and you shrug.
"i don't know" you sigh.
steven looks at you for a moment.
"you look like something's on your mind" he starts, and you look up at him. "care to share?"
"...it's stupid" you wave him off.
"then it shouldn't matter"
"it's about casper" you starts, steven leaning on the counter next to you.
"i.. i want to ask him to be my boyfriend" you end quietly, steven smiling at your statement.
"oh that's lovely" he replies, and you see marc and jake with different expressions from the reflection on the window above the sink next to you.
"are you sure he's the right one?" marc asks and you glare at him.
"nonono- i'm not criticizing i'm just making sure that you're making the right choice" he corrects and you nod.
"you don't have to worry about me. this isn't life or death, it's-"
"it's just a relationship, i know" he waves you off, making you snort and turn to jake, who has a smile on his face.
"you must let me know what he says, mi vida" he begins. "if he says no, i can always have a talk with him"
"that won't be necessary but thank you" you tell him, and as if on cue, your phone rings, signaling that casper was calling.
"well? answer it" steven nods to your phone, so you pick it up and press the small green button.
"hey, y/n i have a question" you hear instantly.
"you could've texted me"
"i wanted to hear your voice" he starts, steven listening with a smile.
"anyways- if you want my mom made bread again and wondered if you would come over for dinner"
you look to steven for permission, to which he nods.
"yeah, i'd.. i'd love to" you answer and you hear someone telling his name in the background.
"oh- that's allison i have to go. but text me when you're on your way" he hangs up, just like that.
you make direct eye contact with steven, waiting for him to speak.
"good, now you can ask him to be your boyfriend tonight"
your eyes widen a fraction. "what? no. not today i just meant like in time-"
"if you don't do it, i'll have khonshu cast another spell on you" steven grins.
your lips part in shock. "you wouldn't"
"i believe i would" he replies, to which you glare at him.
khonshu decided to appear next to you, perched on the counter. "he is not bluffing" he tells you.
you turn to glare at him, then back at steven. "fine" you throw your hands up in the air.
"but if he says no-"
"which he won't" steven interrupts.
"-jake is not going to have a talk with him" you conclude, and jake scoffs from the window.
"but it would hurt your feelings" he tries to justify his reasoning to beat up a 16 year old boy.
"there will be no talking" you tell him sternly and he nods hesitantly.
you're about to give a mini lecture to marc, when as if on cue your timer goes off.
"that was the quickest twenty minutes ever" you mutter. "okay, time to stain the sink"
"y/n you said it wouldn't stain!"
"i'm kidding, don't be a baby"
“y/n your phones ringing” marc tells you, breaking you from your head.
you look to him and see that he had your phone in his hand, and then observed that casper was calling you.
you sigh and answer it on speaker since you had to keep scraping the pan.
“why are you calling me so early?” you ask, and you hear a scoff.
“because i want to know if i can walk you to school and i was actually doing research” he says and you make a face.
“..about what?” you ask skeptically, while both layla and marc listen in.
“do you remember like a month ago when your cramps started and you said they felt like someone was smashing your uterus with a hammer?” he asks and you think back to your last period, when your cramps had gotten particularly painful.
“yeah why?” you answer.
“i found a solution” he starts and you raise an eyebrow.
“solution? like a tylenol?” you ask and you hear him hum before snickering.
“no- no actually i was looking online at things that could help relieve cramps and i’ll bet that you didn’t know that orgasms can in fact help”
“hey casper?” you ask as you feel your face heat up.
“you’re on speaker”
there’s silence for a second.
“..who’s.. who just heard that?” casper asks hesitantly.
“both her parents, that’s who” marc speaks up, coming up close to you, who is internally dying.
“you couldn’t have just texted me? i woulda laughed if my parents weren’t in the room” you scold, and marc gives you a look.
“hey, you’re lucky i let the whole sex thing go but-“
“excuse me, the what?” layla interrupts and comes to stand to the other side of you.
“..shit” marc mutters, and you sigh.
“casper, i’ll see you at school” you say quickly before hanging up.
you slowly turn to face layla who doesn’t seem to find the situation funny.
“go get ready, i need to have a talk with your father” she falsely smiles at you so you just simply nod and do as she says, hoping she won’t give marc that bad of a talk.
"what fucking time is it?" marc complains, handing the control right to steven when he realizes how tired he was.
"oh wow thanks mate. it's only 7:38, quit being a baby" he yawns, slowly getting up off the bed.
"you think she's still sleeping?" steven asks out into the open, moving around the kitchen to make some tea.
"she better be, she had a rough night" jake answers, remembering how you masked the emotions you felt after watching all of them nearly die.
"what about casper? is he still here?" steven asks and he's only met with silence.
