viejospellejos · 2 days ago
Spain is different 🇪🇸
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disease · a day ago
Tumblr media
“DESNUDO EN BLANCO” MANOLO VALDÉS // 2011 [oil, ink and twine on burlap | 67 x 90″]
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wgm-beautifulworld · a day ago
Tumblr media
House in Barcelona, SPAIN
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awetistic-things · 2 days ago
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fairydrowning · 2 months ago
In Spanish, French and Italian, "decisions" are something you "take" like a train that leads you somewhere new, whereas in English you "make" them like little pieces of your own creation. But in German you "meet" them, like friends. Aren't languages beautiful?
-Via jvrsntn On Twitter
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artthatgivesmefeelings · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Ignacio Díaz de Olano, (Spanish, 1860-1937) Unknown, 1895
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Tumblr media
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the-wolf-and-moon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
NGC 1566, Spanish Dancer
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polyglot-linguist · 4 months ago
✨ Language Study Master Post! ✨
(Ill update this as I post more, but here is a master post of tons of links to language resources to help you study a language from my site (Plurilingualism) so far! 💜)
Before you start:
- A guide to making S.M.A.R.T goals (and why goals are so important!)
- A complete guide to self-studying a language
Resources and tips:
- Website resources page (with links to tons of resources for general language learning)
- 5 must-visit sites for language learners
- Master list of language challenges (vocab, reading, journaling, etc)
- 10 unique resources (I'll bet you haven't heard of even 3!)
- Where to find good foreign language books (+ links to several recommendations)
- Master list of YouTube channels in 50+ languages (With almost 500 links!!)
- All about the animedoro study method (my favorite way to study anything, but especially a language)
- All about Memrise (a great app and website)
- All about Busuu (one of my all time favorite resources)
- All about italki (a must-have resource for any language learner!)
- How to perfect your pronunciation (+ links to guides in several languages)
- How to actively and passively learn a language via TV and movies
- The best 15 apps to learn a language with (+ links to full reviews for each)
- Why reading in your target language is SO beneficial (+ 3 reading strategies)
If you are studying Korean:
- 10 amazing Korean resources (with descriptions)
- Korean resource master post (with almost 200 links)
If you are studying German:
- German resource master post (with almost 200 links too)
If you are studying Spanish
- Spanish resource master post (with almost (you guessed it) 200 links!)
- Learn Spanish with 15 songs
If you are studying Japanese
- Japanese resource master post (with, surprise surprise, almost 200 links!)
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twirld · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
A female martyr saint (detail) Spanish School
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noodledesk · 5 months ago
big masterpost of fun things to do this summer
hi :) i like to make a big list of things i want to do each summer, and i thought i'd share all the resources i collected this year with y'all in case you want to do any of these things too <3
learn a new language. 🦜
i've collected a bunch of resources for french, korean, and mandarin so i'll be making separate posts for those languages. but here's some of my favourite resources - most of them are based off of krashen’s comprehensible input theory which is why they are fun resources:
french: free grammar lessons and quizzes for all levels, watch french tv, read manga in french, a drive full of french books, a bunch of french culture podcasts, a list of french youtubers
korean: anki grammar decks for all levels, super in depth grammar explanations up to advanced level, a bunch of resources, reddit’s ultimate beginner’s thread, read korean webtoon, talk to me in korean
mandarin: a bunch of anki decks, grammar gamified, reading practice, chinese reading world, mandarin bean grammar points
japanese: core 2000 words anki deck, grammar gamified on renshuu
spanish: language transfer for spanish!
learn to draw. 🎨
this is more just a collection of art related resources. hope they help!
proko’s art library, a bunch of sketching and fundamental tutorials
the complete famous artists course
collection of art books and resources
alphonso dunn’s youtube channel
learn guitar. 🎸
i got a guitar last summer on a whim and have been having a really fun time learning it! here’s the main resource i’ve been using.
learn jazz piano. 🎹
similarly jazz piano is something i’ve wanted to get into for a while + improv. this person’s youtube channel is very cool!
write something and put it out into the world! ✍
i love to write and it took me a while to learn how to submit stuff to journals. hope these help you!
a bunch of resources on how to submit to journals
how to submit to literary magazines by doretta lau
publishing 101
chillsubs, an easy way to find journals to submit to
make your own video games. 🎮
by now if you follow me you know i love to make twine games. here are a couple of cool engines you can use for free!
twine, a text based engine
renpy or visual novel resources
take a free online course. 🧠
coursera has a lot of options, which i really like. i took Yale’s the science of well being a few years ago and it was great!
make your own music or learn how audio software works. 🎵
audionodes is a cool free browser software that lets you do this without downloading anything!
learn about personal finance. 💵
i feel like it’s hard to devote proper time to learning about personal finance so a lot of us rely on learning as we go, but there are some good resources and tools online that are quick and easy when you have 5-30 min to spare!
PBS Two Cents youtube short vids about personal finance
wealthsimple personal finance 101 (short videos. nicholas braun is in them for some reason)
mint - free budgeting and goals software
edspira - more technical side of finance, accounting, etc youtube channel
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wgm-beautifulworld · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Seville, SPAIN - Sevilla, ESPAÑA
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oldpaintings · a month ago
Tumblr media
Madeleine or Au Moulin de la Galette. París, 1892 by Ramón Casas i Carbó (Spanish, 1866 –1932)
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chamomillles · a year ago
yo poggo, tu pogges, usted pogge, nosotros poggemos, ustedes poggen
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latinotiktok · 11 months ago
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artthatgivesmefeelings · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Jusepe de Ribera (Spanish, 1591 - 1652) Saint Jerome and the Angel of Judgement, Detail, 1626
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rubyafangirl101 · 2 months ago
I have a head cannon, that Hermes doesn't understand English. Only Ancient Greek and Spanish.
So he just sees his dad's saying things to each other, and making the other very red. He doesn't know what their saying, or what it means. But his dad's looks happy, so he's happy.
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