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✨🌞 Mr Sunshine Smile: The Baby Charlie Edition 🌞✨
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that shoulder thing,, like okay. whore
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my favorite films, (9/?): Stardust (2007) | Dir. Matthew Vaughn
My heart... It feels like, like my chest can barely contain it. Like it doesn't belong to me anymore, it belongs to you. And if you wanted it, I'd wish for nothing in exchange. No gifts, no goods, no demonstrations of devotion. Nothing but knowing you loved me too. Just your heart, in exchange for mine.
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i always forget to keep track of your hands
awesome for the first time! – 1x02, sk8 the infinity (2021) // pride & prejudice (2005) // d.e.b.s. (2004) // the boiling rock part 2 – 3x15, avatar: the last airbender (2005-2008) // the better feelings of my heart – 3x10, anne with an e (2017-2019) // stardust (2007) // the boiling rock part 2 –3x15, avatar: the last airbender (2005-2008) // crush – 1x02, heartstopper (2022) // the choice – 2x06, bridgerton (2020-2022) // accomplices – 1x24, jujutsu kaisen (2020)
(id in alt text)
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Claire Danes Stardust Interview
(excerpt from here)
Gaynor Flynn: What was it like playing against Charlie Cox the newcomer?
Claire Danes: He didn't seem very new to me. He seemed incredibly experienced. He's really, really talented and just has a lovely quality he's very tender, and present and open and just great fun as an actor. And he's just so charming and such a decent guy and that's not always true that the person matches up with the talent but in this case it does. I was so lucky to share so many of my scenes with him and he's a great friend and I relied heavily on him throughout.
Gaynor Flynn: Did you enjoy the romantic scenes?
Claire Danes: Well we kind of shot those later on after we'd already become really good friends so it was just sort of a laugh. I mean it was really odd to find myself kissing Charlie suddenly but it was fine. He's a very good kisser.
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Charlie Cox Masterlist
Main Masterlist
Matt Murdock
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Series -
Oneshots -
His Saving Grace (Earth-65)
A dreary night
A savoury moment
Ready for Work
Partners in Vigilantism / Partners in Life
An Enchanting Voice
As I Perish
You are Evil
Headcanons -
Matt Murdock x teen!vigilante reader (platonic)
Tristan Thorn
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A Timorous Task
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imagine not being obsessed w her as a kid
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"I have a mother. I mean, I - I have a mother. She - she could still be alive.” STARDUST (2007) dir. Matthew Vaughn
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—�highway[0/5] choose a character and prompt from one of the below lists and i’ll write a blurb! fluff¹  |  angst²  |   smut³   |   miscellaneous⁴ tristan thorn + ❛ i’ll be good, i promise. ❜
just a heads up, this is post-movie tristan in an established relationship. my characterization here feels shabby so excuse me just this one time. isn't super smutty but considering the canon content type, i do want to keep the younger crowd away lol enjoy!
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masterlist | AO3
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word count: 718
pairing: tristan thorn x gender neutral!reader
content: fluff (domestic, established relationship), mentions of smut, morning after.
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You woke to late morning sunlight painting your shared bedroom in a harsh yellow glow. It was windy too, you noticed, sheer white curtains billowing away from the windows, ticking the edges of sheets that hung off the bed. You retreated into the warmth at your back when cool wind caught your bare shoulder and smiled when Tristan’s hand tightened around your bare waist in his sleep.
Pulling the covers up to your cheek, you turned around in his embrace, facing him. He was still asleep, you noted, and your heart swelled as you watched him. His mouth, slightly parted, gave puffs of long exhales as his nostrils took in long inhales. The wind stirred his messy, recently cut hair, choppy in the back from when you both drank a little too much wine about a week ago.
