batasann a day ago
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A little doodle, love them in this costume
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Two icons 馃憫馃憫
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basilebub 2 days ago
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The friendship escalated a bit.
(click for better quality)
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trek-tracks 2 days ago
The end of Search for Spock but they mess up the fal-tor-pan and McCoy and Spock鈥檚 minds wind up in each others鈥 bodies, SNW "Spock Amok" hijinks-style.
They don't want to worry anyone further, so the entirety of The Voyage Home is exactly the same, except Bones and Spock are in each other's bodies and desperately trying not to let anyone know:
Gillian: Do you like Italian? Bones in Spock's body: shit, does Spock like Italian? No. Yes. No. Jim: I love Italian and so do you. Bones: Of course. I forgot because I died.
Spock in Bones' body: please don't ask the doctor to run my station Him? I mean him, back at his post, like nothing happened. I don't know if you've got the whole picture but he isn't exactly working on all thrusters. Bones, sitting at Spock's station: this was such a bad plan, Spock. What's something that fucker would say uh...a joke is a story with a humourous climax.
Jim: Bones, you stay here. Spock in Bones' body: No way, ...somebody's gotta keep an eye on him! to make sure he doesn't do something massively illogical with my body
Bones, watching Jim sell the glasses Bones gave him: Excuse me, weren't those a birthday present from Doctor McCoy? asshole Jim: it's ok he won't know
Scotty: I've travelled millions of miles Spock: I must correct him; it bothers me too much Thousands.
Bones: I have to swear so badly but I can't. How would Spock swear? How would... They are not the hell your whales. close enough
Jim: You're acting a lot more formal and stiff than you used to. Bones, who is overcompensating by trying to act as Vulcan as possible: I cannot tell a lie.
Spock: you took my body swimming WHERE Bones: I had to ask the whales for their consent ok
The slingshot through time on the way back home throws them back into their own bodies, because that makes as much sense as anything else. They never tell anyone what happened.
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montgomerydadbodyscotty 2 days ago
Bones: What's this?
Kirk: It's my to-do list.
Bones: Oh? That's great. I'm so glad that you're starting to be more organized.
Bones: This just says "Spock".
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shyravenns 2 days ago
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Au where literally everything is the same, but vulcans have tails 馃槍馃槍
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blairamok 2 days ago
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鈥淪pock, are you鈥 mad at me?鈥
鈥淣egative, Captain. Vulcans do not 鈥榞et mad鈥.鈥
[ID: An illustration of Kirk and Spock from Star Trek, they are facing each other. Spock appears upset, standing in a parade rest as his brow furrows. Kirk has his hand reaching up to rest along Spock鈥檚 jaw and neck, stroking a thumb across his cheek. Kirk looks stern, looking at Spock intently as he leans in close and brushes their lips together. /end ID]
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almalvo 2 days ago
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Updated sneak preview of the current piece in the works (deleting later)
(Process livestreamed on Twitch at "almalvo" - link pinned on my Tumblr)
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oddthesungod 8 hours ago
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the best band in the alpha quadrant 馃馃幐馃挮
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acyapt 22 hours ago
pay attention to gay socks
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pajamasecrets a day ago
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I鈥檓 hilarious, clearly
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thorin-is-a-cuddler 2 days ago
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Jim and his affectionate computer
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spockeveryday 2 days ago
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montgomerydadbodyscotty 7 hours ago
Spock: Dr. McCoy, I think you should play the role of my father.
Bones: I don't wanna be your father.
Spock: That is perfect. You already know your lines.
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frogayyyy a day ago
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鈥淚 am not, the hell, a man. Nor am I from the so-called sunshine state鈥 florida man stated in an exclusive interview.
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blairamok 2 days ago
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reference to this
[ID: An illustration of Kirk and Spock from Star Trek. Kirk is leaning in and kissing Spock鈥檚 cheek while Spock leans away and is looking annoyed. There is dialogue above them: Kirk says, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry for cheating on our chess match, Spock.鈥 鈥淚t is unforgivable,鈥 said by Spock. Kirk says, 鈥淲orse than the Kobayashi Maru?鈥 Spock says, 鈥淵es.鈥 /end ID]
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crystal-mouse a day ago
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Leonard Nimoy had egirl eyebrows while playing Spock (from 'The Art of Star Trek' by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, 1997)
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