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sdv-said-what · 5 months ago
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I missed these three.
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tamatosss · 4 months ago
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I’m bored and I forget how to draw everyone so it’s time for a candidate redraw (plus some bonus NPCs that I’m very fond of design-wise / as characters)!!!
My main goal for these was to make everyone much more lively and expressive. I think I succeeded! I love how Shane, Emily, Qi, and Razz came out
Forgive me for any anatomy errors. I struggled a lot with the poses
Keep reading to see all of them on one page and the original drawings
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Them but on one canvas
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And… my beloved originals from many many months ago :) remember them?
The links for my full originals of the bachelors are here and the bachelorettes here!
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dukeofoats · 6 months ago
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Sam and Abigail visit the farmers house
[original below] (tiktok)
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diadrawsblog · 3 months ago
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A.S.S. Squad 🖤💛💜
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strawberry-snek · 4 months ago
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omaiiee · 3 months ago
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i find their fandom-given title amusing, really
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bibseeboo · 4 months ago
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ripleylacross · 7 days ago
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I just thought it was fitting for Abigail.
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ClipStudio Paint
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ryllen · 28 days ago
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“will he be okay? should he JUST run away??”
“A. he’s facing off with an angel type enemy. His total weakness! AND that one is POWERFUL, too!! (laughs)”
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ginger-luya · 28 days ago
Mga class buraot
Robin packs extra lunch for Seb knowing Sam and Abigail steals his lunch
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unnocturnal · 25 days ago
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The A.S.S. Trio do some KARAOKE
(aka i made them a voice hc video)
also might make these into prints sometime? hehehehe
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sdv-said-what · 10 months ago
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Seb: Why does every conversation we have turn out like this...?
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tamatosss · 7 months ago
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All of the candidates together!
I tweaked some of the faces and colours so hopefully the characters look a little nicer here then in my originals
My favourite one out of all of these is probably Haley’s although Harvey’s is a close second :)
Them but on one page
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zitis-art-corner · 3 months ago
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My favourite gem-eating girl. :')
Character: Abigail Source: Stardew Valley Tools: Paint Tool SAI 2, graphic tablet
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jlushie · 2 months ago
What Their Family Thinks About You {Some Stardew Valley Marriage Candidate’s}
Obviously not all the candidates are included in this one, and even some I didn’t write since they seemed very similar to another (like Haley’s was like Emily’s for example).
The characters included in this one includes Sebastian, Sam, Alex, Shane, Abigail, Emily, and Penny :))
TW: There’s angst in these headcanons, some headcanons including slightly heavy topics.
Tumblr media
Sam waited for a bit before properly introducing you as his significant partner. A part of him probably felt a little shy about it for some reason.
But Jodi already had a feeling you were dating. Sam made it pretty obvious since he was pretty bad at sneaking you in and sneaking himself out of the house, plus Sam get’s goo-goo eyes when he looks or talks about you, even before you two started dating. Not to mention the fact that Vincent constantly went to her and talked about how he saw the Farmer with Sam, and usually flustered Sam when he talked about you.
But Jodi was still ecstatic when Sam finally had the guts to tell her. She insisted that he brought you over ASAP for a family dinner.
She’s very kind to you. Well… She always was, right when you came to the valley. But it seems like she somehow became even sweeter the moment Sam showed interest in you. You were making her son happy, so of course that’d make her love you more!
You were always sweet anyway. You did your best to help the entire valley, not just her son.
Vincent also seemed to take a liking to you before you started dating Sam. You always played with him, and gave him little gifts when you could. Though, he did sometimes play the role of the little sibling who always (accidentally or purposely) stole the attention of the Farmer from Sam. And sure, it sometimes bothers Sam, but he doesn’t want to be mean to Vincent. He’s honestly just more happy that Vincent likes you at all.
And then there’s his father, Kent.
Kent is a bit harder to get closer with, considering the things he’s been through. He’s not mean to you by any means, but he’s just a little hesitant to build up more relationships.
He warms up to you, slowly but surely. He’s glad you’ve been there for his wife and kids, and he’s happy that Sam is happy with you. He’ll become more talkative with you as time goes on, and start showing his appreciation with sending you some useful things in the mail and such.
The family all treat you as their own, and Sam is more than pleased! He knew his family would love you, but it still excited him that they do!
