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annie-jpg55 · 2 days ago
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Gay people in my phone fr
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xav1ery · 21 hours ago
Happy Birthday Bruno Bucciarati & Joseph Joestar!🍰✨
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swimminwts · a day ago
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it's crusading time😼
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nina-rosa · 20 hours ago
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The long journey ends, goodbye my friends
I finished reading part 3, I felt emotional again :’) And I tried a lil something with the colors and lightings ☀️
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bruno-bucciarati-simp · a day ago
God damn, Joseph turned 102 today.
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Happy birthday, Joseph Joestar
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jojosbizzaretitties · 2 days ago
Do it for the Jotaro AirPods✨
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jadepillowssketch · 2 days ago
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Jotaro the pumpkin king☠️🎃🪦
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sparrows-my-abhorred · a day ago
If you ship Dio with Kakyoin... I have a question for you
Do you have brain damage?
Like seriously, are you okay? Should I sign you up for therapy?
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justtsoup · 2 days ago
Kakyoin And Jotaro in stained glass style!
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frogmintmilk · a day ago
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Jotaro in the Genshin impact style :D
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deluxesoap · 22 hours ago
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Birthday art by Kohei Ashiya
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xxxsweetdreamzxxx · 2 days ago
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Desert Winds
Noriaki Kakyoin x Reader
warnings/tags: softdom!Kakyoin sub!reader, fanfic, smut, fluff, fingering, unprotected sex, first sex
summary: Getting caught in a sandstorm on your way to Cairo, you and Kakyoin are separated from the crusaders.
word count: 2.3k
You were sick of sand. It had been your only view for nearly a week, endless dunes stretching all the way to the horizon no matter which way you looked. Only a few days out from Cairo, you would've been relieved if not for the fear of what awaited you there. You gulped, shrinking as you thought about having to face him again. 
The red haired boy beside you looked over with concern when you began falling behind, arms wrapped around your torso defensively as you shivered. 
"What's wrong?" Kakyoin asked, taking a step towards you.
At this, all of the crusaders stopped and turned to glance over at you, worry in their eyes. They had known you may not have been able to make this journey; you were physically much smaller and weaker than the rest of them. Even Iggy, the tiny Stand-wielding mutt that tagged along with your group, stopped to look back when he realized the humans had paused.
Embarrassed to be the center of attention, you immediately straightened your posture and dropped your arms to your sides. 
"Is everything all alright y/n?" Joseph - the leader of your group - asked, his husky voice laced with concern. 
You waved your hand dismissively. "I'm fine." You lied.
"You sure?"
"She said she's fine, old man." Jotaro snapped at his grandfather before side-eyeing you from under the rim of his hat, unconvinced. 
The men exchanged looks, shrugging. But before they could start walking again, Iggy began to whimper, fidgeting from paw to paw as he started at the horizon behind you.
"What is it, Iggy?" Polnareff asked, kneeling down to the little dog. Iggy barked, wide eyes never leaving the farthest dunes ahead.
"Polnareff, I think you should see this." Avdol suggested. 
When the Frenchman stood, he gasped. There, just visible in the distance, was a tall tan cloud rising from the ground and stretching for miles, rolling across the dunes. Worse, it was headed straight for you at a frightening pace.
"Shit." Joseph muttered under his breath. 
"We have to find shelter!" Kakyoin exclaimed, thinking fast as he scanned the area. "What about those rocks over there?" 
He pointed to some plateaus in the distance. You knew you'd never make it that far, but along the way were several large boulders that stuck out from the sand like pillars. They looked like your best option.
"Works for me!" Polnareff cried before booking it in that direction, the rest of you following close behind.
You only made it about halfway to the nearest plateau when the sandstorm hit. Luckily, you were directly next to two large boulders, one much larger than the other. Most of the crusaders made it safely behind the larger one. But you and Kakyoin, who were in the back of the group, could only make it to the small one before strong winds blew harsh sand in the gap between the two. 
Gasping as the air that had a moment ago been dead became violent, you flattened yourself against the back of the boulder. The wind whipped at your long hair and deafened your ears. Your view of the others was soon obscured, leaving you alone with Kakyoin. He instinctively pulled you closer to him, trying his best to protect you where the stone didn't.
"Are you alright?" He yelled over the storm.
"Yes!" You replied, matching his volume.
Despite appearing brave, you were very shaken up. Shivering in fear, you tugged at his sleeve. To your shock, the fabric came forward, the flying sand having already ripped the back of it. It seemed the rock wasn't big enough for the two of you after all. 
