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anyway, bucky's many prosthetics are all safely and securely stored in a special closet that is in the home has with steve
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xialingdjarin · 2 days ago
oh don't do that to me, google, i swear to god
Tumblr media
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estelior · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Yep, spicy art again.
As always, full is on my AO3
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natsskydivingcrew · a day ago
Bucky: I remembered my Shower Thought! The sun has never seen a shadow.
Steve: If you’d stayed in the shower a bit longer you’d have realized the sun has never seen anything and that it is currently 3am.
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steevbuckk · a day ago
(are you aware) the state i'm in by @alnkos 
[Neighbor AU, 27 934 words, Mature]
Bucky's newspaper keeps going missing.
Tumblr media
more fics
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amazingstuckylibrary · 10 hours ago
Sunday Reading List (27th of November, 2022)
I didn't have time to read a lot of fics again (real life responsibilities are unfortunately a thing!) but I wanted to share the lovely fics I did read. Please show the authors some love if you read their work 💖💖
Hairpin Triggers by bugsandcoffee @bugsandcoffee [Modern Stucky, 21,005 words, Explicit]
Bucky first met Steve while the leaves were turning into shades of red, orange and yellow.
A story about falling in love, loving while being deeply traumatised, watching your entire life fall apart, and then putting it all back together.
(Baby) Fever by lordeofstucky @lordeofstucky [Modern Stucky, 1,881 words, Teen and Up]
In hindsight, the incident was probably all Bucky's fault. But in his defense, no one ever prepared him for the existential crisis one could have when exposed to baby clothes.
Part 3 of Siren Lights (Red, White, & Blue)
Casting Bread Upon the Waters by Politzania @polizwrites [Canon Stucky, 456 words, General]
Steve comes home after visiting his mother’s grave to find Bucky has gone out of his way to warm Steve’s heart.
Trust in me by Late_to_party_81 @late-to-the-party-81 [Stucky AU, 2,731 words, Explicit]
Steve is surprised to find out that the myths of vampires are actually true. He isn't surprised when the village picks him as the latest sacrifice, because no-one wants him.
Bucky is intrigued by the delicate young man who is sent as the latest offering too him. Definately too good just to eat.
It's A Date by attackofthezee (noxlunate) [Modern Stucky, 2,575 words, Teen and Up]
Steve’s not quite enough of a romantic to say it’s love at first sight, but he also doesn’t want the date to end any time soon.
Which is of course why his phone starts ringing halfway through dinner.
In which Steve and Bucky can't quite seem to get through a date without something interrupting.
On The Back Of A Raindrop by musette22 @musette22 [Modern Stucky, 52,215 words, Explicit]
Despite the fact that Steve Rogers’ life hasn't always been a bed of roses, he’s fortunate enough to have a lot of good things to call his own. He has a loving mother, two wonderful kids, marvelous friends, and a beautiful house with a big, sprawling yard, to name but a few. One thing Steve does not have, however, is green fingers. One late spring morning, Steve decides to call in the help of a local gardening company to restore his yard to its former glory. When gorgeous gardener Bucky Barnes shows up on his doorstep the next day, he unwittingly upturns not only Steve’s yard, but his life, too. Over the course of the summer, it’s more than just the garden that begins to blossom.
Hurt by Must_Love_Dogs @cynefinhome [Canon Stucky, 2,546 words, Mature]
It's been three months since Shield found him. Three months since he was thawed out. And Steve was just numb. However, one particular evening, he will get the push that he needed.
treading water by sparkagrace @sparkagrace [Modern Stucky, 13,789 words, Mature]
Olympic swimmer Bucky Barnes always believed that when the time came to retire, he would walk away with his medals and world records firmly in the history books and never look back.
He never thought the water would leave him first.
Part 4 of lane lines
Last Christmas by roe87 @jro616 [Modern Stucky, 3,200 words, Mature]
Last Christmas, Bucky and his boyfriend Steve broke up, breaking Bucky's heart in the process.
This year, Bucky is spending Christmas working, trying his best to avoid the holidays.
Then on Christmas eve, his ex Steve shows up to work a shift with him, stirring up old feelings.
Not Another Romcom by Must_Love_Dogs [Canon Stucky, 22,351 words, Explicit]
After a difficult therapy session, Steve knew Bucky needed something to cheer him up. The decision to start watching romcoms soon leads them down a path of new and amazing adventures.
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hazel-wand · a day ago
This story has so many of my favourite things, like modern small but strong pre-serum Steve and vet Bucky who needs a chatty Steve to bring him out of himself. Plus, this story has sewn illustrations by BritBrit99 and that always augurs well!
I know nothing about climbing or bouldering, but it sounds like the author of this does, which I always like. I’m always extra intrigued by stories that have such intricate and detailed settings and you believe that the author is writing from a place of experience.
