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j4gm · a day ago
Comprehensive review of various video game fishing mechanics
Sea of Thieves
Tumblr media
Takes too long to get fish, and too much brain power. You’re telling me I need to use my keyboard and my mouse to catch these fish? A good fishing system should let you scroll Tumblr or eat peanuts with your free hand. Cooking the fish afterwards is cool though. I like how the only way to tell something is cooked in this game is by looking at it and thinking “hmm, would I eat this in real life?” 5/10
Stardew Valley
Tumblr media
Harder fish require more focus, easier fish aren’t so difficult if you just want to chill out, and the risk versus reward of going for a treasure chest is always satisfying.Pretty nice fishing mechanic in my opinion, and you will often need specific fish for fulfilling quests so there is merit to doing it. Can be frustrating when that bastard suddenly shoots to the top of the bar after spending like 20 seconds at the bottom and tricking you into letting your guard down. 7/10
Monster Hunter Rise
Tumblr media
There is one useful fish in this game and it’s the sushifish. Everything else is useless, and the spots where you can fish are very limited. There is also for some reason only one place for players to stand, so if multiple people are using the same fishing spot you look like the byproduct of a freak teleportation accident. “THERE’S ALWAYS TIME FOR FISHING.“ 2/10
Tumblr media
Fishing in Minecraft is very easy and straightforward. Wait for the thingy to sploosh and then right click. And Minecraft achieves something that a lot of games struggle with, which is making the fishing mechanic actually quite useful. It’s a handy way of getting some enchantments and food and name tags in the early game, before you’ve bothered with all that pesky villager kidnapping, and is still fun in the late game since it forms part of working towards some late game items. Although I think the changes they made to nerf automatic fishing might frustrate inexperienced players who don’t realise how specific the requirements for getting treasure are. 8/10
I think that’s every video game that has a fishing minigame. Let me know if I missed any but I’m pretty sure I got them all.
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katestardew · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
˗ˏˋ Casual Furniture Set ˎˊ˗
─ furniture mod for stardew valley ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
ੈ♡˳ about !
this is a furniture mod that currently includes 30+ cute and pastel pieces.
only available for Custom Furniture (CF) and Alternative Textures (AT) at the moment.
will try to update it time-to-time to add more stuff until i’m satisfied with the amount.
ੈ♡˳ notes !
PLEASE DO NOT REPOST NOR DOWNLOAD THIS MOD TO OTHER SITES. it’ll only be available for NexusMods at the moment.
leave a comment if you have any questions or errors to be fixed on the mod post at nexus!
i'm very happy that i finally posted this mod after more than one year. i have left a message on the description part of the mod on nexusmods. if you would like to read it along with the instructions on how to use, please kindly do so on the link given above.
thank you and have a nice day ! ☕
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gyrokaleido-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
Every time I start a new save file in Stardew Valley I gotta pick between these 3 to pursue and it's never easy.
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avonleaisland · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
In my stardew era 🌿
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misterchelovek · a day ago
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ranaraeuchle · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Elliot from stardew valley At this point, I'm just sketching and testing out procreate
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alaluminy · 2 days ago
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Posting him separately as well because I can't, I love him too munch-I mean much
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farming-for-affection · a day ago
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Maybe Harvey was right 🤔
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sairiiya · 2 days ago
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Sebastian under the rain doodle
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mirukifurogi · a day ago
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puirell · 2 days ago
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just a simple farmer making his way through the valley
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studentinpursuitofclouds · 2 days ago
Rude NPC: exists
Tumblr media
Has anyone made a post like this before? No?
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agentbobr · 2 days ago
what the bachelors and bachelorettes of pelican town wear for halloween!<3
Tumblr media
sebastian and abigail going as beetlejuice and lydia for halloween, sam is the worm.
shane and jas go as squidward and spongebob, this is what he gets for letting jas pick the costumes :]
haley goes as a black cat (just like every year 🙄) while emily goes as a cute clown!
alex gets the whole shabang on, gets gore makeup on and looks horrifying as a zombie football player. haley helped him with the makeup but he did modify his old football gear for this!
harvey goes as a pilot and gets one of those cliche pilot hats!
leah and elliot ended up accidentally matching, they had both dressed up as farmers hoping to poke fun at you :')
maru goes as a insane scientist! she even made small fog machines to put inside beakers of "chemicals", demetrius was very proud since she actually labeled all the beakers all the right chemicals lol
please do tell me if this format looks alright and if you have any suggestions, please do send me an ask or dm, i want this to look as sleek and nice as possible <3 tysm for reading and i hope this made you smile even just a little!
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irldoomerboy · 2 days ago
Headcanon: Sebastian has named all the plants in the farmers house
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pomegranate-winery · 2 days ago
Laying awake at night I’ve realized that I have the power to rewrite every single heart scene Elliott has to make it more romantic, personal, and allow him to have more than two friends because this man is lonely and goddamn it I’m going to do it.
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fixationthinker · a day ago
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m1lky-ways · 2 days ago
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he picked a flower and it's for you!!
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