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watermeloensuikerhoog · a month ago
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justthatspiffy · a year ago
Montana mountains are ridiculous and dangerous because they look mostly not steep but that is an illusion they're very steep and have cliffs where you don't expect
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anotherboyprince · a year ago
Not that I am advocating people to get injured or anything but I genuinely think getting hurt by an animal when you’ve provoked them is such a valuable lesson and makes you a better person
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rengokunico · 2 months ago
Some "bad miracles" in Nope. (Or rather bad things that were inadvertently miracles and vice versa.)
The power outtages. It's something that we normally see as a an inconvenience, same as our cell phones suddenly going out. But the lack of light/sound (the house going dark, the car stopping, the music cutting, the phone call dropping) is what essentially hides our main characters thoughout the movie.
The shoe standing upright during Gordy's massacre. While the byproduct of something horrific, its what essentially keeps Jupe alive, by distracting him long enough during the rampage for the actor that played the father to take Gordy's attention away from the room that Jupe was hiding in. (Also the birthday balloons --normally seen as a gift-- being what sets Gordy off.)
Money falling from the sky. Something that's commonly thought of as a miracle, a dream scenario, being what killed Otis Sr.
OJ having to sell the horses to Jupe (bad) being what kept Jean Jacket from seeking food at the Ranch for half a year.
Angel getting trapped in a tarp AND barb wire while trying to run from Jean Jacket being what actually kept him from being eaten.
Em accidentally photo-bombing some kids (bad for them) being what allows her to finally take a photo of JJ when all their other plans have failed. (Also shoutout to the mantis that just so happened to cover the camera for the entire time that Jean was attacking, only for it to leave right after. I'd say that can fit in here too.)
The motocyclist showing up in the middle of the main characters' big plan. While inconvient for them pre-crash, and awful for the cyclist post-crash, he and his reflective helmet actually completely draw and keep JJ's attention long enough for OJ to make it to safety. Much like how the vfx ball spooked and irritated Lucky, the helmet most likely did the same for JJ and completely derailed her focus from both OJ and the horse.
And finally, the "rain" of blood/saliva from Jean Jacket falling on the house. This one has isn't immediately obvious but it's pretty safe to say that it's a refence to water bring turned into blood in Exodus. While a miracle from God for his people, yes, it was both a plague and punishment for the Egyptians.
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last-ofthe-starks · 15 days ago
HOTD episode 5 Easter eggs and thoughts:
Some slight but important changes to the timeline and order of events worth noting:
In Fire and Blood, Rhaenyra and Laenor’s wedding actually took place over the course of seven days, it did not end on the first night and require a shotgun wedding from the recollection in the book.
At one of the competitions, Criston beat Harwin Strong who was the strongest man in the realm, but we do not see them face off this episode.
Then, Criston faces Joffrey and beats him within an inch of his life with his favorite weapon, Morningstar. In the book, Joffrey suffers a brain injury and died six days later whereas there is NO denying he is dead on the show.
In the book Rhaenyra and 17 and Laenor is 20 at the time of the wedding in 114, while in the show Rhaenyra is at least 18 according to the last episode.
By the time this wedding takes place in the show, Criston Cole was already Lord Commander of the Kingsguard in the books.
We open the episode with Rhea Royce, who –in the brief moments we saw her – came across as a woman who would certainly give Daemon a run for his money and see right through his shit. And while there is a small part of me heartbroken that my boo Daemon did kill his wife (although we never see it on camera), this whole show is an excellent character study on Daemon as a character. His trip to the Vale was due to Viserys’ banishment sure, but when we see him and Rhea meet on the road it doesn’t actually look like he planned to murder her. The way it was shot makes it clear she drew a weapon first and her horse was spooked, but it did not appear that Daemon actually did anything. It was only when he end he walked away and she said something to him that he was prompted to pick up the rock and finish the job. Clearly that wasn’t a planned way to rid her but like most Daemon plans, he wings it. When Daemon dances with Rhaenyra, he sort of confirms he planned to rid himself of Rhea by telling her that he no longer has a wife and could put a stop to the whole wedding for her. He clearly wished to accomplish this task prior to her wedding day.
I like how they’ve addressed the unraveling of Rhaenyra and Criston on the show. It is believable that Criston would be so hurt by Rhaenyra’s response to his offer. The man broke and oath and his entire life as he currently knows it is due to her kindness and position. For her to have favored him, chose him as her protector, confide in him, and then later have him break an oath with her, it’s little wonder he thought she loved him just as much back. The way Criston asks her to escape with her and be free of her position and responsibility was a great way to weave together the rumors from Fire and Blood and also flesh out those rumors into a believable conversation with a heartbreaking end for Sir Criston.
Emily Carey (Alicent) was so great in this episode. It was the first time we actually see Alicent grow up and take the rose colored glasses off. We as viewers can see that she’s only seeing and being given bits and pieces of information, and surmising her decisions based on those bits. We get our first real debut of Master of Whispers, Larys Strong, and see his role in essentially starting the war. As viewers we can see she is getting parts of the truth but in the case of Criston Cole, some of her assumptions are incorrect. This long game of telephone is a great way of explaining how each chip fell to create what will be a giant, convoluted mess.
Speaking of Alicent and Criston, I really was surprised that Criston immediately fessed up to sleeping with Rhaenyra to Alicent. I thought for her in his anger he would have accused Rhaenyra of sleeping with Daemon to get back at her but no, he fessed up to it. This will add such an added layer to their dynamic as now Alicent has a very significant piece of information to hold over Criston’s head.
The king ain’t doing too hot, and wow, his arm was disgusting. Viserys in this episode is fighting so many things; his health being number one. We can see that it is rapidly declining and they are really at a loss for what to do for him. On top of that, his wife is beginning to use her own brain and fight back in the wake of her fathers dismissal, and the girl who was once so innocent and agreeable is about to become an enormous problem for him. Partner that with trying to repair a fractured relationship with Corlys, the return of his brother who he knows probably just murdered his own wife, and the image of Daemon taking Rhaenyra’s face in his hands at her own wedding celebrations as though they meant to kiss. THEN the poor dude has to have a shotgun wedding and cancel all of the fun, he truly can’t win.
Alicent walking into the hall in her green dress…shots fired. Then she hit us with the double whammy when she called Rhaenyra “Step-Daughter” in front of everyone. You can tell Rhaenyra knows she is onto something and her white lie didn’t hold up too well. I highly doubt she realizes that Criston Cole has thrown her under the bus for the first of many times.
I hate the Larys the club foot, so that means they are doing a great job with him.
Daemon waltzing into the hall unannounced and uninvited…a man after my own heart. Paddy’s acting in this scene was incredible, he portrays sooo much with just a look. And honestly, so does Matt Smith. Every scene we get between those two has been perfect.
The Vearyon’s are so hot. So hot. We get our first glimpse of Laena and Daemon together and you can tell they have great banter and she is GORGEOUS so naturally Daemon is attracted but I don’t think at this point it is a love at first sight sort of thing with them. Rhaenyra and Daemon never had a chance to finish their conversation before she was whisked away and married, so I’ll be curious how they explain Daemon and Laena next episode.
Sir Joffrey instigating Criston was excellent, he was perfectly dickish and you can see Criston slowly unraveling all episode but to see just how far he’s fallen was crazy. In the books Joffrey’s death was depicted differently. There actually were seven days of tournament and meals, one of which saw Criston Cole beating the crap out of everyone he faced including Harwin “Breakbones” Strong and killing Joffrey, the Knight of Kisses.” Using Joffrey as the straw that broke the camels back makes the most logical sense for this storyline and I thought they did a great job. The half of his scull missing on camera I could have done without but I know that is par for this beautiful corse.
The end of this episode broke my heart how Claire (the director) made the decision to have a voice over of Laenor saying his vows overtop of the shots of Rhaenyra. You can see both of their hearts breaking and it was so well done. It also helped so that Rhaenyra truly cares for him and despite their arranged marriage, she has his best interest at heart. His whole life just ended in a sudden blow and Rhaenyra clearly feels so strongly for Laenor. It is that mutual respect that Milly was able to capture so perfectly. He feels all alone and now Rhaenyra doesn’t have Criston or Daemon, so to see them both on that altar broken hearted was truly so sad and well done.
Speaking of Daemon, where did he go when all hell broke loose? Why is Harwin swooping in and not Daemon? The man is a mess.
I like that the director left it unclear if Daemon and Rhaenyra ever kissed but I’m sure someone in that room would have seen if it they did. To hear Rhaenyra question Daemon’s intentions again and ask him for such a huge ultimatum (to cut down the Kingsguard and whisk me away from here) was so great. But then Daemon never truly gets an opportunity to answer her or do those things either way. The fight breaking out disrupts their conversation and before the night is over she’s a married woman. When we see an aged up Rhaenyra next week I hope we get some insight into Daemon’s headspace and recalibrate Rhaenyra and Daemon’s relationship with one another.
Next episode we will have a lot of new characters (lots of kids) and a significant time jump but I want to shout out how amazing Milly and Emily both were as young Rhaenyra and Alicent. I will truly miss them both, especially Milly. It’s been some time since I saw a show have a younger and older version of the characters and it’s not an easy thing to pull off, but I’m optimistic and just hope next episode doesn’t feel like filler to establish the new players in this show.
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veteranwerewolf95 · 5 months ago
The Scarlet Temptation
A/N: I’m sorry if it gets quite rubbish towards the end but it has been over a year since I have even put any work into a fanfic, let alone a major AU.
Princess!Wanda Maximoff X Knight!Reader (Eventual)
Summary: I don’t really know. Just a Wanda Maximoff edit/rewrite of what was supposed to be an original work.
Tumblr media
“Look, I don’t care what you think of me,” I said, reins to my horse in my hand. “I am trained to protect you. That’s what a personal guard is for.” 
I heard the woman atop my horse sigh and with a roll of my eyes, I turned to look at her. Wanda Maximoff, the heir to the Sokovian throne. The beautiful redhead sat atop Mac Lir, her pale skin contrasting against the emerald green of her dress.
“We need to get you a change of clothes soon.” I mumbled, casting my eyes back to the road ahead.
“Why would I need a change of clothes?” she inquired, a snobbish tone to her voice. “What I am wearing is perfectly fine.”
“If you wanna be recognised” I sighed. “And end up back at the castle, only this time in the dungeons, then sure keep wearing your dress. But you’re gonna need to change into some clean clothes soon.” Looking to the dented, slightly bloody armor that covered my body, I scratched at my head. “We both will”
As we made our way through the forest, my thoughts floated back to the circumstances that lead us here.
Tumblr media
The sound of metal clashing against metal echoed and the smell of burning flesh embedded in my nostrils as I ran through the stone halls, one hand hovering over the hilt of my sword, the other holding a torch.
“Come on, where the hell did you go?” I whispered, the orange hue of my torch lighting my way. “Damnit, you couldn’t have gotten far, Wanda”
I kept running down the, thankfully, empty hall, checking rooms left and right as I continued my search. ‘Where could she have gone?’ I stopped in one of the empty rooms, taking a quick break in hopes of trying to remember the hiding spots of the young princess. I leant against a nearby table, closing my eyes briefly in thought, hoping to quickly clear my mind, only to open them soon after when I heard footsteps echoing down the hall, alongside quick panting breaths, getting louder the closer the person got. So in apprehension, I moved to hide beside the doorway, placing the torch in a nearby sconce, my hand gripped the hilt of my blade tightly, ready to attack if needed.
Taking a deep breath in as the door was gently pushed open, I made to lift my sword from its sheath, pausing when familiar red hair caught my eye. I allowed her to step in, closing the door in her haste, leaning against it to catch her breath.
“Your Highness” I spoke, spooking the young woman, my hand quickly shooting up to cover her mouth, muffling the oncoming scream. “Shh, it’s just me.” Gently grasping her arm, I pulled her against me, positioning her between myself and the wall as the sound of multiple heavy footsteps got louder, my hand still pressed against her mouth, our eyes locking as I attempted to tell her to keep quiet.
“Where did she go?” a hoarse voice said, my attention quickly being drawn to it, the heavy wooden door muffling it slightly.
“You lost her?!” a deep booming voice shouted, the sound echoing down the hall. “How could you lose her!?” 
“We’re sorry sir” Was the last thing I heard as the voices quietened down and the footsteps started up again, retreating the way they came.
“Mmm!” The young woman mumbled against my hand, eventually dragging her tongue against my hand, causing me to pull away and wipe my hand against my leg.
“Oh, what the hell?” I groaned, shaking my hand out as she chuckled in response. “Why’d you do that?”
“It was funny” She shrugged, stepping around me and sitting on a chair.
“We’re in the middle of an ambush and you wanna have fun?!” I questioned, gesturing my hands wildly, my temper rising slightly before I took a deep breath and took a second to collect my thoughts. “We can deal with that later. For now, I have to get you out of here and somewhere safe.” I offered her the hand that she had not licked before and waited for her to grab hold so I could help her escape.
Tumblr media
I was so deep in my own thoughts that it wasn’t until my horse gently nudged me that I came back to reality. Smiling softly, I reached into a pouch on my side and pulled out a carrot, holding it out for my four legged friend to take.