Jodi invites you to dinner at least once a week, and there, Vincent always wants to play with you. And even if Kent is usually pretty quiet, he asks you about the farm, and you guys sometimes chit-chat about certain topics when you come over. Then the evening is finished off with a lovely dinner from Jodi.
When you and Sam head off to your shared home, you jump when Sam wraps his arms around you. You’re confused for a moment, but melt when Sam gives you a loving smile.
“Thanks for getting along with my family… I don’t know how I got so lucky .”
Sam is usually pretty excitable and loud. But this time, he’s more quiet. It’s oddly sentimental.
“Aww… You’re getting all red in the face, sunshine! You’re so cute…”
Shane probably didn’t feel a need to really hide his relationship, since Marnie, like Jodi, could tell that Shane loved you. As for Jas, she helped push you to give Shane a bouquet, so of course she knew too.
But he partially did want to hide away from Marnie at the beginning of your relationship, since she liked to tease you two a whole lot. She usually did with a whole lot of teasing puns, which made it feel worse for Shane.
But after the whole teasing phase, she’s very warm and kind to you. She often lets you know how appreciative she is that you had helped Shane through such a hard time in his life. She admitted to you she had almost given up, but you had come into the valley, and she believed you to practically be an angel.
Jas also adored your company. Warming up to Shane caused Jas to warm up to you as well, to the point where, like Vincent, she also wanted to play with you all the time, sometimes taking you away from Shane.
Shane didn’t do anything to stop her. It warmed his heart Jas liked you so much. It made him love you even more then he already did. He constantly thanked you for spending time with her, and showing her so much kindness.
I don’t think Marnie would invite you to dinner, but not because she dislikes you. She invites Lewis to dinner all the time, and if you play/watch Stardew Valley, you should know why dinner isn’t an option.
But, Jas does like to come to your house to dinner, if you’re fine with it of course. She also likes to spend time with you and Shane both, so you three constantly do fun things together.
Also, I’ve said this before, but there’s a headcanon I’ve seen in the past of Jas potentially living with Shane after he moves in with you. If she couldn’t live there 100% of the time, she’d at least have a room there.
One of Jas’s favorite moments was learning to bake with you two. Shane didn’t really have experience baking, but you’ve baked before after getting some recipes from ‘The Queen of Sauce’ and from some of the villagers in the valley.
After you had taught Shane and Jas how to bake one of her favorites, a strawberry cake, you three sat around the table, Jas kicking her legs happily as she took a bite of her slice of cake. She glanced up at you and Shane, seeing you giving his a kiss on the cheek as you handed him a soda.
“Thanks pumpkin.”
Jas watched as he fiddled with his mermaids pendent while staring at you, as you got a piece of cake for yourself too. He looked completely whipped for you, and even Jas could tell he was utterly in love. Suddenly, a question popped up in her mind. She paused before she looked up at Shane.
“Uncle Shane?”
“Are you and Y/n going to give me a cousin soon?”
Shane then proceeded to almost choke on his drink as you stood there is a flustered haze.
Abigail actually told her mother, Caroline, immediately when you guys got together. She just couldn’t keep it a secret when she was this excited! However, she wasn’t excited when it came to her dad… She did not want to tell Pierre.
I feel most of us have the general agreement that Pierre is one of the worst people in the valley. He just isn’t that nice of a person, and I feel like Abigail is smart enough to see that. She loves her dad, but he’s painfully traditional and greedy. He tends to make her angry because of how annoyingly ignorant he can be sometimes.
She knew she’d have to tell him one day, but not now. So, she asked her mom to keep quiet, at least for awhile. And Caroline thankfully does like you, and she was aware of her husband’s nature and how it could come off. So, she agreed, but wanted Abigail to tell him eventually.
It was probably a bit awkward for you to be shopping at Pierre’s while he remained unknowing of your relationship with his daughter, but it was honestly a blissful two months of silence from Pierre.
And then one day, Caroline had finally had enough, and told Pierre. She meant no ill will, but she thought it’d only be a week or two of not saying anything, not two months.
And Pierre was not happy. Abigail got in trouble with her father, and he even almost picked a fight with you. So now, Abigail wasn’t happy with her mother or her father.
But this didn’t hurt your relationship, Abigail loved you dearly, she always has!
But after this, Pierre only got worse in Abigail’s eyes. His initial anger wore off, sure, but then his greedy side came in.
He started trying to convince you to “share a family business.” And at first, you did give him some of your crops, since you did want him to like you, but then he sold the crops that were yours and claimed them as his own, and called the bad crops he grew yours. It was salt in the wound when he paid you less then what your crops were worth.