"yeah. nice talking to you too, numbskulls" steven rolls his eyes, leaving his kettle to heat up with the water to go check on you.
now, when he opened your door he's was met with a faint aroma he hadn't ever smelled before in your room, and that's when he felt the broken webs on the doorframe, and the fact that you were laying on top of casper.
he tilted his head as he ventured in a little more,
not wanting to intrude to much while you were asleep.
that's when jake noticed a couple things.
he saw a still damp washcloth on your nightstand, one of your bras was thrown onto the floor, which was not like you since you kept all your clothes private, oh and don't forget the pack of condoms on the floor next to it.
"steven get out" jake says and steven furrows his eyebrows.
"go drink your tea. just get out"
"but why-" he looks down, and his eyes linger on the box.
"oh my lord... are those-"
"are those fucking condoms?! are you kidding me?!" marc exclaims, and steven sees you stir in your sleep, so he scurries out of the room, shutting the door quietly.
steven was in shock. he was frozen in place as marc and jake argued.
"they did not- there's no fucking way-" marc starts.
"you're in denial amigo. it smelled like sex in there" jake retorts and marc feels like crawling into a hole and dying.
"but she-"
"but she what? steven said she was a horny teenager" jake scoffs and steven hums in denial, slowly walking back to pour his tea.
"i didn't say that, i said she was getting to the age where those type of hormones are-"
"steven please" marc cuts in and steven nods in understanding.
your door clicked open, revealing you rubbing your eyes and putting on one of your sweaters, closing the door behind you and calmly moving into the kitchen to reach up in the cabinet for your pop tarts.
"how are you guys feeling?" you ask the guys worriedly, eyeing stevens leg and seeing through the hole in his pants where the knife was that there wasn't any more blood or cuts, he was good as new.
"we are good, but you-"
"were you busy last night?" marc asks and you tilt your head.
"not necessarily"
"okay so what did you do?"
you stayed quiet, trying to figure out if he knew anything.
"me and casper-"
"i knew it!"
"-built a fort on the roof" you purse your lips and marc scoffs.
"oh yeah? what about after that?" he asks, not fronting and stepping closer to you.
"we went to bed"
"the same bed?"
marc takes a step away, leaning against the tower and finishes preparing stevens tea for him.
"so why was there a box of condoms on your floor?" marc asks nonchalantly and you choke on your pop tart.
your face turned as red as ever, and you looked down at the floor.
"we're going to have to have a talk, kid" marc starts, while you continue to hide your face from him.
"and your little boyfriend is invited too"
marc wanted to kicked casper out.
well, not kick, he just wanted to threatened him if he didn't get his stuff and leave.
marc needed him to stay though, so he could go over some ground rules.
which is what you were doing now. sitting on the couch while marc paced back and forth in front of you.
"listen, i know you're mad-" you start but are cut off.
"no no no- not mad just very disappointed" marc pulled the disappointed card, making you scoff.
"you're only 17, you have your whole life to do.. that" he starts and you sigh.
"and especially not in this house, or at least- i don't know pick up your clothes and the.. the uhm-"
"thank you steven- pick those up off the floor" marc continues and you nod.
marc takes a breath and runs a hand through his hair. "i can't do this- steven do you mind?" marc asks and steven hums.
"i got it, mate" and marc passes the control to steven, and he looks at the two of you.
"alright. yeah" he nods to himself. "so obviously you knew what you were doing, judging by the box of condoms on the floor" he starts and you groan, looking to casper who's just as uncomfortable as you are.
"hey- don't make that face you did this to yourself" steven says to the both of you, making you lean back and cross your arms.
"as i was saying- just because you practiced safe sex doesn't mean you can't contract diseases-"
"steven please stop" you say and cover your face with your hands.
"but you need to know that-"
"please no"
he gives you a pointed look. "alright, alright just- if you decide to do it again just make sure you do it safely"
"and if you'd like you can talk to a doctor and get yourself some birth control"
"talk to a doctor?" you repeat. "no fucking way"
"watch your language, and yes, talk to a doctor" steven starts. "i reckon you haven't seen one of those for a long while, hm?" he asks and your silence gives him his answer.
"i should probably go-" casper starts but is so rudely interrupted by marc suddenly fronting.
"hang on just a second" he begins. "on no circumstances will you ever- and i mean ever lay a hand on my daughter until she's 18, you hear me?" he says sternly and casper nods frantically.
"good, now if you need to go then you should probably do so before i change my mind" marc tells him and he slowly gets off the couch.
"do you have everything?" you ask him quietly while marc turns back around to engage in conversation with steven and jake in one of the mirrors.
"yeah, my moms expecting me home soon" he shrugs and you walk him to the door after he puts his shoes on.
"i'm really sorry" you apologize. "i didn't think they'd find out- i should've-"
"hey, it's no big deal" casper smiles at you, opening the door.