“I’m ok buddy” I told the horse, who huffed in response. “I’m promise”
“What is it with you and this horse?” Wanda asked, tapping her foot to my side, my armor rattling slightly in response. “You have a weird connection with it.”
“Her name is Mac Lir and I raised her myself from a foal.” I said, looking up to the pale woman atop the horse. “I’ve had her since I was a child.” I pat the mare gently on her nose with a smile. “She’s been with me through thick and thin.”
“Huh” I heard Wanda say.
“What?” I wondered looking back to the path ahead.
“Nothing” She said and I hummed in reply with furrowed eyebrows.
Tumblr media
We kept on the forest path for a while longer before I spotted a city on the horizon.
“Finally” I heard her complain as we approached the large gate leading to it.
I clicked my tongue and signaled for Mac to pause so I could approach the gate.
“I’ll be right back” I told Wanda. “Pull on this cloak.” I reached into a saddle bag & pulled out a black cloak. “I’m sure you don’t want to be recognised by any spies after all.”
I chuckled as I watched her quickly throw the cloak on before I could turn around however, a pair of strong arms wrapped around my upper body and lifted me up.
“Y/N!!” A boisterous laugh filled my ears as the person spun around in a circle, stray locks of blonde hair flew into my face as we spun. “My friend it has been so long!”
“Thor!!” I chortled, patting his arm. “Put me down you big dummy!” He spun me once more before setting me back on my feet. I spun in his hold before wrapping him up in a hug, my head barely passing his chest.
“Gods, it is so good to see you old friend.” I spoke, my voice suddenly muffled as he wrapped his arms around my head. “But sadly I am not here to see you, I am here on business.” I pulled away from my friend and motioned for Mac to approach, a quiet yelp sounding from the royal sat atop.
“I see” He nodded seriously before a huge smile overtook his features. “Well, let’s go see the king shall we?” We began the walk to the castle.
“You’re father’s still in charge?” I queried, our path leading us through a busy market. “I thought you were about to take over when I left?”
“No, I uh,” Thor admitted, his tone becoming unusually quiet. “He banished me for a short while and I went on a journey of self discovery.”
“Oh, so Loki….” I trailed off. “Loki is in charge?”
Thor shook his head and we stopped in the middle of the market, many a vendor trying to either sell us wares or greet Thor.
“No, uh, Loki & my father both passed” He spoke, head hung low. “My father first and then Loki a while later.”
“Thor, I’m sorry.” I apologised. “I did not know” I placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.
“It’s ok Y/N.” He uttered. “It’s been a while, it still hurts to think about of course but it’s eased with time. However I am not the one in charge.”
“If you’re not in charge,” I pressed. “Who is?”
Tumblr media
“Valkyrie?” I spoke seeing the woman sat upon the throne, speaking to one of, what I assumed to be, the royal advisers. “Valkyrie is king?”
“Hello Y/N” The woman, sorry King, in question turned towards me. Deep chocolate eyes locking with mine caused an involuntary flutter to rise in my stomach & a light blush to rise to my cheeks. “It’s wonderful to see you again darling.” She took my hand in her own & pressed a kiss to my slightly bruised knuckles.
“Y/N, who is this?” Wanda spoke up. The sound of her voice reminding me of why we were here in the first place.
“Oh right” I realised pulling my hand away from Valkyrie. “King Valkyrie of Asgard, may I introduce you to Princess Wanda of Sokovia.” I stepped to the side and allowed Wanda to step forward. “Princess Wanda of Sokovia, King Valkyrie of Asgard & my former bethrothed.” I felt Wanda’s shocked eyes on me immediately after I finished speaking.
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inkyquince · 4 months ago
Wren, but since he's Remy's right hand man, he acts more like a farmhand. Dark brown hat pulled low over his eyes when he finds ya trapped in the Moors, yanks you out. Hushing his spooked horse, calling her Pretty Lady and giving her an apple.
Remy asks where's he off to, he just replies "Me and Pretty Lady needta stretch our legs."
Loose flannel tucked into scuffed jeans, drinking coffee at fuck knows hour of the morning, rubbing his eyes and yawning as he watches the cattle being herded.
Best of all, Blackjack. You playfully snag his hat off the back of his chair and put it on, only to have his friend chuckle and wink at you, while Wren smirks.
"Oh, doll, don't put on a man's hat unless you know what it means."
At your befuddled look, he leans closer with a grin.
"Wear the hat, ride the cowboy."
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1eos · a month ago
Sorry im bringing back people who dont understand nope byt like. Another thing i thiught of-...Its jordan peele. Like. Tge man is straightforward in all of his movies what is there Not to get?? Do yoy also not understand how Us is abut class?? How get out is about Racism?? Like he never does anything unesscery everything is on Theme (sorry for the rant!)
please y'all don't ever stop talking to me abt this bc its really bothering me!!!!!!!! like we have ppl reading into every single detail of them stupid ass marvel movies and the ppl begging for something original but somehow are too stupid to put together the CLEAR pieces of nope?
like you're so right jordan peele is very transparent. he isn't condescending with his message he WANTS you to get it.
oj literally brings up the topic of a 'bad miracle' which ties directly into the 'miracle' of the shoe at the attack and the 'miracle' of jean jacket even existing
otis sr literally appears in a vision and says 'some animals cannot be trained just broken' which ties directly into how we're supposed to view jean jacket
jupe literally has flashbacks to gordy before he's abt to make a spectacle out of jean jacket which fucking explains everything abt his motivations
emerald literally has a WHOLE SPEECH about how her ancestor was the first black jockey to be on moving film but was lost to history which ties DIRECTLY INTO THEIR DESIRE TO CATCH JEAN JACKET ON FILM.
everything is so fucking obvious???????? and im just listing basic plot threads/character motivations off the top of my head we can go thru this movie bit by bit and draw very obvious parallels to everything like all the eye contact? lucky being spooked by eye contact/oj avoiding eye contact/lack of eye contact saving jupe's life/lack of eye contact saving OJ'S life/direct eye contact being what COSTS jupe his life.
it is all so obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think. a lot of ppl have forgotten what it means to actually need to engage a piece of media for maximum understanding if its not all bland flashy nothingness then its just 'confusing and pointless' when jordan peele couldnt be more obvious with his themes if he dumped horse shit in our laps falflalf
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incandescentheartofstone · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
This large extradimensional ungulate is a familiar yet alien organism. It's Overworld ancestry is apparent, and it is generally agreed upon by leading Netherologists in the field that Hoglin and Piglin originated from ancestors of our familiar realm. It exhibits highly aggressive behaviour, despite being mostly fungivorous. It’s bulk and territorial nature makes it a considerable threat for travelers moving through crimson forests. Infernal mycologists are no stranger to hoglin attacks while studying crimson colonies, many retired individuals bearing vicious scars derived from attacks at the jaws of these hogs.
The hoglin stands at around the size of a small horse, and has a huge head bearing long tusks for uprooting nutrient rich mycelium and fending off other hogs breaching it’s territory. The creatures omit a pungent musk, like that of a goat, to mark it’s preferred foraging grounds. The hoglin has a keen nose which it uses to sniff out crimson truffles.
Curiously, these swine seem to spook in the presence of warped fungi and soul sand or soil. The creature may express fear regarding warped fungus due to it’s poisonous, hallucinogenic properties, and also it’s paired presence with the eerie, super intelligent extra-dimensional visitor - the Enderman, found oftentimes wandering warped forests for unknown reasons. The fear is not misguided, upon eye contact by anything with brain functions higher than a sheep, the Enderman can enter a state of unbridled aggression, paired with distress vocalizations. The hoglins aversion to soul sand is unknown, but perhaps it detects the condensed mass of discarded consciousness within the sand, and is overwhelmed by it. This phenomena is a trait common in nearly all living organisms, known as ‘soul sickness’ and oftentimes causes hallucinations and paranoia in the subject.
These animals are preyed upon, domesticated and bred by the far more intelligent species of pig, the Piglin, of whom express a rich nomadic culture despite their homeland’s perilous conditions. They are used as bloodhounds, steeds and a plentiful food source, and despite the creatures aggression and dangerous arsenal of tusks, fangs and a bone crushing bite, the Piglin express considerable skill in taking down the animals. The hoglin provides a rich meat, which has been described to taste smoky, lean and gamey. The animal’s tusks are used for ceremonial jewelry, weaponry and trophies by the Piglin, and elders of a tribe may be adorned snout to hoof with intricately carved Hoglin ivory.
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gaitwae · 2 months ago
I also have non-sentence prompts too:
Reader pampers Loki after he has had a rough mission
summary: above!
Warnings/notes: pre-established relationship, mention of fire and horses
Tumblr media
“There we go,” your voice soothed as you helped your husband into his ice bath. Loki’s burn was rather ugly, and his leg was torn up from all sorts of fires and magical heats that he hadn’t expected during the last mission.
It had been a quick fight — one flaming horse had trampled through the boroughs of New York City, whinnying and stomping about. Many fires had been started. Strange had been in charge of putting them out while he had been in charge of breaking in the horse.
That foal had not been bombproofed. 
It wouldn’t have ever let anyone ride it, and it certainly wouldn’t have won any show.
It was easily spooked. It was angry. It hated being ridden; it hated magic; it hated Loki riding it while he used magic. It was just a recipe for disaster, and he spent the entire time waiting for it to be over just so he could go home to you.
He hissed as his skin made contact with the cooling liquid that was supposed to help him recover. “Being mortal isn’t nearly as fun as it’s cracked up to be.”
“I told you I should have been Asgardian.” You laughed and kissed his head. “You did great today.”
He groaned as he felt your fingers massage his scalp. “Darling, I fought a fire monster next to Stephen Strange! Do you think that was smart of me?”
“I’d rather it be you and Strange than just you.” You deepened your touch. “I really can’t tell you how long I’ve stopped worrying when I see your progress on the news. I only start worrying when there’s less coverage.”
The more news there was, the less importance the story actually had. Y/N was only ever fretful when you heard evacuation notices and saw the TV glitch out. On those days, you gave him what for when he came home. Loki didn’t blame you — he would have done the same if he had not been fighting the threats on the front lines. 
“You mean because that J. Jonas Jameson really loves making fools out of mutants and supers?” he scoffed. He rested his shoulders against your chest. “That’s endearing. You know, I should retire. I love spending time with you when I don’t have to worry about aliens and monsters attacking our neighborhood.”
“You’d be a wreck without having some higher calling, babe, you know it.” You gently removed him. He sighed with disappointment. “Should I get the aloe mask out yet or do you want to go straight to the manicure first?”
Loki heaved a sigh. “The mask, preferably. I wasn’t done feeling your fingers in my hair.” His eyes glittered. You laughed. 
“You said you were going to cut it, didn’t you?”
“I changed my mind. I like fighting with a ponytail.” He grinned, sat up, then winced. “I feel stylish. With dashing Strange, I always feel one step behind. How can I impress you without copying his goatee?”
“I married you, not Strange,” you teased, bringing the mask over. “So there. My opinion matters most.” You kissed his lips and then set the mask over his face. 
“I am ever-so-grateful that you did.” He kissed back, not ready to let you go. “I like the thrill of aging. It makes my life feel more meaningful.”
You moved away, going into the next room where he could still see you. You prepped the necessary accessories to his pampering. “But we’re still together forever, right?”
“As long as you treat me like the king I am!” he joked.
You laughed harder at that. He melted at the sound — after so many years, he still loved it. “I would never think of such a thing. Now, I’m getting ointment for your burns, okay, babe?”
Loki sighed. “I really do love you…”
“Oh, I know. I had to rein you in the hard way, remember?”
“You hardly did any of the hard work. I wooed you,” he insisted. He scrunched his nose up. “I still have the memory of a god, for whatever that’s worth.”
“Thousands of years in your brain isn’t too reliable, honey.” You walked back with ointment and more fun things. You sat down beside him, gingerly taking his leg. You began to rub in the ointment while he threw his head back in pain briefly. “Maybe you should just believe me.” You smirked. 
“Why should I do that? You’ll make me sound like a damsel in distress.” He chuckled. “I do care about reputation.”
“I can change it in an instant.” You winked. 
“You tease!”
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the-adventures-of-dave · a year ago
Kepler went on another hike today, this time to a trail we haven’t been on before. There were some absolutely beautiful views! It was our first time walking on a trail that allowed horses, and I was afraid Kepler would spook, but Kep did great watching the horses pass by and wasn’t afraid at all. It was pretty muddy and I was also (albeit much less) worried Kep would step in horse poop or get super muddy, but he was really good about going around the gross sections of the trail. He didn’t even need a bath when we got home! Now that I know he’s not going to bolt at the sight of horses (or walk right through horse poop), I think I’d be open to taking him on more hiking trails that allow horses in the future! That opens up a lot more trails for us to explore.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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is-the-horse-vid-cute · 8 months ago
Sorry if this question has been asked before, but out of curiosity what are your thoughts on mules? I've had some pretty pleasant encounters with them, but I've not spend a lot of longterm time with them so idk if the hybrid has any health or behavioral problems
Mules are actually a rare example of hybrid vigor with no side effects (that I am aware of, please correct me if I'm wrong). They are incredibly hardy and intelligent equids, and very safe trail mounts due to their comfortable gaits and tendency to spook in place rather than bolting.