Your eyes widened. "We need to move." 
He nodded, scanning the area. Most of your view was completely blocked by walls of sand. But a small window remained open, cast like a shadow by the very pillar you stood by. And at the very end, you saw another boulder - one that appeared to have a groove carved into its side.
When you pointed at it, Kakyoin immediately understood. Taking your hand in his, you both ran as fast as you could, reaching the crevice in a few long strides. Ducking inside, you couldn't believe your luck - it opened up to a completely protected stone room. While relatively small, it still allowed the two of you to sit upright with considerable headroom. Additionally, the space drowned out much of the sound from the raging sandstorm - you no longer needed to yell to hear each other.
You sat down next to each other, panting as you tried desperately to catch your breath. When your heart calmed down a bit you looked over at him.
"What are we going to do?" You asked in a panicked voice, feeling completely lost.
He was patient with you, remaining level-headed. "The only thing we can do - wait here until the storm passes." 
Your face fell, thinking about your companions who, to your knowledge, were still out there. As much as you wanted to find them and bring them to this shelter, he was right. Your skin and clothes wouldn't last out there - not to mention your sense of direction was entirely gone.
"I hope they're okay." You murmured, eyes suddenly feeling hot. 
"Hey, look at me." Kakyoin commanded as he touched your arm. The serious tone of his voice made it deeper, startling you.
You glanced up and over at him. When your eyes met, his tense expression softened onto a small smile.
"They'll be alright."
You felt your worry subsiding slightly. His presence was always a comfort, helping you through the darkest moments of your journey. Back in Japan, you'd been classmates with both him and Jotaro. You hadn't known him then as anything other than the quiet kid with bright red hair - and even though your parents worked together, you'd never spoken. So when your families proposed a joint trip to Cairo, you'd been surprised to say the least. And from the moment he'd introduced himself at the airport with an awkward smile, you'd fallen for him. You'd become a nervous wreck, struggling to say your own name.
Now he sat beside you, staring into your eyes intensely as he slid his hand down from your arm to your wrist. The silence grew tense. 
You froze, trembling when he cupped the side of your face with his free hand. His purple eyes bore into yours with a look born of lust. When you didn't pull away, he leaned over, brushing his lips against yours in a gentle first kiss. Butterflies errupting in your stomach, you accepted it, shuffling closer to him.
He hesitantly pulled back for a moment, reading your reaction. Your eyes were wide, mouth opened slightly in pleasant shock.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"
"No." You interrupted. "I've wanted to do that for a while."
It was his turn to be surprised, in disbelief that his school crush liked him back. You grabbed his collar, pulling him back towards you to kiss him harder. His surprise quickly became desire as he moved his hands to your body, running them down your sides. Reaching for the buttons of his uniform, you popped them open one by one, exposing his toned chest. 
You felt him lean you back under him until your head touched the cool stone floor. His hands reached your hips, gripping them tightly as you slowly thrusted them up towards him. He then slid them further, catching your shorts and slipping them down your smooth legs.
"Nori." You moaned, your entire body burning with need.
"Hm?" He asked in between kisses.
You blushed, pausing a kiss to turn your head to the side. You knew where this was going. Looking up at him for a second before turning away again, you saw he was just as nervous as you. You took a deep breath, your embarrassment overwhelming.
"It's just… well I've never…"
He immediately took your meaning, pressing a small kiss to your cheek. 
"It's okay, neither have I."
Before you could say more, he moved his lips down to your neck, leaving a trail of hot open mouthed kisses on your soft skin. The roughness of his tongue was a foreign sensation, but you found yourself liking it.
You arched your back off the ground suddenly when you felt his finger tips against your inner thigh. Your hips brushed against his, gasping as your barely clothed core rubbed against his erection. He grunted as he turned bright red, nearly the same shade as his cherry earrings that swung wildly around his face. 
"Sorry." You whispered. 
He shook his head dismissively while he slipped his fingers under your panties. After pulling them down a bit, he reconnected his lips to yours - right before you felt one of his fingers trace a line down your clit, spreading the dampness that had already pooled there.
Your mouth fell open against his lips at his much needed touch. He continued, rubbing his finger back and forth, speeding up. You reached your hands up around his neck, playing with the longer strands of his mullet with your fingers. 