"are you sure? please know that they would never actually hurt you" you say quickly and he chuckles.
"calm down and forget about it okay? he is about to pat your shoulder before he remembers the no touching rule.
"i'll call you later" he nods to you and you give him a confused look.
"no kiss?" you playfully pout and he rolls his eyes.
"now you look desperate" he says, making you scoff and take him by the collar of his shirt to deliver a quick kiss to his lips, then pulls back to nod at him.
"have a safe trip home" you tell him seriously and he nods, walking back so that he's in the hallway.
you close the door behind him and turn around slowly with a giddy smile on your face, marc giving you a weird look as you lock the door.
you came out of the bathroom after getting completely ready for school to see marc sitting on the couch with his arms crossed.
“what happened?” you ask, not seeing layla anywhere.
“i’m grounded” he scoffs and you smile at him.
“how’s it feel?” you start. “and where’d she go?”
“it feels fantastic” he begins sarcastically. “but she went up to the roof to probably punch something” he answers and you cringe.
“but it’s freezing outside, it’s almost winter” you say and he nods.
“she won’t be gone long, so i’d get to school before she can come give you a talk too” he tells you while both steven and jake agree.
you nod and head towards the door to get your shoes on.
“i’ll see you guys later, love you” you exclaim out towards your boys.
“love you too, sweetheart” “adios, mi vida” “have a nice day, love” are the responses you get before shutting the door behind you.
and now, you were waiting in your apartments lobby for a probably embarrassed casper to arrive.
and what a day it’s going to be.
A/N : it took fucking forever to find the specific memories from the earlier chapters omg but it was sooooooooooo fun i hope to do something like this again!!
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Hello there <3 🍓 idk if I can request this here or I need to request it in the other blog, but can I request a drawing of a pregnant female reader and (it was hard to choose one of the three but) Steven hugging her belly?
Thank you very much if you can or want to do it, not pressure obviously 💕
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Yandere Moon Knight
Warnings - Yandere, dark, abuse
Tumblr media
"You're the reason for my suffering! Every single fucking day, you make me suffer!" You screamed at Steven as he looked at you in fear.
"Love, it's okay. Please, just stop shouting." He begged, but it was too late, you were hysterical.
"No! I won't stop! I hate you!" You screamed before you pushed him, causing him to stumble back a little.
You knew it was over when he gasped and his face change.
Marc didn't say anything, he just stared at you in anger.
You glared back at him before you ran into your room and slammed the door. It locked from the outside but you could still press your body against it to prevent them from coming in.
"I thought we were fucking past this, Y/N!" He shouted as you began to cry and press yourself harder against the door.
"Go away!" You screamed before the door was pushed open, making you fall forward.
"What the hell gives you the right to yell at us! Let alone Steven." He growled, stalking towards you as you backed away.
"I don't want to be here, you have no right keeping me here!" You screamed as he stopped and looked down at you.
"I'm your father, I have every right to keep you here." He replied as you began to cry and covered your face.
"You're not my father. You never were." You cried out as Marc looked down at you with anger.
"I'm going to give you some time alone, and maybe you'll learn to fucking respect me." Marc growled before he slammed your door and locked the door behind him.
You curled up on the floor and cried softly.
Steven sat on the couch with his feet up and his knees to his chest.
He was upset with how you had treated him but he was even more upset after Marc had yelled at you.
"Can I go get her?" Steven whispered.
"Fine, but if you crack too easily I'm taking over." Marc growled as Steven nodded and went over to your room.
He opened it to see you weren't anywhere to be seen, his heart dropped when he saw the boards on the window ripped down and the window smashed open.
"Shit!" Marc swore before taking over and letting the suit form.
Maybe this is what you deserved for running away.
You felt tears run down your eyes as you backed into the alleyway.
There were three of them and they were all bigger than you, there was no way you could take them down.
"Help!" You screamed out as the three men chuckled.
"Trust us, baby doll. People don't care if you scream that around here." He growled as you sniffled and backed against the wall.
Suddenly one was knocked down by a familiar-looking dart.
You cried out and watched as Moon Knight took them down.
Once he was done you ran towards him.
"You've got a lot to answer for." He growled before you leapt up into his arms and hugged him.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Please, please don't leave." You cried out as he wrapped his arms around you.
"They could've hurt you, why did you run?" He growled as you clutched onto him.
"I thought...I knew you were going to come back and beat me after what I did." You whispered as Marc's eye widened and his suit retracted completely.
"Baby... You thought I would do that?" He whispered as you cried and nodded.
"Fuck, I'm sorry. Maybe I overreacted, I wouldn't beat you. None of us would." He said as you sobbed uncontrollably.
"Come on, let's get you home, sweetheart."
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