I didn't know anything about mules until we brought our mule, Lucky, home about a year ago. Her deep personality and intelligence have really opened my eyes to how amazing these animals are. Mules are harder to train than horses, but not because they're stubborn - its due to their much increased intelligence and stronger memories as well as the fact that they cannot be forced to do something. A mule will plant their feet in place all day rather than be forced to do something they do not understand, unlike horses who can be pushed into compliance.
Thanks to the donkey sire's social intelligence, mules are very people-oriented. Also unlike horses, donkeys and mules specifically seek out and form emotional bonds with humans and other equids. They will actively seek out attention and bonding time in an attempt to "make friends." Horses can bond with individuals to some extent, but their primary social needs are fulfilled by safety in numbers rather than having specific friends.
Lucky likes me well enough, but if she knows that her owner is on the property and hasn't come to see her yet, she will pout by the gate until they do.
Tumblr media
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ramzawrites · a year ago
Ok I have coffeed up 🦀🦀🦀
Could I request a fic about a Male Reader Border Collie Hybridbeing hired to look after the pets of the Syndicate while theyre at a meeting? Having to feed every single dog, Ranboos cat, Carl, the parrots, Steve the bear, etc? Trying to wrangle the foxes because theyre trying to eat poison potatoes, shooing zombies off the turtle eggs? -🌱🌟
Tumblr media
The Syndicate’s Pet Sitter - BorderCollie!Hybrid!Reader
Pairings: none
Characters included: Technoblade, Philza, Ranboo, Nihachu
Warnings: n/a
Series: A request for my beloved 🌱🌟<3
Summary: The Syndicate is meeting up early in the morning and didn’t have the chance to feed their pets yet. Luckily Y/N who lives there as well but isn’t part of the Syndicate can take care of them. And no that is totally not because Border Collies are good herding dogs.
Words count: 4732
Authors Note: I just noticed I missed the foxes oh no ;_; Why do the Syndicate have so many pets I swear! I hope you guys enjoy this! Esp you 🌱🌟 since you requested it! I also haven’t had the chance to properly look over it look for typos, I apologize! I’ll deal with that as soon as I can! Also thanks for the prompt 😌 I have a weakness for animals and dogs
The chest let out a strained creak as Technoblade closed it for what felt like the hundredth time. He was preparing for the next meeting of the Syndicate and this time he, as well as Phil, had actually planned a few things other than just showing the newest members where the headquarters were and setting up the rules for the organization.
While both men were busy running from chest to chest collecting materials and writing down information into books, they were accompanied by a soft rhythmic thud as well.
That sound came from Y/N. More specifically his tail swishing up and down as he was sitting in front of a window on the windowsill. Watching peacefully as the two went about their business.
Y/N was a Dog Hybrid. A Border Collie Hybrid to be specific. He has been technically living with Techno and Philza for a while now but Techno liked to act as if he was just some stranger to him.
When Y/N first came to the SMP Philza and Techno were the first people he met and ever since then he has gotten quite attached to them.
At first Techno tried to get rid off him, especially since he always gave him wishy washy answers concerning his opinions on governments but Y/N wouldn’t let himself get spooked off that easily and even begun building his own little home close to them without asking. At that point Techno had to accept defeat and let him begrudgingly stay.
Philza liked to poke fun at that fact but he also understood Techno’s caution. Though over time Y/N has shown to be a trusty ally that could keep secrets, even once leading people astray since they became dangerously close to their home. Because of that Philza brought once the idea up that maybe they should let Y/N join the Syndicate after all as well.
Of course Techno immediately shut down the idea for the simple fact that not once has Y/N ever clearly stated that he was against any kind of government. There was no point in arguing with the Pig Hybrid about this particular topic so Philza just dropped the issue altogether.
That said after Niki came over to join the Syndicate and Ranboo got roped in it as well, Y/N managed to at least learn of the name of the organization.
He even asked to join to which Techno just said “Prove to us you are an anarchist and maybe I will think about it.”
“So you are saying you just want me to tell you the things you want to hear in order to get in? Doesn’t seem that smart to me.”
Y/N would always pull out these snide remarks whenever that topic came up.
For some reason Y/N woke up early and found that both Philza and Techno got up early as well so he just let himself in, sat down next to the window and begun happily munching on some cold steak for breakfast.
Techno made a point of ignoring him only muttering something about a “damn mutt” under his breath while Philza was chuckling to himself. Y/N’s fluffy dog ears obviously picked up on it but the happy swags of his tail continued on, knowing that if Techno really was annoyed by him, he would have already intervened way back when he begun building his home.
Phil was rummaging through a chest, trying to find some extra paper only to suddenly stop moving and turn around to look at Y/N, his arms still in the chest.
“Y/N?” adding a whistle to ensure that he would gain his attention.
As a response the Dog Hybrid looked absolutely aghast “Did you just-? Did you just whistle at me? Did you, Philza, just whistle at me to get my attention? Like a dog?”
“Sorry, just kind of happened but since you are here I have a request for you.”
Now Technoblade stopped whatever he was doing as well to observe what was happening in front of him, curious what he was proposing. A smirk adorning his features knowing full well that Philza probably whistled on purpose seeing how Y/N was kind of an unwelcome guest right now.
“You can request but no guarantee I will fulfill your request, old man.” Y/N spoke through an exaggerated pout.
This only earned him a tired sigh from Philza “Yeah, Yeah. As you can see we are up early for a reason but this also means we didn’t have the chance yet to feed the animals. Could you feed them all and make sure they’ll be alright while we are gone? You know how this place can get with pets.”
“All? Like all the pets? Like you want me to feed all the pets and take care of them?” Y/N was obviously intimated by the idea of the task judging with how his voice jumped up an octave to the end of the question. But who could blame him. Over time the group managed to amass a comical amount of pets which included a full hound army, polar bears, turtles, cows, Carl the Horse and in Ranboo’s case even parrots.
That reminded him.
“Does that include Ranboo’s bird and cat?”
“Does what include my bird and cat?” Suddenly the door swung open as Ranboo stepped inside Techno’s home. Cramping up the small cabin even more. The cold winter air only managing to sneak in for a short moment before he made sure to close the wooden door again.
Techno chuckled “We are asking Y/N here to feed our pets while we are busy at our meeting and to make sure they are safe while we are gone. He has time after all.”
Y/N’s shocked expression turned to a frown. Oh they did that deliberately alright.
Ranboo took a moment to take in the scene before he slowly nodded “Oh, if that is the case then I would actually really appreciate it if you could take a look at my parrot and cat. I haven’t had the chance to feed them yet since I ran out of seeds for the bird. Actually the reason I came over here was because I wanted to ask you guys if you had some extra.”
Techno’s smirk was ever present on his face as he motioned with his hand towards his mass of chests “Somewhere in there we have some but I’m sure Y/N will find them and take care of your pets as well.”
“Would you?”
Ranboo sounded so genuine and almost surprised by this that Y/N couldn’t come up with a snarky response but instead he looked defeated.
“I- alright. I will take care of your pets while you do your stupid Syndicate meeting.”
“We trained him well, Techno.”
“That we did, old friend.”
Now Y/N’s happy tail wagging did finally stop and he jumped up away from the window, surprising Ranboo in the process “You didn’t train me! I’m not one of your dogs!”
He knew they were joking but he still couldn’t let that stand.
Philza stepped closer to Y/N and put one of his hands on his head between his ears. Giving a short pat only to remove his hand again “Yes, we know. If that was true you would be listening to us at all times. Anyways, I spotted Niki outside and we are ready, so, we’ll be going. Make sure nothing happens to the animals! We are putting our trust in you!”
Before Y/N could protest or retract his agreement the group made sure to leave the little hut as fast as possible. Ranboo was very confused but still followed the others outside to loudly greet Niki.
Y/N himself was so bewildered by this whole situation he didn’t even make the effort to run out to greet Niki as well. Instead his thoughts begun to swirl around his new responsibilities.
What do Polar Bears eat? How is he going to feed all of the dogs? By Ender he hoped that Techno had all the necessary things in one of his chests.
That’s when a stray thought hit him “Did they hire me as pet sitter because I’m a Border Collie Hybrid? Did they seriously make me the pet sitter because Border Collie’s are stereotypically good herding dogs?”
That thought had to set in for a moment as he was asking himself if this seriously could be the case and knowing them that might have very well been a thought that crossed their minds. They all joked around about their hybrid parts but this was just ridiculous.
He didn’t know how yet but somehow he will make sure that the damn Pig and the Birdbrain will get this back tenfold. Ranboo was okay in Y/N’s book since he mostly got pulled into this by the others but even then he was still on thin ice.
“I better get going.” He whispered in order to try to pull himself out of his thoughts.
First on the agenda were the Polar Bears. Mostly since he wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it and just wanted to get it over with but also one of the Bears was laying inside the hut. Snuggling close to the fire place.
That polar bear was Steve and Techno often made comments of him being his emotional support animal and at this point Y/N just believed him. With Techno who knew at this point.
Well what would Steve eat? Just some meat?
How he didn’t immediately come to that conclusion he didn’t know but better late than never.
Y/N excitedly rubbed his hands together. Time to snoop through Techno’s things. No way in hell is he going to use his own resources to feed their pets. Hence why he begun looking through Techno’s chests. Taking note of things like stray armor, golden apples and enchantment books.
Somewhere in a corner he found some cooked fish. Should be fine, right?
Taking a couple of fish he moved over to Steve who was still lazily draped on the ground enjoying the heat from the fire. Carefully and slowly Y/N put down a couple of fish in front of his big snout. His dog ears pressed down on his head as he stared rigidly at the bear. Hoping for the best.
Steve’s black nose begun to twitch. He slowly opened up his eyes and lazily begun nudging the food closer to his snout with his big paw. Snacking on the pile of fish.
“Okay? I’m guessing that’s fine? I think?”
Just to make sure he still threw more fish towards him and then made his way with a second pile outside where Ed was waiting for his food as well. Ed was way more active and often enough obstructs the way up the stairs that lead to both Philza’s and Techno’s house.
Philza was always annoyed at Ed because of that particular reason. Though today he was a good Polar Bear that was sitting next to the stairs staring at Ender knows what.
Y/N threw him his pile of fish and watched for a second as he happily begun munching on them.
“Guess I’m doing alright after all.”
Almost as if to answer the bear suddenly begun to move towards Y/N which made him panic. Stepping back, trying to understand what he was doing now. Sure the bears are cute but also big and dangerous if they wanted to be.
But Ed bowed his head down and softly pressed his head against Y/N’s chest.
“Is this a thanks, buddy? Aw, no problem.”
Tentatively Y/N placed his hand on the bear’s head to give him one or two scritches. To which Ed then let out a deep puff of air through his nose and immediately moved back to his food to continue his breakfast.
All the Polar Bears are fed. Now only the whole hound army, cows, parrot, Carl the Horse, Turtles and Enderchest the Cat were left. Oh by Ender. That is still a lot.
Y/N immediately ran back into Techno’s hut and begun to search through his chests again. Grabbing things like Seeds, Sea Grass, more fish and some steak.
The parrot and cat were the easiest to deal with first so he decided to run into Ranboo’s house. Even if just to avoid the cold outside for a tiny bit longer.
He climbed down the ladder and found the parrot patiently waiting for him. Excitedly squawking as soon as he saw him.
Placing the seeds in front of the animal Y/N took a good look at the colorful bird.
“How are you doing? Keeping Ranboo company? Making sure he isn’t feeling too lonely?”
“Company! Company!” Ranbird answered in a shrill voice only to continue picking up the seeds off the ground.
Y/N liked spending time with Ranboo. He was a bit of an enigma with his memory issues and interesting behavior at points but Y/N loved hanging out with him. He would always try to offer to play pranks on Techno but Ranboo was too apprehensive about it, not wanting to make the scary Pig Hybrid mad at him.
The two had a bit of a running joke going on where both Ranboo and Y/N would call the other weird. Ranboo for his weird behavior and Y/N for the simple fact that he apparently didn’t fear Techno at all. Philza and Ranboo having to mostly hold him back before he could seriously upset Techno.
“Enderchest? Come here!” Y/N called out and continued to do the typical mouth noises to attract cats. Luckily he did come around a corner.
Happily meowing when Enderchest saw Y/N. Chirping as he pressed his body against Y/N’s legs.
“See, you are a kitty and I am a dog hybrid but we like each other.” Was he still a bit salty about the fact that they most certainly chose him to take care of the pets due to his Hybrid side?
Yes. Definitely.
Sure, no one else was there who could deal with it but on the other hand normally they were always so prepared for everything so this must have been planned beforehand. They didn’t feed the animals on purpose because obviously he was there and had time.
A loud meow pulled Y/N back out of his thoughts again.
“Sorry, Enderchest. You are right it’s food time.”
He then took out two fish and placed it in front of the cat who immediately put them in his mouth and ran off with them. Probably to eat in peace.
Next on the list was Carl. If Y/N didn’t make sure that Carl was absolutely doing alright and was fed Techno would kill him. And while Y/N liked to joke with Techno and pretend that he wasn’t as dangerous as everyone else is treating him like, he also knew that Carl is so important to him that Techno let him get himself kidnapped by the Butcher Army for the horse’s safety.
Technoblade hid his horse behind a wall but Philza one day accidentally found it. Y/N immediately took the chance to build an actual hidden entrance. He liked being a bit of an annoyance for Techno but if he can somehow help out, he will.
