bloodlines143 · 15 days
I never post things with tags, like ever, but I'm getting pissed the fuck off. Are we not fucking tired of our representation getting fucked over? I'm so sick of it.
We have the fire. As a community we can move mountains.
Lexa was trending for like a week straight after 3x07. A con was created because of how tired we all are of this bullshit.
We used to flock harder to new shows, and make memes about it.
I don't care if you don't like it. We all are part of the same community and we need to help each other out.
Watch Warrior Nun please?
If you don't like it, play it on mute on another tab. Just ask friends to watch. Make so much noise that they can't hide away from it.
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vei1 · 4 months
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Teenage Bounty Hunters (2020)
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natblidass · 1 year
Me: “I’m not gonna let another ship destroy me emotionally again.”
Also me: *lets another ship destroy me emotionally again*
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itisred · 9 months
Y’all ever read a fanfic but then the character you project onto does something embarrassing and u have to close ur phone and walk around and promise yourself that you’d never do that but u and I both know that u do
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enidsinclesbian · 4 months
me waiting around after infiltrating while undetected at netflix’s headquarters after hearing them cancel yet another wlw based show with female leads after one season with unlimited rounds
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carelesscuriosity · 6 months
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dragonsareawesome123 · 9 months
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#Benches belong to the gays
Andi Mack (2017-2019) 2gether: The Series (2020) Love, Victor (2020-) Teenage Bounty Hunters (2020) Julie and the Phantoms (2020)
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So teenage bounty hunters ended with a painful breakup and a cliffhanger and then First Kill ends with a painfully sad breakup and a few cliffhangers, and without telling us how to kill a legacy… Netflix is truly a disappointment
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jimalim · 6 months
I think someone, not me, but someone should write a Teenage Bounty Hunters/First Kill crossover fic. Imagine Blair and Sterling meeting Juliette and Caliope?! Imagine Bowser dealing with either of the FK families. Imagine April being highly suspicious of everything, but then being the one to figure out how to save the freaking day! I need it!
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Me: I don't put too much pressure on myself
The characters I relate to:
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andysapril · 6 months
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my favorite ships: sterling wesley and april stevens
“I don’t like-like anybody right now…except you. When I think about you, which is, like…all the time, I get dizzy and my maxilla goes numb.”
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bloodlines143 · 12 days
Tumblr media
Guys if you're in America, please stream season 2 on Netflix. We dropped out of the top ten because of the other shows slated against it, those of which had press and promotion, and it's falling behind here. We are fighting so hard to be seen and get this show the justice it deserves. Please? I implore you to help us.
There's ass kicking.
Perfectly timed jokes.
A slowburn CANNON wlw relationship.
Please? Help.
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soldier4anight · 11 months
Person A: has a VERY romantic song(writers choice) as A ringtone for Person B; who they supposedly hate/can’t stand.
Person B: has an event more romantic and sappy love song as a ringtone for Person B, however; they absolutely know they are I love with person A and is just too stubborn or prideful to tell them.
In the end they find out around their mutual friends and family etc. causing chaos or a romantic pairing to FINALLY happen.
Or second ending they find out alone and it’s absolute fluff and adorable.
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ohfinlee · 5 months
Tumblr media
thinking about that teenage bounty hunters show
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natblidass · 2 years
Me defending my research proposal          Me defending my ships on the internet
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doyourpatellasquiver · 4 months
Coming out to herself as bi was a big step for Sterling. But I think her deep and desperate concern and love for April shines through esp in the debate episode when April blows up at her about walking away and leaving her on the swingset. She would change it all if she could. Take back all five years of how things played out, if she could just have April back and not so mad at her. Even if it meant no Luke, even if it meant Blair would hate her, nobody gets Sterling like April does. Nobody gets April like Sterling does. It seems to be a throw away line in episode 3 but it's also the episode title. "This must be how dumb kids feel." Sterling and April are both overachievers surrounded by underachievers. They both take pride in good spelling and correct pronunciation. They thrive on points and well-done projects. And once everything else falls away, they are honest with each other. Like intensely earnestly deeply honest. April about her dad, Sterling about her feelings. They are the person each of them needs to feel most completely themselves in a world that refuses to understand them.
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