toruq · a day ago
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#1 outfit! for fall!
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garnoks · 2 days ago
"So what do you work as?"
mc: "it's complicated"
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dromaeo-sauridae · 2 days ago
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normal guy and his normal horse
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Alex where the fuck are we
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piosplayhouse · a day ago
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maxkingmoon · 2 days ago
horse doodles I made at work. drawing horses is fun but damn i suck at drawing coats
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dorianwolfforest · a day ago
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The season. It approaches us.
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windforestsso · 16 hours ago
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Last update of the OC map.
The english map is bit smaller then the swedish one so that why I include them both. So there is now one everyone can actually read, and one that has the potraits in little better quality.
I might update the map again when more areas get unlock and peoples OCs start to move around again. But for now its closed
Here is the adress book, in location alphabetical order:
Central Jorvik:
Jorvik City: Alexis Cometshield Aspen- Lives right outside of Jorvik City Clementine Campbell - Apartment at Aideen’s Plaza Gun “Glam” Lavashovel
Crater of Jor:
Adelaide “Swift” Swiftheart - with her clan beyond the Icengate Endre - a Kalter that lives in the valley of the hidden dinosaur near Icengate
Moa Windforest - Hidden shack in the forest
Firgrove Village: Catherine - In one of the house in the back close to the entrance of Wildwoods  Elaina Hawkwatcher Florence - Road leading to the Gate
Starshine Ranch: Aurora Calamity Claymore Rora Dolphinheart
Goldenhills Valley:
Willow “Will” Tree - Lives near Goldenhills Valley
Cape West Fishing Village: Kit Claymore Zoey - The ugliest building
Harvest Counties:
Crescent Moon: Feya Elfchild
Jarlaheim: Everlee Songbird Hazle Underford - Lives with her dad Irene - apartment Johann “The Pirate” - Northern Jarlaheim on the top floor of a fairly unique building Monty Lionheart Riley Yasmine - In the dark narrow allyways Zoey Pineheart - Dumpy little aparment building
New Hillcrest: Lucas Crowsong Max Goldstone
Allison “Alli” O’Knight - Actual home between Firegrove and Dundull. But spend most time at Ranger outpost. Lucy - Ranger Cabins
Dundull: Azalea ‘Az’ Vysdrak - Cabin outside of Dundull on the Old Jorvik Highway Bodhi Applewright - Dundull Vendela - Dundull Zoe Silverborn - Dundull
Wildwoods:  Carolina “Arrow” Stawberrystream - Redwood Point Nora - Tailtop Village Toby Applewright - Redwood Point  
Fort Pinta: Alina - Small apartment Avelin Gwendolyn Deerwood - rents a room in Fort Pinta’s Inn Lana
Moorland Stables: Kit   Kit Applecastle - Lives with Mrs. Holdsworth in a spare bedroom Montana - Lives in the attic
Nilmer’s Highland: Altair - Lives currantly at the Cirus but true home is in Pandora Rosie - Lives at the circus Wren - A Psychic that lives at the Circus
Silverglade Village: Adelaide Odenburg - live in Pink house in the circle with two others Alice Friendside Athena Peacecry Ava - In the house with the gargoyle statue Bonnie - In a small apartment Emmy Emberwood Evangeline “Eva” Eveninglove Liz - Rents a room in Daxton’s house. But also live in a demon door at South Hoof Farm. Siri Greenhaven - Live in someones attic
South Hoof Peninsula:
Charlotte Rainford - Near the Lighthouse
South Hoof Rescue Ranch: Charlie Emberwood  Ivanna  Juni
Hollowwoods: Damien “Dami” Darkwalker - in a family home with his sibling
Silversong River: Dakota - In the old water mill along the river. Rowan Riverborn - Silversong River
Valedale Village: Claire - Lives in Elizabeth’s house Corinne Eaglebridge Genevieve Bitterhouse Liv - Rents a cottage Lydia Silvergale Marie - Neighbor to Avalon Rose Riverlee - Lives alone but wander around a lot Sadie Wolfdawn - Shared druid housing
Alou - Constantly Traveling Max - Technially homeless, but stays with his twin brother in Silverglade village at times. Ruth “The Mute on a Mule” - Drifter that squats in abandoned storehouses in Jarlahaim’s dank alleys or Greendale Woods. Vivien “Viv” Tennfjord - Travels
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everwindfields · 22 hours ago
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sin-head · a day ago
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gladewood · 2 days ago
only real sso players remember the red screen of death and your horse screaming when you fell off cliffs
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zelda-axewatcher · 2 days ago
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jorvikcity · 8 hours ago
interest check again hiii
would people be interested in an ssoblr oc fanwiki?
as in a wiki (like wikipedia) with articles for people's sso ocs, horses etc
and possibly an interactive map too that people can add their own markers to (if i can figure out how it works)
let me know!
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graceinjorvik · a day ago
Area Release/Update Timeline
im back in my sso hyperfixation era so here’s another reference
A Complete(?) Timeline of Every(?) Area Release/Update
Update: Baroness’ Racetrack
     March 30 2022
Update: Marley’s Farm
     Jan 26 2022
Update: Steve’s Farm
     Sep 22 2021
Update: Silverglade Village
     June 16 2021
Wildwoods pt 2 (Tailtop Village)
     Feb 24 2021
Wildwoods pt 1 (Wilder’s Verge)
     Nov 22 2020
Starshine Ranch
     April 8 2020
Update: Druid Paddock
     March 4/25 2020
Update: Firgrove Terrain
     Feb 5 2020
Update: Fort Pinta
     Jan 22 2020
Update: Harvest Counties Terrain
     Aug 28 2019
Update: Golden Hills Valley
     July 31 2019
Update: Horse Market (permanently at Fort Pinta)
     July 17 2019
Update: Doyle’s Abbey
     May 15 2019
Update: Silverglade Terrain
     Nov 21 2018
Rescue Ranch
     Sep 19 2018
Update: Circus Tent
     June 6 2018
     Jan 24 2018
     Dec 13 2017
Update: Firgrove Village
     April 26 2017
Jorvik City
     Dec 7 2016
Update: Valedale Village
     June 15 2016
South Hoof Peninsula
     April 20 2016
Update: Silverglade Vineyard
     April 6 2016
Harvest Counties pt 2 (Epona)
     Nov 18 2015
Update: Fort Pinta
     Sep 16 2015
Update: Silverglade Castle
     June 10 2015
Update: Moorland Stables
     April 22 2015
Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur
     Nov 19 2014
Update: Fort Pinta Beach
     June 11 2014
Harvest Counties pt 1
     Oct 23 2013
Golden Hills Valley
     July 11 2012
I tried my best to find the Wednesday update news article for every area update and release to get exact dates of when they were implemented into the game. Some of them (fort pinta beach, druid paddock, etc) were hard to totally confirm, so I guessed based on the news articles. Also, I’m as certain as I can be that I’m missing the big Moorland Stables update. The only record of it I could find on the SSO website in all my scouring was one from 2015, but the pictures in that article lead me to believe that this is not the most recent update. If anyone has a date of when that happened, or can point me in the right direction that would be swell. Also also, I might go through and add links to the new pages if that’s something people would find useful.
also also also, i know that it’s insane for me to hope for a new update this year, but i can’t help it i am who i am
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opalbrain · 2 days ago
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horsey for @apples-stables !never drawn an appaloosa before...
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twracehorse · 2 days ago
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I'm so excited for this!! Not only will training be easier, but just being with your horse will be beneficial! I just hope there's no degrading system like there is with stable care. That would be crushing lol
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dorianwolfforest · 10 hours ago
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Still my favorite ingame book
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