Hearing him finally unzip his pants, you bucked your hips up again - dignity completely overtaken by your desperation. He chuckled, amused by your impatientance. Breaking your kisses again, you glanced up at his wisteria eyes right above you. You felt dizzy, eyelids heavy as he took your hand in his, intertwining your fingers. His lips found their way back to your neck, this time sucking dark marks into your soft skin.
Squirming as you felt the tip of his leaking head finally reach your clit, you squeezed his hand tighter. You cried out as he snapped his hips forward, overwhelmed by the strong burn between your legs as he slowly sank into you. You did your best to match his thrusts, starting a little sloppy before you found the rhythm. 
You couldn't believe it. Oh, the number of times you'd imagined this moment, the feeling of his body against yours as you gave your first time to him. Except it was better than your poor imagination could have ever dreamed of. You couldn't remember the last time your heart had beat this fast - if it ever had.
An unfamiliar tightening was felt deep in your core, snapping you out of your thoughts. It began to build, soon becoming too much to bear. Your moans filled the cave and bounced off the walls, echoing around you as you came. Seconds later, Kakyoin's arms became shaky as he quickly pulled out before cumming onto the stone between your spread legs.
Panting, he rolled off of you and laid on his back beside you, focusing on a point in the ceiling as he collected his thoughts again. 
"Nori?" You questioned out of breath, turning your head to face him. You were too worn out to move much else.
"Hm?" He replied, meeting your gaze for the first time in minutes.
"I love you." The words falling from your lips startled you.
He smiled wide, making your stomach do a flip. Leaning closer, the kiss he gave you told you it all - rendering his reply unnecessary. 
"As do I."
He proceeded to wrap his arms around you, turning you on your side so he could hug you from behind. Resting his head on your shoulder, it wasn't long before exhaustion caught up with the both of you. The sky beyond the dust cloud was clearly darkening, night fast approaching.
On the smooth, cold stone, and with the wind still howling, you only slipped into a light sleep. You didn't know how long it lasted - it could've been less than an hour or several - but you eventually awoke to someone shouting outside.
You sat back up, reaching for your discarded clothes as you shook a groggy Kakyoin further awake. Pulling them back on, you crawled to the entrance of the cave, noting the storm had passed. It was pitch dark out, but someone continued to shout. 
"Y/n, Kakyoin!" A panicked voice called.
You turned back to Kakyoin, who was now facing you and awaiting an explanation.
"It's Mr. Joestar!" You said excitedly, stepping out of the cave.
He scrambled to rebutton his clothes, barely making himself presentable again before you'd called out into the night, alerting the crusaders to your location. Even though it was pitch dark, you waved your arms, hoping they'd at least see the movement.
Kakyoin exited the cave and stood next to you, slipping his hand into yours. It wasn't long before your combined shouts drew your companions to you, soon being basked in Avdol's firelight. 
"Kakyoin, y/n, are you alright?" Polnareff cried, running up to you and wrapping his arms around the two of you in a tight hug. 
Kakyoin grunted. "Yeah, we're alright."
Polnareff pulled back, noticing something seemed off. 
"Y/n, what happened to your neck?" 
Your eyes widened as your smile faded, frantically racking your brain for a good excuse. A single eyebrow was raised as the Frenchman glanced down at you and Kakyoin's interlocking hands suspiciously. You knew confirming his suspicions would only earn you a barrage of teases. To make matters worse, you could feel the weight of the entire group's gaze on you as they awaited your answer. 
"She got hit by some flying rocks in the storm." Kakyoin replied for you. 
You breathed a small sigh of relief at his quick thinking, squeezing his hand once again in thanks. Joseph grew concerned, taking a closer look for a moment before dismissing it to turn and make for the nearest town. He didn't say another word, not wanting to know the real details. You'd dodged their judgements and opinions for the time being, but now that you were physically involved with a member of the group, you weren't sure how long that would last. 
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haarute · 4 months ago
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reminder that the canonical reason as to why Jotaro is like a super detective with a dnd passive perception of 35 is because of Columbo
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nina-rosa · 21 hours ago
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⭐️ Jotaro and Josuke ⭐️
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citronlad · a month ago
cake 🎂
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based on this LOL
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nori-kakyoin · 9 months ago
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one of my favorite tweets
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daisanfar · 2 months ago
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au where stardust crusaders are jotaro, avdol and joseph, but kakpol duo are typical villians for several episodes (they appear every three episodes and crusaders beat the shit out of them every time)
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+ whatever this is
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