Pressing a button on the stone wall gave away to the little stable he and Philza made for Carl.
Some Hay and other food was always ready for Carl so all Y/N had to do was put some of it in the tray and make sure he still had water. Everything seemed fine so Y/N took a second to pet him.
“No idea why Techno is so attached to you but you do seem like a good one. He protects you so you better make sure to not disappoint him as well.”
Carl neighed and nuzzled his nose into Y/N’s shoulder. Softly nabbing on the clothes which made the man laugh in return and softly shoved Carl’s face away from him.
“My clothes aren’t food, buddy!”
Luckily Carl didn’t continue to screw around and instead concentrated on his actual food.
The next pit stop were the turtles and cows. It was easy feeding them since you just placed down the food and then let them go about their day. No, the dog army would be a problem later. They might be war dogs but they were still playful dogs.
Y/N closed up the stable for Carl and made his way through the snow towards the cows first. Opening up a chest that stood close by. He placed it there a few days back with a ton of wheat. It was meant as way to help with the feeding. It was meant for the others since these cows didn’t belong to him but now he was stuck with the responsibility after all.
The cows were happily chewing on the food that Y/N threw into their enclosure and seemed to be doing alright as well so he moved on to the turtles.
For the turtles he actually had to get into the enclosure. Putting the kelp down near the water so the turtles inside the water could see him placing the food down as well. All the while he had to make sure to not accidentally walk on top of the eggs that some of these turtles have laid.
The animals themselves seemed to ignore Y/N. Just slowly crawling along the coarse sand or floating inside the water.
That’s when Y/N heard a groan from behind him. A groan he knew too well.
“Oh no you don’t!”
Y/N swiveled around and pulled out his netherite sword. A sword he made with the help of Philza. During his travels in the nether he found some ancient debris but since he never worked with that material he asked Phil for help. Which was also the reason why the purple sword was called Swordza.
“You helped me make it, I’m naming it after you.” He said to Philza’s dismay.
Right now though the reason why he turned around so fast was that he heard the familiar retching sound of a zombie. It was still early in the morning no surprise there that a loose zombie might be around the place.
Also no surprise that the zombie appeared around the turtle enclosure. For some reason they loved trampling down turtle eggs which was really just barbaric if you really thought about it. Beings that seemingly just wandered around the overworld with no goal but as soon as they spot turtle eggs they suddenly know exactly where to go. Well, besides when they find a human to attack.
The zombie limped towards the turtles.
Y/N didn’t wait long to react. He immediately took a running start and jumped over the fence. Striking down with his sword while he was landing, giving the attack a little more oomph. Together with the enchantments on the sword the zombie fell down into a burning mess. Gurgling sounds escaping it only to die down. A growl escaped Y/N’s throat as he stared at the dead mob.
“Nothing will happen to the little ones while I have anything to say about it!”
He took another sweeping look around the place but found nothing out of the ordinary. With a relieved sigh he put his sword back. The turtles were fed and safe.
Though as he looked around his eyes fell unto the hoard of dogs. All fenced in under a self-made roof. Most of the dogs were laying around either in a small pile or alone. Some were trotting around or even playing but it seemed like the dogs were still tired.
It was time to deal with them.
Y/N walked over to the dogs and as he stepped closer the animals immediately took notice of him. A few running over to him while others just patiently stared. As he got closer to the fence the nearest dogs put their front paws on the fence. Barking excitedly.
If Y/N went in like this some will run out and that was not something he wanted to deal with. There was still some adrenaline pumping through his veins from back when he spotted the zombie but he was still slowly beginning to freeze. Honestly he wanted to get through this fast so he can go back into his cabin and enjoy the warmth of his hearth.
Maybe even begin to plot on how to get back at the Syndicate for doing this to him.
But this wasn’t important right now.
Y/N let out a sharp and loud whistle “Away! Come one! Move out of the way!” He pointed to a corner and surprisingly the dogs seemed to understand that he wanted them away from the gates.
When he opened said gate the dogs patiently waited for him to move in and close it again before they suddenly begun to swarm him. Jumping up trying to lick his face or they began sniffing him out.
“Hey! Stop! I can’t feed you like that!”
He had a frown on his face but his tail was happily swinging from side to side as the dogs greeted him.
“Okay, stop! Sit!”
Luckily the dogs were well trained since they immediately sat down. Still panting in excitement and whining but now they weren’t trying to pull Y/N down to play with him.
In return Y/N got out the steaks out of his inventory and walked past the dogs. Giving each one of them their share. Whenever some dogs begun to scuffle over the food all Y/N had to do was to whistle or yell “Stop!” and they would listen.
Truthfully he feared that feeding the dogs would be the most difficult task of all the animals but as it turned out they listened to him rather well. It’s probably only because Techno trained them so well but still, maybe there is a way Y/N could use this power for himself.
It didn’t take long for Y/N to feed all the dogs but once he reached the last one the first dogs were already done eating and happily following Y/N around the fenced off area. Sometimes barking, hoping to get his attention. While his ears would always move in the direction of the barking dogs, he made  appoint to concentrate on the dogs that he was actually interacting with.
Though when he was done he finally turned around to look at the happy dogs “You guys are needy, did you know that?”
As if to answer a dog right in front of him sat down and woofed at him.
Y/N rolled his eyes and knelt down, scratching that one particular dog behind his ear “You little pooch.”
That was a mistake. A huge mistake.
As he went down and balanced on the front of his feet the other dogs saw their chance as he went down to their height, practically jumping on.
Startled the Hybrid let out a yelp as the dogs pushed him on his back. Licking his face or tugging on his clothes.
He tried pushing the dogs away from his face but it he was unsuccessful. For every dog he pushed away two new dogs would try to jump into that new space. Sadly also pushing the dogs away seemed to be something fun for them.
At some point Y/N managed to get back up but still got swarmed by the dogs. All the dogs now in a happy playful mood after having eaten. Y/N could just tell them off but everyone on the outside could see that he had fun as well playing and tussling with the dogs.
Over time that tussling just became the dogs jumping into Y/N arms so he could throw them a few feet away while simultaneously trying to not fall down as some dogs begun tugging on his clothes again. The longer it kept going the more tired he got which was hi downfall. Quite literally.
He fell over again and while the dogs swarmed around him they too were getting tired and just laid down next to him. Framing his body or just straight up laying on top of him, one dog even snuggled up to his head, ending up more as a pillow for him.
At first Y/N tried to struggle against being buried alive by the animals but as soon as he noticed the warmth engulfing his body instead of the cold harsh wind he accepted his fate.
After all he was done with feeding the pets.
“Horrible. Techno would be proud with how relentless you all are.” A yawn escaped his lips which seemed to infect a few of the dogs as well.
It really didn’t take long for him to fall asleep. It was warm, soft and he felt safe.
The meeting for the Syndicate took longer than expected. They spent way too much time trying to find a common goal to start with. They didn’t want to do something huge at the beginning but start small, something that would test their cooperation and teamwork.
Though after they finally found something and started planning a few hours had past and since both Ranboo and Niki apparently had people to meet they had to stop the meeting early.
“You think the animals will be fine?” Ranboo asked Philza as they stepped out of their hidden headquarters.
The older man just waved off his question “Ah, they will be fine! We rag on Y/N often but we can trust him with things like these. He’s a good one even if he absolutely refuses to give Techno a straight answer when it comes to governments. I do believe he is only doing that to annoy him though.”
As the group approached their home again everyone took a good look around.
“Well, everything seems normal.” Techno noted.
Niki scowled “Aw I had hoped to see him. I couldn’t even say hello when I got here.”
That’s when Ranboo stopped dead in his track. He wanted to go home to get ready for Snowchester but something inside the dog pen caught his attention “Oh by Ender! There is an arm! The dogs have an arm!”
The other three ran over, confused with what the hell he was talking about only to see he was right. There was an arm sticking outside of the dogpile. Why did the dogs pile up in the first place though?
Out of nowhere Phil snorted and pressed his hand against his chest and mouth. Trying to stifle a laugh.
Niki still looked shocked and worried, confused with Phil’s reaction “What? Philza, why are you laughing?”
“Let me show you. Y/N! Are you awake, mate?”
At first nothing happened but then suddenly the arm moved and retreated back inside the dogpile. Now the others understood what happened.
Both Niki and Ranboo looked a bit embarrassed that they genuinely thought that these dogs might have ripped off an arm and were now cuddling with it.
Techno stayed stoic as always. Folding his arms in front of his chest, waiting for Y/N to properly react.
“Y/N, come on!” Phil called out again.
A muffled groan came from the pile of dogs and Y/N’s head appeared as he sat up “What?” He whined “I was having such a nice dream!”
“Oh my- Y/N! Good morning!” Niki greeted the Hybrid happily.
In response Y/N got a bit out of his furry burial but still pulled one of the ferocious war dogs closer to himself, hugging it. His tail now out as well showing the others his happy mood as he slowly drifted off again.
“Hello, Niki.” He sounded still half asleep. At least the others assumed since his face was buried in the dogs grey fur.
“Y/N please get away from my hound army. They are bred to fight and kill not for hugs and naps.” Techno grumbled.
“Then why are they so comfy and love me so much. They love me so much more than you” He made sure to drawl out the word “love” to really hammer that fact in.
“Let’s make Y/N then our go to pet sitter.” Phil noted.
This seemed to wake up Y/N, he immediately looked up with a scowl “No! I am not going to be your pet sitter! You put me in that role in the first place because I’m a Border Collie Hybrid, or am I wrong? If it’s true that’s seriously screwed up, by the way!”
Techno sighed “Yep, there he is. Now he is awake alright.”
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dapandapod · 4 months ago
Writing horses - a loveletter
Something I have noticed while writing is just how very much googling one has to do. Especially when writing something you are not very familiar with. Animals in particular can be very tricky, and in our witcher fandom we have a darling horse as a very important character. Where Geralt goes, Roach goes. 
As a horse girl myself I have a lot to stand on already (though language sometimes fail me, as I am not a native English speaker) while writing horse girl Geralt, (My Beloved), but not everybody has had the opportunity to spend time with a horse more than maybe a happy(or terrible, if you met a pony) memory.
Here are some easy things to help you write behavior, sounds, habits or needs. Just generally horse things. This is not perfect, nor complete, there is a lot of ground to cover, but this is an attempt to give writers the tools to write a horse. :) 
I won’t mention gear, colors, gates etc, and attempt to give you tidbits of what google hides.
I’d like to point out, they are all individuals, and like humans have very different views on the world. Some are very dominant, some are very dramatic, some are very calm and trusting, some have a wicked sense of humor. 
If you have seldom or possibly not met a horse at all but have other pets, it is easier to compare them to cats and dogs. 
General behavior/body language can be more cat-like, elegant, spooking for nothing, independent, flicking tail when annoyed, and some of them can - like cats - be really picky about the people around them. 
Social behavior is closer to dogs. Their chosen person/s or herd are very important to them, they can be very loyal, trusting and protective of them. Playful behavior can be nudges with their nose, whinnying when they see you, or what I call ‘lipping’ after you. Basically using their lips for either attention, begging for sweets, or just being playful.
A saying I have heard in the horse world is; A gelding you tell. A Stallion you ask. A mare, you send three different copies to her secretary, and she will get back to you in 2-3 work weeks. Sums up their personalities pretty good.
Horses are just funky family members, 
Horse behaviour:
-In General, horses are quiet animals. Making too much sound can attract predators. 
They knicker/whinny when they they are about to get food (and you are aaalways to slow), when they flirt or when they see another horse, or a rare shrill whine (iiiih!) while protesting. Of course, that is also an individual thing, some horses are really talkative while others are very silent. (Mine does old man grunts every time he starts trotting or while pooping… Hard work that.)
-Horses read your body language and react to it, even if you are in the saddle. Again, this is a training/personality/bonding thing, but a rider that is tense or stressed will have a tense and stressed horse. If you are calm when things are scary, the horse is more likely to be calmer in a stressed or dangerous situation.
-In comparison, when a horse is relaxed, their ears can point “outwards”, lowering slightly, rest one hind leg by cocking it, neck lowering. There are a lot of small little signs too, but that is how in depth you want to go. That also means they can read strangers, and decide that they do not like them.
-Horses can walk for a long time, yes, but gallop/canter for hours takes a lot out of them. Think of the last time you wore a really heavy backpack when you were out walking, and how tiring that can be.
If you have played The Witcher 3, you might recognize the horse’s fear-bar rising when getting closer to something dangerous, and her reaction when it fills. If she is terrified, she can either start running away from the danger, or attempt to buck you off. In this case, Geralt has Axii to rely on, but the rest of us mortals have to rely on the bond with our horses, the trust between us.
Some horses are trained to be brave, or even defend. 
Think of police horses or war horses. They go where the rider says, because of their bond and because they trust that their rider will keep them safe. In turn, a horse can feel protective over you, and sometimes that is trained into them.
Think of war horses in this instance, who will trample enemies, use their front legs when they rear up on their hind legs, wave them around, or their hind legs to kick - hard. 
This usually takes training or some really strong loyalty, as their first instinct is usually to flee.
Fun things horses can do:
-Horses can be ticklish, mostly around their stomachs.