Tangling your legs with his, throwing an arm under his but over his waist and burrowing your face in his shaggy chest you intended to sleep in a little further. It was only a few minutes when he inhaled deeply, yawned and kissed you on the top of your head, his hand coming up to cup the side of your jaw as he murmured your name blearily, his voice high as if he couldn’t believe he got to wake up beside you. Your heart warmed as you opened your eyes, peering up at him, kissing him on his chin and hugging him a little tighter. He looked down at you through eyes still half lidded with sleep but he smiled, eyes crinkling at their corners.
“G’morning, my love,” he took advantage of your angled face and kissed you on the forehead.
“Morning,” you mumbled, going to burrow your head into his neck.
“How long have you been awake,” he murmured, pulling you impossibly closer.
“Not long,” you assured him, “I wish we could sleep in.”
His heart squeezed at the reminder; he was visiting his parents for the week, a ceremonial wedding for a family friend but your work in Wall barred you from going with him. He frowned, his left cheek dimpling.
“We can. We’ve got time,” he whispered, his voice obviously more melancholy than just seconds earlier. You scooched upwards to face him a little better, making direct eye contact.
“I’m gonna miss you,” you pouted, “I wish I could be there with you.”
His eyes flickered between your lips and eyes, and he gave you a sad little smile before taking your chin between his fingers and granting you a kiss. It was slow, sleepy — your lips not quite meeting properly — and utterly sweet. He pulled away and kept kissing you, little pecks gifted across your mouth and chin and cheeks until you were laughing with it, soft chuckles of glee.
“I’ll be good, I promise,” he assured you once he paused his kisses. “I’ll stay out of trouble.”
You chuckled knowingly and pulled his waist into yours where your hand laid on top of it, a clumsy attempt at having him closer, earning you a soft grunt when his morning-hard cock bumped against the crook of where your pelvis met your thigh.
Fresh memories of his head between your thighs, your hand fisted in his hair, his cock against your tongue, his hand around your neck as he thrusted into you from behind and the of timbre of his voice as he pulled orgasm after orgasm from you flooded your thoughts, your body instantly growing warmer. He was watching you, a small smirk playing on his lips as he watched you become gradually more flustered. The bastard was so proud of what he did to you this easily.
Rolling off his side and more onto his front, he got on top of you, caging you in with his forearms on either side of your face.
Dipping his face to your neck, he nipped you above your pulse point, soothing it with a pass of his tongue, an opened mouth kiss and the comforting motions of his nose along your skin. Suddenly, sleeping in wasn’t on the agenda.
“We have time,” he murmured, “Just a bit.”
“We do, I think.” you hummed in agreement, tangling your fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck as he mouthed at yours, “Just a little bit more time.”
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all feedback/criticism is appreciated! i do not give permission for this and any of my fanfiction to be reposted or translated to any other platform without my consent.
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i could go on the longest rant as to why these pairings work so well despite tons of on-screen romances feeling apocryphal or forced
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Did you really mean what you said in the caravan? But.. but you were a mouse! You were a mouse you wanted cheese! You didn’t--I asked you to give me a sign... And risk you being too embarrassed to keep saying such lovely things?
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✨ Charlie Cox as Tristan Thorn ✨ 
“For the pivotal role of Tristan Thorn, Matthew Vaughan cast the relatively unknown young British actor Charlie Cox after auditioning him several times. 
Born in London in 1982, Cox had previously appeared in The Merchant of Venice (2004), Casanova (2005), and the BBC remake of A for Andromeda (2006). 
“Tristan is a character who has to go from a nerd to a swashbuckling hero,” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura explains. “He has to travel a long way as a character.”
“This is Charlie Cox’s first starring role,” reveals Neil Gaiman. “He just came in and nailed it on the audition. Once we had seen him, there really wasn’t any doubt in our minds. He was so obviously right for the role. There were lots of young men who could come in and play gormless and awkward, and there were others who could be wonderfully cool heroes. But there was nobody else who could go from one part to the other as convincingly. You really believe in the progression of his character throughout Tristan’s adventures.”
“Most actors will audition once or twice, get the part, and then start the character work,” reveals Charlie Cox, “whereas I kind of found it during the audition process, which is really interesting.” 
