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Night sea.
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Cinque Terre Italy
© Marc Hennige
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65°11'52.9"S 63°46'47.3"W
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Regional map of the USA
Hello, I made this regional map of the USA, after doing research and getting a lot of suggestions from people from all across the country. Tell me what you think, and hope you enjoy!
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Winter in Louisiana From Above, New Orleans -- December 20th, 2021
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Climate change or u
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Topography Maps of Asian Regions
ll cr. to the rightful owner l via Epic Map AddictMap akhivae
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Fake Texts - Ruined Surprise pt. 4
[Part 1] - [Part 2] - [Part 3] - [Part 5] - [Part 6] - [Part 7]
A post for the Big Bois :3
You meant to send Hina/ Senju/ Yuzuha a text for an opinion on the lingerie you were thinking of getting for your anniversary but you didn’t double check who you were texting oops
Fandom: Tokyo Revengers Characters: Ken “Draken” Ryuguji, South Terano, Taiju Shiba, Shuji Hanma Warning: 16+, Suggestive talk, Established relationship 
Enjoy ~
Tumblr media
Ken “Draken” Ryuguji
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
South Terano
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Taiju Shiba
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shuji Hanma
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed this! Feedback & Interaction is always appreciated :)
Also if you have any ideas of what I could do next I’d love to hear it!
💛 ~
~ Masterlist~  
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Memphis, Tennessee has voted out its Republican District Attorney, who refused to bring charges against murderous police officers. With more than 55% of the vote, the southern city has instead elected a reform DA who ran on alternatives to incarceration for non-violent crimes, bail reform, independent prosecutors for police shootings, an overhaul of the juvenile justice system, and opposition to harsh sentencing policies.
The city limits population of Memphis is larger than San Francisco, where the recall of a reform DA by voters recently made national news as a supposed sign of voters wanting more tough-on-crime policies.
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X 2022 dir. Ti West
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65°11'52.9"S 63°46'47.3"W
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Strange friendship
─ Kisaki & Hanma, Peh-yan & Pah-chin, Taiju & South, Shion & Mochi x fem!reader (platonic)
─ Summary: you have a curious duo as friends
─ Warnings: none
Tumblr media
Kisaki & Hanma
─ Being friends with this pair means trouble, whether you get involved directly or indirectly, don't expect to have a quiet life like you've been having up to now.
─ At first Kisaki didn't like you, but Hanma found your attitude amusing, so the first few weeks after you started going out together there were only uncomfortable glances between you and him.
─ Why of all people decided to approach you? It was a mystery beyond that Hamna liked to tease you, you really had nothing to offer them, just your friendship and maybe your house to pass the time.
─ In any case, they liked having a person who wasn't involved with all their macabre plans, or at least not so involved in that world, they appreciated your disinterest sometimes.
─ You made fun of them a lot when you had more confidence because they acted like a married couple, sometimes you just stayed silent looking at them and letting your imagination do things.
"For the fifth time Hanma, we are not going to see Megamind"
"But it's your movie, why don't we see it?"
"Stop comparing me to that damn big head…"
"But you really are a mastermind!"
Kisaki pinched the bridge of his nose, tired of this stupid discussion about which movie to watch or not, the teenager got tired of Hanma's insistence and teasing, now noticing how quiet you had been all this time, his eyes met your lost look but at the same time fixed on both.
“My God… she's doing it again.
"Doing what?"
"She has that stupid look when she looks at us and sets us up as if we were boyfriends."
Hanma chuckled at his friend's words, snapping his fingers in front of you to snap you out of your inner trance, you blinked a few times realizing that now they were both looking at you.
"Why are you standing there? Haven't you picked the movie yet?"
"Choose, I'm not going to see Megamind."
Kisaki sat on the sofa, making the other boy laugh more openly for having upset his friend, you shrugged taking a look at the options you had to see, since they let you choose…
"Treasure planet? We've seen that one before, plus you only see it because you like the protagonist."
"That's the point Hanma, while I fangirl for a non-existent character you two can kiss and all that stuff, I won't pay attention to you."
Tumblr media
Peh-yan & Pah-chin
─ Being friends with these two is… curious to say the least, they are the dumbest guys but the best duo you can find.
─ You started going out with them more because their grades were crap and your teacher had asked you to help them since you had decent grades.
─ Honestly they were a 0/10 when it came to studying because they didn't add half a neuron between the two of them and they made you lose patience, but in terms of friendship they were a round 10/10.
─ Lots of random outings at any time, even in the middle of the night, just grab a jacket, they'll put you on their motorcycles for a ride or whatever you want.
─ Scary dog ​​privilege.
─ They have you put on an altar for the simple fact of giving some coherence to their stupid actions.
─ Without a doubt the best huggers, they also really like your hugs.
You rubbed your tired eyes, the letters from your textbook taxing your vision even when you closed your eyes, you shouldn't be studying so late at night but it was an important exam and you didn't study as much as you'd like. You decided to take a little break, drink some water, maybe get some snacks but a tapping on your window threw your plans overboard.