-When they burst into gallop suddenly and/or kick with their hind legs, they very often fart at the same time. (usually this is a happy thing)
-When a horse is nervous, they poop. Gotta lighten the load in case they need to run, you know.
-Oh, and horses love to smell other horses poop. It’s very important to see who was there before them.
-Horses sometimes play with objects in their enclosure like dogs do, sometimes by throwing it around, shaking their head up and down, sometimes letting it go and see it sail to the other side of their enclosure, just to go fetch it and start all over again.
-They’re smart as hell, you can teach them to play games like ‘which hand has the treat’
-They will do weird things with their lips and head when you find that *one* spot they really want scratched, and attempt to scratch back at you with their lip, or just the air because you are too far away.
-Some horses when they are bored, they make things happen. Or overreacts, because that is fun. Oh my ACTUAL god is that a rock?!?! Freakout imminent.
-Horses can be mischievous. They know they are not allowed and will either sneak to get their will done, or stare you down as they do it. It could be sniffing/shaking a bag, using their leg to kick over a water bucket. 
Less fun things horses can do:
-If the horse is distracted, untrained or doesn't know you very well, sometimes they forget humans have feet too, and might stand on them.
-They are deserving of all the grass. All of it. Now. Will not listen to nudges, kicking, pulling or otherwise. Grass is always more important
-When recently bathed, or just brushed down, there is nothing better than to roll in the grass. Or dirt. Or mud. Anything sticky they can find, really.
-Depending on horse personality, everything can be a potential danger. Sometimes it can be wells, sometimes hanging laundry, sudden burst of bird from a field, or even just waving your own hat to fan yourself in the heat.
(Though, mind, a horse that is on the road a lot like Roach might not care overly much unless she is feeling real dramatic that day or there is a real threat)
-If fleeing from possible danger, they can make a really sharp turn, spin on the spot or jump sideways/backwards. A really good way for you to meet the ground if you are not very steady in the saddle, being prepared for it doesn’t always help!  
-Some horses are really bothered by insects and will constantly flick their tail, shake, or even try to reach the insect biting them with hoof or teeth until relieved
Caring for the horse:
-Horses eat a lot. It can be wheat/oats if you want Geralt to bring food for her, and grass. At a farm, horses will eat a lot of hay mostly, and many of them sleep in straw. 
-Sleeping is important for horses, and since they are prey animals, that can be a tricky business. When with other horses, there is usually at least one standing up, standing guard as the others sleep lying down. If inside, or feeling safe enough (or being tired enough) they mostly sleep lying down. But not for too long. The downside of weighing around 500kg is that your body can’t lay down for too long, it can be really dangerous even. Another reason why they can lock their legs while standing up to sleep.
-Much of the time, you can think of a horse as an athlete. They carry heavy stuff, they can get stiff and sore, and they need to train to get strong and get good stamina. If you want them to perform very well, like racing, working on the farm, carrying heavy things for you like stinky griffin heads, they need maintenance and training. Think Athlete. 
-When the horses are done for the day, or taking a break, you want to loosen the saddle girth, or take off the saddle entirely. Think of it as tossing off your bra at the end of a long day!
-Brushing is important! It cleans out the coat, reducing the risk of chafing and helping with blood circulation. It is also a bonding moment, and a good time to notice if the horse have gotten hurt anywhere.
-A common hurt for horses that go fast is stepping on the backside of their own hoof, or a branch or even their own legs hitting the inside of the legs on the area that is called cannon.
If you want to embellish your horse writing, here are some fun, personality building things you can use:
-Some horses are really mindful of their space. They don’t like other horses too close and will try to make them to back the fuck off with either teeth or a small kick.
-A very dominant horse, meaning someone who might be a leader of the herd, might be harder to read if they are ill, or challenge your decisions, doing the exact opposite of what you are asking, if moving at all.
-If a mare is in heat, she can be oh so peevish. If you nudge her with your heel, she can attempt to kick back, make that shrill sounds or even try to buck you off. They also pee a lot while in heat, like dogs do. (Heats can be compared to pms if you are familiar, uncomfortable, making you moody and sometimes ouchy, but again, individual.)
-Also some ‘smile’ by flipping their top lip up and showing their teeth - sometimes they do it bc they smell something funky but sometimes they just do it to be cute
There are so many things to add here, and there is no way to make justice years of time spent with and around horses. Every breed is a little different, every personality its own. The bond between a human and their horse can be very special and hard to explain, but oh so very precious. Sometimes they are a work friend and sometimes family, sometimes both.
Just enjoy your writing, and I hope this was helpful to make you more comfortable in writing horses. <3
(oh, and feel free to ask questions if there is something you are wondering!)
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ijustwant2write · a year ago
Fight or Flight-Anthony Bridgerton x Reader
Tumblr media
(GIF credit to @ladycolinbridgerton​)
Requested by anonymous: ‘Hiii,Love your writings! Could you do something Bridgerton, Anthony x reader where the reader tries to stop the duel and gets hurt? Angst/fluff?!’
Characters: Anthony Bridgerton x Reader, Daphne Bridgerton x Reader (sister-in-law), Collin Bridgerton x Reader (brother-in-law)
Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name
Warnings: Duel (guns, mention of death), injuries, angst, fluff
Collin and I laughed as we both carried Violet through the foyer of the home, clearly someone had too much to drink. My mother-in-law continued to deny this through her giggling.
“Of course not, you are completely sober.” Collin joked as we made it to the stairs.
“And I’m sober enough to know when you’re being impertinent.” Violet said to her son, still holding my hand.“Good night dears.”
“Good night mother.”
“Good night.”
Collin and I shared a look as she went upstairs, failing to hold in our laughter. We both doubled over as we laughed, until we heard someone call us. Turning to our left, we saw Anthony and Benedict in the doorway.
“Come here.” Anthony hissed.
“Good God. Did someone die?” Collin whined.
“What? What’s happened?” I asked, suddenly panicking. 
“Collin, get here, now.” Anthony instructed, his younger brother complying. 
I followed.“Anthony, what’s wrong? Is someone hurt? Are you in trouble?” I didn’t mean for all the questions but I loved him too much for something to happen to him.
He shoved Collin inside, stepping out and shutting the door behind him.“It doesn’t concern you darling. Just go up to bed.”
“Wait,” I grabbed onto his arm before he could get away,“Anthony, please don’t shut me out.”
“This isn’t for women’s ears. Please, do as I say.”
Anthony kissed my forehead tenderly, before he quickly ripped his arm away, looking sympathetic as he did so. The door shut, and although I was tempted to burst in there, I knew this was something out of my league. Sighing, I reluctantly walked away, slipping off my heels before slowly making my way upstairs. 
As I prepared for bed, my mind was distant. I couldn’t stop wondering what their meeting was about. Anthony looked stressed (even more than usual), and the fact that the eldest brothers were together meant this business was serious. Once my maids were finished and gone, I sat up in bed, having left some candles lit. At first I thought reading might take my mind off things, but the romantic novel only made me think of my husband more. I was tired from the ball, feet throbbing from dancing, which made me believe I could fall asleep. I wasn’t able to fool myself, unfortunately stuck awake again. Groaning in frustration, I stood, making my way to the door. I hesitated, wondering if I should really go storming downstairs when Anthony told me otherwise. No, I had to check on my love.
Opening the door, I heard someone else do the same. Poking my head out, I looked down the hall, seeing Daphne also awake. She rushed towards me, grabbing my hand without a word and dragging me out of my room.
“Woah, Daphne, woah, slow down!” I exclaimed quietly, stopping her at the top of the stairs.“Why are you rushing downstairs? What’s wrong?”
“My brother is doing something terribly stupid, and I cannot stand by doing nothing.” She said, tugging on my arm as she continued her route.
That made my heart beat even greater, terrified for what my husband could be a part of. I kept up with her, still tightly holding her hand until we burst into the room the men had their meeting in. Collin was the only one in there, looking alarmed when he saw us.
“Where have they gone?” Daphne demanded to know.
Collin sighed.“Daph-”
“Tell me where this duel takes place.”
“And why would I do that?”
“Duel?! Anthony has gone to a duel?! With who?!” I exclaimed. 
“So that I may prevent it from happening.” Daphne continued.
“Hastings has done you a grave dishonour.”
“Can someone please explain what is happening?” I stood beside them, though neither took any notice.“What does the Duke of Hastings have to do with any of this?”
“Surely you wish to see him pay?”
“Not with his life.” Daphne snapped back.
“Anthony is dueling with Hastings?! What if they kill each other?”
“It will not come to that.” Collin finally addressed me.“The Duke will remember his honour once he finds himself on the deadly end of a pistol.”
“And if he does not?” Daphne said.
“They will both do the gentlemanly thing and fire their pistols wide. Now allow them to bring this ugly business to a conclusion themselves.”
Daphne groaned as I began pacing around the room.“Do you know how many times I’ve heard that said? Myself and (Y/N)? That we should leave the men to their business and to not concern ourselves with such weighty affairs? Whose affairs, right now, are my future, my family.”
“This isn’t going to end well, you know it Collin.” I stopped walking around, crossing my arms over my chest in frustration.
“(Y/N) is right. Anthony is too angry to fire wide and Simon is too stubborn to yield. You did not see them in that garden.”
“No, I did not, and neither did anyone else. You should be happy that no one saw anything.” Collin pointed out.
So something dishonourable happened in the gardens of the party. Something that has cause my husband to want to duel an old friend. Part of me felt slightly angered towards Daphne, she had been playing with fire around the Duke, it’s all Anthony went on about for the last few weeks.
“Only someone did see.” Daphne realised.
Collin and I stared at her wide eyed.
“Cressida Cowper. Collin, you must tell me where they’ve gone.”
“I’m coming with you.” I declared. 
“Neither of you are going, Anthony will have my head-”
“Collin.” I stood in front of him, putting on the angriest face I could.“My husband may be about to lose his life and I knew nothing about it. Believe me, he will be reprimanded for that, but if you do not tell us where these stupid men are right now, it will be me having your head, not Anthony!”
After pressuring Collin to reveal where the men were, we raced to the stables, both Daphne and I still in our nightgowns, with only a cloak to cover us from the wind whipping against us as we rode. Our poor horses were not expecting this early call, using what energy they had to gallop as fast as possible. My throat was dry, heart racing and mind drowning with thoughts about what could be happening right now. Had they even started? Were the shots fired? 
We rode out of the country and into large fields. It seemed that we would never reach them in time. I kept my eye out for any signs of people or horses, praying that my husband wouldn’t be bleeding out on the ground. Why hadn’t he told me? He hadn’t even said goodbye. All I got was a simple kiss on the forehead, nothing other than that. Even if he did survive, he would have to leave this place, but was he going to leave without me?
“There they are!” Daphne shouted to us, speeding her horse ahead.
“Daphne! Wait!” I yelled after her, but she was too far away.
There were multiple bodies up ahead, and it looked like the duel had only just started, they were taking their steps already. I urged my horse to go faster, screaming Anthony’s name, but he couldn’t hear me. The men turned, ready to aim and fire. Tears started falling down my cheeks, quickly drying from the wind hitting my face. I was getting so close, but it still wasn’t enough. Daphne had somehow made it to them, but as the gunshots echoed out, she was caught in the middle of it, her horse rearing up and throwing her off.
As she landed on the ground, my horse also got spooked, rearing up as hers did, though I managed to stay on. However, it went hurtling forwards, and I couldn’t regain any control. I screamed as I tried to grab the rein again, feeling my balance slip away. One minute I was managing to stay upright on the horse, the next I had fallen off to my left, with my foot still hooked onto the stirrup. My head hit the ground harshly, and I was dragged through the dirt and grass as my horse continued to gallop. I couldn’t make out where I was, or what was right or left. Suddenly, the horse started slowing down, the dragging finally stopping. As I figured out where I was, my head still spinning, I felt someone lift my leg out of the stirrup and slowly onto the floor. 
“(Y/N), (Y/N) can you hear me?” Anthony gently held my face in his hands, kneeling beside me.
“My head...” I moaned.
“It’s alright, my dear.” an older man appeared, and I only just realised he was also kneeling beside me.“You’ve hit your head quite hard, you’ll likely have bruises along your back, and your leg will ache. But it’s nothing rest won’t fix. If you have severe headaches, you should call upon me again to give you something for it. For now, I shall forget I ever saw any of this, just as we agreed.”
“Thank you doctor.” Anthony breathed out, helping me sit up as the doctor walked away. 
I clung onto his arm, using my other hand to pull his face closer to mine. I kissed him hard, relieved that he was still alive and unharmed. He seemed to be feeling the same way as me, until I pulled away and slapped him round the face. His mouth was open in shock.
“That’s for going to a duel without telling me.” 
“(Y/N), I...what?”
“I can’t believe you thought you could just go and get shot, or shoot someone and leave me behind! What would happen to me? I couldn’t bear it if you died, or left, either way, I am furious with you!”
“Darling, I had to do it. He dishonoured Daphne, therefore, dishonouring our name.” 
I tried to stand by myself, though felt dizzy, annoyed that I had to have Anthony to help me. He kept his arms around me, and although I loved the feeling, knowing he was safe, I had a hatred for him in that moment.
“But why wouldn’t you tell me?” I looked up at him, ignoring the throbbing in my head.
“We would have to leave society, make a life as...I don’t know what but we wouldn’t be allowed here anymore.”