“I think Charlie has such amazing screen presence,” says Jane Goldman. “There’s something so unbelievably genuine and truthful about his performance. He brought an incredible naturalism to what is basically a fantasy film.” 
“When we first meet Tristan,” hair and makeup designer Fae Hammond explains, “we see him living in a small Victorian house in a small Victorian village. We had to make him look very ordinary, so I kept his skin tone very pale. Charlie Cox is a handsome guy, so we couldn’t do anything too over-the-top to make him ugly, but we gave him a geeky haircut and a pale complexion with no definition around the eyes, so he just looked a bit gormless.” 
~ excerpt from Stardust: The Visual Companion
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i present early 2000s romcoms that were severely underrated and bangers
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everyone: “what are you thinking about?”
me, all of the time:
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Congrats on 1K Cellop! You totally deserve it 🤗 For your celebration, can I get some fluffy/smutty headcanons about spending a quiet evening in with Tristan? 🥰
Pairing: Tristan Thorn x F!Reader
Warnings: 18+ only. Smut, fluff, cheesy dialogues.
Author's Notes: This is my first time writing for Tristan, so if there's anything that you think I can improve on, please let me know! :) I'm so sorry that this is a one-shot instead of headcanons like you asked. This fic grew and shaped itself in my head. I just followed it, and I kinda like it? I hope you'll enjoy it anyway!
*Side note: I think I might have an idea of who you are 👀
Tumblr media
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The flames from the fireplace cast a warm glow on the room, magnifying the cozy atmosphere of faint wood smoke and warm vanilla. Tristan tilted his head slightly, watching you nestled on the armchair, the cup of tea he made for you still steaming on the small end table. Next to it, the oil lamp lit up the pages on the book you were reading. You were so lost in the ink and the time-worn paper that you didn't see the look on Tristan's face. He was so focused on you, on the way the warm light hugged your features.
He was grateful for the sight of you in his life, from the moment he rose in the morning to the moment he closed his eyes at night. He could feel your presence in his bloodstream, familiar like the air he breathed.
You were so comfortable in the armchair Tristan made for you, despite his many protests and assurances that it wasn't good enough. Despite the crooked arms and the uneven backrest cushion, it was your favourite piece of furniture in the home you shared. It was made with love and Tristan's unrelenting determination in providing you with the best chair for you to sit in while you enjoyed your many adventures.
He watched you, admiring the way fire danced in your eyes. He sighed softly and thanked the stars for blessing him with you. You were his sun on the coldest days, his gleaming source of light in the gloomiest moments, his shelter in the eye of the storm. You were his endless wonder; you were that sweet twinge in his chest.
Tristan stood up, leaving his comfortable position on the chair next to yours to sit at your extended legs, placing a hand on your gown-covered knee. He didn't want to distract you, only wanted to be closer to you.
You lifted your gaze anyway, and Tristan found himself melting in your eyes.
"What are you looking at, my love?"
He turned his head to place a kiss on where his cheek rested.
"I'm looking at you, my sweet, beautiful angel."
You blushed at his words. He never failed to incite a reaction like that from you. No matter how long you had been together, it always felt like the day he knew he loved you and that you loved him too. And here he was, enamoured with you more with each passing day. His love for you was like a pitcher overfilled with honey water, spilling over the gracefully-curved mouth like a waterfall on a loop, never-ending.
Some people said young love like yours would never last. But you paid them no mind.
You kept the book in one hand; the other reached out to touch him. You caressed the strands that fell out of his earlobe where he tucked them, following the curve of smooth skin on his cheek. Your soft touch drew a smile from him, the kind of smile that melted your heart and attention for anything else other than him.
You placed your book next to your teacup, lowering yourself to close the distance between you on the rug. Tristan knew what you wanted, and he eagerly reciprocated. Your lips met softly at first, like a lullaby with its whimsy and faint rhythm. Until the kiss you shared became something more. Something of love and the need to express your adoration through attentive caresses, delicate touches and skin on skin, with nothing in between.
