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roucaelum-art · 2 days
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Yor and Anya ♡✿
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mika213 · 19 hours
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Eden!AU doodles cuz WHY THE HECK NOT
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I don’t think it’s insignificant that Twilight has more or less given up appearing as a perfect family and accepted Loid Forger lead a life full of messes and failures and a tangle of emotions he does not entirely understand …
… but is still play-acting Loid Forger as a perfect psychiatrist, beloved by all, pillar of society, too sexy for his own good at Berlint General.
Wonder why that is 🤔
(We all know why that is. Because the Loid Forger at home is a real person living a real life. Loid Forger outside the home is still all pretend.)
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0yorix · 1 day
Twiyor angst <333
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I don't draw comics often so it looks sloppy and bad ahhshs, literally posting before I go to bed. will try to draw stuff like this more often.
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esthellar · 3 days
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Twilight and Thorn Princess: a personification
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yumeka-sxf · 1 day
A chronological analysis on Twilight and Yor - Part 2
*This is part of an ongoing post series. If you missed the Introduction/Part 1, click here*
The Forgers' first family outing is when we start to get an idea of how well they complement each other. When he realizes that Anya and Yor aren't exactly Eden tier citizens, Twilight is understandably upset. He even goes so far as to think he may have chosen the wrong child and wife for the job (also the last time he ever thinks this).
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As for Yor, we see that she has a noticeable liking for weapons, which makes sense considering her job as an assassin. She stares almost longingly at a painting of a guillotine at the museum, and fondles her knife at the restaurant, much to Twilight's confusion.
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But what's interesting is that this is the only time we ever see her exhibit this behavior, and I think it's because she's since found more important things to feel deeply about, like motherly love for Anya and tenderness for Loid. Whether this was an intentional tidbit of character development from Endo, I can't say, but from a narrative perspective, it definitely fits.
This episode also shows the first of many eventual times where Yor has just the right words of comfort for an exasperated Twilight. Despite the fact that, at this point, she hadn't fully embraced her mother/wife role yet, she takes notice of how worked up he had gotten at the restaurant and suggests that they go outside for some air.
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When they see the old lady being robbed, Twilight shows no intention of getting involved – spies aren't supposed to attract attention to themselves with showy heroic acts after all. But once Yor rushes over to help, he decides to follow her lead because, again, he's a decent guy who wants to help people even though he prefers doing it secretively. There was no benefit to Yor for helping the old lady except for the fact that, like Twilight, she's a good person who wants to help others, but isn't inhibited by having to keep up a spy persona like he is. But as for why Yor is so quick to react when others need help, but is at a loss when she herself is a target, like when her coworkers were insufferably rude to her at the party, is a part of her personality that I'll discuss more later down the line.
This is also the first of a few scenes where Anya insists that Loid and Yor are flirting/going to kiss, and they immediately deny it, in an almost uncharacteristically abrupt way.
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While it's a very short scene, it's especially strange for the calm and collected Twilight to get worked up about some silly thing Anya says. I don't think Twilight and Yor are romantically in love this early in the series, but the fact that they reacted like this does hint at the possibility that they know the other is not a typical man/woman (in a good way) and they're not sure how they feel about it. Hence the exaggerated reactions when confronted with those ambiguous feelings.
Later that day, as an exhausted Twilight tries once more to go over the interview questions, we get a scene from his POV of Anya and Yor happily sitting on the couch with their teacups. This causes Twilight to think back to the old lady's words about what a nice family they are, to which he tells himself that means they must have made some progress. There are several scenes like this throughout the series that show something from his perspective that is, what I like to call, "softly emphasized." The scene itself doesn't seem like anything major, and Twilight isn't making a big deal about it, yet the scene covers a decently sized panel in the manga and has a sort of "fuzziness" to its shading, conveying a warm, gentle feeling (the anime usually lingers on the scene for a few moments and/or may add fuzzy, warm filtering to the colors and sound).
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While other characters do occasionally get scenes like this too, I think the reason Twilight has more of them is because of the kind of character he is, namely, an unreliable narrator. For most characters, even if they lie out loud, we as the audience get insight into their thoughts, and typically that's where we know what they're really feeling. But because Twilight is such a competent liar, and has spent much of his life donning one false identity after another, he insists on deceiving not only others, but himself as well. As a result, even his thoughts are not a reliable source for his true feelings. So to me, Endo includes scenes like this – something that seems mundane, but for Twilight, it's triggering feelings of warmth and comfort, despite whatever his expression, words, or thoughts might tell us – as a subtle yet more sure way of knowing what he's really feeling. In this case, despite his sour expression, he's slowly starting to feel comfortable with Anya and Yor, especially when he recalls that someone saw them as a lovely family.
To be continued in Part 3...
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delica-tt · 3 months
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Anya tackles her biggest challenge yet:
The looming threat of Yor’s cooking…!
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yuushin7 · 6 months
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My contribution to the SpyFam brainrot! Afternoon nap with Forgers 💚
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feliahanakata · 3 months
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their wedding spy x family / twiyor
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nicostiel · 8 months
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#number one anime dad
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overlymetaromantic · 24 days
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the fact that Yor has carried Loid in canon but we have yet to see Yor actually carry Loid in canon is a travesty that I cannot wait to see be rectified
Yor really should knock Loid out more often, it’s probably the only way the man ever gets in any power naps
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1alchemistart · 2 months
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some older art mixed with some more recent art! i was more experimental with the damian and donovan ..i really need to figure out donny’s face lmfao he’s hard to draw
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mika213 · 1 day
Sorry I’ve been a bit busy lately.
I’m trying to finalize some stuff before I can finally let loose and draw all the fandom stuff I want 😂
In the meantime I’ll give you a lil WIP of the Eden!Twiyor comic I’m working on my breaks.
Tumblr media
It’s a headcanon of mine after seeing Endo’s drawing… it’s how Loid got that bandaid on his nose and Yor looking embarrassing and flustered. 🤣
Context: Loid took it upon himself to protect Yor from some guy who was going to confess to her /with bad intentions/ by coercing Yor on the spot that he was *fake* confessing to her but uhhh that backfired…
Now he has a broken nose and got to keep up the fake dating façade 🙃
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Amongst the cast who do you think would be the most freaked out about Anya having read their minds/secrets. Personally, I think Nightfall.
Twilight: Damn, she must know where I hid her peanuts
Frankie: Huh
Nightfall: She can read minds but I can read mission reports! I’ll challenge her to read every file on the Desmonds, that’ll show Twilight he should love me and also…
Damian: So I was right all along.
Yuri: Why isn’t she better at her studies then.
Henderson: She could have cheated on her tests all along but still strived, even when she nearly fails every single subject. Such bravery! She is truly Loid Forger’s daughter. How elegaaaant!
Handler: Oh no, she must know why I wear a hat all the time
Bond: Borf!
Yor: Oh! I’m so glad Anya-san can read!
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juniperarts · 2 months
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Who knows Yor 🤷‍♀️
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soapyakships · 1 month
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my comfort
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