Featuring climbing coach! Steve and his little purple shorts, and scarred, anxious Bucky who deeply appreciates Steve’s little purple shorts…
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bugsandcoffee · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Privacy sign on the door
And on my page and on the whole world
Romance is not dead if you keep it just yours
Levitate above all the messes made
Sit quiet by my side in the shade
And not the kind that's thrown
I mean, the kind under where a tree has grown
"Paris" - Taylor
Steve and Bucky are happily together in the future, enjoying the good parts of life and supporting each other through the bad parts. They are keep their love as theirs, not needing everyone else's opinions. They are just happy and in love.
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riedswifts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Warnings : smut, barley plot, oral (f receiving), praise, slight size kink, desk sex, slight breeding, fingering, steve has a bit of a mouth, fluff (at the end ), some dumbification.
Summary : you and steve seem to have a mix of tensions and the top one being hate, but a night alone in the tower shows what the real problem is.
Word count: 2.8k
┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊
Everyone had left out with their significant others, or friends or family. Nat had begged you to come but you kindly declined. Being on a long-standing mission, and nearly being on the brink of death literally- being an assassin and hanging off a building by a falling building is tiring. You also weren’t expecting some things and were worn out to the max.
You were under the impression everyone had left. Except Jarvis of course but that was a computer system. So you had no reason to wear full clothes and being a trained assassin leaves you in shape so you thought you’d be fine. Leaving your personal huge room in nothing but a black widow t-shirt and a pair of panties, no bra either, you just explored the tower in its glory during the night hours.
It was stunning to say the least and not to brag but you had one of the best views. Tony made sure your room had a floor to ceiling window with a space in it to go on the balcony that overlooked the city’s lights. It was payment in a way, you had nearly died saving his life quite a few times and even if he didn’t admit it you were his favorite on the team.
You had decided that you would go out on the very ledge thor and loki fought on. You had quickly snagged a bottle of any alcohol you could snag without stopping and made your way outside. You sat near the ledge but not fully on it. Your ankles hanging off the edge as you sat with your legs stretched out.
You held up the bottle and glanced at it ‘Daviun vodka’ you didn’t care for brands but this one seemed ok and the flavor was watermelon. So you popped off the top and set it beside you as you rested back on your elbows taking a swig and staring at the bottle after before shrugging with a satisfied hum.
You just relaxed not registering the sound of someone getting closer. It was a rare moment when you let your guard down but after all you had asked JARVIS prior to this if any one was here and the damn shit said no. Someone stood behind you and you slightly stiffened.
Without moving you acted clueless before in seconds you stood up and stunned the person as you broke the handle off the vodka and managed to flip them over onto their back holding the jagged edge to their throat. Bored blue eyes stared back at you with the upmost annoyed face.
You scoffed standing up completely forgetting your attire. You didn’t bother sticking your hand out to help him up, you just grabbed the bottle and started walking inside. You heard him scoff in disbelief but you didn’t care, he was a grade A dick after all- only to you- that was.
“Why are you here? Have no friends to go out with?” He asked trailing you inside. You rolled your eyes making a dramatic annoyance sound. “Do you?“ You shot back, it was a fifth grade response but you didn’t care in the slightest.
“Fifth grade response, Cute.” He said sarcastically and you with to cut his beard off and his throat but tony and natasha agreed no killing the super solider. stupid rules.
“What do you want steve?” You asked putting the bottle back, you started walking and made an abrupt turn into the small room. The one where everyone had sat and watched as they replayed a video of wanda accidentally destroying a building and killing people. It was empty, lights off, chairs pushed in.
You always came to watch TV in here because the projected screen was cooler to you. After all you didn’t have electronics until you escaped the red room with natasha. Steve still followed you in there but you ignored him as you picked up the projector remote.
Sitting on the table you slid back leaving from your knees down hanging off the table as he grumbled that you were ignoring him. “Do you have anything better to do than I don’t know..annoy me?” You asked rolling your eyes.
His eyes seemed to finally take in your appearance and you had neglected the fact that your nipples would poke through the thin t-shirt due to the coldness. His eyes darkened for a moment before he sharply directed his state to the screen. “Just genuinely curious as to what a looser like you decided to do when they’re alone.”
Your head snapped in his direction. “Oh fuck off steve.” You scoffed. Deciding to press play on the movie but before you could the remote was snatched out of your hand and you glared at him as he tossed it aside.
He stood right in front of you and you scooted backwards. Your eyes narrow in on him as he licked his lips running a hand over his beard. “What’s your fucking problem?” You asked extremely annoyed your night was ruined by the captain himself.
Though there was the faint throb between your legs that made you wanna stab your eyes out, how dare your own body betray you like that.