When Abigail caught wind of this, she was furious.
“Dad, you can’t just take Y/n’s money like that! Who do you think you are!?”
You felt bad it strained their relationship a bit, but Abigail assured you it wasn’t your fault.
Even if Pierre wasn’t the best, Caroline did try her best. She and Abigail were on bad terms for a moment after Caroline told Pierre, but Abigail forgave her shortly after, since she could understand where her mom was coming from. Plus, Caroline did make Pierre pay the actual worth of your crops, and even secretly told some of the villagers that they were indeed your crops (but sadly framed it as a mix up instead of the actual story).
You also noticed something odd… The Wizard was being nicer to you! But thats probably just a coincidence… Right?
After you two got married, Pierre tried harder to start a business with you, but you rejected it over and over. Abigail eventually told him to stop bothering you, causing further strain.
You confessed to Abigail you still felt bad over the whole incident, and she oddly she just giggled at this.
“Y/n, you’re too sweet. I keep telling you it’s not your fault! I love you, so of course I’m going to defend you. I always will.”
Emily was pretty excited getting into the relationship, and it didn’t take long for her to want you to spend more time with her sister.
Haley, of course, knew you were in a relationship with Emily. Emily never stopped talking about you even before the relationship, and when she came home with the bouquet, cheering and practically running around the house, Haley put the pieces together pretty quickly.
And sure, Haley met you, and you two knew each other, but she wasn’t sure if she approved of you quite yet. She knew you were nice, since practically everyone in town wouldn’t shut up about you, but she really loves her sister, and wants to make sure the person her sister loves isn’t a bad person, y’know?
or isn’t someone like Clint
So, Emily invited you to dinner after her sister insisted. Honestly, you were slightly intimidated. Haley is a bit ruthless at times, sometimes described as mean, so you wanted to make a good impression.
So, you had brought gifts for the two of them, and Haley was surprised that you had gotten not only Emily a gift she loved, but you also got a gift for Haley, and it was also a gift she loved.
Then, throughout the evening, you had continued to make a good impression. You treated Emily so well and showed an interest in what Haley liked. You never said anything remotely mean to either of them, or even anything shady about any of the villagers.
Soon, Emily excused herself to the bathroom, leaving you and Haley alone. You were about to start a conversation about a topic she’d enjoy, but she interrupted you.
“Alright… Listen… I can already tell you’ll be a good fit for my sister. You seem really nice, and you treat my sister well. It also gives you points you aren’t like that creep Clint… But just promise me that you’ll treat her well for a long time, okay? I swear to god if you ever make her cry I’ll kick your ass.”
Of course you promised Haley, but then you two heard a loud “aww” from the doorway.
Haley was beyond embarrassed her sister heard all of that, but Emily was swooning, thinking it was the sweetest thing in the world.
“Were you standing there the entire time?!”
“I couldn’t help myself! It was just so sweet to hear!”
You were well aware that Pam wasn’t the best at times, so it was understandable Penny was included on the group of people who would prefer your relationship remain on the down low for awhile.
But Penny is the sweetest person in the valley (besides Evelyn of course), so she didn’t want to hide it for a long time. After all, she loved her mom despite her faults. It was just kind of hard to start a conversation about relationships with her.
You offered to be there when Penny told her, but Penny insisted she wanted to tell her alone. It wasn’t that she didn’t want you there, but she felt as if Pam might take it wrongly at first since Penny kept it quiet for a little while.
And she was right. Pam took it as if she was embarrassed of her or something, which wasn’t the case at all. Pam needed time to cool off, and when she came back to Penny, she was still irritated. She gave Penny the silent treatment for a couple days, which really hurt her feelings. Luckily, you were there at her side, so it made it a little easier.
“Thank you, honey… I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t by my side.”
Pam was conflicted. She wanted Penny to be happy, but felt like this was the start of losing Penny, since her daughter was really the only thing she really has. The fact Penny didn’t say anything didn’t help, and seemed to make Pam think that this was her reality now. Not to mention she didn’t really have a good experience with love, Penny’s father leaving the two of them.
Pam had thought about it a lot at the saloon. She realized after a few days that Penny couldn’t have meant anything bad by it, since it really wasn’t in Penny’s nature, she knew that. And you weren’t like her ex-husband. Even if you two didn’t really talk much, you had the kindness to literally buy her and Penny a house. But she still felt like she would lose Penny either way.
