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tamatosss · 7 months
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I’m bored and I forget how to draw everyone so it’s time for a candidate redraw (plus some bonus NPCs that I’m very fond of design-wise / as characters)!!!
My main goal for these was to make everyone much more lively and expressive. I think I succeeded! I love how Shane, Emily, Qi, and Razz came out
Forgive me for any anatomy errors. I struggled a lot with the poses
Keep reading to see all of them on one page and the original drawings
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Them but on one canvas
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And… my beloved originals from many many months ago :) remember them?
The links for my full originals of the bachelors are here and the bachelorettes here!
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strawberry-snek · 7 months
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notpikaman · 7 hours
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sdv-said-what · 1 year
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Seb: Why does every conversation we have turn out like this...?
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nicoleknives · 9 days
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Maru! thinking about who I should draw next
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artscythe · 6 months
Maru is the best Stardew Valley gal. I will be taking no questions.
PS. Never point your telescope at the sun. Maru would say you should know better.
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sairiiya · 2 months
for your sdv headcannons
hope you like some! :)
-sam has a wall in his room filled with all the monsters he drinks
-leah and linus discuss naturey things a lot
-sam abigail and sebestian play mario kart once a week, seb always wins and sam gets hella mad
-haley has glasses but she uses contacts
-alex blasts the rock “its about drive its about power” when hes working out
-leah and elliott hangout a lot and elliott always suggest a skin care routine so they do that
-shane once went into jas room and glanced at one of he dolls and now he plays them with her often
-maru once walked in on seb working but then his internet disconnected and they both played the dinosaur game for like 2 hours
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1. so many they ended up crushing Abby during a band rehearsal once
2. for sure they'd probably get along pretty well!
3. sam cant believe he always loses to Seb either at pool or mariokart
4. and she looks stunning with or without them
6. and all that while discussing the arts, i can see it
7. sibling cooperation between STEM kids would almost lead them to getting a record if it weren't for Demetrius interrupting them
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youseeingthis · 1 day
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omaiiee · 5 months
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wrapping up my portrait redraws of the marriage candidates with shane, maru and haley !! tbh i left them till last because initially out of all the candidates these three are the ones i've paid the least attention to :[ no hate towards them tho, i've since played through the game some more (i'm trying to make friends with everyone properly now!!) and i've found things about these three that i can also appreciate, even if they're not up there as my faves or anything ^^
i miiight do some more redraws with the other NPCs but i'm not sure yet. we shall see whether i'm up to the task
portrait redraws 1 with the ASS trio (abigail, sam and sebastian) here!
portrait redraws 2 with penny, harvey and alex here!
portrait redraws 3 with emily, leah and elliott here!
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sploinky · 2 years
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nyxalwitch · 1 month
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Maru doodle 🌌✨
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madisonlilyyy · 4 months
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Maru has been hard at work 😴💤✨
I love Maru so much she’s so cute!!!
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ollii-o · 2 months
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Me wh- when I- when- me w- me- me when I-
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tamatosss · 10 months
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All of the candidates together!
I tweaked some of the faces and colours so hopefully the characters look a little nicer here then in my originals
My favourite one out of all of these is probably Haley’s although Harvey’s is a close second :)
Them but on one page
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etherealsaul · 1 year
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I’ve finally finished my Stardew Valley series, and since all the originals have sold, I decided to make prints of them!
All of these prints are for sale here!
★ My Etsy ★ My Patreon ★ Commissions ★
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sdv-said-what · 4 months
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Duality of SDV women.
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flapjacs · 9 months
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All of the outfits based on my Stardew Valley Portrait Mod!
Feel free to use the designs so long as you tag/credit me and it's for personal use only. Let me know if you have any questions too! I'm too lazy to type out descriptions here. Some of the details will be different in the posted portraits. They may or may not be updated in the mod files as of this post.
[Portraits] [Outfits]
[Emily] [Penny] [Maru] [Alex] [Sam] [Seb] [Elliott] [Harvey] [Shane] [Leah] [Abigail] [Haley]
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autumnserenade · 2 months
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stardew valley bachelorettes: maru 🔧
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