After the question left your mouth his eyes snapped back up to yours. His hair was slightly slicked back but looked like he had laid down in it because a few pieces had fell out. He paused staring at you making you slightly shiver. He saw the way your thighs slightly shifted to squeeze, the way your nipples poked through the thing t-shirt. He could faintly see the lace of your panties, he stared at you for a long moment.
Suddenly he grabbed your Ankle pulling you forward making you slid until you were right in front of him a mere inch from his nose as his hands rested on either side of you. “You see, my problem is, i can’t decide if i hate your guts or maybe it’s the frustration of not being able to rearrange them.”
Your eyebrows raised as your breathing sped up a bit. His eyes swapped between your eyes and lips, then they locked on your eyes maintaining eye contact as you felt the coldness of his avengers ring against your knee.
“Well then, maybe that’s a theory we need to test out.” You said as his hand slid up more leaving a trail of goosebumps before gripping your leg tightly. He smirked at how reactive you were to his touch.
He hummed before leaving you curious as he removed his hands. Suddenly they where on the curves on your ass pushing you flush against him, as if it was natural your legs spread allowing the bulge in his pants to press right against your now dampened panties.
Your back arched as you looked up at him and his lips crashed into yours, it wasn’t passionate, and soft- no. It was bruising, full of dominance and emotion. Obviously the fight for domination still stood and as an assassin you weren’t gonna give up.
However when his hands gripped your hips and rolled your hips against his you let out an involuntary humiliating moan. That allowed him to slip his tongue into your mouth and when he squeezed your ass he let you know, he had won.
You pulled away from him to breathe as you guys started at each other panting. His forehead came to rest against yours before laying you on the empty mahogany desk. He kissed you again bruising like as your hands started to wonder you tugged at his shirt and without disconnecting his lips from yours he took it off.
His hands slid up under your shirt cupping your breast and ran his thumbs over the hardened peaks. When your back arched it caused you to accidentally grind against him and this time you both moaned. He bit your lip before letting it go and kissing down your neck.
He sucked and bit making sure to suck each piece of smooth skin he could find. One of his hands pulled out from your shirt and cupped the back of your neck pulling you up before he pulled the shirt swiftly over your head.
He stared at you for a moment. “God, you’re stunning.” He whispered and before you could comprehend what was going on his mouth had latched on to your nipple sucking and slightly biting it making you moan.
He laid you back down and your mind fogged as you unbuckled his belt. However before you could do more he had grabbed both of your hands stopping his attacks on your boobs.
He pulled both your arms above your head and smirked down at your face, you looked stunning. Hair spread out and marks forming on your neck stopping above your breast. Your lips were swollen and bruised. He adored this sight.
God, he wish he had figured this out sooner, that instead of bitching he just actually fucked you. He didn’t think he’d find anything more addicting after seeing you in this state.
He kissed down your body stopping at the hem of your panties and deciding he was to impatient he tore them off making you whine. “i’ll buy you new ones.” He muttered as he got on his knees hooking his arms around your thighs. His hand pushing your stomach down.
You shivered as you felt the cold air of the tower directly on your bare pussy. Without a warning he shoved his face between your legs licking from your hole to your clit, the sensation made you gasp as your back arched.
Steve groaned hearing the words fall out of your mouth. His tongue switched from sucking your clit to dipping his tongue in and out of you making you squirm. He looked up at you mouth and chin coated in slick. “Do not move your hands.”
Your brows furrowed as you continued to pant. “Wh-mmhh.” Your words turned into a soft moan when you felt one of his thick fingers slide in and bottom out. Your eyes pinched shut and your back arched off the table.
His other finger slid in as well and you tried to close your legs but he pulled them further apart. He watched your expression as he pulled them out almost fully before slamming them back in and curling them. He groaned and nearly came in his pants at the sight of you.
“Such a good girl for me.” He muttered before attaching his lips to your clit again and sucked on it whilst moving his fingers in and out. He Felt you tighten around him and couldn’t wait to see how you feel on his cock.
You were panting and babbling words of his name and please. What really sent you over the edge is when he sucked your clit with his teeth grazing it as he pumped his fingers harder curling them as your fingers locked him in.
Your orgasm crashed over you making your mind fog and your head limp to the side as pathetic whimpers left your plump and less swollen lips. He didn’t seem to care much that you had came all over his face because he kept sucking and licking up every last bit of cum.
You panted as you reached for his pants trying to tug them down as you recovered from your orgasm. When steve had finally freed his cock you assumed your face said it all because his chuckle was dark, taunting like.
He parted your legs again and you tried to close them but he roughly grabbed them pulling you closer to him but you let out a whimper when his huge side rubbed against your sensitive clit.
He made a mock frown face at you. “C’mon now sweetheart, be a good girl and take it for me, hmm?” He said as he massaged your breast with one hand and stroked himself. You nodded now desperate as the ache returned between your legs.