“So? Do you really think I regard myself so highly that I would diminish my love for you to remain in society?”
“Anthony, I would rather leave all of this behind, and be with you wherever you go in the world. That fact that you think I would prefer to live without you hurts me.”
“(Y/N), I didn’t mean-”
I slipped out of his hold, hopefully stable now.“I don’t want to speak of this right now. I’m finished with this topic of conversation.”
Anthony knew there was no point trying to reason with me in that moment. It was also no time to argue when there were more pressing matters at hand. He huffed, only walking away from me once Collin approached, letting me loop my arm through his for support. I watched as he glared at Simon, who was in a deep discussion with Daphne. 
“We must resume before someone should find us.” he said to Simon before taking a pistol from Benedict again.
“There will be no need to resume.” Daphne spoke up. We all looked at her, wondering how she was going to stop the duel.“The Duke and I are to be married.”
We had all ensured we were home before any of the staff could see us, slipping out of our dirty clothes and stuffing them under the bed. I had struggled, feeling nauseous as I rushed. But as I lay down in bed, my headache suddenly returning and my back aching, I heard the door lock. Anthony threw the key onto his desk in the room, hands on his hips as he paced. 
“Anthony.” I tried to stop him.“Anthony, please don’t do that.”
“I’m thinking (Y/N).” he mumbled.
“Then why don’t you think in your office? You’re making me dizzy. And nervous.”
“Do not speak to me like that. You do realise how this might tarnish our name?”
“They’re getting married, it will be fine Anthony.”
“It does not matter, he still dishonoured her, I saw it myself.”
“And you have not done that yourself in the past?”
That made him stop in his tracks. His head turned to me so quickly I though his neck would snap off.“They were not eligible ladies.”
“And that makes a difference? Anthony, I need to rest, please leave me.” I turned onto my side, pulling the covers higher so they almost covered my face.
He groaned, and I instantly regretted what I had said. His footsteps were loud as he made his way to the door, but I never heard it being unlocked. He sounded like he was now approaching the bed, and I found out I was right when the bed dipped in front of me me. I opened my eyes to see Anthony shuffling around, and I heard two light thumps on the floor from taking off his boots, before he lifted and covers; he shuffled in towards me, gently putting his arm under my pillow, moving as close as he could to me.
“You are right.” his voice was quieter now.“I, along with many men, have...done things in the past. Those women are, were meant for those things, but as soon as I saw you in the room, I knew I had to approach you. I remember that beautiful blue dress you were wearing, and how well you held yourself. But you were still so enticing, I found you to be so interesting, yet you only spoke with me for five minutes. You danced so elegantly, yet I still thought I could keep up with you.”
“If you are trying to make me swoon so I forget all about earlier, it isn’t working. You use the same story every time.” I said.
“Because it’s one of the best ones. I could retale about the time I saw you first promenading, the balls and social events we coincidentally went to, how I called upon your house-”
“Anthony, you may stop.” I tried not to giggle, but my smile was evident.“I am still angry at you for putting yourself in such an idiotic and dangerous situation. However, I deeply admire your love for your family, I know you would do anything for them. Just...if you ever do anything like that again, you are to inform me of your plans. I go wherever you go.”
“I promise. I was stupid to think I could do that to you. I just wanted to make sure you would still have a good life.”
“The only way I would have a good life is by being with you.”
Anthony smiled, tenderly kissing me.“You should rest darling. You’re hurt.”
“As long as you stay here with me.”
“I promise.”
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that-gay-jedi · 2 months ago
We are knights together.
Fighting together as comrades- side by side, back to back, cutting our way to each other through enemies, everything a blurring patchwork of blood and armor and dirt and sweat.
Brothers in arms, they would say. We are like brothers, but I think there are times when neither of us are men. I don't know what I am, not really. If asked, I'd say I'm a knight.
The moments between battles are all we have for this life. Sitting on the same rock, we stare into the firelight from the same vantage. I'm encouraging you to eat from the bowl I brought you, even if you say you're not hungry. It's no different than binding each other's wounds, except when it is.
Always the right words, even when there are none. I have an incredible memory for poetry and song, even prayers and hymns, though some folks may whisper that I don't believe. Sometimes it's jarring, the pretty words tumbling from lips of scar and battlefield fury.
Memory isn't always a gift, but it's mine, even to wake up scrambling for my sword under the stars. I like your arm around my shoulders on the chilling nights, even when the shivering isn't cold. Maybe they're right that I don't believe, at least not in the God priests retrieve from a holy book.
I believe in my sword arm and yours, in starlight and firelight and sunbeams through stained glass, hot meals and a clean bandage. I believe in my horse who never spooks from the clash of steel on steel. Anything else is above my pay grade.
If we both survive, maybe there's something more, but no end is in sight to the fighting. There might be a brilliant meadow whose only battles are between summer and autumn, spring and winter. Given the chance, I don't know if I could lay down the sword for it. Not while there are still battles to be fought.
But maybe if you do.
Maybe then.
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inkyquince · 3 months ago
KICKIN' UP A FUSS Remy x F!PC x Wren
Tumblr media
This was a commission from our beloved Lurker anon! Features Remy and Wren, not with a cow!pc for once!
content warning. Noncon with very slight dubcon, flogging and whipping, tiniest bit of bloodplay, Wren x Remy, asshole behavior, mentions of mind break, anal, throat fucking, drugging. 7.5K words.
Tumblr media
It had been a long day. A long, hard fucking day. Some days Remy firmly believed that the only reason he got up was to go back to bed, the only time he could ease his aches and pain was when he was lounging on his who-knows-thread-count bedsheets. The work, both on the farm and the riding school was more than fulfilling but the tension in his thighs and lower back was enough to snap a man’s neck.
Today had been harder than most other days, not harder than his days just starting out, but certainly the most irritating one in a very long while. Remy grunted as he yanked his boots off, his socks sticking to his feet from all the sweat of the day. He kicked the shoes away from the bed and let himself fall back into the pillows with a soft whumf. This messy bitch of a day had taken it out of him.
He could still smell the smoke on his clothes, the horsehair, the leather, the gasoline.
A month ago, Remy would have revelled in the smell, the shiver of the horse underneath him as the sparks flickered and caught the gas, spreading fast throughout the field. The sounds of the farmstead in uproar, the fire crackling as the cattle stampede from his men spooking them. The stocky figure of the little shit refusing to bend his way struggling to keep up with the chaos. Remy could taste the victory in the breeze, along with the smoke and stench of fear. After all, there’s only so much bending the young man could afford to do until he broke and sold his farm.
Until you.
You’re such a little fucking cunt.
Once where Alex stood alone against the harsh fires, there you were. Attacking his men, putting out fires, spending your own money on a dying farm. Remy had barely taken notice of you at first, just someone hovering by the ginger twerp’s elbow, scowling at him. Someone paid to be there and when it all sunk into the ground, Alex’s family legacy among the bones of their competition, you’d disappear back into town, or be one of the few to catch a ferry out of here. But no, apparently you were the only reason the farm was actually making money. Brat.
Remy exhaled slowly and closed his eyes. Only one field got even remotely charred and he had to watch his men be chased off from the farm. He was already pulling out all the stops, sending his men after you whenever you did return to town on horseback, sabotaging the fence and tower, even sneaking over.
In the back of his mind, he registered music had started to play somewhere within the estate, on his ancient record player. Soothing. Remy unbuttoned the top buttons on his shirt and rubbed his gloved fingers over his collarbone, an act of self-soothing he had started in his youth.
Admittedly… This was becoming less and less about ruining Alex, maybe even finally getting him on his own payroll and more about… Ruining you. Without you, the farmer would collapse within weeks, yes, but… Bringing such an unruly beast like you down? Stamping resistance out of you and maybe even one day leading you by the horns to the grassy enclosure? He smiled faintly to himself. Sweet day that would be. The image of forcing a bridle onto you, with your teary eyes blinking up at him made warmth pool in his gut, slowly like yarn being unspooled.
Maybe he could just…
The creak of his door opening had him yanking his creeping hand away from his crotch. Remy sat upright, dark hair falling over his face, ready to bite someone’s head off for entering without permission before he saw who it was.
It was sickening to Remy that he could recognise Wren from that smile alone, after all it was always the first thing his eyes fell to. Wide, cheerful, and hiding sharp teeth. He was probably one of the few that knew Wren’s streak of maliciousness. He doubted the blond would have as many admirers lining up to the cottage if he let it out. Not that Remy had a problem with all the smuggler’s suitors… No problem at all.
“Hey, boss.” Wren leaned against the door frame, resting his forearm against the wood. His easy stance exuded confidence, carefree as if there was nothing wrong in the world right now.
“What?” Remy snapped before swinging his legs out of bed.
Wren pushed himself off the doorframe and held up his hands, as if trying to calm an angry beast. His eyes sparkled.
“Don’t worry, this is a friendly visit. All pleasure and no business.”
Remy’s stomach shouldn’t have tightened.
… And Wren shouldn’t smell like liquor.
“You reek.” Remy said, scrunching his nose. “Have you been drinking on the job?”
Wren’s smile didn’t falter, if anything it grew wider. He was too comfortable shirking his responsibilities, practically throwing the fact he was inebriated in Remy’s face. Anyone else would have been tied to the fence, right in front of the cattle, and flogged for all to see.
“Just a little drink, boss. You know how well I can’t help but give into my bad side.” Wren gave a conspiratorial wink. “I gotta indulge where I can.”
Ah, yes. Remy knew of those indulgences. First hand. Incidentally, his own first hand in their game of cards, quiet in the stables on a stormy night, had Wren taking a shot. Two more and he was happily stripping when Remy flatly dared him to, already bored with watching the man get inebriated.
“What do you want?” Remy sighed, fighting back the memory, lest his cock get interested once again.
He turned away from his employee, instead focusing on looking out the window. In the distance was a weak plume of smoke, reaching faintly for the sky. Pathetic.
“Aw, c’mon. You looked all pouty when you came back, I thought I could cheer you up.”
“I was not pouting!” Remy snapped as he spun around, before starting in surprise. The smuggler had crept further into the room without him hearing. Dangerous fucker.
“Yeah, you were.” Wren murmured, blinking slowly at him like a cat. Remy could count his individual eyelashes if wanted to. Too close.
The last time he heard that from Wren, was when he drunkenly told Remy he loved the look on his face when he watched his bulls mount the cows. Remy, admittedly not totally sober, had shot up from his seat and shouted that he had not been staring, and that Wren is toeing the line of being fired.
The man had just smiled, smiled like he was now and grabbed his cock through his jeans, not breaking eye contact with his boss. Purred that if he won the next hand, Remy had to suck him off, just so he could finally enjoy a hung dick in his throat. If he lost, he’d pack his bags and piss off.
Remy could feel Wren’s body heat, from their closeness. Just as he could that night, bobbing enthusiastically on his erection, losing his first time giving a blowjob to the smuggler. Wren had been oh so smug, as if his mastery of Blackjack had caused this. As if Remy hadn’t simply tossed his cards aside with a huff, letting the ace of spades and his ten of hearts be kicked away as he knelt down to undo his belt. Like he was going to let his winning hand stop him from indulging in the smuggler.
“Where did you go, baby.” Wren murmured, his fingers slowly tracing over Remy’s wrist, before hooking his finger into his glove and stroking against his palm.
“Don’t call me that- “
“We’re all alone. C’mon, sweetheart.” Wren leaned in more, nosing along his temple, as if he had been craving all night. Knowing him, he probably had been.
“… Wren, not now- “
“Yeah, now. You’ve been ignoring me for days. I’d be heartbroken if I didn’t know that you have been thinking about me as much as I’ve been thinking about you.” Wren pressed a gentle kiss against his forehead before pulling away slightly, just to bring Remy’s hand up to his lips.
“What makes you think that?” Remy exhaled too fast, struggling to not seem as breathless as he was. “You’ve got a very high opinion of yourself.”
“Cause once you go Wren, there are no other men.” Wren’s lips quivered in a barely contained chuckle.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake.” Remy sighed and tried to tug his hand away, rolling his eyes. Idiot destroyed the moment.
Wren didn’t loosen his grip on Remy's hand, just chuckled, and brought his gloved fingers to his scarred lips. The smuggler pressed a kiss to his knuckles before tilting his head to grip hold of the edge of the glove with his teeth. His soft brown eyes refused to break eye contact with Remy’s, even as he slowly began to peel the glove back. As the leather was stripped away, Remy could feel Wren’s stubble against his palm, his warm skin.
It's not as if Remy hadn’t had any conquests before. He was told to give a hand job to an older kid at school as a dare, and he had fucked one of his older brother’s friends, but that was empty lust, a build-up of meaningless heat and it simply needed to be released. He hadn’t even spared another thought towards them after the event. But Wren crept into his skin, had his body thrumming with want. He’d crave him, the overwhelming feeling of want hummed beneath his skin.
Remy hissed softly between his teeth sharply, as Wren gave a final tug and pulled his glove clean off, letting it hang from his teeth as he bared them in a grin. He dropped the fabric to the floor before pressing Remy’s bare palm to his lips in another kiss, parting his mouth just enough to press his tongue to the skin.
Double fuck.