You straddled him, and his eyes followed your every movement as if he was transfixed, wholly enraptured by you. You braced your hands on his chest, feeling the heat of his body through the rumpled linen shirt. Your body moved on its own; your hand searched for the buttons. You could feel the fuzzy patch of hair in the open neckline, soft to your fingertips. He swallowed hard; his eyes seemed to glaze with lust as you rid him of his shirt slowly while maintaining a small distance between your lips, not quite letting him kiss you. Finally, when the soft material had been discarded, Tristan couldn't wait. His hand came up to hold your head in place while he sealed his lips over yours, groaning at the contact he would always yearn for.
You ground your hips down, earning a deep groan from his chest. His hands worked fervently to rid you of your gown, the movement desperate and haste on your back. He pulled away from the kiss, much to your dismay. Your disapproving huff turned into soft sighs as he trailed his mouth down to the column of your throat, adorning the delicate skin with the gentle bites of his teeth, the playful nips of his lips. He continued his path to the top of your breast, licking and biting the soft flesh. You moaned, finding it harder to keep quiet, excited for what was to come.
Clothes were only mere decorations for the floor, and you made up for their absence with your body heat and the roaring flames in the fireplace. Your lips attached, your wandering hands never stayed in one place too long, and the fires within you were stroked until neither of you could take it anymore.
Tristan held you up with his hands on your waist, and you reached down to guide his heavy length to your dripping entrance. He lowered you until he was fully seated inside, and your harmonized moans echoed within the brick walls.
You gasped; your mouth hung open as you felt so full. With Tristan burying so deep, you thought you could see stars beneath your closed lids.
You held onto his shoulders for dear life as you rode him. Your nails dug into his back, painting faint red lines that would make you blush in the morning after. You threw your head back as Tristan attached his lips to your skin. His soft bites, wet licks and fervent kisses on your breast and hardened nub only spurred you on since you loved seeing his marks on you just as much as he loved leaving them. His hand came up to fondle your neglected bosom, working between playful pinches and harsh squeezes.
He did his best to move with you; his hips jerked up to meet yours with every movement. Sweat gathered at his forehead, making soft hair strands stuck to it. You brushed them out of his flushed face, tucking them behind his earlobes for the second time that night.
Your pace was persistent as Tristan laid down on the soft rug, admiring you from a new point of view. He could never have enough of the sight of you on top of him, with your eyes closed in bliss. He knew you were near the edge as the swerves of your hips grew wild and messy. Tristan pulled you down with a hand on your back to lay on him; his hips thrust up to bring the both of you to the euphoric high.
"Sweetheart, open your eyes. Look at me."
Your blissed-out eyes were met with his fiery gaze. The shared air between you was filled with broken moans and incoherent whispers of love, pushing you over the edge. The way you clenched down hard around him made him see stars as he came.
You stayed like that for a while, with your head on the crook of his neck. Finally, when your breathings came to a slow and even pace, he slowly pulled out of you, making you whimper as you still felt too sensitive.
The sleepy daze started to settle in, and you didn't want to leave his warm embrace at all, even when that meant you might wake up with an ache in your body. Tristan knew what you wanted by the way you nestled deeper into him, your arm draped protectively over his naked torso. He shifted slightly, and you grumbled in displeasure; your hold on him only tightened. He placed a kiss on your temple, soothing you with his words.
"I'm not going anywhere, sweetheart. I will make us comfortable, alright?"
Tristan left after a tired nod of your head, retrieving the temporary setup for the night. He put a pillow underneath your head, brushing your hair back so it wouldn't bother you in your sleep. Unfurling the soft blanket, he covered your naked bodies before settling down next to you. Even in your exhausted state, you still sought him out, yearning for that warmth you could never be without. Tristan pulled you in, letting you snuggle into the curve of his shoulder, winding an arm around you. He kissed your forehead softly before he fell into a dreamless sleep next to you, where he always belonged.
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