He let the tip slip in and he saw your face completely washed with pleasure. Brows furrowed, parted mouth, marks fully developed, and sweat beading your forehead. Without warning he pushed the rest of his way in and you gasp as he groaned.
You were used to sex of course you’ve had sex before but nobody was this big before. The intrusion felt good but the small sting was there lingering but it only added to the pleasure. “If you don’t stop squeezing’ me i’m gonna fucking cum.”
You relaxed around him and he groaned in relief. You felt more heavenly then he ever could’ve thought. He leaned down and captured your lips with his before thrusting with force and when he lifted one of your legs higher and he lifted your hips your eyes rolled back when he hit the spot that had you screaming his name.
“Look at you.” He said panting as he continued to thrust. “Takin it like such a good fucking girl.” With each word his thrust got harder and it made the breath get caught in your throat.
You grabbed his face kissing him harshly and he moaned into your mouth fueling the tightening in your lower stomach already. Suddenly he dropped you legs pushing them on the desk making them bend as he buried his face in the crook of your neck.
His thrust slowed to deep strokes. “You feel me, hmm?” He said and you moaned when he hit the spot inside you that had you babbling like a dumb person. Suddenly you felt the most unexplainable feeling.
It was like the tightness got tighter but mixed with a load of pleasure. You whimpered at the feeling as steve pushed his hand down harder on your lower tummy. “you feel that.” he panted as he thrusted again. “That’s how deep i am inside of you…”
“ohmygodohmygod.” was all you could babble as he pressed harder making the coil tighten up. “Steve- i’m gonna-“ He shut you up by kissing you as the hand that was pressing the bulge moved to your clit. “Do it, be a good girl and cum all over my cock.” He whispered as his thrust did not slow down.
He suddenly put his other hand behind your neck making you look down at his cock slipping in and out of you. “fuck- you see that?” He said as he kept moving in and out. Your hand was holding his wrist as his hand was behind your neck.
“C’mon- fuck!.” Steve said when you clenched harder around him. “give it to me.” he muttered as you laid back down and his fingers pinched and rolled your clit and he rubbed in a fast motion causing the coil to snap, your orgasm rushing over you like a tidal wave.
You blanked out for a moment, as black spots filled your vision and you’re pretty sure you said steve more times than any avenger had over the past years. You were moaning, sweaty, dazed and fucked out. Just how he wanted.
You got pulled back down when he kept running you and you whined tryna pull away. “to much.” you muttered and he mocked a frown. “Awe is my baby to fucked out? Look at you all dumb and can barley speak a full sentence.” He said and you moaned as he hit your over worked spot.
“You gonna be a good girl and let me cum inside of you hmm? Gonna fill you all up.” He muttered and you nodded. “Please- please cum inside of me.” your voice was hoarse and he held onto you tightly as his head went to your neck and you felt his thrusts getting sloppy before you felt ropes of cum deep inside you.
His head laid on your chest arms your arms circled his shoulder both of you laying there while his hands wrapped around you. He was slowly moving his hips pushing the thick cum into you deeper.
“Mr. Rogers? are you alright your heart rate seems exceptionally high? You as well Miss.” Steve who was Resting between your bare breasts chuckled making you smile.
“Oh i see Mr. Stark and the rest of them have returned. They’re parking.” Jarvis said and steve looked at you lifting you up as he looked at the cum mess on the table.
“Jarvis how much time do we have?” you asked as steve held you legs wrapped around his waist and due to the serum it was easy for him to hold your short frame up with one hand.
“Well five minutes starting now.” You and steve chuckled as you hopped down and cleaned the cum mess and he gathered your guys clothes.
“Good?” You asked fixing the chairs and everything. Steve nodded and Held his arm out and you jumped up wrapping your legs around his waist as he snuck out the room and ran up the stairs to his floor and shut the door.
“Guys?! Did you guys murder each other?”
That was all you heard from downstairs, before you guys bursted into giggles.
┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊
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paxbe · 4 months ago
i think we need to start finding some new names team
Tumblr media
updated version here (because y'all have pointed out that it's worse than i thought)
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kiu-k · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
“No, please, don't take him away. Let's make a deal. I'm not afraid.”
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gay-jewish-bucky · 12 hours ago
"oh this ship will finally kill stucky" you fools, even the mcu itself couldn't kill this ship, you think you are powerful enough to stop the ship that is only surpassed in popularity by destiel?
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lost-shoe · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Whumptober 2022
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buckymilf · a month ago
Tumblr media
this will NEVER not be funny
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dunbarogers · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
stevebucky as tumblr text posts
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raiisakitsune · 2 months ago
Bucky: *dies*
Steve: you know i never liked being alive anyway, *crashes plane*
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