Remy gritted his teeth before wrenching his hand free from Wren’s hand and grabbing the front of his shirt, smashing their lips together. As much as he tried to deny it, he had been craving Wren in their time apart from each other. The smuggler moaned into his mouth, immediately gripping his sides to manoeuvre Remy to the bed. If anyone else dared to ever manhandle him like this, they would have been locked into the breeding dummy and mounted, dry. But something about Wren’s large, calloused hands pawing at him made his lips curl into a smirk. The blond once confessed to him that he’d always been into Remy, sharing stories about jerking himself off to the thought of Remy using him, taking his own pleasure with Wren’s body. He was weak for the farmer from the start, and while he usually would happily tear out a weak point when he saw one, the endearing, blind loyalty Wren displayed, had him pause… Being a beast in bed also helped.
Wren pushed him down onto the bed, before dropping to his knees and fiddling with his belt, running his tongue over his bottom lip in anticipation.
“Gonna suck you off, boss.” He grinned from his position, deft fingers unclasping the belt. “Need you to be nice and relaxed so you can bounce on my cock without making a hissy fit about being on the bottom.”
“I do NOT throw a hissy fit- Fuck!” Remy cut himself off with a moan as Wren took his cock in hand, cooing at the trickle of pre-cum beading in his slit.
Wren smirked and pushed his hair out of his face, gripping his strands back as he leaned down and took his cockhead into his mouth. Soon the room was filled with Remy’s shaky moans along with Wren’s pornographic sucking sounds, bobbing his head so eagerly he was in danger of hurting his neck. His tongue eagerly dragged over the throbbing cock, snaking his other hand down his pants to fondle his erection.
Remy bit down on his bottom lip and closed his eyes, leaning his head back to properly enjoy the eager mouth around his cock but there was something wrong. As much as he tried to focus on the silver tongue of his smuggler, a part of his brain refused to let up from the annoyance of the day, marring his conscience with… With…
Thoughts of you on your knees. Teary eyed with a mouthful of cock. Gagging and drooling around him, begging with your glassy eyes to stop, for release, to be able to go back to your stupid little farm boy. Bare cunt out, and despite all your crying and begging, you’re wet, humping at his shoe. Because you know that between him and Alex, he is the only one who could tame you, break you, mould you. Maybe, if you were good for him, he’d deign to protect you, once he had beaten all that attitude out of you. You would look good in his fields, wouldn’t you? Stupid wide-eyed cow, your tits out and your hips swaying at the farmhands, needing to be mounted soon or you’ll trot over to the centaur enclosure. Beg for him to milk you. However… It would be a shame to lose that sharp little mind to think of nothing but grass, of milking and being mounted.
Remy frowned and pushed that thought out of his mind, focusing back on the image of ruining your mouth, pried apart with a gag, no, no, a mouth speculum, one usually used to hold open Remy’s horses’ mouths when they had teeth checks. Mouth pried apart so that anyone could use it, unable to shut those pretty lips so he could just watch you drool, humiliated on his barn floor. No, he should get you into a modified squeeze chute in the palpation cage, trap you in there all humiliated like a cow. Fuck you stupid, flog you, ruin you. Maybe let you drag yourself home to your runt of a boyfriend, maybe turn you into a member of the herd… Maybe…
With a grunt, still thinking about ruining you, he came down Wren’s throat, exhaling shakily as the smuggler moaned and swallowed down, his throat working around his cock. He felt him chuckle around his length before pulling off, strands of cum bridging the tip of his cock to his bottom lip before breaking away.
“That good, huh?” Wren teased, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
Remy just quirked his lips at him. No reason to burst his bubble.
Wren, unaware of the real reason Remy came so quickly, grinned at him, and began to tug his own shirt off, erection tenting against his jeans prominently. Remy just scooched up the bed, smirking at the smuggler faintly as he leaned his knee against the bed spread, still trying to yank the shirt off of his head. He didn’t want to hurt him, physically or feelings wise, seeing as he’s been the best lay he’s had on demand for quite a while. Nothing to do with the automatic lift seeing him gave Remy’s mood. Anyway, now that he had ruined you properly in his imagination, he could lay back and enjoy Wren’s own worship. That man fucked like his life depended on it, and he could bet that that was in fact the case once or twice before.
Later, with Wren leaning against his headboard, being allowed to light up a cigarette after a bribe of kisses and puppy dog eyes, Remy settled against his bare chest and shut his eyes. In between making notes to have his maid wash the sheets and air out the room in the morning, he kept seeing flashes of your face, chin lifted with a scowl. What a little troublemaker he had on his hands. As Wren exhaled and wrapped a muscular arm around him, hand splayed out on his stomach, Remy’s thoughts drifted back over to the day’s havoc. He acknowledged Wren’s soft kisses against his temple, trailing down to his collarbones, with a soft sigh, while formulating a plan to trap and ensnare. By the time he could feel Wren growing excited again, giving his shoulder little love bites, he had a solid idea on how to both remove a long-time adversary and gain a little bit of fun, if only temporarily.
He didn’t dispute it when Wren murmured soft teases into his ear, about Remy’s hard cock showing how excited he was to have the smuggler mount him again, just smirking as he was pushed down again.
Only when sated twice more, and stepping out on his balcony, overseeing the huge grassy paddock the cattle usually milled around in, did he finally let Wren know about his plan. The blond had yet to see the little mischief-maker, but he did see how pissed off Remy would be when he returned, so he just nodded along. The two men shared a cigarette, as well as slow kisses when the lamps of the patrolling guards were far enough in the distance that they couldn’t possibly notice them. As he watched his counterpart, Wren exhaled through his nose, and decided that nefarious plans, smoky kisses, and an insatiable little fuck buddy was worth all the hassle it came with. He was always soft on him, but where once he was counting down the days to grab his dusty duffle and split for greener pastures, now he struggled to even think about a day where his thoughts drifted to the ferry, huffing, and puffing to and from the docks. Plus, the cute thing that snuck in and played a mean hand of blackjack kept things interesting. Though, he frowned to himself, he’s got to be more careful about the stupid shit they dare each other. Remy was going to catch them in the act one day, and he was going to be in the doghouse. As Remy plucked the cigarette from his own lips and placed them on Wren’s, watching like a ravenous hawk as he breathed in the fumes, Wren did wonder if the doghouse would be that bad. His boss did love a loyal mutt and if tonight’s romp proved anything, his boss had a serious weakness when it came to him.
As he should, really.
He drew Remy closer and looked off into the distance, where the loathed farmstead stood, soft lights twinkling in the darkness. They deserved the momentary peace of the night, and Wren hoped they were savouring it, because soon, he will be fucking them up good.
Good thing you and Alex did savour the night.
Clinked chipped mugs together and stretched your legs out at the table. Smoke still clung to your clothes, you both had bruises and sores from trying to quiet down the animals, and you two could still smell the patch of field that caught fire, but nonetheless, it was high spirits and laughter.
“I bet that ugly bastard is absolutely seething right now!” Alex grinned against the rim of his mug, freckled cheeks dimpled from his huge grin.
“Believe me, he’ll be absolutely raging tomorrow.” You toed your muddy boots off with a sigh.
Alex made a sound of curiosity as he drank deeply from his mug, one ginger eyebrow raising. He looked, frankly, comical, and you smirked at him.
“Got a plan.” You simply said and stood up, downing the rest of your drink. “One that will have him absolutely pissing his pants in anger.”
“Wey hey, look at you, lil townie.” Alex teased but worry clouded his eyes. “Don’t… Don’t do anything stupid- “
You snorted softly and set your mug back down on the table. Nudging your caked boots over to the side door, you mulled over your idea. You’ve snuck over there before. Played a few hands, maybe even enjoyed some groping and the eager thick dick squirming into you, but you always walked away with the entire estate in an uproar. Naked or clothed, your own slick or someone else’s cum dripping from your cunt, who cared. You hadn’t played a bad hand yet, and Remy needed some goddamn humbling after today. It wouldn’t hurt to take Alex’s favourite whiskey along and get the lads absolutely off their heads. Just to do a bit more damage this go round.
“When have I ever done something stupid?” You chose to keep the plan to yourself. Alex would just get himself in danger or try to talk you out of it.
“Since day one of knowing you, sweetheart.” He snorted. “You chose to come work at a failing farm. If nothing else, it shows you don’t have that little voice in your head that tells you this is a bad idea.”
You just smirked at him. With a cheerful sing-song voice, you bade Alex goodnight and headed up to your room, all too knowing of his heavy gaze at your retreating back. You were unsure if you wanted to start something with Alex, a thing he obviously wanted, but you couldn’t let anything distract you from tomorrow.
The blond beauty you often played tonsil tennis with would need some encouragement to get drunker than usual, and while the whiskey was a good one, you might have to dose it with a little something more to make sure it would have the desired effect. You knew of the pink plant’s effects out on the moors, but maybe something like those red mushrooms you spotted in the woods a while back could help?
You shut your bedroom door behind you with a satisfied sigh. Tomorrow was going to be a long day, starting from the ass crack of dawn to get back into town, and from there, the pharmacy for anything that could help with your plan, and if not there, the forest. Then, back to the farmstead. Maybe help out Alex a bit before prepping the whiskey and heading out to the moors. Negating any horrible creatures or perverts would waylay you in your hunt, tomorrow Remy’s estate should be nothing but chaos. You could feel the excitement build in your stomach, the same way it did when you saw his shadowy figure atop his horse, standing at the crest of the hill overlooking the farm you had put so much time, effort, and money into.
You once tried to explain the feeling that seeing Remy gave you to Robin. An excitement, just from the knowledge that there would be trouble afoot, challenges to meet and surpass. Remy was smarter than any of the people you had to clash against before, and since he played dirty, it meant you could finally play foul.
As you stripped to get into bed, you could hear Robin’s reply. The way they giggled and nudged your side, more excited than you as they told you had a crush. Oh Robin. Without a bone with a single lick of animosity, you doubted she would ever actually know what a thrill it was meeting someone who was your match.
A sudden breeze startled you, the cold air nipping at your skin. The window to your room was open and you crossed the room, faltering when you gripped the latch. Your nipples hardened in the cool night, and you could faintly see the damned estate in the distance, barely. Remy liked heavy curtains, but it couldn’t hide the glimmer of lanterns slowly inching their way across the night, the patrols already in motion. You couldn’t hide the fact you were practically giddy at crossing the threshold into his private property once more, though you didn’t know if it was for the payback you had planned, or the fact that every time you did, a fun time awaited you. Maybe it was accidental conditioning. After all, that smuggler had a wicked tongue and a fat cock that refused to quit, and you didn’t mind his wandering hands every time you played cards.
You were excited to see him again, you guess.
Wasn’t a guess. It was a fact.
After all, you didn’t greet everyone with a smack to their ass and a wink. Wren had flung open the door the moment he happened to spot you through the window out of the cottage, spiked whiskey in hand.
“Now, where have you been all this time, doll?” He grinned as he shut the door behind you, his hand already running over your side. “We were just starting to miss you.”
The comment was sweet, but the tone was lecherous. As if he didn’t need cards, shots, and dares to start mouthing at your tits, tugging on your soft nipples till they stood to attention. Of course, you both knew he didn’t, but the game you two played was fun.
It didn’t take a lot of persuasion to get right to business. Hell, Wren popped the bottle of whiskey open himself and brought it to his nose, closing his eyes to inhale the scent. Those pretty dark brown eyes were on you again, with his brilliant grin glinting in the low light.
“Fully pulled out all the stops for us, huh? Got us something extra special.” He grinned before turning away from you and heading to the cabinets holding the glasses.
Your stomach tightened out of nervousness. He didn’t smell something off about the whiskey did he?
Wren busied himself, prepping the drinks and dropping ice into the glasses, humming softly to himself. His shoulders were distracting you, the lean muscle shifting and stretching out the white tank top he wore. While turned away, he began to whistle softly, swaying a bit to the tune before turning back towards you, holding out the tumbler of whiskey, now refreshed with an already melting ice cube.
“Drink up, doll. I’ve got a game of blackjack to win.”
You snorted and took the drink, wanting to take a moment to examine it but with those bronze eyes trained on you, you could only flash a faux friendly grin and take a sip. The liquid burned as it went down, warming your stomach considerably. No wonder Alex would sneak some of this out in a flask and take regular sips. Wren watched your throat move as you swallowed, and your gut also started feeling that familiar warmth, the type that he regularly was the source of. You swallowed another mouthful of whiskey and cleared your throat.
“So, are we gonna play or- W-Woah.” As you tried to head over to the main room with the card table, your legs wobbled and gave out on you.
You would have hit the floor if Wren hadn’t lunged for you, hooking his strong forearms underneath your armpits, and hauling you back up. The tumbler slipped from your rapidly numbing fingers and smashed on the floor, ice and glass scattering everywhere. You tried to steady yourself, but you couldn’t feel your legs, just the strange static spreading from the tips of your toes, up, up to your waist and creeping further up.
You tried to speak, but your tongue was heavy, awkward, and feeling like it was too big for your mouth. Instead you only whined.
You felt Wren’s chest vibrate with a chuckle, not a good natured one like usual, but one that had the hair on your arms stand upright.
The smuggler dragged you over to one of the chairs and let you slump down into it, his large, calloused hands still gripping your chin and shoulder so you wouldn’t slide off. He forced your hazy eyes to meet his own and that’s when you realised the one huge mistake you made with Wren. One majorly important thing you had completely disregarded, thinking you knew better.
