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thehillywoodshow 5 hours ago
Thanks to everyone who visited THE HILLYWOOD POP-UP EXHIBIT at FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention this past weekend!
We hope you enjoyed seeing costumes & props from fan-favorite parodies (including, Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki's uniforms from Supernatural Parody 2), taking one of a kind photo ops, meeting Hilly & Hannah, grabbing cool merch + more!
Did you experience the Hillywood magic? Share your photos and tag us! 馃摳
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blackbeardsbows 11 months ago
Guys I鈥檝e just made an absolutely insane discovery and I am losing my entire fucking mind
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spn-lesbian a month ago
[during Cas and Deans wedding]
Cas: how bad is Dean freaking out?
Gabriel: he鈥檚 fine
Cas: really?
Gabriel: yeah, he鈥檚 great
[Sam and Jack trying to stop Dean from climbing out of the window]
Dean: I have a better tie at home. It鈥檚 cornflower blue. IT鈥橲 CORNFLOWER BLUE!
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devilsrolldice 28 days ago
The reality if 鈥楾he Winchesters鈥 fails:
So I鈥檝e seen a lot of discourse surrounding The Winchesters the supernatural prequel series and I have decided to put in my two cents because why not. For reference I have a degree in marketing and public relations and took multiple media studies courses while I was in college. If you needed some reason to take my word on this topic and know it has some legitimacy and that it鈥檚 not just an opinion piece.
The Winchesters has been controversial from its conception. I鈥檒l be honest with you I wasn鈥檛 even interested in it when it first was announced. However the reality here is if it fails that鈥檚 it that鈥檚 the end of the supernatural universe. If you don鈥檛 want to watch it by all means don鈥檛 watch something you鈥檙e not interested in. But if you鈥檙e wishing for it to fail and crash and burn let me spell out the reality there for you.
If the prequel fails there will be no continuation no fix it, no empty rescue, no heaven break out. Well why? Well because we鈥檙e working with tv which is at its core a business. The CW and Warner Bros have invested a lot of money into The Winchesters and trusting CMP to give them a product that will be profitable. You often don鈥檛 get multiple chances with TV business. CMP is working directly with Warner Bros and The Winchesters is their first project. If The Winchesters fails and doesn鈥檛 bring in the money or viewership it鈥檚 supposed to it will not get picked up for the back half of their season and it will get cancelled. The network is not likely to continue to support a universe that didn鈥檛 make them money or a production company who鈥檚 first major project flopped. So you can kiss away your dreams of more supernatural projects.
Supernatural already has two spin offs (Bloodlines and Wayward Sisters) that got canceled before they could even start. Both of these coming during supernaturals initial run when supernatural was at its peak popularity. So a spin off prequel is a risk for a network that didn鈥檛 see viability in two past spin offs. But they do see it here. They do see potential and with a successful prequel we are opening up a whole world of possibilities within the supernatural universe. But if it fails and crashes and burns as so many people wish it to, that鈥檚 it. That鈥檚 the end.
Some of you might say: But If this fails can鈥檛 we just show them we want a different show in the supernatural universe? No. Simply the investors and higher ups are going to look at numbers and when they see numbers that don鈥檛 match their monetary projections they are going to abandon that universe completely and write it off as not profitable. They will move on to something else. And these investors won鈥檛 be looking at your tweets and tumblr posts saying oh we don鈥檛 want this we want something better. They will not care. This is a money game for them and they will put their time and energy into what makes them money. Jensen saying hate watch it wasn鈥檛 completely a joke. The numbers are what matter to the network not the reasoning behind watching or not watching.
This is the ground we need to build off of to get to where we want to end up. If you want a future for the Supernatural universe and want the possibility for a finale fix it, for a empty rescue, for a heaven breakout, this is where we need to start and it needs your support. We need The Winchesters to succeed. I鈥檓 writing this not to try to convince anyone who might not be interested but to explain to those of you wishing it鈥檚 downfall the ramifications of this failing.
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scarlettmichkat a month ago
Tumblr media
I have finished this drawing Celestial Being in partnership with @spn-family-giving. In celebration of Misha Collins' birthday a print of this Castiel drawing will be auctioned off in support of Nova Ukraine. More details here.
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deanwasalwaysbi 7 months ago
Yall my heart is warm. Fandom artists and creators are coming out to support various aid organizations & the families of members of the spn family whose families are in Ukraine. (X)
Tumblr media
Fundraiser list so far:
@sinnabonka who recently had a harrowing Multi-day journey to the border has been offering paper copies of their novel at cost for months. You can donate directly to her and her family @ ko-fi.com/sinnabonka
@TFWS_Therapist is offering art sketch commissions for $10 (x)
instagram.com/byLizHand is raffling off SomeThings inspired art (x)
@caslostwings is raffling a paper copy of Fire & Ice for Tommy's family btw Belarus & Kyiv (x)
@malmuses is donating all Kofi and patreon donations from Feb to Ukrainian mutual aid (x)
@stillwinchester is offering $5 icons, $10 pictures, & $20 full background works - show receipt of donations to organizations from link at the top of this post (x)
@superdle Choose the superdle solution on the day of your choosing,$1 to enter the raffle, $50 & up for a sure thing. (x)
@winchester-reload is donating all their kofi donations from March to the Ukrainian Crisis Fund (x)
@valderie is raffling off spn art prints to two winners, send photo of receipt of donation to Ukrainian Aide organizations to enter (x)
@deanwasalwaysbi is offering custom icons of your chosen character(s) with pride flag or nature backgrounds for donations $5 &up, Custom gifs for $15 and up. Venmo @peakbaio or donate to organizations from list at the top of this post. DM with screenshot of donation receipt. (x)
@cubbypao is raffling off a CASTIEL PHOTO OP with an aid donation of $20+ to venmo @peakbaio (x)
@fuckitupvato is raffling off a copy of SomeThings along with three stickers they designed (x)
@steve_castiel is offering character sketches with screenshots of donations to venmo @peakbaio (x)
@jolauriang is auctioning a fic prompt from within the DeanCas Hockey verse (x)
AND @SPNFamilyRelief is offering a massive fan fiction auction. PayPal donations to [email protected] . To volunteer as a creator or enter the auction follow instructions here (x)
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makeadealwithdean a year ago
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dzala-va 8 months ago
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it鈥檚 not like me to be so mean
you鈥檙e all I wanted
just let me hold you
like a hostage
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deangirlsince07 9 months ago
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I mean this tweet says it all 馃槒.
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tenebrous-one a year ago
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deancasology 4 months ago
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鈥攁t this point i鈥檓 putting my entire trust on jensen
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lukeawesm a month ago
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spn-lesbian 2 months ago
Jack: why is Dean crying on the bathroom floor?
Sam: he鈥檚 drunk
Jack: and?
Sam: he found out that Cas is married
Jack: but he鈥檚 Cas鈥 husband
Sam: yeah I know that
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so-get-this-sammy a month ago
my favorite part of this little interaction is that they just stared at each other lovingly for a while before Misha actually leaned in to tell Jensen something. and the iconic unicorn laugh as well.
video credit Kreespa
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sassybakerytacoshoe a year ago
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Cas going off on Dean but Dean just wanting to make out with him is me actually
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nerdyladyks 3 months ago
Wow, Jared Padalecki proving he鈥檚 always been a piece of shit. I mean this tattoo is a known whistleblower for white supremacy, racists and pro gun morons. What an ass. He got this recently which means he knows all about the mass shooting that killed 19 kids in his home state. Also, it proves he cares more for guns than children and women. I鈥檓 done. He can go into a hole. I do not care about him.
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