Pam accepts your relationship, but isn’t really excited about it like some of the family members on this list.
When Penny inevitably moves out, it continues to eat at her.
But Penny makes the effort to visit her mother, and invite her to holidays. Pam doesn’t always go to the farm for the holidays, but sometimes she comes and visits.
After awhile, she realizes you are good for Penny, way better then she was. It still doesn’t make her excited, and it even eats up at her more.
Penny is a bit disheartened her mother doesn’t seem happy for her, but she knows she can’t always help her, no matter how hard she tries. She does try to constantly remind her mother she’s always there for her, but Pam is stubborn.
Regardless, Penny is still happy with you and Pam, even if it isn’t the happiest ending.
Sebastian didn’t want to tell his family for so many reasons.
The biggest reason was that, in his eyes, they wouldn’t really care anyway.
Maybe his mom would, but Demetrius definitely wouldn’t, and Maru is pretty indifferent to things involving him. She won’t jump for joy if something good happens in his life, but she wouldn’t laugh or make his life worse if something bad happened. He’s also in no contact with his biological father, so it’s not like he can tell him, even if he wanted to.
A part of his did want to express his joy with his family, or for them to be happy for him, but he wasn’t even included in the little things, so he doubted they’d care if he started dating someone, even if it was a relationship as serious as yours.
He is glad he can express his happiness with Sam and Abigail though, and they don’t mind listening, no matter if he babbled about you or not.
He eventually does tell his mom after she admits someone had told her about you and Sebastian. She cares a lot more then Demetrius and Maru, and feels guilty the reason why he didn’t tell them in the first place, not to mention that she didn’t even notice for a long time.
Robin happened to tell Demetrius and Maru. As Sebastian predicted, Demetrius didn’t care, and often forgot about it entirely. Maru frustrated Sebastian quite a bit when she expressed her surprise that someone like Y/n would date someone like him. She didn’t really mean it in a bad way, but it defiantly came out in such a way.
Robin seemed like the only one who made an effort to connect with you. She tried to push Demetrius and Maru and get involved, but they expressed no interest, Maru usually being busy and Demetrius being a shitty step-dad.
One day, out of no where, Sebastian had said something that truly made your heart ache;
“… I’m sorry my family is a bit distant from me. I know it can hurt your feelings, but it isn’t your fault at all. It’s mine…”
It was truly painful to hear Sebastian blame himself for that kind of this when it really wasn’t his fault either. You were quick to assure him that you loved him, not his family. You assured him it wasn’t his fault either.
He sighed, melting into your hands.
“Thank you… I just… I love you, and I want to make sure you’re happy.”
Of course you’re happy. Who wouldn’t be happy with someone as sweet as him? <33
Alex doesn’t really have parents to introduce you to like in the movies. It bothers him a bit, since a part of him did want those cheesy moments where you introduce your significant other to your parents, who swoon over your partner and express how much they support and love the relationship.
But he didn’t have that. It was pretty hard to think about, so he tried to concern himself with more bright topics, like his grandmother, Evelyn.
Evelyn already accepted you with open arms since you came to the valley, and that didn’t change when Alex introduced you as his significant other.
She was even more delighted that you and Alex were together. You were so sweet, and you would be such a delightful addition to the family.
Alex was a bit disappointed that George is a bit more pessimistic and bitter, so he wasn’t necessarily welcoming, but Alex knew he should have expected that since his grandpa was a grump.
He was still grateful for them, don’t get me wrong. Even if George is grumpy, you were still welcomed into the family by Evelyn. She constantly made you feel like you did belong there, and made you both aware that she supported and love your relationship.
“Oh… You are such a sweetheart… I know that if you had the chance to meet Clara, she would adore you so much.”
Evelyn saying that to you made Alex choke up. He did end up crying with you in private, but not because Evelyn hurt his feelings, of course not. Just the thought of Clara meeting you was so emotional to think about.
… However… Alex always had the fear his past would come back to haunt him. He always feared his dad may try to interfere with his life at some point. He knew his dad had no idea where he could be if he did try to find him, but the fear was always there.
He confessed this to you in private, and you were quick to be by his side, promising him that his dad would never find him, and if he tried, you would be by his side. The idea of you doing something like that for him made his love for you grow even more so.
“… I love you. I really appreciate you always being here for me like this.”
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abigail babygirl. 🥺👉🏼👈🏼💘🔮
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Here take it
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