Wren was still dangerous.
“Oh, sweetheart.” He tutted. “Can’t believe you thought I’d fall for the oldest trick in the book. I can smell pure whiskey from a mile away. Gotta gets up a lot earlier in the day to pull one over on me.”
His forefinger tapped against your cheek, as if reprimanding you.
“Guess it can’t be helped now. Time for you to meet the boss.”
Remy couldn’t believe his own luck. Just one thought had him tear his eyes away from your slumped over form, wrists and ankles tied to the mounting dummy.
“How did you even get the opportunity to drug them?”
Wren, who similarly couldn’t believe his luck, just gave a grin, trying to hide his uneasiness. It was obvious now, who else would sneak into to play Blackjack and focus on all the destructive dares anyone could ever think of. Just have to work on Remy not finding out all the shit they both did to the estate now, and he’ll be able to get off scot-free.
“You know I don’t kiss and tell, boss.”
Remy narrowed his eyes at the blond but just turned away, not wanting to kick up a fuss just yet, especially with all of his other farm hands around who assembled at the announcement that you had been captured. They shivered with excitement, muttering to each other, sharing thoughts about what your sentencing could possibly be. You were still out like a light, not used to the drug dosage in your system, despite everything you had been through in this godforsaken town. Your eyelids flickered, so close to waking but never opened your eyes.
“What ya gonna do, boss?” One spoke up, tearing her eyes away from your lip form. “Could blackmail the farmer, say we got his little girlfriend- “
“No.” Remy sighed, shutting her up immediately. “Haven’t you all ogled enough?”
The annoyance was clear in his tone and his employees began to shuffle towards the exit, some reaching out to grope your ass before whisking their hands away. Wren started to head out before being gripped by the shoulder, Remy shooting him a warning glance to stay exactly where he was.
When the last person was out and the barn door swung shut behind them, Remy finally approached you, gait slow and steady, similar to the one he used when approaching spooked cattle. His gloved hand trailed over your head, stroking down along your neck, and pausing over the small of your back. Wren just watched.
“I’m going to have what’s owed to me.” Remy finally said, coming to a decision on what to do with you.
“What’s that then?” Wren regretted his catty tone, especially with the raised eyebrow his boss shot at him. Fuck, he shouldn’t like you so much. He would be more eager for what’s about to happen if he weren’t so fond.
“Watch your mouth.” Remy snapped. “Don’t think you’re off the hook yet either.”
Wren shied away and ran a hand through his hair.
“Get out, Wren. I’ll call you back when I need you.” Remy didn’t even look at him, already heading to the far side of the room, where the riding crops and whips were hung up.
Without another word, the smuggler turned on his heel and walked out. He didn’t give your form another glance before the door shut.
It wasn’t the ache in the back that finally roused you, from being stretched over the dummy for so long. Wasn’t even the cramp in your stomach from the wood digging into you. It was the sudden crack of leather against your skin that jerked you out of your drug induced sleep. You were screaming before you opened your eyes.
It burned, leaving a deep red mark against the curve of your spine. Tears were already dripping from your eyes as you began to squirm, everything crashing down on you all at once. The pain, the smell, the way you were folded over on a strange item, similar to the pommel horse you used in the gym when the pool was closed. Gasping in pain you tried to kick your legs, but they were tied fast to the wooden legs of the equipment you had been laid over. It was only then you realised you were also naked, bared to the world with your pussy on show and your nipples hard in the cool air. Worse, you felt something intrusive in your mouth, a metal bar against your upper and lower teeth, wrenching your lips apart and letting you drool all over the floor. Your tongue felt dry, like cotton and you could taste faint copper from your cracked lips.
“Breath through your nose.” The familiar voice had you freezing in shock. “Makes the pain easier. Or so I’ve been told.”
You tried to turn your head, but a strange collar hand was clamped down on your neck, forcing you to stare straight down at the dusty floor, littered with the odd piece of hay. What you could see out of your peripherals, was a pair of polished riding boots, making their way towards you from the side.
A gloved hand came down on the back of your neck, strangely gently. The leather rubbed against your skin slowly, as if soothing a wild beast. You could smell the cologne. Worst of all, you recognised it. You were finally outfoxed with Remy. You tried to swear at him, but only a strange, garbled mumble came out.
“Shh, little one.” The farmer murmured. “Don’t try to speak just yet. Just take your punishment like a good girl.”
You garbled again, struggling to shout profanities at him. Another ear-splitting crack cut you off and the feeling of leather bit into your skin again. You gave a shout of pain, as the initial pain faded and left the feeling of oversensitivity to the cool air. A gloved hand trailed over your back, thumb digging into the reddened mark on your back. You couldn’t hear it over your own whimpers, but Remy’s breath had quickened. You reacted so beautifully.
Remy weighed the handle of the whip in his hand before flicking it, enjoying the shiver of fear you gave, seeing it move. He gathered the length of it, clasping the thin end to the handle before raising his arm, drunk off your panicked movements.
He brought it down again, this time hitting you with the rounded end. Your scream of pain once again sent blood to his cock and Remy gripped the edge of the table to enjoy the sudden dizzying pleasure. Turning fully to the table of assembled tools, he laid the whip flat and picked up the riding crop instead, testing the flexibility by smacking it against his palm a few times.
Thus began the next hour, Remy working down the items spread out, putting all his strength in whipping the riding crop against your bare thighs. He made sure to regularly switch what he was using, just to make sure you wouldn’t get used to each individual sensation. Favouring the whip, your back was marred by criss cross lashes, raised and red, throbbing painfully. Of course, it was accompanied by the lines of pink against your thighs, left by the crop, and the grouped scratches decorated by the flogger Remy used to ruin any inch of skin untouched by the other two tools.
By the end, Remy was panting, massaging the back of your neck as you weakly twitched, body spasming from the aftershocks. Moisture beaded along his hairline, dark hair made darker by his sweat. The pristine white shirt he wore was loosened, sleeves pushed up to his elbows and one of his black gloves lay on the floor, torn off when one of your marks had begun to sluggishly bleed and he wanted to smear his bare fingers with crimson.
Remy dropped the flogger and placed his hands on your hips, leaning forward to press his dry lips against your spine, tongue flicking against the small cuts made by the leather. His saliva made them burn and you choked out a whine, too weak to even try to kick at him anymore.
“You took your punishment so well.” He murmured as he broke away, turning his head to rest his cheek against your back. “Precious thing.”
Your stomach flipped at the sudden softness, uncomfortable yet warmed by his praise. Then you remembered. Of course, you thought bitterly, fighting back tears. You could remember Winter’s words as clear as day. Aftercare was important at the end of a scene, especially if it involved pain and restricted movement. Except, this hadn’t been a thought-out scene, with a safe word for the two of you. This had been real and the soft words from the farmer had your vision getting hazy and watery. You slowly started to relax, despite the uncomfortable position, thanking fuck-knows that that was finally the end of it.
The sound of a zipper, loud over your two combined panting, had you freezing up again.
Something hot and slick pressed against your thigh. It throbbed as you stiffened.
“Good girls get a reward.” Remy breathed shakily, dragging his cock over your marked thigh.
You felt the tears welling as his cockhead nudged your clit and was about to start thrashing again when the door to the barn flung open, smacking the wall, and making dust kick up. Wren stepped in, appearing out of the night that had fallen a while ago. Just in his tank top and jeans, he looked strangely hot and bothered despite the cold he came in from. His eyes, usually warm and bright, were dark, almost black, as they raked over the scene.
Relief flooded you and you gave a loud cry that had him start towards you before stopping, a frown forming. Worry encased his handsome features and he glanced at Remy, who was frozen behind you.
One thing everyone in the room currently knew was that Remy was no fool, and with that garbled mess that was a cry, it took him only second to figure out that it sounded suspiciously like-
“Your name.” Remy hissed through his teeth, cock softening only a fraction. “Why… Does she know your name, darling?”
Wren opened and shut his mouth several times. You, similarly, were in shock. Remy was at ease in the silence, if shaking with anger.
“You fucking asshole. It was you.”
Wren said nothing. Just looked back at him, mouth trying to form words. Silence hung over the three of you, Remy’s quick mind having figured out who had wreaked havoc across the estate, with the help of someone he thought he trusted. Someone who set the cattle loose and sparked fires and then crawled into his bed to fuck him like they were lovers or something. Fucker.
Remy bit down hard on his own lip.
Wren blinked.
“Choose who you’re going to help, Wren. Choose fucking carefully.”
He understood what he was saying. Soft brown eyes glanced into yours. Tears dripped steadily down, and you whined for help. Wren looked back at Remy, his tousled hair and chiselled jaw line, his bare collarbones and the scar that painted the left side of his face. He made his choice within a split second. With precise movements, he kicked the door shut and unbuttoned his jeans.
You couldn’t stop the tears spilling over your cheeks as the man you considered a friend walked closer, pulling his rock-hard cock out of his jeans, only to stop in front of your face, weeping cockhead perfectly at eye level. Remy grunted.
“Not out of the woods yet, Wren. I’ll just figure out your punishment later- Hmf!” He was cut off by Wren leaning over and gripping his hair, bringing their mouths crashing together in a sloppy kiss.
Both men moaned into the kiss, Remy getting hard again from the smuggler’s tongue pushing into his mouth. Wren’s fingers stroked his hair, a thousand apologies in his motions and you would almost think that both men had forgotten about you, if Remy hadn’t started to mount you again, fat cockhead pressing against your leaking hole. 
You winced as Wren’s other hand dropped to your cheek, yanking at the metal in your mouth, unaware of your discomfort until the men parted, saliva stringing in between their lips. The smuggler dropped to a squat, rock hard cock still standing proud as he gave the contraption in your mouth a proper look over. He was petting your head gently as he tugged at the leather, before giving a grin of excitement and you felt it loosen and fall off. You could finally close your mouth again, chapped lips rough against each other, mouth dryer than a rock. You barely had a second to bask in the moment before Wren’s fingers were digging into your lips, prying them apart again to slip his erection into your mouth.
You realised, with a deep jolt of disgust, that… It felt good. Saliva and precum wetted your mouth again, and it was comforting to suck on Wren’s fat cock, as it throbbed against your sore teeth. You don’t know if it was from the deeply brutal flogging you had endured but you couldn’t help but bob your head slowly, nose buried in his thick, dark blond happy trail.
“There we go, baby.” He murmured. “You missed my cock, huh? That’s okay, sweetheart, you need some Wren love right now.”
Remy snorted darkly and the smuggler just smirked, leaning over to press kisses along your spine, your back, his hands rubbing over your abused skin with a strange reverence. The farmer, however, was entranced by the way you had gotten wetter the moment his employee slipped his cock into your mouth. As if it was the most delicious thing in the world, and exactly what you needed after an hour of being whipped… It wasn’t as if Wren’s dick wasn’t weirdly addictive to just hold in your mouth, but it made Remy’s stomach flip. Cock Whore. You had been made into his cock whore.
Slick dripped like syrup from your hole and if Remy had been in a slightly better mood, he would have stuffed his face between your thighs and slurped at your cunt like a man starved. But no, he had been hard for a long while, and needed one thing right now.
You squealed around Wren’s cock as you felt Remy enter you, his own erection prying your walls apart, but the stretch just had your pussy tightening. It felt good, the way he was using you.
“Fuck.” He whispered as he bottomed out inside of you. 
Wren moaned in tandem, beginning to hump against your face.
Thus began the next hour of your life. Thus began the rest of your life.
Remy rutted into you like a man possessed, utterly pussy drunk off of your leaking cunt, the loud squelching and his bare hips hitting your skin filling the air. Your own slick ran down his thighs, his cock soaked with it. Wren wasn’t much better, when he wasn’t hungrily mouthing at Remy’s bottom lip, he was moaning, head tilted back like a whore as you sucked him off, flicking your tongue against his slit, trying to drink down any precum that dribbled out. You were going to learn exactly how Wren loved being ridden, how Remy would need your hot mouth worshipping his balls after a bad day. You were going to be rewarded with cum and punished with flogging when you acted up, until you were nothing but a cock whore for the two men.
The farmhands knew better than trying to disturb the barn that night. They didn’t even raise questions when their already limited access to the estate was further restricted. Most simply had a hunch but no one knew for sure, nor will they ever know.
Alex never heard from you again, until a week after Wren came up for air from having you sit on his face and slurred out that he wanted to marry you. That’s when Remy had the idea to finally turn you into the perfect little wife, not just for him. Alex saw you when he took his evening walk, past the riding school, and saw you, with your arms around Remy’s waist, clinging onto him for dear life as he urged his horse into a gallop. He also noticed the wedding ring.
Alex would try to get to you. Never succeeded.
And you wouldn’t have gone with him anyway. Days were spent giving the cattle pats, walking around in Remy’s white shirt as you prowled for snacks in the kitchen, of reading in the library, of learning how to cook not just for your husband. Nights had the three of you pawing at each other after eating together, fucking like animals, exchanging sloppy kisses until someone dozed off.
Best of all, as Wren murmured praises as you sunk down on his cock in the open field with Remy kneeling behind you, pressing fingers into the smuggler’s ass, you really didn’t think that you would have it any other way. 
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