"It's too late for both of you to be here" you murmured, opening the window "You should be resting for the exam tomorrow."
"There's an exam tomorrow!?"
You silenced Peh-yan for his scream, he apologized in a whisper and Pah-chin simply shrugged raising his hand for you to take.
“We weren't going to pass anyway."
You rolled your eyes at your friend's carefree laughter, you bit your lip thinking for a moment, a break wouldn't hurt you right now, looking at your notes for the last time, you accepted the hand that Pah offered you.
"A quick getaway and you leave me at home, okay?"
"Deal, come on, there's a 24 store near here, let's have a race Pah-chin!"
"Prepare to bite the dust Peh-yan."
You said as you got on Pah's bike that he accelerated taking advantage, you enjoyed the company of your two favorite idiots one of many nights.
Tumblr media
Taiju & South
─ How these two are friends is already a mystery in itself, just think that they have some kind of alliance for an unknown purpose.
─ Since you got involved with them it was by accident, they helped you with some guys who broke into the store where you worked part-time while you were studying.
─ They were quite loyal to that convenience store so they saw you a lot working there, you were kind to them beyond the cordial treatment towards the customer of course.
─ Definitely scary dog ​​privilege.
─ They scare away almost all the customers that make you feel uncomfortable, you always scold them for that because they are still customers and you can't just kick them out.
─ No matter your height, you will look like a dwarf next to them and they will take advantage of that to make fun of you from time to time.
"Really, I'm going to get fired because of you, you can't just scare people like that."
"It was clear that he had bad intentions, you are so naive that you don't notice it."
South leaned against the counter, watching as you rolled your eyes and continued to do some of your homework. Taiju tossed some money to your side, nibbling on the snack he had chosen, joining the conversation.
"At least you should be grateful, we are acting as bouncers for free."
You pursed your lips, raising an eyebrow looking at the two with a blank expression, you closed your books, letting out a sigh.
"Sure, isn't it because you just like to intimidate people?"
They both looked at you with an innocent smile, even seeming offended by your comment, as if you hadn't seen them break the nose of a guy who accidentally scared you because you were distracted putting up some shelves.
"Honestly I still don't understand how you don't get away from us."
South looked at you out of the corner of his eye, noticing how you adopted a pensive pose, you gave them one last look when you saw that your coworker arrived to change the shift, before going to the back of the premises to change, you answered.
"You have only helped me up to this point, why should I stay away from my friends?"
Tumblr media
My bois don't have gifs yet :'(
Shion & Mochizuki
─ You broke your leg and put you in the same hospital room where they were after receiving a beating.
─ Even if they didn't want to, there was nothing else to do there to pass the time so the three of you found yourselves talking a lot.
─ They found your presence pleasant and you liked listening to them talk about their little battles.
─ So you all shared phone numbers and you usually go out from time to time, as long as they're not busy with some gang shit.
─ They try not to get you into those problems because they wouldn't like to mix you with that kind of people, despite the fact that both are aggressive there are people worse than them with whom they don't want you to get involved.
─ Many memes and spam in the group chat.
─ In general, they are a good duo of friends who can cheer you up on a bad day.
You were wallowing in your own misery seeing how many things you had to do today, from school work to chores that your mother had asked you to do, you ended up mentally and physically exhausted. You looked at your phone when you heard the 'ping' coming from it, smiling a little when you saw the message.
BROken bones trio
[Mochi☺] Yo
[Mochi☺] Shion and i had thought about going out this afternoon, getting some snacks or going to the arcade
[You]danm… i'm too tired, maybe another day?
[Shiuun] don't be a lazy bitch
[Shiuun] it's been a long time since we went out together
[You]you little shit-
[You]i can't move a single muscle, why don't we spend the afternoon at my house?
[You]i rented a new fighting game btw
[Shiuun] now we're understanding each other!
[Mochi☺] 10 min, is there anything you need? we're going through a store before
[You] nah but tnks, my father made some sandwiches before <33
You left your cell phone, tidying up your room a bit and placing the console controls to be able to play, the boys didn't take long to arrive and offer you their company and their anger for losing against you, now Shion had to buy you a new controller for throwing it against the wall.
"I don't understand how you can beat us so easily."
Mochi frowned putting the remote on the floor after you kicked his ass again, you shrugged turning off the TV, throwing yourself on your bed to make yourself more comfortable.
"I play most of the time, it's normal that I beat you, it's like if I started fighting with you in real life, I would lose immediately."
"Yeah, definitely you couldn't with any of us even with years of practice in some martial art."
You rolled your eyes at Madarame's words, throwing a cushion at him, a big mistake on your part because it was the antecedent of a pillow fight from which you didn't come out well, two against one was not fair but for them you deserved it for ridiculing them in the video game.
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Pleasantries, New Orleans -- December 18th, 2021
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streets of kurdistan, 2000 by david butow
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Thus, ending all my unfinished sketches 😔✌🔥🔥🔥 come get some south content here people 😏
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